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Chapter 457: With Your Backing, I’m Not Afraid! (11)

Jiang Shifeng followed Song Ci’s gaze to the sofa and naturally saw Sicilio.

Sicilio had a pair of gray-blue eyes, short golden hair, cold facial features, and sharp eyes. He looked rather similar to the Edward in Jiang Shifeng’s impression.

Realizing that that man was Jiang Shiyu and Edward’s child, Jiang Shifeng really didn’t like him.

He knew that Sicilio was innocent as a child and that his father Edward deserved to die, but he didn’t treat Sicilio as cordially as he did toward Song Ci and Song Fei.

Sicilio and Jiang Shifeng looked at each other. One refused to acknowledge him, while the other didn’t dare to.

Su Huanyan secretly tugged at Sicilio’s clothes and reminded him softly, “Leo, call him Uncle.” Regardless of whether Jiang Shifeng was willing to acknowledge this nephew, Sicilio, as Jiang Shiyu’s child, had to acknowledge Jiang Shifeng as his uncle.

Sicilio’s lashes quivered. He hid the various emotions in his eyes before shouting at Jiang Shifeng, “Uncle.”

Jiang Shifeng’s lips moved. It took a lot of effort before he managed to squeeze out a light grunt.

Hearing Jiang Shifeng’s reply, Sicilio heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Shifeng wanted to chat with Song Fei, so the two of them went to the backyard. Song Ci sat down beside Han Zhan and asked, “Did you guys come together?”

“Sicilio and Huanyan arrived first. We just arrived not long ago.” Han Zhan touched Song Ci’s stomach and asked her, “How do you feel?”

Song Ci said, “I’m fine. The doctor gave me a checkup two days ago and said that the child is preparing to go into the womb. She won’t give birth these two days.”

“I’m still worried. I’ll check tomorrow.”


There were too many guests and the chef couldn’t handle it alone. As a result, this dinner was prepared by everyone. After dinner, everyone gathered to play mahjong and poker cards. Song Ci also played a few rounds.

At 10pm, Han Zhan chased Song Ci to her room to sleep. Yan Jiang and the rest played until 2am before returning to their rooms to sleep.

The next morning, Song Ci got up and had breakfast. Han Zhan brought her to the doctor’s room and asked him to do a checkup for her.

The doctor did an ultrasound scan for Song Ci and Han Zhan watched from the side the entire time. The doctor pointed at the image on the screen and said to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, the child’s head is about to be completely in the womb. I’ve worked in the Gynaecology Department for more than 10 years. According to my experience, after the child is in the womb, she usually takes a week to two weeks to give birth.”

“So Mr. Han and Madam, don’t worry. The child won’t be born these two days. It should be born two days before or after the due date.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was completely relieved.

After the ultrasound, Song Ci changed her clothes and boarded the same car as Han Zhan and Coleman to the competition venue.

Their competition was at night. To prevent any accidents, Song Ci and Coleman had to arrive early.

When Song Ci arrived, Eliza was still not there. Song Ci sat down on the sofa and realized that she had forgotten her cell phone in the car. “Han Zhan, I left my cell phone in the car. Can you help me take it? Also, I forgot the brooch that the teacher gave me in my bag. I will wear it on stage later.”

“I’ll go get it.”

Han Zhan went to the car alone to get his things and left the two bodyguards outside the door to ensure Song Ci’s safety. Song Ci asked Coleman, “Coleman, were you nervous when you participated in the piano competition back then?”

Coleman didn’t hear it clearly at first. He pointed at his ear and signaled for Song Ci to speak louder.

Song Ci raised her voice and asked again. This time, Coleman heard her clearly. He nodded and said, “I’m not nervous. I’m a lot more nervous when I interact with other people, than performing on stage.”

Song Ci smiled.

She had forgotten that Coleman was an autistic patient. It was very difficult for him to communicate with others.

At this moment, a male staff entered the house and asked Song Ci and Han Zhan, “Cherry, what would you like to drink? Is it coffee or mineral water?”

It had been cold recently and Song Ci had been drinking hot water. Song Ci already recognized this staff member. She handed her thermos to the waiter and said, “Same old rules. Please help me get a cup of hot water.”

“It’s my honor.”

The waiter brought a glass of water to fetch hot water and returned it to Song Ci shortly after.

At 3pm in the afternoon, Eliza finally arrived. As expected, she had brought his father along. Their lounge was separated. When Eliza passed by Song Ci’s lounge, she stopped and glanced at her.

Song Ci also looked at her.

It was the grand finals today and it was very important for the two of them. They also put in a lot of effort in dressing up. Eliza was wearing a blue-purple dress with a long hem. Her petal-shaped chest was cut to hide her not-so full breasts, revealing her fair collarbone and slender arms. She looked both feminine and innocent.

As Song Ci sized up Irisa, she was also sizing up Song Ci.

Song Ci was dressed very alluringly today. She was wearing a Milky Way fairy dress. The sparkling dress looked like a lake covered in moonlight.

Her long black hair was tied up with a black hairpin and fastened to the back of her head. Her makeup was thin and translucent, and she was only wearing a silver necklace around her neck.

She sat upright on the sofa, like a proud swan.

Song Ci nodded at Eliza. Eliza wanted to enter but was stopped by Song Ci’s bodyguard. Eliza could only stand outside the door and say to Song Ci, “You still remember our bet, right?”

Song Ci nodded. “Of course.”

Eliza stared at Song Ci’s stomach. “I look forward to your performance. Song Ci, don’t disappoint me.”

“We’ll see.”

Hearing Song Ci’s answer, Eliza snorted coldly and walked to the lounge next door in her high heels. After she left, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What bet did you make with her?”

Song Ci rubbed her nose and told Han Zhan about her bet with Irisa.

Hearing this, Han Zhan frowned and said, “Nonsense!”

Song Ci stuck out her tongue. “Don’t scold me, alright?”

Han Zhan’s expression softened. He revealed a helpless expression and said to Song Ci, “Song Ci, if you lose to her, will you really admit that you are scum?”

Song Ci opened her mouth and said very softly, “If I really lose, I can only admit defeat.”


Han Zhan pointed at Song Ci’s face and wanted to say something, but when he saw Song Ci’s pitiful expression, he controlled himself.

“You must give me an award. If you don’t, I will teach you a lesson!”

Song Ci nodded and patted her chest. “Don’t worry, I will definitely make you the champion!”

Han Zhan smiled again. “Don’t be nervous. If you really lose, it’s fine even if you break the agreement. She won’t dare to do anything to you either. After all, I’m not dead. With me around, who can bully you?”

Only then did Song Ci relax. “With your support, I am not afraid of anything.”

Dinner was sent directly to the lounge. Song Ci was concerned about the competition tonight and didn’t eat much. After dinner, she ate some fruits and felt full.

The competition officially started at 7pm. Su Huanyan and the rest arrived at the competition venue at 6.30pm.

Song Ci received Song Fei’s message and told Han Zhan, “Song Fei and the rest have already arrived and are waiting at the banquet.”


Han Zhan looked at the time and said, “It will start in half an hour.” He scrutinized Song Ci’s makeup and realized that her nose was slightly off. He said, “I’ll get Aaron to touch up your makeup.”


Aaron brought Nan Guanguan to the lounge, helped Song Ci touch up her makeup, and combed her hair again. It was almost time.

“Let’s go on stage first.”


Han Zhan helped Song Ci to the bottom of the stage. When they arrived, Eliza was also waiting below the stage. Han Zhan sent Song Ci to the side of the stage and was invited away by the staff.

Song Ci and Eliza stood together. Eliza looked down at Song Ci’s stomach and suddenly asked, “How many months has the child been?”

Song Ci said, “It’s been more than eight months.” It was said that pregnancy would last for 10 months, but children were usually given birth to in about 9 months.

Eliza said, “Then she’s about to give birth.”

“The child is about to enter the womb. It will only be born in a week or two.”

Eliza smiled ambiguously. She said, “Really? Don’t let the child suddenly act up later. That would be terrible.”

Hearing this, Song Ci frowned slightly. She looked at Eliza thoughtfully and suddenly turned to walk backstage.

“Where are you going?” Eliza was slightly stunned to see Song Ci leave.

Song Ci ignored Eliza.

She went behind the stage, found Aaron, and said to him, “Aaron, tell Han Zhan to find someone to keep an eye on Eliza for me. If anything happens to me during the performance, let him catch her. Don’t let her escape.”

Aaron was stunned. “Why?”

There was not much time left and Song Ci didn’t have the time to explain. She only said, “Just relay my words to Han Zhan word for word.”


Song Ci carried her violin back to the stage. At this moment, the host happened to call out Song Ci and Eliza’s names. The camera was aimed at the staircase of the stage. Standing under the camera, Eliza smiled radiantly and reached out her hand to Song Ci.

Song Ci was pregnant and Eliza’s actions made her appear natural and polite.

Song Ci couldn’t act mean and rude. She placed her hand on Eliza’s and the two of them smiled hypocritically.

Standing in the middle of the stage, Song Ci’s sharp eyes saw Aaron leaning over and saying something into Han Zhan’s ear. After hearing Aaron’s words, Han Zhan suddenly looked up and looked at Irisa on the stage with an unfriendly gaze.

He stared at Eliza for a while before looking at Song Ci. She nodded at him.

Han Zhan understood what Song Ci meant. He got up and walked backstage, found Song Ci’s bodyguards, and instructed them. “Guard the exit of the stage for me and keep an eye on Iris.”

The bodyguards didn’t ask why. They just had to do whatever Han Zhan instructed. “Yes!”

Eliza’s performance was at the front. After the host introduced Song Ci and Eliza, he invited Song Ci to sit below the stage.

The symphony orchestra quickly went on stage. The musicians were all in place. Eliza carried the piano to the left of the stage.

Cyrus strode onto the stage, turned around, bowed to the judges and audience, turned around, and waved his baton.

The finals was played by the 18th violin sonata of Mozart’s G major, K301. It was often more than nine minutes and had two movements, one fast and one slow. This song fully reflected the performer’s comprehensive musical literacy.

Eliza had memorized this song by heart and was very good at performing. She was in a very good state and naturally applauded after the performance.

After the performance, it was Eliza’s collaboration with her father.

The moment Idris went on stage, the applause was thunderous. Shen Yubei saw Idris go on stage and instinctively looked at Song Ci.

Shen Yubei had heard from the other judges backstage that Eliza valued this performance very much and invited her father over to win the championship.

In other words, Eliza had met a strong enemy and was not confident of winning the championship. That was why she invited her father over.

Shen Yubei guessed who Eliza’s rival was. He was both proud and worried about Song Ci.

With Eliza’s father as the chief pianist of Y Nation’s number one symphony orchestra, who could Song Ci find?

Song Ci noticed Shen Yubei’s gaze and smiled calmly at him. It was a very faint smile but filled with confidence.

Shen Yubei was relieved and calmed down to admire Eliza’s performance.

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