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Chapter 469: The Child is a God-Given Gift, Not a Prop to Show Off

Since they had decided to have a child, Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen didn’t take any contraceptive measures. In life, Jiang Zhen’s smoking frequency was also decreasing. Every time they met someone toasted at a cocktail party, they would use the excuse of preparing for a baby to avoid it.

As the boss behind the scenes of F International and AK Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Zhen was already superior to others. In business, he no longer needed to flatter others. It was time for others to flatter him.

Han Wangwang realized that Jiang Zhen’s smoking frequency had decreased drastically. She just thought that Jiang Zhen’s smoking addiction had just lightened recently. This day, on her way home from work, she went to the flower bird market to buy seven koi and brought them home, planning to put them in the observation pool to raise.

It was said that having kois would be lucky. Han Wangwang liked this fish.

She drove back to the district and was about to enter the underground garage when she saw the security guard shouting at her from the guardroom. “Mrs. Jiang, there’s your package.”

Han Wangwang parked the car and the security guard quickly walked over with the package. The package was square and not very big. Han Wangwang alighted and took the package. She realized that the thing in the box was slightly heavy.

She glanced at the items on the delivery box. There were books written on it.

Jiang Zhen bought it?

Han Wangwang returned home and threw the koi into the pond before remembering the package.

She found a simple package and opened it, planning to send the books to Jiang Zhen’s office. After opening it, she took out the books one by one and saw that they were all parenting books.

“The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Childbirth,” “The First Pregnancy Book for Men,” “The Encyclopedia of Child Security”…

Han Wangwang held these books and was both touched and sad. Jiang Zhen must have been influenced by his father, Jiang Weimin. He wanted to work hard to be an outstanding father and was preparing to read more parenting books when he was still preparing for a child.

Han Wangwang carried these books to Jiang Zhen’s study. After Jiang Zhen returned at night, he ate and saw that the cold wind outside was as sharp as a knife, so he didn’t go for a walk with Han Wangwang.

The first floor was the living area. Beside the living room was a reading room with a fireplace. It was very suitable for the two of them to sit around the fireplace on winter nights and read.

After taking a shower, the two of them went to the reading room. Han Wangwang sat in front of the fireplace reading the new penal code, while Jiang Zhen was reading the first pregnancy book written for a man. He read it very seriously and raised his brows from time to time. Occasionally, he would smile. No one knew what interesting content he saw.

At 10pm, Jiang Zhen folded the corner of the page and placed it on the small bookshelf. He pulled Han Wangwang back to her room to make a baby.

The next morning, Han Wangwang was sleeping soundly when Jiang Zhen woke her up. Han Wangwang was slightly surprised to find that Jiang Zhen didn’t go to work. “Are you resting today?”

Jiang Zhen said, “You forgot that today is the day the Han Family Ancestral Hall invites our ancestors to the ancestral hall.” Seeing Han Wangwang’s frustrated expression, she obviously forgot about this matter. Jiang Zhen asked her, “You really forgot? Then did you take leave from the law firm?”

Han Wangwang slapped her forehead and said, “I’ll call my boss and ask for leave now.”


After Han Wangwang got married, she couldn’t hide her identity anymore. Now that she had become the most precious treasure of the law firm and she wanted to apply for leave, the boss agreed without hesitation.

Han Wangwang lifted the blanket and ran to the cloakroom. As she searched for clothes, she explained, “You know that I took a criminal case a few days ago. The case involved a minor. I was so busy that I forgot.”

Han Wangwang changed her clothes, put on makeup, and drove to Wangshan Airport with Jiang Zhen.

Han Zhan had returned to Shunchen City early yesterday. It happened to be the day of Song Ci’s solo concert at the Capital Music Hall yesterday, so she didn’t go with Han Zhan. Song Ci only returned to Wangdong City late last night. It was also tough for the children to go to Shunchen City early today.

Han Zhan took a commercial plane to Shunchen City yesterday and left the private plane to Song Ci.

This time, the three children were all brought by Song Ci. Yan Qingxiu and Han Zheng’s nanny were also there.

Seeing Jiang Zhen and his wife alighting from the ferry, Song Ci stood at the cabin door and waved at Han Wangwang. “Here!”

Han Wangwang jogged onto the plane and panted. “I’m not late, right?”

“Just a few minutes.”

The two of them hurriedly sat down and fastened their seatbelts. Song Shiqing and Xiong Jian lifted the plane safely and flew them to Shunchen City.

Han Miao was airsick. After the plane took off, she grabbed the bag and vomited for a while. After the plane stabilized, although Han Miao didn’t vomit, she still felt dizzy and stared listlessly at the back of the chair.

Yan Qingxiu took a light red candy from his backpack and fed it to Han Miao. The candy’s effects were magical and Han Miao really didn’t faint after eating it.

Jiang Zhen saw this scene and took the initiative to get up, walk to the chair in front of Yan Qingxiu, and sit down. Yan Qingxiu’s body was Dong Yang’s. Only Han Zhan, Song Ci, and Long Zhize knew that there was a man’s soul hidden in Dong Yang’s body.

Jiang Zhen considered the differences between men and women and didn’t sit beside Yan Qingxiu.

Yan Qingxiu saw Jiang Zhen sit over. He looked up at Jiang Zhen and raised his brows. “Mr. Jiang.”

Jiang Zhen stared at his backpack and asked, “Miss Dong, what did you feed Miaomiao just now?”

Yan Qingxiu guessed Jiang Zhen’s motive. He didn’t hide it and said frankly, “It’s my exclusive airsickness medicine.”

Jiang Zhen stood up, placed his hands on the back of the chair, looked at Yan Qingxiu, and asked, “Miss Dong, are you willing to sell the formula of your medicine to me?”

There were many types of motion sickness drugs in the market, but Jiang Zhen had never seen such a limited one. Seeing that Yan Qingxiu’s medicine was very effective, he wanted to buy the formula and produce it himself.

Yan Qingxiu took out a pen and paper and wrote down the detailed formula for the motion sickness drug. He held that formula and neatly reported his bank account number. Then, he said, “The patent is three million yuan. Please enter this account. Thank you.”

Jiang Zhen trusted Yan Qingxiu’s character. He said, “Alright, when we alight later, I’ll get the finance department to transfer the money to you.”

Yan Qingxiu nodded and handed the formula to Jiang Zhen.

Song Ci stared at them. Seeing that Yan Qingxiu had earned three million so easily, she was instantly filled with respect.

Yan Qingxiu was not only the children’s bodyguard, but also the chief consultant of Zeus International Aviation Research Department.

He had once lived in an interstellar era where technology was highly advanced. He had once dominated and designed a space shuttle. Using this space shuttle, he could travel to different galaxies in just a few days.

Yan Qingxiu was a true big boss.

Song Ci couldn’t help turning to look at Han Jun, who was dozing off. She thought to herself: If Yan Qingxiu is so awesome, how awesome is Junjun?)

However, thinking that no matter how awesome the child was, she was still her own child, Song Ci suddenly felt that she was very impressive.

After the plane arrived at Shunchen City, Song Shiqing and Xiong Jian went straight to the nearest hotel to rest. Long Yu brought people to fetch Song Ci and the rest and send them to the countryside.

Ever since Han Aoyu passed away, Song Ci had never come to the countryside again.

The car drove out of the city and into the suburbs.

Song Ci still remembered the first time she came to her grandfather’s house. At that time, the fields on both sides of the road were filled with rice and the rice was about to be harvested. It was golden and shiny. When she lowered the window, she could smell the fragrance of the rice.

But it was late winter in December. The wheat in the rice field had already been cut clean, leaving only a bare scarecrow.

Han Miao and Han Jun didn’t have many chances to go to the countryside. The last time they went to the countryside, they still followed Song Ci and the rest to the Cai Family Village to fish. The two sisters sat on children’s seats and looked out the window at the fields and houses. They really wanted to run two laps in the fields.

Song Ci hugged Han Zheng and saw the excited expressions of the two girls. She said, “There’s a forest over at Great-Grandfather’s hometown. There’s a big chestnut tree and many interesting places. Mommy will bring you guys to the mountain tomorrow to play.”

“Really?” Han Miao asked.

Han Jun also asked, “Will there be rabbits in the forest?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes. Do you want to raise one? If you do, I can catch one for you.”

Han Jun shook her head and said, “I want to eat.”

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched.

Long Yu was especially shocked. He said, “The rabbit is so cute. Can Junjun bear to eat it?”

Han Jun said, “It looks delicious.”

Everyone in the car stopped talking.

Today, the Han family was very lively. Everyone was gathered in the courtyard in front of the ancestral hall.

Where was this ancestral hall built, how should it be built, whether the stone lions should be placed at the door, whether they were big or small, they were all arranged according to Xu Yan’s instructions.

A long corridor was built on the lake and connected to the dam in front of the ancestral hall. The ancestral hall was built in the style of an emblem. It had gray walls and red pillars. It was tall and imposing.

The surroundings of the ancestral hall were flat with stone bricks. Four cypress trees were planted on both sides of the dam.

Today was a grand occasion for the ancestral hall of the Han Family to invite their ancestors back to the ancestral hall. The villagers nearby didn’t do farm work or hide at home to roast fire or watch television. They all ran out and stood opposite the lake to look over curiously.

They also knew now that the old man with the surname Han living on the mountain was not an ordinary wealthy man. Instead, he was the old J soldier who worked hard for the country.

She also knew that the old man’s grandson was now the richest man in Wangdong City. His family had been outstanding for generations.

Han Aoyu had escaped from Henan. He no longer had any memories of his grandfather’s ancestors. Although they said that they were inviting their ancestors to the shrine, the only ones who could really be invited back were Han Aoyu and his wife, Han Aoyu’s parents who had died decades ago, and his cousin, Han Wanglong and his wife. There was no way to find out more about the ancestors.

The ancestral ceremony was held by Xu Yan. After the ancestors were invited to the ancestral hall, all the descendants of the Han Family held incense and stood in the middle of the courtyard, bowing to the main hall of the ancestral hall.

Han Miao and Han Jun didn’t know what these people were doing, but they obediently took the incense and bowed together with the adults.

After the ancestral shrine was over, Han Zhan and Han Yueyun took the cigarettes and towels that they had prepared long ago and personally went to the house of the villagers. They delivered two packs of superior cigarettes and two towels to thank the villagers for taking in the Han family back then.

That year, when Han Aoyu and his son fled to this village to take root, they were very poor. It was the villagers who took them in. The farmers in the village even took the time to help them build a thatched house and solve their predicament of having nowhere to stay. That was a huge kindness.

His kindness was like a mountain. He must repay it and never forget it.

All these years, Han Zhan had contributed a lot to the development of his hometown. In the early years, the country had allocated funds to repair the roads for the village, but only one main road was built. Later on, Han Zhan earned money and invested a sum of money in the village to let the roads lead to various families.

Not only that, he also built primary schools and kindergarten in the village and sponsored teachers to teach the children. In addition, he also established an education fund in the village to help those children with good results attend university.

Han Aoyu was grateful to the villagers for taking him in. Han Zhan was also grateful to his grandfather for saving and raising him back then. Therefore, he also loved this hometown as much as Han Aoyu.

At night, the Han Family prepared dinner at the village restaurant and invited the villagers over for dinner.

Xu Yan and Xu Qian stood in front of the restaurant and stared at the busy chef, as well as Han Zhan and his family, who were talking to the village chief. Xu Yan sighed. “You know how to repay kindness and never forget your roots. The Han Family has been prosperous for more than a hundred years.”

Xu Qian looked at Han Zhan and said, “He has the aura of a true dragon.”

Xu Yan didn’t have his son’s powerful talent. He couldn’t see ghosts or any True Dragon aura. He said, “Son, look at Father. Is Father also surrounded by a powerful aura?”

Xu Qian looked up at the top of her father’s head. After a long while, she nodded and said, “Mmm, there’s fresh air above your head.”

Xu Yan was speechless.

Han Jun saw Xu Qian and ran to him. She looked up and asked him, “Are you hungry?”

Xu Qian was not hungry.

But Han Jun felt that Xu Qian was hungry because she was hungry.

Han Jun raised the roasted sweet potato hidden behind her back to Xu Qian. She said, “This is my sweet potato. I’ll give it to you, alright?”

Xu Qian instinctively wanted to refuse. His father coughed at the side and said to him, “The young lady from the Han Family has a kind heart. Son, aren’t you going to thank her?”

Xu Qian said, “Thank you.”

Xu Qian took the hot sweet potato and opened it from the middle. The sweet potato meat inside was red and fragrant. Han Jun instinctively swallowed.

Xu Qian noticed Han Jun’s small action. After thinking for a moment, he handed the half-eaten sweet potato in his left hand to Han Jun and said, “It’s too much. Half each.”

Han Jun immediately took the sweet potato and ate it.

“Son, play with Miss Han. I saw an acquaintance.” Xu Yan carried his sword and left.

Xu Qian looked at Han Jun and saw that the little girl was looking at her anxiously. He couldn’t say no and couldn’t bear to leave.

After thinking for a moment, he said to Han Jun, “Shall I bring you to see a duck?” They were all children. In their eyes, a duck was a duck and not a beautiful youth from a high-class place.

Han Jun followed Xu Qian obediently.

There was a small lotus pond on the cement road in front of the restaurant. The lotus leaves had dried and hung in the water. Six to seven ducks were surrounding the lotus leaves looking for worms.

Xu Qian and Han Jun stood together eating sweet potatoes. Han Jun tilted her head and looked at the sword behind Xu Qian. She asked curiously, “Did you give it a name?”

Xu Qian said, “Return to One.”

Hearing this name, Han Jun’s eyes turned dull.

Realizing that Han Jun didn’t speak, Xu Qian glanced at her curiously. When he saw Han Jun’s expression, Xu Qian’s expression changed slightly. He hurriedly patted Han Jun’s shoulder with his empty hand.

Han Jun’s eyes regained some light. She slowly rolled her eyes and turned to ask Xu Qian, “Did you hit me just now?”

Xu Qian said, “There was a mosquito on your shoulder just now.”

Han Jun nodded.

Xu Qian asked her, “Why didn’t you finish speaking just now?”

Han Jun was still young and didn’t know how to describe the feeling just now. She frowned and said, “I think I fell asleep just now.”

Xu Qian looked at her thoughtfully.

Han Miao and a few children from the village ran over. Yan Qingxiu heard that there was a fish pond in front and was worried that the children would fall into it. He chased after them like an old mother.

“Let’s go back.” Xu Qian saw that there were too many children and was afraid that they would lose their footing and fall into the pond, so she turned and left.

Once he left, Han Jun obediently followed him back.

When they returned, Xu Qian saw Xu Yan and Han Zhan standing together. He frowned slightly and walked over. He heard his father say, “Second Miss Han is the daughter-in-law our Xu family has chosen.”

Xu Qian staggered and nearly fell.

Han Zhan heard the commotion and looked down at Little Xu Qian.

He had already heard Xu Yan mention the legend of the Return to One Sword just now. Knowing that his daughter had become the Xu Family’s internally chosen daughter-in-law, Han Zhan was very displeased but didn’t show it.

He stared at the sword behind Xu Qian and reached out to him. “Little Young Master Xu, can I see the sword on your back?”

He was his future wife’s father, so he had to be obedient and sensible.

Xu Qian pondered for a moment before obediently taking down the long sword on his back and handing it to Han Zhan with both hands.

Han Zhan glanced at Xu Yan suspiciously and reached for his sword.


Han Zhan was very strong. But no matter what, he couldn’t pull out that long sword.

Han Zhan’s expression turned strange, while Xu Yan looked like he had expected it.

“Mr. Han, the Return to One Sword recognizes its master. We can’t unsheath it.”

Han Zhan refused to give up. He called Song Ci over. “Baby Ci, try and see if you can pull out this sword.”

Song Ci didn’t know what was going on. Han Zhan asked her to draw her sword, and she obediently followed.

Song Ci tried and realized that she couldn’t pull it out, so she returned the sword to Han Zhan. “I can’t. Didn’t the auction house say that ordinary people can’t pull this sword out?”

Thinking of how Han Jun easily pulled out her sword at the auction that day, Song Ci was suspicious.

Why can Junjun pull out the sword?

Song Ci called Yan Qingxiu over.

Yan Qingxiu’s eyes burned with passion the moment he saw the Return to One Sword.

He was already certain that this was the Return to One Sword!

The thought that he could touch the Return to One Sword made the blood in Yan Qingxiu’s body boil. He stared at the Return to One Sword with burning eyes and slowly reached out to touch that sword.

But at this moment, Xu Qian reached out and snatched the sword back. He stared at Yan Qingxiu with an ice-cold expression. His voice was not high, but it was very cold. “This is my sword.”

Yan Qingxiu calmed down immediately.

He exchanged glances with Xu Qian. Yan Qingxiu actually felt guilty when that fart-sized child stared at him. He said, “I’ll go look for Miaomiao.” Then, he ran away like he was fleeing for his life.

After running out of the restaurant, Yan Qingxiu walked to a big tree and kicked it hard. He scolded in a low voice, “Yan Qingxiu, oh Yan Qingxiu, what are you afraid of! Your master is the Exalt of the Snow Region who killed the Return to One Sword’s master. Why are you still afraid when you see a sword!”

After Yan Qingxiu left, Xu Yan said, “Mr. Han, I’m not lying, right? Only your daughter and my son can pull out this sword. According to the Xu family’s ancestral teachings, my son should marry your daughter.”

Xu Yan forced a faint smile and said, “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, the Xu family wants to finalize this marriage with the Han family.”

Getting married to the Xu Family was very beneficial to the Han Family, but Han Zhan and Song Ci refused. Song Ci pinched Han Zhan’s lower back. Han Zhan’s expression remained unchanged as he rejected Xu Yan gently. He said, “Mr. Xu, I am naturally willing to let her get married to the Xu Family, but…”

Han Zhan looked at his daughter in the distance. He revealed a loving gaze and sighed. “Although the child is young, she has her own views. It’s up to her to decide what kind of person she wants to marry. Whether she’s poor, rich, mediocre, or outstanding.”

“It’s a blessing from the heavens that she’s willing to come to this world to accompany us. The child is a gift from the heavens, not a tool for us to manipulate.”

“Whether my daughter Junjun and your son are fated depends on their own fate. As parents, we shouldn’t get involved.”

Han Zhan spoke in a gentle tone and even had a faint smile on his face, but everyone could hear the strength and determination in his tone.

Hearing this, Xu Yan was not angry. Instead, his impression of Han Zhan deepened.

“Mr. Han is right, but I am not.” Xu Yan felt that with a righteous father like Han Zhan, that Han Jun girl would definitely be an outstanding lady in the future.

“Forget it. The elders shouldn’t interfere in the matters of the younger generation.” Xu Yan cupped his fists and apologized to Han Zhan. “I was rude today. I hope Mr. Han won’t take it to heart.”

Han Zhan also revealed a relieved smile. “It’s okay. Mr. Xu also loves his son deeply.”

After parting ways with Han Zhan, Xu Yan said to Xu Qian, “You can woo your wife yourself in the future. I don’t care anymore.”

Xu Qian said, “It’s up to fate.”

He was still young and wasn’t very interested in this matter. It was just that the Return to One Sword happened to be opened by Han Jun. Han Jun didn’t make him hate her, so Xu Qian was willing to marry her in the future.

After dinner, the Xu father and son left.

Han Zhan and Song Ci suppressed the matter of getting married and pretended it never happened.

After staying at their hometown for an additional day, they finally set off for Wangdong City on the third day. They arrived at Wangdong City in the morning and went home for lunch. In the afternoon, Han Zhan and Li Li went to attend an international business meeting.

After the meeting ended, it was already dark. Han Zhan was about to go home when he suddenly heard Li Li say, “Beibei recently submitted an application to enroll a graduate student at the University of Freya in Southern California. She wants to study movies and television programs.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and turned to look at him.

Seeing Li Li’s dejected face and listless eyes, Han Zhan guessed a possibility and said in surprise, “You haven’t given up?”

Li Li remained silent.

Han Zhan asked again, “Do you still want to remarry her?”

Li Li looked up, his eyes slightly red. He said, “I can agree to the divorce because I made a promise with her that she can’t marry again within two years.”

Han Zhan understood what Li Li meant. “You want to remarry her? Two years is the calm period you gave each other?”

Li Li nodded.

Han Zhan asked him again, “Then what are you worried about now?”

Li Li pressed his forehead and sighed. “She will bring the child and Auntie to live in America for two years. I feel uneasy if she doesn’t live in the same city as me. Mr. Han, life is filled with variables. I am afraid.”

He admitted that he was a coward.

“I’m afraid that someone will snatch her away.”

Han Zhan stuck his tongue into his mouth and frowned. “If I knew she was so good, I should have risked everything to keep her.”

“First you want to protect your mother, and then you want to protect your third aunt. Li Li, you always put her last. What makes you think she will stand there and wait for you?” Han Zhan felt that Su Beibei had really let go of everything after deciding to get a divorce.

But Li Li still couldn’t see the reality.

How could Li Li not know that what Han Zhan said was true? He said, “But we have love and a child between us. We once loved each other so deeply. It shouldn’t be too difficult for me to woo her back.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly sneered.

Li Li didn’t understand the meaning behind Han Zhan’s sneer and asked in confusion, “Mr. Han, am I wrong?”

“Big mistake!” Han Zhan walked closer to Li Li. He lowered his head and asked Li Li, “Just because you two once had love and a child, you think it will be relatively easier to woo Su Beibei back, right?”

Li Li frowned and said in confusion, “Isn’t that so?”

“Why should I?” Han Zhan tapped Li Li’s head and said in confusion, “Li Li, you are very smart. Why are you as stupid as a pig on this matter?”

“You also said that it’s once!”

“What does’ once ‘mean? It represents the past, not the present, and definitely not the future! Su Beibei used to love you. Perhaps she still has feelings for you now, but who can guarantee where her heart will be in a year or two! Li Li, I treat you as my younger brother. I sincerely advise you not to think that you can woo her back just because you have a child between you two.”

“Those who are blindly arrogant and don’t know themselves will fall very badly!”

Han Zhan patted Li Li’s shoulders. That was all he had to say. Whether Li Li could understand or not, what he would do next was not up to Han Zhan to decide.

While Li Li still blindly believed that he could easily woo Su Beibei and remarry her, Su Beibei had already received the acceptance letter from USC.

Su Beibei studied at Nanjing University, but she didn’t majored in film. Instead, she studied business management. At that time, Su Beibei had wanted to enter a major international company and become a senior executive fighting with Mu Mian.

But she didn’t expect herself to become famous by writing novels. She didn’t expect Song Ci to look for her and change her path of revenge.

Su Beibei had written a novel and adapted the movie “Eat is a Fortune”. She had really fallen in love with the profession of screenwriter. Su Beibei had never been a person who was willing to be ordinary. After the divorce, she decided to start a career and seriously studied the profession of editor. She wanted to write more exciting and charming scripts.

Su Beibei received the notice and went home to inform Li Ao and the auntie.

Su Beibei would go overseas to further her studies this time. She would stay for one to two years. If she could finish her credits in advance, she could also graduate earlier.

They were about to set off. Su Beibei knew that Li Ao couldn’t bear to part with Li Li, so she asked him, “Neil, do you want to see your father?”

Li Ao looked up and asked Su Beibei, “Can I meet him?”

“Of course.”

Li Ao said, “Then I’ll call Father.”

Su Beibei used the landline at home to call Li Li. When the phone rang, Li Li and Bei Zhan were having dinner with a real estate partner.

Seeing that the call was from his house, Li Li excused himself and went outside to answer the call.

“Beibei?” Li Li couldn’t conceal his joy.

Su Beibei acknowledged and told him, “Neil has something to say to you.”

Li Ao held his cell phone and shouted, “Father!”

Hearing Li Ao’s voice, Li Li felt slightly disappointed.

Why did Beibei not even want to speak to me?

Li Li was very happy again and said to Li Ao, “Neil, I am resting this weekend. I will fetch you to play, alright? I will bring you to the mountain to see the stars!”

The smile on Li Ao’s face instantly disappeared.

Li Ao didn’t speak and just hung up. He glanced at Su Beibei and said in a muffled voice, “Father has to work and will only be free on Sunday.”

Usually, his father would always say that he would rest on Sunday and play with him. But every Sunday, he would suddenly work overtime and go on a work trip.

Li Ao was used to it.

Su Beibei saw her son return to his room dejectedly. She couldn’t bear it and called him again.

Coincidentally, Li Li was also calling her. Both parties bumped into each other and couldn’t get through.

Su Beibei hung up and stood by the phone for a while before receiving a call from Li Li.

Su Beibei picked up the phone and said before Li Li could leave, “We are going overseas on Saturday. Going to Los Angeles will take two years. Li Li, if you really care about Neil, take the time to spend a day with him tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Li Li’s heart suddenly felt empty and he panicked. “You were accepted?”

Su Beibei was not at all surprised that Li Li knew that she was going to Nanjia to further her studies. “Mmm, I am leaving for Los Angeles on Saturday. Li Li, are you willing to take a day off tomorrow to accompany Neil?”

Li Li was silent for a moment before asking, “Will you accompany him?”

Su Beibei didn’t answer.

Li Li said seductively, “Beibei, we don’t know when we will meet again. Before we leave, if we accompany Neil together, he’ll be even happier.”

Su Beibei said, “Alright.”

Hearing that Su Beibei had agreed, Li Li heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

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