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Chapter 451: Song Ci: No Monitor, Accompany My Husband (5)

Han Zhan walked out of the meeting room, walked around a winding corridor, and returned to his office.

He pushed open the office door and entered. He saw Song Ci playing darts.

Han Zhan quietly walked over, hugged Song Ci from behind, and placed his palm on her abdomen. “When did you come over? You didn’t even call me in advance.”

“Brother Long said you were in a meeting and didn’t disturb you.” Song Ci threw the dart out, turned around, looked up at Han Zhan, and said, “I am going to Belgium tomorrow afternoon. I miss you and came over to accompany you.”

Han Zhan frowned slightly, looking troubled. He said, “Today is an international summary meeting held once every two months. We can’t push it.” He also wanted to accompany Song Ci, but the schedules of the district heads were very tight and couldn’t be changed casually.

Song Ci said considerately, “It’s okay. Let’s chat after your meeting.”

“Okay.” Han Zhan felt that since Song Ci was already here, it would be too unfair for her to stay in the office alone.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan said, “Why don’t you play in my meeting room?”

“Ah?” Song Ci asked him, “Play what? See how handsome you are at the meeting?”

Han Zhan said, “You can play with your Nuan Nuan while admiring me working.”

“Dream on!”

Song Ci shook off the goosebumps on her body and urged Han Zhan to go to work. “Quickly go to work and buy me a bag.”

“No hurry.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the sofa and sat down. He let her sit on his lap.

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s big tummy with his long arms. He looked tired and sighed. “I’m a little tired.”

Song Ci raised her brows. “Then rest?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “No, I need you to give me an immortal aura.”

Song Ci instantly understood what Han Zhan meant. She cupped Han Zhan’s cheek, leaned forward, and kissed him. “Is that enough?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “Not enough.”

He pressed the back of Song Ci’s head and tasted her softness.

This kiss was very deep and very long. Han Zhan attacked the city all the way and Song Ci almost suffocated under his attacks.

She steeled herself and pushed Han Zhan away. She leaned her chin on Han Zhan’s shoulder and said breathlessly, “I can’t take it anymore. I’m half-dead.”

Han Zhan found it funny. “Is that all you have?”

Song Ci glared at him and moved her body maliciously. This time, it was Han Zhan’s turn to tense up.

“Don’t move.” His voice turned seductive.

Only then did Song Ci stand up from his lap.

She smiled. “The toilet is over there. Do you want to go?”

Han Zhan remained silent and stared straight at Song Ci’s hands.

Song Ci was speechless.

She felt something amiss and raised her curved brows. “What’s with that look?”

Han Zhan gave a strong hint. “Your hands are so beautiful. Apart from touching the violin, you can also touch something else…” He grabbed Song Ci’s hand, pulled her back, and played with her fingers one by one.

Such a beautiful hand, slender and soft. It must be very comfortable.

These words sounded familiar to Song Ci. She asked Han Zhan, “Did you say this to me before?”

“Really?” Han Zhan also felt that this sentence was slightly familiar, but he didn’t remember when he said it.

He looked up and saw a sly glint flash across Song Ci’s eyes. Realizing that Song Ci was trying to distract him, Han Zhan patted her waist. “Don’t change the topic.”

Seeing that the method didn’t work, Song Ci thought of another way to avoid it.

She glanced at the office door and asked, “The door isn’t locked. Will someone suddenly barge in?”

The next moment, Han Zhan said, “Lock the door.” Then, Song Ci saw a red light flash across the office door. Following that, an intelligent female voice said, “Mr. Han, the door is locked.”

Song Ci thought she had transmigrated to a sci-fi movie scene. She raised her brows and asked Han Zhan, “High-tech? What is this?”

“Jiang Zhen gave me a smart-brain. It is quite expensive. It’s not on the market yet. It shouldn’t be cheap once it’s on the market.”

Zeus Corporation and F International were currently working closely together. Jiang Zhen wanted to strengthen his collaboration with Zeus Corporation and curry favor with his little uncle, Han Zhan. As a result, he gave Han Zhan a portion of his company’s yet-to-market intelligence.

“No wonder.”

Han Zhan urged Song Ci. “Hurry up.”

Song Ci turned back and glanced at the French window behind her. She said, “Let’s forget about today. If someone stood on the opposite side of the river and looked through a telescope, wouldn’t they see us all?”

Song Ci approached him and purposely teased Han Zhan. “You don’t want to see Zeus International’s boss and lady boss trending on Weibo because of this, right?”

Song Ci was about to get up when Han Zhan said, “Activate concealment mode.”

After a few seconds, the lights in the house dimmed. Song Ci turned around in surprise and realized that the French window was blocked by a black curtain.

That smart brain ran out again to make its presence known. “Mr. Han, you have activated concealment mode.”

Han Zhan gave Song Ci a triumphant smile. He pressed Song Ci’s hand and hinted. “There’s nothing to worry about now.”

Song Ci: I miscalculated.

Bei Zhan was smoking and drinking coffee in the leisure area. After playing for 40 minutes, he received a message from Han Zhan asking him to attend a meeting.

He stared at this message and was very curious. What has Mr. Han been doing for the past 40 minutes?

Bei Zhan carried a cup of coffee and returned to the meeting room with Li Li. Only then did he realize that a beautiful woman was sitting on the chair below the meeting room.

“Yo, Beauty Song?” Bei Zhan stood behind his seat and asked Song Ci, “Beauty Song, are you here to supervise the work?”

Li Li didn’t speak. He just nodded at Song Ci, pulled out a chair, and sat down.

Song Ci had just been fooling around in the office with Han Zhan. After washing her hands, they were still slightly cold.

She stared at her fingertips and blushed slightly. She said softly, “I won’t supervise your work. I’m just accompanying my husband.”

Han Zhan was pleased by this call. He looked up at Song Ci, a smile flashing across his eyes.

“You guys torture me!” We are all married, so why do I still have to eat other people’s dog food?

Han Zhan said, “Can you be quieter like Li Li?”

Bei Zhan looked at Song Ci and Han Zhan before sitting down indignantly.

Song Ci looked at Li Li. Li Li was affected by the divorce and probably didn’t rest well last night. His dark circles were very heavy.

He sat there quietly and unmoving. If not for his occasional blinks, Song Ci would have thought he was a mummy.

The meeting room fell silent. Han Zhan then said to Cindy, “You can connect now.”


Cindy started to connect to the various district heads.

The meeting lasted for more than an hour.

After that, Han Zhan returned to the office and settled the two urgent documents before putting the rest into his briefcase.

He held Song Ci’s hand as they got off work together. When they passed by the secretary’s office, Han Zhan stopped and said to the secretary in charge of his schedule, “I’m resting tomorrow. If there’s something urgent, you can look for CEO Bei or CEO Li.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

Arriving at the underground garage, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “What do you want to eat?”

Song Ci said, “I want to stay in our small house tonight, let’s cook ourselves.”

The small house referred to the duplex building that Han Zhan and Song Ci had initially stayed in. “Alright, I’ll get Long Yu to fetch the children?”

“No need. I still have to go back tomorrow morning to pack my luggage. I’ll go back tomorrow morning and have lunch with them before flying to Belgium.”


Like when they first got married, the two of them drove to the supermarket and bought ingredients to cook for themselves.

They had not returned to this residence for a long time and the security guard had already changed.

Han Zhan was not driving the Volvo from before, but their company’s self-developed Aoyu Number 2. This car had not been registered in the community.

Arriving at the entrance of the community, the door guard blocked Han Zhan and the rest outside. The security guard walked over and saw two unfamiliar faces. He instinctively asked, “Hello, are you here to visit your relatives? You need to call your relatives to let you in.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci exchanged glances and smiled at the same time.

The security guard felt puzzled and looked at Han Zhan and Song Ci like they were crazy.

What’s so funny about that?

Han Zhan took out his identity card and handed it to the security guard. “I am a property owner and rarely come back. This car is not registered either.”

The security guard took the identification card with both hands and checked it. After confirming that there were no mistakes, he helped Han Zhan register his car and let them in.

There had always been someone cleaning the house and they could stay there anytime.

Han Zhan carried his luggage in his left hand with the supermarket shopping bags on it. Song Ci carried the violin case on her right shoulder and held Han Zhan’s right hand with her left hand, entering the house with him.

After entering the house and changing his shoes, Han Zhan went to the kitchen to cook. Song Ci wanted to help him but was chased out by Han Zhan. “Don’t come and help. Don’t fall.”

Ever since Su Beibei fell in the kitchen, Han Zhan had also been taught a lesson and easily stopped Song Ci from entering the kitchen.

Han Zhan wanted to make beer duck, so they wouldn’t be able to eat dinner anytime soon.

Song Ci ate a few saint fruits, opened the piano box, stood in front of the French window, and played a tune. Han Zhan heard a familiar tune and walked out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife, looking at her quietly.

After Song Ci finished playing, Han Zhan said, “I know this song.”

Song Ci turned around with the violin in her hand and stared at the knife in his hand. She looked away and asked Han Zhan, “What’s your name?”

“Zhan.” Han Zhan accurately said the name of this song. He clearly remembered that this song was improvised by Song Ci at the opera house on her honeymoon in Sydney. The inspiration came from her love for him.

Although Han Zhan was tone-deaf, he remembered the tune of this song and could still hum it perfectly. Of course, he thought that he hummed it very beautifully, but he still went off tune.

Song Ci nodded. “That’s right.”

Thinking that Han Zhan only knew how to sing Chinese songs and that song “Like You”, Song Ci suggested. “Let me play and you sing” Like You “, alright?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Alright, you play the tune. I’ll cut the meat.”

Song Ci was speechless.

The romantic atmosphere was completely ruined by Han Zhan’s words.

Song Ci walked to the dining room and fixed the violin between her shoulder and chin. She stared at Han Zhan for a moment before raising the violin and playing “Like You”.

When Song Ci played the violin, the entire atmosphere changed.

When she played the violin, she was the queen of music.

Han Zhan heard the sound of the piano and hummed along to the tune. Then, he sang in a low voice. “Who patted my shoulder gently when I needed it the most? Who was willing to share it with me when I was the happiest? The days were so long and I was by your side…”

After the performance ended, Song Ci put down her violin and was about to watch television when she heard Han Zhan humming a national anthem in the kitchen.

Song Ci stopped again, picked up her bow, and continued playing for him.

Han Zhan sang two songs and felt his soul sublimate. He felt like he could debut and hold a concert at any time.

He poured the duck meat that had been blanched in water into the pot and kept stir-frying it. As he stir-fried, he hummed a different tune. The more handsome the stir-frying action, the more terrible the humming.

Song Ci hugged her violin and stood in the living room, looking at him with interest.

When Han Zhan was cooking, he habitually rolled up the sleeves of his long-sleeved shirt, revealing two muscular forearms. Sitting in the office all year round, his suit covered his muscular body, causing his skin to be fairer.

Although it was white, it was not feminine. Its thin muscles were filled with strength.

Han Zhan had tall legs and a narrow waist and broad shoulders. He looked perfect in a shirt and pants, even his butt was perky.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s butt for a long while before sighing. “Old man, perk up your butt.”

The duck meat in the pot was sizzling and oil was splashing. Han Zhan didn’t hear what Song Ci was saying. He asked without looking up, “What are you muttering about?”

Song Ci said without a change in expression, “I praised your figure. You have broad shoulders, a slender waist, and long legs. You are handsome and have a sweet mouth.”

Han Zhan repeated these words silently in his heart. Then, he looked up at her and praised. “It rhymes.”

“As long as you think it rhymes.”

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