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Chapter 463: You Are My ideal (2)

It was all thanks to Sicilio’s threat to Idris that Jiang Shifeng could clear his name and successfully escape the crime of plagiarism. After that, Jiang Shifeng knew the truth. He and Sicilio sat down and chatted for a long time. After that heart-to-heart talk, the relationship between the uncle and nephew became much closer.

The next day, Sicilio also decided to return to their own country.

Aaron and Sicilio had lived together since they were young. In their hearts, Christmas was the grandest holiday of the year. Before Sicilio left, he invited Aaron and Nan Yanyan to spend Christmas in Rome. Seeing that Nan Yanyan and Nan Guanguan both wanted to go to Italy to play, Aaron agreed.

Nan Guanguan and Aaron’s matter had not been made public yet, so it was not convenient for Aaron to join in the fun with them for fear of being beaten.

After Aaron and the rest left, Aaron also decided to go to the Paris Makeup Academy to further his studies for a period of time. Before leaving, Aaron gave Han Zheng a red packet and looked at it.

Song Ci was still puzzled as to why Aaron was so generous this time. She opened the red packet and realized that it was a stack of RMB 5 or 10 yuan. Together, it was exactly 100 yuan, meaning that he would live a long life.

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After sending her friends off, the house instantly became much quieter.

At the end of the year, Han Zhan’s company was very busy. He stayed in Brussels for a few more days and waited for the meticulously selected baby nurse to officially start work before deciding to return to China.

That night before returning to the country, Han Zhan packed his own luggage. As he packed, he reminded Song Ci. “Don’t stay up too late. You have to sleep when the child is sleeping too. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to take it. Also, eat on time. Eat your fill and don’t be afraid of gaining weight.”

“If you really gain weight, I will go on a diet with you.”


Song Ci’s ears were filled with calluses. She covered her ears with her hands and shouted hysterically, “Brother Han, Han Zhan, Mr. Han, Boss Han! Can you stop talking? Even a mother can’t speak as much as you.”

Han Zhan placed the folded shirt into the box. He looked up at Song Ci helplessly and sighed. “I feel very sorry for leaving you here alone, so I wanted to remind you more.”

Song Ci suffered from depression when she had her first pregnancy. Even now, Han Zhan was still afraid. He was afraid that if he left, Song Ci would let her imagination run wild and would be depressed. That was why he spoke so much.

Song Ci took her fingers away from her ear and laid sideways on the bed. She said to Han Zhan, “I can understand if you want to work. After a while, when my wound is almost healed, I will come back. I am not a three-year-old child. I don’t have to be so worried.”

Han Zhan added. “I really want to spend New Year’s Day with you.”

“I’ll try to go back before New Year’s Day.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

After Han Zhan left, Song Ci’s life became slightly boring. Every day, she either practiced the piano or accompanied the child. Occasionally, she would video-call with Han Miao and Han Jun. Finally, when the incision was completely healed, it was already after Christmas.

Song Ci immediately flew back to the country with the child and arrived home the day before New Year’s Day. It was snowing when she returned to the country. Song Ci wrapped her down jacket tightly around the little guy and hid him in her arms.

After returning home and entering the heater room, Song Ci felt warmer.

Han Miao and Han Jun knew that their mother and brother would be returning home today. They couldn’t bear to go anywhere and waited at home. Once their mother returned home, the two daughters ran towards Song Ci.

“Mother!” Han Miao and Han Jun pounced on Song Ci and hugged her legs. Song Ci nearly lost her balance and was supported by Yan Qingxiu behind her.

Song Ci carried the child and said to Yan Qingxiu, “It’s been hard on you recently.”

Yan Qingxiu shook his head. “Not at all.” He stared at the sleeping baby boy in Song Ci’s arms and asked, “Can I hug him?”

Song Ci handed the child to Yan Qingxiu.

Yan Qingxiu hugged the child and took a look. He said, “This child is not simple. He will definitely be above others.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned, then told Yan Qingxiu, “His name is Han Zheng. His Great-Grandfather named him Han Lingyu. Sir, which path will this child take in the future?”

Song Ci’s question was obscure, but Yan Qingxiu smiled enigmatically. “Becoming an official means to care about the world.”

Song Ci was confident.

Han Jun pulled Yan Qingxiu’s hand and raised her face. “I want to see my younger brother.”

Yan Qingxiu hurriedly squatted down so that the two little sisters could observe their younger brothers. Han Zheng had been born for almost a month and his originally wrinkled little face had grown a lot. He looked chubby, fair, and tender. His eyelashes were long and adorable.

Han Miao reached out and poked Han Zheng’s face. She seemed to have thought of something and said something very frightening. She said, “So soft, so white, I really want to eat it.”

Han Jun tilted her head and looked at her elder sister. She told Han Miao very seriously, “You can’t eat people. It’s wrong to eat people…”

Han Miao pouted and defended herself. “I don’t want to eat him. I want to eat glutinous rice balls.” She placed her warm little hand on Han Zheng’s face and rubbed it. “Look, it looks like glutinous rice balls.”

Han Jun was skeptical. “Let me see.” She took Han Miao’s hand away and placed her own hand on it. Han Jun rubbed it hard and instantly woke Han Zheng up. A loud cry came from Han Zheng’s mouth. “Wah… Wah…”

Han Jun was so scared that she hurriedly retracted her hand. She stared at her wailing younger brother and frowned. “He’s not obedient and only knows how to cry. I don’t like him.”

Han Miao also disliked it very much. She said, “Too ugly. Not cute at all.”

Song Ci and Yan Qingxiu were speechless.

They were all children, so there was no need to despise each other.

With a little brother at home, he seemed to have become Han Miao and Han Jun’s little toy.

At night, after dinner, the two of them stopped playing with toys and reading picture books. After taking a shower, they surrounded Song Ci’s bed and looked at their sleeping brother from time to time.

Seeing that the girls were unwilling to leave, Song Ci knew that they actually wanted to stay with her for a while longer. She patted the big bed and said to Han Miao and Han Jun, “Miaomiao, Junjun, sleep with Mother tonight?”

Hearing this, the two little guys nodded vigorously and quickly climbed up to sit beside Song Ci.

Han Jun stared at Song Ci’s stomach and said, “Father said that Mother’s stomach is injured and asked us not to touch you.”

Han Miao also nodded. She asked Song Ci very innocently, “Mother, are we all born from your womb?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes, you all grew up in my stomach.”

Han Miao stared at Song Ci’s stomach and asked, “Then can we sleep in your stomach tonight?”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this question. “No way. When you guys grow up, Mother’s stomach won’t be able to hold you guys anymore.”

The two sisters nodded thoughtfully.

The quick-witted Han Miao suddenly stood up. She pulled down the zipper of her sleeping bag, touched her round and chubby stomach, and asked Song Ci, “Mother, is there a baby in my stomach? Is it a boy or a girl?”

This question was too difficult. Song Ci didn’t know how to reply.

Han Jun stared at her elder sister’s stomach and said firmly, “There are three babies.”

Han Miao said, “Wow, I’m so awesome.”

Song Ci was speechless at the children’s conversation.

Knock knock.

Song Ci heard the commotion and looked up at the exit of the master bedroom. She saw Han Zhan leaning against the partition door between the small bedroom and the master bedroom, smiling at the mother-son duo.

After not seeing Han Zhan for more than half a month, Song Ci realized that Han Zhan had lost a lot of weight and had forgotten to take off his glasses. “You’ve lost weight.”

Han Zhan strode over to the bed, lowered his head, kissed Song Ci’s forehead, and smiled. “You look thinner too.”

Song Ci was happy to hear this. She said, “I am controlling my diet.” Song Ci reached out and took off the glasses on Han Zhan’s nose. “I seldom see you wearing glasses.”

“I’ve been too busy with work recently. I kept socializing and holding meetings. I was so busy that I forgot to take it off.”

Han Zhan pushed Han Miao to the middle of the bed with one leg and laid down beside the bed. “I’ll sleep for a while first and spend more time with you tomorrow.” Han Zhan laid on the bed and heard Han Miao and Han Jun talking non-stop. He couldn’t fall asleep and finally ran to the guest room to sleep helplessly.

The next morning, Han Zhan woke up feeling refreshed.

He ran more than 10 laps around the track outside the racecourse before returning to the guest room to take a shower. After showering, he changed into the panda sweater that Song Ci knitted for him the year before and went to the master bedroom.

The children were already awake and went downstairs to eat. Song Ci was still sleeping, her face buried in the soft pillow. She slept especially soundly. Knowing that Song Ci was also tired, Han Zhan didn’t wake her up and went downstairs to accompany the children.

It was snowing yesterday and although the sun was high today, the ground was still wet and it was not convenient for them to go out to play.

Han Zhan had nothing to do, so he brought the children to the underground training ground and taught them archery.

Han Miao was not interested in archery and ran away after playing for a while. Han Jun was born to be a god of war and was very interested in these weapons. Under Han Zhan’s explanation and guidance, Han Jun quickly mastered archery skills.

The first arrow landed on the target. It was still a nine-ringed one. Han Zhan stared at the long arrow on the target and touched Han Jun’s head. He said, “I am proud of you.”

Han Jun looked up and smiled sweetly at Han Zhan.

The father and child played at the shooting range for more than an hour before going up.

At this moment, Song Ci had already woken up. She was wearing a windproof hat and carrying the baby as she sat in the courtyard basking in the sun for breakfast.

Seeing Han Zhan walk over with Han Jun, she scooped a wanton and fed it to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan opened his mouth to swallow the wanton when he heard Song Ci say, “I have an appointment with a photographer. After my confinement, let’s take a family photo.” After a pause, she added, “I want to wear a wedding gown.”

When Han Zhan heard the last three words, he recalled that they had not taken any formal wedding photos and felt rather apologetic.

Nodding, Han Zhan said, “Okay.”

Although Song Ci had lost some weight after giving birth, she was still much more voluptuous than before. She couldn’t even wear those high-end gowns anymore. Han Zhan was already prepared and bought several gorgeous wedding gowns from Paris in advance. They were all strap-on and weren’t picky about her figure.

It was a sunny day on the day of the photo shoot.

On this day, Han Zhan put on a black suit and tied a bow tie around his neck. He stared at the glove on his right hand for a long while before taking it off and walking out of the room.

He walked downstairs and saw his two obedient and beautiful daughters. The sisters were wearing champagne pink long-sleeved dresses and Hepburn-style leather shoes. Their hair was pulled up straight and they had bangs. They wore a small crown on their heads.

Buddha relied on clothes, and so did the lively Han Miao. She looked like a little princess.

Han Zheng, who was in Yan Qingxiu’s arms, had also been meticulously dressed. He was wearing the same custom-made suit as Han Zhan and looked very decent.

Han Zhan asked the Han sisters, “Where’s your mother?”

“Over here!”

Song Ci’s voice sounded from the cloakroom.

Song Ci had a huge three-story cloakroom. The cloakroom led from the master bedroom on the second floor to the basement. It was very luxurious and had an elevator and a spiral staircase inside. Song Ci’s jewelry, various shoes, bags, and high-end gowns were stored in the cloakroom.

At this moment, Song Ci was walking out of the lift.

She was wearing a champagne pink wedding gown with a tube top and a big skirt. She had long, glossy black hair and a castle-shaped crown on her head. She was wearing a diamond necklace with the same series as the crown.

Jewelry was amazing but not as eye-catching as the beauty.

After giving birth, Song Ci’s chest was even more impressive. Wearing a tube top wedding gown, she looked even more round, fair, and voluptuous. She lifted the hem of the dress in front of her and walked towards Han Zhan, her steps elegant and graceful. Han Zhan was stunned for a few seconds.

Until the children exclaimed, “It’s a princess!” Han Miao loved to play with Barbie dolls. She jumped up and clapped her hands. “My mother is a princess!”

Han Zhan snapped out of his trance and blushed.

They had already been married for three to four years, but he was still staring at Song Ci in a daze.

Song Ci lifted her dress and bowed to Han Zhan. She looked up and asked Han Zhan, “Am I beautiful, Your Majesty?”

Han Zhan’s ears were slightly red as he said softly, “Of course my queen is beautiful.”

Song Ci was very proud. She knew that even if she gained weight, she was still the most beautiful fat beauty. Song Ci said, “The photographer has already arrived. Don’t let him wait too long. Let’s go.”

Song Ci was about to leave when she heard Han Zhan say, “Wait.”

Song Ci stopped and looked down at Han Zhan in surprise. “What else?”

Han Zhan suddenly took a step back and knelt on one knee in front of Song Ci.

Song Ci looked at him in shock and saw that Han Zhan was holding a ring box. Song Ci blinked, then embarrassment, excitement, and all sorts of emotions surged towards her. Her eyes reddened and blurred.

“Han Zhan, what are you doing…” Song Ci looked around and saw that the helpers had stopped to watch the commotion. She was flustered.

“Song Ci, this time, it’s my turn to propose to you.” Han Zhan raised the ring and said, “Han Zhan, in the future, your right hand and your tie can only be touched by me. This is the confession you told me when you proposed to me.”

“In this world, there may be millions of women who are willing to tie my tie for me, but you are the only one who is willing to put on fake fingers for me. The first time I fell for you was from that moment onwards.”

Song Ci couldn’t even remember these words herself. She didn’t expect Han Zhan to remember them clearly.

Han Zhan opened the ring box and raised the ring awkwardly with the only three fingers on his right hand. He said, “My right hand is indeed incomplete, but my love for you is definitely complete.”

After a pause, Han Zhan smiled at Song Ci and said, “Song Ci, Brother Han has a lot of money and love. Are you willing to spend your entire life on my behalf and share my love?”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Is he flaunting his wealth or proposing?

She wiped her tears and laughed. “Alright, I will definitely try my best to spend all your money.”

Song Ci reached out her left hand and there was already a simple gold ring on it. That gold ring was the ring Song Ci used to propose to Han Zhan on the day of their marriage.

The 6.2-carat diamond ring that Han Zhan had given Song Ci at the wedding had already been kept by Song Ci and not worn easily. As this ring was worn everyday, there were many traces on it and it looked slightly old.

Han Zhan took off that gold ring and put the new custom-made ring on Song Ci’s ring finger.

The new ring was custom-made by Han Zhan and the chief designer of the beloved crown jewelry brand. The design of this ring was very simple, just a simple plain circle.

The ring looked like silver, but it was actually gold-plated and looked like silver. The longer this ring was worn, the silver would fade from the ring with the passing of time, and finally reveal pure gold.

Its meaning was very good—

When all the silver was removed and pure gold was revealed, the owner of this pair of wedding rings should also be white-haired and old.

Butler Cai walked in and stood behind Han Zhan. He lowered his head and asked, “Sir, the photographer is ready. He asked when to start?”


Although the sun was high in the sky, it was extremely cold outside, so they didn’t take any outdoor photos.

The Imperial Dragon Mountain Villa had long been selected as the most beautiful residence in Wangdong City. The starry dome of the villa’s main building was famous throughout the country, so the photographer decided to take a family photo for them indoors.

The photographer had very high requirements. He spent half a day taking photos that satisfied him.

After the family photo was fixed, the studio sent the photo to Han Zhan and Song Ci’s email.

After the lunch break, Han Zhan turned on his computer and saw the photo in the email. Han Zhan felt that the image of the family of five in the same frame was really pleasing to the eye. He couldn’t help but send one of the photos to his official Weibo account and wrote a rare love confession.

He wrote:

[August 10, 2020 is her birthday party. That was the first time I saw her in formal attire.

Holding the grape wine, she smiled at me. “Mr. Han, welcome.” When she smiled, her eyes were very beautiful, like the Milky Way in a transparent glass bottle.

At that time, I had a wishful thinking: I wanted to put that starry river in a glass bottle and put it in my pocket. No one was allowed to peek.

Later, I did.

Now that I am wild, I have even more delusions: Song Ci, I still want to spend the rest of my life with you.]

After posting on Weibo, Han Zhan didn’t care anymore and continued working.

After the work ended, he remembered and opened his cell phone to check the comments on Weibo. Once he opened the comments section, Han Zhan saw a comment that had the most likes.

Songsong, Song Ci: I am not your wishful thinking. You are my mortal dream.

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