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Chapter 461: Father and Daughter, Get Out of the Music Industry (15)

Hearing the man’s words, Idris’s blood turned cold.

He questioned the other party angrily, “Is my daughter with you? I warn you, bastard. The police are beside me. If you dare to hurt my daughter, you will definitely be unlucky! You will go to jail and be shot to death!”

Sicilio said adorably, “Wow! My little sweetheart is so scared.”

Idris was speechless.

He didn’t hear the other party’s fear at all.

Idris quickly calmed down. Realizing that the other party must have a motive for calling, he asked thoughtfully, “What do you want to do?”

Sicilio told Idris, “Your daughter didn’t hesitate to drug a pregnant woman in order to win the championship. She was murdering a human life, did you know that?”

Idris couldn’t argue with this. He sighed helplessly. “She is foolish and did something wrong. Please spare her life.”

The other party was calm. He told Idris, “I can spare her life, but I need to leave something on her.”

Idris frowned and asked uneasily, “What do you want to do?”

Sicilio’s foot was on the back of Iris’s hand. He told Idris, “Your daughter’s hand is very beautiful and agile. If she uses it to play the violin, it must sound very pleasant.”

Idris’ frown deepened. He heard Sicilio say, “I wonder if your heart will ache if her hands are destroyed like this?”

Idris was shocked and shouted anxiously, “No! Your Excellency, my daughter is a violinist and an artist. The hand is her life. You can’t do this!”

“Hehe…” The man laughed inexplicably. Idris didn’t understand why he was laughing like that. Just as he was about to ask, he heard the man say,” The hand is the life of an artist. That’s right. It’s very reasonable. “Then, the man’s words changed abruptly. He said in a dangerous tone,” Then, your daughter’s hand is her life. You can’t touch it. Isn’t Jiang Shifeng’s hand his life? ”

When Idris heard Jiang Shifeng’s name, his eyes narrowed into two small black dots.

Jiang Shifeng!

The other party was actually here to avenge Jiang Shifeng!

In order to facilitate the police work, when Idris picked up the call, it was on speaker mode. Great, everyone heard that sentence.

Idris’ eyelids twitched and his scalp went numb. He questioned Sicilio angrily, “You are Jiang Shifeng’s person? Are you here to avenge him?”

Without waiting for Sicilio’s reply, Idris snatched the initiative and said, “Oh, I know! In order to win the position of the chief pianist, Jiang Shifeng boldly stole my work. Later on, the matter was exposed and he was chased out of the music industry. He even had his knuckles broken by someone. He hates me for this.”

“Now that he sees that my daughter is talented, he wants to destroy my daughter and let me have a taste of the pain of her future being destroyed? Is that so?”

Hearing Idris’s nonsense, Sicilio chuckled again. “Dear Mr. Tron, you guessed wrong.”

Sicilio smoked his cigar and said fluently, “I am not a killer that Jiang Shifeng found to avenge him. I am just a fanatical fan of Jiang Shifeng. Just like how your fanatical fan kidnapped Jiang Shifeng back then and broke his knuckles, I also want to break your daughter’s knuckles to avenge my idol.”

“Remember, everything comes from the revenge of Jiang Shifeng’s braindead fans!” With that, Sicilio exerted strength under his feet and spun Eliza’s fingers.


Eliza’s pig-like screams reached Idris’s ears through the cell phone.

Idris felt goosebumps all over. He roared angrily, “Stop it, bastard! You are not Jiang Shifeng’s die-hard fan at all. You are an assassin that Jiang Shifeng found!”

Sicilio exerted more strength with his feet. Eliza’s screams were even more hair-raising. “Ah! Daddy! Save me!” Eliza cried in pain.

Idris was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

He was already old and at the age of retiring from the orchestra. His daughter, Eliza, was his pride now. If his daughter’s hands were destroyed, the rest of her life would be over!

Idris knew that this person must have an ulterior motive for calling to provoke him. He calmed down and asked, “What exactly do you want?! What must I do for you to let my daughter go?”

Sicilio stopped his destructive actions.

He took a puff of his cigar and blew out smoke at Iris. He stared at her face, which was twisted in fear. He told Idris, “I want you to tell me the truth about the plagiarism incident.”

Knowing that Idris would not obediently tell him the truth, Sicilio threatened him again. “Idris, I know very well what happened back then. If the truth you tell is different from the truth I know, then…”

Sicilio purposely left a suspense.

He shot his subordinate a look.

The subordinate understood Sicilio’s hint. He raised the hammer in his hand and knocked on the wall.

After that sound ended, Sicilio told Idris gently, “Next, every lie you tell me will crush one of Iris’s fingers. This is a very good deal. Idris, you’re on your own.”

It had to be said that Sicilio had perfectly inherited Edward’s ruthless side. He used all sorts of methods to intimidate people.

Hearing Sicilio’s words, Idris didn’t even dare to lie.

Holding his cell phone, he looked up and realized that he was surrounded by people. There were police officers, judges, committee members…

Telling the truth back then was equivalent to admitting his crimes in public.

For a moment, Idris didn’t have the courage to speak. He even had an evil thought. He thought selfishly: Why don’t I just don’t say it? If I do, all my honor will be ruined.

If I didn’t say it, my daughter’s bright future would be ruined!

On the other end of the phone, Sicilio guessed that Idris’s mind was wavering. He stepped on Eliza again, forcing her to open her mouth and howl.

]That scream shocked Idris. He hurriedly shouted, “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything!”

Sicilio nodded and said impatiently, “If you were so cooperative earlier, your daughter would have suffered less.”

Idris blinked rapidly and looked very guilty. He looked up at the familiar faces beside him and said in an ethereal voice, “That year… that year, the position of the chief pianist of the orchestra was vacant. Jiang Shifeng and I were the best pianists in the orchestra. In order to compete for the position of chief pianist, we became competitors. The orchestra supervised us for two months to create the most perfect work. At that time, we would invite masters from the industry to be the judges. Whoever won would be the new chief.”

“I am Jiang Shifeng’s good friend. I know better than anyone else how astonishing Jiang Shifeng’s talent is. I know that I will definitely lose if I compete with him. Hence, I thought of a way. That day, I went to Jiang Shifeng’s house to eat on the excuse of visiting him as a guest. When he was cooking, I secretly sneaked into his piano room. I had an outstanding memory since I was young. I only saw Jiang Shifeng’s score once and memorized it all. After returning, I wrote down the score, signed my own name, and went to the orchestra to supervise…”

“…So the thief is not Jiang Shifeng, but me.”

As Idris narrated, an angry and sorrowful truth unfolded in front of every listener.

The silence in the hall was deafening.

Cyrus and the rest looked at Idris in shock. They couldn’t believe that Idris would frame his friend like this in order to seize the position of chief pianist.

The thief became an original, but the original was framed as a thief. What kind of logic was this!

How painful had Jiang Shifeng been all these years!

After saying that, Idris didn’t even dare to look up at his old acquaintances. Idris lowered his head and asked Sicilio, “Are you satisfied with me telling you the truth?”

Sicilio reminded Idris. “Idris, did you forget to tell me something?”

Idris was shocked. “What?” He prayed that it was not that.

But the more one was afraid of something, the more it would happen.

Sicilio said, “You haven’t told everyone who broke Jiang Shifeng’s hand…”

Idris instinctively retorted. “I didn’t do it. It was done by an extreme fan!”

As soon as Idris finished speaking, he heard Irisa scream again. “Daddy!” Irisa looked at her bleeding hand and begged. “Daddy, tell the truth. My hand hurts!”

Hearing his daughter’s cries, Idris’s shoulders trembled in fear. He surrendered helplessly again. “Don’t hurt my daughter! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything!”

Cyrus and the rest looked at Idris and heard him say, “It’s me… I chatted with my fan in the email and repeatedly hinted that a scum like Jiang Shifeng was not worthy of touching the violin. That fan was extreme and stubborn. He listened to my hint and ran to kidnap Jiang Shifeng and broke his hands.”

“I admit that I hinted the other party to hurt Jiang Shifeng, but I didn’t personally smash Jiang Shifeng’s hand!”

After Idris finished speaking, Sicilio hung up.

Idris realized that the phone was hung up. He shouted into the phone, “Where’s my daughter? When are you sending my daughter back?” Idris questioned the other party crazily, but the phone was already hung up. No one answered him.

Idris was trembling as he held his cell phone.

At this moment, Koris suddenly said to the police, “Officer, I suggest that you send Idris back to Y Nation as soon as possible. He is involved in the crime of instigating others to commit crimes and stealing other people’s artistic works. Such a person is not worthy to appear in our city that respects music and art.”

“That’s right! It’s already a robbery for him to steal Jiang Shifeng’s work, but he even instigated his fans to break Jiang Shifeng’s hands! Jiang Shifeng is such a talented music scholar, but he ruined it in his hands just like that. Damn it!”

“You are the same as your daughter. You are the scum of the music world. People like you are not worthy of being called masters!”

“Get out of the music circles, Idris, you scum!”

“Get lost. You are not welcome in Brussels!”

A pair of handcuffs handcuffed Idris.

Idris looked up in shock and stared at Cyrus and the other music masters. Seeing the disdain and disdain on everyone’s faces, he finally understood how Jiang Shifeng felt after he was framed.

So this was how it felt to be condemned by everyone?

After hanging up, Sicilio said to his subordinate behind him, “Send Eliza to the police station!” He had indeed promised not to kill Eliza, but he had never promised not to send her to the police station.

It was a crime for Eliza to secretly give birth control to pregnant women. Since she had committed a crime, she should hand it to the police.

The next morning, the news of Trun and his daughter being sent back to Y Nation was reported by all the major international websites!

In order to be the chief pianist, Father Idris had stolen his good friend’s work and framed Jiang Shifeng, who was actually the original creator, as the thief. He also instigated his fans to break Jiang Shifeng’s knuckles.

His actions were outrageous!

In order to win the championship of Queen Elizabeth’s international violin competition, her daughter, Eliza, went against her conscience and spent a lot of money to bribe the staff to secretly put birth control pills in Song Ci’s tea. It nearly caused a tragedy where two lives were lost!

How vicious!

The Tron father-daughter duo was portrayed by the entire music industry as the ‘scum father-daughter duo’!

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