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Chapter 468: The First Day of Getting Married, A Chair with a Steeple Is More Suitable

Jiang Zhen was very tempted by Han Wangwang’s suggestion. He couldn’t wait to return to his new residence to see those pyjamas, but he also cared about the music banquet tonight. If the newlyweds didn’t attend the music banquet, those people could guess what they would do with their toes.

Seeing Jiang Zhen’s concerns, Han Wangwang felt that the fire was not strong enough. She moved her index finger up from his chest and gently touched his Adam’s apple. As the fingernail brushed past his Adam’s apple, Jiang Zhen’s back muscles instinctively tensed up. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down, but the agitation in his body was getting stronger.

Han Wangwang stared at his vibrating Adam’s apple and deliberately said in an ambiguous tone, “You told me before that biting a man’s Adam’s apple will have very serious consequences. If it’s light, you will lose your virginity. If it’s heavy, you will get pregnant.” With that, Han Wangwang bit Jiang Zhen’s Adam’s apple and her voice was filled with charm. “Hubby, I want to lose my virginity for you.”

If Jiang Zhen could still tolerate it, he was not a man!

He suddenly opened his eyes, carried Han Wangwang, and walked out of the room. A few minutes later, the receptionist saw the bride and groom, who had just gone upstairs for a few minutes, rush out of the hotel like the wind.

The groom took the car keys from the valet and ran off with the bride.

The receptionist looked at each other in surprise.

Why are you running so quickly?

Before the wedding, Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen shopped through all the sold villas in Wangdong City and finally bought a villa beside the crane lake in the Phoenix Immortal District. The scenery of the crane lake was beautiful and surrounded by mountains. Every time it was the migration season for the white cranes, groups of white cranes would welcome the lake, so it was called the crane lake.

The construction of the crane lake villa was a new project developed by the Dongfang Family five years ago. The villas were uniformly built in a new Chinese style and were well renovated. The interior renovations were all different.

The villa at Stop He Lake had already been sold at the end of last year. The previous owner had bought this house to give it to his daughter as a dowry. Now that the entire family had immigrated, he decided to buy the house.

Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang had seen the house and liked it very much, so they bought it.

The house had three floors and two floors underground.

The second level of the basement was the resting area for the garage entry and nanny. The first level was the reception area, the gaming room, and the gym. There was a scenic pool outside the reception room. The pool and the reception room were separated by double tempered glass. Sitting in the reception room, one could see the scenery inside the pool.

The first floor was mainly the dining room and living room. Going out from the sliding door of the living room was a Chinese garden-style courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard was a scenic pool that could raise fish or swim.

The second floor was the guest room and children’s room, while the third floor was the owner’s living area. Every room had a separate shower, bathtub, double sinks, and cloakroom. There was a small balcony outside the bedroom. Sitting on the balcony, one could take in the scenery of the crane lake and the small courtyard.

Jiang Zhen drove the car straight to the garage and pulled Han Wangwang through the garage door into the basement. Han Wangwang’s dress was very long and she was wearing high heels. Walking was very painful.

“Let me carry you.”

Jiang Zhen carried Han Wangwang into the lift.

There were no helpers in the house today. They would only be on duty tomorrow. Once they entered the lift, Jiang Zhen pressed Han Wangwang against the wall of the lift and kissed and teased her.

Han Wangwang’s shoulders were exposed as she leaned against the cold wall of the lift. She felt cold and snuggled deeper into Jiang Zhen’s arms.

The more she burrowed, the angrier Jiang Zhen became.

When the lift stopped on the fifth floor, Jiang Zhen had already unzipped the zipper of Han Wangwang’s gown and the strapless bra inside. Jiang Zhen had been a woman for a few years and was very familiar with how to remove a woman’s clothes faster.

After exiting the lift, Jiang Zhen pulled Han Wangwang straight to the master bedroom. Although there was a heater in the house, Han Wangwang still felt cold. She carried the loose gown and ran into the bedroom. Standing in the carpeted room, Han Wangwang quickly took off the gown and got into bed.

Jiang Zhen stood at the end of the bed and stared at the bulging figure under the blanket. He thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll go take a shower first.” It was still early. It would be more enjoyable to shower first then do it slowly.

Han Wangwang hid under the blanket and acknowledged.

Only when Jiang Zhen entered the bathroom did Han Wangwang burrow her head out of the blanket. She hurriedly picked up the bag on the bedside table, found her cell phone, opened one of her websites, and found a video that was inappropriate for children.

She had to learn something to make her wedding night an unforgettable night.

Han Wangwang spoke very softly. She saw some images and was slightly shocked. She thought that a girl couldn’t stand this position.

She was so engrossed that she forgot to pay attention to Jiang Zhen’s movements.

Jiang Zhen finished his shower, turned off the shower, and walked to the sink with a towel wrapped around his waist. He picked up his toothbrush, squeezed out his toothpaste, and was about to brush his teeth when he heard a groan coming from the bedroom.

Jiang Zhen was stunned.

This sound was not Wangwang.

He walked out barefoot and saw Han Wangwang’s head between two pillows. She was lying sideways and looking at her cell phone. He didn’t know what he saw, but Han Wangwang looked very conflicted and curious.

Jiang Zhen guessed a possibility. He silently went around the other side of the bed and stood on the left side of the bed, staring at the inappropriate scene on Han Wangwang’s cell phone.

Jiang Zhen looked shocked.

“Wang Wang.”

“Oh my god!” Han Wangwang’s hand trembled as she threw her cell phone far away.

The cell phone landed in the middle of the blanket and the screen was facing up. The woman inside was screaming more and more excitedly. Han Wangwang looked at Jiang Zhen and then looked at the cell phone. Her face instantly turned red.

Jiang Zhen didn’t say anything. He bent over, picked up his cell phone, turned off the image, and calmly placed the cell phone on the bedside table. Han Wangwang silently hid under the blanket. Just as her head was about to hide under the blanket, she heard Jiang Zhen say, “Record it later. You can watch it repeatedly.”

Han Wangwang suddenly pulled open the blanket and shouted at Jiang Zhen, “I don’t want to see! I just want to learn!”

Jiang Zhen’s cold face revealed a doting and unfathomable smile. He patted Han Wangwang’s head with his wet palm and said, “It’s okay if you don’t know. I’ll teach you.”

an Wangwang shrunk into the blanket again. After a while, she crawled out of the blanket, took something from the cloakroom, and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

Han Wangwang finished bathing and walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. She saw Jiang Zhen leaning against the sink with his arms crossed, staring at her with a deep and fiery gaze.

Han Wangwang felt uneasy under that gaze. She felt like all the skin on her body that he scanned was burning.

Han Wangwang said, “Move aside, I want to brush my teeth.”

Jiang Zhen obediently moved aside.

Han Wangwang picked up her blue electric toothbrush, squeezed some toothpaste, and brushed her teeth in the mirror. She stared at the high-definition mirror in front of her and saw the man behind her approaching her step by step. Then, he lowered his head and placed his hot lips on her neck.

Han Wangwang couldn’t help trembling.

Her waist was wrapped by an iron arm. Following that, Jiang Zhen used his hand to lift the bathrobe on her shoulder. The bathrobe slid down her smooth arm, revealing the black set bra inside.

Jiang Zhen’s breathing instantly became heavy. Han Wangwang spat out the toothpaste foam in her mouth. Her cheeks were red as she asked softly, “Does it look good?”

Jiang Zhen said, “Yes.”

“Do you like it?”

Jiang Zhen gently bit her before saying, “I do.”

Han Wangwang spat out and rinsed her mouth. She turned and hugged Jiang Zhen’s cheek. She kissed Jiang Zhen’s lips. It smelled like lemon. “There’s something else you like. Do you want to see it?”

Jiang Zhen carried her up and placed her on the sink. As he bit her, he scolded softly, “You’re indecent.”

But I liked it.

That night, the concert started on time. The guests waited for a long time but didn’t see the bride and groom appear. They guessed what the bride and groom had done and revealed ambiguous looks.

After the wedding at noon, Han Zhan brought Han Yueyun and his family back to the Imperial Dragon Villa. At night, the family sat together and chatted about old times, Jiang Zhen’s relatives, business big shots, and the situation and danger in the capital.

At around 8pm, Song Ci received a call from Nan Yanyan. She said, “Sister-in-law, where did Wangwang and Jiang Zhen go? They didn’t come to the concert.”

Aaron and Jiang Zhen were very close. The two of them had also arrived at Jiang Zhen’s wedding. At this moment, the two of them were at the concert venue. Seeing that everyone was asking about the whereabouts of the bride and groom, Nan Yanyan called Song Ci.

Song Ci raised her brows. “Where did the bride and groom go on their wedding night? Is there even a need to guess?”

Nan Yanyan calmed down and said, “Got it.” She hung up.

Song Ci put down her cell phone and saw that Lin Jiao’e and Han Yueyun were both looking at her. She looked slightly embarrassed and said, “Wangwang and Jiang Zhen didn’t go to the concert. They’re probably at home.”

Everyone was experienced and wouldn’t be stupid enough to not understand what they were going home for.

Lin Jiao’e was still slightly worried. She said, “I’ll call Wangwang and ask if she’s at home. It’s fine as long as she’s at home. I’m just afraid something might happen.”

No one stopped Lin Jiao’e.

Lin Jiao’e called Han Wangwang. Han Wangwang, who was crying so hard that her eyes were red, suddenly saw hope. She said hoarsely to the tireless Jiang Zhen, “My phone is ringing. I have to answer it.”

Jiang Zhen took the cell phone from the bedside table. Seeing that it was his mother-in-law’s call, Jiang Zhen raised his brows. He covered Han Wangwang’s lips with one hand and picked up the call with the other.


Lin Jiao’e heard Jiang Zhen’s voice and understood that Jiang Zhen was with Han Wangwang. Only then was she relieved. Lin Jiao’e was naturally not stupid enough to ask where they were and what they were doing. She said, “I heard that you guys didn’t go to the concert and was worried that something happened to you guys, so I called to ask. Since Wangwang is with you, I am relieved.”

“Oh yes, remember to bring Wangwang back to Imperial Dragon Mountain tomorrow to have a meal at your little uncle’s house. Shunchen is too far away. Go back to your little uncle’s house and treat it as returning home.”


“I’m hanging up.”

Lin Jiao’e quickly hung up.

Jiang Zhen lowered his hand and kissed Han Wangwang’s forehead. He smiled and said, “Alright, no one will disturb you now.”

Han Wangwang bit Jiang Zhen’s palm. Jiang Zhen released her and heard her say, “I hope someone will continue to disturb us.” Otherwise, she would fall apart.

Jiang Zhen looked aggrieved. He pretended to be pitiful and said, “Good girl, I’ve already endured for so many years. You dote on me.”

Han Wangwang said, “Get lost!”

“Alright, let’s get lost together.”

Some people looked cold and arrogant in their clothes, but when they took off their clothes, they were like wild horses that had lost control and were like a charger.

One should never judge a book by its cover!

The next day, when Han Wangwang woke up, the sun was already high above the lake. Her body was sore and weak. She couldn’t help frowning when she turned over.

Jiang Zhen was not in the room and had gone somewhere.

Han Wangwang laid in bed for a moment before slowly sitting up.

It was not very painful, but she was very uncomfortable.

She slowly put on her long dress, a white sweater, and furry slippers before choosing to take the elevator down.

She walked out of the lift on the first floor and saw the helper and the chef cooking. Seeing that Han Wangwang had woken up, the slightly plump Auntie Su in her early forties walked out of the kitchen with a clay pot in her arms. She said to Han Wangwang, “Madam, Mr. Jiang made red date chicken soup for you this morning. He instructed us to bring it to you the moment you woke up.”

It was the first time Han Wangwang was called Madam. She felt uneasy.

She nodded and thanked him before sitting down at the dining table. The moment she sat down, she felt even more unwell.

Auntie Su was experienced. Seeing Han Wangwang frown uncomfortably, she thought of how Mr. Jiang made chicken soup early in the morning and instructed them to make brown sugar eggs. She instantly guessed what happened in this house last night.

Auntie Su turned and left. Soon, she returned with a cushion.

Han Wangwang was feeling puzzled when she heard Auntie Su say, “Madam, the dining table is ice-cold. Let’s put on a soft cushion.”

Han Wangwang’s face turned red.

She knew that Auntie Su must have seen through the reason for her discomfort. However, she was smart and even found a perfect reason.

This was a smart nanny. No wonder Jiang Zhen hired her.

Han Wangwang didn’t argue. She took the cushion and laid it on the table. She felt much better. She was also hungry. After drinking two bowls of chicken soup and finishing most of the chicken, she felt that she could eat more than a pregnant woman in confinement.

After eating, Han Wangwang strolled slowly in the courtyard.

It was a sunny day and there was no wind. It was very comfortable to take a walk in the courtyard. After a while, Han Wangwang heard the sound of a truck outside the door. The housekeeper ran to open the door. Shortly after, the butler walked in with a man dressed like a worker.

Han Wangwang noticed that the person was holding two saplings. She asked the butler, “Butler Chen, what are you doing?”

Butler Chen was a lady in her thirties. She was Han Zhan’s butler Cai’s senior and junior. They graduated from the same management school. She was recommended by Butler Cai to Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen.

Butler Chen told Han Wangwang, “Mr. Jiang said that he wants to plant two trees in the courtyard and make them into branches.”

Han Wangwang nodded. “Go ahead.”

She stood aside and watched as the workers planted the two trees side by side on the empty grass in the courtyard. She imagined how they would grow bigger and bigger in the future, with branches and leaves intertwining around them. She suddenly felt a little blissful.

At that moment, Han Wangwang’s cell phone rang. It was Jiang Zhen.

“Are you awake?”

Han Wangwang looked at the scenery of the crane lake in the distance and replied, “Mmm, I just woke up.”

“How is your body?”

Han Wangwang added, “Not good. I feel uncomfortable all over.”

Jiang Zhen seemed to chuckle.

“Where did you go so early in the morning?”

Jiang Zhen told her, “I went to share the joy of my life with my mother and sister.”

Han Wangwang opened her mouth and said angrily, “Why didn’t you bring me along?”

“I can’t bear to wake you up.”

Jiang Zhen turned the car around a corner and slowly drove into the parking lot of the Hehe Lake villa. He sized up the surrounding houses and said to Han Wangwang, “Little Xi, go and change clothes. We are going back today. Mother wants us to go to Little Uncle’s house for dinner.”

“… Okay.”

It was Shunchen City’s rule to return the second day after the wedding. Wangdong City’s side was the third day after the wedding. According to Wangdong City’s custom, the second day after the wedding was to go to the parents-in-law’s house to eat. But Jiang Zhen had no parents, so he followed Shunchen’s rules.

Han Wangwang returned to her room to change into a black, white, spotted dress with a brown wool coat and a gray wool scarf around her neck.

Since she was not feeling well, she did not wear jeans. Instead, she wore a pair of comfortable black leggings and a pair of beige light heels.

After packing up, Han Wangwang took her bag and went downstairs. She saw Jiang Zhen and the housekeeper standing together and talking. She walked closer and heard the housekeeper say, “According to Sir’s instructions, the gifts are all in pairs. Sir, please check them.”

Jiang Zhen heard footsteps and turned to Han Wangwang. “Xiao Xi, come and check. Are the things prepared suitable?”

The wide coffee table in the living room was filled with gift boxes from various brands.

Jiang Zhen had prepared two watches for Han Yueyun. They were both from the Omega brand. One of them was a black watch from the Seahorse series. The other was a relatively casual watch from the butterfly series, a silver watch with crocodile skin.

These two watches added up to less than 100,000 yuan, but they suited Han Yueyun’s identity very well. He was wearing a national tie and shouldn’t wear expensive and extravagant watches, as it would attract trouble.

Jiang Zhen had prepared two jade bracelets for Lin Jiao’e. Gold was priced but jade was priceless. The two bracelets that Jiang Zhen had prepared for Lin Jiao’e were obviously top-grade and definitely not cheap.

He prepared a basketball signed by a basketball superstar and a pair of limited edition sneakers for Han Junjun.

In addition, Jiang Zhen also prepared gifts for Han Zhan and Song Ci, two pairs of cufflinks for Han Zhan, two bracelets for Song Ci, a pair of gold bracelets for Han Miao and Han Jun, a pair of silver bracelets for Han Zheng, and many nutrients for Han Wangwang’s grandparents.

Han Wangwang roughly estimated that he should have prepared more than two million yuan worth of gifts. The expensive ones were Lin Jiao’e’s two bracelets.

Han Wangwang frowned at the table full of gifts. She said, “This is too expensive. This is equivalent to more than half of my savings.”

Although Han Dongliang and Han Yueyun were high-ranking officials, their salaries were non-existent and they didn’t accept gifts usually. Her family really didn’t have much money.

Han Zhan had prepared more than 10 million yuan for Han Wangwang’s wedding. However, Han Yueyun’s family background was limited and he only prepared 400,000 yuan for Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang felt that Jiang Zhen’s gift was too expensive.

Jiang Zhen hugged her shoulders and said, “We’re already married, why are you still fussing over this? Moreover, if we coax Mother well, it will be equivalent to coaxing your entire family.”

Han Yueyun doted on his wife. He didn’t care what Jiang Zhen gave him, but he cared about Jiang Zhen’s attitude towards his wife.

Han Wangwang thought that it made sense and didn’t say anything else.

The helper helped stuff the things into the trunk. Jiang Zhen drove himself and drove Han Wangwang to Imperial Dragon Mountain. It was already 11.30pm when they arrived at the top of the mountain. The Han Family’s food was already prepared.

Butler Cai had already seen Jiang Zhen’s car through the surveillance cameras. He hurriedly got someone to move the fireworks to the entrance of the manor. When Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang’s car arrived, they lit the fireworks.

Fireworks were banned in the city, but Imperial Dragon Mountain was not that strict.

The couple was shocked by the sound of the fireworks. Walking out of the car, Jiang Zhen stared at the fireworks in the sky and said with a smile, “This is so grand.”

Han Wangwang also felt that it was a little grand.

“You’re back?” Han Yueyun and Han Zhan stood inside the door and asked them to hurry into the house. Jiang Zhen called out to Butler Cai and said, “Butler Cai, please get two people to help me move the things in the car.”


Butler Cai called someone over and helped Jiang Zhen carry the gifts into the house.

After entering the house, Jiang Zhen got the butler to gather the helpers at home. Be it the chef, the gardener, or the nanny, they all received a big red packet.

After receiving the red packet, everyone had to say a few words of blessings. Old Master Han saw that Jiang Zhen was so good at doing things and instantly smiled. He pulled Han Dongliang’s hand and sighed. “I regret that we didn’t have a daughter then. If we had a daughter, your mother and I could also enjoy this blessing.”

Lin Jiao’e hurriedly said, “You didn’t enjoy your daughter’s blessings, it’s the same if you enjoy your granddaughter’s blessings now.”

“That’s true.”

After delivering the gifts, it was time for dinner.

During the meal, Lin Jiao’e noticed that Han Wangwang kept moving her butt, so she had an idea. After dinner, Han Zhan and the rest called Jiang Zhen to play mahjong. Lin Jiao’e said to Han Wangwang, “Wangwang, accompany me for a walk. Your little uncle’s house is very big. There’s a horse farm and an amusement park behind. I haven’t seen them yet.”


The mother-daughter duo walked out of the house and walked towards the racecourse. After walking for a while, Lin Jiao’e asked her, “Are you tired?”

Han Wangwang instinctively said, “A little.”

With that, Han Wangwang realized that she had fallen into her mother’s trap. Han Wangwang was physically strong and often practiced boxing and fighting. She had only walked a few steps. How could she be tired?

Han Wangwang looked up and glared at her mother. “Mother!” Han Wangwang stomped her feet angrily. “Mother, why are you still teasing me!”

Lin Jiao’e rolled her eyes and smiled. “Look at you. Your mother has been through this. She knows everything.”

Han Wangwang walked forward and decided to ignore her mother.

Lin Jiao’e pulled her back and asked, “Are you planning to have a child now?”

Speaking of this, Han Wangwang’s expression changed slightly. She exclaimed, “Oh no, w-we forgot…”

Lin Jiao’e gave her a tired look.

“How can you forget such a thing!”

Han Wangwang looked like she had done something wrong and promised. “I won’t forget in the future!”

When they returned at night, they passed by a pharmacy. Han Wangwang suddenly said to Jiang Zhen, “Stop the car.”

Jiang Zhen parked the car by the side of the road and asked her, “What are you doing?” Noticing that Han Wangwang was staring at the pharmacy in a daze, Jiang Zhen asked her, “What are you buying? Are you sick?”

Han Wangwang reminded him. “We didn’t take any precautions last night.”

Jiang Zhen’s gaze darkened. He looked at Han Wangwang thoughtfully and asked speculatively, “You don’t want a child?”

Han Wangwang could hear Jiang Zhen’s disappointment. She hurriedly shook her head. “No, I’m afraid that you don’t want a child for the time being.” They had never discussed when to have a child. Han Wangwang thought that they were both still young and thought that Jiang Zhen didn’t want a child.

Jiang Zhen subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought Han Wangwang didn’t want to have children with him.

Jiang Zhen stroked Han Wangwang’s head and said, “How can I not want a child? If you are willing, I want to have two children with you. Whether they are male or female, I want two.”

It was the first time Han Wangwang heard Jiang Zhen talk about children. She listened very seriously and asked Jiang Zhen, “Must it be two?”

“Mmm, I want two.” He held Han Wangwang’s warm and soft hand, his eyes filled with sadness. “Think about it. When you don’t have any money to spend, only your brother will come to eat with you. He will complain that you don’t know how to save money and silently order food for you.”

“If Jiang Bi didn’t have me as her elder brother, then if she was bullied and died unjustly, no one would avenge her.”

Jiang Zhen leaned his head against Han Wangwang’s head and sighed. “With a brother and sister, there will be a person in this world who will never abandon you and will always think of you.”

“I hope that our child will still have a family to accompany us after we die of old age.”

When Han Wangwang heard Jiang Zhen’s words, her heart was touched. She silently hugged Jiang Zhen’s shoulder and said beside his ear, “Jiang Zhen, let’s have two children. Let them grow up fighting and fooling around. Then…”

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