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Chapter 464: Public Humiliation at an Auction

As a first-tier big city in the country, Wangdong City always held several auctions of various sizes every year. Some were purely charity auctions, while others were for the purpose of earning money.

Among the wealthy families in Wangdong City, the Cheng, Gu, Li, and Dongfang families were the representatives.

Amongst them, the Cheng Family had started off with bicycles 50 years ago. Back then, the Chuan Dong brand bicycles that swept the entire country were produced by their family. Later on, they grew bigger and bigger, and successively founded motorcycle companies. Now, they even became the leading brand of domestic cars.

As the name suggested, the Gu Corporation’s appliances made appliances. In the 1990s, almost every well-off family would buy their television. Even now, their products were still the first choice for many families.

The Old Master of the Li Family had been in the dark when he was young. Later on, he founded Sharp Entertainment. After many years of management, he had already become a film company on par with Empire Entertainment.

Among these four families, the Dongfang Family was the one who could truly be called a super aristocratic family. The Dongfang Family was an old corporation for 200 years. During the end of the Qing Dynasty, they were a chain pawnshop and were famous throughout the country. Their name was the Tyrone Pawnshop.

After that, the country was in turmoil and the pawnshop collapsed in large numbers, leaving only the capital and Wangdong City’s two stores. When the war ended and the country was peaceful, Old Master Dongfang, the current head of the family, Dongfang Lin, resolutely changed the Tyrone pawnshop to the Tyrone Auction House.

Now, the Tyrone Auction Company had become a famous auction company in the country and even the world.

On this day, the photo studio sent the completed family photo to the villa. Song Ci and Butler Cai ordered the helpers to hang the family photo on the wall.

As she was busy, a man suddenly jogged into the house and handed an invitation to Butler Cai. Butler Cai walked up to Song Ci with the invitation and said, “Madam, it’s an invitation from the Tyrone Auction House.”

Under the invitation was an auction brochure.

Song Ci took the invitation and booklet, walked to the lounge chair in the courtyard, and sat down. She was about to open the book when she heard Han Miao and Han Jun’s footsteps.


Han Miao pounced on Song Ci’s thigh and complained to her. “Junjun won’t play dominoes with me!”

Han Jun’s small round face was filled with disdain. She said, “Boring, not fun.” She didn’t play such boring games.

The sisters quarreled everyday and Song Ci was already used to it. She carried her daughters up and placed them on her lap. She changed the topic and diverted their attention. “Come, let’s see what’s good in this book.”


Han Miao held the book with her small hands. Under Song Ci’s instructions, Han Jun helped to flip the book.

After flipping through five to six pages in a row, Song Ci didn’t see anything she liked. “They are all jewelry. I don’t particularly want them.” There were so many jewelry in the world. It was impossible for Song Ci to collect all of them and she wasn’t very interested in them.

But Han Miao took a fancy to a brooch. She pointed at it and said, “This is nice. Mother, buy it!”

“Alright, buy it!”

Song Ci got Butler Cai to bring a pen over, drew a hook under the brooch, and let Han Jun continue flipping through it. Later on, Song Ci saw another pearl necklace. It said that it was King R’s favorite necklace when he was alive.

Song Ci felt that this pearl necklace suited Han Wangwang very well, so she ticked it.

At the back, it was no longer jewelry, but some antiques. “Not nice. I’m going to play dominoes!” Han Miao was not interested in watching anymore. She slid off Song Ci’s lap and ran to play dominoes.

Han Jun wanted to accompany her mother in the sun for a while more, so she moved into Song Ci’s arms and continued to help her flip through her books.

Turning to the last page, Han Jun saw a sword.

It was a thin long sword. The hilt and sheath were completely black, but she didn’t know the color of the sword inside. Song Ci exclaimed and said, “There’s actually such a thing in the auction nowadays. But this sword looks ordinary. Who will sell it?” She glanced at the starting price of that sword and was instantly shocked by the high price.

“The starting price for such a sword is actually 1 million yuan. Isn’t this robbery?” Song Ci was about to close the booklet when a soft, childish voice suddenly said, “Mother, I want it.”

Song Ci was shocked.

She looked down at Han Jun in her arms. Han Jun also looked up at Song Ci.

Han Jun repeated. “Mother, I want it.”

Song Ci closed the book and asked Han Jun, “Why? You’re so young, why do you want this? Why don’t I buy you a necklace and keep it for you to wear when you grow up?”

Han Jun shook her head and pointed at the cover of the book. She said stubbornly, “I want that sword.” Han Jun’s instincts told her that she needed that sword.

Song Ci said, “I’ll consider it.”

Han Jun nodded and slid down from Song Ci’s lap. She walked into the house, stopped, turned around, and told Song Ci seriously, “Mother, I want it.”

Song Ci nodded.

She knew that Han Jun was slightly different from ordinary children. Han Jun insisted on this sword. Perhaps this sword was special.

Song Ci went to Yan Qingxiu’s room.

Yan Qingxiu was sitting cross-legged on the carpet meditating when he heard a knock on the door. He slowly opened his eyes and got up to open the door.

Song Ci stared at the blanket on the wooden floor of his room and couldn’t help smiling. “Meditating again?” Yan Qingxiu would meditate for an hour or two every day. Song Ci was also used to it.

“Mmm, it’s almost over.” Yan Qingxiu took a step back barefooted and invited Song Ci into the house.

Song Ci stuffed the book into Yan Qingxiu’s arms and said, “Open the last page.”

Yan Qingxiu complied.

He opened the booklet and flipped to the last page. When he saw the black sword, his pupils constricted. “This is…” Yan Qingxiu stared at the appearance of the sword and merged it with a certain sword in his mind.

Yan Qingxiu suddenly closed the book and murmured, “This is impossible…”

As soon as Song Ci heard him muttering to himself, she knew that there was something wrong with that sword. “Mr. Yan, is there something special about this sword? Previously, Junjun saw it and insisted on wanting it.”

Yan Qingxiu pondered in bewilderment. After a long while, he told Song Ci, “This sword is very similar to our top 10 spiritual sword, ‘Return to One’.”

He stroked his sharp chin with his fingers and said thoughtfully, “But that shouldn’t be the case. The Return to One Spiritual Sword self-destructed and disappeared with Qu Jingtian when his soul was scattered. It shouldn’t still exist…”

Hearing Qu Jingtian’s name, Song Ci wondered who this person was.

“Who is Qu Jingtian?”

Yan Qingxiu had a complicated expression. He seemed to be recalling something and forgot to answer.

After a long while, Yan Qingxiu said with admiration, “Qu Jingtian is reputed to be the number one person in the cultivation world of the Aosheng Continent. He is the eldest disciple of the Sect Master of the Sword God Sect. He cares about the world and has profound sword skills. I heard that his sword control is a thin sword made of black iron. It doesn’t have any divine power and is just an ordinary sword. But that sword developed spiritual awareness when it followed Qu Jingtian. In the battle of the apocalypse, Qu Jingtian slashed out a demon territory hundreds of thousands of feet and sent all the monsters into the demon territory. From then on, she became famous. And Return to One Sword also relied on the level of his spirit sword to advance to the ranks of the top ten immortals.”

“In short, Return to One Sword is an extremely powerful killing weapon, and its owner, Qu Jingtian, is a lethal weapon in the world.”

Yan Qingxiu flipped open the book again and stared at the sword. He murmured, “I must have made a mistake. The Return to One Sword has already self-destructed. It’s impossible for him to still exist.”

It was even more impossible for it to come to Earth Star.

Song Ci listened to Yan Qingxiu’s story like she was listening to a fantasy novel. She spent a few minutes digesting this information and pointed out. “What does Junjun have to do with this sword?”

Yan Qingxiu revealed a rare awkward expression.

“Why?” Could there be some unspeakable secret between Junjun and this sword?

Yan Qingxiu actually said, “What does she have to do with it? It’s probably because our Lord killed Qu Jingtian and this sword is the feud of killing the Lord.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Oh, Junjun actually killed Qu Jingtian, who cared about the world. What kind of monster was Junjun?

Song Ci broke out in cold sweat.

A look of admiration and respect appeared on Yan Qingxiu’s face. He looked up and said, “Our Supremacy was famous because he killed Qu Jingtian. He became the great demon in the world and was hated by everyone. They forced the Supremacy into the snow region that no one dared to enter. But they didn’t expect that not only did the Supremacy not die, he became the ruler of the snow region!”

Yan Qingxiu’s eyes shone with fanaticism and admiration. Like a loyal fan of the cult leader, he opened his arms and shouted, “The Lord is supreme!”

Song Ci was speechless.

He was very ill!

Song Ci snatched the auction book and left.

Walking out of the Yan Qingxiu room, Song Ci heard the children’s commotion. She looked at the corner of the living room and saw that although Han Jun was helpless, she still knelt on the ground obediently to play dominoes with Han Miao.

Song Ci’s gaze turned affectionate.

Regardless of whether Yan Qingqiu was a demon or something, Han Jun would always be her daughter.

A week later, the auction officially started.

Song Ci changed into a gown and fed Han Zheng. She then sucked some milk and placed it in the refrigerator, letting the nanny warm it up for Han Zheng. After everything was settled, Song Ci brought Han Miao and Han Jun to the company to meet Han Zhan.

At the auction venue, everyone was chatting about all sorts of interesting things, like the extravagant scene in the movie “The Amazing Gatsby.”

In the corner where the women were gathered, someone suddenly said, “Did you guys notice that the couple on Imperial Dragon Mountain has been very high-profile recently?” The couple on Imperial Dragon Mountain was naturally referring to Han Zhan and Song Ci.

When Miss Jin heard this, she immediately sneered with an ambiguous smile. Miss Jin was called Jin Feng and had known Song Ci for many years. When Song Ci was still in the socialite group, the two of them were at odds.

They were plastic sisters who were all smiles when they met.

Over the past few years, Jin Feng had broken up with the Second Young Master of the Dongfang Family, got back together with him, and successfully forced the Second Young Master of the Dongfang Family and his wife to divorce. She was now considered half the Second Young Madam of the Dongfang Family.

Hearing her chuckle, everyone turned to look at her. Someone fawned over her. “Ah Feng, why are you laughing? You are close to Second Young Master Dongfang. Do you know something?”

These words made Jin Feng feel very happy.

Jin Feng shook the grape wine and said disdainfully, “What insider information can there be? After being married for more than three years, Song Ci gave birth to three children. Now that she finally has an heir who can inherit the crown, she can be considered Mr. Han’s treasure now.”

Song Ci had given birth to a second child, but the gender of the child had not been revealed and the name had not been announced. No one had seen the Han Family hold a one-month-old party for that child, so everyone secretly guessed that Song Ci’s second child was still a daughter, which was why she was looked down upon.

As a result, everyone was even more surprised when they heard what Jin Feng revealed. “Song Ci gave birth to a boy? Then why didn’t the Han Family hold a full moon party for that child?”

“Perhaps she wants to protect her child and needs to keep a low profile.” Jin Feng sighed again and said, “Sigh, they’ve only been married for three years and even had two children. After Song Ci married into the Han Family, her days were rather busy and fulfilling.”

She was mocking Song Ci for marrying into a wealthy family to have a boy and treating herself as a fertility machine. She was hinting that although Song Ci looked radiant on the surface, she actually had a tough life behind her.

Everyone was like this. When they saw the pheasant that they used to hang out with suddenly become a phoenix and lead a luxurious life, they were jealous and resentful. They couldn’t wait to hear that that person and her husband were not on good terms.

When everyone heard Jin Feng’s words, some felt secretly happy, while others suspected if it was true.

Zheng Suyue had been accompanying her husband to socialize previously. Now that her husband had left her to discuss matters with the men, she was free and walked towards Jin Feng and the rest with a glass of wine.

Seeing Zheng Suyue come over, Jin Feng retracted her arrogant expression slightly.

The Zheng Family was a scholarly family. Before the new year, the Zheng Family and the mayor’s family had a successful marriage. Zheng Suyue was married to the mayor’s son. Once she came, she would be the highest-ranking woman among them.

Zheng Suyue and Song Ci had a good relationship. She had already heard Jin Feng’s words and was very unhappy.

As they got closer, Zheng Suyue clinked glasses with the ladies. She touched the wedding ring on her ring finger and pretended to be surprised. “Guess who else will be here tonight?”

“Who is it?”

Jin Feng felt that something was amiss.

Zheng Suyue smiled slightly and said, “When I went to the washroom just now, I heard the young mistress of the Dongfang Family calling Mrs. Han to ask her what time she would reach.

Hearing this, the expressions of the women instantly became interesting.

Mrs. Han?

Song Ci?

“Didn’t she just give birth not long ago? She will also attend the auction today?”

Zheng Suyue covered her mouth and chuckled. She added. “It’s more than that. I heard that Song Ci hasn’t lost weight completely after giving birth. When Mr. Han found out that she was coming to attend the banquet, he booked several height gowns for her in Paris early. I heard that the cheapest ones cost more than 800,000 yuan per gown.”

“Sigh, this custom-made gown is so precious. You can’t wear it again after wearing it once. Mr. Han dotes on Mrs. Han so much.”

After saying that, Zheng Suyue sized up Jin Feng’s expression with interest.

Noticing that the black dress Jin Feng was wearing was from the G Family’s show last year, she pretended to be shocked and pointed at Jin Feng’s dress. “Ah, Miss Jin, this dress on you is so beautiful. I saw it at the show last year and also wanted to buy it. But my figure is not as good as yours and I can’t support this dress. I can only regret missing it.”

Hearing this, several lively gazes landed on Jin Feng at the same time.

She had already been separated from the Second Young Master of the Dongfang Family for a few years and was already halfway into the Dongfang Family. Now that she was actually wearing the dress from last year at such an occasion, this group of women who loved to compare and advocate fashion couldn’t accept it.

As a result, the way they looked at Jin Feng also became disdainful.

Jin Feng’s smile didn’t change. She just said calmly, “I’m not like Song Ci. I don’t have a husband who is the richest man in the world. Naturally, I can’t wear a dress that costs more than a million yuan as casual clothes. I’m also not as fortunate as Miss Zheng to marry into a wealthy family.”

These words were both mocking Song Ci for relying on Han Zhan to live her life as a vase, and also mocking Zheng Suyue for being upright and relying on her in-laws’ status.

Zheng Suyue was about to retort when she heard a charming voice from the back of the crowd.

“I was able to successfully marry the richest man in the world and Suyue was able to marry into the Jiang Family successfully. Naturally, we have our outstanding aspects. But Miss Jin, when I got married three and a half years ago, you were dating Second Young Master Dongfang. When I gave birth two years ago, you were dating Second Young Master Dongfang. Last month, when I gave birth to the second child, I heard that you were still dating Second Young Master Dongfang.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a beautiful figure walked up to everyone.

Everyone raised their heads and looked up along a pair of silver-gray high heels. They saw a smoking purple tube dress with purple tube tops and a waist-length skirt. The skirt was adorned with countless shiny special small pieces of material. The light landed on the skirt, which emitted a faint purple glow and was filled with the aura of money.

The owner of the long dress had snow-white skin and clear makeup on her porcelain-white cheeks. Her black hair was permed into little wavy cake rolls. She was only wearing a pair of retro earrings and the simple ring on her ring finger.

She held a small and exquisite dinner bag in her right hand. Her lips were covered in a faint layer of cinnamon pink lipstick. She didn’t need fiery red lips to have the aura of a queen.

As soon as Song Ci appeared, the wealthy ladies in front of Zheng Suyue thought that their conversation might have already reached Song Ci’s ears and couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

Song Ci stood in front of Jin Feng and smiled at Zheng Suyue. “Long time no see, Suyue.”

Zheng Suyue also smiled at her.

Song Ci suddenly turned around and sized up Jin Feng with her head lowered. Her gaze on Jin Feng was very explicit, as if she was sizing up an object without any warmth.

Jin Feng’s legs turned to jelly under Song Ci’s gaze. She was about to find an excuse to slip away when she heard Song Ci finish her sentence. She said, “I know the old lady of the Dongfang family. She is a noble but sensible wife. I am puzzled. Miss Jin is also considered beautiful. Why did you drag on with Second Young Master Dongfang for three to four years without being able to enter the Dongfang family? Is there a problem with your character that can’t enter the old lady’s eyes? Or is it that you, Miss Jin, are just some dog-shit ointment stuck on Second Young Master that Second Young Master can’t tear off even if he wanted to?”

Everyone was silent!

Zheng Suyue had always known that Song Ci was a sharp-tongued person. She didn’t expect her to be so quick-witted.


Jin Feng was utterly embarrassed by Song Ci’s mocking words. She didn’t care what kind of place this was. Being humiliated on the spot, no matter how much Jin Feng could endure, she still cried.

She cried as she pointed at Song Ci’s face and scolded. “Song Ci, why are you so arrogant now? Look at all the things on your body. Did you earn them yourself? Didn’t Han Zhan buy them for you! I’m not anything good. Do you think you are noble and cold?”

“You’re using Han Zhan’s pampering to humiliate me like this. Be careful that one day, Han Zhan won’t pamper you anymore and find someone younger. I want you to cry so badly then!”

“You are young and beautiful now, but you will one day reach the end of your life. When you become old and ugly, there will still be more girls waiting in line. What you are wearing now will sooner or later be worn by other women!”

After Jin Feng roared, she turned to run, but she bumped into a hard chest.

Jin Feng took a step back and nearly fell.

She heard gasps around her.

Jin Feng looked up in surprise and saw another person—

Han Zhan.

]Jin Feng didn’t expect a busy person like Han Zhan to actually attend the banquet.

Han Zhan hugged Han Miao and Han Jun respectively with both hands. His gaze on Jin Feng was even colder than the cold wind outside.

Just now, Han Miao saw a sugar maker by the street, making a fuss about eating sugar figurines. Song Ci received a message from Zheng Suyue. Knowing that Jin Feng was chewing on her tongue at the party again, she got Han Zhan to accompany the children outside to wait for the sugar figurines and entered first.

When Han Zhan carried his two daughters to the banquet, he happened to hear Song Ci’s last question to Jin Feng and Jin Feng’s sarcastic words to Song Ci.

Jin Feng looked at Han Zhan and felt terrified.

She saw her mother looking at her wildly from afar. She knew that Han Zhan was someone her family absolutely couldn’t afford to offend. She bit her lip and apologized softly. “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, I’m sorry. I was careless with my words. I shouldn’t have insulted Mrs. Han first.”

Hearing her apology, Han Zhan’s expression didn’t soften and remained dark. He placed his daughter on the ground, patted their shoulders, and said, “Miaomiao Jun, go look for Dong Yang.”

Han Jun sensibly pulled her elder sister to look for Yan Qingxiu.

The scene was very quiet. Only the sound of Han Miao and her sister’s footsteps could be heard. Everyone’s eyes were on Song Ci, Han Zhan, and Jin Feng.

They thought that Mr. Han was a man after all and shouldn’t be too rude to Jin Feng.

After all, men had to maintain some poise when dealing with ladies.

However, Han Zhan never understood pitiful love for women. All his gentleness and honey was given to Song Ci. Han Zhan raised his left hand, grabbed Jin Feng’s chin, and sized her face up arrogantly for a long while before retracting his hand.

Han Zhan took out the beautiful handkerchief that was folded in the chest pocket of his suit. He slowly wiped his fingers that were caressing Jin Feng’s chin before turning to Song Ci. “Wife, you said something wrong just now.”

Song Ci rolled her eyes and cooperated with Han Zhan’s actions. She asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Han Zhan smiled and said to Song Ci, “Dear, you are used to having sharp eyes. Why is it not effective today? Look carefully, how can this lady be considered beautiful? Dear, you are insulting the word beautiful.”

He gazed lovingly at Song Ci’s face and said, “Dear, you look so beautiful. I can’t get enough of you.”

Everyone was speechless.

Han Zhan was ruthless!

He actually humiliated Jin Feng in public for being ugly.

Song Ci pitied Jin Feng slightly. She thought that since Han Zhan taught Jin Feng a lesson for her, he should calm down.

But Han Zhan wanted to see more than that.

Han Zhan seemed to be answering Jin Feng and everyone’s questions. He said, “I know many people are waiting for Song Ci to grow old and become ugly. They are waiting for the day I cheat on her and provide for the young. But unfortunately, everyone, I have already entrusted my lawyer to write a notary.”

Hearing this, everyone looked puzzled, curious about what was written in Han Zhan’s notary.

Song Ci didn’t know if Han Zhan was lying to these people or if he was serious. She was also curious. Han Zhan received Song Ci’s puzzled gaze. He smiled and said, “There’s a clear line in the notary document. Once I cheat, all my assets will be given to Song Ci unconditionally.”

He glanced sideways at Jin Feng and said, “Miss Jin, your hopes are destined to fail.”

Jin Feng’s lips touched up and down, but she couldn’t say a word. She grabbed her bag tightly, turned around, and ran away.

Meanwhile, those who had originally set their sights on Han Zhan’s identity and wanted to secretly send their lover or daughter to give him a taste of freshness and gain some benefits dispelled this thought.

Forget it, forget it. Han Zhan was a ruthless person. They couldn’t win against him.

At this moment, Dongfang Lin and his wife walked into the banquet hall hand in hand. This meant that the auction was about to start. Dongfang Lin went on stage to make a speech and invited everyone to move to the auction hall.

Everyone pretended like nothing had happened and went to the auction hall one after another. The auction was about to start and the person in charge was about to close the door to the banquet hall when he suddenly heard steady and rhythmic footsteps.

They stopped closing the door and stared at the corridor outside the door. They saw a seven to eight-year-old boy slowly walk in. Behind the boy were two adult men.

Noticing that the boy was wearing an eye mask over his left eye, the in-charge immediately guessed his identity. “Young Master Xu, you’re here. The auction is about to start.”

Xu Qian looked up and nodded at the person in charge. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” With that, he brought his attendants around the banquet and went to the auction hall.

“Who is that person? Manager Zhou?” The staff asked Manager Zhou softly.

Manager Zhou shushed him. After the young master of the Xu family walked away, he told his subordinate beside him, “Kunlun Xu Family’s. Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”

But he only needed to mention the Kunlun Xu Family and others would understand. Kunlun Xu Family was the number one family in metaphysics. The young master of the Xu Family was also known as the number one genius in the metaphysics world.

He actually looked so exquisite and noble.

Song Ci’s family had four seats. Two adults sat in the middle, while the children sat beside their parents. After Han Miao entered the auction hall, she saw that everyone was silent and also quietened down.

Han Jun lowered her head and played with her new Rubik’s Cube. As she was returning the Rubik’s Cube to its yellow side, a boy suddenly sat down beside her. Han Jun looked over indifferently and stopped what she was doing when she saw the boy.

“Hello.” Han Jun took the initiative to greet Xu Qian.

This was very rare.

Xu Qian tilted his head slightly and stared at Han Jun with his right eye. He remembered Han Jun, this little girl who had secretly touched his eyes the first time they met at the mall.

Xu Qian nodded slightly, then sat up straight and stared at the auction on stage. Han Jun casually messed up the Rubik’s Cube and handed it to Xu Qian. She said, “Do you know how to play?”

Xu Qian stared at the Rubik’s Cube and despised Han Jun for being noisy. He shook his head and said, “No.”

He was really a man of few words.

Han Jun said softly, “I know. Let me teach you.”

Xu Qian said, “Please be quiet.”

Han Jun was speechless.

Han Jun shut her mouth and played with the Rubik’s Cube unhappily.

On the stage, the auction items were presented one after another. Every one of them was fought over to be the first to be auctioned off. Han Jun didn’t look up the entire time. She kept playing with the Rubik’s Cube to challenge her own speed limit.

Xu Qian felt that the auction was a little boring. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Han Jun was still playing with the Rubik’s Cube. Her speed was dazzling. He blinked and reached out his hand to Han Jun. “Can I give it a try?”

Han Jun stopped and looked up at Xu Qian for a moment before handing the Rubik’s Cube to her.

Xu Qian messed up the Rubik’s Cube and tried to restore it.

But Xu Qian actually didn’t know how to do such a simple thing.

Xu Qian frowned and continued to take the Rubik’s Cube seriously. But he played for more than half an hour and still couldn’t successfully recover the second face. Xu Qian finally found something that he couldn’t easily do. This was somewhat novel to him.

The attendant beside him was also shocked to see that Xu Qian had been twisting the Rubik’s Cube. The omnipotent genius young master actually didn’t know how to play with the Rubik’s Cube?

At this moment, a male staff dressed in a Tang suit walked up the stage with that sword in his hand. Almost at the moment the staff lifted the cover on the sword, Han Jun and Xu Qian looked up at the same time, their eyes widened as they looked at that sword.

That sword was Han Jun’s goal and also Xu Qian’s goal.

“11 years ago, an adventurer discovered it in a dangerous glacier on Mount Everest when he was adventuring. This sword is very special because no one can pull the sword out of its sheath. All these years, we’ve looked for many people to try to pull out the sword, but none of them succeeded. Therefore, we decided to auction it to the fated person. We hope that it can meet the fated person and look forward to the day it sees the light of day again!”

After knowing the uniqueness of this sword, a portion of people developed a deep interest in it, while another portion gave up their desire to auction it.

Why would they buy a sword that could not be unsheathed!

“The starting price is 1,000,000 yuan! Every increment is 100,000 yuan. The highest bidder wins.”

A million yuan for a lousy sword was something that many people couldn’t understand, but someone just had to bid.

“1.1 million!”

“1.2 million.”

At first, the people bidding were very passionate, but as the price rose to three million, the number of competitors decreased by more than half. In the end, only three to four people were bidding against each other.

Jiang Zhen raised his card. “3.8 million!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Zhan raised his card. “3.9 million.”

Jiang Zhen turned back to look at Han Zhan and silently put down his sign. Han Zhan saw Jiang Zhen’s actions and thought to himself: Good child, you are indeed a family. I will give you a big red packet when we get married.

After Han Zhan raised his card, the remaining few people put down their bidding cards.

Although they didn’t know why Han Zhan wanted this lousy sword, they were all willing to do Han Zhan a favor. Just as Han Zhan thought that this sword was about to become his, a young but deep male voice suddenly sounded—

“4 million!”

Han Jun suddenly turned to look at Xu Qian on her right and instinctively said, “I want that!”

Xu Qian held the Rubik’s Cube and looked at Han Jun with a serious expression. “I want it.”

Han Jun’s eyes widened while Xu Qian stared at her calmly.

After a long while, Han Jun lowered her head and said to her father in a low voice, “Father, we don’t want it anymore.”

Hearing Han Jun say no, Han Zhan and Song Ci were both slightly shocked. Song Ci asked her, “Junjun, didn’t you want it previously? Why don’t you want it now?”

When the big shots nearby heard Song Ci’s words, their lips twitched.


Han Zhan spent so much money to buy this sword just because his daughter wanted it?

Everyone’s curious gazes landed on Han Jun. They didn’t understand why this big miss didn’t want that sword anymore.

Han Jun still had her head lowered. She didn’t know that everyone was looking at her, nor did she know how to be shy and reserved. She said very honestly, “Compared to that sword, I like Little Brother more. If Little Brother wants it, I’ll give it to him.”

Xu Qian was speechless.

He sat still, but his ears were slightly red.

Hearing this answer, Song Ci didn’t think wrongly. She only said, “Alright, then we won’t have it.”

She recognized the little boy beside Han Jun and knew that the child was the successor of the Xu Family. Song Ci said to Xu Qian, “Little Young Master Xu, since you want this sword, let’s have it.”

Xu Qian put down the Rubik’s Cube, stood up, turned to face Song Ci and Han Zhan, bowed very sincerely, and said, “Xu Qian thanks Madam Han for sacrificing your love.”

At such a young age, he was acting like an old man.

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