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Chapter 443: You Are Water. You Will Make Me Thirsty If I Don’t Drink It Every Day

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan felt very helpless. He pinched Song Ci’s face and said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. Sleep.”

Han Zhan turned off all the lights, leaving only the three shooting lights on the ceiling outside the room. That shooting light happened to shine on a precious painting that Han Zhan kept, and the entire bedroom became mysterious and quiet.

Han Zhan stared at that photo and suddenly said, “You’re not a dessert. You’re water.”

Song Ci was about to fall asleep when she heard Han Zhan’s random words. She was puzzled. Water? “What do you mean?” Praise me for being as tender as water?

Han Zhan added, “You are water. You can make me die of thirst if I don’t drink it for a day.”

What corny words!

But Song Ci’s heart was sweet. She slowly moved into Han Zhan’s arms and laid sideways. “Hearing you say this, I suddenly want to sleep with you.”

Han Zhan’s Adam’s apple bobbed. He touched Song Ci’s big tummy and warned her. “Stop fooling around. You can’t mess around during the late stages of pregnancy.”

Song Ci continued to sow discord. “Other than eating, one can also eat something else.”

Her hint was very obvious and Han Zhan instantly stopped sleeping.

By the time Song Ci finished eating, it was already 1am.

Song Ci felt that her cheeks were slightly sour and rubbed them gently. Han Zhan stared at her slightly red eyes and sighed. “In ancient times, women like you who know how to play are all demon concubines.”

Song Ci thought of something and her smile faded. She chuckled coldly and changed the topic. “I forgot to ask. Your Majesty, is the Empress’s skills good?”

Hearing Song Ci mention the ‘Empress’, Han Zhan immediately frowned and declared sternly, “I didn’t have any relationship with the Empress. I rarely go to her bedroom.”

“Who knows!” Song Ci expressed her disbelief.

“I’m serious.”

The two of them discussed whether Dugu Jie and the Empress had slept together for a long time. In the end, Song Ci fell asleep and snuggled into Han Zhan’s arms.

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci from behind. He kissed Song Ci’s hair and told her, “Only you. Dugu Jie only has you, and Han Zhan will also only have you.”

But Song Ci didn’t hear anything.

The next day, when Song Ci sent Li Ao to meet Su Beibei, she brought some light food for her.

When she arrived, she didn’t see Li Li.

Su Beibei had just escaped death. Her eyes reddened when she suddenly saw her good friend Song Ci. But she didn’t cry. Instead, she smiled and teased Song Ci. “I finally understand how you felt when you got into a car accident. You didn’t dare to drive anymore.”

Song Ci’s accident was three years ago. Hearing Su Beibei mention that accident, she still felt a lingering fear. “That accident left a very big psychological scar on me. After that, I didn’t dare to drive for a long time. After a long time, when I sat in the passenger seat again, my hands were trembling. Because of this, I was even laughed at by Han Zhan.”

Su Beibei also said, “I haven’t dared to touch a car recently.” She said, “I was in a bad mood that day and was in a daze. I misjudged the traffic light and ran a red light. I blame myself for being unlucky.”

Song Ci saw that Li Li was not in the room and asked Su Beibei, “Why were you distracted? What terrible things did you hear that day?” Auntie Li had said so many terrible things, and Su Beibei had endured them all. There was no reason that she couldn’t take it anymore and even fell into a daze while driving.

Su Beibei treated Song Ci as her best friend and true sister. She could only tell Song Ci about her grievances.

Su Beibei told Song Ci softly, “That day, I went to visit the child’s grandmother and heard her say some nasty words. It turns out that not only does she hate me, she doesn’t even like Li Ao. She even said in front of Li Li and Auntie that even if she dies in the future, she won’t even carve Neil’s name on the monument!”

In Wangdong City, after a person died, if their descendants were successful, they would set up a monument for their deceased elders. On that monument, all the descendants of the deceased would be engraved.

Li Ao’s name could not appear on Mother Li’s tombstone. In ancient times, this was equivalent to Li Ao being unable to enter the Li Family register!

Su Beibei could still grit her teeth and swallow her grievances, but no mother could tolerate their own child being looked down upon!

So that day, Su Beibei was so angry that she was dizzy. That was why she was distracted and misjudged the traffic lights.

When Song Ci heard this, she flew into a rage. “How can she be so foolish! In the past, she looked like a sensible person. At that time, she would always smile when she saw us and even frequently make breakfast for Han Zhan. How can this Auntie Li change so easily!”

Su Beibei smiled bitterly. “She just doesn’t get along with me.”

Song Ci knew that Su Beibei was feeling terrible and aggrieved. She held Su Beibei’s hand tightly and comforted her. “It will all pass, Beibei.”

Tears streamed down Su Beibei’s face. “Easy for you to say. How can it be so easy…”

“Mother.” Li Ao saw that his mother was crying and thought that she was in pain. He ran over and gently wiped Su Beibei’s tears away. He asked, “Where does Mother hurt? I’ll blow it for you.”

It would have been better if Li Ao didn’t say anything. Now that he did, Su Beibei felt even more pain. Song Ci hurriedly took out two pieces of paper and handed them to Su Beibei. “Wipe your tears. Don’t scare the child.”


Su Beibei wiped her tears and told Li Ao, “Mommy doesn’t hurt. Mommy is just hungry.”

“Then let’s eat.” Li Ao took the initiative to pick up the small bowl on the bedside table and handed it to Song Ci. “Auntie Song, feed my mother.” He was a little quick-witted and knew how to let Song Ci feed Su Beibei.

“Look, your son dotes on you so much.” Song Ci stroked Li Ao’s head before picking up the spoon to feed Su Beibei porridge.

Su Beibei ate a few mouthfuls of porridge and heard Song Ci ask, “Where’s Li Li?”

Su Beibei swallowed the porridge and said without looking up, “He said he went to pay my fee.”

Song Ci noticed that she was using the word “he said”, so his authenticity remained questionable. Perhaps he was hiding somewhere to call the nurse and ask about Mother Li’s condition today.

Song Ci didn’t ask where Li Li went. She saw that Su Beibei’s face was still pale. Thinking that she had just lost a child, she said, “Don’t be too sad that the child is gone. Moreover, things have been so chaotic recently. It might not be a good thing if that child really comes. Take good care of yourself these few days. Eat more to nourish your body and recover as soon as possible…”

Su Beibei interrupted Song Ci. She quickly looked up and asked in shock, “The child… is gone?” She instinctively reached out to touch her stomach and said in a daze, “I’m pregnant?”

Song Ci saw Su Beibei’s reaction and realized something. Her expression changed slightly and she asked cautiously, “Don’t you know you’re pregnant?”

Su Beibei shook her head in shock.

Song Ci just wanted to bite off the tip of her tongue. Why can’t this tongue speak?

After Su Beibei woke up, Li Li had never told her about the miscarriage, but Su Beibei still remembered the scene before she fainted. Before she fainted, she had clearly seen her lower body bleeding!

After waking up, Su Beibei still found it strange. She thought to herself that the car accident didn’t hit her stomach. Why was my lower body still bleeding and I had even been stabbed in the stomach!

So I was pregnant!

I had a miscarriage!

No wonder!

No wonder!

But Li Li was still hiding it from me!

Li Li had never told me the truth!

Su Beibei’s face turned as pale as snow.

Song Ci observed Su Beibei’s reaction and asked suspiciously, “Li Li didn’t tell you either?”

Su Beibei sneered. “How will he dare!”

Song Ci didn’t dare to speak.

She knew that she had stirred up trouble again.

But it wasn’t her fault. She never expected Li Li to hide this from Su Beibei. As the mother of the child, Su Beibei actually didn’t know she was pregnant.

Su Beibei saw that Song Ci looked guilty and comforted her instead. “Song Song, don’t blame yourself. Even if you didn’t tell me, I would have known.” It was just that she knew in advance.

Su Beibei licked her lips and said weakly, “Song Song, feed me a few more mouthfuls. Your chef’s porridge is quite tasty.”

Song Ci glared at her and told her, “What porridge made by a chef? I spent the entire morning cooking this for you.”

Knowing that Song Ci had personally made this porridge warmed Su Beibei’s heart even more. “Then I have to eat more.” After finishing that bowl of porridge, Su Beibei’s groggy mind became clearer.

She had no choice but to accept the fact that she had lost a child.

Su Beibei placed her hand on the scar on her abdomen and told Song Ci softly, “There have been many things happening recently. I’ve been feeling very troubled and haven’t had my period. I thought it was endocrine dysfunction… I didn’t expect to be pregnant.”

With that, Su Beibei glanced at Li Ao sitting on the sofa.

Li Ao was reading a series of comics. He seemed to have seen something interesting. His pink lips were pouted and he was doing all sorts of actions.

Su Beibei’s heart chilled at the thought of how Li Ao was so disliked by Mother Li. She said to Song Ci, “Song Song, you’re right. In my current situation, it’s not suitable for me to have a second child. That child probably saw through the situation and took this opportunity to leave.”

These words sounded like she had gotten over it, but Su Beibei’s tears fell uncontrollably.

Song Ci’s heart ached.

She thought of a sentence she had seen in the past and conveyed it to Su Beibei. She said, “That little angel just forgot to take something. He wants to go back to heaven to get something. After he’s done, he will come and look for you.”

These words were indeed comforting. Hearing this, Su Beibei finally smiled through her tears.

But thinking of all these lousy things in life and the divorce agreement in the car, Su Beibei instantly couldn’t smile. “I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to see him again. If I really get a divorce, how can I still have children?”

Song Ci didn’t reply.

When Li Ao heard the word “divorce”, he immediately looked up at Su Beibei.

Song Ci hurriedly gave Su Beibei a hint. “The child is listening.”

u Beibei turned to look at Li Ao. Seeing that the child’s face was filled with uneasiness, Su Beibei suppressed her heartache and told Li Ao, “Don’t be afraid Neil. No matter where you go, Mother will be with you.”

Li Ao asked, “Really? Even if you divorce Father, I won’t go to the orphanage?”

Su Beibei hurriedly shook her head. “No! Mother will protect you and give you a home.”

Li Ao nodded as if he understood.

As Song Ci cleaned up the dishes, she said to Su Beibei, “My competition is imminent. I’m going to the symphony orchestra with my teacher this afternoon to practice. I’m afraid I won’t have time to visit you recently.”

A sincere smile appeared on Su Beibei’s weak face. “It’s okay. Your competition is a big deal. I look forward to the day I participate in your championship.”

“Alright, see you on the night of the championship.”


“Then I’ll get going first. Beibei, take good care of yourself. Eat well and drink well. Everything will be fine.”

“Mmm, bye.”

Song Ci carried the food container and opened the door to the ward. From the corner of her eye, she saw a white figure standing by the corner.

Song Ci looked over in confusion and realized that it was Li Li.

ong Ci was stunned for a moment. She hurriedly closed the door and asked Li Li in a low voice, “How long have you been standing here?”

Li Li didn’t seem to hear Song Ci’s words and didn’t respond.

Song Ci snapped her fingers in front of him.

Li Li immediately snapped out of his trance. He stared at Song Ci in a daze for a moment before smiling with an ugly expression. “You’re going back now?”

Song Ci asked again, “How long have you been standing here?”

Li Li shook his head. “I just arrived.”

He was lying.

Song Ci didn’t expose Li Li’s lie. She carried the food box and was about to leave. After taking two steps, she turned back and called Li Li. “Li Li.”

Li Li turned to look at her. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci said, “Beibei still loves you. If you want to protect your marriage and family, you must take action as soon as possible. At least, you can let her see hope.”

This was Song Ci’s final advice to Li Li.

Li Li’s eyes flickered as if he understood Song Ci’s hint. “Thank you.” He looked at the food container in Song Ci’s hand and added, “Thank you for the porridge.”

Song Ci retracted her smile and said coldly, “I don’t care if you are pretending to be muddle-headed or if you are really muddle-headed. You should know what to do. Don’t really regret it when you have reached the end of the road.”

With that, Song Ci left quickly.

After she left, Li Li stood outside the door for a while before entering the ward.

He walked into the ward uneasily, thinking that Su Beibei would tell him about the miscarriage. But Su Beibei just looked up at him calmly and said in her usual tone, “You’re back? Send Li Ao home.”

Li Ao had slept at Song Ci’s house last night. After taking a shower, he was wearing Han Jun’s clothes and pants. “Bring him back for a change of clothes. He’s already so old, it’s not suitable for him to wear a girl’s clothes.”

“Mmm.” Su Beibei didn’t mention the miscarriage. Li Li heaved a sigh of relief but also felt even more uneasy.

Why didn’t she mention that?

Is she completely disappointed in me and doesn’t want to mention it again? Or is she enduring it and waiting for a suitable opportunity to explode?

Several thoughts flashed across Li Li’s mind, but he ultimately didn’t have the courage to take the initiative to talk to Su Beibei about the miscarriage.

Li Li carried Li Ao and said to Su Beibei, “I hired a nurse. She will accompany you 24 hours a day. I will bring Neil back to change clothes first. I will come back in the afternoon to accompany you.”

“Mmm, go take a shower too.”


Li Li dawdled in the ward again. Seeing that Su Beibei really had nothing to say to him, he carried Li Ao away.

When they got home, the auntie had already prepared dinner and was waiting for them to go home.

Li Ao was hungry and ate half a bowl, but Li Li had no appetite at all.

The auntie knew that he was feeling frustrated and had no appetite. She took the bowl of cooled rice in front of Li Li and changed it to a hot bowl.

Placing the bowl of rice in front of Li Li, the auntie tried her best to persuade him. “Mr. Li, a man is made of steel. You have to eat. Moreover, these few days, you have to go back and forth between two hospitals. Don’t tire yourself out.”

Li Li was no longer a child. He knew that it was right to take good care of himself and not cause trouble for Su Beibei. Li Li forced himself to eat a bowl of rice before bringing Li Ao to take a shower and change clothes.

“Alright.” Li Li wiped the water droplets off Li Ao’s head and said, “Go play first. Daddy will go take a shower.”


fter taking a shower, Li Li changed into a clean shirt and went to Li Ao’s room. He realized that Li Ao had already fallen asleep with the auntie. Li Li was also sleepy. He said to the auntie, “Auntie, you go and rest. I will sleep with Neil for a while.”


Li Li practically fell asleep on the bed and even snored.

When the ringtone woke Li Li up, Li Li opened his eyes and stared at the sun outside the window. For a moment, he felt like he didn’t know what time it was. He couldn’t tell if it was morning or afternoon.

He picked up his cell phone and realized that he had just slept for half an hour.

Li Li was afraid of waking Li Ao up. He picked up the phone and went to the kitchen. He heard the man on the other end say, “Hello, is this Ms. Su Beibei’s husband, Mr. Li? I am XX Insurance Agent Song Yuncheng.”

]”I am.”

Li Li poured himself a glass of water and listened to the other party as he drank.

The insurance agent, Mr. Song, told Li Li, “Hello, the Porsche Panamera under your lover, Madam Su, happened to be in a car accident at the Shatou junction in the Jinshan area at 3.40pm yesterday afternoon. Our staff is trying to determine the car’s damages. Mr. Li, is it convenient to come over and take a look?”

Li Li wanted to send his assistant over and see how badly Su Beibei’s car was damaged. In the end, he decided to go personally. “Alright, I’ll come over now.”

The car had already been dragged to Wangdong City’s Porsche 4S shop. When Li Li arrived at the 4S shop, the staff of the insurance company had already arrived.

Su Beibei’s car had insurance every year. After driving for so many years, this was the first time a major accident had happened.

The staff was very polite to Li Li.

The two sides greeted each other before the staff brought Li Li away to look at the car. “It’s like this. The windshield of the car has already ruptured. The front bumper and the big lights on the right side have both been damaged and the hood of the car has changed…”

Li Li looked at the seriously damaged Porsche and was instantly shocked. The front of the car had already deformed, the hood of the car was lifted and bent very badly. It was really a blessing from the heavens that Su Beibei could still lie in the hospital in one piece!

Li Li’s heartbeat quickened. When he calmed down, he asked, “Why did she crash so hard?”

“You should know that your lover ran the red light.”

Li Li hurriedly explained. “My lover has been driving for so many years and has never had such a major accident. She was unwell yesterday and saw the wrong traffic light, which resulted in the accident.”

“Madam Su’s car is indeed the first car accident. We all know this.” The insurance officer told Li Li, “Madam Su ran the red light first yesterday and the driver of the other party also drank. When the car turned the corner, it was still 70-80km. As it was too fast, it ended up like this.”

“Drink and drive?” Li Li immediately asked, “What about the other party?”

“I heard he’s also injured and is still hospitalized.”

After knowing that the other party’s car owner was also injured, Li Li didn’t continue to investigate whether the accident was right or wrong.

Seeing that the staff was checking the interior of the car, Li Li expected that the damage control procedure would still take a while, so he planned to go to the rest area to rest.

At this moment, a staff member suddenly called out to Li Li and said, “Mr. Li, please take away the valuable items in the car. It will take several days to repair the car.”


Li Li got into the car and pressed one leg against the passenger seat. He took away all the heavy items in the glove box. When he was about to get out of the car, Li Li noticed a document under his knee.

Thinking that it was Su Beibei’s new book, Li Li didn’t mind. He took it and left. He went to the lounge and just sat down, the sales lady from the 4S shop brought him a glass of water.

The sales lady recognized the watch on Li Li’s wrist at a glance. It was worth hundreds of thousands. She expected this person to have an extraordinary identity and wanted to make a fortune.

“Sir, please have some tea.” The sales lady bent over slightly to serve tea to Li Li. When she bent over, her low-cut collar hung down, revealing a fair and deep hook.

Li Li saw it and looked away naturally.

Li Li nodded and thanked her. “Thank you.”

Seeing that Li Li was unmoved by her beauty, the salesperson changed her tactics. She held the tray and said to Li Li with a smile, “Sir, our shop has newly arrived several colorful and beautiful sports cars that are very suitable for young and beautiful ladies. Since you are already here, do you want to help your lover choose another one?”

Su Beibei’s car had been damaged. Li Li had originally intended to buy a new sports car for Su Beibei. When he heard the saleswoman’s words, he was also slightly tempted.

Li Li nodded. “Alright, bring me there.”

The female salesperson was overjoyed. “This way please.”

Li Li got up and was about to follow the salesperson to look at the car when he accidentally knocked over the cup of tea.

The female salesperson heard the commotion and hurriedly turned around. She squatted down and took the teacup. She took two pieces of paper and wiped the document as she apologized. “Sorry, I wet your document.”

Li Li saw that she was very fearful and knew that she was afraid of offending him. He waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, it will be done in a while.” He picked up the document and shook it. “It’s not important…”

As he spoke, Li Li suddenly fell silent.

The salesperson didn’t hear anything and thought that the document was very important. She straightened her back and glanced anxiously at the document in Li Li’s hand.

When she saw the words at the top of the document, her expression changed.

Divorce agreement!

The female salesperson was smart. Seeing that Li Li’s expression was off, she hurriedly carried her teacup and slipped away.

Li Li sat down and stared at the divorce agreement in his hand. He hated that he couldn’t tear those words off with his eyes.

In the end, he couldn’t take it anymore and tore the document into pieces.

Su Beibei woke up and saw that the nurse was tidying up the things on the table. She didn’t see Li Li, so she asked the nurse, “Mr. Li isn’t here yet?”

The nurse shook her head and said, “Mr. Li went to the 4S shop.”

Su Beibei asked her, “What time is it now?”

“It’s almost 3pm.”

It had been two hours since the insurance staff called her at noon. Su Beibei didn’t take it to heart. She said, “I’m a little thirsty.”

“I’ll get you some water now.”

The nurse poured water for Su Beibei. When Su Beibei heard the sound of water, an image flashed across her mind. She remembered that the divorce agreement was still in the car!

Su Beibei hurriedly said to the nurse, “Big Sister, please give me my cell phone.”

The nurse poured water calmly and said, “There’s no hurry. Drink some water first.” The nurse fed Su Beibei some water before handing her cell phone to her.

Meanwhile, Su Beibei took a sip of water and was no longer as anxious as before.

She pondered for a moment before calling Li Li.

The phone rang for a long time. Only when it was about to end did Li Li pick it up. “Beibei, have you been waiting long? I’m almost done here. I’ll be right over.” On the other end, Li Li’s voice was smiling and sounded the same as usual.

Su Beibei heard Li Li’s laughter and fell silent. Su Beibei was fighting a silent battle with Li Li. She was testing Li Li to see if he had seen that document.

She remained silent and Li Li didn’t mind. He said, “I’ll drive over later. Do you have anything you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you.”

I can’t be silent anymore!

Finally, Su Beibei ended her silence. She said, “Ah Li, I left a document on the passenger seat. Can you help me get it?”

Hearing this, Li Li’s smile froze.

“…What document?” Li Li pretended to be ignorant.

Under normal circumstances, if she asked Li Li to help her get the document from the passenger seat, Li Li would definitely agree and not ask her what document she wanted immediately. Su Beibei was sure that Li Li must have seen that divorce document.

Strangely, after knowing that Li Li had already seen that document, Su Beibei’s reaction was not as agitated as she had thought. She was very calm and her heart was as still as water.

“Ah Li, you’ve already seen it, right?”

Her calm question was like a slap on Li Li’s face.

Li Li stared at the pile of divorce documents on the table. His eyes darkened and his voice was still gentle. “Beibei, what are you talking about? What should I see?”

He crushed the fragments in his hand into a ball of paper and smiled. “I didn’t see anything.”

“Ah Li.” Su Beibei didn’t want to beat around the bush with Li Li anymore. She had been thinking about whether she should wait until she was discharged to discuss the divorce with Li Li, but Li Li had already seen it, so she might as well make it clear.

“Ah Li, you saw that divorce agreement, right?”

Li Li’s voice suddenly turned cold. “Beibei, you know that some words are hard to take back once they are spoken. Are you sure what you are saying now is your truth?”

How could Su Beibei not know that her words were like spilled water? “I know. But deciding to get a divorce is something I’ve thought about for more than a month before finally making a decision.”

Her breathing was shallow, but her tone was firm. “I think divorce is good for both of us.”

“No! What’s good about that!” Li Li rejected Su Beibei’s idea without thinking. “You want a divorce? While I was thinking about how to resolve the feud between my mother and you, while I was being beaten up to protect you, you were thinking about a divorce?”

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