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Chapter 448: Divorce (2)

“Can we not get divorced?”

Su Beibei asked herself if it was okay.

No way.

Su Beibei shook her head. “No way.”

Hearing this, Li Li felt like dying.

Su Beibei picked up the pen that had fallen on the bedsheets and stuffed it back into Li Li’s palm. She urged him. “My wound is bleeding again. Quickly sign it. I have to call the doctor.”

Li Li closed his eyes and opened them after a while. He said, “If you want to get a divorce, fine. But you have to promise me that you won’t get married again for two years.”

Although Su Beibei didn’t intend to remarry, she was curious about the reason behind his request. “Why?”

Li Li said, “I’ll give you two years of freedom. In these two years, I hope you think about it carefully. If you regret it, miss me, and realize that you still love me, you can come and remarry me anytime.”

“Promise me that you won’t get married again in the next two years.”

Li Li thought that after two years, when they were both calm, he would woo her again and they would remarry.

Su Beibei knew that Li Li was very obsessed with this marriage. He would not be willing to get a divorce so easily, so these two years were both his conditions for her and his own way out.

Su Beibei nodded. “Okay.”

“I have to write this condition in the agreement. Wait for me to go back and type up another contract.” Li Li was about to leave with the divorce agreement when Su Beibei called out to him. “Ah Li!”

Li Li turned around happily, thinking that she had gone back on her words.

But Su Beibei said, “I don’t want any of your assets. You can write up another contract, but apart from this additional agreement just now, don’t change anything else.”

The glow in Li Li’s eyes dimmed instantly. “…Mmm, okay.”

Li Li returned home, turned on his computer, and finished writing the divorce agreement word by word.

During this period, he wanted to go back on his words several times, delete the agreement, and turn off the computer. But he barely retained some rationality and forced himself to be a more mature man.

Li Li printed out the agreement and read it several times before signing his name carefully and slowly.

He didn’t personally hand the divorce agreement to Su Beibei but entrusted it to the courier. Following that, their marriage certificate was sent along.

That night, Su Beibei received the divorce agreement. Li Li’s name was written in three forms. Su Beibei stared at the divorce agreement for a long time before signing her name resolutely.

The next morning, Su Beibei took off her hospital gown and changed into a loose dress. She waited for the cafe employee, Ah Kun, to pick her up.

Ah Kun arrived at the hospital at 1.40pm sharp. He saw that Su Beibei was already dressed and looked like she had been waiting for a long time. He hesitated again and again, but still couldn’t bear to ask, “Manager, are you really going to divorce Mr. Li?”

Su Beibei nodded.

Ah Kun felt that it was a pity. “Manager, actually Mr. Li is quite good. How can a marriage be perfect? It was all a bump in the road. Don’t you think it’s a pity to get a divorce just like that?”

Su Beibei glanced at Ah Kun. She said, “Marriage does need maintenance, but the price of maintaining a marriage is to constantly wrong yourself and belittle yourself. Is there a need to continue?”

Ah Kun was not involved and did not know the problem between Su Beibei and Li Li. He admired Su Beibei very much. The manager was smart. Since she had decided to get a divorce, it must have been a decision after careful consideration.

Ah Kun said, “No matter what, I support every decision you make.”


Ah Kun drove Su Beibei to the Civil Affairs Bureau. There were fewer people at the Bureau in the afternoon. Usually, there were more couples who came to the Bureau in the morning to register their marriage, and more couples who went through the divorce procedures in the afternoon.

When Su Beibei arrived, Li Li was still not there. Ah Kun opened the car door and went out for a walk. Two minutes later, he returned to the car and said to Su Beibei, “I didn’t find Mr. Li’s car. Will Mr. Li not come?”

Su Beibei thought for a moment and shook her head. “No.”

“Why don’t you call Mr. Li and ask him how long he will be here?”

“Forget it. Let’s park the car in the shade and wait in the car.”


Su Beibei put down the chair and laid in the car to rest. Her wound hurt slightly. This scar was just like her marriage. It would not heal.

During the wait, Ah Kun kept looking at his watch. It was almost 5pm and if Mr. Li still didn’t appear, he almost thought that Li Li wouldn’t come back.

Su Beibei looked very patient. Seeing that Ah Kun kept meowing at his watch, she said calmly, “No hurry, let’s wait and see.”

Ah Kun continued to wait.

At 5.15pm, Li Li finally arrived.

Upon seeing Li Li’s car, Ah Kun hurriedly shouted, “Manager, Mr. Li is here.”

“Mmm.” Su Beibei carefully sat up and slowly alighted. She looked up and saw Li Li dressed in an elite outfit.

Li Li stood between his car and Su Beibei’s. He stared at Su Beibei with a complicated expression. There was too much reluctance and condemnation in his eyes.

Su Beibei didn’t seem to understand Li Li’s gaze. She said to Li Li, “If you don’t come, the Civil Affairs Bureau will close.”

Li Li swallowed and explained. “I was busy.”

Su Beibei followed him into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, both parties took out their single photo, divorce agreement, and two marriage certificates for each other and handed them to the staff.

Soon, the divorce procedures were completed.

They exchanged their red marriage certificate for two purplish-red divorce certificates. Li Li held the divorce certificate and felt that the purplish-red certificate in his hand was really piercing to the eyes, so piercing that he wanted to cry.

Walking out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Li Li looked at Su Beibei. He saw that her face was pale and her eyes were red. He really wanted to hug her. Only when he instinctively raised his hand to Su Beibei’s shoulder did he realize that they were already divorced.

He couldn’t hug Su Beibei anymore.

He had no right or position.

Su Beibei noticed Li Li’s actions. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and tightened her grip on the divorce certificate. She said to Li Li, “Ah Li, no matter how busy you are at work in the future, you have to eat on time. If you work late, rest in the office. Don’t rush home.”

“Mmm.” There was no one at home. What was the point of going home?

“You can also call Neil when you are free. You can bring him out to play.” With that, Su Beibei found it funny. She said, “But you are usually not free when you are busy.” In a month, it was already a luxury to accompany the two of them for three to four meals.

Li Li said, “I will. Neil will always be our baby.”


Su Beibei didn’t know what else to say to Li Li. She thought for a moment and reached out to hug Li Li.

Li Li took a deep breath and smelled the fragrance of the sea on Su Beibei’s hair. He didn’t dare to move.

Su Beibei quickly released Li Li. She lowered her head and said, “Bye bye, Li Li.” This time, it was not appropriate to say goodbye.

Su Beibei slowly got down the stairs and walked towards the car. Behind her, Li Li suddenly choked and shouted urgently, “Beibei!”

Su Beibei stood still. Ah Kun said, “Manager, Mr. Li is calling you.”

Su Beibei wiped her tears and said, “Ah Kun, remember, people have to move forward. Don’t turn back.” She didn’t turn back and just got into the car and left slowly.

Li Li saw that Su Beibei left without looking back. His chest ached as he murmured, “It’s my birthday today…”

Li Li would forever remember three years ago, on his 29th birthday. Su Beibei had brought him to climb the mountain. They had seen stars on the mountain and handed themselves to each other in the tent.

They were so sweet then.

He thought that they would hold hands forever. Unexpectedly, they only traveled together for three years before getting a divorce.

After settling the divorce procedures, Li Li didn’t know where to go or where to go.

Go home?

But when he returned home and saw Li Ao, how should he tell Li Ao about the divorce? Moreover, that house was Su Beibei’s premarital assets. After the divorce, Li Li should also move out of that house.

Li Li had nowhere to go and actually returned to the office in the end. The moment he returned to the office, the new secretary hurriedly called out to him. “CEO Li.”

Li Li stopped and saw the little secretary running over with a delivery box in her hand. “CEO Li, this is your international package.”

International delivery?

Li Li nodded and returned to his office with the package. He found a pair of scissors, opened the package, and found a Patek Philippe watch inside.

Only Su Beibei knew that he wanted this watch. He stared at it in shock, his heart once again filled with jealousy.

So she still remembered her birthday.

Li Li took off the watch on his wrist and put it on. He sized it up and finally felt teary-eyed.

The phone rang. Li Li hurriedly covered his eyes with his hand. He waited for the tears to fade before picking up the phone.

Seeing that it was Han Zhan, Li Li answered the call. “Mr. Han.”

“Aaron said that you went to the Civil Affairs Bureau today.” Aaron was Han Zhan’s dog nose. Every move of these people in the company was under his surveillance.

Li Li rubbed his eyes and said hoarsely, “We’ve divorced.”

Han Zhan guessed this outcome and got an affirmative answer from Li Li. He suddenly felt dumb. His good brother was divorced, but he didn’t know how to comfort him.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan said, “Sun Lang opened a new clubhouse and I heard that it’s not bad. Do you want to go and have a seat?” Sun Lang was the young master of a listed clothing brand and was also a male fashion designer. He had a good relationship with Li Li and Bei Zhan.

Li Li had nowhere to go and didn’t refuse.

After hanging up, Han Zhan called Bei Zhan again. Knowing that Li Li was divorced, Bei Zhan was shocked before saying, “It’s his birthday today. 32 years old.”

Han Zhan naturally remembered that today was Li Li’s birthday. He said, “His heart is breaking. How can he still be in the mood to celebrate his birthday?”

“I guess he also feels at a loss after suddenly getting a divorce. In that case, I’ll get a few more friends to gather together. It might feel better to spend more time with him.”


When Han Zhan called, he was at the office. He kept his things, carried his briefcase, and went downstairs to look for Li Li. Li Li had already regained his composure, but his eyes were still slightly red.

Han Zhan patted his shoulder and told him, “Divorce is also a relief for you guys. I heard that your mother forced you to divorce Beibei before she died?”

Li Li nodded.

“What exactly happened on the day Auntie Li passed away?” There were many things going on these few days, and Han Zhan didn’t have the time to talk to Li Li about it in detail.

Now that he was free, Han Zhan finally remembered to ask about this.

Li Li had always trusted Han Zhan 100%. He didn’t hide it and told Han Zhan, “That day, Beibei proposed a divorce. I rushed to the hospital to reconcile with her and received a call from my mother on the way. My mother scolded Beibei on the phone as usual. After scolding her, she said that she wasn’t feeling well and asked me to visit her. Beibei wanted to divorce me and I was very anxious. I also thought that my mother was putting on an act and said some harsh words in a fit of anger.”

Han Zhan frowned and asked, “What did you say?” If he could make Auntie Li so angry that her blood pressure rose, it would definitely be very shocking.

Li Li was silent for a long while before saying, “I asked her not to call me again. When she dies, I will go and settle her funeral matters.” Li Li felt that his words were disgraceful, so when he said this, his voice was so soft that Han Zhan almost couldn’t hear it.

But Han Zhan still heard it clearly.

Han Zhan looked at Li Li in a speechless manner. After a long while, he sighed. “No wonder…” No wonder Auntie Li’s blood pressure rose. If a living person heard this, they would die from anger. If a dead person heard this, they could pry open the coffin lid to revive.

Han Zhan added. “Actually, you guys should get a divorce.”

Han Zhan accurately stepped on Li Li’s minefield. Li Li was instantly enraged and questioned Han Zhan, “How is that right?” Why does everyone think that our divorce is the right choice?

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