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Chapter 450: Han Zhan’s Large Double-Strike Scene (4)

Su Beibei couldn’t sleep tonight.

She actually felt terrified now that they were really divorced. Su Beibei was especially anxious now that she had returned to being single. She didn’t know what she should do or what she should do in the future.

She felt lost.

Although she knew that this confusion was only temporary and might last for a few days before recovering, Su Beibei still couldn’t fall asleep.

As she tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep, she received a call from Song Ci.

Song Ci saw Su Beibei’s messy hair and haggard face and guessed that she had insomnia tonight. “Miss Su, are you suffering from insomnia?” Now that she was single again, Su Beibei had changed from Mrs. Li to Miss Su.

Hearing this, Su Beibei felt more at ease. “When I got my divorce certificate this afternoon, I felt light-headed walking. I didn’t know what to do next, nor what the future would be like. Song Song, am I quite useless?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, you are very brave. Confusion and helplessness are only temporary. You just haven’t adapted to your new life. But Beibei, you have been single for 24 years and have only been married for three years. You have much more experience being single than being married. Believe me, you will get back on your feet very soon.”

Su Beibei enjoyed Song Ci’s words. “Mmm, I believe you.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Song Ci asked, “What urged you to suddenly decide to get a divorce?” She had clearly been very hesitant about getting a divorce previously.

Upon hearing this question, Su Beibei’s expression darkened. “I just gave up. I completely gave up.”


Su Beibei choked and couldn’t speak for a moment. Song Ci got up from the bathtub and put on her bathrobe. Afraid that the wet ground would slip, she supported herself against the wall and carefully walked out of the bathroom.

When Su Beibei was pregnant, two falls caused massive bleeding and she nearly lost her life. This also gave Song Ci a warning. When Song Ci was alone outside, she was especially careful.

She walked to the sofa and sat down. As she dried her hair, she listened to Su Beibei tell her about what happened this morning. After knowing that Su Beibei had been slandered and scolded, not only did Li Li not want to defend her and clarify the truth for her, he even asked her to revoke the case and let that third aunt go. Song Ci was so angry that she felt like flying over to hug Su Beibei.

“I just feel that Li Li is making me tolerate all the time. It’s too heartbreaking.”

Song Ci nodded and said, “You’re right. As a husband, Li Li should be on the same side as you, for your reputation and benefits. But Li Li only sees the relationship between relatives, not the relationship between you two. If you agree to his request today, if something similar or more serious happens in the future, he will still make you compromise.”

“He said that you are kind and sensible, but being kind and sensible doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate step by step!”

“It’s good that you’re divorced. You don’t lack money. You can still lead a wonderful life alone with the child. If you’re really in a bad mood, just wait for your health to recover and go out to relax.”

Su Beibei knew that Song Ci understood her. She sighed. “Actually, from the start, we shouldn’t have gotten married. It was just that love blinded our minds at that time. We thought that we could get married if we had love, but reality taught me a unforgettable lesson.”

Song Ci said, “Sometimes, stopping losses in time is more important than perseverance. You did very well, Beibei.”

The two of them chatted for a long time before hanging up.

Song Ci fell asleep and laid in bed. She recalled the scene on Su Beibei and Li Li’s wedding day and felt very emotional.

Su Beibei still couldn’t fall asleep. After thinking for a moment, she sent a message to Li Li’s third aunt.

Su Beibei: [Ms. Lin, I am Su Beibei. Li Li and I have already settled the divorce procedures. Regarding you deliberately spreading rumors to harm me, tarnishing my image, and ruining my reputation, I can not pursue your legal responsibility. But you must publicize the truth of this matter, clarify the misunderstanding, and clear my name. Otherwise, we can only meet in court.]

After sending Su Beibei’s message, she received a reply from Li Li’s third aunt.

The other party replied: [Alright, I will write an article to clarify the truth. After I am done, I will show it to you. If you think it’s okay, I will send it again. Also, I have to apologize to you. I did something wrong this time.]

Su Beibei didn’t reply to Third Aunt’s message.

The next morning, Su Beibei received a clarification message from her third aunt. Su Beibei looked at the content and felt that there was no problem, so she replied with an “Ok”.

After receiving Su Beibei’s reply, Third Aunt logged into her Weibo account and posted a clarification statement to Su Beibei.

Su Beibei reposted the other party’s clarification article and called for every netizen to be a rational netizen and not be easily manipulated.

She closed Weibo, turned to look out of the window, and thought to herself, From now on, I have nothing to do with the Li Family anymore.

Song Ci was returning to Wangdong City today.

Shen Yubei had custom-made a brooch for Di Rongrong a few days ago. Before leaving, he had to go to the jewelry shop to marry her. Song Ci had to wait for him to return.

Since she had nothing to do, she sat at the coffee table in the hotel’s resting garden and swiped her cell phone.

Seeing the clarification article that Su Beibei had forwarded, she felt slightly unhappy after reading the entire article. This was only Su Beibei. If it were her, she would never reconcile with her third aunt.

It felt good to spread rumors. If she didn’t teach her a lesson, she wouldn’t know how to remember.

Shen Yubei returned to the hotel after taking his things. He stood outside the garden with his luggage and waved at Song Ci. “Song Song, it’s time to go.”

Song Ci stuffed her cell phone into her bag. “Coming.”

The master-disciple duo headed to the airport together. When they were about to reach the airport, Shen Yubei suddenly handed a gift box to Song Ci. “This is for you.”

Song Ci took the box with both hands and smiled sweetly. She narrowed her eyes and asked Shen Yubei, “Teacher even prepared a present for me? What is it?”

“Open it.”

Song Ci opened the box and saw a bananshaped brooch lying inside. There was a crane embedded in the bottom right corner of the fan. The wings on the crane were embellished with black and white diamonds. On the wings was a sapphire.

It was very exquisite.

Song Ci looked at this little thing with fondness. “Thank you, Teacher!”

It was late autumn and drizzling. Song Ci was wearing a gray dress and a cream-colored coat.

She immediately put the brooch on her left chest. Song Ci swept her long hair behind her shoulder, looked up, blinked at Shen Yubei, and asked very mischievously, “Is it beautiful, Teacher?”

Shen Yubei pursed his lips and said, “I will always remember how you cried when you first came to my place to learn the violin.”

Song Ci’s smile immediately twisted. “Don’t mention old things again, Teacher.”

“In my eyes, you are like a daughter.” Shen Yubei stroked Song Ci’s hair and praised her sincerely. “You are Snow White.”

Song Ci immediately complained. “Then are you my stepmother?”

Shen Yubei glared at her and Song Ci immediately became obedient.

Thinking that Song Ci was about to set off to Brussels to participate in Queen Elizabeth’s international violin competition, after boarding the plane, Shen Yubei and Song Ci shared many of his memories when he was young.

“At that time, the competition was very rigid, unlike now where there were so many variations. At that time, the competition mainly depended on the performer’s skills and influence, but this year’s competition system had changed. It increased the assessment of the competitor’s creative ability.”

Song Ci nodded and said, “I know that. Two years ago, you asked me to find inspiration and try my best to compose a new tune on my own. Actually, I composed a piece, but I don’t want to show it too early. If I can make it into the grand finals, the entire world will hear it. If not, then wait for the competition to end and I will play it privately for you.”

Hearing this, Shen Yubei was pleasantly surprised. “You really made your own concert?”


Shen Yubei asked her, “Where did your inspiration come from?”

Song Ci touched the hairpin behind her head and said mysteriously, “600 years ago.”

Shen Yubei was stunned. He suspected that Song Ci was bluffing him. “Are you serious?”


Shen Yubei was skeptical, but he didn’t pursue the matter. He said, “Back then, when I participated in the grand finals, I played the violin concerto of Chaikovsky D major. The entire performance lasted for more than half an hour. That was the first time I performed on such a big stage. I was rather excited.”

He patted his violin case and said, “Fighting Soul has been with me for 40 years.”

Song Ci patted her violin case and said, “Baby Ci is about to accompany me on my career journey.”

Hearing this name, Shen Yubei raised his brows slightly and couldn’t resist saying, “Are you really not going to change your name? Baby Ci name is too childish. In the future, when you are famous, how are you going to introduce your violin? Chinbaby?”

Baby porcelain? [1]

Song Ci smiled and said, “Isn’t this quite suitable for me?” She touched her own cheek and said, “Look at my skin. It’s porcelain-white and not very suitable? You just praised me as Snow White.”

Shen Yubei couldn’t resist the urge to roll his eyes.

Shen Yubei’s car was parked in the airport garage. After reaching Wangjiang Airport, Shen Yubei said to Song Ci, “My car is at the airport. Are you coming back with me? Or are you waiting for someone to pick you up?”

“The driver is already waiting for me outside. Teacher, you can go back yourself.”

“Alright then, I will send you off tomorrow afternoon. I hope you will return in the end.”


Song Ci dragged a luggage bag out of the airport herself. She saw Long Yu standing in the waiting area waving at her. “Madam!” Long Yu Xiao jogged over and took the initiative to carry Song Ci’s luggage.

Song Ci got into the car and asked Long Yu, “Is Han Zhan in the office or outside?”

“At the office. Today is the company’s monthly summary meeting. Mr. Han has been meeting with the person-in-charge of the overseas branch company all day.”

“Alright, let’s go to the office.”


It was already 2pm when Long Yu sent Song Ci to the Imperial Dragon Building.

She walked into the company lobby with a big belly. The receptionist saw her and hurriedly welcomed her. “Madam, you’re here.” The receptionist led Song Ci to the CEO lift and sent her into it before returning to the front desk.

The staff in the lift pressed the lift button for Song Ci and asked politely and respectfully, “Madam, the baby is about to be born, right?”

Song Ci said, “There’s still a month and a half to his due date.”

“He must be a healthy and smart baby.”

“Thank you.”

Before Song Ci reached the top floor, Han Zhan’s secretary received a call from the front desk.

Knowing that the lady boss was here, the chief secretary hurriedly went to the meeting room. Hearing the sound of the door opening, Bei Zhan turned and asked the chief secretary, “What’s the matter?”

The secretary leaned over and said into Bei Zhan’s ear, “The lady boss is here.”

“Got it.” Bei Zhan waved his hand. After the secretary left, he said to Han Zhan, “Do you want to rest first?” This meeting had been going on for two hours.

Han Zhan didn’t even look up. “No need.” With that, he reached for the thermos flask and pretended to drink water. It looked like he was thirsty too.

He twisted the cap and asked Bei Zhan, “What did Cindy say?” Cindy was the head secretary of the secretary’s office.

Bei Zhan suppressed his laughter and said, “Cindy told me that Beauty Song came to the office.”

The lid of the thermos flask had already been unscrewed and he could drink water as long as he brought it to his mouth. But after Han Zhan heard Bei Zhan’s words, he didn’t even drink the water and just put down the glass. He looked up and asked Bei Zhan, “Song Ci is here?” There was an unconcealable joy in his eyes.

Bei Zhan chuckled. “Mmm.”

Han Zhan said to the camera, “Everyone, take a break. We will continue later.”

Hearing this, the leaders of the branch office heaved a sigh of relief.

Damn it, I’ve long wanted to go to the toilet.

[1] Song Ci’s Ci meant porcelain in Chinese.

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