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Chapter 456: Scum of the Music World (10)

Coleman was a picky person who was very picky about his work. To be praised by him for a rather perfect work, it must be an excellent work.

Jiang Shifeng couldn’t wait to hear Song Ci’s work.

After dinner, Song Ci and Coleman entered the piano room, closed the door, and started their practice. This house was especially soundproof. When Song Ci was practicing the violin, Aaron didn’t allow anyone to approach the piano room. As a result, even Jiang Shifeng couldn’t hear her performance in advance.

Coleman had lived with the piano his entire life and remembered every single key on the piano. Song Ci’s words last time had a deep impact on Coleman. After Song Ci left Leon, Coleman closed his door and studied for a period of time.

Now, even if he closed his eyes, he could accurately press every button.

The two of them spent five days working together and gradually found the tacit understanding to work together.

The order of performance for the grand finals was arranged by the organizing committee. There was no need for the contestants to draw lots. There were a total of 12 contestants who entered the grand finals. These 12 contestants would be divided into six duels and complete the performance in six days.

On the day before the competition, Song Ci received a notice from the organizing committee. She opened the email and browsed through the contents. She realized that her performance was still scheduled for the last day. Coincidentally, the person performing on the same day as her was Eliza.

Song Ci didn’t believe it was a coincidence.

When Jiang Shifeng saw this performance order, he had the same thoughts as Song Ci. “It should be that Idris has spoken to the organizing committee and they purposely arranged for you to be together on the same day.”

“Is Idris so capable? Will he bribe the judges to give Eliza high marks?”

Jiang Shifeng shook his head. “He is the chief pianist of Country Y’s number one symphony orchestra. He also has a place in the music industry. The organising committee is already giving Idris face by arranging for Eliza to be with you on the same day. The decision of the judges? He is not that capable.”

“You must know that those who are invited to be the judges of the grand finals are all respected masters. Since they are masters, who can not be arrogant?”

Hearing Jiang Shifeng’s analysis, Song Ci realized that she had worried too much.

“It’s okay. I look forward to being on stage on the same day as her.”

Due to the arrival of the violin grand finals, there were obviously more tourists in Brussels recently. The concert hall was packed every day.

After entering the grand finals, the online voting temporarily stopped. After the grand finals ended, the online voting would start again. For three days, the most beloved contestant would be chosen.

The grand finals was divided into two performance segments. One was to collaborate with the Belgian national symphony orchestra to perform the songs set by the organizing committee. The other was to perform one’s own compositions.

When performing their own compositions, they could bring their own accompaniment or invite the symphony orchestra to be their accompanist. But Song Ci and Eliza both chose their own musicians.

As it involved original works, there was no need for rehearsals for the second segment. But the first segment still needed to be rehearsed a day earlier.

On the afternoon of the 4th, Jiang Shifeng accompanied Song Ci to the rehearsal venue. When the two of them arrived, Eliza and her father, Idris, were communicating with the orchestra.

In the semi-finals, Song Ci had already collaborated with the symphony orchestra and everyone knew her. Seeing that Song Ci was here, the orchestra commander, Cyrus, smiled and walked up to her. “Dear Song, I thought you wouldn’t be coming today.”

Song Ci touched her cheek affectionately with the conductor. After parting ways, she said, “How dare I not come? I don’t want to miss every opportunity to work with you, even if it’s just a rehearsal.”

This flattery hit the nail on the head. Cyrus was delighted to hear it. “Come, let me introduce you. This is Eliza’s father, Idris. I think you must have heard his name.”

Cyrus pulled Song Ci’s arm and brought her to Eliza and Idris.

Today was not the official day, but Idris was still dressed very elegantly and handsomely. A white tuxedo made Idris look tall and handsome, like a European noble.

As a junior, Song Ci naturally had to show respect to her senior. She nodded at Idris and said, “Mr. Terun, I’ve long heard of your great name.”

Idris Terun looked at Song Ci with a faint smile. “I know you, Song Ci.”

At the side, Cyrus answered, “Could it be that Idris has also seen Song’s performance? Isn’t she very outstanding?”

Idris told the commander, “I did watch Song’s performance, but I didn’t know her because of her exciting performance at the competition.”

A puzzled expression appeared on Cyrus’ face. He asked curiously, “Could it be that the two of you have some other relationship?”

Idris smiled at Cyrus. “Cyrus, you must remember that our symphony orchestra had a very outstanding violinist. Her name was Rain.”

A shocked expression appeared on Cyrus’ face. “Rain?” Koris looked at Song Ci in shock. He guessed something and exclaimed. “Oh my god, Song, you are Rain’s daughter? This is unbelievable!”

Cyrus and Jiang Shiyu were about the same age. When they were young, they had also performed together. He had a deep impression of the beauty with her mixed-blood face, Jiang Shiyu.

Cyrus stared at Song Ci’s face and sighed. “I should have seen it earlier. Your eyes look very similar to your mother’s. You two are indeed mother and daughter. You are simply more outstanding than your mother.”

Eliza felt slightly jealous when she heard Cyrus’s unconcealed praise for Song Ci.

Why is everyone praising Song Ci?

I’m not bad either!

Idris told them that Song Ci and Jiang Shiyu were mother and daughter, not to get Cyrus closer to Song Ci. His real motive was still at the back.

Idris stared at the silent old man in a windbreaker behind Song Ci with a profound expression. He said to Cyrus, “Cyrus, do you still remember this gentleman?”

Cyrus turned to look at Jiang Shifeng.

At first, he was still slightly confused. He stared at Jiang Shifeng’s face carefully for a moment, then as if he remembered something, his expression became shocked. “You are… you are Jiang Shifeng?”

Jiang Shifeng’s lips moved slightly as if he wanted to smile, but he couldn’t. He nodded gently and said, “Cyrus, long time no see.”

Cyrus looked slightly embarrassed. “Long time no see.”

He looked at Jiang Shifeng and then at Idris. For a moment, he wished he had a reason to slip away.

The feud between Jiang Shifeng and Idris back then was very big. Almost all the big shots in the music world knew about it. As a plagiarist, it was very inappropriate for Jiang Shifeng to appear in front of Idris.

Idris still felt that the atmosphere was not stiff enough, so he pretended to mention casually. “Jiang Shifeng, did you send your niece to the rehearsal?”

He purposely pointed out the fact that Song Ci was Jiang Shifeng’s niece so that Cyrus would know that this girl who was praised as the biggest surprise at Queen Elizabeth’s international violin competition was the niece of a thief!

Cyrus understood Idris’s hint, but he frowned and said to Idris, “Idris, the feud between Jiang Shifeng and you doesn’t have to involve the younger generation.”

It was said that Jiang Shifeng had plagiarized Idris’s work, but many people knew how talented a pianist Jiang Shifeng was. He had no reason to plagiarize Idris! Even if he really wanted to plagiarize, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to bring a work identical to Idris’s to the orchestra to the supervisor and embarrass himself!

There were actually many doubts regarding Jiang Shifeng’s plagiarism scandal back then. Unfortunately, before Jiang Shifeng could prove his innocence, his knuckles were broken.

At that time, the orchestra supervisor of the number one symphony orchestra in Y Nation had planned to give Jiang Shifeng a chance to prove his innocence, but Jiang Shifeng’s knuckles were broken and his hands were destroyed. He could no longer play the piano in the future. Coincidentally, at that time, the orchestra needed the chief pianist. The orchestra lost Jiang Shifeng and could not lose Idris again. Only then did the orchestra supervisor acquiesce to Idris being the chief pianist.

It was still uncertain who the plagiarist was between Jiang Shifeng and Idris.

Cyrus knew Jiang Shifeng’s personal talent. It was a pity that Jiang Shifeng’s knuckles had been broken. As a result, after hearing Idris’s hint, he despised Idris’s petty eyes.

Idris saw that Cyrus was protecting Song Ci and frowned, but he didn’t continue to smear Song Ci.

“Daddy, let’s go first. Don’t delay Song Ci’s rehearsal.” Eliza grabbed Idris’ hand at the right time and saved him from this awkward conversation.

Idris followed the slope and said to Song Ci, “Song, I am looking forward to your performance tomorrow.”

Song Ci smiled politely. After Idris left, the smile on her face disappeared completely. She cursed in Chinese. “Old bastard!”

Cyrus asked Song Ci, “What are you talking about, Song?”

Song Ci smiled sweetly at Cyrus. “I praised Idris for being handsome and charming. He didn’t even look old.”

“Is that so?”

Cyrus felt like Song Ci was scolding someone just now.

Jiang Shifeng and Song Ci looked at each other and smiled. After rehearsing twice, Cyrus felt that Song Ci’s performance was perfect and ended the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal ended, Song Ci and Jiang Shifeng went to the flower shop to buy a bouquet of stars. They planned to put it in the vase in the living room and dining table.

The car stopped at the entrance of the house. Song Ci carried the stars and Jiang Shifeng into the house and heard a few familiar laughter. She stood in the courtyard and listened. She heard Yan Jiang, Aaron, and Han Wangwang’s laughter.

Song Ci was overjoyed. She turned and said to Jiang Shifeng, “Uncle, my teacher and friends are here!” Song Ci pulled Jiang Shifeng into the living room and saw that the sofa was filled with people.

Han Zhan, Su Beibei, Song Fei, Yan Jiang, Shen Yubei, Aaron and his wife, as well as Han Wangwang, Su Huanyan, and Sicilio were all here.

There were too many people and the sofa was not enough. Han Wangwang, Nan Guanguan, and the rest sat on the floor.

Yan Jiang bit his cigarette and was about to go outside to smoke when he looked up and saw two figures standing at the entrance. He reminded everyone, “Song Song is back!”

The group immediately turned to look at the main door.

Seeing that Song Ci was full of stars, everyone waved at her. Song Fei didn’t wave at first, but seeing that everyone was waving, she also waved at Song Ci.

Song Ci was very touched. She didn’t expect everyone to come over.

Her eyes were slightly red as she choked. “Why are you all here?”

Song Fei got up, walked up to Song Ci, flicked her forehead, and asked, “Why are you crying?”

Song Ci said, “I’m touched.”

Song Fei smiled at her. “Useless.”

Jiang Shifeng stared at Song Fei’s beautiful face that looked very similar to Song Ci’s and had a guess.

Jiang Shifeng was slightly nervous. He subconsciously tightened his grip on the pocket of his windbreaker. He asked Song Fei, “Are you Ah Fei?”

Hearing this voice, Song Fei’s gaze landed on Jiang Shifeng’s face.

At the same time, Sicilio, who was sitting with Han Zhan, also looked up at Jiang Shifeng.

Song Fei nodded. “I am.”

Song Ci wiped her tears and told Song Fei, “Song Fei, this is Uncle.”

Song Fei stared at Jiang Shifeng for a moment and called out awkwardly, “Uncle.” Song Fei had a cold personality and called him uncle stiffly.

Jiang Shifeng didn’t mind. He grabbed Song Fei’s shoulder excitedly and said, “I finally saw you. Uncle should have gone to China to reunite with you, but I’ve been busy recently. Don’t blame me.”

“I understand.”

Song Ci noticed that Sicilio was also there. She gently tugged at Jiang Shifeng’s arm.

Jiang Shifeng looked down at her. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci said softly, “Uncle, my brother is also here.”

Jiang Shifeng was stunned. At first, he didn’t realize who the brother she was referring to was. When he realized that the brother Song Ci was referring to was Edward and Jiang Shiyu’s child, Jiang Shifeng’s expression became complicated.

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