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Chapter 422: Finish Them In One fell swoop!

Lin Jing didn’t come early or late, but he just happened to break in at this time. He had obviously eavesdropped on their conversation and found the right opportunity to stop Li Feng from committing a crime.

At this point, Li Feng was calm.

He shook off his slightly stiff fingers from pinching Jiang Guchuan’s neck. He smiled at Lin Jing and said, “Officer Lin, what a coincidence.”

These words were filled with sarcasm.

Lin Jing’s gaze quickly swept past Li Feng’s face and landed on Jiang Guchuan, who was taking a deep breath.

Lin Jing quickly walked to the bed and carefully sized up Jiang Guchuan’s condition. After confirming that Jiang Guchuan wouldn’t die anytime soon, he opened his eyes and stared at Li Feng. “You nearly killed another person.”

Li Feng narrowed his sharp eyes and asked, “Officer Lin, how much do you know?”

Lin Jing said, “I know everything that I should know and shouldn’t know.”

Li Feng nodded thoughtfully. Then, his dark and cold eyes landed on Jiang Guchuan again. He asked, “Officer Lin, is there a big difference between killing one person and killing two?”

Lin Jing knew what Li Feng was thinking. He said emotionlessly, “Murdering Su Run is a lustful murder case. Murdering Jiang Guchuan is a revenge-type murder case. With the two combined, it will be a prison sentence of at least a few decades, or a life sentence and death sentence for at least a few decades. Li Feng, consider carefully whether you want to sacrifice the rest of your life for a person with ulterior motives.”

Li Feng sneered. “Do I still have the rest of my life to speak of?”

The crimes that the four of them had committed against Su Run were enough for them to be locked up for the rest of their lives. It was a deliberate murder with a bad plot. He told Young Master Ying that they would also spend decades in prison.

Even if a man was released from prison, how could he have a future?!

Li Feng looked deeply at Jiang Guchuan and said with a faint smile, “Guchuan, I hope Officer Lin and the rest protect you well. Don’t accidentally lose your life…”

After saying that, Li Feng turned to leave.

Before he could cross that bed, he heard a click.

Li Feng stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Lin Jing. He saw that Lin Jing was holding a pair of handcuffs.

Lin Jing waved his handcuffs at him and said, “Li Feng, I will officially issue an arrest warrant for Su Run’s murder.” With that, Lin Jing took out a warrant with a steel seal.

Li Feng glared at him angrily. After a long while, he said hoarsely, “Lin Jing, you’re really not afraid of offending people.”

Lin Jing smiled fearlessly and handcuffed Li Feng’s wrists. He looked straight into Li Feng’s eyes calmly and said with a smile, “I am a person who only wants to have a clear conscience and not let down my uniform.”

Li Feng’s smile faded as he said coldly, “What an impartial person!”

When the others saw Lin Jing personally leading Li Feng out of the police car, the entire police station was in an uproar.

Lin Jing actually detained Li Mang’s nephew!

He really dared to pierce the sky!

The news that Li Feng was handcuffed by Lin Jing and brought into the interrogation room quickly reached Li Mang’s ears.

At that time, Li Mang was standing in front of a blackboard, studying an old case, trying to catch the murderer who had been escaping for thirteen years.

Someone suddenly knocked on the door. The subordinate hurried in and stood behind the desk. “Boss, Lin Jing captured Li Feng and locked him in the interrogation room.”

Hearing this, Li Mang suddenly clenched the marker in his hand.

He looked up at the intricate relationship diagrams on the blackboard, turned to look at the sky outside the window, and suddenly sighed. “I’m finally going to rest.”

The subordinate was shocked.

He looked up and saw that Li Mang had already taken off his hat and put down his marker. Li Mang stared at his subordinate with something sparkling in his eyes. He said, “I’ll get going first. Don’t ask anything.”

With that, Li Mang quickly left the office.

The subordinate stared at the hat on the table. The image of Li Mang’s teary eyes just now surfaced in his mind. A vague and bold thought formed in his mind.

The subordinate’s heart palpitated at his guess!

At 10am in the morning, Li Feng was detained from the hospital. The news had just spread when another batch of police officers arrived at Wangdong Bank at 12.20pm. They blocked Ying Ji, who was about to drive his wife and children off with his car keys.

Ying Ji looked at the group of police officers in front of him and looked down at the key ring on his finger. He muttered, “It’s still too late.” He couldn’t even see his family for the last time.

In one day, Li Feng and Ying Ji were taken away by the police at the same time. This caused a huge commotion in Wangdong City.

Everyone guessed what crime these two people had committed, but they couldn’t figure it out.

When Li Feng and Ying Ji were interrogated, there was another crusade against Dong Bi from Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals for stealing the research results of the deceased master, Su Yudi.

And this time, the person who denounced Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was not the patient’s family, but the master of virology in the country, Fu Hanshen!

Fu Hanshen wrote a long article on his Weibo personal page. In the article, he first explained his relationship with Su Yudi. Then, he described in detail the performance and side effects of the lung lactate drug that Su Yudi had introduced to him back then.

At the end of the article, Fu Hanshen strongly condemned Dong Bi for stealing the research results of the deceased. He called him the scum of the pharmaceutical world!

Who is Fu Hanshen?

He was the top virus specialist in the country. It was incalculable how much he had contributed to this world. He had always been upright and didn’t have a single blemish on him. Was there a need for him to fall off the pedestal and trample on an unrelated young man?

Obviously not.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes were on Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals and Dong Bi.

The leader of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Guchuan, was seriously injured and was still lying in the hospital unable to move. As the leader of the research and development department, Dong Bi was also caught up in the storm of theft. Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was on the verge of collapse and everyone was in a panic. Even those old manufacturers who had worked with Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals for more than a decade refused to work with Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals again.

The “Lung Lick” incident caused an uproar and successfully attracted the attention of the capital. The capital immediately sent a team to investigate this matter.

This concerned the livelihood of the people, so he didn’t dare to underestimate it!

In the hospital, Jiang Zhen was sitting beside Jiang Guchuan’s bed. He was stirring a bowl of porridge gently.

Jiang Zhen brought a mouthful of porridge to Jiang Guchuan’s mouth and said, “At least take a bite. You are seriously injured and you don’t eat. Your body is made of steel. It’s time to be crippled.”

“Get lost, there’s no need for you to put on airs here!” Jiang Guchuan slapped Jiang Zhen’s hand away and spat hard at his face, but Jiang Zhen tilted his head to avoid him.

Jiang Zhen stared at the porridge on the blanket, then at the saliva on his shoulder. His gaze gradually turned cold.

“Jiang Guchuan.” Jiang Zhen placed the bowl of porridge on the bedside table. He took a piece of paper and carefully wiped the sticky porridge foam on his fingertips. As he wiped, he said, “Did you know that Dong Bi ran away?”

Jiang Guchuan’s pupils constricted. He instinctively said, “How could…”

“But he was caught again.” Jiang Zhen was half a beat slower and completed Dong Bi’s ending.

Jiang Zhen smiled at him. “Dong Bi was caught by those family members at the airport. Guess what he said in a hurry after he was caught?”

Jiang Guchuan didn’t answer.

Jiang Zhen smiled. “Don’t worry. There’s a video. I’ll play it for you now.” Jiang Zhen took out his cell phone from his pocket and found the saved video. He aimed the video at Jiang Guchuan and played it.

Jiang Guchuan stared at his cell phone screen and saw a huge group of people. They surrounded Dong Bi, who was wearing a baseball cap. Some were shouting to kill Dong Bi, while others were shouting to send him to the police station.

Meanwhile, Dong Bi was terrified. He covered his face with his hands and shouted mournfully, “It’s not me! It’s not me at all! I didn’t want to steal Master’s research results. It’s Jiang Guchuan! Jiang Guchuan instigated me to do it. Jiang Guchuan said that Master is already dead and only I know his research content. Even if we steal his research results, no one will know!”

In the chaos, Dong Bi was kicked to the ground.

He used his hands to protect his head and shouted even more fearfully, “It’s really all Jiang Guchuan! In order to prevent future trouble, Jiang Guchuan even killed Teacher’s daughter to silence her! This is all true! It’s all Jiang Guchuan! All of this was done by Jiang Guchuan! Jiang Guchuan clearly knew that the Lung Lick had side effects that couldn’t be ignored, but he still stubbornly decided to push it to the market!”

“Don’t hit me. If you want to hit someone, hit Jiang Guchuan! He is the real unscrupulous boss!”

The video ended there.

Jiang Zhen put down his cell phone and calmly admired Jiang Guchuan’s reaction. Seeing Jiang Guchuan’s eyes turn dejected and despairing, Jiang Zhen felt very happy. He purposely provoked Jiang Guchuan and said, “Jiang Guchuan, your best partner has abandoned you.”

Jiang Guchuan was silent for a long while before he regained some strength. He stared at Jiang Zhen with a dark gaze and suddenly asked, “Su Run, is she your sister?”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “She looks so much like my mother. You should have been suspicious of her identity the first time you saw her, right?”

Jiang Guchuan suddenly grinned and said, “Hehe, your sister is much prettier than you. She looks especially moving when she cries. You don’t see how pitiful she looks when she cries for mercy…”

Before Jiang Guchuan could finish his sentence, Jiang Zhen punched him in the face.

“Jiang Guchuan!” Jiang Zhen lifted Jiang Guchuan up from the bed with his bare hands!

Jiang Zhen carried Jiang Guchuan and placed him on the windowsill. Jiang Guchuan sat on the windowsill sickly. He looked back at the six-story tall building below him and his smile became even more sinister.

“Why? Are you angry from embarrassment? Are you feeling sorry for that girl? Do you want to kill me and bury me with her?” Jiang Guchuan’s muscles and wounds were in intense pain, but he was laughing maniacally. He looked at Jiang Zhen excitedly and purposely said, “Do you know how she boarded that ship! Hahaha, it’s me! I purposely used an unknown number to disguise myself as your mother and sent that girl a message to look for me on the ship!”

“She didn’t believe it at first, but when she saw Lan Ruoyun’s photo, she believed it! You don’t even know how adorable she was when she specially wore a beautiful dress, carried a small bag, and stepped onto that boat with anticipation! She was like a flawless rabbit, much cleaner than you!”

Finally, Jiang Guchuan told him the truth behind Jiang Bi stepping on that boat. Jiang Zhen’s heart ached as if countless wounds had been torn open with his bare hands and fresh blood flowed out.

Jiang Zhen gritted his teeth and roared ferociously, “Jiang Guchuan, you’re really inhuman!” His heart was filled with hatred. Jiang Zhen hated that he couldn’t tear Jiang Guchuan into pieces, chop him up, and feed him to the dogs!

Jiang Guchuan stared at Jiang Zhen’s pained expression and laughed even more wildly without restraint. He laughed so hard that his organs ached. “Yes, I am not human, but I played all of you in circles! Didn’t even a genius like Ying Ji kill someone for me?”

“No matter how arrogant you are, didn’t I kill a sister?”

As soon as Jiang Guchuan finished speaking, the hands that were grabbing his collar suddenly loosened. Without the support of Jiang Zhen’s hands, Jiang Guchuan, who was already unstable, instantly fell from the window frame.

But the window of the hospital could only be opened halfway. The goal was to prevent the patient from jumping off the building in a fit of anger and the hospital from getting sued.

Jiang Guchuan fell to the ground and was stopped by the half-opened window. But adults were strong. If Jiang Zhen really wanted to throw Jiang Guchuan down, he could also push open that window.

Han Wangwang arrived downstairs of the hospital with an umbrella. She was feeling hot when she heard Jiang Zhen shout angrily, “Jiang Guchuan, you’re really inhuman!”

Han Wangwang looked up and searched the floor for a few seconds before locating Jiang Zhen and Jiang Guchuan. Han Wangwang saw Jiang Guchuan sitting in the middle of the window frame, ready to fall at any moment. Her heart was in her throat.

Han Wangwang’s legs went limp. She threw away her face and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Jiang Zhen! Don’t be rash!”

When Jiang Zhen heard Han Wangwang’s voice, the anger in his heart seemed to be extinguished by a basin of ice water. He calmed down slightly and recalled Jiang Guchuan’s words just now. He realized that Jiang Guchuan was purposely provoking him!

Jiang Guchuan knew that he no longer had a way out, so before he died, he wanted to smear the blood on Jiang Zhen’s hand and make him bear the crime of “throwing Jiang Guchuan into a building”!

If that happened, Jiang Zhen would lose his life.

Jiang Zhen instantly regained his senses.

He hurriedly grabbed Jiang Guchuan and locked the window behind him.

Jiang Guchuan saw that the killing intent in Jiang Zhen’s eyes suddenly disappeared and couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed. “Why didn’t you kill me? Are you willing to let me off just like that? Think of your tragic sister! Jiang Zhen, if you let me off just like that, won’t you let your sister down?”

Jiang Zhen would no longer be angered by Jiang Guchuan.

Hearing this, he said, “I don’t need to dirty my own hands for something inhuman.”

Jiang Guchuan was stunned.

He lowered his head slightly and stared at the patient’s uniform in a daze.

Suddenly, Jiang Guchuan looked up suddenly, his weak eyes revealing a hint of stubbornness. He stared at Jiang Zhen and said, “Now that the matter has been exposed, everyone says that I am not human… But if you didn’t come out of nowhere, no one would know what I did! I will be Jiang Guchuan, the CEO of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals, the young master who calls Li Feng and the rest brothers! I will no longer be that dog who is mocked for not having a father. No one will dare to call my mother a prostitute who sells herself to the top in front of me!”

“If I succeed, I will be a good man!”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen looked at him even more disdainfully.

Jiang Zhen silently took a step back and stood further away from Jiang Guchuan, afraid that he would be infected with a crazy disease.

Jiang Zhen heard Jiang Guchuan speak again. “If I win, I will be successful and famous. I will stand at the top. Those things that I have done to achieve my goals will be called outstanding by others. If I lose, my reputation will be ruined and I will be slandered. What I have done and said in the past will be called heartless.”

Winner takes all.

Jiang Guchuan’s paranoia had already seeped into his bones.

Jiang Zhen had to admit that Jiang Guchuan’s words made sense. Although it sounded very infuriating, it was indeed true.

“Jiang Zhen…”

Jiang Zhen looked up at Jiang Guchuan and saw a bitter smile on his face. He murmured weakly, “I just lost…” If I lost, I would become nothing. If I won, I would be everything.

Jiang Zhen didn’t want to talk to Jiang Guchuan anymore.

The door to the ward was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Han Wangwang panted as she ran in. Seeing that Jiang Guchuan was still sitting on the windowsill and that Jiang Zhen didn’t really push him down, her wildly beating heart finally felt more at ease.

“Jiang Zhen.”

Han Wangwang hurried over and pulled Jiang Zhen to the side of the bed. She then walked to the window and pulled Jiang Guchuan down.

Han Wangwang was slightly stronger than ordinary girls. She spent some effort and successfully stuffed Jiang Guchuan into the bed. Han Wangwang panted heavily and lowered her head to say to Jiang Guchuan, “Lie down properly. Don’t think of pulling someone down even before death.”

Jiang Guchuan looked at her coldly and sneered. “Who do you think you are?”

Han Wangwang glared at Jiang Guchuan and said, “I know people like you very well. If you are going to hell yourself, you will drag Jiang Zhen down with you. But our Jiang Zhen is not you. You don’t have a father, a mother, or a girlfriend, but our Jiang Zhen still has my love. As long as I am still breathing, I will not allow Jiang Zhen to do anything foolish. Don’t even think of dirtying his hand.”

“You’re so unlucky. You’re so evil.”

Han Wangwang scolded Jiang Guchuan, making him so angry that his face turned green.

Han Wangwang circled around Jiang Zhen and grabbed his hand. She said to him, “Jiang Zhen, come with me now. You are not allowed to visit Jiang Guchuan again.” She was afraid that Jiang Zhen would kill Jiang Guchuan in a fit of anger and commit murder.

Jiang Zhen didn’t retort. He nodded and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Han Wangwang walked over, grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand, and left.

Jiang Zhen followed behind Han Wangwang slowly. Seeing that her high ponytail was slightly loose from running, he asked, “Why are you at the hospital?”

Han Wangwang stood at the lift door and waited for it. Without turning back, she said, “I saw Dong Bi’s video. I called you but you didn’t answer. I guessed that you might have gone to the hospital to provoke Jiang Guchuan. I was afraid that you would do something foolish and worried, so I came over to take a look.”

It turned out that she was right to come.

Han Wangwang turned and glared at Jiang Zhen. “If I didn’t come just now, would Jiang Guchuan have been pushed down by you?”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “I nearly broke down just now. I was so close to making a big mistake.” Jiang Zhen also looked scared.

Seeing Jiang Zhen’s terrified expression, Han Wangwang felt sorry for him.

Han Wangwang grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand and pulled him into the lift. There were many people in the lift and the two of them didn’t speak.

After exiting the lift and turning a corner, they arrived at the long corridor between the inpatient department and the laboratory building. The corridor led to the hospital’s garden and sports field. Han Wangwang pulled Jiang Zhen along and stood under the entrance of the corridor and garden.

Only then did Han Wangwang tilt her head and ask Jiang Zhen, “Did he say something to agitate you again?”

Jiang Zhen had already known of Jiang Guchuan’s crimes. There was no reason for him to suddenly break down. It must be that dog Jiang Guchuan who specially chose some words to stab Jiang Zhen’s heart and told him.

Jiang Zhen squatted down and lowered his head to tear off a green leaf from the colorful Chinese roses.

He used his fingers to turn the green leaves into green juice. He said in a hoarse voice, “That year, the reason why the girl stepped on that boat was because he used my mother!”

Jiang Zhen looked up at Han Wangwang with bloodshot eyes. “Wangwang, the girl thought that she could see her biological mother once she boarded the boat. That’s why she went.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang’s rosy face instantly turned ashen. The well-mannered her couldn’t help but curse. “Jiang Guchuan is such a dog! He’s utterly heartless!” Jiang Guchuan actually used Jiang Bi’s desire to find his biological mother to hurt her!

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and shook off the juice in his hand. He said, “At that time, Jiang Guchuan was already suspecting the girl’s identity. Tell me, how scared was he when I disguised myself as a woman and returned to the Jiang Family?”

Han Wangwang thought for a moment and said, “Jiang Bi used your mother’s photo to seduce Jiang Bi. She guessed Jiang Bi’s eagerness to find her biological mother, but Jiang Guchuan didn’t dare to confirm if Su Run was Jiang Bi.”

“I think that when you were brought home that year, Jiang Guchuan didn’t doubt the authenticity of your identity. Instead, he thought to himself: Oh, so that girl in Nanxing City really isn’t Jiang Bi. She’s just a little girl who happens to look like Lan Ruoyun.”

“Only when you took the initiative to expose the fact that you are Jiang Zhen did Jiang Guchuan dare to believe that the young girl who was harmed in Nanxing City was the real Jiang Bi! From then on, he was truly in a mess.”

When Jiang Zhen heard Han Wangwang’s analysis, he also understood. “Your analysis is very correct. Previously, in the ward, I learned the entire truth of what happened back then. At that time, I really wanted to kill him. If not for the hospital’s windows being fixed and unable to be opened completely, Jiang Guchuan would probably be dead.”

Han Wangwang grabbed Jiang Zhen’s wrist and said, “From now on, don’t visit Jiang Guchuan anymore. There are still hundreds and thousands of family members waiting for Jiang Guchuan to give an explanation. The police will also come to question Jiang Guchuan at any time. No matter how hard-hearted Jiang Guchuan is, there will be a day when he will collapse.”

“Just you wait. Soon, we will see Jiang Guchuan’s outcome.”

As Han Wangwang had analyzed, Jiang Guchuan was indeed not doing well.

As soon as Jiang Zhen left, someone from Lin Jing’s side came to interrogate.

Currently, Li Feng, Ying Ji, Gu Qinchuan, and the other two had already explained the crime and admitted to the crime. Even Dong Bi had abandoned Jiang Guchuan. No matter how stubborn Jiang Guchuan was, it was useless.

Lin Jing visited him three to four times before finally clearing up what he wanted to investigate.

Li Feng, Ying Ji, and the rest had already been arrested for a week and had yet to come out. The onlookers realized that something major had happened. Before everyone could investigate what the Li and Ying families had done, another explosive news spread—

Li Mang had been captured!

Who was Li Mang?

He was Lin Jing’s boss!

Lin Jing had actually captured Li Mang. How could this be!

For a moment, Wangdong City was like a pot of boiling water. People could be seen gathered everywhere to discuss the recent major events.

At 10.00pm that night, Wangdong City’s Public Security Official Weibo posted an extremely long police report with the following content:

At 2.05am on July 22, 2023, our bureau received a call from Nanxing City’s forensic doctor, Yang X, saying that in the case of the young painter Su X who committed suicide on railway 3 in Nanxing City on November 8, 2015, the deceased Su X did not commit suicide. The cause of death was another injustice:

The person who reported the case, Yang X, said that the victim, Su X, didn’t commit suicide due to depression. Instead, he was drugged and abandoned on the railway, deliberately pretending to commit suicide.

After the case, the forensic doctor, Yang X, was responsible for performing an autopsy on the deceased Su X and detecting clues left behind by four different identities in the deceased’s body. When Dr. Yang reported the autopsy data truthfully, she was abused by her superior, Li Mang, and suppressed the case.

After receiving the alarm, our bureau placed great importance on this case. We immediately sent special police officers to investigate this case. After many investigations, we confirmed that Su X’s death was a deliberate murder case.

The results of the investigation were as follows:

The deceased, Su X, was born in May 1999 and was adopted by Su YuX and his wife in 2009.

His adoptive father, Su YuxX, was a guest lecturer at Nanxing University’s Economics Professor and Nanxing Medical University. When he was alive, he had devoted himself to developing lung cancer treatment drugs. In July 2015, Su YuX and his wife accidentally fell into the water when they were traveling. Their lifelong research results were stolen by students Dong X and Jiang Gux.

Afraid that the theft would be exposed, Jiang GuX wanted to kill the deceased Su X.

On the afternoon of November 7, 2015, Jiang GuX had lured the deceased to a cruise ship in Canghai, hid him in his room, drugged Li X, An X, Ying X, Gu Qinx, and others in alcohol, deceived the four of them to the room where the deceased Su X was resting, and violated him.

Jiang Gux also suggested for Li X and the rest to murder Su X to prevent future trouble. Li X and the rest listened to Jiang Gux’s suggestion and drugged Su X before bringing him to Track 3 in Nanxing City to die.

After the case, the suspect, Li X’s uncle, Li Mang, abused his power and threatened the forensic doctor, Yang X, to conceal the injustice, turning a tragic and inhumane murder into an ordinary suicide case.

The case had been thoroughly investigated and the evidence was conclusive. All the people involved in the case had been handed over to the prosecutor’s office to await trial.

This police report was like a bomb thrown into a lake, blowing up a large number of shrimps and small fish.

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