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Chapter 421: Li Feng’s Revenge, Little Jiang Dog Got Beaten Up!

Late at night, Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company was very lively. The family members who denounced Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company surrounded the current CEO of Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company, Jiang Guchuan, and denounced him.

Someone pulled Jiang Guchuan’s shoulder with great strength.

Jiang Guchuan was pulled until he turned half his body and nearly bumped into that person.

It was a man in his forties wearing a striped POLO shirt. He was five to six centimeters taller than Jiang Guchuan, who was 1.82 meters tall.

That tall, burly man charged at Jiang Guchuan’s face and scolded him. “You guys are so heartless! You still call it Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals to benefit the corporation! I think you guys are a bunch of beasts who have fallen into the money eye! Your medicine has harmed a lot of people. Now, my mother is lying in bed and even needs someone to help her shit and pee. Your medicine paralyzed her. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?!”

Jiang Guchuan was spat all over by that person. Before he could wipe it off, he was pulled over by another arm.

This time, the person holding Jiang Guchuan was a young man who looked to be 18 or 19 years old. This young man’s eyes were red as he said to Jiang Guchuan, “Jiang Guchuan! CEO Jiang! Two years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with mid-stage lung cancer. As he took your company’s LCD, he controlled his condition and successfully completed the surgery to regain his health! Last year, our family customized a silk banner for Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals. Now, that silk banner is still hanging on your company’s cotton Merit Wall!”

“But half a year ago, my grandfather, who was still considered healthy, suddenly suffered a stroke. Now, his consciousness is unclear, and even our descendants don’t know everything! CEO Jiang, you have to give us an explanation! Whether your Lung Lick is a good medicine or another poison, you have to give us an accurate answer!”

Most people were still grateful for Lung Lick’s treatment of their loved ones. But thinking that the side effects of this medicine were clearly harmful, but Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals did not explicitly mention the terrifying side effects of this medicine in the instructions, these people’s hearts turned cold towards Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals and swore to seek an explanation.

Jiang Guchuan stared at these people’s heads helplessly. He was so scared that his head was covered in sweat.

Their words made Jiang Guchuan’s head hurt.

Jiang Guchuan slowly found his backbone. He raised his hands and shouted, “Everyone, calm down. I will definitely investigate this matter and give everyone an explanation!”

“If there is really a risk of hemiplegia and stroke due to LCD, our company will definitely remove this product immediately and give an explanation to all the patients who were implicated. We will also give an explanation to every family member!”

“Everyone, think about it. Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals has been established for more than 20 years and have developed many life-saving drugs! Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is a listed company. With such a big company standing here, a living person like me, Jiang Guchuan, will definitely not shift the blame!”

Hearing Jiang Guchuan’s words, some people had already regained their composure.

But not all of the people standing here tonight were real family members. There were even some people who took advantage of the situation for money.

Seeing that these family members were about to be appeased by Jiang Guchuan, the group of people who worked for money instantly shouted at the top of their lungs, “Nonsense! He, Jiang Guchuan, can’t be trusted at all!”

“How can your Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company have a good reputation?! Your father was rumored to be a kind-hearted entrepreneur. In the end? In order to achieve glory and a bright future, he first murdered his ex-wife and deceived the Lan Family’s lady! In order to protect his wealth and status, he actually heartlessly found a kidnapper to kidnap and sell his adorable twins! He even forced his wife, who helped him obtain wealth and status, to become a lunatic!”

“Selling sons and daughters, killing wives twice! Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals has such a ruthless founder, how can it be a good company? You, Jiang Guchuan, are born by Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan. How can you be better than those two animals!”

“How can a person like you talk about credibility? How can you talk about giving an explanation?”

“If you, Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, really took a fancy to this matter, you should have reflected on yourself two days ago when this matter was exposed! You should have thought of properly comforting the patients and their families who were harmed by you! Instead of rushing to delete the post and using money to suppress the popularity!”

“Everyone, listen to me. Jiang Guchuan is a big liar! Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company is an unscrupulous enterprise that sucks people’s blood! If we let him off today, he might just pack up his assets and escape before dawn!”

These people had all prepared their excuses in advance, and the contents of their words were true. The family members who had already calmed down instantly became agitated again when they heard this.

Yes! Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is an unscrupulous enterprise that absorbs human blood. Jiang Guchuan is like his father, two heartless beasts! The medicine was developed by their company. How can they not know the side effects?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Jiang Guchuan saw that these people were agitated again and instantly realized the danger.

He had to escape as soon as possible. Otherwise, he might not be able to leave today.

But he was surrounded by the family members and couldn’t escape for a moment. He was burning with anxiety. The cell phone in Jiang Guchuan’s pocket suddenly rang. He had just taken it out of his pocket when the man in the striped shirt snatched it away.

That man raised his cell phone and saw the contents of the message. He instantly shouted, “Good lad! Jiang Guchuan is really preparing to escape! Look, his secretary sent him a message to get him to leave as soon as possible. Arrange a car for him to hide!”

Hearing this, everyone instantly quietened down and stared at Jiang Guchuan with a strange and dangerous gaze.

At the same time, being stared at by hundreds of murderous gazes, Jiang Guchuan’s hair stood on end. He instinctively turned to run. Just as he turned around, he was grabbed by the collar behind his neck by the man in the striped shirt. He was grabbed back and kicked to the ground.

“Beat him up! Kill this heartless beast! He still wants to escape!”

If one of them started, there would be another.

Humans couldn’t withstand incitement, let alone a group of people who were already filled with anger.

Jiang Guchuan could clearly feel feet mercilessly kicking his body. He couldn’t avoid them and could only use his hands to protect his most important head, allowing those punches and kicks to hit his legs, back, abdomen, and nose…

The employees who had stayed up late working overtime in the company were all standing by the corridor, looking down at the violent scene downstairs. Finally, someone cried and shouted, “Quickly save him! Go save CEO Jiang!”

This group of employees rushed out of the company and ran towards the family group with a shocking commotion. However, their arrival angered these family members who were full of grievances and couldn’t be prosecuted.

The staff and family members started beating each other up. The scene was in a mess.

Woo woo woo…

Woo woo woo…

In the distance, sirens could be heard.

In a few blinks of the eye, nearly 20 shiny police cars stopped near the Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Building.

Lin Jing held a loudspeaker in his hand. As he approached the rioting crowd, he shouted in a solemn voice, “We are the police. Please stop your atrocities immediately. Otherwise, we will detain everyone on the charge of causing trouble!”

Under Lin Jing’s intimidation, this group of people who had lost their rationality gradually regained their composure. Gradually, everyone stopped and turned to stare at the police cars behind them, as well as the tall and dignified police officers.

Lin Jing walked over in a black uniform and someone naturally made way for him.

Lin Jing quickly walked to the center of the crowd. He stared at the dying Jiang Guchuan and saw that his mouth and nose were bleeding. He knew that this person was very seriously injured.

Lin Jing squatted down in front of Jiang Guchuan and asked, “How are you? Can you still hear me clearly?”

Jiang Guchuan hugged his head tightly as if he was in a daze and didn’t speak. Lin Jing immediately got up and shouted, “The ambulance is coming over. Someone is dying here. We must send him to the hospital!”

On the way to the hospital, Jiang Guchuan’s hands were still tightly protecting his most fragile head. When he arrived at the hospital, he stared at the dazzling white light above his head and realized that he had escaped danger.

Jiang Guchuan released his hands weakly and laid on the operating table, crying silently. He heard the doctor say, “The patient’s legs are fractured, three ribs on the left side are broken, two ribs on the right side are broken, and his spleen is swollen…”

His entire body was covered in injuries. Every scar could take his life.

Jiang Guchuan felt the anesthetic being injected into his body. Just as his consciousness was about to dissipate, a man’s cold and indifferent voice suddenly popped into Jiang Guchuan’s mind. “When the wheels of a train roll over a young girl’s body, this position will appear.”

That girl Su Run was crushed to death by the wheels of a train, and tonight, I was nearly kicked to death by 300 family members.

This was revenge.

Pure revenge!

Han Zhan’s private plane arrived at Wangdong City Airport late at night. He took a lift to the underground garage and received a call from Song Ci.

It was already 3.30am at night. Han Zhan saw that Song Ci had chosen this time to call and felt uneasy.

Could something have happened to the child in her womb?

Han Zhan hurriedly answered the call and asked, “Baby Ci, what happened?” His voice was filled with unconcealable nervousness.

Song Ci hurriedly said, “I’m fine. I just guessed that you might have alighted and called you at the right time.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan’s wildly beating heart gradually calmed down.

He adjusted his lazy sitting position and asked, “It’s already so late. Why aren’t you sleeping? Could it be that you can’t fall asleep because you miss me?”

It was rare for Han Zhan to be slightly narcissistic.

Song Ci smiled and said, “I wanted to tell you not to go to the Three Bridges District when you come back.”

“I’ll go straight home and not go to the office.” The Three Bridges District was the financial street of Wangdong City. Almost all the top 50 companies in Wangdong City stood in that area. Song Ci specially reminded Han Zhan, which aroused his curiosity. He asked Song Ci, “What happened at the Three Bridges District?”

“Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is in complete chaos.” Song Ci was originally sleeping tonight, but she was woken up by the beeping sound of her cell phone on WeChat in the middle of the night. She opened WeChat and realized that every circle of friends in the WeChat group was very active. Everyone was broadcasting the atrocities in Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals late at night.

“The medicine called Lung Lick in Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was exposed to be a high risk of stroke paralysis. Tonight, the families of hundreds of victims surrounded Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals to demand an explanation. Jiang Guchuan received a call and found out about the severity of the matter. He drove to the company late at night to host a temporary meeting, but once he alighted, he was blocked by those family members.”

“I heard that Jiang Guchuan was beaten up by his family. His condition is unknown and he is being treated at the hospital.”

Han Zhan didn’t expect such a big thing to happen in Wangdong City just a few days after he left. He asked, “Could it be that Jiang Zhen finally made a move?”

Song Ci didn’t say anything.

After a moment, she said, “The family suddenly gathered in the middle of the night to cause trouble. This is obviously ordered by someone, but how can we guess who that person is? Let’s wait for an investigation.”

“Come back first. I’ll wait for you.”


After hanging up, Han Zhan opened WeChat.

He didn’t have many friends on WeChat. There was only a family group and a few business big shots who he was closest to. These big shots were all busy people and flew all over the world. Not many people knew about this news.

The moment Han Zhan entered WeChat, he saw that Cheng Yanmo had sent a message a few minutes ago.

Cheng Yanmo said: [Mr. Han, something happened to Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals. Jiang Guchuan was beaten up by an emotional family member. Currently, his survival is unknown. Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is going to be in chaos.]

Han Zhan saw this message and replied briefly: [Mmm.]

Cheng Yanmo saw that Han Zhan was still awake and guessed that he might also be paying attention to the progress of this matter. He said to him: [This matter will definitely attract the attention of the higher-ups. If Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company doesn’t handle this matter well, I’m afraid it will completely collapse.]

Han Zhan said: [An upright person doesn’t fear crooked shadows.]

If he was not upright, he would fall sooner or later.

When Cheng Yanmo received this reply, he understood Han Zhan’s attitude towards Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals.

Cheng Yanmo agreed that what he said made sense and didn’t disturb Han Zhan anymore.

On the way home, Han Zhan carefully understood everything that had happened over the past few days. Only then did he realize that the medicine Lung Lick might not have been developed by that Dong Bi at all. Instead, it might have been the research results that Dong Bi stole from others.

He frowned slightly and murmured, “Yes.”

The sky was finally bright.

Han Wangwang didn’t know what happened last night. She put on makeup and was about to go to the office when she received a call from Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen was waiting for her downstairs and said that he wanted to treat her to breakfast. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Han Wangwang went downstairs happily and saw that Jiang Zhen was actually wearing a tight burgundy suit today, which accentuated his charm.

Han Wangwang ate breakfast and sized up Jiang Zhen’s clothes.

When Han Wangwang turned to peek at Jiang Zhen for the fifth time, Jiang Zhen couldn’t sit still anymore. He put down his chopsticks and stared at Han Wangwang. “If you want to see your boyfriend, just look at him openly. There’s no need to be sneaky.”

Han Wangwang blushed slightly.

She reached out a finger and poked Jiang Zhen’s arm. She asked with a smile, “What’s the joyous occasion today?”

Jiang Zhen’s eyes darkened slightly. He took out a soft tissue from Han Wangwang’s bag and wiped his mouth before saying, “Mmm, something good happened last night. If not for the prohibition of fireworks in the city, I would have set off firecrackers to celebrate.”

Han Wangwang hurriedly shook his arm and asked curiously, “What good thing? Shall we have a good time together?”

Jiang Zhen said, “You will know later.”

Han Wangwang was confused.

After being sent to the office by Jiang Zhen, Han Wangwang alighted and stood by the side of the road. Seeing that Jiang Zhen had turned the car around and was about to leave, she asked him, “You’re not going back to the office to work today?”


“Then where are you going?” Thinking that Jiang Zhen was also the boss of F International Smart Technology Company, Han Wangwang asked again, “Are you going to F International?”

Hiang Zhen shook his head. “I’m going to the hospital to visit a seriously injured person.”

Han Wangwang was nervous. “Who’s injured?”

Jiang Zhen blinked at her and said, “My brother.”

Han Wangwang was confused for a moment before remembering that Jiang Zhen had an elder brother.

Jiang Guchuan was injured?

Han Wangwang realized that something must have happened last night that she didn’t know. She saw Jiang Zhen drive away and turned to go to the law firm.

Han Wangwang held her cell phone and searched for news as she entered the law firm. She was about to open the news report on her browser when she saw her colleagues in the law firm gathered to discuss the major incident that happened in Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company last night.

Han Wangwang walked closer and listened. Only then did she know that Jiang Guchuan was nearly beaten to death by those family members last night.

No wonder Jiang Zhen was dressed so festively today.

If Jiang Guchuan really died, he would definitely buy a bunch of firecrackers happily and go to a deserted place to celebrate.

In the morning, a large group of people stood in the corridor outside a room on the sixth floor of the First People’s Hospital.

There were the senior management, chairman, and secretaries of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, as well as Jiang Guchuan’s close friends, such as Li Feng.

Jiang Guchuan had already escaped danger this morning, but he was still unconscious. These people guarding here actually couldn’t do anything. But they couldn’t bear to leave. They all wanted to see Jiang Guchuan live before they could be at ease.

If Jiang Guchuan was killed just like that, Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals would definitely suffer heavy losses. That was not the outcome they wanted to see.

At 10pm, Jiang Guchuan opened his eyes slowly.

Outside the corridor, the secretary, who had been observing the commotion through the small glass door on the ward, noticed that Jiang Guchuan had opened his eyes. She hurriedly shouted at the nurse’s desk, “Nurse, Mr. Jiang is awake!”

The nurse immediately rushed over with the doctor.

“Make way!” After chasing everyone away, the doctor entered the ward to give Jiang Guchuan a check-up and question.

Jiang Guchuan was not in good spirits, but he was not injured in the head and was conscious. Jiang Guchuan could not move. After all, he was severely injured and every time he moved, his entire body would ache.

After the doctor asked, he comforted him. “Mr. Jiang, rest well for a few months and you will recover.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Jiang Guchuan did not feel any joy. He knew that he had temporarily escaped death this time, but it was uncertain the next time.

The doctor walked out and said to the group of wealthy big shots surrounding the door, “Mr. Jiang is currently awake, but he is still very weak. I don’t recommend everyone to go in and visit him now.”

Everyone begged the doctor for help. “Doctor, let us take a look. We can only be at ease after confirming that CEO Jiang is fine.”

The doctor looked back at the man on the bed.

Seeing that Jiang Guchuan nodded slightly, the doctor agreed. “Alright, just watch for a while and not talk much. Don’t worry.”


A group of people squeezed into the ward and instantly blocked the already small ward into a cell.

Everyone surrounded Jiang Guchuan tightly.

Seeing Jiang Guchuan’s bruised and swollen face covered in gauze, the eyes of the senior management and chairman who watched him walk over couldn’t help turning red. “Guchuan, you’ve suffered this time. Recuperate well. When you’re back from your injuries, we’ll deal with these things!”

They still believed in Jiang Guchuan and Dong Bi.

They firmly believed that Lung Lick was a drug developed by Dong Bi. They firmly believed that Lung Lick did not have those terrifying side effects. They firmly believed that this was all done by someone secretly working on Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals.

And the person who purposely caused trouble for Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was very likely Jiang Weimin’s old rivals.

They all believed blindly.

Jiang Guchuan smiled weakly and opened his mouth to speak in a hoarse voice. “Uncles, I’ll leave the company in your hands.”

“Don’t talk about this. The company belongs to all of us! Now that you are lying down, of course we will help you look good. Guchuan, get better quickly. When you come back, we will fight a beautiful comeback!”

Jiang Guchuan nodded.

These people remembered the doctor’s words and didn’t dare to speak much to Jiang Guchuan. They comforted Jiang Guchuan and went out consciously.

A group of people walked out and saw that Li Feng was still standing outside the door. They said to him, “CEO Li, we’ll get going first. You and CEO Jiang are good brothers. Go in and chat with him.”


Li Feng watched them leave before entering the ward.

Jiang Guchuan heard the door of the ward being pushed open and closed.

Who was it?

Jiang Guchuan’s eyeballs turned slightly as he glanced at the door. After seeing the appearance of the person, Jiang Guchuan’s heart suddenly tightened. Jiang Guchuan still didn’t know if those crazy family members last night were sent by Li Feng or Jiang Zhen.

But he was sure of one thing. Li Feng must be starting to suspect him!

Jiang Guchuan stared at Li Feng silently. Many thoughts flashed across his mind, but in the end, he just smiled weakly at Li Feng. “Ah Feng…”

Li Feng acknowledged.

He walked to the bed and sat down. Staring at Jiang Guchuan’s bruised and swollen face, he said with some heartache, “Look at you. Why were you beaten up like this? In that situation last night, why didn’t you go to the company for a meeting overnight?”

“The patient’s family members are the most uncontrollable. All these years, have you seen enough tragedies caused by so many doctors?”

Hearing Li Feng’s words, Jiang Guchuan’s doubts deepened*. Li Feng was so concerned about me, could he still not know what I had done back then?*

Jiang Guchuan’s eyes flashed slightly and he instinctively said, “Last night, this group of family members appeared too coincidentally. When they went to the company at that time, it felt like they specially went to block me.” After saying this, Jiang Guchuan was even weaker and kept panting.

He paused for a moment before continuing in that hoarse and weak voice. “I suspect, I suspect that this is my younger brother messing with me.” At this moment, Jiang Guchuan still didn’t forget to smear Jiang Zhen in front of Li Feng in an attempt to clear his name.

Li Feng looked at Jiang Guchuan calmly.

At this moment, he truly felt how scheming Jiang Guchuan was. He had just come back from the gates of hell and had yet to eat a bite of food when he started to mock Jiang Zhen in front of him.

Jiang Guchuan purposely pushed all his actions onto Jiang Zhen, also warning Li Feng: He, Jiang Zhen, am a ruthless person. If he doesn’t even let me, his biological brother, off, then the next one should be targeted at you guys.

Jiang Guchuan purposely said these words in hopes that Li Feng and Ying Ji would see Jiang Zhen as a thorn in their side and deal with him as soon as possible.

But this time, Li Feng would not foolishly continue to fall for Jiang Guchuan’s trick. Li Feng gently placed his fingers on the lump on Jiang Guchuan’s cheek and asked, “Does it hurt a lot?”

Jiang Guchuan’s eyes were slightly red as he said hoarsely, “How can it not hurt?”

Li Feng’s fingers were still on that scar. He said, “Then tell me, when that girl Su Run died, did it hurt like this too? No, it should be more painful.”

Hearing this, Jiang Guchuan’s lashes quivered.

He said, “Why mention her?”

“Yes, let’s not talk about her. Let’s talk about her adoptive father.”

Jiang Guchuan’s heart tightened and he felt goosebumps.

Li Feng retracted his hand and stood up. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his pants and slowly walked to the window to block the light coming in through the gray curtains.

Li Feng stood in the sunlight and said, “Professor Su is our mentor, but he is not only a PhD in economics, but also a PhD in pharmaceuticals. Professor Su has countless students under his name. Apart from you and me, there are also six to seven students of similar age. Isn’t the head of your company’s R & D department, Dong Bi, a senior who is a few years older than us?”

When Jiang Guchuan heard Li Feng mention Dong Bi, he knew that Li Feng understood everything.

This day had finally come.

Li Feng didn’t even turn back. He stared at the sunlight outside the window and said, “I’ve heard in the past that Professor Su is very obsessed with pharmaceuticals and has been researching a medicine that can cure lung cancer. But I’ve only heard of it and don’t know the exact progress of the research.”

And you are close to Dong Bi, and Dong Bi is the student that Professor Su likes the most. Dong Bi will definitely know everything about Professor Su’s research progress.”

“When Professor Su and his wife were traveling, they drowned in the water due to an accident. His research results are quietly lying in his computer. As Professor Su’s favorite student, it is easy for Dong Bi to steal Professor Su’s research results.”

“Jiang Guchuan.”

Li Feng suddenly turned around and looked down at the pale man on the sickbed from a high vantage point. He said, “Nine years ago, Jiang Guchuan still didn’t know that he was Jiang Weimin’s biological son. At that time, you and your mother, Zhu Xiulan, had just married into the Jiang Family. You really hoped to take over Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals in the future! You wanted to obtain Jiang Weimin’s approval! Therefore, you instigated Dong Bi to steal Professor Su’s research results!”

“You also packaged Dong Bi as a young pharmaceutical genius and recommended him to your father. Dong Bi brought his sincere work into Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals and became the team leader of Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Research and Development Department. And you, who gave Dong Bi this money tree to the company, naturally obtained the recognition of Jiang Weimin and the entire company!”

“The two of you used Professor Su’s research results to achieve your common goal! Am I right?” The cold voice sounded like a snake flicking its tongue. Even the sunlight couldn’t dispel the coldness.

Jiang Guchuan looked at him in shock and panic.

His hands started to shake, but not very much.

Li Feng noticed Jiang Guchuan’s fearful reaction. He sneered and said, “But you still feel that this is not enough. Like Dong Bi, as an adopted daughter, Su Run is also very clear of Father’s years of research. You are afraid that after Lung Lik is listed, that girl Su Run will expose your crimes. Therefore, you thought of using someone else to kill him!”

“Whose knife is the most suitable? How to kill someone in the most appropriate manner?”

Li Feng walked to the side of the bed, lowered his head, and stared at Jiang Guchuan expressionlessly for a few seconds before saying, “How many knives are there that are sharper and more domineering than the Li, Ying, An, and Gu families combined?”

Jiang Guchuan’s pupils quivered as he instinctively defended himself. “Ah Feng, I didn’t…”

Li Feng suddenly raised his voice and shouted at Jiang Guchuan, “You did!”

Jiang Guchuan was shocked by Li Feng’s sudden outburst and kept quiet.

“That night, you drank with the four of us and we weren’t on guard against you. It would be easy for you to drug us! And as my good friend, you know how much I care about Song Ci. You stole Song Ci’s cell phone and purposely used her cell phone to send me such a message to trick me into Su Run’s room!”

“Jiang Guchuan! You actually used my only true heart to harm me!” Li Feng had only been moved once in his life, but it was that one time that he was consigned to eternal damnation.

Jiang Guchuan didn’t expect Li Feng to guess this. He felt even more hopeless. “Li Feng… this is just your guess.”

“Shut up!” Li Feng slapped Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan felt his face hurt even more.

“Jiang Guchuan! Did you steal Song Ci’s cell phone?”

Jiang Guchuan was naturally quibbling. He said, “I didn’t… I don’t even know what you are talking about.”

“You’re still lying!” Li Feng couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly grabbed Jiang Guchuan’s throat. He growled and asked him, “Tell me! Did you steal her cell phone! You purposely tricked me into that room! Did you lock the door from the outside and block our way to seek help!”

Jiang Guchuan’s Adam’s apple was in Li Feng’s hand and he instantly found it difficult to breathe. He was about to die.

When Li Feng saw that Jiang Guchuan was about to suffocate to death, he felt a sense of joy and thought crazily: It’s good that he’s dead! Anyway, everyone is doomed. Why don’t we send Jiang Guchuan to meet the King of Hell first?


The door was suddenly kicked open from the outside.

Li Feng turned around suddenly and saw a man in a black shirt standing outside the door. This man had a stubble on his chin and looked slightly sloppy, but his eyes were shining brightly.

Li Feng saw the person clearly and instantly woke up. He suddenly released his hold on Jiang Guchuan and staggered backwards. Only when his back leaned against the window sill did he mutter, “Lin Jing…”

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