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Chapter 423: Jiang Guchuan’s Death and Jiang Zhen’s Identity!

Who would have thought that Li Feng, Jiang Guchuan, and the rest were conspiring murderers!

No wonder!

No wonder the parents of the two families didn’t dare to make a sound after Li Feng and Ying Ji were taken away.

They killed someone and it was so serious because they raped first then killed her. No matter how powerful the Li and Ying families were, they could not settle this matter!

According to the police report, Li Mang abused his power and protected a murderer. The punishment would naturally not be light. It was necessary to be kicked out of the party and thrown into jail.

The Li Family had suffered a huge blow this time. Their only son, Li Feng, had been arrested, and so had Li Mang. The already sparsely populated Li Family had even declined.

The Li Family, which was still in its prime yesterday, couldn’t help feeling bleak and desolate today.

At this moment, there were cries in Li Feng’s house.

After Li Mang was arrested in the afternoon, his wife brought her only daughter to Li Jue’s house. Mother and daughter stood at the door of Li Jue’s house. The second wife of the Li Family pointed at the door of Li Jue’s villa and scolded.

“Li Jue, look at what kind of demon king your Li Family gave birth to! It’s not enough that he was murdered by the heavens. He even harmed my man! If not for the sake of keeping your Li Family’s only child and protecting that little bastard Li Feng, my Li Mang wouldn’t have been arrested!”

“Your Li Family values men over women. You treated Li Feng, that only child, as a treasure, pampered him, and raised him to be a lawless little tyrant! Great, now everyone is in! All in! The Li Family is doomed! Let’s all die!”

In a fit of anger, the Second Madam of the Li Family cursed out all the nasty words. Li Mang’s daughter squatted by the side and cried helplessly. Thinking that her father was implicated by her cousin and was going to be jailed, she hated this cousin to the core.

Madam Li and Li Jue stood behind the door and listened to the second son’s scoldings, but they couldn’t find the right to defend their family.

The Second Madam of the Li Family fussed at the entrance of Li Jue’s house for a long time. In the end, she fainted from crying and was carried into the Li Family by the servants.

When she woke up again, it was already midnight.

At this moment, the Wangdong City police happened to post a police report on the official website. Li Mang’s daughter held her cell phone and after reading the report, she threw the cell phone into her mother’s arms and wailed. “Mother, Father is finished!”

The second wife hurriedly took her cell phone and read through the police report. After figuring out the entire situation, she understood that her man really couldn’t come out and felt despair.

This time, not only was her husband’s black veil hat taken off, but he also had to be locked up to suffer. The Second Madam instantly felt sorrowful and shouted, “Oh my God!” After shouting, the Second Madam slid down from the sofa and knelt in front of Old Master Li’s memorial tablet.

The Second Madam looked up at the Old Master’s portrait and wailed at the top of her lungs. “Father, the Li Family has been destroyed by your unfilial grandson. My Li Mang has also been implicated. Father, you must protect our family!”

Li Jue and his wife were like two quails. They crossed their arms and sat on the sofa, crying silently. They could only listen to the woman from the second son’s family complain and wail. They didn’t have the courage to open their mouths to tell her to shut up.

They were in the wrong.

That night, not only did the Li Family stay up all night until dawn.

The Gu Family and the Li Family were not far apart and lived in the same villa district. The two families’ houses were built around an artificial river. The Li Family in the upstream was very noisy, but the Gu Family in the downstream was unusually silent.

After Li Mang was captured today, Father Gu heard the news and guessed that the incident back then had been exposed. After returning home, he gave the entire family’s helpers a day off and let them leave on their own.

Now, there were only Father Gu, Mother Gu, and Gu Qinfeng in the Gu Family’s spacious residence.

Father Gu saw the police report and clenched the armrest of the wooden chair tightly, his lips trembling in anger.

Gu Qinfeng was constantly paying attention to his father’s reaction. He was really afraid that his father wouldn’t be able to take the shock and would faint.

But Father Gu was also someone who had seen many storms. In addition, Gu Qinchuan had always been a worrisome person since he was young. Father Gu might have already expected this day to come. At this moment, he looked so haggard that he could collapse to the ground in the blink of an eye. But he still held onto his resentment and sat upright.

After a long while, Father Gu sighed. “At this point, your brother won’t be able to get out. Whether it’s the crime he committed in Nanxing City 15 years ago or the incident with Liu Qing this year, your brother will lose a layer of skin and bones.”

Gu Qinfeng understood what Father Gu meant.

Father is giving up on Gu Qinchuan!

“Father, are we really giving up Qinchuan? I am looking for a capable lawyer. Perhaps…”

Father Gu reached out and blocked Gu Qinfeng’s words. He said, “How many eyes in the entire country are watching this matter? No matter how capable your lawyer is, can he be greater than the sky and the people?”

Gu Qinfeng remained silent.

“Your younger brother is a good-for-nothing. He has loved to stir up trouble since he was young and doesn’t let us be at ease.” Father Gu wiped his hot tears and patted Gu Qinfeng’s shoulder deeply. He said to him, “Qinfeng, you have to work hard for me. Those shameful things that your younger brother did made your mother and I too ashamed to face anyone. We can only count on you!”

Gu Qinfeng glanced at his mother, who was sobbing uncontrollably. He couldn’t say a word. Now that things had come to this, no matter how they mediated, Gu Qinchuan would still fall into this trap.

At noon, Qin Shuya brought the children to Dongyue City where her parents were. After coaxing the children to sleep, Qin Shuya dared to come to the living room and turn on her computer to check on Ying Ji’s situation.

Qin Shuya was stunned when she knew that Ying Ji and Li Mang had been taken away.

After reading the police report, she was so scared that tears streamed down her face. A pair of children heard the commotion and ran out of the room. They hugged their mother’s neck and asked worriedly, “Mother, what happened to Mother?”

Qin Shuya couldn’t say it.

The daughter looked up and stared at the video playing on her laptop. She happened to see her father’s handcuffed hands being taken away from the bank by the police. The six-year-old daughter innocently asked her mother, “Mother, why did the police uncle arrest Father? Is Father a bad person?”

Qin Shuya’s heart ached when she heard this.

At the side, his son also made a soft voice. He said, “Mother, you said before that the police uncle catches the bad guy. Is Father a bad guy? Mother, is our father a bad guy?”

Qin Shuya couldn’t hold it in anymore. She hugged her children and cried. “Children, Father isn’t a bad guy. Father isn’t a bad guy…”

“Then why did the police uncle arrest him?” The child’s words rendered Qin Shuya speechless.

Qin Shuya shook her head silently.

Lin Jing watched as his colleague sent out the police report. Thinking of how devastating this report would be, an excited glint flashed across Lin Jing’s eyes.

It was said that the capital was deep. He looked at Wangdong City as well.

This group of scourges was finally wiped out.

Lin Jing was about to get off work when he met Chen Shengyu. Chen Shengyu was standing in the square at the entrance of the police station, leaning against his second-hand car. Lin Jing glanced at him coldly, his eyes filled with disappointment.

Lin Jing walked past Chen Shengyu and was about to leave when Chen Shengyu hurriedly stopped him. “Captain Lin.”

Lin Jing looked down and reached out to touch Chen Shengyu’s uniform carefully. After a moment, he said, “Take it off. You’re not worthy.”

Chen Shengyu’s eyes reddened. “I’m sorry, Captain Lin.”

“You didn’t let me down. What you let down is your conscience.” Lin Jing didn’t give Chen Shengyu another look and walked away with his head held high. The next day, he went to the police station and received Chen Shengyu’s resignation letter.

Without hesitation, Lin Jing approved his resignation and handed it over.

Chen Shengyu saw that Lin Jing didn’t want to say anything to him and knew that he had disappointed him. He also didn’t have the face to face Lin Jing. He lowered his head and packed everything up like a timid quail.

Although Lin Jing didn’t reveal that Chen Shengyu was a traitor, his colleagues were all smart and guessed what Chen Shengyu had done. When they saw Chen Shengyu carrying something out of the office, no one dared to send him off.

Staring at Chen Shengyu’s empty seat, Lin Jing asked his subordinate behind him, “How long until Zhou Siwei recovers? When she goes to work, inform her to come to Serious Crime Division One.”


After giving instructions, Lin Jing drove to the hospital.

Currently, everyone had been sent to the detention center to be investigated and reviewed by the prosecutor’s office. However, Jiang Guchuan was still lying in the hospital because of his serious injuries.

Lin Jing arrived at the hospital, parked the car, and was about to go upstairs when he saw Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen was wearing a burgundy silk loose shirt and a pair of black suit pants. His buzz cut still couldn’t conceal his handsome and exquisite facial features and his cold eyes.

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, he looked like a male model who had come to the hospital to shoot a magazine.

Lin Jing walked up to Jiang Zhen and asked with a faint smile, “Waiting for me?”

Jiang Zhen said, “It has been hard on you, Captain Lin. If not for you, I’m afraid my sister’s grievance would never be avenged.” Jiang Zhen took a step back and bowed 90 degrees solemnly to Lin Jingxing. “Officer Lin, thank you.”

Seeing him bend down to thank him, Lin Jing stopped joking and said to Jiang Zhen, “Get up quickly. I didn’t do all this for you.”

Jiang Zhen looked up, his long, cold eyes twinkling with amusement. He said, “Mmm, Officer Lin is doing this for his own conscience.”

Lin Jing was slightly embarrassed by Jiang Zhen’s teasing.

“Officer Lin, let me treat you to a meal.” Jiang Zhen pointed at the breakfast shop opposite the hospital and said, “It’s not a noble place. It’s just that morning tea shop. How about it?”

Lin Jing turned and glanced at the morning tea shop that occupied the first and second floor by the street. He had been thinking about Chen Shengyu this morning and had yet to eat breakfast. Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, Lin Jing felt slightly hungry.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Lin Jing and Jiang Zhen went to the morning tea shop and ordered two trays of steamed dumplings and porridge.

During the meal, Lin Jing heard Jiang Zhen say many things about his childhood and Jiang Bi’s experience of being sold overseas. Those experiences made Lin Jing frown. Knowing that Jiang Zhen and his sister had led such a difficult life when they were young, and that Jiang Bi had died an unnatural death after much difficulty, Lin Jing had a terrible meal.

He looked at the tall, handsome young man in front of him and sighed. “It’s not easy for you either.”

Jiang Zhen wiped the porridge foam from the corners of his mouth and said to Lin Jing, “No matter how difficult it is, it has been through. From now on, it will be a good day.”

“That’s right.”

Lin Jing hurriedly wiped his mouth and stood up. “Let’s go. I still have to ask Jiang Guchuan a few questions.”

“Oh?” Jiang Zhen got up and followed behind Lin Jing. He asked in surprise, “Haven’t you investigated everything that Jiang Guchuan did? Why are you still asking him?”

Lin Jing turned and gave Jiang Zhen a meaningful smile. He asked, “Are you asking me about the inside story?”

Jiang Zhen remained silent.

Lin Jing quickly walked out of the morning dining room and walked towards the hospital. Jiang Zhen looked up and glanced at the hospitalization department. The corners of his lips curled up in a mocking smile.

From now on, it would be a good day.

Lin Jing came to look for Jiang Guchuan this time to ask him about An Xu’s death. That year, there was something fishy about An Xu biting someone in a drunken state. Lin Jing wanted to ask how much Jiang Guchuan had participated in that incident.

Lin Jing took the lift straight out and brushed past a short doctor wearing a mask. The two of them nodded and Lin Jing went straight to Jiang Guchuan’s ward.

He said to the police officer on duty at the door, “It’s been hard on you. I’ll go in to visit him for a while. Quickly go and have breakfast.”


Lin Jing pushed open the door and entered, only to realize that Jiang Guchuan was no longer inside.

Lin Jing was stunned.

Where is he?

Lin Jing hurriedly returned to the nurse’s desk and questioned sternly, “Where’s the patient in bed 59?”

The nurse knew that the patient in bed 59 was an important suspect and thought that she had lost him. She was scared out of her wits and stammered. “We… we didn’t see him. Aren’t your people always guarding the door?”

Lin Jing was shocked. He was about to call the hospital to investigate Jiang Guchuan’s whereabouts when he heard someone screaming outside. “Someone jumped off a building!”

Lin Jing’s heart skipped a beat!

Who jumped off a building?

Lin Jing hurriedly ran to Jiang Guchuan’s ward and looked at the window sill. Only then did he notice that the window sill was open. Seeing this, the uneasiness in Lin Jing’s heart instantly magnified.

Lin Jing took a few steps to the windowsill and looked downstairs. He saw a man in a hospital gown lying diagonally beside the flower bed downstairs.

Who else could it be but Jiang Guchuan!

Jiang Guchuan’s posture meant that he had fallen from a high altitude. His head hit the cold and hard flower bed and he died on the spot! Jiang Guchuan laid there with some dark red blood flowing beside him. His eyes were still wide open, and he looked like he had died with remaining grievances.

Lin Jing quickly ran to the flower bed downstairs. At this moment, there were already several people watching the commotion. Seeing the police approaching, these people who were watching the commotion hurriedly stood further away.

Lin Jing squatted beside Jiang Guchuan and reached out to touch his nose.

As expected, Jiang Guchuan stopped breathing.

Lin Jing hid the shock in his eyes and turned to look at the window sill on the sixth floor. It was so high. Did Jiang Guchuan jump down himself or was he pushed down by someone? He was very injured and logically speaking, he shouldn’t have climbed up the window sill to jump down…

Jiang Guchuan’s body was quickly sent to the underground cold storage by the medical staff. Lin Jing ran to retrieve the surveillance footage. Seeing the surveillance footage, Lin Jing realized that 20 minutes ago, a doctor in a white coat and a mask with eyes had gone to Jiang Guchuan’s ward to seek treatment.

The policeman on duty only glanced at him. He probably felt that this person was a doctor and didn’t need to care, so he let the doctor in. The doctor stayed inside for about five minutes before coming out. When he came out, his white coat was slightly messy.

This person was the person Lin Jing met when he walked out of the lift!

Lin Jing checked the surveillance cameras in the entire hospital before finding this person’s pre-transformation outfit. He took off his white coat and was wearing a black baseball uniform. He was very short and looked very thin. After he killed someone, he left through the back door of the hospitalization department.

The police pursued the murderer with all their might. When it was almost dark, they successfully found him in a hospital. At that time, he was bathing his paralyzed wife.

Seeing that the police officer had broken in, the other party didn’t show any signs of panic or fear. He looked up at the police officer and said in a low voice, “Wait a moment. I’ll change her clothes and leave with you guys.”

When the police officer in charge of leading the team heard this, he revealed a rather complicated expression. “As soon as possible.”

The police officer left the ward and waited for a moment. The tightly shut door was opened from the inside. The man walked out calmly and reached out his hands. “Let’s go.”

When Lin Jing found out that the murderer had been arrested and rushed back to the police station, the interrogation was almost over. His subordinate told Lin Jing, “Captain Lin, the murderer cooperated very well with our work. We didn’t ask much, so he said everything that needed to be said.”

in Jing acknowledged and asked, “What did he say?”

The subordinate said, “His situation is rather lamentable and he is really forced into a corner…” The subordinate pushed open the door of the interrogation room and said to Lin Jing,” Captain Lin, go and listen for yourself. ”

Lin Jing glanced at the murderer.

The murderer was only about 1.66 meters tall and was considered short among men. It was hard to imagine how he could push a 1.8-meter tall man down from a 90-centimeter tall window sill.

The murderer’s name was Lin Jin, very similar to Lin Jing’s name.

Lin Jin had already finished explaining the process and reason of the crime. Seeing Lin Jing come, he just opened his eyes and glanced at him, then lowered his head and remained silent.

Lin Jing pulled out another chair, sat down, and opened the interrogation record.

It turned out that this man’s wife was once a lung cancer patient. Later on, she took a Lung Lick and controlled her condition. After surgery, she survived. But that illness also left an endless amount of savings for this originally not-so-rich family.

But as long as she recovered, Lin Jin would be happy.

But these peaceful days only lasted until last October before they were broken by another nightmare.

His wife had a stroke!

His wife was paralyzed in bed after having a stroke. She even needed Lin Jig’s help to wash her face, eat, poop, and pee.

His wife had lost all her mobility and Lin Jin was a good person. He never abandoned his wife and could only work nearby every day. When he worked, he even had to run home to pour feces and urine for her.

Last month, Lin Jin was busy with work and didn’t have the time to fetch his daughter home from school. In the end, his daughter was abducted at the bus stop!

The kidnapping of his daughter completely crushed the last hope in this thin man’s heart.

At that time, he had thought of committing suicide and bringing his wife to jump into the lake to commit suicide! Before he could carry out a series of suicidal actions, he unintentionally found out that the Lung Lick drug had the aftereffects of stroke paralysis!

For the past month, Lin Jin had been exercising her rights with the families of the other victims. Seeing that there was no hope for her rights, and that Jiang Guchuan was going to be jailed for his crimes, Lin Jin couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

In his despair, Lin Jin chose to commit a crime.

After reading the interrogation record, Lin Jing looked up and asked the other party a question. “After killing Jiang Guchuan, do you know what will be waiting for you?”

Lin Jin remained silent.

He actually knew what the outcome would be.

Lin Jin asked again, “Have you thought about what your wife will do if you go in? Who will take care of her?”

Lin Jin’s gaze flickered and after a brief silence, he said, “God bless.”

Hearing this, Lin Jing closed the interrogation record book and walked out of the interrogation room without saying anything. He returned to the office and closed the door with a bang.

Lin Jing took out a cigarette and smoked. He sorted out what happened this morning in his mind. Only then did he realize that Jiang Zhen had called him over for breakfast on purpose!

That guy probably already knew that someone wanted to harm Jiang Guchuan and purposely held him back, not allowing him to stop this murder!

The more Lin Jing thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

But Jiang Zhen was innocent and he couldn’t find any evidence against him. This matter could only be blamed on him, Jiang Guchuan, for committing all sorts of evil deeds.

Jiang Zhen sat in the CEO’s office in the F International Headquarters Building. He calmly finished reading the news of Jiang Guchuan’s death, before getting up and walking to the French window.

It was raining outside.

“Mother, that guy fell to the ground and died just like you.” Jiang Zhen placed his hands on the glass and felt the coldness of the glass. His heart also turned cold.


The ringtone interrupted Jiang Zhen’s thoughts.

Jiang Zhen saw that the call was from Mai Yingge and guessed the reason behind her call. He answered and asked, “You’re back?”

Mai Yingge said on the phone, “Mr. Jiang, your sister’s urn has been brought back intact.”

“Mmm, come to the office building.”


Jiang Zhen hung up on Mai Yingge, thought for a moment, and called Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang was eating at the canteen in the unit. When she received Jiang Zhen’s call, she thought he was treating her to a meal. Han Wangwang answered the call and said to Jiang Zhen, “You called late. I am already eating.”

Jiang Zhen said, “Then eat your fill first. Come and find me when you’re full.”

Han Wangwang instinctively said, “But I still have work in the afternoon…”

Jiang Zhen interrupted Han Wangwang and said, “The girl has been sent back.”

Han Wangwang was stunned.

It took her a few seconds to understand what Jiang Zhen meant. Han Wangwang asked carefully, “Are you saying that Jiang Bi’s urn has been sent over?”


Han Wangwang hurriedly threw down her chopsticks and said, “I’ll be right there.”

“Don’t drive. Call a cab. It’s not safe to drive in the rain.”


When Han Wangwang boarded the car to F International Building, Jiang Zhen was standing at the main entrance, waiting for her.

Jiang Zhen was wearing a black shirt and black pants. Behind him stood six to seven senior executives of F International. Everyone was dressed in black.

This was the first time Jiang Zhen was standing at the entrance of the company as the CEO of F International. Passersby holding umbrellas all looked curiously at the man standing at the front.

This person was so young but stood at the top. Who was he?

This scene was seen by someone with ulterior motives and filmed. Soon, it spread to every big shot in Wangdong City.

The boss of F International Smart Technology had appeared!

Everyone opened the photo and saw the handsome young man at the front of the crowd holding the portrait of his mother and sister. They were momentarily stunned.

The boss of F International Smart Technology Company was actually him!

No one expected that the child of the Jiang Family, Jiang Zhen, who had been scattered outside for more than a decade, was actually the boss of the most famous high-tech smart company in the world! No wonder F International bought Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals’ haunted building!

The ghost in other people’s eyes was Jiang Zhen’s mother!

Jiang Zhen saw Han Wangwang coming and waved at her. “Come to my side.”

Han Wangwang hurried to Jiang Zhen’s side.

Jiang Zhen slowly put on a pair of pure white gloves, then reached out his hands and carefully carried over Lan Ruoyun and Jiang Bi’s portraits. Han Wangwang put on her gloves and held Jiang Bi’s urn.

The group of people, led by Jiang Zhen, boarded a row of pure black cars. In front of all the cars were yellow chrysanthemums. In front of the leading black car was a white cloth.

With one look, it was a group of spirit cars.

The spirit car set off from the entrance of the haunted building. It braved the rain all the way and finally stopped in front of the cemetery where Lan Ruoyun was buried.

Jiang Zhen carried the portrait and alighted. Together with Han Wangwang, they braved the rain and walked to Lan Ruoyun’s tombstone.

There was an empty space beside Lan Ruoyun’s tombstone. Jiang Zhen had already bought this piece of land and it was only put to use today. When they arrived, the staff had already dug up that tombstone.

Jiang Zhen put down the portrait, took the urn from Han Wangwang’s hand, and knelt down.

He placed his sister’s urn into the small coffin and personally used his hand to sprinkle the soil on the urn. Han Wangwang stood aside with red eyes. The rain washed away her tears.

After burying Jiang Bi, Jiang Zhen got Han Wangwang to hold the umbrella. He hid under the umbrella and burned some yellow paper for the poor mother and daughter. As he burned, Jiang Zhen said, “Mother, Sister, our family is reunited.”

Jiang Zhen took the initiative to appear and personally confirmed that he was the boss of F International Smart Technology Company. The first thing he did was successfully inherit Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals as the only heir of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals.

Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was now a mess. Jiang Zhen was willing to inherit Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals and take the initiative to be the scapegoat. The board of directors couldn’t ask for more.

After inheriting Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, he had to pay for the crimes committed by Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals.

After officially taking over Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Zhen made a series of major actions.

First, it was to oppose the public opinion and officially change Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals’ name to AK Pharmaceuticals.

Secondly, he boldly kicked away a group of vermin, removed the position of Group Leader of the research and development department Dong Bi, and dismissed all the members led by Dong Bi.

Thirdly, it was officially announced that the entire world had stopped production and removed the drug under its label, “Lung Lick”. All families who had taken Lung Lick and suffered from stroke or hemiplegia took the initiative to compensate. The compensation amount was determined to show the severity of the illness. The lowest amount was 300,000 yuan, and the highest was 600,000 yuan.

Less than a month after Jiang Zhen took over the position, he successfully transferred the compensation money to his family and appeased their anger. After this battle, although the AK Pharmaceutical Company was badly damaged, their credibility was still maintained.

Just as everyone was looking forward to Jiang Zhen’s method to revive the AK Pharmaceuticals, the official Weibo account of the AK Pharmaceuticals suddenly posted an explosive message:

AK Pharmaceutical Company V: She is the youngest genius virus specialist. She is the princess of the medical virus industry. She is Song Fei! All employees of AK Pharmaceutical Company, warmly welcome @ Song Fei to officially enter AK Pharmaceuticals as the head of the research and development department of AK Pharmaceuticals! The future of AK Pharmaceuticals is promising!

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