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Chapter 449: Divorce (3)

Han Zhan pointed out clearly. “Didn’t you notice? Just now, when you were recounting the truth of Auntie Li’s death, you repeatedly mentioned that Beibei wanted to divorce you. This means that in your heart, you always thought that the reason why you said those shameful words to Auntie that day was because Beibei wanted to divorce you.”

Li Li frowned and looked conflicted.

“Li Li, you might not have any other thoughts for the time being, but over time, when your feelings for Beibei cool down and you start to miss all sorts of good things about your mother, you will subconsciously blame Beibei for her death. Over time, your relationship will still break.”

“Divorcing now will still be decent for the both of you.”

Li Li was unwilling to accept this statement. He was indignant and instinctively retorted. “I won’t! I didn’t think that way! I never!”

Han Zhan glanced at him noncommittally and shook his head. “Let’s go for a drink.”

Bei Zhan personally arranged for Li Li’s birthday party. All his friends who received the call came.

When Han Zhan and Li Li arrived, everyone was already present. Not many friends came to attend the birthday party, only six or seven, but all of them were standing at the top of the food chain in Wangdong City.

They had already heard from Bei Zhan about Li Li and Su Beibei’s divorce. Upon hearing this news, everyone sighed.

Li Li’s mother had just passed away and he had gotten a divorce today. He had become their little pity. As soon as Li Li arrived, these brothers pulled him along and asked about his well-being. Even Dongfang Lin, who didn’t say much, brought Li Li a glass of wine and comforted him dryly. “Don’t be sad.”

Li Li stared at the glass of wine, bent his straight shoulders, and revealed his dejected side. He laughed self-deprecatingly and asked them, “You all know that I am divorced?”

Everyone was silent for a moment before nodding.

“Mmm, I heard.”

Li Li chuckled. “Good things don’t come out of doors, but bad things spread far and wide.”

No one made a sound.

Li Li picked up his glass and drank it. He put it down heavily and leaned back against the sofa. He shouted, “That’s right! I’m divorced! I was dumped by Su Beibei!”

After shouting, Li Li cried.

Everyone looked at each other.

The wildest and most imaginative Sun Lang saw that Li Li was crying so sadly and his heart ached for this brother. He slammed his fist on the table in front of him, shrugged off his arms, and said roughly, “Since you’re so sad, why don’t you just lock her up and force her to agree to remarry! Moreover, she still loves you in her heart. She might just be waiting for you to ask her to stay!”

No one believed that Su Beibei and Li Li had lost their love. Sun Lang really felt that his suggestion was feasible.

Li Li kicked Sun Lang’s leg angrily. “Get lost.”

Sun Lang patted the nonexistent dust on his lap and grimaced. “You are the birthday boy today. I won’t argue with you.”

Li Li sighed. “I’ve never had such a terrible birthday.”

There were a total of eight people in the private room, including Han Zhan. Han Zhan sat at the side, and no one dared to approach within a meter radius. He looked like an unconventional person.

How can he not be unconventional? Who have you seen drinking nourishing tea at an entertainment club?

Knowing that he didn’t like noise, everyone didn’t go over to his side to make a scene.

Bei Zhan came to Han Zhan’s side with a glass of wine and asked him, “Why are you free to come to the party today? You are a big boss who nourishes your health. Why did you come to such an entertainment club to have fun? Aren’t you afraid of being photographed and rumors spreading that your relationship with Beauty Song is broken?”

The paparazzi loved to make groundless accusations. Han Zhan was also a new noble in Wangdong City and was in high demand. Many eyes were staring at him, hoping that he would not have a good life.

Ever since they got married, Han Zhan’s recuperation days had been ruined. He said, “There’s no one at home.”

“Yo.” Bei Zhan asked him, “Where’s Beauty Song?”

Han Zhan took a sip of his nourishing tea and sighed. “She went to the capital.”

“Why did she go to the capital? Her stomach is already so big, why is she still running around?”

Han Zhan said, “She’s going overseas to participate in an important competition next week. A few days ago, she followed Teacher Shen to the Capital’s first symphony orchestra to study.”


Han Zhan knew that Bei Zhan didn’t come out very often all these years. He was also quite surprised to take the initiative to form the bureau today. He asked Bei Zhan, “What has your CEO Han been doing recently? I haven’t seen you bring her out.”

Bei Zhan pursed his lips and said, “She developed a new industry and has been staying on the plane recently. Like you, I have no one to go back to.”

Without a wife at home, the child was not human.

The two of them looked at each other and pitied each other.

At this moment, they heard a brother ask Li Li, “Ah Li, you divorced Beibei. Who did you give Neil’s custody to?”

Before Li Li could reply, Dongfang Lin said, “It must be Li Li.”

Sun Lang lifted his chin at Li Li and asked, “Is your son with you?”

Han Zhan and Bei Zhan had never asked about this before. Hearing someone ask, they stared at Li Li curiously.

Li Li remained silent as if he was dozing off, but everyone knew that it was impossible for him to fall asleep.

Han Zhan asked Li Li, “Could it be that Neil’s custody was given to Beibei?”

Sun Lang instinctively said, “Impossible. It’s great for the child to follow Ah Li. Ah Li is the vice-president of Zeus International. His conditions are much better than Beibei’s. If the child follows Ah Li, what will he not have in the future?”

But Bei Zhan didn’t agree with Sun Lang’s view. He said, “Although Beibei isn’t a lady from a wealthy family, she doesn’t lack money and is very good at earning money. No matter who Neil follows, his days aren’t bad. But it’s better to follow Li Li.”

Han Zhan shook his head and said, “No, it’s always better for a child to follow his mother than his father.”

Everyone looked at Han Zhan in unison and asked curiously, “Mr. Han, why did you say that?”

Han Zhan stared at everyone’s stomach and smiled enigmatically. He said, “When you guys can also get pregnant and have children, you will understand how a mother feels.”

Everyone was speechless.

Han Zhan added. “Neil is a piece of flesh that fell from Beibei’s body. When she was pregnant with Neil back then, she had a close shave with death and was nearly taken away by the King of Hell twice. It’s impossible for her to give up the custody of Neil.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Sun Lang felt touched. He said, “Although my mother can’t earn money and spends money like water and my father earns money at home, if my parents want a divorce when I was young and ask who I want to be with, I will definitely be with my mother.”

He smiled and said in a self-deprecating manner, “If I follow my mother, I will always be a treasure. If I follow my father, that might not be the case. In my father’s eyes, the company is very important, my brothers are very important, and so are my rights. As for me? Heh, without me, he can still make many more children.”

These words sounded funny, but they revealed the truth, making one feel uncomfortable.

Dongfang Lin frowned. He said, “If it’s me, I will choose my father.” Dongfang Lin was a person with power above all else. He knew how to seize the opportunity since he was young to fight for the greatest benefits for himself.

This person was born to be in power.

Everyone kept talking and analyzing, but they didn’t hear the person in question. Sun Lang touched Li Li’s shoulder again and asked him, “Did the child really follow Beibei?”

i Li’s eyelids drooped as he acknowledged.

Sun Lang expected better from her and said, “Why don’t you fight with her? If you really want to fight, you have a chance of winning.”

Li Li sat up straight and stared at Sun Lang without looking away. Sun Lang felt goosebumps all over from Li Li’s stare. He smiled and said, “Don’t look at me like that. It’s scary.”

Li Li looked away, sadness appearing on his face. He said, “That’s the child she gave birth to after risking her life twice. It’s her life. How can I be heartless and snatch her life away?”

“Then…” Sun Lang looked like he couldn’t bear to see her like this. He added,” If you just give up on fighting for Neil’s custody, will Neil think that you don’t want him anymore? ”

After he finished speaking, everyone looked at him. The other brother frowned and growled at Sun Lang. “Sun Lang, what are you saying!”

Sun Lang also realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly gestured for him to shut up.

Hearing Sun Lang’s words, Li Li suddenly stood up as if he had just woken up from a dream. “That’s all for today. Let’s have another gathering next time. I have to go back and meet Neil.” Sun Lang was right. He had to talk to Neil about this matter. He couldn’t let Neil misunderstand that he didn’t want him.

Li Li left.

After he left, Sun Lang picked up the wine on the table and took a sip. He pinched the bottle and sighed. “I really can’t hold back my mouth.”

Bei Zhan smiled. “How can a fool like you become a designer?” As far as Bei Zhan knew, those fashion designers were mostly perfectionists who nitpicked. How were they as foolish as Sun Lang?

Sun Lang shot Bei Zhan a sharp look. He said, “You can doubt my charm and my sexual ability, but you can’t doubt my professional ability.”


Everyone started quarreling until Han Zhan spoke. Only then did everyone quiet down. Han Zhan said, “Sun Lang is right. Luckily he warned us. Otherwise, Li Li wouldn’t have thought of this.”

With Han Zhan backing him up, Sun Lang instantly raised his head proudly and said smugly, “Look, even the richest man praised me.”

The richest man turned and glanced at him. “Your door is open.”

Sun Lang suddenly looked down and saw that his pants were indeed unzipped. As he pulled up his zipper, he teased. “Why does the richest man always look at such places?”

Everyone looked at Han Zhan strangely.

Han Zhan was speechless.

Indeed, it was right not to get too close to this group of lunatics. He got up and said, “It’s time to sleep. I’m going back.”

Han Zhan was about to leave, but everyone tried to persuade him to stay and let him go.

When Li Li returned home, the auntie had just coaxed Neil to sleep. Seeing that Li Li was back, the auntie glanced at him uneasily. She thought that Mr. Li would not come back tonight.

Li Li noticed that the auntie looked at him in surprise. He changed his shoes and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The auntie hesitated for a moment before saying, “Neil already knows about Sir and Madam’s divorce.”

Li Li froze on the spot.

A moment later, he loosened his tie and asked the auntie as he walked towards the children’s room, “How did he know?”

“He went to the hospital to visit Madam at night and found out about your divorce. He has been crying since he left the hospital.” The auntie opened the door and pouted. She said, “He cried for a long time and finally fell asleep.”

Li Li nodded and said to the auntie, “You’ve worked hard during this period. Go and rest first. I’ll accompany him tonight.”


Li Li walked into the dark room. He stood still until he heard a suppressed sob. Li Li turned on the light.

The room was filled with light. Li Li looked over at the children’s bed and saw a lump on it. Li Ao had hidden himself under the blanket.

Li Li walked over and gently pulled the blanket.

Li Ao hid himself even deeper.

“Neil, it’s Father.”

Li Ao remained silent.

Li Li added. “Neil, show your head to Daddy, alright?”

Neil roared under the blanket. “Go! I’m not playing with you anymore! You don’t even want me anymore!”

Li Li’s heart sank. Indeed, Neil had misunderstood him.

After thinking for a moment, Li Li took off his shoes and burrowed under the blanket. He ignored Li Ao’s resistance and hugged him in his arms. Li Ao punched and kicked in his arms, throwing a rare tantrum.

Li Li allowed Li Ao to argue non-stop. When Li Ao was tired from crying and stopped moving, Li Li told him, “Neil, Father will always love you. Even if Father and Mother get a divorce, you will always be Father’s baby.”

“Father and Mother are divorced. We just don’t live together anymore. But we all love you.”

Li Ao hesitated for a long time before looking up. He grabbed Li Ao’s collar and asked anxiously, “Then in the future, can I still call you Father?”

Li Li hurriedly nodded. “Of course. I will always be your father. You are my son. Of course you can call me father.”

Li Ao sniffed and said, “In that case, will you still bring me to the zoo, the children’s playground, and celebrate my birthday with me?”


Li Ao still didn’t dare to relax. He said, “Father, will you swear to be struck by lightning.” Li Ao had watched some television dramas and knew that swearing was the only thing that was true.

Li Li couldn’t help smiling bitterly, but he swore. “Daddy swears that Neil will always be Daddy’s baby. Daddy will love Neil forever and spend his birthday with him. We will go to the zoo and the children’s playground. If I break my oath, I will be struck by lightning.”

“Well, I believe you.”

Li Ao burrowed into Li Li’s arms. He wiped his nose and tears on Li Li’s shirt and smelled an unpleasant smell. Li Ao pushed Li Li away and said, “Daddy stinks.”

Li Li smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. It was indeed slightly smelly.

“I am going to take a shower.”

Li Li returned to his room to take a shower. When he came to the children’s room, he realized that Li Ao had already fallen asleep on the pillow. After he fell asleep, his body took a difficult position and one of his legs was sticking up. His toes were almost touching his nose.

Li Li felt tired for Li Ao.

He laid Li Ao’s body down, covered him with a thin blanket, and slept with him.

When Han Zhan returned to the villa, the two children were already asleep.

After showering, he wore silk pyjamas and read a book in the small study in the bedroom. At 10.30pm, he received a call from Song Ci.

Han Zhan was slightly surprised. He asked Song Ci, “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Aren’t you still awake?”

“I went to the nightclub today,” Han Zhan told the truth.

Song Ci said, “Video call.”


After hanging up, Han Zhan video called Song Ci. Song Ci answered the video and revealed her face. She was taking a bath and there were many roses in the bathtub. She wrapped her hair in a towel and held a cup of kiwi juice in her hand.

Han Zhan found it funny. “Seduce me?”

Song Ci clicked her tongue and said, “No, there are two gigolos who want to serve me. I have to take a bath to clean myself up.”

Even though he knew that Song Ci was joking and taking revenge on him for going to the nightclub tonight, Han Zhan’s face still darkened. “Oh, what kind of gigolo? Don’t call me anything lower than 50,000 yuan a night. If word gets out, it will make me look very worthless.”

Song Ci reached into the bathtub and scooped up a handful. She then raised the plastic duck in her hand and said to Han Zhan, “You deserve the toy duck.”

Staring at the little yellow duck in Song Ci’s hand, Han Zhan was momentarily stunned. He held his forehead and asked, “Do hotels nowadays still give this thing?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, I found it in my luggage. Perhaps Miaomiao and Junjun stuffed it in.”

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “These two little vixens.”

Song Ci pinched the little yellow duck’s stomach and it instantly made a sound. Song Ci kept pinching it and the sound kept coming.

Han Zhan’s unpleasant voice echoed throughout the world. He revealed a begging expression. “Can you stop pressing?”

Only then did Song Ci throw the duck away. She picked up the kiwi juice, took a sip, and asked Han Zhan, “Whose gathering is it tonight?”

Han Zhan said, “Li Li, it’s his birthday.” Han Zhan added, “He got a divorce today.”

Song Ci was rather shocked, but she quickly accepted the news. She had already expected Li Li and Su Beibei to get a divorce, but Song Ci still felt pity when she heard that they had gotten a divorce.

“I’m not talking to you anymore. I’ll chat with Beibei for a while.” Song Ci hung up on Han Zhan heartlessly.

Han Zhan raised his brows as a word suddenly flashed across his mind.


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