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Chapter 473: The Crazy Li Li

Norland’s chest constricted. His nails dug into his soft palms, but a handsome smile spread across his face.

Norland said to Li Li, “I also know you. You must be the ex-husband that Bei’er mentioned to me.”

Her ex-husband.


This time, Li Li’s heart ached.

Hearing the voice, Li Ao ran over and hugged Li Li. “Father, you’re off work!”

Li Ao hugged Li Ao with one hand. He kissed Li Ao’s forehead affectionately before smiling at Norland. “I forgot to say that I am also Li Ao’s father.”

Norland’s smile disappeared completely.

Su Beibei stood aside coldly and calmly as she watched the two of them. She could smell the tension between the two of them.

But she felt strange. Why were these two opposing each other?

Su Beibei didn’t help the auntie cook today. Her abdomen hurt badly and her period should be coming soon. Ever since her miscarriage, Su Beibei’s stomach would ache the day before each menstrual visit. She would sweat profusely from the pain and could only rely on painkillers to numb her pain.

Su Beibei returned to her room to lie down. Her abdomen was throbbing in pain and she was sweating profusely. She got up, opened the drawer, grabbed a Brofen from the aluminum foil, and stuffed it into her mouth.

After dinner, Li Ao knocked on the door and reminded Su Beibei to go out for dinner.

Su Beibei put down the glass of water and stuffed the pills back into the drawer. She said to Li Ao, “Mother won’t be eating tonight. Neil, you, your father, and Uncle Cong Nuo should eat together.”

“Isn’t Mother hungry?” Li Ao walked into the room. He opened the drawer and stared at the Brofen inside. He looked up and asked Su Beibei, “Why is Mother taking medicine? Are you feeling unwell?”

Su Beibei acknowledged. “Mother’s stomach hurts and she doesn’t want to eat.”

“Neil will massage it for you then.”

Li Ao tiptoed and gently rubbed Su Beibei’s stomach. Su Beibei was still in pain, but she didn’t want the child to worry. She said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Mother will accompany you to eat.”


Su Beibei sat at the dining table. Norland and Li Li realized that her face was very pale and her forehead was covered in sweat. Norland asked her, “Bei’er, what’s the matter?”

i Li was about to ask, but Norland beat him to it. He glanced at Norland unhappily. Li Li placed a glass of warm water in front of Su Beibei and asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Su Beibei lowered her head and chewed her food expressionlessly. “Just a few days a month.”

Li Li understood.

He was slightly surprised. “It didn’t hurt before.” Even if it did, it was very weak.

Su Beibei tilted her head and glanced at Li Ao before saying, “Ever since the previous accident, I always have this illness.”

Li Li’s eyes ached.

Su Beibei put down her knife and fork. She said, “That child left in grievance. He wanted me to remember him forever in this way.”

Li Li’s face turned slightly pale.

That child was the pain in their hearts.

Norland’s Chinese was also very good. When he heard this, he understood what Su Beibei meant and his expression changed slightly. Norland knew that Su Beibei had gotten into a car accident before the divorce, but he didn’t know that she had even had a miscarriage.

Su Beibei didn’t have any appetite. Her stomach hurt very much and she couldn’t take it anymore. Su Beibei rubbed Li Ao’s head and said to him, “Neil, Mommy is full. I’ll go and rest for a while.”

“Okay, Mother.”

Su Beibei returned to her room to lie down. Not long after, Li Li knocked on the door and entered. He was holding a bowl of brown sugar eggs.

Li Li placed the brown sugar egg on the bedside table and patted Su Beibei’s shoulder.

Su Beibei opened her eyes and smelled the sweet brown sugar. Only then did she look up at Li Li. Li Li said, “They all say that brown sugar is good for the body. Drink some. It’s not hot. It’s good to drink it now.”

Su Beibei didn’t refuse. She leaned against the head of the bed and finished the bowl of brown sugar water and eggs.

Seeing this, Li Li was rather happy.

Li Li asked Su Beibei, “Is your stomach hurting badly? I’ll find a warm water bag for you. It will feel better on your stomach, if…”

“Li Li, leave tonight.” Su Beibei suddenly interrupted Li Li’s nagging and even made a request for him to leave.

Li Li was stunned.

He looked puzzled and helpless. “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong?” Li Li couldn’t figure it out. They were clearly fine last night and Su Beibei even asked him for 10,000 USD for food.

Su Beibei was thinking about something and remained silent.

Li Li thought of something and his expression turned malicious. He said strangely, “Is it because of that brat outside? We are living together now. Are you afraid that he will misunderstand? Can’t bear for him to be jealous? So you want to chase me away?”

Su Beibei frowned as she listened to Li Li’s nonsense. Her pale face turned red with anger. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Su Beibei looked in the direction of the door and said to Li Li, “Cong Nuo is just my friend. He is my little brother who grew up with me. You are dirty-minded yourself. Don’t think of everyone as dirty!”

“I am dirty?” Li Li was extremely jealous and his words became even more ridiculous. He said, “You just settled down in Los Angeles and invited that guy to be a guest. Who will believe you if you say that you and that guy are just ordinary neighbors?”

Su Beibei instinctively said, “We haven’t seen each other for many years. Coincidentally, he’s out in Los Angeles…”

Su Beibei suddenly stopped before she could finish speaking.

She looked at Li Li with a complicated and suspicious gaze, as if she was looking at a stranger. “Li Li, are you monitoring me?”

Li Li didn’t admit it, but he didn’t deny it either.

Su Beibei shook her head and looked disappointed. “Li Li, I thought you were just a workaholic and just didn’t understand family ties. I didn’t expect you to be a perverted possessive maniac!”

“We’ve already divorced long ago, Li Li! It’s a crime for you to find someone to monitor me! It’s an invasion of my privacy! Li Li, I am a person, not your private property!”

Su Beibei was a person who valued privacy very much. She would never accept being monitored by her ex-husband.

Li Li saw that Su Beibei was so disgusted and angry. He also knew that he was in the wrong. He apologized. “I’m sorry. I was just worried about your safety…”

“Worried about our safety? Then you should get the bodyguards to protect us and not get a detective to monitor us!” Su Beibei’s forehead was throbbing and her heart was about to explode.

She said what she was thinking. She told Li Li, “You stayed here for a month. I didn’t chase you away. Actually, I was testing you.”

Li Li was slightly surprised. “Testing me?”

“Yes! Previously, you said that you wanted to remarry me. I said that I was willing to consider it. This month, I saw that Li Ao was so happy. I kept thinking about whether to remarry you. I thought that even if we couldn’t go back, we could at least give the child a home. But I realized that I don’t love you anymore.”

I don’t love you anymore.

Su Beibei said these five words very calmly.

But when Li Li heard this, it was as if he had suffered a huge blow. He grabbed Su Beibei’s shoulder and growled at her excitedly and stubbornly, “How can you not love me! We were so in love and we were so sweet. How can you not love me just because you say so! I don’t believe it! Su Beibei, you’re lying to me, right! You’re angry that I got a detective to monitor your life and purposely said such angry words, right!”

Su Beibei’s shoulder hurt from Li Li’s grip. “You’re hurting me.”

Li Li was stunned for a moment, before letting go and sitting weakly on the floor beside the bed.

He looked up at Su Beibei’s cold expression and murmured stubbornly, “You love me. You just want to anger me. You said that on purpose…”

Su Beibei said, “I’m not angry at you. I really don’t love you and I can’t remarry you for the sake of the child.”

Her abdomen, which ached once a month, was like a little loudspeaker reminding Su Beibei that she had lost a little life.

She and Li Li had two lives. Even if she remarried Li Li for Li Ao, their future would still be very painful.

“Don’t doubt me.” Su Beibei pointed at the child’s room next door and told Li Li, “I helped you pack your luggage this afternoon.” After a pause, she reminded Li Li, “When I was packing your luggage, I didn’t know that you got someone to monitor me.”

Li Li’s eyes widened. “You…”

He finally recognized the reality and realized that Su Beibei was not being spiteful. There was really no place for him in her heart.

It was his own wishful thinking. Relying on the fact that they had once loved each other and had given birth to a child together, he felt that he could shamelessly do something to please Su Beibei and win her back.

He was too arrogant.

But Li Li couldn’t accept this outcome. He thought of something and his eyes lit up again. Li Li said to Su Beibei, “But you asked me for rent last night. You…”

Su Beibei interrupted him. “The prices are expensive. You can’t just eat and drink here for free.”

The light in Li Li’s eyes dimmed instantly.

They spoke rather loudly. In the living room, Li Ao and Cong Nuo heard their conversation clearly.

Li Ao jumped down from the stool. He ran back to his room, opened the cupboard door, and saw the neatly packed luggage in the cupboard. He slammed the door shut and laid on the bed crying.

Hearing the child’s cries, Su Beibei and Li Li froze.

Li Li still wanted to use Li Ao to convince Su Beibei. He said, “Beibei, Li Ao is crying. Can you really bear to chase me away and see him sad?”

Su Beibei saw through Li Li’s trick. She said, “His parents just separated. It’s not that they’re no longer around.” Su Beibei stared at Li Li coldly. Her lips curled up as she said self-deprecatingly, “I lost my parents at the age of six. Didn’t I still live well?”

Li Li’s handsome face instantly turned pale.

“You…” Li Li knew very well why Su Beibei’s parents had died. It was his father who had drunk and killed her parents.

Only then did Li Li realize that Su Beibei most likely hated their family. “You hate our family, right?”

Su Beibei didn’t deny it. She said, “I am also an ordinary person. Your mother is human and I am also human. She hates me. Why don’t I hate her?”

When Su Beibei was very young, she knew the truth behind her parents’ deaths. She knew that Mu Mian was the mastermind behind the murder of her parents, but Li Li’s father could not escape his responsibility.

Su Beibei hated that drunkard, but not as much as she hated Mu Mian.

After falling in love with Li Li, Su Beibei told herself to let go of everything. But she tried to let go of everything, but Li Li’s mother refused to let go.

Every time Mother Li acted against Su Beibei, Su Beibei’s hatred for the Li Family deepened.

When she loved Li Li, she was willing to endure it for him. If she didn’t love him, she would never let herself suffer.

When Li Li heard Su Beibei admit that she hated the Li family, he was instantly speechless.

“Li Li, leave. In the future, you can see Neil twice a month. I won’t stop you and your son from meeting.” Su Beibei laid down and covered her stomach with the thin blanket. She said listlessly, “It hurts very much and I don’t want to see you again.”

Late at night, Li Li left the Su Family with two suitcases. Li Ao didn’t send him off or keep him. Li Ao hid himself under the blanket and pretended not to hear anything.

“Mr. Li, drive slower.” The auntie had also heard Li Li and Su Beibei’s argument. She knew that Beibei really didn’t intend to reconcile with Mr. Li. She felt that it was a pity, but she couldn’t open her mouth to interfere too much with the matters of the owner.

Worried that Li Li would get into an accident if he drove randomly, the auntie added. “Why don’t we call a driver to pick you up?”

Li Li said, “I can drive myself. Auntie, go back to the house.”

“Aye, alright.”

The auntie closed the door.

Li Li carried his luggage down the stairs. He drove for a distance and saw Norland’s car around a corner.

Norland’s car was parked by the side of the road. He was wearing a hat and standing beside the car door, obviously waiting for him.

Li Li stopped the car and walked up to Norland.

Norland stood up straight and looked down at Li Li, who was a few centimeters shorter than him. He said, “Mr. Li, I know Bei’er very well. If she says she won’t remarry you, she really won’t remarry. Mr. Li, since you’re divorced, you should respect each other and stop pestering Bei’er in the future.”

“Even if we can’t be husband and wife, we can still be friends.”

The word “friend” pierced Li Li’s heart.

Li Li sneered. “You like her, right, kid?”

Norland didn’t feel guilty about his secret being exposed. He nodded frankly and admitted. “Yes, I like her. You two are already divorced. It’s no longer your business who she wants to be with.”

Li Li smiled even longer.

Norland stared at the smile on Li Li’s lips and narrowed his eyes.

Li Li said, “Even if she wants to get married again, it won’t be with you.”

Norland frowned slightly and instinctively asked, “Why?”

Li Li said, “You are five years younger than her. You are only 21 years old. Your future is uncertain. You are a celebrity and surrounded by countless beauties and temptations. Most importantly…”

“She only treats you as her younger brother.”

Norland’s expression was ugly, and he could not retort him.

Li Li added. “You must not have confessed to her, right?” His tone was firm.

Norland remained silent, as a silent admission.

Li Li was like a roundworm in Norland’s heart and knew all his thoughts. He said, “You don’t dare to reveal your feelings to her because you know better than me that she is only family to you. You know that once you confess and she knows your feelings, in order to avoid arousing suspicion, she will distance herself from you. At that time, you two won’t even be fake siblings.”

It was very easy for Li Li to lose his mind when facing Su Beibei, but when facing his love rival and an outsider, his mind was very calm.

Li Li guessed Norland’s thoughts and he couldn’t help feeling angry.

“Little kid, I advise you not to have any ill intentions towards her.” Li Li glanced at Norland and threatened him. “Don’t provoke me. I have ways to destroy you.”

Celebrities were sought after, but those who used to woo you might also become people who stabbed you in the back in the future.

It was too easy for Li Li to destroy a superstar.

With that, Li Li boarded the car and left.

Norland stood rooted to the ground and couldn’t resist kicking the front of the car. “Shit!”

Ever since she laid her cards on the table with Li Li, Su Beibei had never given Li Li a chance to get close to her.

Li Li could visit Li Ao twice a month. Every day, Su Beibei would get Li Li’s driver to fetch Li Ao. She avoided all chances of meeting Li Li.

Regarding this, Li Li felt angry and helpless, but there was nothing he could do.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed. Su Beibei had successfully graduated from Nanjia University. Her new suspense drama had successfully attracted the attention of a production company and was about to shoot an American drama. This was a huge challenge and opportunity for Su Beibei. She cherished it very much.

Su Beibei was going to work as a television drama screenwriter and crew. She had wanted to bring Li Ao and Auntie to New York to stay for a while.

But after knowing this, Li Li took the initiative to call Su Beibei and ask for Li Ao’s custody for a period of time.

Su Beibei considered that Li Ao wouldn’t be used to going to New York, and she had to work and couldn’t accompany him every day. In the end, Su Beibei agreed.

Two years had passed and Li Ao had already accepted the fact that his parents would never reconcile. A four and a half year old child was already starting to be sensible. Li Ao knew that his mother was going to New York to work. He hugged Su Beibei’s neck and said to her, “Mother, work hard and don’t worry about me. I will eat and study well.”

Su Beibei kissed Li Ao’s forehead. She said, “Mother will video call you every night.”


After the mother and son finished speaking, they saw Li Li’s driver driving over. Su Beibei held Li Ao’s hand and walked towards the car. Thinking that there was only the driver in the car, she said to the driver, “Mr. Su, please send Neil to his father…”

Before Su Beibei could finish speaking, she saw Li Li.

Li Li sat in the back row. He nodded at Su Beibei and said, “I was worried that Neil would feel emotional when you’re leaving to somewhere far away, so I came along.”

Su Beibei didn’t say anything. She watched as Li Ao got into the car and said to Li Li, “Sorry to trouble you during this period.”

Li Li said, “He is my son. It is my duty to take care of him. Don’t stand on ceremony with me.”


The once loving couple was now exchanging pleasantries like two old friends who had not seen each other for a long time. It was very ironic. Su Beibei watched as Li Li and the rest drove away, before carrying her luggage to New York.

After reaching New York, Su Beibei called Norland.

Norland had already received news that Su Beibei would come to New York to work for three months. He got the driver to fetch Su Beibei at the airport and met her in front of her grandmother’s cemetery.

After two years, Norland was also 23 years old. He looked less youthful and more manly. He was wearing a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a pair of Kuangwei canvas shoes. He was dressed very casually.

The 28-year-old Su Beibei was still young and beautiful. She was wearing a black diagonal collared dress and silver high heels. Her long hair was slightly curly and her oval face was covered in makeup. She looked like a girl who had just graduated from university.

There was amazement in Norland’s eyes, but he didn’t dare show it.

The two of them walked into the cemetery and stopped in front of Grandma Norland’s tombstone. Su Beibei put down her white chrysanthemum and stared at the old lady’s photo. She murmured, “Grandma, Beibei is here to visit you.”

Su Beibei really treated Norland’s grandmother as her own. That year, the butler had abandoned Su Beibei and ran back to the country, leaving her, who was only 10 years old, to live alone overseas. She was really afraid.

If not for the care and company of her neighbor’s grandmother, Su Beibei might have died long ago.

Because of his grandmother, Su Beibei also treated Norland as her biological brother. Norland also knew this, so he never dared to reveal his feelings to Su Beibei.

At night, Su Beibei and Norland went to a western restaurant for dinner.

After dinner, Norland personally sent Su Beibei back to the hotel.

Arriving at their destination, Su Beibei unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to alight when she heard Norland say, “Bei’er.”

Su Beibei had already placed her hand on the handle of the car. Hearing this, she retracted it. She turned to look at Norland. “What’s the matter?”

Norland stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked his lips gently. He asked Su Beibei, “Bei’er, when you were 23 years old, I gave you a birthday present. Do you still remember?”

Su Beibei nodded and said, “It’s a small dinosaur bank account can. It’s very beautiful. I’ve been using it.” The piggy bank was already filled, but Su Beibei couldn’t bear to smash it open.

The savings can had been traveling everywhere with Su Beibei all these years and was still lying in her luggage.

Norland asked again, “It’s not full yet?”

Su Beibei said, “It’s already full.”

“Then why didn’t you smash it?”

“Too cute. I can’t bear to.” Su Beibei had already treated that savings can as a mascot and couldn’t bear to smash it.

Norland nodded and murmured, “But when the money can is full, it should be smashed…”

Su Beibei felt that Norland looked a little strange. She said, “Then I’ll smash it. Send me a new one? I want crystal this time.”

Norland’s eyes lit up. “Alright.”

Su Beibei alighted and walked into the hotel. She turned and saw that Norland was still sitting in the car looking at her. She waved at him. Norland nodded and returned.

Su Beibei returned to her room. As she was packing her luggage, she saw the small dinosaur savings can. She took a photo of the little dinosaur and sent it to Norland. Only then did she get the hotel waiter to send her a hammer and smash the savings can.

The piggy bank shattered into five or six pieces and scattered on the table. One hundred yuan after another rolled out of the banknotes and filled the table.

Su Beibei took a video of the mess on the table and posted it on her social media: [The savings can that has been saved for five years has been smashed just like that.]

After posting it on her social media, Su Beibei stood by the table and sorted out the money to see how much she had saved.

Li Li was scrolling through his social media at home. He was slightly surprised to see Su Beibei’s status. Li Li recognized that small dinosaur bank account. It had always been placed by Su Beibei on the table in the study and was already full.

Su Beibei had always been reluctant to smash it open. Why did she suddenly do it tonight?

Li Li saw that Song Ci, Han Zhan, and the rest were all commenting that Su Beibei had struck it rich. He also liked it and didn’t dare to leave a message, afraid of being disliked by Su Beibei.

“89, 90, 91, 92…” When Su Beibei counted to 92, she noticed that in the middle of the pile of pink coins was a light blue letter folded into a heart shape.

Su Beibei was stunned.

What is this?

Since this savings can was given to him by Cong Nuo, this thing should also be Cong Nuo’s.

Cong Nuo actually hid a letter in the savings can!

Su Beibei recalled the hesitant expression on Cong Nuo’s face when he looked at her in the car tonight and instantly understood everything. Did Cong Nuo want me to see this letter by asking me to smash the savings can?

Little brat!

How childish!

Su Beibei tidied up the money and realized that she had saved 1001 yuan in total over the past few years. She put the money in her bag and prepared to go to the bank to exchange it for US dollars.

She tidied up the pieces on the table, took the heart-shaped letter, and sat down on the bed. Su Beibei took a photo of the letter and sent it to Cong Nuo. She asked him: [Why didn’t you tell me that you hid a letter in the bank? Your little friend’s thoughts are strange.]

Su Beibei put down her cell phone and carefully opened the letter.

The folded marks on the paper were uneven and Su Beibei clenched it very tightly. She glanced at the English words on the letter and smiled. Only then did she seriously read the contents of the letter.

When she saw the contents of the envelope, Su Beibei felt terrible.

The letter said:

Dear Bei’er, happy birthday.

You once told me that your parents had turned into stars in the sky and that your night would never be dark.

And you are my star, lighting up my entire world.

Because of you, I tried my best to love this world.

Bei’er, I love you.

Su Beibei was not an idiot. She would not be so stupid as to think that the “I love you” in Norland’s letter was her brother’s love for her sister. Cong Nuo loved her!

Su Beibei thought of that snowy night five years ago, when the young man rushed over, put down his present, drank a cup of coffee, and left in a hurry.

She had mixed feelings.

At this moment, Su Beibei’s cell phone lit up.

Su Beibei picked up her cell phone and saw a long reply from Norland.

[Bei’er, you saw that letter, right? Yes, I love you. From the day I watched the video with David and the rest for the first time at the age of 13, but your face kept appearing in my mind, I knew that I had fallen in love with you. Because of you, I fell in love with this world again. Bei’er, I just want to tell you that I love you. You can choose not to accept my confession, but please don’t draw the line with me.]

Su Beibei saw this reply and pretended not to see it. She hid like a coward. For the next two weeks, Su Beibei worked devotedly and didn’t look at any news or gossip related to Norland.

On this day, the production team ended work. Su Beibei returned to the hotel and saw Norland dressed up and waiting for her at the door.

In order to sneak into the hotel, he specially booked the room next to Su Beibei’s.

Seeing Norland, Su Beibei knew that she couldn’t hide anymore.

She invited Norland into the room.

Considering that Norland was a famous person and was afraid of being recognized, Su Beibei closed the door.

She took a can of iced coffee from the fridge for Norland, who took it and sat down. He took off his hat and chatted with Su Beibei about the crew.

After chatting, the two of them fell silent.

Norland stared at Su Beibei, his eyes probing and uneasy.

Su Beibei smiled at him. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Norland licked his lips and asked very directly, “You saw that letter and also saw the message I sent you, right?”

Su Beibei blinked and acknowledged.

Norland smiled bitterly. “You’ve been cold to me for two weeks,” he said.

Su Beibei sat down opposite him. She crossed her long legs and said to Norland, “Mmm, these two weeks, I’ve been thinking about how to reply to you.”

“Don’t tell me the answer.” Nolante reached out and blocked Su Beibei from continuing. He said, “You haven’t seen me for two weeks, nor contacted me. You were very calm when you saw me. I know your answer. Don’t say it out loud. Just treat it as…”

Norland’s eyes reddened. “Just pretend that what happened that night never happened,” he said aggrievedly. Pretend she never read that letter or saw that message.

They couldn’t be good friends.

But Su Beibei shook her head. “I’m sorry, Norland. I’m not the type to pretend to be ignorant.”

Norland looked like he was about to cry. “Can’t you just not say it?”

Su Beibei still shook her head.

Norland stood up and was about to leave.

Su Beibei shouted, “Cong Nuo!”

Norland stopped, not daring to look down at her.

“Cong Nuo, I rejected your confession because I didn’t want to give you any extravagant thoughts or thoughts. I don’t have any romantic feelings for you. I didn’t in the past and won’t in the future.” She stood up and looked at the man’s tear-filled eyes. She recalled how this guy had obediently called her Bei’er’s memories when he was young like a little tail.

She stood on tiptoe and stroked Cong Nuo’s head. “If you want to eat braised pork trotters, shredded vegetables, and hotpot in the future, you can come to my house. Li Ao and I welcome you as a guest.”

Norland glared at her fiercely and scolded in a choked voice, “Bad woman!”

Cong Nuo strode off, but Su Beibei sat back down on the sofa like she had lost all her strength. She scratched the mosquito bite on her neck and video-called Li Ao.

In the video, Li Li pretended to unintentionally walk up and down behind Li Ao, but his eyes landed on Su Beibei’s face.

Noticing the red mark on Su Beibei’s neck, Li Li asked her, “What happened to your neck?”

Su Beibei and Li Ao were talking about how much money was in the bank. Hearing this, she looked at her cell phone and touched her neck. “A mosquito bite.”

“There are mosquitoes in the hotel?” Su Beibei stayed at the Jetta International Hotel. If there were really mosquitoes, it was time to deduct employee salary.

Su Beibei said, “No, there are many mosquitoes on the set.”


After ending the video call with Li Ao, Su Beibei dragged her tired body to take a shower.

The next day, Su Beibei didn’t go one after another. She stayed in the hotel to change the script. She didn’t surf the Internet and didn’t know that the news of Norland meeting the mysterious Asian beauty last night had been exposed.

This was Norland’s first scandal after his debut and it caused a huge sensation!

Li Li saw the news and recognized that the hotel Norland was taken at was the hotel Su Beibei stayed in.

With a call, Li Li obtained the hotel’s surveillance footage. When he saw Su Beibei personally bringing Norland back to her room, Norland came out more than two hours later!

He was enraged!

Li Li finished watching the video and closed his eyes.

Was the red mark on Beibei’s neck last night really caused by a mosquito?

At this moment, Li Ao walked in with a golf club and said to Li Li, “Father, are you going to play golf with me?”

Li Li didn’t open his eyes. He pressed his temples and said to Li Ao, “Neil, let Uncle Su play basketball with you. Father has something on.”

Li Ao thought that Li Li wanted to work and left sensibly.

Li Li pointed at the table and made a call. He said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Deal with the photo and release it. Remember, don’t leave any traces.”


As a result, scandals about Norland broke out one after another late at night!

# Norland Hotel’s Secret Beauty

# Norland pesters a married woman! #

# Norland Became a Mistress

When Su Beibei was having supper in the middle of the night, she scrolled through Weibo out of boredom. Only then did she reach the news that Norland had broken up his marriage because he was pestering a married woman and being a mistress.

She opened that trending topic in shock and saw a post compiled by domestic haters.

In the post, Norland’s manager personally stood up and condemned Norland for being entangled with a married woman and giving her gifts for many years, causing her marriage to change.

Su Beibei finished reading the contents of the post and realized that the reporters had captured her meeting with Norland at the hotel last night.

There were seven to eight secretly taken photos in the post. In the photo, Nolante was wearing a hat but could still see his outline clearly. Instead, the woman who appeared in the photo with him was censored.

But Su Beibei recognized her at a glance!

From the clothes and background of the two people in the photo, this should be the day Norland visited her house when Su Beibei had just arrived in Los Angeles two years ago!

If these photos were taken by the paparazzi, they should have been released long ago. There was no need to wait until today!

And the person who could take these photos could only be…

Li Li!

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