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Chapter 466: The Wedding (2)

Uncle Zhang turned and saw the extremely satisfied smile on Han Yueyun’s face. He knew that Jiang Zhen had passed.

This kind of boy who could speak and coax people was really likable. Thinking back to when he was in a relationship with his wife and got married, when he saw his father-in-law, he blushed as if he was drunk. He stammered and didn’t even dare to speak louder. He was not as eloquent as Jiang Zhen.

Uncle Zhang removed his stool and said, “Alright, alright, let’s go in!”

Jiang Zhen rushed in with the groomsmen. When he brushed past Han Yueyun, he stopped and praised Han Yueyun in all seriousness. “Father, your hair today is so energetic!”

How could it not be energetic? Han Yueyun had specially grabbed it with hair gel when he woke up in the morning. He had meticulously groomed it with a comb.

Han Yueyun curled his lips and said, “You haven’t even served tea and you’ve already changed your calls.”

Today was a joyous day in his life. Even someone as cold as Jiang Zhen couldn’t hide his smile. He pointed upstairs and said frankly, “I will serve tea to you two elderly with Wangwang later!” With that, Jiang Zhen ran upstairs with the groomsmen to fetch the bride.

Han Yueyun muttered, “The two elderly?” He couldn’t help touching his hair and said indignantly, “How am I old!”

Jiang Zhen and the rest arrived outside the bride’s door. He placed his hand on the doorknob and twisted it. Realizing that he couldn’t twist it, he guessed that it was locked inside. He knocked on the door and said to the person inside, “Wangwang, I’m here.”

The bridesmaid that Han Wangwang invited was her high school classmate called Li Deyin. Li Deyin was wearing a light blue gown and a woolen coat. She stood behind the door and said to Jiang Zhen, “Groom, you know the rules!”

Jiang Zhen didn’t hesitate. He bent over and stuffed a check into the light under the door.

Li Deyin picked up the 99,000 yuan cheque and was shocked. She was too embarrassed to continue teasing Jiang Zhen. She opened the door and said to Jiang Zhen with a red face, “Rich big boss, just enter.”

There was nothing that money couldn’t solve. If there was, it was because you didn’t spend enough money.

Jiang Zhen strode into the room and saw that Han Wangwang was wearing a dragon and phoenix dress with gold and silver embroidery all over it. There was almost no red bottom to be seen. She was really a king in a dress.

The second week after the wedding date was confirmed, Lin Jiao’e invited the most famous dressmaker in the country to customize this dress for Han Wangwang. Every stitch and thread of the dress was handmade. Not only was it a wedding dress, it was also a work of art.

At this moment, Han Wangwang was sitting at the end of the bed. A translucent red veil covered her face. From head to toe, only a pair of slender wrists were exposed outside her outerwear. Her carefully maintained fingers were slender like onions. Her fingertips were neatly trimmed and covered in a faint cherry red.

When Jiang Zhen saw Han Wangwang, he instantly thought that he had transmigrated to ancient times and saw the daughter of nobility. He couldn’t help being slightly stunned.

Han Wangwang sensed Jiang Zhen’s gaze. She turned slightly and stared at Jiang Zhen through the translucent red veil.

Jiang Zhen was wearing a custom-made suit. Han Wangwang couldn’t tell the color, but the cut suited Jiang Zhen’s figure very well.

Jiang Zhen had been working out for the past six months and had become much stronger. He was no longer as frail as when he was Jiang Bi.

Jiang Zhen was holding a red circular Su-embroidered fan. There were no fancy flowers or gold accessories on it. There was only a pair of mandarin duck embroidery with the word “happiness”.

This was something Lin Jiao’e had asked someone to bring to Jiang Zhen in advance. She told him not to hold flowers on the day of the wedding and to bring this fan to welcome the bride.

At that time, Jiang Zhen guessed that Han Wangwang’s wedding gown was Chinese-style.

Jiang Zhen took the fan and knelt down on one knee in front of Han Wangwang. He handed the fan to Han Wangwang and said, “Wangwang, I’m here to marry you.”

Han Wangwang took the fan and heard Jiang Zhen ask, “Can I lift your red veil?”

Han Wangwang patted his hand with her fan. “Don’t mess around. My mother said that you can’t remove this red hood until you get out of the house and into the car.”

Jiang Zhen pursed his lips and smiled. “Alright, I won’t lift it first.” He said, “Let’s go. We still have to serve tea to Father and Mother.”

Han Wangwang shook her slender legs and reminded Jiang Zhen, “Jiang Zhen, I’m not wearing shoes.”

Jiang Zhen hurriedly asked, “Where is it? I will put it on for you.”

At this moment, Li Deyin, the bridesmaid, said, “It’s hidden. Groom, you must find shoes and personally put them on for the bride before carrying her downstairs!”

Jiang Zhen had seen many wedding videos and knew that there was such a segment. He was too happy to see Han Wangwang just now and forgot about it.

“Alright, I’ll look for it!”

Jiang Zhen got up and went straight to the bridesmaid. He ignored the bridesmaid’s resistance and opened the backpack on the back of the bridesmaid, but he didn’t find any shoes.

The bridesmaid hugged her bag and smiled smugly. “I won’t hide my shoes in such an easy place.” With that, the bridesmaid smiled as if she was watching a good show.

Jiang Zhen rummaged through the room but still couldn’t find any shoes.

Jiang Zhen was slightly anxious. He looked at Han Wangwang, wanting her to give him a hint, but Han Wangwang was wearing a red veil and looking down at the fan in her hand. She didn’t receive Jiang Zhen’s hint at all.

The bridesmaid reminded Jiang Zhen, “Hurry up. You still have to make tea for Uncle and Auntie. If you delay any longer, it will be noon.”

The custom in Shunchen City was that the groom’s wedding couldn’t exceed 12pm that day. It wouldn’t be good if it exceeded that.

Jiang Zhen glanced at his watch and saw that it was almost 11pm. He was also slightly anxious.

The company’s vice-president, the young genius in research and development of Ghost Technology, Mai Kun, was one of Jiang Zhen’s best men. Seeing that Jiang Zhen couldn’t find his shoes for a long time, he also felt anxious.

Mai Kun stared around the room and suddenly pointed at the chandelier in the room. “Boss, look above your head…”

Jiang Zhen looked up at the chandelier and realized that there was a pair of silver high heels hidden on it. Jiang Zhen held his forehead and asked the bridesmaid, “Who hid it up there?” He was too professional.

The bridesmaid suppressed her laughter and said, “It’s CEO Han.”

That was Han Zhan.

Jiang Zhen didn’t say anything and quickly instructed Mai Kun, “Mai Kun, find me a ladder!”

Mai Kun went downstairs to look around but couldn’t find it.

Noticing that the five high stools that had blocked the door were still in the courtyard, Mai Kun hurriedly called the black beauty, Mai Yingge, who was watching from afar. “Yingge, help me move two stools up.”

According to the customs in Wangdong City, when welcoming the bride, the groom had to bring two unmarried women to the bride’s family to welcome the bride. They were in charge of supporting the bride and opening the door for her.

Jiang Zhen didn’t have a sister, so he gave this chance to welcome the bride to Mai Yingge and one of his female assistants.

Without a word, Mai Yingge carried the stool and ran upstairs, afraid that she would delay Boss’s marriage. Mai Kun also carried the two stools and followed behind Mai Yingge.

The four high stools were stacked together and were barely high enough. Jiang Zhen supported Mai Kun’s shoulder and stepped on the stool. He tiptoed and successfully took off the high heels on the chandelier.

“I have to admit that these shoes are hidden,” Jiang Zhen complained before kneeling down to put them on for Han Wangwang.

After some work, Jiang Zhen finally successfully carried Han Wangwang, the bride, and brought her downstairs.

In the main hall on the first floor, Han Yueyun and his wife, Lin Jiao’e, were sitting on both sides of a table. They were chatting with the guests.

Old Master Han Dongliang and the old lady sat beside Han Yueyun’s right hand. The meticulously dressed Han Junjun stood obediently behind his grandparents.

Old Madam Han was slightly senile. She tidied up the bouquet on her chest and smiled at her relatives who were watching the commotion. “Today is my son Yueyun’s wedding day! My son is marrying the daughter of the Lin family called Lin Jiao’e. I’ve seen that lady before. She’s good-looking and virtuous…”

Han Dongliang and Han Yueyun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they heard this. Han Yueyun said to his mother, “Mother, you’re talking about more than 20 years ago. Today isn’t our son’s wedding, but your granddaughter’s!”

Grandma Han shut her mouth and was silent for a moment. She tilted her head and stared at Han Yueyun. “Yueyun, you have a daughter?”

Han Yueyun wanted to shut down.

Han Junjun hurriedly handed a cup of hot tea to Grandma. “Grandma, today is a happy day. You must be thirsty from talking. Come, have some hot tea to moisten your lungs.”

Grandma Han looked at Han Junjun and her eyes lit up. She didn’t take the tea but grabbed Han Junjun’s left hand and looked at him with a burning gaze, as if she was looking at a piece of superior pork belly.

Han Junjun felt goosebumps all over.

Grandma asked him, “Young man, which family are you from? How old are you this year? Have you gotten a wife? What kind of lady do you like? Tell me, I will help you find a beautiful wife.”

Han Junjun hurriedly looked at his grandfather for help. Han Dongliang held his forehead and said to his wife, “Old woman, this is your grandson, Junjun. Han Che! Look carefully!”

Hearing this, Grandma Han stopped looking at Han Junjun. Instead, she turned and stared at Han Dongliang with a very unfamiliar gaze.

Han Dongliang felt a bad omen. Indeed, in the next second, he heard the old woman say, “Where did the old man come from? My husband is very handsome. Look at you, you’re so ugly and you still have the cheek to pretend to be my man!”

Han Dongliang was speechless.

Han Junjun couldn’t help laughing gloatingly.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sat opposite Han Dongliang and his wife. The couple overheard their uncle and aunt’s conversation and felt both amused and sad.

Aunt’s dementia was getting worse.

At this moment, someone shouted, “The bride and groom are coming down!”

Hearing this, Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e instinctively tidied their respective clothes and tidied their hair.

There were two photographers at the wedding. One was taking photos of the bride and groom, while the other was taking photos of their relatives and elders. Noticing Han Yueyun and his wife’s actions, the photographer silently took photos of his nervous parents.

Soon, Jiang Zhen carried Han Wangwang downstairs.

Han Wangwang was placed in front of Han Yueyun and his wife by Jiang Zhen. He also turned around and faced Han Yueyun and his wife.

Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e sized up the couple standing side by side in front of them. They couldn’t help sighing. How did time pass so quickly?

In the blink of an eye, that little girl who walked unsteadily back then is getting married?

“Han Che, serve the tea!” Someone reminded Han Junjun.

Han Junjun retracted his gaze toward his elder sister. He hurriedly picked up the tea that he had prepared in advance and handed it to Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang respectively.

“Elder Sister, Brother-in-law, it’s time to serve tea!”

Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang caught the teacup with both hands and slowly knelt down.

Han Wangwang stared at her parents through the red veil. She thought of the carefree years around her parents and felt very upset. She felt sad and reluctant.

“Father… Mother! Please have some tea!” Han Wangwang called out ‘Father’ and broke down. She instantly sobbed.

It was a happy thing to get married. They had a good family background and could come home anytime after marriage. But at this moment, facing separation, Han Wangwang couldn’t help crying.

Originally, Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e had been holding back their emotions and didn’t dare to cry, afraid of disturbing the liveliness and beauty of this moment. But after hearing Han Wangwang’s sobbing, Lin Jiao’e looked at her slender daughter and instantly cried.

Even Han Yueyun, who wouldn’t easily reveal his emotions, had reddened eyes.

At the side, Grandpa, Song Ci, and the rest felt terrible. They all lowered their heads to wipe their tears. Only the dazed Grandma Han said with a smile, “This groom is good-looking, as handsome as my man.”

Hearing his wife’s words, Han Dongliang’s sad mood instantly improved. He asked her, “I was very handsome when I was young?”

Grandma Han turned to look at Han Dongliang, pursed her lips, and said disdainfully, “You’re not as good-looking as my husband, not even one of his toes.”

Han Dongliang had mixed feelings.

Some of the relatives who were watching the tea ceremony instantly laughed when they heard the content of the Old Master and Old Madam’s bickering. Lin Jiao’e and Han Yueyun also laughed.

Seeing his in-laws smile, Jiang Zhen offered the teacup with both hands and said respectfully and humbly, “Father, Mother, please have some tea.”

Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e both wiped their eyes and suppressed their tears. Only then did they reach out to take the tea. After drinking the tea, the couple took out the red packet that they had already prepared and handed it to Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang. They said, “I hope your marriage is beautiful and smooth.”

“Thank you, Father, Mother.”

After the tea ceremony, Jiang Zhen could bring Han Wangwang away.

Han Wangwang wore a red veil and walked out of the Han residence hand in hand with Mai Yingge and Jiang Zhen’s female assistant.

Standing at the main entrance, Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen heard the head steward, the emcee, shout, “Today, all family and friends are sitting together to celebrate the Han family’s delicate daughter’s wedding! The bride and groom, turn back and kowtow!”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen stopped in their tracks at the same time. They turned around and faced the Han Family’s main door.

The emcee shouted, “One kowtow! Thank your parents for giving birth and raising you!”

The two of them bent down and kowtowed deeply. They straightened up at the same frequency and heard the emcee shout again, “Second kowtow, thank you for your grandparents’ company!”

The couple kowtowed again.

“Three kowtows! Thank you, friends and relatives, for helping me!”

This time, the couple bowed to the courtyard filled with family and friends.

After paying their respects, they heard the emcee shout, “The ceremony is complete!” At this moment, electronic cannons sounded outside the house. The emcee shouted loudly, “The groom is fetching the bride!”

Hearing this, it meant that the groom could bring the bride away.

Jiang Zhen walked in front while Mai Yingge and the female assistant supported Han Wangwang behind. They walked across the courtyard and arrived at the entrance. At this moment, Han Junjun hurriedly walked up to Han Wangwang and bent down.

He lowered his head and said, “Elder Sister, no matter where you marry, you will always be my elder sister. Our family will always be here and will always be your safe haven!”

Han Wangwang’s eyes reddened again.

Han Wangwang laid on Han Junjun’s back. Han Junjun carried her on his back and steadily stepped out of the Han Family’s courtyard with his right foot. At this moment, the emcee stood at the door and shouted, “The Han Family’s delicate daughter, Han Xi, is getting married! I wish the bride and groom a harmonious marriage in the future, with children and grandchildren, a smooth career, and peace!”

The neighbors who were standing outside the door watching the commotion said their blessings as they watched Han Junjun send Han Wangwang into a black car.

The car was temporarily not going to start. Han Yueyun’s subordinate, Uncle Zhang, still had to check the dowry with the butler Jiang Zhen brought. After confirming that the quantity was correct, they could set off.

Han Wangwang sat in the car wiping her tears. After more than 10 minutes, Jiang Zhen returned to the car. Seeing that Han Wangwang was wiping her tears, he grabbed her hand and asked her, “Are you still crying?”

Han Wangwang grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand and said, “In the past, I boasted that I would never cry when I got married in the future and would be happy. Now, I’m crying like a dog.”

Jiang Zhen said, “Mmm, Wangwang dog.”

Han Wangwang immediately warned Jiang Zhen. “I’m warning you. Don’t call me Wangwang dog!”

Jiang Zhen pinched Han Wangwang’s slightly cold fingers and shouted softly, “Xiao Xi.”

Han Wangwang’s ears turned red. She muttered softly, “What did you call me?”

Jiang Zhen repeated, “Xiao Xi.”

Han Wangwang lowered her head.

Jiang Zhen guessed that Han Wangwang was also hungry. He took out the western toast that he had prepared in the car and handed it to Han Wangwang to eat. Seeing that the red veil was in the way, he asked, “Can’t you take off this veil?”

Han Wangwang nodded and said, “You can remove it, but you have to remove it for me personally.”

Jiang Zhen reached out to take off the hood. Thinking that there was still a light bulb like the driver in the car, he stopped again. There was a partition between the back of the Maybach car and the driver’s seat. Jiang Zhen raised the partition up and personally lifted Han Wangwang’s red hood.

Under the red veil, Han Wangwang had cried before. Her eye makeup was slightly smudged, but it didn’t affect her beauty. Han Wangwang was slightly embarrassed. She smiled shyly and asked Jiang Zhen, “Did my makeup get smudged from crying?”

Jiang Zhen said, “It’s okay. I’ve seen your eyes fill with shit.”

In front, the driver wanted to laugh when he heard this, but he didn’t dare to. He kept holding it in.

In the early years, Jiang Zhen had disguised himself as Jiang Bi and often slept in the same bed as Han Wangwang. They were both girls and Han Wangwang was very casual towards Jiang Zhen. Sometimes, when she woke up in the morning, she would not mind if there was eye shit on her eyes.

Han Wangwang thought of those dark histories and instantly felt ashamed. She picked up a piece of toast and blocked Jiang Zhen’s mouth. She said, “Shut up if you don’t know how to speak.”

Jiang Zhen chewed on his toast and boasted shamelessly. “As long as you know how to kiss, it’s good enough.”

Han Wangwang:!

She tilted her head to size up Jiang Zhen.

Isn’t this person usually quite cold? Why is he so flirtatious today?

Big boss, you broke your character setting!

Han Wangwang asked Jiang Zhen, “Why did you speak so…” She thought for a moment and added softly,”Romantic. ”

Jiang Zhen explained without blushing or skipping a beat, “You are my wife. We registered our marriage last month. I have to show my true colors.” This was a hopeless situation. Now that he had her, he was not afraid that she would run away, so he ran further and further down the path of ruining his image.

Han Wangwang was convinced by Jiang Zhen’s answer. She asked faintly, “Is it too late to return the goods now?”

Jiang Zhen’s eyes suddenly turned sharp. “What did you say?”

Han Wangwang smiled at him with the bottle and said gently, “I said you are so sweet, just like this toast.” She bit off half of the toast and said, “I want to swallow you in one bite.”

Jiang Zhen thought Han Wangwang was talking dirty.

But Han Wangwang had never been a good girl. In the past, when she treated him as Jiang Bi, Han Wangwang often pulled him to talk about forbidden topics. After knowing that he was a man, Han Wangwang felt embarrassed and restrained herself.

Jiang Zhen stared at Han Wangwang’s bulging cheeks as she chewed her food. He felt that he couldn’t be bullied by Han Wangwang. He touched his tie and looked at Han Wangwang. He said, “I hope you can swallow it in one bite.”

This swallowing was a verb. Han Wangwang imagined some scenes and looked down at the food in her hand. She couldn’t even swallow the squarish toast in her hand, let alone…

Han Wangwang’s ears turned red. She pretended to look out of the car to distract her.

Han Yueyun’s status was special. It was easy to splurge when marrying a daughter. This time, Jiang Zhen drove 12 cars to welcome the bride. Apart from the wedding car being a black Maybach, the other cars were all Audi.

When they returned, the car was filled with the escort team sent by the Han Family. Among them were Han Zhan’s family and some of Han Yueyun’s subordinates.

But behind the convoy were two big trucks. They were filled with dowry prepared by the Han family for Han Wangwang. There were appliances, accessories, and beds.

The distance between Shunchen City and Wangdong City was rather far. It would take 12 hours to drive there by the expressway. Song Ci had tried it herself three years ago. Therefore, Jiang Zhen decided to let the guest take a plane to Wangdong City and let the driver drive back by the expressway.

Jiang Zhen booked the plane and brought everyone back to Wangdong City.

Returning to Wangdong City and staying at the hotel, it was already 5pm in the evening. There was a banquet at night. Han Zhan and the rest sat in the seats of their families representing their families. Han Wangwang stayed in the hotel room. She could only appear at the wedding tomorrow.

Song Ci knew that Han Wangwang was bored. After dinner, she brought Song Fei, Nan Yanyan, and Mai Yingge to Han Wangwang’s room to play cards.

Han Wangwang had already taken off her skirt, changed into a sweater, a woolen skirt, and a pair of furry slippers. She opened the door and saw that Song Ci had brought Mai Yingge over. She asked Mai Yingge curiously, “Yingge, do you know how to play cards?”

Mai Yingge said, “Fight the Landlord, Bullfighting, Golden Flower, mahjong, bridge cards, I know all of them.” All the poker cards in the world looked the same and were much easier to recognize than Chinese characters.

Han Wangwang was very impressed. “Impressive.”

The five women sat on the ground on the carpet. After playing a few rounds, they realized that Han Wangwang and Song Fei, these two grandsons, actually knew how to calculate cards. The other three idiots instantly felt that playing cards was boring.

“No more!” Song Ci went back on her words and threw the poker cards away. “Let’s have a chat and watch a movie. Playing cards is so boring.”

Song Fei exposed Song Ci’s lie. “If you can’t afford to lose, just say it.”

Song Ci smiled in disdain. She said, “I am the lady boss of Zeus Corporation. How can I not have money?” Song Ci took out all sorts of diamond cards from her bag and waved them in front of everyone. “See? I am not short of money.”

Song Fei provoked her. “Then continue!”

Song Ci silently kept the card and muttered. “That won’t do. It’s not easy for my Han Zhan to earn money. I can’t squander it like this.”

“Look at you!”

Han Wangwang opened the movie and washed the fruits before bringing them over. The few of them ate fruits and chatted as they watched the movie.

In the beginning, they were still talking about the cosmetics, bags, shoes, clothes, and celebrities that women loved. But for some reason, they started talking about the things between men and women.

Han Wangwang asked Nan Yanyan, “Auntie Yanyan, are you and Uncle Aaron harmonious at night? Uncle Aaron looks rather indecent. Is he especially playful?”

Nan Yanyan chewed her chewing gum and smiled cunningly. She kicked this question back at Han Wangwang like a rubber ball. “What about you? Wasn’t Jiang Zhen a female in the past? He suddenly turned into a male. Are you guys harmonious?”

Three pairs of eyes were staring at Han Wangwang, especially Mai Yingge. She was especially curious.

Han Wangwang blushed and said hesitantly, “Not yet.”


Not yet?” Song Ci blinked and asked Han Wangwang in disbelief, “You’ve been together for so many years, but you haven’t?”

Han Wangwang nodded. “Mmm, he said he wants to leave it for tomorrow night.”

Everyone gasped.

Then, they heard Nan Yanyan say coldly, “Damn, I’ve only known Aaron for a few months and we’ve already had sex. Looking at it this way, I’m too unrestrained.”

Song Ci remained silent.

She was too ashamed to speak.

The speed at which she slept with Han Zhan was really fast.

Compared to Nan Yanyan and Han Wangwang, Song Ci suddenly felt that she was a shameless slut.

Song Fei was even quieter than Song Ci.

She had taken the initiative to propose to Yan Jiang and even liked exciting games. No one could believe that the seemingly cold Song Fei actually had such a strange fetish.

Song Fei sized up the four women in front of her without batting an eyelid. She suddenly felt that her soul was dirty and didn’t deserve to be friends with them.

Everyone had mixed feelings and stopped talking.

The few women played around until 11pm before returning to the house to sleep. Song Ci returned to the room and realized that Han Zhan was already asleep. She reached out and kicked Han Zhan’s calf.

Han Zhan was woken up by the kick. He pulled her to the bed, turned over, hugged her waist, and said amusedly, “You still know to come back. I thought the few of you were going to sleep in Wangwang House for the night.”

Song Ci asked him, “When did the children sleep?”

“They fell asleep at almost 10am and watched two episodes of Peppa Pig,” Han Zhan said. “When I was sleeping, I even dreamed that I was the Pig Father and you were the Pig Mother.”

Song Ci leaned over and kissed Han Zhan’s cheek before saying, “Goodnight, Father Pig.”

Han Zhan had nothing to say to that.

The wedding ceremony was going to be held at 10pm. Han Wangwang was already prepared before 8pm. Song Ci prepared some desserts for her and carefully cut them into small pieces so that they wouldn’t dirty Han Wangwang’s lipstick.

Han Miao and Han Jun were the flower girls at the wedding today. Li Ao had gone on a trip with Su Beibei some time ago and didn’t find a suitable boy. In the end, Han Wangwang decided to let Han Jun act as a boy.

Today, Han Jun was wearing a custom-made black suit. Her shoulder-length hair was hidden by a black hat and she looked rather handsome. Han Miao was wearing a flesh-colored sweater and a white tutu skirt. She looked much thinner and cute like this.

The sisters played in Han Wangwang’s room and crawled around her bed. When they were tired, they asked Han Wangwang for red packets.

Han Wangwang gave them a few red packets. The two little guys received their wallets and couldn’t wait to go downstairs to buy things. Helpless, Yan Qingxiu could only bring Han Jun and Han Miao to the supermarket opposite the hotel to buy lollipops.

When they returned, the three of them met Xu Yan and his son in the lift.

The father and son were both carrying swords, but one was a peach wood sword and the other was the Return to One Sword. They were also here to attend Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang’s wedding.

Xu Yan usually didn’t attend banquets easily, but last time, Jiang Zhen gave him a lot of money and Xu Yan wanted to collaborate with Jiang Zhen for a long time so that he could introduce more business. Only then did Xu Zun come to attend his wedding.

Han Jun was holding a foot-shaped lollipop in her hand. She was about to open it and eat it when she saw Xu Qian. She instinctively stopped opening the lollipop.

Yan Qingxiu led them into the lift. He saw the Return to One Sword on Xu Qian’s back and narrowed his eyes. He stared at Xu Qian’s side profile, wanting to calculate this person’s fate, but realized that this person had no life to calculate.


Xu Qian looked at Han Jun’s suit in surprise and wondered why she was wearing it like this. Beside her, Han Miao stuck out her little tongue to lick the lollipop. After hesitating for a moment, Han Jun silently raised the grape-flavored lollipop and gave it to Xu Qian.

Xu Qian stared at the lollipop and heard Han Jun say, “This is sweet and sour. For you.”

Xu Qian remained silent, but Xu Yan looked down in surprise.

He asked Xu Qian, “Do you know her?”

Xu Qian blinked and introduced. “This is the second daughter of the Han Family, Han Jun.”

Xu Yan asked, “This girl who gave you a lollipop?”

Xu Qian nodded.

Xu Yan sized Han Jun up a few times and felt that this girl would definitely be a beauty when she grew up. He gave his son a quick-witted look and said, “Take it!”

Xu Qian shook her head. “No.”

Han Jun asked, “Why? I didn’t eat it. It’s very clean.”

Xu Qian’s expression was very serious. He said, “Little children only eat lollipops. I’ve already grown up. I won’t eat this. Eat it yourself.”

Hearing this, Han Jun stuffed the lollipop into her mouth.

After walking out of the lift, Yan Qingxiu walked in front with the children. Xu Yan and Xu Qian were a few steps behind.

Xu Yan suddenly laughed. Xu Qian heard it and was slightly puzzled. He looked up and asked his father, “Father, why are you laughing?”

Xu Qian had a faint smile on his face. He said, “I remember that you like grape-flavored snacks the most. You only ordered a box of grape-flavored soft candy a few days ago. It should have reached Kunlun today. Why are you lying? Just admit that you want that little girl to keep it for herself.”

“Do you think you are hypocritical?”

Xu Qian stopped in his tracks and looked up. “Father said to dote on my wife.”

Xu Yan was stunned. After understanding Xu Qian’s underlying meaning, he couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing. “So you started to dote on her as your wife?”

Xu Qian corrected Xu Yan. “Future wife.”

Xu Yan was amused and asked him, “Do you know what a wife is?”

Xu Qian said seriously, “I don’t know, but I will learn. I learn everything quickly.”

Xu Yan revealed a pained expression and muttered, “How to be a qualified husband is the most profound knowledge in this world. It’s even more difficult than our cultivation. Because women’s hearts are like needles at the bottom of the sea. You can never satisfy them.”

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