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Chapter 467: Untitled

Xu Yan’s words made sense. Xu Qian listened but pretended not to hear anything.

Yan Qingxiu held the sisters’ hands and walked into the wedding hall. After seeing the wedding venue’s decorations clearly, the two of them instantly widened their mouths and exclaimed in shock, “So beautiful!”

The wedding hall occupied half of the third floor of the Jetta International Hotel. The entire wedding venue was decorated in a dreamy blue color. The ceiling of the hall was hung with blue stars.

In an instant, one would mistake them for being in the galaxy. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Han Miao squeezed Han Jun’s hand and said, “Junjun, I want to get married.”

Han Jun frowned and took her elder sister’s hand away. She said coldly, “I don’t want to marry you.”

Han Miao wanted to take a look at the stage, but was stopped by the staff. “Little kid, you can’t go up the stage now. The bride will be walking the red carpet later. It won’t be good if you dirty it.”

Han Miao didn’t quite understand. She only knew that she couldn’t go up and could only give up.

The guests arrived one after another and the hall was quickly filled with people. The wedding was about to start and Han Miao and Han Jun were brought back to their room by Yan Qingxiu. He was afraid that they would not be found when the ceremony started later.

After sending off all the guests yesterday afternoon, Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e left the house and headed to Wangdong City to attend today’s wedding banquet. It was already late at night by the time they arrived and they rested for the night. They woke up before dawn this morning to prepare for the wedding banquet.

At 9.40, the staff informed the bride that she could go downstairs.

Han Wangwang was wearing a floor-length wedding gown. The wedding gown was custom-made by the L Family in Paris. It was decorated with Swarovski crystals and had three diamond-shaped blue gems at her waist. The dress weighed 87 pounds.

Han Wangwang’s collarbone was very beautiful and her breasts were relatively small. The designer had designed a U-necked wedding gown for Han Wangwang. It could perfectly reveal her beautiful collarbone and hide her not-so full breasts.

Han Wangwang’s back muscles were tight, and the hollow design added a little sexiness to her.

With the help of Song Ci and Nan Yanyan, Han Wangwang stood up successfully. The two of them put on the three-meter thin veil for Han Wangwang. Then, Song Ci took out the crown and pearl necklace from the treasure box and personally put them on for Han Wangwang.

Gazing at the elegant girl, Song Ci praised. “You’re so beautiful.”

The photographer aimed at Han Wangwang and recorded her most beautiful moment in the video. Han Wangwang turned sideways and looked at herself in the glasses. She also felt that she looked pretty good.

At this moment, the staff outside the door greeted Han Yueyun. “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, congratulations.”

Lin Jiao’e handed the red packet to the staff and said, “The wedding is beautifully decorated. Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s my duty.”

Han Yueyun stood at the door of the room and was momentarily stunned to see his daughter standing in the room in a wedding gown. Han Yueyun suddenly pressed his hand to his forehead and lowered his head to hide his reddened eyes and uncontrollable tears.

After a moment, Han Yueyun waved at Han Wangwang and said, “Come, Wangwang, Father will bring you down.”


Mai Yingge and Li Deyin hugged Han Wangwang’s wedding dress and escorted them into the lift to the wedding banquet.

Arriving at the entrance of the banquet hall, Mai Yingge and Li Deyin swiftly arranged Han Wangwang’s wedding dress and veil neatly. Song Ci called Han Miao and Han Jun over. “Come over quickly, Miaomiao, Junjun!”

The two sisters hurriedly stood behind Han Wangwang. Nan Yanyan handed the two little baskets filled with roses to the sisters and asked, “Do you still remember what to do later?”

Last night, the sisters had already rehearsed in the empty hall next door. Han Miao and Han Jun nodded. “Got it.”

Han Wangwang stood outside the door and exhaled nervously. The soundproofing of the banquet hall was very good, but the host’s voice still came from the sound system. “Let’s welcome the bride into the venue, Ms. Han Xi!”

Han Wangwang looked up and tried her best to remain calm.

The door was opened by the staff. Everyone looked out and exclaimed when they saw the bride. “So beautiful!”

Instantly, Jiang Zhen held his breath.

When Jiang Zhen saw the wedding gown effect design back then, he imagined how it would look like on Han Wangwang. He knew that it would definitely be very beautiful. But the beauty that he imagined was far less impactful than reality.

Han Wangwang held Han Yueyun’s hand and stepped onto the runway. She walked slowly and elegantly towards Jiang Zhen.

During the process, everyone’s eyes were on the bride. She had become the most beautiful princess.

The wedding went smoothly and perfectly, ending in a laughing and noisy atmosphere.

After the ceremony ended, Han Wangwang went to the lounge to take off her wedding gown, change into a toast, and went to Jiang Zhen to toast with him.

Everyone was very sensible at the banquet. Now that Jiang Zhen’s status was there, no one was foolish enough to make Jiang Zhen unhappy at the wedding.

After the toasting segment ended, Han Wangwang changed into a blue Haute Couture gown and stood at the entrance of the hotel with Jiang Zhen to send off every family and friend.

After sending off his family and friends, the wedding was finally over.

Han Wangwang was wearing high heels the entire time and was so tired that she couldn’t walk. She watched as the last guest left. She leaned her head on Jiang Zhen’s shoulder and sighed. “I’m so tired, Jiang Zhen.”

Jiang Zhen reminded her, “Shouldn’t you change your call?”

Han Wangwang pretended not to hear him.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to our room to rest. There’s still a concert tonight.” Han Wangwang still had to play discs tonight.

Han Wangwang took a step forward and her legs went limp. She nearly fell forward.

Jiang Zhen quickly grabbed her waist. Han Wangwang fell into Jiang Zhen’s arms and pressed her back against his chest.

Han Wangwang heard the man seducing her in a low voice. “Be good, Xiao Xi. Call me Hubby. I’ll carry you back to your room.”

Han Wangwang’s heel hurt especially badly. It was so painful that she didn’t want to walk. She looked at her beautiful skirt, her ears red, and her voice was as soft as a mosquito. “Hubby…”

The next moment, Han Wangwang was carried by Jiang Zhen by the waist and walked towards the lift. The hotel lobby manager and the receptionist couldn’t help covering their mouths and laughing when they saw this scene.

Han Wangwang was carried back to the room by Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen had just placed Han Wangwang on the carpet when Han Wangwang impatiently took off her high heels and said to him, “Quick, take off my clothes!”

Sensing that the person behind her was silent, Han Wangwang realized that her words were very ambiguous. She instinctively turned back to explain and was pushed to the wall by Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen’s eyes were slightly red. He pursed his lips and rubbed Han Wangwang’s ear with his fingers. He said hoarsely, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day?”

Han Wangwang’s heart raced. Her body reacted very strongly. She glanced at the bedroom inside, then poked Jiang Zhen’s chest with her index finger and reminded him, “Go to bed.”

Jiang Zhen’s eyes turned even redder. “You did it on purpose. You knew that we had to attend the concert tonight, so you purposely messed with me, right?”

Han Wangwang smiled mischievously. She stood on tiptoe and placed her feet beside Jiang Zhen’s ear. Her face was red as she said in a low voice, “You can choose not to go to the concert. Li Deyin gave me many beautiful pyjamas. They are in the wardrobe of our new house. Do you want me to wear them for you?”

Jiang Zhen’s breathing slowed.

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