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Chapter 460: I Admit That I am the Scum of the Music World! (14)

Realizing that Song Ci had given birth prematurely, Han Zhan ignored everything and rushed home with Song Ci in his arms.

The doctor had already received a call and was waiting sternly at home.

Song Ci was placed on the bed. The doctor checked her condition and told Han Zhan, “She indeed has contractions, but it’s still open in public. I’ll give the child a fetal heart care first.”

The doctor performed a cesarean section for the child and noticed that the child’s heartbeat was slightly weak. Worried that something might happen, he decided to perform a cesarean section for Song Ci.

During the surgery, Han Zhan accompanied Song Ci the entire time and held her hand tightly. The anesthesia quickly took effect and the doctor cut Song Ci’s abdomen. Han Zhan saw the doctor reach into Song Ci’s stomach to get the child. He, who was used to such grand occasions, actually had trembling legs.

The doctor quickly took out the child. It was a boy of medium height with blood mixed with some amniotic fluid on his body.

The midwife cut the child’s umbilical cord, wrapped the child in pure cotton gauze, weighed him on the weight scale, and told Han Zhan and Song Ci, “The baby is six catties and one tael.”

Song Ci had originally wanted to try giving birth naturally, so she had been minding her diet during the third trimester, so the child was not strong.

Song Ci heard the child’s loud cry and knew that he was a healthy little guy. She and Han Zhan were both relieved. The midwife checked the child’s body and confirmed that he was a healthy baby. She asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, do you want to hug the child?”

The doctor had already retrieved the placenta for Song Ci and was about to close the incision. Han Zhan didn’t dare to look at the terrifying scene and walked over to hug the child.

He waited for the doctor to close the wound before handing the child to Song Ci’s face for them to meet. Song Ci saw that the little boy’s wrinkled face was big and said weakly, “He’s even uglier than when his sisters were just born.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “It’s said that the uglier a child is, the better they will look when they grow up.”

Song Ci was in good spirits and joked with Han Zhan. “Then when we were born, we were definitely ugly.”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was still energetic and felt relieved. He hugged the child with one hand and held Song Ci’s hand with the other. He said, “It’s been hard on you. Rest well from now on and don’t worry about anything else.”

“Now that the competition is over, I don’t need to worry about anything else. If I win the award, I will ask Teacher to help me receive it.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Song Ci needed to rest. Han Zhan placed the child with Song Ci and waited for her to fall asleep before walking out of the delivery room. Everyone gathered in the living room on the second floor. They had already heard from the midwife that Song Ci and her son were safe.

Seeing Han Zhan come out, Su Beibei and Huanyan congratulated him.

Aaron, that miser, sat beside Nan Yanyan and counted the money. He said, “I gave your son a red packet. Don’t think it’s too little.”

After Aaron finished speaking, Su Huanyan, Su Beibei, Han Wangwang, and the rest took out the red packets that they had already prepared.

Han Zhan didn’t stand on ceremony with them and accepted their red packets.

He sent the red packet back to the master bedroom before returning to the living room to call Song Fei and Yan Jiang away.

The three of them arrived at the living room on the first floor. Han Zhan turned and asked Yan Jiang, “Is the test results out?”

Yan Jiang nodded and told Han Zhan, “We detected Misoprostol in Songsong’s thermos flask. It’s a type of catalyst. In clinical cases, most people use this medicine to induce miscarriage.”

Hearing the words “induce miscarriage”, Han Zhan’s eyes instantly turned ruthless. “Damn it!” He punched the sofa, suppressed his anger, and asked Yan Jiang, “Is such a forced induction dangerous for pregnant women and babies?”

“Of course it is. Before the fetus reaches a normal date of delivery, it is very likely that it will cause pregnant women to have difficulty giving birth and the fetal uterus will suffocate.”

Song Fei frowned. “Han Zhan, Eliza is killing someone.”

Eliza’s original intention might have been to urge Song Ci to give birth and make her stomach ache so that she couldn’t persist in the competition. But she didn’t expect this medicine to also cause Song Ci to have a difficult delivery and die in her womb!

Han Zhan immediately picked up the phone and called Sicilio.

Sicilio answered the call and told Han Zhan, “Song Ci’s guess is right. Eliza really fed her catalyst medicine. I have already punished that Eliza. Her apology video has already been sent to INS. I believe that after this incident, she will become a smelly rat in the music world and be scolded by everyone. The organizing committee will also disqualify her.”

After hearing Sicilio’s words, Han Zhan’s anger didn’t subside. He told Sicilio, “Yan Jiang told me that if we use Misoprostol to forcefully induce labor, it’s very likely to cause Song Ci to have a difficult labor and the terrifying consequences of the baby dying in the womb. Eliza nearly killed Song Ci and her son!”

Hearing this, Sicilio’s face darkened. “Are you serious?”


Sicilio instantly opened his crossed legs, opened the car door, and alighted. He looked up at the small bungalow opposite and sneered. “Then we can’t let her off too easily!”

Han Zhan knew that Sicilio wouldn’t let Eliza off, so he hung up.

In the music hall, Idris and the rest of the audience had mostly left and didn’t see his daughter, Eliza, come out. He entered the backstage and searched around. He found his daughter’s handbag and cell phone in the lounge, but he didn’t see her. He felt strange.

Where is she?

Idris pulled a staff member and asked him, “Did you see Eliza?”

The staff didn’t know either. He told Idris, “I didn’t see Eliza. Didn’t she leave early?”

“She didn’t leave!” Idris waved his cell phone and said, “I called her. Her phone is in the lounge, but she’s gone.”

The staff said again, “Perhaps she went to the toilet?”

“I’ll go take a look.” Idris had never gone to the toilet to look for her.

Idris released the staff and went to the female toilet. Idris stood outside the female toilet and shouted, “Eliza, are you in the toilet?”

There was no response from the toilet.

Idris shouted a few more times, but there was no response from Eliza. Only then did Idris turn and leave.

His daughter’s cell phone and bag were still in the lounge, so she must not be home yet. Moreover, they had previously agreed to call his wife out for a drink after the competition.

Idris called his wife and asked, “Is Eliza back?”

His wife was puzzled and asked Idris, “Isn’t Eliza with you?”

Idris exclaimed softly, “God, Eliza might be missing.”

“Oh my god, quickly call the police!”

Afraid that something would happen to Eliza, Idris listened to his wife’s suggestion and hurriedly called the police. The police quickly arrived at the competition venue to get to know Idris better.

Knowing that all of Eliza’s belongings were still there, but that she was no longer there, they decided to check the surveillance footage. A group of people crossed the corridor to the surveillance room.

After walking for a while, Idris was suddenly stopped by the commander of the orchestra, Cyrus. “Idris, what are you doing?”

Idris said anxiously to Cyrus, “Cyrus, my daughter, Eliza, disappeared after the competition. I suspect she’s missing. The police are helping me investigate her whereabouts.”

Hearing this, Cyrus stared at Idris strangely. “Don’t you know?”

“What should I know?” Idris felt strange and stopped to ask Cyrus, “Cyrus, why are you looking at me like that? Do you know where Eliza went?”

Cyrus took out his cell phone and said, “Idris, you better log in to INS and see your daughter’s account. She posted a video a few minutes ago.”

Hearing this, the police and Idris took out their phones to see what video Eliza had posted on INS.

They opened Eliza’s account and saw that she had posted a video eight minutes ago. Idris opened the video and saw Eliza sitting on a stool. She said to the camera with tears streaming down her face,

“Hi, my friends, I am Eliza. I am participating in Queen Elizabeth’s international violin competition. Here, I must reveal something to everyone. It is a very terrible, absurd, and unbelievable thing. As I was afraid of losing to my opponent, I did a very immoral thing to the young violinist from China, Cherry Song Ci. I bribed the backstage staff and secretly put catalysts into Cherry’s thermos to prevent her from performing the finals in advance.”

“But Song Ci was very strong. She still insisted on completing the performance despite the pain in her stomach. After the competition ended, Cherry was sent to the hospital by her husband. Luckily, the mother and son were safe. I deeply recognized my mistake. I felt guilty for nearly killing Song Ci and the child in her womb. I admit that I am the scum of the music world!”

The video was only three minutes long, but the content revealed was shocking.

After watching this video, the police, Cyrus, all the staff, judges, and some of the audience looked at Idris in disbelief.

Idris held his cell phone and felt his face burning.

He felt embarrassed!

He felt utterly ashamed!

He hated himself for not being a mouse and not escaping by digging a hole!

The police officer shrugged and said to Idris, “It seems that your daughter is not missing and can still harm people. I think she is very safe.”

The police kept their phones and prepared to leave.

Idris grabbed the police officer’s arm again and said with a red face, “You can’t just leave like this. Can’t you see that my daughter is being threatened? She must be very dangerous now!”

“I beg you, save my daughter!”

The police officer asked Idris, “How did you know that your daughter is in a dangerous situation? I think her apology is sincere.”

The police had no sympathy for a woman like Eliza, who would even harm a pregnant woman to win.

Hearing the police’s words, Idris instinctively said, “Isn’t it obvious? If no one forced her to do something, would she foolishly apologize?”

When Idris roared, several disdainful gazes landed on him.

Before the police officer could speak, Cyrus sneered and said mockingly, “From Mr. Trun’s words, it seems like you are very experienced in this.” Cyrus’ address of Idris changed from name to sir. It could be seen how much he hated Idris.

The judges standing behind Cyrus also looked at Idris with strange expressions. This reminded them of the incident many years ago when Idris and Jiang Shifeng plagiarized. Idris didn’t look like a person who should have works that were worthy of being plagiarized at all. Instead, he looked like a plagiarist.

Only then did Idris realize that his words were inappropriate.

He stomped his feet and said anxiously to the police, “Anyway, I suspect that my daughter is in an unpredictable danger. You are the police. Please help me save my daughter.”

The police officer nodded. “It’s our responsibility to save someone.”

They were about to go to the surveillance room to look for a photo to investigate the route taken by Eliza when Idris’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He picked up his cell phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar call. He was about to hang up when the police officer said, “Answer it. Perhaps it’s a threatening call from a bad person.”

Idris thought for a moment and felt that the police’s words made sense. He answered the call.

The call went through and Idris heard an English voice with an Italian accent. “Hello, Idris. Are you struggling to find your daughter now?”

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