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Chapter 458: The World’s Top Piano Master Accompanying Her! (12)

The concert that Eliza composed lasted for a total of 36 minutes. There were three movements and the tune was light and lively. During the performance, Eliza kept showing off her skills, causing the judges to nod and praise her.

Song Ci, who was sitting below the stage, felt slightly uncomfortable. Her lower abdomen felt stiff and then ached. When Song Ci was pregnant with Miaomiao and the rest, she had rushed to the hospital for a cesarean section because her membrane had broken and she had seen amniotic fluid.

Strictly speaking, Song Ci had never experienced prenatal contractions.

Now that she realized that her abdomen was hurting, Song Ci suspected that she had a contraction reaction! But she felt that it was impossible. She had just undergone an ultrasound in the morning and the doctor said that the child was about to complete the process of entering the womb, which meant that she had yet to fully enter the womb.

It shouldn’t have acted up so early!

Song Ci thought of something and looked at Eliza on stage. She thought of what Eliza had said below the stage and had a bad feeling.

What if, what if someone maliciously urged me to give birth and made me unable to persist in completing the performance?

Song Ci’s eyes turned cold at the thought of this possibility!


At this moment, Coleman walked over with Aaron’s help.

Coleman sat down beside Song Ci. Song Ci endured the pain in her stomach and held Coleman’s hand. She looked up and whispered into his ear, “Coleman, I believe you.”

Coleman was originally slightly uneasy, worried that because he was blind and deaf, he would ruin this performance. But after hearing Song Ci’s words, Coleman instantly calmed down.

Coleman took his hand out of Song Ci’s palm and patted it instead. He said in English, “It’s my honor to play for you.”

Song Ci nodded and waved at Aaron behind her.

Aaron turned and looked down at her. “What’s the matter, Songsong?”

Song Ci touched her abdomen with both hands and said softly to Aaron, “Bring my thermos to Yan Jiang and my sister and let them test the substance in the water.”

Aaron realized that something had gone wrong and asked sternly, “Is there a problem with the water?”

Song Ci nodded. “I suspect that there’s a catalyst in the water.”

Aaron’s expression froze slightly. He stared at Song Ci’s stomach and asked worriedly, “Can you still hold on?” She had prepared for this competition for three years. She couldn’t fail at the last moment!

Song Ci took a deep breath and nodded. “But I can only last for less than 20 minutes.”

Aaron patted Song Ci’s shoulder. “Hang in there.” Aaron hurriedly returned to the lounge to take the thermos and quickly went to meet Song Fei and Yan Jiang.

Han Zhan didn’t know music, but after Eliza’s performance ended, he heard the deafening applause and knew how exciting her performance and creation were.

The more outstanding Eliza was, the more Han Zhan was worried for Song Ci.

He clapped his hands perfunctorily with the audience, but from the corner of his eye, he noticed Aaron bending over as he walked towards Song Fei and Yan Jiang. Han Zhan observed Aaron’s movements and saw Aaron handing Song Ci’s thermos to Song Fei.

Aaron leaned close to Song Ci and Yan Jiang and said something. Shortly after, Song Fei and Yan Jiang stood up at the same time and left the scene without looking back.

When they left, the couple’s expressions were very ugly.

Han Zhan captured the scene of the three of them interacting. After Song Fei left, he reached out and grabbed the corner of Aaron’s shirt. He asked him, “What happened? Why did you give Song Ci’s thermos to Song Fei?” He stared at the backs of Song Fei and the rest as they walked away and asked, “Where are they going?”

Aaron sat down in Song Fei’s seat and turned to say to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, Song Song asked me to give the thermos to Song Fei.”

Aaron looked at Song Ci, who was sitting at the waiting table. He frowned and gritted his teeth as he told Han Zhan, “Song Song said her stomach hurts a little. She suspects that someone threw catalyst into her water.”

Han Zhan was shocked!

He suddenly got up and walked towards the stage.

At this moment, Eliza’s performance had ended and it was Song Ci’s turn to go on stage.

Eliza gracefully walked down and sat down at the waiting area. After sitting down, she noticed a silent old man sitting beside her. Anyone who could sit in this position was someone who would be performing on stage later.

Is this the guest that Song Ci invited?

Eliza looked at the old man beside her curiously. She stared at the old man’s face in sunglasses and felt that he looked familiar. Irisa wondered where she had seen this person before. At this moment, her father walked up to her.

Seeing that Eliza was looking at the old man beside her, Idris also looked down. With this look, Idris instantly revealed a shocked expression. He shouted in a bewildered tone, “Coleman?” The new chief met the old chief. There was respect, love, and fear.

Eliza was shocked when she heard the name!


The world’s top pianist, Coleman?

Eliza looked at Coleman with sparkling eyes. Her heart was in turmoil.

Song Ci had actually invited Coleman to play the piano for her!

After a momentary shock, Idris realized that Coleman had no reaction to his call. Only then did he remember that Coleman was already blind and deaf. He had even committed suicide due to his physical disability some time ago.

A disabled pianist who had given up hope for life and tried to commit suicide. Even if he went on stage to perform, could he still regain his former glory?

Idris leaned over and whispered in Irisa’s ear, “Coleman is blind and deaf now. There’s nothing to fear.” Idris really thought that the blind and deaf Coleman couldn’t play the piano well anymore.

Eliza was relieved to hear her father’s words.

Idris patted Iris’s shoulder and said, “Relax, the champion will be you.” With that, Idris left the backstage and went to the audience in front.

Idris bumped into a tall man in the corridor. Idris nodded politely at him. Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and looked at Idris’s back with cold eyes.

After sitting for a while, Irisa saw a long, strong hand lift the empty chair beside her and put it down.

A tall man sat down on the stool.

This person’s presence was too strong for Eliza to ignore.

She turned around and looked at the man.

The first thing she saw was a handsome face with deep-set facial features. Those gray-blue eyes were gazing gently at Song Ci on stage. They were so affectionate that it made her heart race.

Eliza recognized Han Zhan.

Isn’t this Song Ci’s husband?

Eliza sensed that Han Zhan was sitting rather close to her. Her thoughts stirred and she took the initiative to greet him. “Hello, Mr. Han.” Eliza knew that Han Zhan was Zeus Corporation’s boss and a real business tycoon. It was always good to familiarize herself with him.

Han Zhan heard her voice and turned over.

Han Zhan stared at Irisa, his mesmerizing gray-blue eyes glowing seductively. He nodded slightly and said, “Hello, Eliza.”

Eliza stared at Song Ci on stage and praised her hypocritically. “Mr. Han, your wife is very beautiful.”

Han Zhan crossed his legs. As if thinking that Eliza’s praise was not accurate enough, he added, “Very outstanding too.”

Eliza’s smile was slightly uncomfortable. She was thinking about how to hit on Han Zhan next when she heard Han Zhan ask, “Eliza, do you know why I’m sitting so close to you?”

All sorts of thoughts flashed across Eliza’s mind when she heard this question.

But why?

Is it because he has a good impression of me and wants to hit on me? Or does he feel that I am very talented and wants to be friends with me?

Eliza couldn’t tell what Han Zhan was thinking. She smiled elegantly and replied graciously, “Forgive me for being stupid, but I really can’t think of a reason. Mr. Han, why don’t you tell me directly?”

Han Zhan tilted his head and looked at Eliza.

Under his serious and focused blue eyes, Eliza could clearly hear her heart racing like a thunderstorm.

She instinctively tightened her grip on the violin case, straightened her back, and adjusted her posture to its best state.

Han Zhan approached Eliza bit by bit. Their faces were so close that if either side leaned forward slightly, they could touch each other’s faces.

Eliza thought Han Zhan was going to kiss her.

She felt excited and smug. She thought to herself: Song Ci, you’re performing on stage with a big belly, but your husband seduced me off stage. You really failed!

As Eliza thought this, a coquettish smile appeared on her face. “Mr. Han, why are you leaning so close to me?”

Han Zhan’s lips curled into a smile. His voice was light as he enunciated each word clearly. “If I don’t get closer to you, how can I kill you immediately?”

Han Zhan spoke in English. As he spoke, he purposely emphasized the word “Kill”, filled with blood.

The romantic atmosphere was all shattered by Han Zhan’s words. The air was filled with danger.

Eliza was stunned for a moment. She noticed that Han Zhan’s gaze instantly turned from calm to sharp. She was shocked. “Mr. Han, what do you mean?” Her voice subconsciously trembled.

Han Zhan smiled and pointed at Song Ci on stage. He told Eliza, “If anything happens to my wife, don’t even think of walking out of this music hall today!”

Eliza’s eyelids twitched. She swallowed her saliva in fear and pretended to be innocent. She pretended to be dumb and asked Han Zhan, “What are you talking about, Mr. Han? Why don’t I understand?”

Han Zhan started to mock her. “Not only does Miss Trun play the piano well, she also acts well.”

Eliza’s heart was racing. She couldn’t understand Han Zhan’s intentions.

What exactly did he know?

Eliza stared at Song Ci on stage. At this moment, Song Ci’s performance had already entered a passionate stage. The entire orchestra was playing for her. She stood at the bottom left of the stage and was the focus of the entire audience.

As she strummed the strings, her dress swayed, as if the Milky Way had descended into the mortal world.

No one knew that at this moment, Song Ci’s abdomen was hurting everywhere and her contractions were getting worse and worse. Song Ci couldn’t help but secretly frown. In the eyes of the judges and audience, her frown was just a performance of putting her emotions into performance.

Finally, the concert ended.

Song Ci stood up with all the musicians in the orchestra and saluted the judges and audience. Then, the staff quickly walked up the stage and removed all the instruments, leaving only a triangular piano.

Song Ci instinctively touched her stomach and smiled at the waiting area, patiently waiting for Coleman to appear. Seeing that Song Ci was staring at the waiting area as if she was waiting for someone, all the judges and audience looked over curiously.

They saw a staff member in a black suit holding the hand of an old man with slightly white hair as they slowly ascended the stage.

The old man was wearing a white custom-made suit and a pair of black sunglasses. His slightly white hair was scratched into a gentleman’s hairstyle.

Big-back and a white suit. This was the iconic outfit of the world’s top pianist, Coleman!

Whether it was the audience or the judges, they were all people who loved music. In this world, almost no one who truly loved music would not know the top pianist Coleman!

Someone exclaimed almost immediately.

“Oh my god, it’s Coleman!”

“Isn’t Coleman ill and unable to see or hear anything?”

“Cherry actually invited Coleman to play for her!”

At this moment, not only was the audience shocked, even the big shots sitting at the judges’ seats were shocked. Shen Yubei looked at Song Ci proudly.

She was indeed my disciple. She even invited Coleman!


Thinking of Coleman’s current condition, Shen Yubei was worried about his condition. Could he successfully complete this performance?

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