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Chapter 459: Song Ci Gave Birth Early (13)

The staff sent Coleman to the piano. Coleman reached for a stool and sat down slowly. Although his movements were slow, his bearing was calm and unhurried. There was no hint of panic that a blind person should have.

After Coleman sat down, he turned to the audience and nodded in greeting.

There was thunderous applause!

They applauded Coleman for overcoming his illness and returning to the stage!

Coleman was wearing a hearing aid and heard some applause. He became excited. He loved this stage and the piano in front of him. It felt great to return to the stage.

Coleman sat up straight and placed his hands gently on the piano keys.

This was Coleman’s first time on the big stage after being handicapped. He felt slightly nervous. It was only when a hand patted his shoulder gently that Coleman felt Song Ci’s trust and encouragement. He muttered in his heart a few times. “I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m very good. I’m very okay.”

After repeatedly hinting to himself, Coleman gradually calmed down.

Song Ci’s stomach hurt over and over again. She secretly leaned her waist against the three-legged piano and felt a little more dependable. Only then did she feel much more at ease.

Coleman moved his hand and his fingertips landed. Every piano key emitted a sonorous sound. Together, they were filled with a decisive aura!

Coleman used facts to prove his strength to everyone! Even if he was blind or deaf, he was still the king of the piano!

At the same time, Song Ci also raised her bow and landed on her violin. In a second, Song Ci’s expression turned solemn. In an instant, a majestic tune filled the entire venue!

Hearing the sound of the violin, everyone felt their scalps tingle. It was as if their spiritual perception had been lifted.

They were clearly sitting in the concert hall, but they felt as if they had transmigrated back to the ancient battlefield and were in the center of the battle. They were surrounded by warriors. All of them were roaring and shouting as they ran towards the enemy’s camp without hesitation.

They raised their long sabers, pulled up their bows, and risked their lives to protect their country and their families!

Even a music idiot like Han Zhan had goosebumps all over his body after hearing Song Ci’s music. Beside him, the moment Eliza heard this majestic tune, she knew that she had lost.

Song Ci’s “God of War Concerto” was inspired by Nangong Xian’s experience six hundred years ago when she was fighting in the border. She had guarded the border and seen too much hatred from the countries. She had fought a life and death battle with her back against the wall.

And there was once such a General Rong Di. He led 20,000 soldiers to fight against the Nangong Army and was completely wiped out. He stood in the middle of the battlefield filled with corpses and held his sword, fighting all the way to the last moment!

His name was Slaughterna. He was Nangong Xian’s most respected opponent!

In the end, Slaughterna died under Nangong Xian’s Sun Chasing Arrow. After he died, Nangong Xian didn’t cut off his head to go back and claim the credit. She left Slaughterna with an intact corpse and buried him under a big tree outside the city that he had risked his life to protect.

Under the joint performance of Song Ci and Coleman, everyone seemed to see a powerful God of War leading 20,000 iron soldiers to fight bravely and desperately!

They roared, shouted, and slaughtered desperately to protect their country!

But immediately after, the vibe of the music suddenly changed from heroic and domineering to sorrowful and desolate. Everyone seemed to have seen this scene. The tall and exhausted general led his subordinates to fight until dawn. In the end, they were outnumbered and were defeated tragically! The general stood on the battlefield of mountains of corpses and people, looking at the blood-soaked and devastated territory.

He hated, hated the cruelty of war!

His precious troops were all wiped out!

In the end, he drew his sword and roared as he fought until the last moment of his life, until he was shot to death by a long arrow!

The music stopped and the tragic scene in front of her shattered.

They were brought back to the real world.

Only then did everyone realize that what they saw was just an illusion. When they woke up and looked at the stage, Coleman and Song Ci had already stopped playing.

The two of them stood side by side at the piano and were bowing to thank them.

After a momentary daze, everyone stood up and clapped hard to pay their respects to the most exciting performance in the history of this competition!

Hearing the thunderous applause, a relaxed smile finally appeared on Song Ci’s face.

That smile was like a hundred flowers blooming. It was a scene of victory in the world.

Song Ci held Coleman’s hand and bowed to the audience again.

The two of them held hands and walked towards the exit. As they walked, Song Ci felt heat flowing down her legs. She hesitated for a moment, picked up her skirt, and looked down. Only then did she realize that there were three to four bloodstains on her fair legs!

Song Ci gasped.

Holding the violin, she glanced at Han Zhan below the stage, her eyes filled with fear and horror.

“Han Zhan…”

Song Ci heard her own thunderous heartbeat and her head was buzzing non-stop.

Han Zhan had been paying attention to Song Ci’s every move. He realized that Song Ci had stopped and reached out to lift up her skirt. Han Zhan instantly looked under Song Ci’s skirt. Seeing the thick bloodstains on Song Ci’s legs, Han Zhan jumped up from his seat and ran onto the stage like a gust of wind. Under the puzzled gazes of all the judges and audience, he carried Song Ci and ran down the stage.

“Who is this person!”

The host, who was standing beside Han Zhan just now, also noticed Song Ci’s sudden situation. She hurriedly went on stage to control the situation and explained, “Dear audience and judges, perhaps it was because Cherry’s performance was too exciting just now. The baby in her stomach can’t wait to come out and meet her mother. Cherry will definitely give birth to a smart and lively baby. Let’s wish the mother and son safe.”

Hearing the host’s explanation, everyone realized that Song Ci was about to give birth. That man was going to send her to the hospital to give birth!

“Heavens, there’s actually such a thing.”

“This child is amazing. He will definitely be a musical genius in the future.”

The audience and the judges were all wishing Song Ci and her son well, but Eliza, who was sitting below the stage, was stunned. Was that medicine… really that effective?

After the performance, Eliza went on stage to accept the judges’ comments.

After the review, she carried the violin and was about to return backstage. Just as she got off the stage, she was blocked by Song Ci’s personal bodyguard.

Eliza realized that they had come with ill intentions. She hugged her violin tightly and asked them warily, “What are you doing?”

The two bodyguards grabbed Eliza’s arm, covered her mouth with tape, and secretly brought her out of the competition.

The bodyguard followed the instructions and threw Eliza into a black limousine.

She staggered to the ground and struggled to sit up. She looked up and saw a man with folded legs sitting in front of her. A black embroidered shirt covered the man’s strong and tall body. His gray-blue eyes that were very similar to Han Zhan’s were filled with coldness.

His blonde hair was very short. He used the hair gel to scratch out a hairstyle that was obviously not to be trifled with.

The man’s long legs were crossed and the tip of his shoe was about to touch Eliza’s nose.

Eliza studied the man in horror. She noticed that the man’s hands, which were resting between his legs, were playing with something. She glanced at it curiously, but before she could see it clearly, the man raised the toy in his hand.

It was a black and cold pistol!

Eliza’s eyes widened.


Eliza wanted to speak, but her mouth was gagged and she couldn’t speak at all.

Sicilio raised his gun and aimed it at Eliza’s beautiful green eyes. He warned her in Italian with English mixed in. “Bitch, if anything happens to my sister and the child in her stomach, you won’t be able to walk out of my car alive today.”

Eliza could understand Italian. What else could she not understand when she heard this?

It was obvious that this big boss, who was not to be trifled with, was actually Song Ci’s elder brother!

What kind of dog-shit luck did Song Ci have!

She had a mother who was the chief violinist of Country Y’s top symphony orchestra! She had a husband who was the richest man in China and an elder brother who was very similar to an Italian godfather!

Eliza realized that she had kicked an iron plate this time. She was filled with regret.

But there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Sicilio kicked Eliza into the corner before taking out his computer to start work. Eliza was very afraid. She had just whimpered when the hot-tempered Sicilio mercilessly kicked her shoulder.

Eliza was in so much pain that she didn’t dare to cry anymore.

Sicilio felt that the world had calmed down and focused on his work.

After about an hour, Sicilio’s cell phone rang. He answered the call and heard Su Huanyan say, “Songsong has given birth. I am glad that the mother and son are safe.”

Sicilio acknowledged and hung up.

He closed his laptop gently, opened his long crossed legs, leaned down, and stared at Eliza very closely.

Eliza’s eyelids kept trembling. She avoided his eyes.

Sicilio raised his gun and gently swept Eliza’s eyelashes with the cold muzzle.

Eliza couldn’t take it anymore and peed. She whimpered in fear.

Sicilio found it boring.

She was so fragile and tortured. I might as well kick her into the Mediterranean to feed Coco.

Sicilio put away his gun and said to Eliza, “You bribed the staff to put catalyst in Song Ci’s thermos, right?”

Hearing this, Eliza knew that Sicilio and the rest had found out everything.

But she couldn’t understand why they were so fast!

How could Eliza know that Song Ci had already suspected her before the competition started? Song Ci had already arranged a backup plan, so once she was in trouble, Sicilio and the rest locked onto Eliza as the suspect.

Eliza didn’t admit it, but she didn’t dare to deny it. She was afraid that if she was careless, she would be shot to heaven.

“Do you admit what you did?” Sicilio decided to give Eliza a chance to live, as long as she told the truth.

Eliza could see the murderous intent in Sicilio’s eyes. She bit the flesh of her lower lip and finally surrendered to Sicilio’s threat. She hurriedly nodded.

Sicilio felt slightly better at her admission.

“Alright, I’ll let you live.”

Sicilio folded his long legs again. He told Eliza, “Listen to me obediently and record a video. In the video, tell me everything you did today and admit that you are the scum of the music world. I will let you off.”

Changing the topic, Sicilio said, “If your performance doesn’t satisfy me, then…” He looked down at the gun beside him.

Eliza was shocked and hurriedly nodded. “Mmm! Mmm!” She nodded several times before Sicilio was satisfied.

Sicilio said to his subordinate waiting outside, “Take her down and record a video for me to see.”


Eliza was violently brought to an unoccupied house. Her subordinate propped up his camera in front of her. Eliza sat obediently on a stool, still wearing the gorgeous gown from the previous competition.

Tears streamed down her face as she honestly told him the details of her crime today. At the end of the video, she said, “I deeply recognize my mistake. I feel guilty for nearly killing Song Ci and the child in her womb. I admit that I am the scum of the music world!”

After saying the word scum, she finally couldn’t resist covering her face and crying.

Woo woo woo…

Sicilio received the video and reviewed it. He felt that Eliza’s confession was passable. Only then did he get the bodyguards to supervise her logging into her INS account and posting her confession.

Despite her reluctance, the cowardly Eliza still posted the video.

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