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Chapter 472: How Did You Turn Shameless?

Li Li turned on his computer and stared at the email box. He clicked a few times and received a new email.

Li Li opened the document and stared at the densely packed photos on the screen with an unclear expression.

He opened one of the photos.

In the photo, a handsome young man in a windbreaker opened his arms to Su Beibei, as if asking for a hug.

Li Li’s face darkened visibly.

Then, he opened the second card.

This photo was secretly taken from outside the window. In the living room, the young man and Su Beibei were sitting on the ground chatting. Su Beibei reached out to kick the young man’s calf. The golden-haired young man just looked at her lovingly without a hint of anger…

Li Li looked through the photos and closed his laptop with a dark expression.

The next morning, Han Zhan entered the company and bumped into Li Li in the CEO lift.

Seeing the fatigue in Li Li’s eyes, Han Zhan asked him, “Did you not rest well last night? Or did you not rest at all?”

Li Li lowered his head as if he didn’t hear him and didn’t reply.

Han Zhan raised his brows slightly but didn’t say anything. He stood beside him silently. When they arrived at Li Li’s office floor, the lift stopped. Seeing that Li Li was still in a daze, he forgot to walk out of the lift. Han Zhan clicked his tongue and asked him, “Why are you in a daze?”

Li Li looked up at Han Zhan and suddenly said, “Mr. Han, let me take on that tough Hollywood.” Zeus Corporation was involved in many industries, including Yuhua Entertainment’s management company. Han Zhan planned to establish a new entertainment company in Los Angeles and had yet to choose a suitable CEO.

As the vice-president of Zeus International’s headquarters, Li Li was one of the founders of Zeus International. Transferring him to Los Angeles was actually a demotion.

Hearing Li Li’s petition, Han Zhan was slightly surprised. He guessed the reason and asked, “It’s for Beibei and her son?”

Li Li said, “Someone is wooing her.” After a pause, he added silently, “A strong opponent.”

Han Zhan said, “Oh? What kind of person is he?”

“The two of them grew up together and were childhood sweethearts.”

No wonder.

Han Zhan didn’t agree or refuse. He said, “Think about it yourself. Going to Los Angeles is a chance and a challenge. If you can successfully build an entertainment company and achieve impressive results, I will give you 2% of the shares in my personal name.”

The biggest shareholder of Zeus Corporation was Han Zhan. That year, he borrowed a huge sum of money from his godmother, Mo Yao, and invested in Zeus Airlines. He became Zeus Corporation’s largest shareholder and held 70% of the company’s shares.

As a professional manager, Li Li helped Han Zhan establish Zeus Corporation together with Bei Zhan. He was the greatest contributor and personally held 6% of Zeus Corporation’s shares.

If he could make a beautiful comeback in Los Angeles and Han Zhan gave him another 2% of the shares, he would surpass Bei Zhan, who held 7% of the shares, and become the second largest individual shareholder in the company.

Li Li nodded nonchalantly. He said, “I don’t lack money. What I want is a child and a wife.” Norland’s appearance gave Li Li a sense of urgency. His intuition told him that he couldn’t let Norland get close to Su Beibei again.

Norland was no one else. He and Su Beibei were childhood sweethearts who had known each other since they were young. They had feelings for each other. Su Beibei had already been heartbroken by him. If he let Norland get close to Su Beibei again, it would be inviting a wolf into the house and pushing Su Beibei out!

Norland was a smart person. He knew that if he wanted to conquer Su Beibei, he had to win Li Ao’s favor first. So he very cleverly gave Li Ao a segway.

Faced with such a young, handsome, smart, and cunning love rival, Li Li finally panicked.

On this day, Su Beibei returned from school. She opened the door with the key, changed her shoes, and entered the living room. She heard Li Ao’s laughter coming from the small courtyard behind the house.

She pricked up her ears and heard Li Ao talking to someone.

The auntie was cooking in the kitchen. Who was Li Ao talking to?

Su Beibei opened the door to the backyard and stood under the roof. She saw someone who shouldn’t be here.

It was Li Li.

Li Li didn’t dress up like an elite today. He was wearing a casual cotton shirt and a knitted sweater. His fringe, which was always combed back meticulously, now covered his forehead, making him look much younger.

Su Beibei looked at him in shock, wondering why he was here.


Li Ao was the first to notice Su Beibei.

Li Li looked up at Su Beibei and saw her student-like outfit. He bent over and supported Li Ao on the segway. He gave Su Beibei a gentle smile. “So this is how you dressed when you were studying. It suits you very well.”

Su Beibei took off her glasses and leaned against the wall. She said, “Song Song told me the day before yesterday that you might come to Los Angeles to work. I thought she was just joking.” She asked Li Li, “You transferred over?”

Li Li used his most composed expression to say the most affectionate words. “Work is a part-time job. Chasing you is the real thing.”

Su Beibei was stunned.

She felt that something was different about Li Li.

It had only been slightly more than a month since we last met, but why did this person seem to have changed?

Li Li told Su Beibei, “I took some time off previously.”

Su Beibei said, “Mmm?” She didn’t understand why Li Li brought this up.

Li Li said, “I brought my mother’s ashes to the temple. I ate vegetarian and read Buddhism at the temple to do hard labor. I finally invited the abbot to help my mother find peace.”

Su Beibei frowned and said, “You’re quite considerate.” Your mother’s filial son.

“Mother has been blessed by the abbot. I think she will have a good life next. In the future, she will marry a promising man, have a filial and capable son, and marry a virtuous daughter-in-law. In short, she will never meet a son like me who is always at odds with her.”

With that, Li Li walked up to Su Beibei and looked at her quietly. He said, “I ate vegetarian and chanted Buddhist scriptures for half a month. I helped my mother find peace. It can be considered making up for my guilt towards her.”

Su Beibei nodded and said coldly, “Not bad.”

Su Beibei turned to enter the house, but Li Li grabbed her wrist.

Su Beibei turned to look at him in surprise. “What?”

Li Li asked humbly, “What should I do to mend your broken heart?”

u Beibei was very surprised to hear this from Li Li.

She didn’t tell Li Li the answer because she didn’t know what to do to mend her broken heart.

Damage was damage. There was no way to make up for it.

Su Beibei pushed Li Li’s hand away and returned to the house. After returning, she entered her room, turned on her computer, and stared at a script she was composing in a daze.

She sat in front of the computer for half an hour without typing a word.

Su Beibei slammed the computer shut and collapsed onto the bed. She scolded softly, “Dog man! Do you think you are in high demand? RMB? Do I have to forgive you just because you admit your mistake?”

Su Beibei covered her face with a pillow. She opened her mouth and bit the pillow, as if she was biting Li Li’s neck.

Li Li shamelessly stayed at Su Beibei’s house for dinner. During the meal, he held a small notebook in his left hand and a fountain pen in his right hand, as if he was taking notes.

Li Ao asked him, “Father, what are you doing?”

Li Li said, “I’m recording Neil’s favorite dishes and what he hates the most.”

Li Ao’s eyes lit up slightly. Like pouring beans from a bamboo tube, he said, “I love eating Mother’s stewed beef brisket and I hate to eat tofu the most. I can’t eat seafood and hate drinking apple juice the most…”

Su Beibei walked out of the room and saw Li Li quickly writing something. She pulled a stool and sat down. She sneered. “Hypocrite.”

Li Li glanced at her and remained silent. He lowered his head and continued writing.

Su Beibei continued to mock him. “What are you pretending for? You will write it today and forget it tomorrow.”

Li Li knew that Su Beibei was angry, but he didn’t say anything. He still sat in his seat shamelessly and remembered everything Li Ao had just said.

Su Beibei saw that Li Li had no reaction at all. She frowned and wondered if this person had been possessed by a ghost. Why had he changed?

After dinner, Li Li had no intention of leaving.

Li Ao wanted to poop and ran to squat on the toilet. Su Beibei waited for Li Ao to enter the toilet and immediately said to Li Li, “It’s dark. You should go back.”

Li Li said, “I just arrived in Los Angeles today and don’t have a place to stay.”

Su Beibei looked like she had heard a joke. “You are the vice-president of Zeus Corporation. How can you not have a place to stay?” She was afraid that the house had already been bought and was still in the most expensive piece of land.

Li Li said frankly, “My purpose for coming here this time is to woo you and your mother back. I naturally have to think of all ways to sleep at your place. I will only book a hotel if I am stupid.”

Su Beibei was speechless.

She looked at Li Li strangely and suddenly asked, “How many moles do I have on my butt?”

Without thinking, Li Li subconsciously said, “You don’t have a mole on your butt, but you do have one at the base of your legs. It’s red.” He thought of something and his eyes instantly darkened. He said, “When you don’t touch it, it’s a faint red color. A few light touches and it will turn red.”

Su Beibei:!

She glared at Li Li. “I didn’t ask you to say that!”

Li Li hurriedly shut his mouth, but he secretly looked in the direction that he shouldn’t.

This person was Li Li, not a demon.

But Li Li shouldn’t be like this.

Su Beibei walked to the bar to make coffee for herself. After Li Ao finished shitting, he shouted in the toilet for Su Beibei to wipe his butt.

“I’ll go wipe his butt!” Su Beibei was about to go when she saw Li Li take two pieces of paper and enter the toilet like the wind.

The father-son duo washed their hands and walked out of the toilet. Su Beibei sneered at Li Li. “The last time you cleaned Father for Neil was when I was in confinement.”

In the past, when Li Li heard such words, he should have looked angry and found a perfect excuse for him, such as “I am busy with work” and “I am not an auntie at home”.

But this time, when Li Li heard Su Beibei’s words, he didn’t retort. He even lowered his head and thought seriously for a while. Then, he admitted his mistake in a good manner and said, “I’m not a qualified father. I care too little for Li Ao and am not considerate enough for you.”

His chin was almost hidden under his collar, and his tone was even more humble. “It’s my fault. It’s only right for you to divorce me. I brought it on myself. I deserve to be divorced…”

Hearing Li Li’s words, Su Beibei’s eyes turned horrified.

Was this person possessed by someone?

She looked at her watch again and felt that it was time for Li Li to leave. She opened the door and ordered Li Li to leave expressionlessly. “Please go back. My temple is small and can’t accommodate a big Buddha like you.”

Li Li’s eyes dimmed.

He gently squeezed Li Ao’s hand and squatted down to tell him, “Neil, you told me this afternoon that you are very afraid of snow monsters when you sleep at night, right?”

Li Ao was stunned.

What snow monster?

Li Li continued to trick Li Ao. “The big snow monsters eat children. Li Ao, didn’t you say that you are very afraid of the big snow monsters? Why don’t Daddy stay behind to accompany you tonight? With me around, the big snow monsters won’t dare to catch children.”

Li Ao was instantly happy to hear that his father could stay and accompany him tonight. “Really? Is Father really sleeping with me tonight?”

Li Li stroked Li Ao’s soft hair and said, “Of course, Father will protect you.”

Li Ao nodded vigorously. “That’s great! That’s great! Father will sleep with me tonight!” Li Ao thought of something and said, “I’ll go get a pillow for Father!” His big bed only had a child’s pillow. Knowing that Father was going to sleep with him tonight, Li Ao naturally couldn’t let Father suffer.

Looking at Li Ao’s back view as he ran back to his room, Li Li smiled smugly. He stood up and turned to look at Su Beibei. The sly look on his face disappeared completely and was replaced with a helpless expression.

Li Li spread out his hands and said to Su Beibei, “Beibei, look, Neil is very afraid of the snow monsters. He wants me to stay.”

Su Beibei stared at him for a long time before saying, “I think you’re that big snow monster.” With that, Su Beibei returned to her room and couldn’t be bothered with Li Li.

The auntie was cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner. When she saw Mr. Li shamelessly staying behind, she smiled. She thought to herself that as long as Mr. Li threw away his pride and dignity and chased after Beibei and Li Ao, there should still be hope.

Su Beibei returned to her room and chatted with Song Ci about what happened tonight. Song Ci found out that Li Li had lied to a child to stay at her house and felt mixed emotions. She said: [Did Li Li learn from someone? Why did he suddenly become enlightened?]

Su Beibei didn’t know either.

The next morning, when Su Beibei woke up, Li Li had already changed into a suit and was preparing to go out to work. Su Beibei thought to herself that this god of plague was finally leaving and was still rejoicing in class.

But at night, when she was cooking, she heard the doorbell ring again. The auntie opened the door and let Li Li in. Su Beibei looked at him in disdain and asked him, “What are you doing here today?”

Li Li was holding a box of cabribs. “Neil likes carribs. I bought some for him.”

Li Ao was playing with toys in the room. Hearing his father’s voice, he hurriedly ran out and hugged Li Li’s legs. Li Li scooped up his son and carried him back to the room. He closed the door and muttered something.

Li Li naturally ate dinner at Su Beibei’s house.

After dinner, Li Ao took the initiative to look for Su Beibei. He said, “Mother, can you let Father accompany me tonight? I was riding a bike outside today and nearly got hit by a truck. I will definitely have nightmares tonight. With Father by my side, I won’t have nightmares!”

Li Li was the one who taught Li Ao these words. Li Ao had to memorize them for a long time before he passed.

Su Beibei told him, “If you’re afraid of nightmares, Mother can accompany you.” She saw through the father-son duo’s trick at a glance.

But Li Ao actually said, “No, no, I’m a boy and my mother is a girl. I’ve already grown up and shouldn’t sleep in the same bed as my mother anymore!”

Su Beibei was slightly upset to be rejected by her two-year-old son.

“Mother, promise me, alright?” Li Ao started shaking Su Beibei’s wrist.

Su Beibei had no choice but to agree.

On the third day, Li Li came uninvited again. After dinner, Li Ao found Su Beibei again and said, “Mother, I fell today and my knee is all swollen. Can Father stay and sleep to apply medicine for me?”

On the fourth day, Li Ao found Su Beibei. “Mother, I have a headache. Can Dad massage my head tonight?”

On the fifth day, Li Ao told Su Beibei, “Mother, I kicked the blanket when I was sleeping. I have a cold and snotty nose. Let Father stay and sleep with me, so he can cover me with the blanket?”

Just like that, the father and son found all sorts of excuses to deceive Su Beibei. Li Li successfully stayed at Su Beibei’s house for more than a month.

Gradually, Su Beibei gave up on chasing Li Li away.

On this day, Su Beibei was resting. When she was tidying up Li Ao’s room, she opened the wardrobe and saw that it was filled with Li Li’s suit, underwear, and socks. She instantly frowned.

That night, Li Li worked overtime until late at night.

He was new here and it was very difficult for the company to successfully gain a foothold here. He had to manage the company while currying favor with Su Beibei and her son. Over the past month, he had lost a lot of weight and looked very tired.

But at home, Li Li never showed his fatigue.

He sat in the car, massaged his temples, smoked a cigarette, got out of the car and blew in the cold wind for a few minutes before returning to the house.

He took Li Ao’s key.

Li Li opened the door with the key and found Su Beibei sitting in the living room, obviously waiting for him.

Li Li felt uneasy.

He felt that Su Beibei finally couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to chase him away.

Thinking of this possibility, Li Li’s mood turned terrible. His eyes were dark. He hid the gloominess in his eyes, walked up to Su Beibei, and shouted, “Beibei.”

Su Beibei turned and looked up at him. She reminded him expressionlessly, “You’ve already stayed at our house for a month.”

Is she really chasing me away?

Li Li’s heart ached. His throat rolled and his throat tightened. He asked, “So soon?” Did the days spent with the mother and son pass so quickly?

In the few months that he was separated from Su Beibei, Li Li felt that days were like years, each day very torturous. But in the recent month, although he was also tired, every day was very fulfilling. He wouldn’t lose sleep lying on Li Ao’s bed.

He felt that every day passed very quickly.

It had actually been a month.

Li Li was prepared to be chased away by Su Beibei. He thought about how to find an excuse to continue staying, but he heard Su Beibei say, “The rent and food fees will cost you 10,000,000 USD.”

She was blackmailing Li Li.

When Li Li heard this, his gray eyes instantly lit up!

“Rent?” Li Li was afraid that he had heard wrongly and asked again uncertainly.

Su Beibei stood up. Her pyjamas jacket slipped down to her arms, revealing her suspenders and snow-white skin. But she didn’t notice. She just raised her brows at Li Li and asked, “Why? Do you think it’s expensive? Do you want to eat and drink for free?”

Li Li hurriedly shook his head and hurriedly picked up his cell phone to transfer 80,000 yuan to Su Beibei’s Alipay account. Su Beibei saw the transfer and was satisfied.

She walked around the sofa and was about to return to her room when she heard Li Li say, “Your clothes are falling.”

Su Beibei glanced at the clothes on her arm. She calmly pulled them up and returned to her room.

Li Li stood rooted to the ground, feeling slightly light-headed.

Beibei would not chase him away if she accepted my rent.

Let’s start with being roommates. Take it slow. Haste makes waste.

When Li Li was bathing, he recalled how Su Beibei’s pyjamas had slipped off and her skin was snow-white. As he washed, the smell changed.

Su Beibei took a glass of water and came out to fetch water. Passing by the toilet, she heard the heavy and suppressed panting inside. She was stunned.

This person…

Su Beibei naturally knew what that panting meant.

Su Beibei quietly went to the bar. She took a glass of water and drank it. She stood there to calm herself down before returning to her room.

Coincidentally, Li Li walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist and water droplets rolled down his body.

The two of them bumped into each other in the corridor and were stunned.

Su Beibei instinctively glanced at Li Li’s fingers. Li Li noticed Su Beibei’s gaze. His fingertips trembled slightly and his neck was slightly red.

Su Beibei said calmly, “Lower your voice next time. Don’t let the child and auntie hear you.” With that, she quickly returned to her room.

Li Li was speechless.

Li Li felt that he had lost all his face and couldn’t pick it up.

Every night when Li Li returned home, he would see Su Beibei in front of him. He could see her but couldn’t touch her or eat her. This made Li Li feel slightly angry.

As he showered longer and longer, he looked at Su Beibei more and more openly. Meanwhile, Su Beibei was also a young woman. Her ex-husband lived in the same house as her and always looked at her as if he wanted to eat her up. This made Su Beibei feel tormented.

On this day, Li Li had a rare rest and brought Li Ao out to shop and play.

When the father and son returned home, they saw a package at the entrance.

Li Ao saw the package and told Li Li, “The Transformers you bought for me must have arrived.” Li Ao had bought a Transformer for Li Ao online two days ago and the logistics said that it would arrive today.

Li Li acknowledged and went to get the scissors. He squatted at the entryway and opened the package with Li Ao.

Inside the package was a pink box. Li Li was puzzled. When did the Transformers packaging become so girly?

Li Li flipped over the box and saw that it actually had the words “Dildos” written on it. He was instantly stunned.

Li Ao urged Li Li. “Open it, Father!”

Li Li quickly stood up with that thing and said with a strange expression, “Neil, this isn’t your toy.”

Li Ao tilted his head and asked curiously, “What is that?”

Li Li stammered. “It’s… it’s your mother’s toy.”

Li Ao said, “Mother’s toy? I want to play with it too!”

Li Li hurriedly turned and left. He took that thing and quickly entered Su Beibei’s room. Li Li hid that thing under Su Beibei’s blanket and realized that his heartbeat was frighteningly fast and his mouth was dry.

He went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and drank two glasses in a row. Only then did he lean against the bar and take a deep breath.

When it was almost dark, Li Ao’s toy arrived.

Su Beibei carried her bag and returned home with some candy in her hand. Seeing that Li Ao was playing Transformers, she asked Li Li, who was working on his computer, “You bought it for him?”

Li Li nodded.

Su Beibei noticed that Li Li’s gaze was very strange. It was thick and carried some scrutiny and disbelief. Su Beibei asked him, “What’s the matter?”

Li Li didn’t know how to ask her.

At this moment, Li Ao held the Transformer and said to Su Beibei, “Mother, what toy did you buy? I want to play with it too!”

“Toy?” Su Beibei instinctively said, “I’m already an adult. Why would I still need a toy?”

Li Ao pointed at her room and said innocently, “But there’s your package today. It’s your toy. Father hid it in your room.”

“What tpy…” Su Beibei guessed something. She stood rooted to the ground as if she had been struck by lightning.

Taking a deep breath, Su Beibei’s face was red. She asked Li Li, “You’ve been at home today?”

Li Li nodded.

Su Beibei asked again, “You touched my things?”

Li Li revealed an awkward and strange expression. He touched his nose and explained. “I thought Li Ao’s Transformer had arrived. I didn’t know that you bought it…”

Li Li didn’t say the name of that thing.

Su Beibei put down her bag and returned to her room with her head heavy. She noticed that the blanket had been lifted. She pulled open the blanket and saw the box under the blanket. She instantly collapsed on the bed and howled. “God, let lightning strike me to death!”

Outside the house, Li Li couldn’t sit still.

He really didn’t expect Su Beibei to buy such a thing. However, Su Beibei was a young and “single” woman. It was true that she had needs.

Li Li should be happy. She chose to buy toys instead of looking for a man.


Li Li quickly became despondent.

When can I woo Beibei back?

That night, Su Beibei didn’t come out for dinner. She didn’t have the face to face Li Li. Li Ao and the auntie came to call her, so she used the excuse that she was slightly tired and wanted to rest.

In the middle of the night, Su Beibei was so hungry that she couldn’t fall asleep. Thinking that it was time for everyone to sleep, she secretly got up and went to the kitchen to look for food.

Su Beibei arrived at the room and saw two bowls in the steamer. One was filled with soup and the other was filled with wontons and two lettuce leaves.

Su Beibei thought that the auntie was worried that she was hungry and had prepared it in advance to wait for her to eat it in the middle of the night. She poured the wonton into the soup bowl and carried it to the dining room.

Su Beibei picked up the spoon and took a bite of wantons. She realized that this taste was not something an auntie could make. When auntie made wantons, she would not put pepper in the soup.

The only person who knew that she liked peppered wanton was Li Li.

Su Beibei chewed on the wanton and chewed it to pieces. Gradually, the starlight in her eyes grew stronger. She swallowed the wanton and tears flowed down her face.

Dog man!

Do you think a bowl of wantons can buy my heart?

Get lost!

I am not that easy to bribe!

The next morning, Su Beibei purposely woke up late. She waited for Li Ao to leave the car and go to work before waking up. She had no classes in the morning, so she accompanied Li Ao out to play on the skateboard.

Li Ao didn’t know how to play, but Su Beibei was very good at it. She stood on the skateboard and Li Ao sat at the end of the skateboard, letting Su Beibei play with him. In the afternoon, after Li Ao fell asleep, Su Beibei turned on her computer to write.

At night, Norland, whom he had not seen for two months, visited again.

This time, he brought Li Ao a remote-controlled helicopter. When Norland entered the house, he noticed that there were a few pairs of men’s leather shoes and slippers in the shoe cabinet. His smile instantly froze.

“Bei’er.” Norland looked up and asked Su Beibei with a smile, “You have a man at home?”

Before Su Beibei could answer, Li Ao said happily, “Uncle Cong Nuo, my father lives with us!”

Norland was alarmed!

When did that Li guy come to Los Angeles!

They were already divorced. Couldn’t he just be alone and happy before getting married and having children?

Su Beibei didn’t know Norland’s feelings for her at all. She purely treated Norland as a child, a neighbor’s younger brother. She said disdainfully, “What cohabitation? He’s a rascal. I can’t chase him away.” Although she said that, Norland didn’t see any disgust or anger in Su Beibei’s eyes.

Norland suggested half-jokingly, “We can call the police, Belle.”

Su Beibei’s eyes narrowed slightly. She waved her hand and said, “Forget it. He will stay for a few more days. If he feels bored, he will naturally leave.” Su Beibei was about to go to the kitchen to cook when she asked Norland, “Are you having dinner here?”

Norland stared at her back with dim eyes. “Yup.”

When Li Li came back from work, there was a bouquet of roses in the passenger seat with a few other flowers in it. He ate a few chewing gum and felt that the smell of smoke had faded. Only then did he get out of the car with the flowers. Once he alighted, Li Li noticed a Mercedes-Benz SUV parked opposite.

Li Li stared at the car and narrowed his eyes. In an instant, his entire aura became ruthless and dangerous. Li Li tightened his grip on the bouquet and stepped on the ground with his toes. Only then did he walk home step by step.

n the past, he would always knock on the door and wait for the auntie or Su Beibei to knock.

But today, Li Li took out his keys and opened the door himself.

The door suddenly opened from the outside and a tall, cold figure entered.

Norland turned in surprise to see a tall, slender male figure standing in the entryway. He was wearing a light brown suit, holding a rose in one hand and a car keys in the other.

The night light hit him from behind. Every hair on the man’s temples was screaming at Norland, flaunting his position in this family.

Norland stared at the key to the door that was spinning in circles on the man’s fingers. His smile faded.

Norland walked over to Li Li and was about to ask him about his identity, but Li Li took the initiative. He took out the posture and aura of a male owner and looked at him calmly. “You must be Mr. Watson. I heard Beibei mention you. She said that she has a little brother who grew up with her in America. He’s a very eye-catching handsome man.”

Li Li looked at Norland’s handsome face, his deep but dark green eyes, and praised seriously, “You are indeed a very handsome boy.”

He called him a boy and said that Su Beibei referred to him as “little brother”.

With just a few words, Li Li blocked all of Norland’s backup plans.

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