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Chapter 465: Wangwang and Jiang Zhen’s Wedding (1)

In the end, that sword was handed to Xu Qian for 4 million yuan, but Xu Qian couldn’t take that sword for the time being. He had to wait until the auction ended before going backstage to swipe his card to retrieve it.

There was another treasure to be auctioned. It was a ring. It was said to be the ring worn by the founding emperor of the Luo Dynasty, Dugu Yu, 900 years ago.

More than 60 years ago, archaeologists discovered the Imperial Mausoleum of the Dugu Empire. However, they discovered that it had long been looted and that there were few treasures left.

And this ring was taken from Dugu Yu’s coffin by a grave robber.

A burial item worn by an emperor was ridiculously expensive. Everyone scrambled to raise their cards, as if they could be called kings if they could win that item.

Song Ci tilted her head and whispered to Han Zhan, “This is your ancestor’s item. Aren’t you going to take it?”

Han Zhan shook his head, his eyes calm. “They are just worldly possessions. Let them be.”

In the end, that ring was bought by an invisible tycoon for 30 million yuan. This thing was commissioned by a tomb raider to auction off at the Tyrone Auction House. The Tyrone Auction House only took a small portion of the money.

After the auction ended, Song Ci sighed. “No wonder they said that the Dongfang Family is rich. This money comes faster than the wind.”

Han Zhan shook his head and chuckled. He got up and said, “Let’s go and get something.”

The family of four sat downstairs for a while before going up to the third floor to collect their auction items. The third floor was designed very discreetly. The trading area was designed into countless small cubicles. Every cubicle had a direct lift to the underground garage and was even accompanied by two professional bodyguards to escort the customers.

This was to prevent the buyer from losing anything in the auction house. But other than this auction house, whether the items were kept or slipped away had nothing to do with the Tyrone Auction.

Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived at the third floor and logged in. Under the lead of the waiter, they walked around a winding corridor and stopped at the door of cubicle 12.

“Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, your treasure is inside.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci entered the house and swiped their cards. Only then did they take the brooch, pearl necklace, and a cold weapon that Han Zhan had auctioned.

They didn’t take any expensive items. Thinking that Yan Qingxiu was still on the first floor, they didn’t take the lift straight to the garage. The family of four walked out of the cubicle and coincidentally met the people from the Kunlun Xu Family.

Xu Qian had already obtained that black sword. That sword was very long, about the height of his chin. His small body held that sword rather strangely.

Xu Qian saw Han Zhan and his family and took the initiative to stop. He cupped his fists and thanked them again. “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, I’ve let you guys cut off your love.”

Han Zhan hugged Han Jun and stared at the sword in Xu Qian’s arms. He took out his attitude towards his peers and said to Xu Qian, “Actually, we’re not interested in this sword. My daughter took a fancy to it at first glance. My daughter seldom encounters anything she likes. It’s rare for her to take a fancy to it, so we bid for it.”

“But I think that this sword will definitely be more suitable to follow Young Master Xu than our Junjun.” Xu Qian was from the Kunlun Xu Family. At a young age, he had followed his father out to play devil and ghost. He just happened to need a sword.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Xu Qian glanced at the little girl in his arms. Han Jun looked at Xu Qian’s sword eagerly. She really liked that sword and couldn’t bear to let Xu Qian take it away just like that.

She didn’t know what it meant to be presumptuous. She just said what she was thinking. “I want to touch it.” Han Jun thought that she was satisfied to be able to touch it.

Han Zhan immediately said coldly, half warning and half reminding, “Junjun, don’t be rude.”

Han Jun didn’t know how she was rude, but she still shut her mouth, retracted her hand, and hugged Han Zhan’s neck.

Xu Qian pondered for a moment, but raised his right hand and handed the sword to Han Zhan. He said, “I’ll let you touch it.”

Han Jun immediately promised Han Zhan and slid down from his arms.

She was not even as tall as that sword. She carefully hugged it and realized that the scabbard was very cold. She shivered, but couldn’t bear to let go.

Xu Qian told her, “This sword is very cold.”

It was like he had just taken it out of the refrigerator.

Han Jun blinked and grabbed the sword hilt with her small hand. She asked Xu Qian, “Can I look inside?” She wanted to see the sword body inside.

Xu Qian frowned. “You can’t. This sword can’t be used at all…”

Before Xu Qian could finish speaking, he saw Han Jun grabbing the hilt of the sword. She gritted her teeth and exerted all her strength to pull it upwards. Instantly, a blood-red light flashed and a demonic black iron sword that was like blood flew out of the sheath!

Xu Qian’s pupils constricted.

Behind her, Han Zhan and Song Ci also looked at Han Jun in surprise.

Han Jun was weak and didn’t have much strength. She let go of the sword and it instantly hit the ground, about to hit Han Jun’s feet.

Xu Qian suddenly reached out his hands to catch the sword.

He hugged that sword and looked at Han Jun with a rather complicated expression.

Han Jun was puzzled by Xu Qian.

Xu Qian hugged the sword vertically in his arms and stared at Han Jun’s small face for a moment. He suddenly asked her, “What’s your name?”

Han Jun said, “Junjun.”

Han Zhan told Xu Qian, “She is my second daughter. Her name is Han Jun.”

Xu Qian took a deep look at Han Jun before nodding at Han Zhan and the rest. “Mr. Han, I’ll take my leave first.” Xu Qian hugged his sword and was about to leave when Han Zhan said to his back view, “Send my regards to your father. The family ancestral hall has already been built. I wanted to invite your father to attend, but your father is busy so I won’t disturb him.”

Xu Qian stopped in his tracks, turned slightly, and asked, “When will you open the ancestral hall?”

Han Zhan replied, “12th December.”

“I will tell Father.”

Xu Qian left with his servants. Song Ci stared in the direction they left and said to Han Zhan, “How old is this little guy? Why does he speak like an adult? Interesting.”

Han Zhan said, “Don’t treat him like a child. This child is not ordinary.”

Song Ci naturally knew that Xu Qian was extraordinary. She just felt that an eight-year-old child was too mature and less childish and not adorable.

“Let’s go back and rest early. Wangwang’s wedding is imminent. I have to ask the warehouse manager tomorrow if we have gathered all the dowry we prepared for her.”

Han Wangwang had always been the little princess of the Han Family and a proud daughter of heaven. Only after Han Miao and Han Jun were born did the situation change.

Although Han Zhan was only Han Wangwang’s little uncle, he was no different from his biological uncle. Since Han Wangwang was getting married, Han Zhan, as her uncle, naturally had to show his gratitude. The couple thought about it and decided to prepare a dowry for Han Wangwang.

“Alright, go back.”

On the other side, Xu Qian carried the Return to One Sword into the car. The bodyguard kept glancing at him as if he had something to say. However, he knew that the young master was not a person who liked to speak. Seeing that he was also slightly sleepy, he endured it all the way.

Returning to the hotel, Xu Qian walked into the room and saw his father, Xu Yan. Usually, when he went out to take on work, Xu Yan would always wear Mount Cotton and carry a peach wood sword. That way, he looked like a skilled master.

But at this moment, there were no outsiders in the hotel, so Xu Yan regained his usual character. He was wearing boxers and a bathrobe. The hotel had a heater, so he didn’t wear the belt of his bathrobe. He just sat on the carpet at the end of the bed with his arms wide open and watched television.

Hearing Xu Qian enter the house, Xu Yan asked without looking up, “Did you buy the item?”

Xu Qian acknowledged and took off his thick jacket. Wearing a knitted sweater, he walked to the side of the table and took a sip of hot tea. He put down the teacup and turned to look at the television. Seeing that his father was watching “E.T.” again, he couldn’t help saying, “Aliens don’t look like this.”

Xu Yan rolled his eyes and asked his son, “You’ve seen aliens? Tell me, what do aliens look like?”

Xu Qian remained silent.

Xu Yan added. “Father loved watching films when I was young, but your grandfather didn’t allow me to watch. He said that watching films delayed my cultivation. Good fellow, now that I am in charge of the Xu Family, your grandfather finally doesn’t care about me. Why, do I still have to be disciplined by you?”

When Xu Qian heard his father’s words, he understood a principle. Children couldn’t be suppressed too badly when they were young. Otherwise, they would rebound very strongly when they grew up.

My father was a living example.

Xu Qian went to take a shower. After taking a shower, he put on his long-sleeved pyjamas and got into bed. He laid down obediently and turned off the lights in the room. He heard Xu Yan say, “Turn on the lights. It hurts your eyes to watch television in the dark!”

Xu Qian said, “It’s easy to mature early when sleeping with the lights on. At least think about your son.”

Xu Yan suspected that Xu Qian was lying to him. He said, “Who told you this? Are you lying to me?”

Xu Qian said, “When I was young, I was afraid of the dark and wanted to turn on the lights to sleep. That’s what you told me.”

Xu Yan asked, “Really?”

Xu Qian couldn’t be bothered with him.

Xu Yan didn’t insist on turning on the lights anymore. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the television like a television addict. Seeing the touching scene, he couldn’t help wiping his tears.

Xu Qian heard his father taking a tissue and wiping his mucus. He couldn’t fall asleep, so he opened his eyes and said, “Father, the Han Family Ancestral Hall has been built. It will officially open on the 12th of December. They want to invite you over for a meal.”

Hearing this, Xu Yan asked without thinking, “Do they have money?” If they have money, go. If not, don’t go. The Kunlun Xu Family was such a snob.

Xu Qian was speechless for a long time.

After a long while, he said, “That second daughter of the Han Family drew the Return to One Sword today.”

Xu Yan turned around and stared at his obedient sleeping son. He asked in shock, “Are you serious?”

Xu Qian nodded.

Xu Yan fell silent.

The Return to One Sword was actually the heirloom sword of the Kunlun Xu Family. It was sentient and recognized its owner. 600 years ago, the founder of the Kunlun Xu Family had set a rule before he died. If he met a woman who could successfully unsheath the Return to One Sword, he would marry that woman to be the mistress of the Xu Family.

His ancestor had never gotten married in his entire life because he had never met such a woman.

In reality, no one took the rules that the founding ancestor had set before his death seriously. Because in this world, the only person who had truly used the Returning Sword was the founding ancestor.

That year, before the Founder Ancestor passed away, he had given the Return to One Sword to his only disciple, the second generation family head. But that family head didn’t obtain the Return to One Sword’s approval, so he couldn’t make the Return to One Sword leave the sheath at all.

This was also why when the history books mentioned the second generation ancestor, they always mentioned that he would carry a sword when he went out, but he had never drawn it. At that time, people still guessed that if that sword didn’t leave its sheath, it was fine, but if it did, the world would be doomed.

But the truth was very simple. It was not that the second generation family head wouldn’t easily draw his sword. He really couldn’t draw his sword at all!

The second generation family head had passed away unexpectedly when he was subduing demons in the west, and the Return to One Sword had also disappeared. As a result, 600 years had passed and the Xu Family no longer took this rule seriously.

So when Xu Yan heard Xu Qian’s words, his first reaction was shock.

He saw Xu Qian nod and instantly exclaimed, “Damn! In that case, other than our ancestor, there’s really someone who can successfully pull out Gui Yi Sword!”

“Son, can you pull out this sword?” Xu Yan got up, picked up the sword, handed it to the bed, and let Xu Qian perform drawing the sword for him.

“Boring.” Xu Qian rolled his eyes helplessly. Then, he sat up, took the sword, and pulled it out without much effort.

The moment the blood-red thin sword appeared, the air in the entire room seemed to become dry and thin.

That sword was somewhat strange, as if it could absorb the heat in the air.

Xu Qian also sensed it. He closed the Return to One Sword again and threw it to Xu Yan. “Try it yourself.” Xu Qian felt that every family head and heir of the Xu Family could pull Gui Yijian out.

With a pious heart, Xu Yan grabbed the sword hilt with his right hand and pulled it out.


There was no movement!

Xu Yan refused to believe it. He tried again, but there was still no reaction from the Return to One Sword.

Xu Yan blushed.

Xu Qian also revealed a strange expression. He looked at his father suspiciously and felt that Xu Yan was deliberately mystifying things. Xu Qian couldn’t help asking, “Father, are you purposely teasing me?”

Xu Yan shook his head, his handsome uncle’s face red. He said very dispiritedly, “This thing really recognizes people. He recognizes you and doesn’t acknowledge me.” With that, Xu Yan’s heart ached. He muttered, “I’ve never seen someone so blind. He already acknowledged the son, why doesn’t he acknowledge his father?”

Xu Qian felt that this was very strange.

He sat up and hugged Gui Yijian. He said thoughtfully, “The founding ancestor can open the Return to One Sword, but the second family head can’t. I can open the Return to One Sword, but Father can’t…”

Xu Yan hoped that his son could guess the truth behind the Return to One Sword’s treatment of others. He asked curiously, “Then why do you think the Return to One Sword treats others differently?”

Xu Qian touched the sword with his fingers and came to a conclusion in all seriousness. He said, “Perhaps the condition for the Return to One Sword to recognize its owner doesn’t depend on his ability, but his character.”

Xu Yan was speechless.

Is there a need to scold your biological father in such a roundabout manner?

Xu Qian reminded Xu Yan. “Remember to go to the Han Family for dinner on the 12th of December.”

Xu Yan was still in a daze as he muttered in disdain, “Do you know how valuable my time is? I count my money in seconds!”

Xu Qian reminded him. “You must listen to the teachings of your ancestors. The Han Family is your future in-laws.” Xu Qian told his father, “Now that you are putting on airs in front of your in-laws, when it’s time to discuss marriage, you have to kneel down and be their grandson.”

Xu Yan’s lips twitched. “You’re so shameless.”

Xu Qian remained silent.

To be honest, he was only eight years old and had yet to develop feelings for Han Jun. He didn’t have any ulterior motives towards Han Jun. He just felt that the Founder Ancestor was a godly person and he should listen to his teachings.

Then, from now on, the Second Miss of the Han Family would be his child bride.

Xu Yan saw that his son had so rashly decided on his marriage, and thought to himself that he was really the old ancestor’s die-hard fan. He couldn’t help asking curiously, “Is the Second Miss of the Han Family good-looking?”

Han Jun’s appearance surfaced in Xu Qian’s mind. “I forgot what she looked like, but she’s pretty good at Rubik’s Cube.”

Hearing this, Xu Yan felt that this world was unfair.

Xu Qian didn’t even remember what the other party’s girl looked like. He only remembered that the other party knew how to play with the Rubik’s Cube. It was obvious that he was destined to be alone. But God favored him and even gave him a wife.

Xu Yan thought of how hard it had been for him to woo Xu Qian’s mother back then and couldn’t help feeling sad.

They had the same surname but different lives!

The weather was getting colder and colder. In the blink of an eye, it was December.

By December, the Han Family’s atmosphere was filled with joy.

The news that Han Yueyun was going to marry his daughter had already spread. Coincidentally, Han Yueyun’s transfer order had arrived. He had to set off for the capital after the new year to make a name for himself.

With double happiness, how could the Han Family not be lively?

Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen’s wedding was set on the sixth day of the twelfth month. Han Wangwang was considered to have married far away, so the wedding banquet for her daughter had to be held on the fifth day of the lunar month.

According to the customs of Shunchen City, when the Han family married their daughter on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the banquet would start on the fourth night of the Lunar New Year. On the morning of the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the groom team from the south would arrive at the bride’s house and fetch the bride away. Only then would the bride be considered married.

Han Zhan and Song Ci both had to give gifts. Early on the fourth day, the family arrived at Shunchen City to attend this banquet. On this day, Han Yueyun and Lin Jiao’e were dressed rather formally.

Han Yueyun put on a custom-made gray three-piece suit. He had a vest with a pair of fireworks on his chest. The light gray suit hid his stern and cold side slightly, revealing a hint of gentleness.

On the day his daughter got married, no matter how strict his father was, he couldn’t bear to part with her.

Lin Jiao’e was wearing a light blue dress and a pure white winter coat. There was a red flower on her chest. She was dressed formally and was full of smiles. She smiled at everyone she met happily.

On the first night of the banquet, as the bride-to-be, Han Wangwang needed to come out to meet the guests. She also had to serve tea to every guest who came to attend the wedding banquet. It was considered to return the care and concern her relatives and uncles had for her all these years.

After serving tea, the guests would put something meaningful in the cups. A child putting a peanut meant that the bride had given birth to a child early, and a flower meant that the bride was always as beautiful as a flower.

Most adults would put some gifts that were not considered expensive, such as earrings, bracelets, or red packets.

After serving the tea, Han Wangwang had to come out and take the teacup after more than 10 minutes. No matter what everyone put in the teacup, as long as it was something good, she would thank them.

After receiving Song Ci’s table, Han Wangwang saw a long gift box on Song Ci’s cup. Inside the box was the pearl necklace that Song Ci had bought at the auction a few days ago.

There were two gold bars in Han Zhan’s cup.

Han Wangwang looked at those things and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was also very touched. “Little Uncle, Little Aunt, I love you!” Before she got married, Han Wangwang couldn’t help crying again.

Han Zhan heard Han Wangwang’s choked voice and thought that his daughter would also get married in the future. His heart ached and his eyes reddened.

But Han Zhan quickly recovered and said to Han Wangwang, “Go greet others. We are family. You don’t have to be polite.”


Song Ci stared at Han Wangwang’s busy figure and sighed. “Now, I still clearly remember the first time I met Wangwang. She had a full head of dirty braids and was wearing a night club hip-hop jacket. The words’ I am very rebellious’ were written all over her. In the blink of an eye, she was going to get married.”

Han Zhan thought of something even more interesting and smiled. “At that time, you even treated Wangwang as my ambiguous partner, remember?”

Song Ci blushed at Han Zhan’s antics. “Don’t say anymore.”

After dinner, Han Zhan brought Song Ci to visit Old Master Chen Shu. After Old Master had a stroke that year, he was treated by Mo Fengying of the Mo Family. He was well-maintained and his body was recovering well.

They stayed at Old Master’s house until 9am before returning to the hotel to rest. The next morning, Song Ci and Han Zhan woke up early and carried the child to Han Yueyun’s house.

Almost all the relatives had arrived and were eating breakfast.

After breakfast, not long after, she received a call saying that the bridal escort team had already arrived at Shunchen City and was rushing towards the Han Family.

Hearing that the groom was coming, the group of relatives instantly got busy. Some were busy preparing the stools to block the door, while others started preparing to make things difficult for Jiang Zhen.

Han Wangwang stayed in the room and wore a veil. Hearing the commotion downstairs, she asked Song Ci, “Little Aunt, if they make things too difficult for me and Jiang Zhen turns around and goes back, won’t I become a joke?”

Han Wangwang was nervous before the wedding and started to let her imagination run wild. One moment, she felt that Jiang Zhen would call off the wedding, and the next, she felt that she was dreaming.

Song Ci was amused by Han Wangwang’s words. She teased Han Wangwang. “If he really goes back, I will go to Wangdong City to beat him up and introduce you to someone more handsome! Look, how is our Mr. President? He is still single.”

Han Wangwang hurriedly spat. “Little Aunt, just shut up.”

Song Ci saw that Han Wangwang was flustered and exasperated and laughed softly again. She walked over to Han Wangwang and sat down. She held Han Wangwang’s hand and told her, “It’s normal to be nervous before marriage. Wangwang, Jiang Zhen is a good man and you are a good lady. You two got married because of love. This is much better than those couples who have just married for a marriage alliance.”

“I know that changing from an innocent little girl to a woman overnight is indeed a thing that you could not adapt to. But as long as you think that you can live with the person you love the most in the future, all this discomfort and nervousness will disappear.”

Han Wangwang’s thoughts were confirmed by Song Ci. She grabbed Song Ci’s hand and said, “I am just a little afraid. If only every couple were like you and your little uncle. But I am also afraid. I am a lawyer. Every day, there are couples who come to us to file a divorce lawsuit. After understanding it, they will realize that many couples who are now strongly requesting for a divorce are also couples who have pledged their love to each other.”

“Love will fade after a long time. I’m so afraid that after a long time, Jiang Zhen will despise me and I will despise him too.” Han Wangwang lowered her head and frowned. “If love can always be in a passionate state, that’s good.”

Song Ci tapped Han Wangwang’s nose and said, “You’re overthinking again! Beibei and Li Li got a divorce because of Auntie Li. You married Jiang Zhen and are the mistress of the Jiang Family. Everything is up to you. What can happen?”

“You look like a blessed person. Your life will be smooth sailing. Your relationship will be smooth and your career will be smooth.”

Han Wangwang felt more at ease after hearing Song Ci’s words.

As the two of them spoke, they heard the sound of electronic firecrackers outside the door.

Now that fireworks and firecrackers were banned all over the country, this institution couldn’t take the lead to violate the rules. Therefore, on such a big day like marriage, they could only replace it with electronic firecrackers.

Han Wangwang instinctively wanted to get up and look out of the house, but Song Ci grabbed her. “You are the bride. Be more reserved!”

Han Wangwang was wearing socks and cotton shoes. Song Ci had hidden her high heels. She had to let Jiang Zhen find them later.

She stomped on her cotton shoes and said impatiently, “I haven’t seen him in days. I just want to glance at him through the window!”


Song Ci pulled Han Wangwang and said, “I’ll help you take a look.”

Song Ci walked to the window and took a video for Han Wangwang to see. Han Wangwang watched the video and saw that Jiang Zhen and the groomsmen were blocked by his family and friends outside the door. He was blocked by others and couldn’t see clearly.

“Forget it, I won’t look anymore.”

Han Wangwang put down her cell phone and waited quietly for Jiang Zhen to marry her.

Downstairs, Jiang Zhen and the best man were blocked outside.

There were five long wooden stools at the Han Family’s main entrance. They were old-fashioned wooden stools. No one knew where they came from.

Han Yueyun’s subordinate said to Jiang Zhen, “Little Jiang, these five stools in front of you are the checkpoints we set for you. Every time you clear it, we will remove one stool.”

“Sigh, if I fail to clear the level and delay the auspicious hour of the bride’s wedding, you can’t blame me.”

Jiang Zhen knew that it was not that easy to get married.

He glanced upstairs and saw that Han Wangwang’s window was open, but he couldn’t see her. “Alright, Uncle Zhang. If you have any questions, just ask.”

Uncle Zhang looked at his watch and said to Jiang Zhen, “What dragon has a sail on its back?”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.


What the hell?

When Jiang Zhen was young, his life was miserable. Every day, he used all his strength to survive. He never had the chance to read a dinosaur-related book or a cartoon.

After he grew up, he was busy opening a company to earn money and taking revenge. He was completely uninterested in creatures like dinosaurs.

As a result, when he heard this very simple question for the children, Jiang Zhen couldn’t answer.

The groomsmen behind Jiang Zhen were about to speak when they heard Uncle Zhang say, “Hey! You can’t remind him. If you remind him, we won’t retreat.”

Jiang Zhen directly admitted defeat and said, “Uncle Zhang, I really don’t know about this. Why don’t you give me some punishment and remove this stool?”

Seeing Jiang Zhen’s sincere attitude, Uncle Zhang nodded in agreement.

Only then did the little boys who were watching the commotion stick out their tongues and smile at Jiang Zhen. “The groom is so silly! It’s a dragon!”

Jiang Zhen also blushed slightly at being mocked by a group of brats for being ‘silly’.

“Here, have a drink.” Uncle Zhang handed a glass of water that he had prepared long ago to Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen took the glass and smelled the sourness in it. He took a sip and was instantly jolted by the sourness.

This thing…

Jiang Zhen asked Uncle Zhang with a strange expression, “Uncle Zhang, is this… lemon juice?”

Uncle Zhang laughed and admitted readily. “Yes, six lemons can only squeeze out such a glass of water. Little Jiang, if you want us to remove our stools, you have to show your sincerity.”

Jiang Zhen was mentally prepared. He closed his eyes and gulped down the lemon juice.

Seeing that he was drinking just like that, the groomsmen behind him all grimaced and felt their entire mouths sour. Jiang Zhen put down his cup, his brows and nose wrinkled.

He stood there for a while before coming to life.

Jiang Zhen’s mouth was already sour, but he still smiled at Uncle Zhang and the rest. “Uncle Zhang, please remove the stool.”

Uncle Zhang said, “Little Jiang, treat Xi better in the future. If you let her suffer and let her down, her heart will be as sour as the lemon juice you drank.”

Jiang Zhen understood what Uncle Zhang meant. He promised, “Uncle Zhang, don’t worry. In the future, I will eat the sour and bitter ones, and give the sweet and fragrant ones to her.”

A woman behind smiled. “You have a sweet mouth.”

Jiang Zhen went against his conscience. “It’s lemon sweetness.”

Everyone was speechless.

Sweet my a*s!

Uncle Zhang removed the stool and asked another question.

“Second question, which three animals are the highest when stacked together?”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

What kind of questions are these?

Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and asked hesitantly, “A giraffe?”

Uncle Zhang said, “Wrong!”

Jiang Zhen asked shamelessly, “What is the correct answer?”

Uncle Zhang said, “Pig, female wolf, hornet!”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

God damn Mount Everest [1. In Chinese, Mount Everest had the same pronunciation as pig, female wolf and hornet in that particular order.]!

“I admit defeat.”

Uncle Zhang got the auntie beside him to prepare a hairdressing sticker and said to Jiang Zhen, “Raise your pants!”

Jiang Zhen obediently lifted his trouser leg. Uncle Zhang stuck the stripper on Jiang Zhen’s leg and tore it mercilessly!

Jiang Zhen shuddered again.

“Third question, which part of your mother-in-law is the greatest?”

Jiang Zhen answered quickly this time. “Chest, because she’s broad-minded!”

Uncle Zhang looked at him in surprise and snorted. “You’re quite smart.”

“The fourth question is, which part of your father-in-law is the blackest!”

When these two questions were combined, if one met that clumsy person, they might just say: Heart is the blackest!

But Jiang Zhen’s mind was clear. He said without thinking, “Hair is the blackest!”

Standing at the back of the crowd, Han Yueyun instinctively stroked his blue-black hair. He thought to himself that this hair dye was indeed not bad. It was especially natural after being dyed.

“Fifth question, your mother-in-law and wife fell into the water at the same time. Who do you save?”

Jiang Zhen continued to be speechless.

He avoided the question of who you would save if your mother and wife fell into the water at the same time, but not who you would save if your mother-in-law and wife fell into the water at the same time.

After Uncle Zhang asked, he looked at Jiang Zhen smugly.

No one could answer this question.

No matter how he answered, it was a mistake.

But after a few seconds of silence, Jiang Zhen said, “My wife.”

Uncle Zhang narrowed his eyes at him and threatened him meaningfully. “Kid, have you thought it through? If you say something wrong, be careful not to get beaten up.”

Jiang Zhen revealed a wise smile. He said, “My father-in-law is healthy and can fly planes and dive. It would never be my turn to save my mother-in-law at all.”

Uncle Zhang was speechless.

He was indeed a businessman. His flattery was good.

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