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Chapter 454: Sense of Crisis! (8)

The moment they walked out of the piano room, Aaron said to Song Ci, “That kick of yours scared me.”

Song Ci didn’t even turn her head. She said, “This woman is a bitch. She doesn’t care about anyone and being polite to her is equivalent to reasoning with a pig.”

Aaron said, “You are indeed arrogant.”

The male player on stage had yet to finish performing when Song Ci sat down on a chair below the stage and waited. She thought of something and hurriedly took out her cell phone to send a message to Song Fei, who was far away in Wangdong City.

Song Ci: [Song Fei, I just hit someone at the competition venue. Help me remove the surveillance cameras.]

Song Fei: [Did you cripple or kill her? Do you need to clean her up? I can help you remove the surveillance footage.]

Song Ci was speechless.

Sister, it’s not good for you to be so cruel. (italics)

Song Ci replied to Song Fei’s message. After a while, that male participant’s performance ended. The host sent the male participant away and mentioned Song Ci’s name. At the same time, Song Ci’s recording of the selection competition appeared on the big screen behind the stage.

In the preliminaries, Song Ci played a total of four songs. They were Bach’s violin solo, Pagnini’s imagination, Schubert’s third violin solo, and Ruge’s marching board.

The video was recorded on a stormy afternoon in summer. At that time, Song Ci was only four months pregnant and her abdomen was not too obvious.

She was wearing a cherry-red tube dress as she stood by the cliff of Imperial Dragon Mountain and played. In the distance, the river of Imperial Dragon Abyss surged, and the trees and flowers behind her swayed in the wind. Her black hair danced in the wind, and the melodious sound of the zither intertwined with the wind like a painting.

Song Ci’s competition video was voted second amongst the audience, so the judges had a deep impression of her.

After the host finished introducing Song Ci’s information, it aroused the interest of the judges. They then said loudly, “Next, let us invite Song Ci!”

Song Ci supported Aaron’s hand and stood up. She took a shallow breath and walked towards the stage. She carried the violin in her left hand, held the bow in her right hand, and lifted her skirt. She walked up the stage in flat shoes.

Seeing Song Ci step onto the stage and seeing that she was obviously about to give birth, the judges’ eyes revealed obvious shock. Song Ci nodded at them and saw that they all smiled kindly. Only then did she fasten the violin, raise the bow, and pull the strings!

It was also a solo performance of the Bach violin, G minor 1, but the music that Song Ci played seemed to have been given life and soul. It made one instinctively sit up straight and look at her, unwilling to look away.

When Song Ci played the violin, she was completely immersed and even her soul became obedient.

She stood on stage and swayed vigorously with the music. Her tied hair swayed behind her head as she swayed. The judges stopped whispering and couldn’t bear to break the music feast.

Eliza walked past the stage with the violin case on her back and suddenly heard a familiar violin sound. It was also Bach’s solo G minor. She had played it before, but her performance was clearly lacking something compared to this contestant’s performance.

Eliza knew what was missing. It was a soul.

Her initiate teacher had told her that people who truly loved the violin had souls in their works that could resonate. Eliza had been at this height her entire life and wanted to reach this level.

She was curious as to which genius could play such a moving tune.

Eliza stopped in her tracks and instinctively turned to look at the stage. When she saw Song Ci on stage, her eyes narrowed slightly. She couldn’t believe that Song Ci had actually played this tune!

On stage, Song Ci’s performance had already reached a climax. She was clearly pregnant, but her performance was still brilliant and dazzling. She was swaying her hair and hips along with the passionate tune. The fetus in her big belly also seemed to be kicking its legs along with the music.

At this moment, Eliza finally believed Jiang Shifeng’s words. Song Ci was really strong, even stronger than her mother!

After the performance of the Bach solo ended, Song Ci still had to play the violin of Beethoven’s G major.

There were three violin concerts dedicated by Beethoven to Alexander I in 1802, including the eighth violin sonata of the G major.

That year, Beethoven’s ear disease worsened. He was in pain, anxious, irritable, and his works were filled with his painful struggles. This made his music sound very passionate and angry.

But the eighth violin concerto of G major was the only piece of work with a brisk and pleasant tune.

When Song Ci was performing this work, she was like a deer jumping in the forest, a swan playing in the lake, and a cricket dancing in the field.

Eliza noticed that after hearing Song Ci’s performance, the respected old gentleman at the judges’ table actually picked up the fountain pen on the table and started clapping. Eliza instantly felt a sense of danger.

One had to know that this old gentleman was the strictest judge. Even when Eliza was performing today, the old gentleman had his arms crossed over his chest and didn’t show any joy.

But he was moved by Song Ci’s acting!

What did this mean?

Eliza didn’t dare to think too deeply.

She looked at the woman on stage with a complicated expression. Apart from feeling nervous, she actually felt angry and afraid. Eliza was famous at a young age and was loved by the world as a genius violinist. She had enjoyed this title for too long and really thought she was a genius.

But after discovering Song Ci, this formidable enemy, Eliza was afraid. She was afraid that she would lose to Song Ci and lose her title as a genius violinist.

No! (italics)

I must change my strategy!

Eliza clenched the strap of the violin case tightly and left in a hurry.

After Song Ci’s performance ended, Aaron reached out and led her off the stage.

She put the violin back into the box and said to Aaron, “Let’s go back and wait for the notice.”

Aaron told her, “Eliza stopped to watch your performance just now and left in a hurry. I guess she saw your strength and felt a sense of danger.”

Song Ci chuckled. “Don’t be afraid. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way.”

After Song Ci’s performance ended, Han Zhan and the rest could search for her performance online the next day.

During the lunch break, Han Zhan searched for videos of the competition online. When he saw Song Ci’s sexy long dress, he instantly picked up his cell phone and called Aaron.

Aaron was in the cloakroom matching Song Ci’s outfit for the semi-finals. When he received Han Zhan’s call, his scalp turned cold and he shouted softly, “Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan reprimanded Aaron. “Can’t you pick a nicer outfit for Song Ci!” Do I look like someone who lacks those few pieces of fabric money? (italics)

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s impressive chest in the video and was about to explode with anger.

Aaron explained. “Everyone wears this except men.” In fact, the female players on the competition these few days were indeed dressed very sexily. Compared to those women, Song Ci’s outfit was not considered revealing.

]Han Zhan said, “Others can wear that, she can’t!”

“Why?” Aaron was unconvinced.

Han Zhan said righteously, “I’m afraid she will catch a cold!” With that, Han Zhan hung up.

Aaron cursed into the phone. “Old antique!”

Although Han Zhan had some complaints about Song Ci’s outfit, he was still very proud of her after watching that video. He paused the video and took a screenshot. He carefully typed a dog’s head mosaic on Song Ci’s chest and posted it on his social media.

Han Zhan: My wife is so awesome. Additional photo.jpg.

Sun Lang: [What a simple and crude mosaic!]

Bei Zhan: [Bring back a champion. I will give Beauty Song a big red packet.]

Su Beibei: [Song Song is so awesome. She will definitely win.]

Song Fei: [She’s good-looking, but her clothes are not. Don’t wear this next time.]

Teacher Shen: [Her performance was alright. So-so.]

Han Zhan replied to Song Fei first: [Sister Fei shares my views.]

Han Zhan saw Teacher Shen’s evaluation and felt unfair for Song Ci. He couldn’t resist replying Shen Yubei: [Teacher Shen, is it really just so-so?]

Shen Yubei raised his brows and replied: [Just barely.]

Han Zhan threw his cell phone away.

How infuriating! My Baby Ci is clearly very capable! (italics)

Meanwhile, Shen Yubei, who said that Song Ci’s performance was mediocre, couldn’t resist taking a screenshot of Song Ci’s video at the competition venue and posting it on his Weibo personal page.

Shen Yubei: [This is the first time my disciple has performed on stage after nurturing her for 21 years. I am embarrassed. Image.jpg]

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