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Chapter 444: Mother Li’s Death

Li Li was angry and anxious. His eyes were red. “We are still in love, aren’t we? I love you so much, but you actually asked for a divorce?” His tone was filled with condemnation, as if Su Beibei was the heartless one.

Su Beibei knew that Li Li would not let the matter rest and would not agree to the divorce so easily. She waited for Li Li to finish before replying calmly, “You’re right.”

Li Li said, “Since I’m right, why do you still want a divorce!” Li Li felt that only couples who had no feelings for each other would get a divorce. But he and Su Beibei clearly still loved each other, so why did they get a divorce!

On the sickbed, Su Beibei looked exhausted. She also wanted to protect her marriage, but this marriage was already in danger, and Li Li didn’t realize the problem.

Su Beibei couldn’t take it anymore.

She heard Li Li’s heavy breathing on the other end of the phone. She said, “Li Li, actually, you know very well that you can’t reverse your mother’s attitude towards me! Moreover, you did indeed protect my injuries, but that injury was caused by your mother.”

Li Li instinctively said, “I admit that my mother is very unreasonable, but she is my mother. She gave birth to me and raised me. I can’t really ignore her. Beibei, my mother has indeed let you down, but you are living with me, not my mother! As long as we love each other, we should continue to persevere and protect this marriage, right?”

Su Beibei interrupted Li Li’s incessant chatter. “Li Li, I admit that I still love you and I also admit that I can’t bear to end this marriage just like this. But we can’t continue anymore. You actually know very well, right?”

She felt hopeless. “Your mother and I are already in a dead knot. She will never be able to treat Neil as her biological grandson and dote on him. She already said that even if she dies, she will never allow you to carve Neil’s name on her tombstone!”

Hearing this, Li Li immediately defended himself. “That was all in a moment of anger! Neil is her biological grandson, how can she not love him!”

Su Beibei raised her voice. “She doesn’t love Neil at all!” Su Beibei was very weak. If she spoke slightly louder, the wound on her stomach would hurt badly.

Su Beibei cried in pain and gasped.

Li Li heard her gasp and hurriedly said, “Don’t be agitated. Don’t drag your wound.”

Su Beibei placed her hand on the wound on her abdomen. Tears streamed down her face as she said softly, “Li Li, if she really loved Neil, she wouldn’t have purposely caused me to fall back then and hoped that I would have a miscarriage.”

“When I was pregnant with Neil, I bled profusely twice and nearly died each time. Yesterday’s accident took my unborn child away again…”

“Li Li, do you know how much pain I am in?”

Su Beibei’s tone turned pleading. She said, “Divorce. Let me go and let yourself go.”

Li Li logically understood that it would be good for both of them if they got divorced, but he couldn’t accept a divorce emotionally!

I loved Su Beibei so much. I clearly didn’t do anything wrong. Why must we divorce!

Li Li didn’t accept Su Beibei’s request for a divorce.

“We can’t talk over the phone. I’ll go look for you.” Li Li hung up, picked up his car keys, and left the 4S repair shop.

On the way to the hospital, he had been thinking about how to persuade Su Beibei to change her decision. At this moment, Mother Li’s nurse called.

Li Li hesitated and didn’t take it.

The phone rang again in less than two minutes.

This time, Li Li picked it up and heard the nurse say, “Mr. Li, your mother has been throwing a tantrum today. She said that she isn’t feeling well and wants to see you.”

Li Li growled. “I’m not free!”

Li Li felt that this was Mother Li’s trick again.

The nurse said to Mother Li, “Mr. Li said he isn’t free today.”

Mother Li said weakly, “Give me your cell phone.”

The nurse obediently handed the cell phone to Mother Li.

Mother Li held her cell phone and questioned Li Li. “Ah Li, I heard that Su Beibei’s injuries are not very serious. She is already out of danger. You are with her everyday now. Do you not have me as your mother in your heart?!”

“Am I nothing to you now that that vixen is your flesh and blood?”

Li Li was angry and said angrily, “Whatever you think.” Li Li’s mind was filled with divorce and he was in no mood to talk to Mother Li.

But Mother Li was really not feeling well today. She took a few deep breaths before telling Li Li, “Ah Li, I really feel very uncomfortable today. I want to vomit but can’t…”

“Stop pretending!” Li Li thought that his mother was going to act again. He had had enough. He roared at Mother Li over the phone. “Mother, enough! Are you addicted to acting! Beibei suffered a major miscarriage yesterday and nearly died on the operating table! If not for those silly words of yours that agitated her into a daze, she wouldn’t have gotten into a car accident!”

“Mother! Do whatever you want. After you die, get the hospital to inform me to go over and settle your funeral matters!” Li Li shouted and hung up.

Meanwhile, when Mother Li heard Li Li’s rebellious words, she was instantly enraged and her blood pressure rose. Mother Li grabbed the nurse’s hand and said, “I, I feel terrible…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mrs. Li’s lips turned red.

Seeing that Mother Li had actually vomited blood from anger, the nurse hurriedly ran out of the ward to look for the nurse.

Li Li threw down the phone and rubbed his face in frustration. He scolded in a low voice, “All of you are forcing me! Are you only going to stop after you force me to death?”

Li Li walked to the door of Su Beibei’s ward. He placed his hand on the doorknob and was about to open the door and enter the ward. Then, he realized that he was slightly agitated and not suitable to talk to Su Beibei, so he turned and went to the fire stairs.

Li Li stood in the fire stairs and smoked a cigarette. When he calmed down, he went to the ward.

On the sickbed, Su Beibei remained motionless. Her back was facing the door of the ward and she looked like she was asleep.

Li Li tiptoed and walked around Su Beibei’s bed. As he got closer, he realized that Su Beibei’s eyes were open. “You didn’t sleep?” His voice was gentle and not as fierce as on the phone.

Su Beibei glanced at him and saw that he was empty-handed. She guessed that he had probably torn the divorce document.

What could he change by tearing the document?

“Ah Li,” Su Beibei called out to him.

Li Li hurriedly bent down and reached out to hold Su Beibei’s hand. “I’m here.”

Su Beibei looked at the ring on her ring finger and said, “Do you still remember what you said when you put this ring on my finger?”

The scene on the wedding day seemed to have happened yesterday. Everything was still vivid in his mind.

Li Li nodded and said, “Remember, I promised you that I would treat you well, respect you, and love you forever. I also said that meeting you was the biggest blessing in my life.”

“Until this moment, I still feel that the best thing I’ve done in my life was to open XX Bookstore on an insomnia night, see Colonel Beibei’s book, and throw 50,000 yuan into her fan club.”

Li Li knelt in front of Su Beibei’s bed. He kissed her fingertips and said with tears streaming down his face, “Beibei, I am very happy to be married to you. I love you very much, really. Can you not divorce me?”

When Su Beibei heard Li Li’s words, tears streamed down her face.

Li Li knew that Su Beibei was moved by his words. Her thoughts of getting a divorce were already wavering.

He took advantage of the opportunity and said, “And Neil, he’s still so young. He’s so cute and smart. Can you bear to divorce me and make him a child of a single-parent family?”

This sentence hit Su Beibei’s soft spot.

Seeing that Su Beibei’s determined expression was starting to soften, Li Li added, “Beibei, I grew up in a single-parent family, while you lost your parents when you were young. We all know how much it will affect his growth if he doesn’t have a complete family.”

“Beibei, for the sake of Neil, let’s continue this marriage and not get divorced, alright?”

Su Beibei’s heart was not made of steel. Li Li’s words were emotional and her cold heart softened inch by inch. Su Beibei was about to nod and agree when Li Li’s cell phone suddenly rang.

That sharp ringtone scared the two of them.

Li Li didn’t want to answer the call, but Su Beibei said, “Answer it. Don’t miss anything important.”

“… Yeah, okay.”

Li Li took out his cell phone and saw that it was his mother’s nurse’s name. He instinctively glanced at Su Beibei and said, “It’s not an important call.” Li Li hung up.

But Su Beibei felt that this call was urgent, as if there was really something. “Answer it. Perhaps your mother really has something to tell you.”

Su Beibei’s attitude was firm. In the end, Li Li still called the nurse.

The moment the call went through, Li Li heard the nurse shout anxiously, “Mr. Li! Mr. Li, come over quickly! Auntie Li can’t take it anymore! The doctor asked you to come over and asked you to…”

“Come and see her for the last time!”

Li Li’s eyes widened!

“What did you say…?” Li Li thought he had heard wrongly. He suddenly stood up and reprimanded the nurse sternly. “What are you saying? Wasn’t my mother fine just now?”

The nurse was very anxious. She said quickly, “Auntie Li has been feeling nauseous and uncomfortable since noon. She kept asking me to call you, and I did, but you said those words on the phone just now. Auntie Li was so angry that her blood pressure rose, and she vomited blood on the spot and fainted.”

“Just now, the doctor and the rest have been performing emergency treatment for the old man, but…” The nurse’s voice dropped to a whisper.” The doctor asked you to come over as soon as possible. The sooner the better…”

Hearing this, Li Li’s cell phone fell to the ground.

He murmured, “How can that be…”

Su Beibei also heard the nurse’s words. She said in surprise and shock, “Ah Li, hurry up and go!”

Li Li finally snapped out of his trance. He picked up his cell phone, got up, and ran out.

Su Beibei stared at the empty house and her heart felt empty again. She thought for a moment, picked up her cell phone, and called her auntie.

The auntie answered the call and heard Su Beibei say, “Auntie, Old Madam is dying. Bring Nei to Liberation Hospital immediately.”

The auntie was shocked. “How can that be?! Didn’t the surgery succeed? Why did it suddenly fail?”

Su Beibei didn’t know the exact situation either, but she guessed that Mother Li’s sudden illness must have something to do with Li Li. She didn’t tell her auntie her guess and just said, “Bring Neil along. She’s his grandmother after all.”

“Good, good!”

Li Li’s hands were trembling now and he didn’t dare to touch the car at all. He ran out of the hospital, waved for a taxi, and headed straight for Liberation Hospital.

Every minute and second in the car felt like a year. Li Li kept looking at the time and the streets outside the window.

Hurry up!


Finally, under Li Li’s constant urging, the car stopped steadily at the main entrance of Liberation Hospital. Li Li had already scanned the QR code and paid in advance. Once the car stopped, he ran into the hospital.

The nurse had already sent Mother Li back to the ward. At this moment, Mother Li was lying quietly on the bed, every breath heavy. Her eyes were slightly narrowed as she stared in the direction of the ward door, hoping for Li Li’s figure.

Finally, Li Li arrived.


Li Li ran to the bed and knelt in front of Mother Li.


Li Li raised his hand and slapped himself, followed by another slap.

The crisp sound of the slap scared the nurses and nurses into silence.

The nurse saw that something was off and said to the other nurse, “Let’s go out and wait first. The two of them must have something to say.”


The ward quickly fell silent.

Hearing Li Li slap himself, Mother Li raised her left hand shakily, as if she was searching for something.

Li Li hurriedly grabbed his mother’s hand. He knelt upright by the bed and confessed to his mother with tears streaming down his face. “Mother, I was a jerk. I spoke without thinking. Mother, don’t be angry at me. Don’t…”

“Don’t die!”

If he knew that his words would anger his mother to the point of vomiting blood and causing her to be seriously ill, Li Li would never have said such nonsense again. “Mother, it’s Ah Li who is insensible and said the wrong thing. Mother, it’s fine if you hit me or scold me. I just want you to get better!”

At this moment, Li Li was filled with regret.

His mind was filled with images of his mother riding a tricycle out early and returning late in order to make a living. Ever since his father passed away, his mother had learned to ride a tricycle, learn to kill fish, and learn how to deal with men who wanted to take advantage of her.

His mother, this weak woman, had supported him after his father passed away!

Li Li’s good looks were all inherited from his mother.

His mother was young and very beautiful. She was especially charming when she smiled and had a good figure. According to Mother Li’s looks, even if she was married, had a dead husband, and had a child by her side, she could still marry a good man.

But she didn’t. She was afraid that her stepfather would mistreat Li Li after she remarried. For Li Li, Mother Li didn’t remarry. She used a weak body to carry Li Li’s sky.

Now that his mother was about to die from anger because of him, Li Li felt like a knife was twisted in his heart. He was very frustrated.

Mother Li opened her mouth and made a sound. Li Li placed his ear close to Mother Li’s face and said, “Mother, tell me. I am listening.”

Mother Li said intermittently, “Su… Su Beibei, no… I… I can’t die in peace…” Anyone but Su Beibei!

Li Li closed his eyes in pain.

Why did my beloved mother make things difficult for my beloved woman?

Mother Li suddenly had strength. She grabbed Li Li’s hand and raised her chin. Her eyes were wide and vicious.

Li Li was shocked by his mother’s gaze. “…Mom?”

“Promise me…” She immediately stared at Li Li and used her last breath to threaten him.” Promise me that you will… divorce her! ”

Li Li refused. “Mother, don’t force me. Don’t force me like this!”

“Divorce!” With that last word, Mother Li’s raised chin suddenly dropped. She just stared without moving.

Li Li was stunned for a moment. Realizing what had happened, he reached out his other hand and carefully poked his mother’s nose.

No… no breathing!

Even until her death, Mother Li didn’t let go of Li Li’s right hand and closed her eyes.

“Mother!” Li Li shook Mother Li’s shoulder and shouted, “Mother! Mother, talk to me!”

But Mother Li didn’t react at all.

The nurse pushed open the door and walked in. She saw that the electrocardiogram and heart rate line on the monitor had returned to zero. She bowed to Mother Li and said to Li Li, “Mr. Li, my condolences.”

Li Li knelt on the ground for a few more minutes before standing up.

Li Li pulled his mother’s fingers away from the back of his hand one by one. He bent down and gently closed his mother’s eyes.

After lunch, Song Ci boarded the plane with Shen Yubei to the capital. The Jetta International Hotel also had a branch in the capital. After alighting from the plane, Song Ci directly brought Shen Yubei to the Jetta International Hotel.

She tidied up her things slightly and felt uncomfortable from sweating too much, so she went to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Song Ci laid down and called Han Zhan to report her safety.

Han Zhan picked up the call. Song Ci heard the commotion on the other end and asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, where are you? It’s so noisy.” Could it be that Han Zhan skipped work and went out to have fun just after she left?

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci thought Han Zhan didn’t hear her and asked, “Brother Han? Can’t you hear me?”

“Baby Ci,” Han Zhan said sternly.

Song Ci felt uneasy. “What’s the matter?”

Han Zhan told her, “Auntie Li passed away.”

“What?” Song Ci was shocked. She instinctively sat up, but her big stomach hindered her movements.

Song Ci slowly sat up, picked up a pillow, and placed it in her arms. She said in surprise, “How can that be? When I went to visit Beibei this morning, I didn’t hear anything wrong with Auntie Li. Why is it so sudden?”

Han Zhan said, “Auntie Li left just like that because she was agitated and her blood pressure suddenly increased, causing her brain hemorrhage…”

Song Ci noticed the important word “agitated” and felt uneasy. She asked curiously, “Why was she agitated?”

Han Zhan walked to a place with fewer people and told Song Ci, “Beibei filed for a divorce with Li Li today. Li Li rushed to the hospital to meet Beibei and received a call from Auntie Li on the way. Li Li was upset and said some nasty things that made Auntie Li angry.”

Song Ci’s heart turned cold.

Auntie Li was actually angered to death by Li Li…

How much would Li Li blame himself? In the future, as long as he thought of his mother, he would think of the cause of her death. He would never have a conscience in this life.

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I am at the funeral parlor now. There are many people here and I have to help Li Li attend to them. Baby Ci, study well with Teacher Shen and don’t worry about things here. You have already been preparing for this competition for three years and can’t be distracted.”

“… Mm.”

Han Zhan hung up and went to help with Bei Zhan, but Song Ci couldn’t calm down.

Auntie Li was dead.

She died so suddenly.

Song Ci couldn’t accept this news and hurriedly called Su Beibei.

Su Beibei kept her cell phone by the bed. This way, as long as her cell phone rang, she could answer it immediately.

Hearing her cell phone ring, Su Beibei immediately picked it up. Seeing that it was Song Ci, the glow in Su Beibei’s eyes dimmed.

She answered the call. “Song Song, are you in the capital?”

Realizing that Su Beibei’s tone was very calm, Song Ci suspected that Su Beibei still didn’t know that Mother Li had passed away. She thought about it and asked carefully, “Beibei, do you know about Li Li’s mother’s situation?”

Song Ci didn’t dare to say that Auntie Li was dead.

Su Beibei acknowledged softly and said, “I know. She passed away.”

Song Ci hurriedly nodded. “Mmm, I just received a call from Han Zhan and found out that Auntie Li passed away. I think it’s very sudden. Beibei, Auntie’s condition was still good this morning. Why would she leave just like that?”

Song Ci was testing Su Beibei to see if she knew the truth behind Auntie Li’s death.

Su Beibei said, “I don’t know very clearly, but she must have been bullied by Li Li.” Su Beibei sighed and said, “Song Song, I’ve really reached the end with him.”

Song Ci said, “Beibei…”

Tears streamed down Su Beibei’s face as she smiled and said, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Focus on learning from your teacher and bring back a champion for me to see.”

“Beibei, don’t laugh. It makes me uncomfortable.”

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Su Beibei, who had been holding back her nerves, suddenly broke down. She started sobbing on the other end of the phone. As she cried, she said, “Song Song, his mother is dead. We are also finished…”

“Song Song, actually, I can’t bear to part with him. I really can’t.”

“Song Song, I feel terrible. What should I do? What should we do?”

Song Ci quietly listened to Su Beibei’s cries. She couldn’t answer any of Su Beibei’s questions. She thought she was good with words, but at this moment, Song Ci felt that her mouth was too clumsy.

“Beibei.” Song Ci told her, “No matter what, I will be your friend.”

Su Beibei acknowledged and cried for a long while before hanging up.

The nurse saw that Su Beibei’s face was covered in tears and sighed in her heart. “Madam.” The nurse picked up a tissue and wiped Su Beibei’s tears away. She asked, “Madam, do you want to eat something?”

Su Beibei asked her, “What time is it?”


At 8.30pm, four hours had passed since Li Li received that call.

But he didn’t call Su Beibei.

Auntie was the one who informed her about Mother Li’s death.

Su Beibei knew that Li Li was very busy, but not so busy that he didn’t even have time to call her. He just couldn’t accept his mother’s death and didn’t know how to face Su Beibei.

Su Beibei told the nurse, “I want to eat eggs and papaya stewed with snow clams.” Her body was hers. No one would love her in the future. She had to love herself.

In one’s entire life, there was no reason that one could no longer live after losing someone.

That didn’t make sense.

When the nurse heard Su Beibei mention food, she was instantly relieved. “Alright, alright, alright. I’ll go make egg and brown sugar soup for you first. We’ll have papaya and snow clams later.”

On the morning of the third day, Mother Li was buried.

For the past three days, he had been busy dealing with his mother’s funeral. He had been busy greeting his relatives and friends, as well as buying a cemetery for his mother. He had been so busy that he had not eaten much. Naturally, he had become haggard and thin.

The aunt and family who lived in Guangdong specially rushed back. After the funeral, Dong Yu advised Li Li to go back and take a nap. “Look at you. You haven’t had a good rest for a few days. Your dark circles are so heavy that my heart aches just looking at you.”

“Go back and take a nap so that Li Ao and Beibei won’t worry.”

In these three days, many people who didn’t know the inside story asked Li Li, “Where’s your wife?”

Li Li smiled impeccably and said, “She got into a car accident and is recuperating in the hospital.”

Those who knew the inside story were smart enough not to mention Su Beibei’s name in front of Li Li.

The news of Li Li defending his wife and rebuking his mother, causing his sickly mother to have high blood pressure and die of cerebral hemorrhage, had already spread throughout the family and friends. Now, Li Li and Su Beibei were both accused of being unfilial.

Faced with the condemnation in their eyes, Li Li didn’t explain. Because that was the truth. He had indeed contradicted his mother and angered her to death.

Li Li nodded at Dong Yu and said, “Auntie, I’ll go back and rest for the night first. I’ll treat you and Uncle to a meal tomorrow.” In addition, his mother and brothers had also come over. He had to treat them to another meal tomorrow.

Go back and rest. We are family. You don’t have to greet us.”

“Sorry for neglecting you.”

Li Li took a car home and heard Li Ao crying. Li Li leaned against the sofa and asked him wearily, “Why are you crying?”

Li Ao sat on the carpet and cried until his face was covered in tears. He looked up at his father and said, “Someone told me that Father is a bad guy who angered Grandma to death and Mother is a vixen who led Father astray.”

Li Li smiled bitterly and said, “Father is indeed a bad guy who angered Grandma to death, but your mother is not a vixen.”

He squatted down and rubbed Li Ao’s head. He told Li Ao, “Neil, don’t listen to anyone else. Your mother is the best mother in the world. She is not a vixen.”

Li Ao choked and asked, “Really?”


“Then is Father also the best father?”

Li Li looked at the child’s bright eyes and was speechless. He hugged Li Ao and sighed. “Father is not a good father or a good husband, much less a son.”

“Father IS nothing…”

He thought that he could successfully resolve the barrier between his mother and his wife. He thought that he could maintain this marriage and take good care of his mother. In the end, he realized that he was nothing. His mother was angered to death by him, and his wife was disappointed in him and wanted a divorce.

He was an ordinary man, a useless piece of trash.

“Father is tired. Let’s go and rest first.”


Li Li was sleeping, but he didn’t know that his mother’s relative had gone to Su Beibei’s ward without informing him.

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