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Chapter 445: Bad Reputation and Strong Friend

On this day, four days had passed since Su Beibei’s accident. According to the doctor’s instructions, she had to walk slowly to help her wound recover.

The nurse accompanied Su Beibei as they exercised around the armrests of the corridor of the hospital. Every step they took caused the scar on their abdomen to hurt. It was not that sharp and intense pain. It was more like ants crawling on their wounds and biting them. It was not so painful that they would grimace, but they would also frown.

Su Beibei walked for dozens of meters before sweating profusely.

The nurse saw that Su Beibei was sweating profusely. She said, “Madam, I’ll get a towel to wipe your sweat.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

After the nurse left, Su Beibei leaned against the railing and rested for a while before continuing to walk slowly. The nurse who knew her saw that she was so hardworking and stopped to say to her, “You can go back and rest for a while after walking for 10 minutes. Don’t be too tired.”


As Su Beibei continued walking, she thought about Mother Li’s funeral today and heard a conversation.

“It’s this floor, right?”

“Probably. I wonder which hospital bed it is.”

“Ask the nurse.”

“Hello, may I know which bed Su Beibei is in?”

Hearing her name, Su Beibei looked up at the nurse’s desk.

She looked up and saw a group of five people, three women and two men. They were standing in front of the nurse’s desk and listening to the nurse. Su Beibei realized that those people looked rather familiar. She thought carefully and recognized them.

These were all Li Li’s grandmother’s relatives. The woman in the middle wearing a black dress was Li Li’s third aunt. The two men beside her were Li Li’s eldest uncle and uncle.

Mother Li had many brothers and sisters in her family. There were a total of four. She was ranked second. She had an elder brother above her and a younger sister and younger brother below her. On Mother Li’s death anniversary, these brothers and sisters who usually lived in other places and county cities rushed to Wangdong City.

Su Beibei had only met them twice. The first time was at the wedding, and the other time was at Li Ao’s full moon. As Su Beibei didn’t live with Mother Li, they wouldn’t call Su Beibei when they interacted during festive seasons.

As a result, Su Beibei almost didn’t recognize them.

These relatives asked for Su Beibei’s hospital bed number and turned to walk towards the ward. After walking a distance, they bumped into Su Beibei.

Su Beibei was very unfamiliar with them, but they recognized her at a glance. The reason was that Su Beibei was very beautiful. She had peach blossom eyes and a small nose. Even if she was wearing a hospital gown and standing in the corridor with disheveled hair, she was still the most beautiful woman on this level.

“Beibei, why aren’t you resting in your room?” It was Li Li’s elder uncle, Lin Qingquan.

Su Beibei saw that they were empty-handed and that she looked very cold. She immediately understood that they had come with ill intentions. Su Beibei nodded at them and called out, “Uncle, Aunt, Third Aunt, Uncle, Aunt.”

“Oh.” Third Aunt said in a sarcastic manner. Her voice was sharp and sounded very mean. She said, “The great writer actually recognized us vulgar people and was even willing to call us. I thought you didn’t have vulgar people like us in your eyes.”

Mother Li’s family was poor a few years ago. Among the four daughters, only her third aunt had been admitted to university because she was smart enough to attend high school. Her third aunt’s husband later became the boss of a real estate company and was the best among the siblings.

So the siblings followed Third Aunt’s lead.

At this moment, Third Aunt was making things difficult for Su Beibei. The two uncles and aunties all looked down and didn’t dare to help.

In reality, they had come today to seek justice for their deceased elder sister and purposely cause trouble for Su Beibei. So when Third Aunt said these words, neither the first uncle couple nor the husband and wife spoke up for Su Beibei.

In reality, Mother Li had a deep-seated prejudice against Su Beibei. All these years, she had often smeared Su Beibei’s image in front of her siblings.

As a result, in the eyes of Mother Li and her siblings, she, Su Beibei, was a beautiful snake with a vicious heart. She was a vicious woman!

Su Beibei’s smile froze slightly. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Third Aunt, what are you saying? You are Li Li’s uncles and aunts, my uncles and aunts. How can I not recognize you?”

“Huh?” Third Aunt smiled mockingly. She crossed her arms and mocked her. “You don’t even acknowledge Li Li’s biological mother, so why would you acknowledge us relatives?” At the mention of her deceased elder sister, Third Aunt’s eyes instantly reddened in grievance.

She glared at Su Beibei hatefully and said in a heavy voice, “Great, now you’ve angered my sister to death. Are you satisfied?”

It was past 10am in the morning and the inpatient department was bustling with activity. Many patients walked out of their rooms and strolled along the corridor. When Li Li’s third aunt said this, the patients all looked at Su Beibei in surprise.

They couldn’t tell that this beautiful woman had angered her mother-in-law to death.

Su Beibei’s smile disappeared.

She had never been a pushover, nor was she a dough that anyone could knead. If Third Aunt accused her of infuriating her mother-in-law, Su Beibei would not allow anyone to slander her.

Holding the railing, she looked up and stared straight at Third Aunt Li. Her voice was calm and unhurried. She said neither humbly nor arrogantly, “Third Aunt, four days ago, I suffered a minor hemorrhage due to a car accident and nearly lost my life. It was the hospital’s doctors who risked their lives to pull me back from the gates of hell.”

“Three days ago, I laid in bed and didn’t even have the strength to speak. Mother stayed in the Liberation Hospital and I was in the Third People’s Hospital. We didn’t speak the entire time. May I ask where I came from to anger you to death?”

When Third Aunt heard Su Beibei’s explanation, she looked at her suspiciously.

Is she telling the truth?

Third Aunt didn’t believe that Su Beibei was innocent. Over the past few days at the funeral, everyone had been spreading the news that her elder sister had been discharged. She had been bullied at her son and daughter-in-law’s house and had been pushed to the ground and injured. That was why she had been hospitalized again.

That day, when her blood pressure suddenly rose and she passed away, she was also angered to death by this daughter-in-law. Even before her death, she still begged Li Li to divorce this vixen!

Third Aunt was sure that Su Beibei was lying. She couldn’t help but cry out for her elder sister. “My elder sister underwent a craniotomy a month ago and was just discharged. She just went to your house for a meal and was pushed to the ground by you. She suffered another cerebral hemorrhage and underwent a craniotomy again! If not for her son being worried about her and sending her to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, she would have died on the spot!”

“After two consecutive craniotomies in a month, I thought that my sister would be able to live a few more years and enjoy life after the surgery was successfully completed! In the end, you knew that she couldn’t take the shock and purposely angered her!”

“You vicious woman! Li Li is really unlucky to have married you! My elder sister is right. You should divorce Li Li! Our Li Li was such a filial child in the past. Ever since he married you, his behavior changed drastically! You are a vixen!”

Third Aunt’s words were reasonable. Those who didn’t know the truth would really think that Su Beibei was such a vicious mother-in-law.

They surrounded Su Beibei and Li Li’s relatives and pointed at her.

Someone said, “She looks like a beautiful woman, but why is she so vicious? No matter how bad her relationship with Mother-in-law is, she shouldn’t purposely anger Mother-in-law to death. You really can’t judge a book by its cover!”

“That’s why I said that you can’t just look for good-looking people in a relationship now. Those good-looking people are all evil. It’s better to find an ordinary and honest girl. She’s filial and kind.”

Su Beibei was trembling with anger.

“Third Aunt, aren’t you too good at distorting the truth? Don’t you know who doesn’t like who and who wishes for who to die?”

“Third Aunt, please leave yourselves. Otherwise…” Su Beibei looked around at the people who were pointing at her. Her heart hardened and she said fiercely,” It’s no longer the old era where you speak with your mouth alone and don’t need to be responsible for spreading rumors! You’re slandering me without any evidence and damaging my image. I can totally call the police and make a case. I can report you for creating rumors and violating my reputation! ”

Third Aunt laughed out loud. “Call the police and report us? Hahaha!”

Third Aunt said to the onlookers, “Everyone, come and take a look. She’s really different as a writer. She purposely angered my sister to death. Just because we exposed her true colors in public, she wanted to warn us! Do you think the police are all yours?”

“Shouldn’t writers be sensible people? How can a person like you be a writer? I heard that your book is even in a movie! What a joke. If a person like you can write a movie, everyone can write a book and make a movie.”

Under the publicity of Third Aunt’s loud voice, everyone in the hospital knew that Su Beibei was a writer and even angered her mother-in-law to death.

An old lady frowned and said to Su Beibei, “Little girl, this is your fault. You caused your mother-in-law’s death. It’s fine if you don’t know your mistake, but you actually want to sue your aunt. You have no conscience!”

“That’s right! Aren’t you just pretending after getting a benefit?”

“What a vicious heart!”

“Hey, is she a writer? What’s the name of her book?”

Third Aunt wanted to tarnish Su Beibei’s reputation. When she heard this question, she hurriedly shouted, “She, she writes mystery novels. Several novels have been turned into movies. Her pen name is Colonel Beibei! The famous celebrity Lu Cheng filmed that movie, ‘Eating is a Fortune’. She wrote it!”

“People who writes mystery novel are so vicious! If she wasn’t vicious, she wouldn’t have written such a story!”

Speaking of Colonel Beibei, people who didn’t like to read novels might find it unfamiliar, but when they heard the name “Eat is a Fortune”, everyone knew.

“Eating is a Fortune” was the representative work of Oscar Best Actor Lu Cheng. It was a mystery film. Lu Cheng played a 200-pound fatty in the movie called Lin Da.

“Eating is a Fortune” was actually a sad suspense story. The story was about how Lin Da had taken hormonal drugs when he was young and was fat. He couldn’t control his diet and couldn’t lose weight, so everyone called him fat.

In the community, Old Man Fang fell down on his way home after drinking and died. His full-time housewife, Zhang Liyun, was killed and her mouth was sewn shut by someone…

One dangerous death after another, all of them pointed the real culprit at Fatty Lin Da.

This movie was very popular and the box office sales were very impressive when it was screened. It even won the Best Plot Animation. As the author and screenwriter of the original novel, Su Beibei even won the Best Screenwriter Award.

Knowing that Su Beibei was the author of “Eat is Fortune”, everyone thought of the exciting and complicated plot of the movie and looked at Su Beibei even more differently.

“Someone who can write such a twisted and scary story must have a dark heart.”

“Yes, yes. A woman who writes mystery novels is too scary.”

When her third aunt heard these people pointing at Su Beibei, she had achieved her goal and was instantly arrogant. She thought to herself: You angered my sister to death, so I will also ruin your reputation!

Su Beibei was indeed enraged.

She was already feeling unwell. Now that so many people were criticizing and slandering her, she felt more than just aggrieved!

She even felt like dying!

At this moment, the nurse came over.

As she had been delayed by the call, she walked over and saw Su Beibei surrounded by a group of people pointing and talking. She thought Su Beibei had fainted.

The nurse hurriedly squeezed through the crowd and entered. She realized that Su Beibei’s face was pale and her hand was on her stomach. She was shocked and asked loudly, “What are you doing?! Move aside, what are you muttering about around a patient!”

The nurse pulled Su Beibei away. At this moment, Li Li’s third aunt felt that it was too easy on Su Beibei. She grabbed Su Beibei’s arm and said fiercely, “You have to kneel in front of my sister’s grave for a day and a night to apologize to her!”

Su Beibei stared at her third aunt coldly. “Let go!”

Third Aunt refused to let go and pulled Su Beibei away.

Su Beibei resisted.

As she struggled, the wound on Su Beibei’s stomach opened again.

The nurse saw that Su Beibei’s hospital gown was red and guessed that the wound had split open. She hurriedly shouted at the nurse’s desk, “Nurse! Nurse! Quickly get the security guards to chase this group of people away! Madam Su’s wound has split open!”

Li Li was awoken by the ringing of the phone. He received a call from the nurse and realized that his aunt and uncles had gone to the hospital to make things difficult for Su Beibei.

Knowing that Su Beibei’s incision had been torn open and that she was in the operating theater reopening, Li Li didn’t dare to delay a second. He jumped off the bed and went to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, Su Beibei had already returned to the ward. She was lying in bed, her face as pale as death.

Li Li purposely made some noise to disturb the drowsy Su Beibei.

Su Beibei turned to look at him. She could only turn her head, not daring to move her lower body, afraid that she would open her wound again. Seeing Li Li, Su Beibei said coldly, “You’re here?”


Li Li said, “Let me see your wound.”

Su Beibei shook her head in rejection. “No.”

Li Li instinctively said, “I’m not an outsider. Let me take a look.” Li Li reached out to touch Su Beibei’s hospital gown, wanting to look at her stomach.

Su Beibei placed her hand in front of her abdomen and said coldly, “Do you have the cheek to look?”

Li Li was stunned.

His hand stopped above Su Beibei’s stomach. After a moment, Li Li reached back. He sat down beside the bed and said to Su Beibei, “I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy these few days and didn’t come to visit you. I didn’t protect you well enough to let my aunt and uncle take the opportunity to bully you.”

“I know you’re very busy. So busy that you didn’t even call to tell me when your mother passed away.” Su Beibei’s tone was very calm, but every word was filled with resentment towards Li Li.

Li Li felt very uncomfortable. He instinctively said, “I’ve been very confused these few days. Beibei, I caused her death…”

“My heart is in a mess now.” Su Beibei threw her cell phone to Li Li. “Look.”

Li Li looked at his cell phone in confusion and realized that Su Beibei was browsing Weibo. The screen was filled with words like “Colonel Beibei” and “Eating is a Fortune”.

Li Li opened a post written by a verified account and realized that the verified account was scolding Su Beibei, saying that she was vicious and infuriating her mother-in-law. After reading that article, Li Li was so angry that his face turned green. “Nonsense! This is all fake!”

“So what if it’s fake? In the eyes of others, this is real.” Su Beibei told Li Li, “Your third aunt came to the hospital and slandered my reputation in front of many patients. Such a quick topic climbed onto the trending topics. It must have been your third aunt who found someone to do it. Thanks to your third aunt, the entire country now knows that I, Su Beibei, angered my own mother-in-law to death.”

Li Li immediately stood up and said, “I’ll get someone to suppress this matter now. Don’t worry, I will remove all the news online. Believe me.” Li Li swore that he wanted Su Beibei to believe him.

After this incident, Li Li’s first reaction was not to clear up the misunderstanding and seek justice for Su Beibei. Instead, he suppressed the heat and deleted the information.

Su Beibei’s heart sank.

“Mmm, of course I believe you.” Li Li was Zeus Corporation’s vice-president. Of course he had the capability.

Li Li left hurriedly, planning to look for the public relations department to settle this matter.

After he left, Su Beibei didn’t stay idle.

Su Beibei entered Weibo, deleted and wrote, and finally posted a post.

Colonel Beibei V: [Regarding the news that suddenly appeared on Weibo today about ‘Colonel Beibei angering her mother-in-law to death’, ‘screenwriter of Eating is a Fortune purposely murdered someone’, these are all artificial rumors.]

Rumors have seriously damaged my reputation and threatened my normal life.

I hereby urge all netizens not to believe any rumors. I also clarify that all the so-called revelations are false accusations.

In addition, I will report this rumor to the police and deal with it. I will never forgive the person who started this rumor!]

After posting on Weibo, Su Beibei no longer paid attention to how the comments section would fall. She directly called the police station to settle this matter.

When Li Li left the company and found the head of the public relations department, he asked the other party to contact the staff on Weibo to lower the popularity of the news and delete it. However, the head told Li Li, “CEO Li, Madam has already declared on Weibo that she will call the police to settle this matter. I’m afraid this matter can’t be suppressed anymore.”

“Madam’s Weibo comments have already reached 100,000.”

Li Li was stunned.

Beibei posted on Weibo?

“Let me see.” When Li Li opened Weibo, Su Beibei coincidentally posted a second Weibo post.

Colonel Beibei V: I mean what I say. I’ve already called the police to handle it. Screenshot.jpg

That screenshot was Su Beibei’s call with the police.

Realizing that Su Beibei was being serious, Li Li couldn’t say if he should be angry or admire her. She was indeed that stubborn and strong woman. She was not to be bullied or harassed.

The head asked Li Li, “CEO Li, how should we handle this matter?”

Li Li pondered for a moment before saying, “I won’t settle it for now. Record all the verified accounts that spread rumors about my wife. I want to sue them.”


Su Beibei’s Weibo post was reposted by Song Ci.

Song Song Song Song Ci: Beibei is my good friend. She got into a car accident four days ago, suffered a minor hemorrhage, and nearly lost her life. She is still recuperating in the hospital. I don’t believe that she purposely angered my mother-in-law to death! I can’t say too much about the relationship between Beibei and Auntie Li, but I believe in Beibei unconditionally. I support Beibei calling the police and going through legal procedures to punish those who casually create rumors. Sister, if you lack money, tell me. I support you to the end!

Song Ci had always been generous to her true friends. After she reposted this post, Yan Jiang also reposted it.

Yan JiangV: What kind of person is the great writer Beibei? Us friends know far better than you people who are separated by cell phones and the Internet. Angering your mother-in-law to death? That doesn’t exist. Who knows who will be angry at whom? I look forward to the day when things turn around and also look forward to the day when the rumor-maker is arrested.

Not long after, Best Actor Lu Cheng also reposted Yan Jiang’s Weibo post and commented: “Colonel Beibei is a very talented and charming author. I don’t know the full picture and won’t comment on it. Please view this matter rationally.”

Under Lu Cheng’s call, many netizens realized that they might have been used by someone. They instantly calmed down and decided to watch calmly.

It was also at 2pm that day that many Weibo users opened Weibo and realized that the official Weibo account had sent them a group of unfamiliar friends. Meanwhile, the person who had been rejected was a person called Norlander-Watson.


Norland Watson?

What kind of joke was Weibo playing with them? How could Norland Watson come to China to open Weibo?

Norland Watson was the most popular idol singer in Country M in recent years. He was only 21 years old and had already won the Grammy Award for Best Popular Music. He had collaborated with the “siren” singer, Du Xueyan, and had even sung at the Oscar award ceremony.

In short, Nolante Watson was a popular male singer who was both capable and good-looking.

It was impossible for him to register on Weibo in China. This was the consensus of all the netizens. They wanted to see who this guy was and opened that person’s personal page.

Opening his personal page, he saw Norland Watson’s selfie. He had opened Weibo less than an hour ago and already had a million fans!

This fan count and photo were all hinting to the netizens that this was very likely the real Norland!

Everyone still felt that this matter was very fantasy-like. They all opened Norland’s certified information and saw that it clearly wrote: [Norland Watson, American Idol Singer, Grammy Popularist]!

Seeing this blinding certification, everyone was instantly excited.

News of Norland Watson’s arrival on Weibo spread very quickly. In just three hours, Norland had more than 3 million fans and the number of fans was still increasing.

At 6.40pm that night, Nolante logged into Weibo and deleted the first post that was posted by the official Weibo account. He showed that the official Weibo account had canceled his attention and silently followed Colonel Beibei. Then, he updated his first post on Sina Weibo.

Noland WatsonV: [Long time no see, Colonel Beibei. I have watched your movie “Eating is a Fortune” five times. I just want to say that you are indeed you. Only you can write a suspense drama that makes my beloved—a rainbow fart from your eternal little fan.]

No one expected that the first thing Norland did after coming to Weibo was not to introduce himself or his works, but to openly confess to his idol author, Colonel Beibei!


And on such a day where rumors spread everywhere!

Noland Watson’s Weibo comments were quickly flooded.

First post: Ahhh! Nolante, look at me! I want to have a child with you!

Second post: Norland, you actually watch a Chinese movie too! You are actually a fan of Colonel Beibei. Oh my god, oh my god!

Third post: Could it be that Norland specially came to Weibo to stand up for Colonel Beibei?

Fourth post: So my idol also chases after his idol…

Fifth post: My idol’s idol must be a good person. I don’t believe that Colonel Beibei is a bad woman. I believe in my idol and Colonel Beibei.

Sixth post: Norland actually watched “Eating is a Fortune” five times. I love Lu Cheng’s Lin Da so much. I also love you, Norland!

Seventh comment: At this moment, we are all lemon spirits under the lemon tree.

As if he felt that this alone was not enough to agitate the netizens, Noland quickly posted an even more exciting new post.

Norland sent a message and a photo.

Norland WatsonV: Someone asked me what books I usually read. Today, I will share with you the treasure works written by my treasured author. Image.jpg

Curious, the fan opened that photo and zoomed in to see a whole wall of mystery novels. The covers of the novels were all different, but the author of each novel had the same name:

Colonel Beibei!

Norland was Colonel Beibei’s die-hard fan!

At dusk, the police came to the hospital to understand the entire situation in detail with Su Beibei. After Su Beibei accepted the police’s investigation, she opened Weibo and realized that her name was second on Weibo’s trending topics.

The top trending topic on Weibo was:

Norland Watson.

Su Beibei was surprised to see this name.

Cong Nuo?

What did Cong Nuo do? Why is he on Weibo?

Could his relationship have been exposed?

Cong Nuo was also 21 years old now. In that open country in America, it was very normal for 21-year-old boys to fall in love. Moreover, Cong Nuo was a superstar and his every move was very watched. If his relationship was really exposed, it should indeed be trending.

Curious, Su Beibei opened that trending topic to clarify the situation. Her heart warmed.

This little brat, after so many years, why was he still as high-profile as before?

However, with the superstar Cong Nuo, Best Actor Lu Cheng, Yan Jiang, and Song Ci siding with Su Beibei, the netizens no longer scolded Su Beibei one-sidedly. Some people also started to analyze the truth of this matter rationally.

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