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Chapter 471: I Fell In Love With This World Again Because of Her

Considering the long journey, Su Beibei booked two first-class tickets and an economy-class ticket. The auntie sat in the economy class while Li Ao and Su Beibei sat in first class.

The seat was very spacious and the cabin was very quiet. After Li Ao boarded the plane, he watched a cartoon and fell asleep. When he woke up, the plane was still flying in the air.

Li Ao put on clean socks and stood on the seat to look at the clouds outside the window. Seeing the white clouds outside, Li Ao’s mood finally improved. Li Ao asked Su Beibei, “Mother, will we fall down?”

Su Beibei was speechless.

This was the biggest taboo on planes.

Su Beibei whispered to Li Ao, “Neil, we have to believe in the pilot. He will definitely send us safely to Los Angeles.”

Li Ao sat down and hugged his panda toy. “I know. Auntie Song Song is the pilot. She is very capable.”


“I also want to be a pilot when I grow up!”

“Is that so?”

“Mmm!” Li Ao nodded vigorously and told Su Beibei, “Drive a fighter jet!”

Su Beibei stroked Li Ao’s head and smiled. “I believe you will become an outstanding Air Force warrior!”


Li Ao was bored. Seeing that everyone was sleeping, he didn’t dare to make a fuss. He pestered Su Beibei and said, “Mother, tell me your novel. I want to hear ‘The Seventh Girl’.”

The entire book “The Seventh Girl” had a total of 320,000 words. Su Beibei patiently read 70,000 to 80,000 words until her mouth was dry. Only then did Li Ao look tired.

“I want to sleep, Mother.”


Su Beibei covered Li Ao with a blanket. Seeing that her son had fallen asleep, she put down her things and went to the toilet. After returning to her seat, Su Beibei also covered herself with the blanket and fell asleep.

When she woke up, Su Beibei heard the stewardess reminding the passengers in Chinese that the plane was about to land. She asked everyone to fasten their seatbelts. She fastened her own seatbelt, woke Li Ao up, and fastened his seatbelt.

The plane landed with a jolt. Li Ao was slightly nervous. His small hand grabbed his mother’s hand tightly and his lips were pursed into a straight line. His eyes were fixed on the small television and he didn’t dare to move.

It was the first time he had taken such a long plane and in such a foreign country, Li Ao felt slightly timid. Only when the plane landed steadily did Li Ao let out a long sigh. His hands were covered in sweat as he said to Su Beibei, “Mother, I think I peed a little just now.”

Su Beibei was speechless.

Su Beibei brought Li Ao to the toilet and realized that his underwear was slightly wet. She didn’t say anything. “Go down first. Mother will change your pants later.”


The three of them hailed a cab and went to the house they had rented in advance.

Su Beibei had done a strategy in advance. Considering that there was a child, she didn’t apply for school accommodation. Moreover, considering that Li Ao would be rather noisy when he went crazy, afraid of disturbing other students, after some consideration, Su Beibei finally rented a house.

The house had three bedrooms and two living rooms. Su Beibei had rented it for a year, so the cost was naturally not low. But she had saved a lot of money over the years and was not short of this money.

The car stopped in front of the rented house. Su Beibei took off her luggage and stood in front of the house with the auntie and Li Ao, sizing up the house in front of her.

The house was on the north side of the school and was a one-story solitary building. The seven-step staircase was connected to the sidewalk and the entrance door. Between the house and the sidewalk were two small tree altars made of red bricks with coconut trees and Chinese roses planted inside. There was a supermarket and a restaurant nearby, so life was rather convenient.

Su Beibei asked Li Ao, “Neil, do you like it here?”

Li Ao nodded. “I like it.”

The landlord had already cleaned the house. Su Beibei went to the landlord to get the keys. The landlord was a blonde, slightly plump woman. She was more cheerful and always liked to smile when she spoke.

She brought Su Beibei and the other two to look at the house. After giving them all sorts of instructions, she put down the keys and left.

The auntie complained that the house was not clean enough. She supported her tired mind and wiped all the tables and chairs in the house again. She changed the four sheets on the bed to the pure cotton four sheets brought from China. Only then did she find them pleasing to the eye.

After a casual meal, the three of them went to bed early to lose time.

The next morning, Su Beibei got up and made seafood porridge for Li Ao and fried a leek cake. She had an American driver’s license. After dinner, she brought the auntie and Li Ao to buy a second-hand car.

After buying the car, she carried the child and the auntie to the supermarket to let the auntie familiarize herself with the road to the supermarket.

The auntie got Su Beibei to write a piece of paper for her. On the paper were some common words, family address, and Su Beibei’s contact number.

She placed that piece of paper into a plastic cover and tied it around her neck like an identity card. The auntie patted the tag and said confidently, “Don’t worry, with this, I won’t get lost.”

Su Beibei asked, “What if you get lost?”

The auntie thought for a moment and said, “Call 110 then.” She slapped her own mouth again and corrected herself. “Pui! It’s 911.” As a newcomer, the auntie was still not used to the fact that the police call here was 911.

Su Beibei found a part-time undergraduate to teach Li Ao English. He was a mixed-blood and spoke fluent English and Chinese.

After arranging all the trivial matters of life, Su Beibei went to report to school. Returning from school at 3pm in the afternoon, Su Beibei carried a bag of cheese sticks and sat on the stairs in front of her house to call Norland.

Realizing that the call was from an unknown number in Los Angeles, Norland answered and asked coldly, “Hello?”

Su Beibei took a bite of the cheese stick and asked, “Child, what are you doing?”

Hearing this “child”, the other end was silent for two seconds before Norland’s surprised and happy voice sounded. “Bei’er?” Norland immediately sat up in bed and asked Su Beibei, “Bei’er, where are you staying now?”

Su Beibei gave the address and ate all the cheese on the cheese stick. She turned the key ring in her hand and asked Norland, “Child, are you coming to my house for dinner tonight? You haven’t seen my baby Neil.”

Norland immediately agreed.

He added, “Bei’er, I want to eat…”

“Braised pork trotters, shredded vegetables, and hotpot! I remember all of them.” Su Beibei supplemented Nolante’s words.

Norland chuckled. “You’re so nice.”

“Alright, I’ll go buy groceries. Call me when you get there.”


Su Beibei drove the child and the auntie to the supermarket to buy groceries. It took more than 40 minutes. Returning home, Li Ao was in the living room piecing together the puzzle that Han Jun had given him. Su Beibei and the auntie were cooking in the kitchen.

The auntie was preparing to make a Mandarin Duck pot and was making high soup. Su Beibei was making braised pork trotters on another stove. Just as the pork trotters were about to come out of the pot, Su Beibei’s cell phone rang.

Seeing that it was Norland calling, Su Beibei turned off the stove, held her cell phone, and walked out of the house as she spoke. “Where are you?”

Norland sat in a Mercedes. As he drove, he studied the house outside. “I was turning the corner and saw…”


Norland saw Su Beibei.

She stood at the entrance of a house. Her black hair was tied up casually and two strands of black hair hung down her forehead. Her cherry-red lipstick made her look very imposing.

She was wearing a tight white halter top paired with a black motorcycle leather jacket and light gray jeans with a pair of long legs. She was originally dressed in a cool and valiant manner, but she was wearing a pair of black furry slippers with two demon horns.

Those adorable slippers broke her cool and made her look even cuter.

Su Beibei heard the sound of a car and looked up at the cement road. She saw a black Mercedes driving over. She narrowed her eyes, as if trying to see the driver clearly.

Norland parked the car by the side of the road.

He put on his sunglasses, pushed open the car door, and alighted. Norland was wearing a beige windbreaker with a round-necked casual t-shirt and light gray vertical-striped casual pants.

His white sports shoes gently kicked the stones on the ground. Nolante reached out his hands from his pockets and opened his arms to Su Beibei. He pouted and said, “Bei’er, come, hug.”

Su Beibei walked down the stairs and stood in front of Norland.

She realized that Norland was much taller than her.

Norland made a gesture of waiting for a hug, but Su Beibei reached out and punched his chest. “Scram, why are you hugging? Do you think you’re still a seven- or eight-year-old child?”

Su Beibei was sent out of the country by Mu Mian before she was 7 years old. At the age of 10, the butler realized that she could finish everything on her own and left her behind.

Su Beibei lived alone in a foreign country. It would be a lie to say that she was not afraid. Luckily, there was an old couple living beside her house. That old lady was Chinese, and also Norland’s grandmother. The old lady treated Su Beibei as her granddaughter and often made delicious food for her. Because of the old lady’s companionship and protection, Su Beibei was not bullied by others.

When Su Beibei was 10 years old, Norland came to his grandparents’ house for the summer break. That was the first time they met.

Norland had been kidnapped and extorted when he was young. When he was found, he was almost dying and had suffered a trauma. After a period of treatment, the psychologist understood that Norland was very attached to his grandparents, so he suggested sending Norland to his grandparents to raise him.

The first time Su Beibei saw Norland was on an afternoon after school. She alighted from the school bus and saw that Norland was being chased and bitten by a little puppy from his neighbor’s house.

The little kid was especially afraid of dogs. He cried out as he ran and even fell.

Su Beibei pulled Norland up and ran with him. Disgusted that Norland’s legs were weak and he was running slowly, Su Beibei picked him up and ran wildly.

Later on, that dog chased after Norland again and was chased away by Su Beibei.

Norland had lived in his grandparents’ house for three years.

During those three years, whenever Su Beibei went on leave from school, Norland would always play with her. He was her little tail.

Norland felt that Su Beibei, who could defeat the dog, was a hero.

Knowing that Su Beibei was Chinese and being one that admired the martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee, Norland pestered Su Beibei to teach him Chinese kung fu. Su Beibei didn’t know any kung fu, so she bought two wooden swords to fill them with swords and blindly taught Nolante to practice Emei.

Under the company of Su Beibei and his grandparents day and night, Norland finally walked out of his psychological shadow. He was brought back to his parents’ side and received an elite education. He would only come to his grandparents’ house during the holidays.

The two of them grew up together and only separated when Su Beibei returned to the country when she was 20 years old.

When she had just returned to China, Norland had also flown to China to meet her.

Su Beibei still clearly remembered what happened on her 23rd birthday.

Su Beibei’s birthday was on the 16th of the first month of the lunar calendar. It was snowing in Wangdong City that day and there was no one at the cafe at night. Su Beibei told Ah Kun to get off work early.

She was about to close the cafe door and go upstairs to write when she saw a tall figure standing in the middle of the road outside the cafe.

The 18-year-old youth was wearing a blue down jacket and a knitted hat. He stood in the snow with a big black umbrella.

At that time, Norland was preparing for the SAT exam in March. He was not a very smart young man and relied on himself to study.

His schedule was packed every day, so Su Beibei was very surprised to see the young man, who was supposed to be studying in New York, appear at the door of her cafe in the snow.

Norland walked into the house against the snow and handed a birthday present to Su Beibei. He lowered his head and said to her, “Bei’er, happy birthday.”

Su Beibei was shocked.

She pinched the small box and asked Norland, “Why are you here?”

Norland said, “It’s your birthday.”

Su Beibei was slightly touched. She looked at the heavy snow outside the door and said, “Wangdong City is snowing very heavily. The flights have all been stopped. How did you get here?”

Norland actually said, “I took a plane to County Yang City first before taking the high-speed train over.” Norland poked his hand and asked her, “Aren’t you going to make me coffee?”

Su Beibei made a cup of coffee for the young man and added a few cubes of sugar.

The young man drank his coffee and looked at the time. At the last second of her birthday, he said, “Happy birthday, Bei’er.”

Su Beibei was so touched that her eyes were red.

“I have to go, or I won’t make it on the flight. Bei’er, I hope you like the present.”

The young man braved the snow and left.

It was also in the late summer and early autumn of that year that Su Beibei met Li Li.

Thinking about it carefully, it had been almost four years since Su Beibei and Norland last met. But this young boy had already grown into a charming man.

Hearing this familiar ‘child’, Norland told Su Beibei very seriously, “I am already 21 years old. I am no longer a child. I am now the idol of the entire country. I am already at the legal age to get married.”

Su Beibei acknowledged and said, “Child.”

Norland looked discouraged.

Su Beibei smiled and suddenly shouted, “Cong Nuo.”

Norland was slightly stunned. Then, a brilliant smile spread across his deep, handsome face. “No one has called me by this name since my grandmother passed away.” Norland’s grandmother had passed away when he was 14 years old. After that, no one had called him by his Chinese name.

The door behind her opened. Li Ao stood by the gap and looked curiously at the man in front of Su Beibei. He asked, “Mother, is Uncle Cong Nuo here?”

Norland took off his sunglasses and revealed a pair of green eyes. He circled around Su Beibei’s right side and shook his head at Li Ao standing under the door. “Hello Neil, I am Cong Nuo.”

“Hello, Uncle.” Li Ao stared at Norland and thought: Where did this immortal come from? He’s so beautiful?

Su Beibei turned and said to Norland, “Come in. You’re popular now. It won’t be good if someone sees you.”


Norland was very tall and 1.9 meters tall. He stood in front of the door and sized up the door frame. After confirming that he wouldn’t be hit in the head, he strode into the house.

When the auntie saw that Su Beibei’s friend was such a tall and handsome young man, her expression changed slightly. It was unknown what she was thinking.

After entering the house, Norland took out his car keys from his windbreaker pocket and said to Li Ao, “Uncle brought you a present. It’s in the trunk. Do you want to take a look at it yourself?”


Li Ao didn’t care that he was a stranger. He took Norland’s car keys and ran out.

Li Ao was still young and short. Standing behind the back of the Mercedes-Benz, he looked like a dwarf who couldn’t open the trunk at all.

Norland stood by the window and looked at him. Seeing Li Ao’s defeated look, he couldn’t help shrugging and laughing.

Su Beibei warned him. “Don’t bully my son!”

Norland said, “Alright, I won’t bully him.”

Norland left the house and strode to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and carried a large box out.

After entering the house, Norland and Li Ao opened the package together. Realizing that it was a segway, Li Ao instantly cheered. “Wow, it’s a segway!”

Li Ao pulled the segway out of the box himself. Norland helped him adjust the height of his seat and said to Li Ao, “Neil, sit up and take a look.”

Li Ao hurriedly lifted his short legs and sat down.

The seat jumped to the lowest position. It was just right for Li Ao to play. He sat in the segway with his hands on the head of the car. He looked up and asked Norland, “How did you know I wanted a segway?”

Nolante said, “I’ve seen your mother’s WeChat. She sent a video of you standing in the park watching a little kid ride a segway.”

Nolante stroked Li Ao’s head and said, “Is Uncle very smart? Did he guess your thoughts correctly?”

Li Ao nodded.

Norland put on his helmet for Li Ao and said, “Ride your own bike. A man can’t be afraid of falling.”


Li Ao rode his bike around the small living room a few times before going to the kitchen door to show off his new baby to Su Beibei. “Mother, look, Uncle bought me a balance bike.”

Su Beibei’s eyes were filled with smiles. “Mmm, have you thanked Uncle?”

Li Ao shouted at Norland, “Thank you, Uncle Cong Nuo.”

“You’re welcome.”

Norland was a public figure and it was not convenient for her to bring Li Ao out for a ride, so she accompanied him to play in the living room. As the auntie cooked hotpot, she sized up the big and small people in the living room and felt that something was wrong.

She felt that this foreigner was trying to please Li Ao.

Why must he please Li Ao?

The auntie stared at Su Beibei, who was cutting up fat beside her. Looking at Su Beibei’s beautiful young and sexy figure, she instantly guessed a possibility.

The auntie couldn’t ask too bluntly and couldn’t care too much about her master. She asked from the side, “Beibei, that Nuo…” She didn’t know the young man’s name.

“Cong Nuo.”

“Yes, does that Cong Nuo have a girlfriend?”

Su Beibei said, “He’s a singer. He’s five years younger than me and isn’t in a hurry to get a girlfriend.”

Oh no, he’s still a single man!

The auntie asked again, “Then what kind of girl does he like?”

Su Beibei shook her head and cut every piece of fatty beef until they were thin and uniform. She said, “I’m not sure. We haven’t seen each other for many years. I didn’t ask about this.”

Only then did the auntie stop asking.

Norland loved Chinese food very much, but his father didn’t learn how to cook Chinese food from his grandmother. When he wanted to eat Chinese food, he could only go to the westerners’ street. But Chinese food outside didn’t taste as good as his grandmother’s.

But Su Beibei’s culinary skills were learned from his grandmother. Eating Su Beibei’s dishes was like eating his grandmother’s dishes.

After dinner, Norland and Su Beibei chatted for a long time. They chatted about his life in the past few years, his work arrangements, and interesting childhood matters.

He was very smart and sensible. He wouldn’t take the initiative to mention Su Beibei and her ex-husband, afraid of hurting her heart.

Su Beibei listened to his chatter and waited for him to stop before asking, “Have you been in a relationship these few years?”

Norland shook his head. “No, I want to focus on music.”

Su Beibei smiled and sat on the ground to sort out her manuscript. She asked, “What kind of girl do you like?”

Norland secretly glanced at Su Beibei.

She was packing with her head lowered. Her halter top couldn’t hide the fair skin on her chest and collarbone. Norland secretly swallowed and turned to look out the window. He said in a fleeting voice, “The person I like doesn’t like me.”

Su Beibei stopped what she was doing and looked up at the young man. Realizing that there was some sadness in the man’s eyes, she revealed a concerned look and asked in surprise, “Oh? Who doesn’t like big celebrities?”

Norland smiled self-deprecatingly. “I’m not really a charmer.”

Norland took out his cigarette from his pocket and lit it twice on the pack. He wanted to smoke it, but realized that there were children in the house, so he held back.

He stroked the cigarette with his fingers, lowered his head, and said in an enigmatic tone, “I’ve liked her for many years. She doesn’t like me.”

“Have you confessed?”

Norland acknowledged. “I confessed long ago,” he said. “But she didn’t respond to my feelings.” His lashes fluttered as he murmured, “She married someone else.”

Su Beibei looked surprised and helpless as she apologized to him. “I’m sorry. I mentioned your sad past.”

Nolante smiled and said, “It’s okay.” He stared at Su Beibei’s beautiful face and cherry-red lips. He murmured, “She will come to my side soon. I won’t let her go this time.”

Su Beibei frowned and her expression became much more serious. She said very seriously to Nolante, “Cong Nuo, if she’s married, she’s a married woman. You can’t do this. You are a public figure. Once this matter is exposed, your future will be ruined.”

Norland laughed so hard his shoulders shook.

Su Beibei looked puzzled. “What are you laughing at?”

Norland smiled through his tears. He used his hands that were playing the piano, guitar, and microphone to gently wipe his tears. He looked at Su Beibei and said, “You’re so cute.”

Su Beibei was speechless.

She kicked Norland.

Norland stayed at Su Beibei’s place until 9pm at night. There were few people around the residence at night, so Su Beibei sent Norland to the car.

Norland got into the car. He took off his sunglasses and said to Su Beibei, “I welcome you back to America, Bei’er. When are you coming to New York with me? I want to bring you to see my grandmother.”

“Let’s find a time.”


After sending Nolante off, Su Beibei played with Li Ao for a while in the car before letting him take a shower and sleep. After Li Ao fell asleep, Su Beibei also took a shower. She sat at the desk and turned on her computer, preparing to complete the mission assigned by the professor.

Li Li called.

Su Beibei answered the call and heard Li Li ask, “Beibei, what are you doing?” It was ironic that after the divorce, Li Li called her more frequently than before.

Su Beibei said, “I’m studying.”

“So tough.”

Su Beibei didn’t feel that it was tough. What kind of pain was this? The truly bitter days had long passed.

Li Li told Su Beibei, “I bought a segway for Neil. It will be here tomorrow.” Like Norland, Li Li also saw the short video Su Beibei posted on her social media.

Knowing that Li Ao liked segways, Li Li ordered one online.

Su Beibei was slightly surprised. She wanted to say that Li Ao already had a segway. Considering that Li Li would be upset to hear this news, she didn’t say anything.

The two of them chatted for a while before ending the call as Su Beibei said that she had to study.

The next day, after breakfast, Su Beibei went to class.

Li Li couldn’t fall asleep late at night, so he called the auntie to see Li Ao.

It was daytime in Los Angeles and the auntie accompany Li Ao as he played with his segway. Hearing that Li Li wanted to see his son, the auntie aimed the camera at Li Ao and said, “Sir, look, Li Ao learns cars very quickly.”

Li Li smiled. “You know how to ride so quickly?”

Li Li stared at his son’s bike and noticed that the segway under his son was black, but the wheels were orange.

He instantly frowned.

Li Li hurriedly opened the shopping website to look at the car he had bought for Li Ao the day before. His car was a black car with green wheels!

Who bought this car for Li Ao?

Li Li asked the auntie, “Who bought Li Ao’s car?”

The auntie didn’t think much of it and said honestly, “A friend of Beibei’s came to visit us last night. This car is a gift from him to Li Ao. I heard it’s not cheap! It’s especially light and Li Ao really likes it.”

Li Li narrowed his eyes and leaned against the head of the bed. His eyes were slightly malicious, but his tone was normal as he asked, “Oh? Beibei just arrived in Los Angeles and she has a friend here as a guest? What does her friend do?”

“I heard that he is a big star and is especially handsome.” Handsome was not bound by national boundaries. Even the auntie could tell that Norland was a handsome man.

Li Li suddenly clenched his fists.

A celebrity?

He said, “Is it Norland?”

“Yes! It’s Norland. I think he has another Chinese name called Cong Nuo.”

Li Li smiled and said, “It’s him. He’s Beibei’s childhood friend.”

The auntie said, “I knew it. Look at how familiar the two of them are. I was wondering when Beibei got to know such a friend.”

Li Li said a few words to the auntie before hanging up.

He couldn’t resist taking his notebook and opening Norland’s personal website. This person’s website was created by a local fan for Norland. The top would update all of Norland’s personal information at the first moment.

The newly released video title was very attractive.

This was Norland’s first public partner!

Li Li opened the video and saw that the blonde young man was sitting on a sofa in a blue suit, accepting a question from a famous host.

The host asked him some work questions before asking personal questions.

“Norland, you’ve been in the industry for two and a half years, but I’ve never seen you publicize your relationship. The paparazzi have never lined up a photo of you and a girl together. I’m very curious, Norland, what are your conditions for choosing a partner? Or to put it in more detail, is it a man or a woman?”

Hearing this question, Norland shook his head and smiled. He answered in slightly faster American English, “Firstly, I declare that my sexual orientation is female.”

The host made a regretful expression and said, “What a pity. I still wanted to exchange phone numbers with you after the interview.”

Norland smiled gently and said, “In fact, I have someone I like in my heart. But because I haven’t wooed her yet, you definitely won’t be able to take a photo of me and a girl together.”

“Oh? What type of girl do you like?”

Norland was about to speak when the host added, “You have to answer carefully. Be careful not to lose fans.”

Norland looked at the camera with a determined expression. He said, “Those who love me will naturally always love me. I will never wrong the girl I like just to please my fans. When I succeed in wooing her, I will announce her existence to the world! In my eyes, the girl I like is the best girl in the world. Of course, I also believe that my female fans will also meet the true fate of treating them as angels.”

Seeing that Norland was so serious, the host couldn’t help becoming serious. “Then, what kind of person is the girl you like?”

Norland’s expression turned gentle. He touched his ear very shyly, as if confessing through space. He said, “She is very brave, full of courage, and also astonishingly talented.” After a pause, Norland said, “Because of her, I love this world again.”

The host had already done his homework. He blinked at Norland and gossiped. “We all know that you have a wall bookcase in your house to collect the books of a Chinese mystery writer. Let me make a bold guess. Could that talented writer be the girl you like?”

Norland smiled enigmatically. “It’s a secret.”

After watching the interview, Li Li suddenly closed the lid of his laptop.

Perhaps the host and fans would think that Norland purely treated Su Beibei as his idol, but Li Li knew this bastard’s ambition.

He was a superstar. Not only did he learn to use WeChat from the Chinese, he even registered on Weibo and only paid attention to Su Beibei! Others might not know what he was thinking, but Li Li knew very well!

Li Li picked up his cell phone and dialed an international number.

“Mr. Li.” A mellow male voice sounded from the receiver.

Li Li gripped his cell phone tightly and asked him, “Did you take anything last night?”

The person on the other end was silent for a moment before saying, “There’s something. I’m sorting out the photos for the past few days and am preparing to send them to you.”

Li Li acknowledged and said, “Send it to me as soon as possible.”

“Alright, Mr. Li.”

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