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Chapter 455: The Truth About Uncle’s Ruined Hands (9)

Song Ci saw Shen Yubei’s Weibo and Han Zhan’s Moments and felt at ease.

Her family and teachers were all watching her from afar. She couldn’t screw it up!

The day after the first round of the selection competition ended, Song Ci received news that she had successfully entered the semi-finals.

This time, Aaron listened to Han Zhan and chose a moon-white silk dress for Song Ci. She wore a luxurious diamond necklace around her neck, making Song Ci look elegant and luxurious.

In the semi-finals, Song Ci and Eliza’s performance order was very far away. Eliza performed on the second day of the semi-finals, while Song Ci performed on the last day. The two of them didn’t meet the entire time.

But Song Ci heard that Eliza performed very well in the semi-finals. Many contestants discussed in private that Eliza would also win the championship this time.

Hearing their discussion, Song Ci didn’t have stage fright either. Until the last moment, nobody would know who the champion was.

After the semi-finals on the 21st, Song Ci gave herself a few days off and brought Aaron, Nan Guanguan, and the rest to Brussels for a stroll.

25th was the day the name list of the grand finals was announced. The organizing committee sent the name list to the emails of every winner. After waking up from her afternoon nap, Song Ci turned on her computer and realized that there were unread emails. She knew what was going on.

Song Ci opened the email and heaved a sigh of relief, when she saw that the organizing committee had sent her an email.

To be honest, because the contestants were all very outstanding violinists, Song Ci was also worried that she couldn’t make it into the grand finals, so she brought Aaron and the rest out for a walk a few days ago.

Now that she had confirmed that she had passed, Song Ci was filled with fighting spirit. She had to prepare for the grand finals.

Nan Guanguan walked over with a plate of fruits. Seeing Song Ci staring at the computer in a daze, he asked her in confusion, “Sister-in-law, what are you looking at?”

Song Ci took the fruit plate from Nan Guanguan’s hands and pointed at the email. “I entered the grand finals.”

“Yes!” Nan Guanguan clenched his fists excitedly and ran out hurriedly. As he ran, he shouted, “Sister-in-law has entered the grand finals!”

Hearing this, the bodyguards, chefs, and doctors at home cheered happily.

“We have to celebrate!”

Everyone was planning to make a big meal to celebrate Song Ci’s successful entry into the grand finals. Song Ci let them be.

Everyone helped the chef cook a big meal consisting of Chinese and Western food. Just as they were about to eat, Song Ci realized that a taxi had arrived outside the door. She called the bodyguard to the door, opened it curiously, and bumped into Jiang Shifeng, who was about to knock.


Standing outside the door was Jiang Shifeng, who had rushed over from Y Nation.

]A classic gray-green Company B windbreaker accentuated Jiang Shifeng’s gentlemanly aura.

Jiang Shifeng put down his knocking hand and smiled at Song Ci. “Congratulations on entering the grand finals. I am proud of you. If your mother knew that you are so outstanding, she would definitely be proud of you.”

Jiang Shifeng had already seen Song Ci’s performance in the first two rounds through the internet. He saw Song Ci standing on stage performing and always thought that he had seen his sister.

Song Ci was very embarrassed by Jiang Shifeng’s praise. She asked in surprise, “Uncle, why are you here so early?” Song Ci had guessed that Jiang Shifeng would not miss her finals, but she didn’t expect him to come today.

Jiang Shifeng said, “I came over early to help you check. I also brought Coleman over.”

As soon as Jiang Shifeng finished speaking, Song Ci saw Coleman walk out of the taxi with his walking stick. Jiang Shifeng hurriedly turned around to hold Coleman’s arm and led him to Song Ci.

Song Ci reached out to hug Coleman and shouted his name beside his ear.

Coleman heard Song Ci’s voice and his stiff body gradually relaxed. Coleman already knew that Song Ci had entered the grand finals. He said to her, “Congratulations, Cherry.”

“Thank you.”

Knowing that Coleman didn’t like crowds and people close to him, Song Ci got Aaron and Nan Guanguan to set up a table for them in the small dining room at dinner.

During the meal, Jiang Shifeng asked Song Ci, “Did you meet Eliza in this competition?”

Song Ci put down the knife and fork in her hand. She nodded and told Jiang Shifeng, “We met on the first day of the competition. In the first round, we happened to be competing on the same day. She recognized me and we got into a conflict, which did not end nicely.”

Jiang Shifeng was not surprised that Song Ci and Eliza had already met, but he was surprised. “You two only met once. Why did you have a conflict?”

Song Ci pondered for a moment before telling the truth. “She called you a thief and said that I was also a thief. She even launched a personal attack on me…” After a pause, Song Ci said,” I was so angry that I kicked her. ”

Jiang Shifeng was speechless.

“You kicked Eliza?” Jiang Shifeng was shocked and admired Song Ci’s guts.

Song Ci nodded. “Mmm, her mouth is annoying and rude. I really couldn’t resist and kicked her.”

Jiang Shifeng smiled. “That’s right. That girl is arrogant and deserves a lesson.”

Song Ci asked Jiang Shifeng, “Why did you mention her, Uncle?”

Jiang Shifeng put down the glass in his hand, wiped his mouth, stared at a fruit oil painting on the wall, and sighed. “Eliza’s father, Idris, was my good friend. We served the number one symphony orchestra in Country Y together. We were both pianists.”

“That year, after Coleman left the first symphony orchestra, the position of the chief pianist was vacated. The orchestra wanted to choose a new chief pianist…” Jiang Shifeng looked at Song Ci and said,” You are very smart and should have guessed what happened later. ”

Song Ci pondered for a moment and guessed the subsequent development. “Idris wanted to get the position of the chief pianist, so he betrayed you, set you up, made you take the blame of a plagiarist, and…”

Song Ci stared at her uncle’s scarred hands and said bitterly, “He even destroyed your hands.”


Under Song Ci’s gaze, Jiang Shifeng slowly nodded. “That’s about it.”

“Uncle, are you willing to tell me the details?”

His hands were destroyed, framed, plagiarized, and stolen. It was the greatest pain in Jiang Shifeng’s heart. He was silent for a long time and kept instilling courage within him. In the end, he took a brave step forward and spoke of that past.

“The orchestra chose the chief pianist not only because of our performance, but also because of our creative ability. The orchestra gave us two months to compose a piano concerto and invited the famous people of Country Y’s piano world to judge me.”

“I spent a month creating my work, ‘Storm Piano Concerto’. This work was inspired by your mother, who is also my sister. I created this work to commemorate my lively and adorable sister.”

“At that time, Idris and I were close friends. We were soul mates and I trusted him very much. One day, he came to my house to play and secretly sneaked into my piano room to silently memorize my work. The two-month agreement came as scheduled. When I brought my work to the orchestra for the checks, I showed him my work. At that time, he looked at me very strangely and disappointedly and asked me if my work was personally created.”

“My answer was yes.”

Jiang Shifeng’s ten fingers trembled slightly. He instinctively clenched his fists, making them look more composed. He stared at his fists and said sadly and angrily, “That competition was held as promised, but when I heard Idris’ work at the scene, I felt like I had been struck by lightning. I understood everything then and guessed that Idris had stolen my work!”

“After Idris finished playing, he invited me to perform on stage with a smile. I was standing below the stage, my head was buzzing, and I didn’t have the strength to go on stage. I saw the disappointment and anger in the supervisor’s eyes when he looked at me. Only then did I understand the reason.”

“I was very angry. I found the supervisor and told him that I was the owner of the work. It was Idris who stole my work. But the supervisor said that Idris had already shown him my work 20 days ago. After he saw Idris’s work, he called me and asked about my work’s progress. At that time, I felt that my work was still missing something, so I told Idris that my work had not been completed yet.”

Jiang Shifeng looked at Song Ci, and she looked back at him.

Song Ci said, “Because of your answer back then, the orchestra decided that you couldn’t create an outstanding piece of work, so you stole Idris’ work?”

Jiang Shifeng nodded helplessly.

“Yes, I won’t be able to clear my name even if I jump into the Yellow River!”

Song Ci didn’t know how to comfort Jiang Shifeng.

“I clearly remember that when Idris came to my house as a guest, he asked me about the progress of my work. I told him that my work had been completed, but there were still parts that needed to be modified. Idris knew me too well. He knew that before my work was completed, I wouldn’t look for the supervisor, so he boldly handed over the thing that he had stolen from me to the supervisor early.”

“Within a day, I became a plagiarist and a thief. I was insulted and even kidnapped by Idris’s fanatical fans. I was beaten until they broke the knuckles of my ten fingers.”

“They think that the plagiarist is not worthy of playing the piano!”

Song Ci was shocked. “Your hand was broken by Idris’ fans?”

Jiang Shifeng nodded. “Yes.”

Song Ci speculated very maliciously. “Is that really Idris’s fan? Could it be that Idris was afraid that you would take revenge on him and purposely found someone to destroy you?” If Idris could steal Jiang Shifeng’s work, why couldn’t he destroy Jiang Shifeng completely?

How could Jiang Shifeng not think of this possibility? It was just that he couldn’t find any evidence. “That year, I called the police and the police interrogated that extreme fan. That fan admitted that he did it himself and had nothing to do with Idris.”

Song Ci knew that there was a type of fan who treated their idols as gods and would obediently do whatever their idols said. That extreme fan might have been purposely instigated by Idris to harm Jiang Shifeng.

But this matter had already passed for too long. As for the truth, there was no way to pursue it.

“I made a bet with Eliza,” Song Ci said.

Jiang Shifeng looked confused.

“What bet?”

Song Ci said, “I made a bet with Iris. If I win, she will kneel on the ground and apologize to me, admitting that she is trash. On the other hand…” Song Ci revealed an awkward expression and said,” I have to admit that Uncle is scum and I am trash. ”

Song Ci felt very satisfied when she said those harsh words. After saying them, Song Ci felt like a fool.

There was no way I could compare to that stupid thing!

Isn’t that lowering my standards?

Jiang Shifeng was shocked by Song Ci and Eliza’s bet. “You are really…” Really stupid? Really foolish?

But which young man didn’t act on impulse? “No wonder Eliza invited Idris this time. It seems she also knows that you are a strong opponent. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have invited her father.”

Hearing this, Song Ci also felt a sense of danger. “Eliza invited Idris?”

“Mmm, I guess they will work together in the finals.”

Idris was a pianist. It would be a highlight for him to collaborate with his daughter in the finals. In addition, Eliza was very talented herself. This way, her chances of winning the championship would be higher.

Song Ci looked at Coleman. She leaned closer and asked, “Coleman, what do you think of the accompaniment I gave you?”

Coleman heard Song Ci’s question. He slowly chewed the sausages in his mouth, put down his knife and fork, wiped his mouth, and gave his evaluation. “It’s quite perfect!”

Song Ci was relieved to hear Coleman’s answer.

“Don’t worry, Uncle. She has the accompaniment of the current chief pianist. I have the accompaniment of the former chief pianist. It’s not certain who will win.”

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