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Chapter 462: The Secret of the Last Life

Song Ci slept the entire night and recovered well the next day. She found out about the fate of Tron and his daughter from Han Wangwang and was very satisfied!

“Give me my cell phone. I have to see the photo of this scum and his daughter being sent back to the country.” Although it was not good to hit someone when they were down, Song Ci liked to see Eliza suffer.

Han Wangwang said, “I’ll send you the link.”

Song Ci opened the news link that Han Wangwang had shared and saw the photo of the father-daughter pair being sent back to the country. In the photo, Idris and Eliza were covering their faces with their hands and looking down. Even if one couldn’t see their faces, one could tell that they looked dispirited like stray dogs.

Song Ci silently liked the report and comments before putting down her cell phone and asking Han Wangwang, “What is your little uncle doing?” Song Ci had been awake for quite a while and felt strange not seeing Han Zhan.

“The child was born much earlier than expected. Little Uncle went out to buy things for the child. Auntie Fei thought that their child would be born in another two months, so she brought Yan Jiang’s uncle along to seek scriptures.”

Hearing this, Song Ci facepalmed. “Wangwang, you are only a year younger than us. You keep calling me Auntie Fei and Yan Jiang’s little uncle. Why does it sound so strange to me?”

Han Wangwang stuck out her tongue and touched her nose. She smiled cutely and said, “I am young and there are older people calling the younger ones Uncle. I am not the most exaggerated.”

Song Ci shook her head and laughed.

“I’m hungry.”

Hearing that Song Ci was hungry, Han Wangwang hurriedly stood up and said, “The doctor said that you should eat lightly these few days. You can nourish your body in a few days. Auntie Fei made egg soup for you before she left. I’ll bring it over for you.”

As Han Wangwang spoke, she ran downstairs and brought the warm egg soup upstairs. Song Ci was so hungry that she could swallow a cow. When she saw the egg soup, she ate it vigorously.

She ate something and felt warm in her stomach.

The crib had yet to be bought and the child was temporarily sleeping on the same bed as Song Ci. The little guy’s face was still wrinkled but not as red as last night. He finally looked like a human.

Han Wangwang sat by the bed and played with the little guy. She smiled from time to time and said, “Little brother, call me elder sister. If you call me elder sister, I will give you candy.”

Song Ci couldn’t help laughing. She teased Han Wangwang. “You like children so much. Have a child with your Jiang Zhen.”

Han Wangwang blushed.

Embarrassed, she shifted her butt on the chair and said softly, “We are still young. There’s no hurry.”

Knowing that she was shy, Song Ci changed the topic. “How’s the wedding preparations?”

Han Wangwang said, “My mother is preparing at home. Wangdong City also has a wedding company. There’s no need for me to watch them.”

“Where’s the wedding photo? Have you taken it?”

“I did take the wedding photo, but the final product is not out yet.” Han Wangwang remembered that Song Ci and Han Zhan didn’t take the wedding photo when they got married. She asked Song Ci, “Little Aunt, why didn’t you take the wedding photo when you and Little Uncle got married?”

Song Ci and Han Zhan cohabiting to register their marriage was like pushing a duck into a rack. How could she have the time to take wedding photos? Song Ci naturally couldn’t tell Han Wangwang the truth. She said, “At that time, I felt that wedding photos were meaningless. When I slim down, I can take more wedding photos.”

Feeling that the word wedding photo was inappropriate, Song Ci changed her words. “It’s a family photo.”

Han Wangwang comforted her. “You can wear a wedding gown for your family photo.”

Han Wangwang didn’t have much experience in weddings and had many things she didn’t understand. She sat by the bed and learned from Song Ci. Song Ci had been married before and had also helped Aaron manage weddings. She had also been a bridesmaid for others in the past and knew all too well about weddings.

Han Wangwang had asked the right person.

The two of them chatted for a while before they heard a knock on the door.

Song Ci looked up at the door and saw Su Beibei leaning against it.

Su Beibei had put on some light makeup and looked very rosy. She was wearing a black line dress with a black lace collarbone. Her gothic style suited her very well.

Han Wangwang knew that Su Beibei and Song Ci had something to say. She excused herself by saying that she was going to call Jiang Zhen and left.

After Han Wangwang left, Su Beibei walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed, sizing up Song Ci’s complexion. Last night, Song Ci had suffered a huge blow after giving birth. She still looked very pale.

Su Beibei sat by Song Ci’s bed and held her hand. She asked tenderly, “Song Song, are you feeling okay?”

Song Ci answered, “I feel okay, just that the wound hurts a little.” Thinking that Su Beibei had also experienced a surgery more than a month ago, she asked Su Beibei, “How is your wound recovering? Actually, you shouldn’t have come. It’s too tiring to go with them.” Song Ci was worried that Su Beibei’s body couldn’t take it.

Su Beibei said, “I’m not tired. I promised to attend your championship night and won’t go back on my word.” On the day Song Ci left for Belgium, Su Beibei was also discharged from the hospital. The auntie at home took good care of her for a month. She had recovered quite well.

Song Ci asked her again, “Did you meet Li Li after that?”

“We have a child and there will always be a chance to meet. Moreover, I feel that he hasn’t given up on me and refuses to let go. He always finds an opportunity to appear in front of me.”

Su Beibei’s expression was slightly complicated at the mention of Li Li.

Song Ci looked at her meaningfully and couldn’t help asking, “Beibei, do you still want to remarry him?”

When Su Beibei heard this question, she was silent for a moment before saying, “Li Li is like an itchy pimple on the soles of my feet. It scratches and itches. I finally made up my mind to cut off that itchy pimple. I would rather have a scar on the bottom of my feet slowly heal than let that itchy pimple grow back.”

She pinched Song Ci’s hand and hammered it on her lap. She sighed. “One has to look forward.”

Song Ci frowned and asked her, “Then how long will it take for this scar to recover?”

“Maybe half a year, maybe a year. If a year doesn’t work, just two years. As for scars, there will definitely be a day when they recover.” Su Beibei smiled at Song Ci in relief. She said, “While Neil is still young, I plan to bring Neil out for a holiday when I recover. We will settle down after Neil starts studying.”

“Alright.” Going out to relax was good for mental recovery. “Then what are you planning to do in the future? Continue writing novels and scripts?”

Su Beibei said, “I plan to set up a studio to raise a group of talented new screenwriters to chase after dreams together.”

The two best friends chatted for a while before they heard the sound of a car downstairs. Su Beibei said, “It must be Mr. Han and the rest returning.”

Su Beibei got up and walked to the window. She looked down at the garage and saw Han Zhan alighting from the car and walking to the trunk to pick up something.

“Your Mr. Han is back.” Su Beibei turned around, looked at Song Ci, and said, “Neil is alone at home. I’m worried. I’ll go back today and go to the airport later. Song Song, take good care of yourself.”

“Is it that urgent?”

“Mmm, Li Li and I just got divorced. That child is sensitive. I’m afraid he’ll let his imagination run wild if I leave for too long.”

“Alright, I’ll get the driver to send you there.”


Originally, Su Beibei was the only one who planned to leave, but when Han Wangwang heard that Su Beibei was returning to the country, she also decided to go with her. She had applied for leave from the office this time and time was tight, so she decided to go back with Su Beibei.

At lunch, Han Zhan brought the washed and dried baby clothes to the room and prepared to bathe the baby. Having raised two children, Han Zhan was considered experienced in doing these things.

He took off his windbreaker jacket, pushed the sleeves of his shirt to his elbow joint, took a towel, and went to the bathroom to water. Song Ci’s wound was hurting badly today and she couldn’t get down. She tilted her head and looked at Han Zhan busy in the bathroom, feeling that Han Zhan was also handsome and charming just by putting water in.

Is an old man charming in everything he does?

Han Zhan put down the water and walked to the bed. “I carried him to take a shower.”


Last night, Song Ci gave birth just like that. She didn’t even have the time to prepare clothes for the child. After the child was born, he put on Han Zhan’s tight thermal shirt.

Han Zhan was already old and focused on maintaining his health. Once it was late autumn, he would forget to put on a thermal bra under his clothes. Otherwise, the child could only wrap a towel around himself.

Han Zhan took off the child’s clothes and pulled open the child’s diapers. He saw that there was a black fetal urinal inside. He frowned and said in disdain, “This kid pooped.”

Song Ci teased him. “It’s already merciful of him not to pee on your face.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Han Zhan saw the little guy’s little thing jump. Then, a bent and warm urine sprayed onto Han Zhan’s face.

Han Zhan was speechless.

For a moment, Han Zhan felt hopeless.

Song Ci was stunned for a moment before she started to chuckle. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed wildly. “Aiyo, Han Zhan, your son is too amazing. God sent him to treat you!”


Song Ci laughed so hard that her wound started to hurt. She gently touched the wound. “Ouch, my wound hurts.”

Han Zhan covered Song Ci’s mouth. “Don’t laugh.”

Song Ci wanted to stop, but when she saw the urine rolling down Han Zhan’s face, she couldn’t help laughing.

Han Zhan carried the child to the bathroom and allowed Song Ci to tease him non-stop.

When Han Zhan turned around and she couldn’t see his face, Song Ci stopped smiling.

Han Zhan placed the child on his lap and washed the little guy’s butt before placing him in the bathtub.

Han Zhan used his wide left hand to hold the child’s little head and shoulders. His thumb and ring finger pressed on the child’s ear to prevent the warm water from entering it.

He wiped his face with his wet right hand before picking up the towel with his only three fingers and carefully bathing the child.

The little guy was still obedient and didn’t cry.

After taking a shower, Han Zhan still had to apply touch oil to the child for infant care, but he didn’t know how to do this. He completed it under Song Ci’s guidance the entire time.

After the touch, Han Zhan put on the child’s diapers and clothes and gently placed him beside Song Ci.

The little guy was hungry. He narrowed his eyes and cried softly like a kitten. Han Zhan heard his cries and was filled with fatherly love. He reminded Song Ci, “The child is hungry and needs milk. Baby Ci, quickly feed him.”

Song Ci felt a headache coming on. “I’m not a milk cow.” Although she said that, she still turned over and unbuttoned her shirt to feed the child.

Han Zhan sat on the stool beside him and folded the child’s clothes. As he worked, he said, “The child’s name is Han Zheng. What do you think?” This was something they had thought of long ago.

Song Ci had no objections. “It’s quite good.” The three siblings’ names were all two words and should be neat.

“Grandpa gave him the word Lingyu in hopes that this child would surpass him in the future.” Han Zhan chuckled and said, “But there’s no chance of surpassing my grandfather.”

Song Ci boasted. “Perhaps your son will become the president in the future.”

Han Zhan raised his brows and stared at the little guy. Hearing the little guy’s throat rumble as he drank milk, he sneered. “Him? He’s just a weakling and still wants to be the president. I think he’s more like a rice bucket.”

Song Ci was speechless.

“Who says that about their own children?”

Han Zhan shut his mouth.

That urine successfully cut off Han Zhan’s love for the little cubs. He thought of the scene when Han Miao and Han Jun just gave birth and couldn’t help sighing. “Miaomiao and Junjun weren’t as good at eating as him back then. Look at him. He can do anything. He’s first in food.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci could already imagine the scene of father and son quarreling in the future.

The 8th of December was the awards ceremony. The day before the awards ceremony, the organizing committee released an announcement on the INS website, announcing that they would disqualify the player from Country Y, Eliza, and blacklist her forever. Eliza was 25 years old this year, which meant that she also could not participate in the competition four years later.

As Song Ci had yet to recover from her delivery, she couldn’t attend the award ceremony personally.

So when the host announced that Song Ci was the champion, Shen Yubei, who was sitting in the audience, stood up.

Under everyone’s surprised gazes, Shen Yubei walked onto the stage.

Shen Yubei had won this award when he was 19 years old. He found it rather interesting to stand on stage again to receive it for his good disciple.

Shen Yubei took the microphone and explained. “Our champion is unable to attend the event due to his health. He can only entrust me, her teacher, to receive the award.”

Hearing this explanation, everyone looked shocked.

Shen Yubei is Song Ci’s teacher?

Why didn’t Song Ci reveal this information before?

The emcee also had doubts and couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Shen, are you Song Ci’s teacher? Why didn’t you guys reveal this before?”

Shen Yubei smiled slightly. His answer was intriguing. “Because Song Ci needs everyone to acknowledge her capabilities, not whose disciple she is.”

Hearing Shen Yubei’s words, everyone couldn’t help thinking of Irisa. No matter what competition she participated in, Eliza would always show off her father’s name. Comparing Eliza and Song Ci, the better one was obvious.

The host nodded and agreed with Shen Yubei’s answer. “Mr. Shen is right. Now that Song Ci has won the championship, isn’t Mr. Shen very proud of her?”

Shen Yubei nodded. “Of course. She has always been my pride, be it in the past or now.” From the moment Song Ci decided to kneel in front of his house again three years ago, she had become Shen Yubei’s greatest pride.

The guest presenting the award was the organizer, the queen of this country.

The Queen was also a violin enthusiast, but instruments were not something that you could play to the highest level just because you liked it. It also depended on talent.

The Queen’s musical talent was not as good as Shen Yubei’s. As a result, she did not achieve any proud results in the music industry, but this did not stop her from admiring and sponsoring these music lovers’ dreams.

When Shen Yubei was 19 years old and stood on stage to receive the award, it was also this queen who gave him the award. At that time, the queen was not even 30 years old. Now, the queen’s sideburns were slightly white and two to three wrinkles had grown at the corners of her eyes.

The queen in a blue dress was even more elegant than when she was young.

Seeing Shen Yubei, the Queen also felt emotional. She said, “Dear Yubei, I am very honored to be able to give you another award. Who would have thought that after 30 years, we would actually meet on the same stage again? This is a miracle.”

Shen Yubei held the 250,000 Euros medal and smiled at the Queen. “Dear Queen, it is now the world of young people. I am honored to be able to stand here and receive the award on behalf of the young generation.”

“Your disciple is very outstanding. I’ve seen every performance of hers. I have to say that she is a musician with more talent and potential than you. I believe that under the leadership of this group of young people, music will definitely grow and flow endlessly.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Queen stood beside Shen Yubei and took photos with all the winners.

After the award ceremony ended, Shen Yubei immediately called Song Ci to inform her about winning the championship.

Song Ci was very excited. She shouted at Han Zhan, who was working. “Han Zhan, I am the champion!”

Han Zhan left his desk, walked to the bed, reached out his left hand, stroked Song Ci’s bird’s nest hair, smiled, and said, “Congratulations, world champion.”

“Thank you!” Song Ci unlocked her cell phone and said to Han Zhan, “I’ve won the championship now. I’ve decided to modify my Weibo verified information.”

Song Ci’s personal verification stated that she was the female lead of the movie “Le Chi” and a fashion blogger. Her personal introduction wrote “Zeus International’s lady boss, Song Ci”!

Now that Song Ci had become the world champion, she felt that her previous information was not up to standard. She naturally had to modify it.

Song Ci changed her profile to—

Queen Elizabeth’s international violin competition champion, Song Ci.

After changing, Song Ci smiled at Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, I am finally a violinist!” Becoming a violinist was Song Ci’s true dream. Now that her dream had been fulfilled, Song Ci’s smile was even more radiant and lovely than a flower.

Han Zhan looked at her little smile and his eyes softened. “Mmm, you’re very capable.”

Song Ci reached out her hand to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan pretended to be puzzled. “What?”

Song Ci tilted her head and asked him, “Han Zhan, where’s my gift?”

Han Zhan smiled and took out a cheque from his pocket. He handed it to Song Ci and said shamelessly, “You don’t lack anything. I don’t know what to give you either. Then let’s be more vulgar and just give you a cheque.”

Song Ci looked down at the number on the cheque. One, ten million!

Song Ci sized up the signature style and seal on the cheque and asked thoughtfully, “Han Zhan, this signature is real, right? It can’t be fake…”

Han Zhan couldn’t help but abuse Song Ci. He picked up the pillow and hammered her head gently.

After punching, Han Zhan hugged his pillow and scolded her. “Little heartless!”

This operation did not look like a successful 35-year-old but like an exasperated young man.

Song Ci confirmed that the cheque was real and felt as happy as if fireworks exploded in her heart. Song Ci folded the cheque into a heart shape and stuck it closest to her chest. She murmured. “This is the first time I received such a big cheque. I have to feel it.”


Song Ci fell asleep hugging the check. In the middle of the night, the child woke her up due to hunger. She got Han Zhan to turn on the wall lamp and sat up to feed the child in a daze.

She was really very sleepy. Worried that she would fall asleep and that the child would choke on milk, Song Ci woke Han Zhan up. “Han Zhan, look after the child. I am really sleepy.”

Song Ci closed her eyes and really fell asleep while breastfeeding the child.

After the child was full, Han Zhan gently carried the child back to the crib. It was not loud, but it woke Song Ci up.

Song Ci rubbed her eyes. “I really fell asleep?”

“Mmm, you’re too tired.”

Song Ci was really tired. She said, “I’ll sleep then.” Song Ci slept until dawn.

Han Zhan was not in the room and left a note saying that he had sent Song Fei and the rest to the airport.

They were all people with jobs and had to return to China.

Song Ci got up and went to the toilet. When she looked up after washing her hands, she saw the disheveled woman in the mirror and was instantly jolted awake!

I am Song Ci!

How can I be without an image!

Look at that chicken coop head and that haggard face. Have I been using this face to show others these few days?

Han Zhan even kissed me last night. How can he do it?

Song Ci was shocked. She hurriedly picked up the facial cleanser and washed her face before applying all sorts of expensive skincare products.

Song Ci asked the doctor to wash her hair again. Only after some fuss was Song Ci satisfied.

She returned to bed and laid down. She pressed her head against the pillow and rubbed it. Only then did she realize that there was something hard under the pillow.

What is it?

Song Ci removed the pillow curiously and saw a gift bag hidden under it.

Did Han Zhan prepare this for me?

Song Ci opened the gift bag and saw a piece of paper with bold handwriting.

A congratulatory gift to the champion—Zhan.

Song Ci opened the small gift box with anticipation. She thought that there would be antique jewelry inside, but to her surprise, there was a letter inside.

Song Ci couldn’t tell if she should be disappointed or shocked.

What kind of gift is a letter?

Of course, if it was a love letter, she was still willing to accept it.

Song Ci opened the envelope with the mood of reading a love letter.

Opening the letter, Song Ci saw Han Zhan’s handwriting. His handwriting was very easy to recognize. It was written with a fountain pen. Every stroke was filled with Han Zhan’s personal style, as sharp as an ice blade.

It read:

Song Ci, I have a secret in my heart. I decided to tell you today.

In the Mo Family, I not only thought of my previous life 600 years ago, I also thought of something else.

You never told me that in your marriage with Cheng Ziang, you not only knew me, but we were also close friends. You also never told me that before you died, you asked the doctor to donate your cornea to me.

Song Ci, you must not know why I want to regain my sight so badly. I just want to see you.

When the surgery was successful and I finally saw the light again, I knew that you were already dead and your eyes had become my eyes. How painful was my heart?

I would rather be blind my entire life than let you die.

After you died, Yan Jiang and I worked together to destroy Chao Yang Company and Chuan Dong International. I made Mu Qiu die for you, made Cheng Yanmo go bankrupt, and made Cheng Ziang die without a burial place! But the only person I really want is you.

I still have a secret I haven’t told you, but I want to tell you myself.

Song Ci was shocked after reading this letter.

Han Zhan actually recalled his previous life!

He actually kept it from me and never revealed it! Is this person’s mouth made of clamshell?

Near noon, Song Ci heard Han Zhan returning home.

She slowly walked to the window, opened it, leaned against the windowsill, and shouted at Han Zhan in the courtyard downstairs, “Han Zhan!”

Han Zhan was talking to the bodyguard when he heard Song Ci’s voice. He looked up at her.

Han Zhan still didn’t know that Song Ci had already seen that letter. He waved at Song Ci and said, “Are you hungry? I’ll bring you food immediately.”

Song Ci stared at him with a complicated expression.

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t answer, Han Zhan frowned and asked loudly, “What’s the matter?”

He pretended to enter the house and go upstairs, but he heard Song Ci say, “Do you have a secret that you haven’t told me yet?” After her rebirth, from the moment she saw Han Zhan, Song Ci had been guessing what that secret was.

But at that time, Han Zhan didn’t know anything about his previous life, so Song Ci didn’t ask.

Now that the opportunity had come, how could Song Ci miss it?

When Han Zhan heard her words, it was obvious that he was shocked.

He understood that Song Ci had already seen that letter. He stood on the grass in the courtyard, placed a hand in his pocket, looked up, and gazed lovingly at Song Ci with his gray-blue eyes.

That gaze was very greedy and serious, like a blind person who had regained his light and seen his beloved woman for the first time.

“That secret is…” Han Zhan hesitated for a moment and actually blushed. He said very softly,” Miss Song, Zeus Corporation still lacks a lady boss. Are you willing to be my lady boss? ”

Song Ci didn’t seem to hear him clearly. She purposely raised her voice and said, “What? The wind is too strong, I didn’t hear you clearly!”

The wind is too fucking strong!

Han Zhan gave up all face. He placed his hands in front of his lips and acted like a trumpet. He shouted at the top of the stairs, “Miss Song, Zeus Corporation still lacks a lady boss. Are you willing to be my lady boss?”

This was the secret that Han Zhan had hidden from Song Ci in his previous life.

He wanted Song Ci to be his lady boss.

Song Ci heard it clearly this time.

She didn’t eat candy, but her mouth was filled with the taste of honey. It was so sweet that even she couldn’t stand it.

“Alright, I’ll be your lady boss.”

Hearing Song Ci’s reply, Han Zhan finally smiled. He looked at Song Ci carefully and said softly, “Lady boss, you are so beautiful.”

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