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Chapter 420: Ugly Incident Exposed, Family Protection, Little General Dog Trapped

Ying Ji drove the Audi out of the clubhouse. Before he drove into the main road, he saw Li Feng’s car speeding forward like an arrow.

Ying Ji instinctively slowed down and saw that Li Feng had parked the car more than 10 meters away from him.

In front, Li Feng turned off the engine. He obviously had something to discuss.

What can’t he say in front of Jiang Guchuan? Ying Ji thought as he turned off the engine.

Li Feng walked over and knocked on his car door. Ying Ji waved at him to make way. After Li Feng took a step back, Ying Ji pushed open the car door and alighted.

“Let’s chat by the side.” With that, Li Feng turned and walked towards the sidewalk.

Ying Ji saw his sinister expression and didn’t ask further. He quietly followed him to the sidewalk and stood there. Li Feng took out a cigarette from his pocket and gave it to Ying Ji. Ying Ji looked down at the cigarette and smiled. “Ever since your nephew was born, I haven’t smoked much.”

Hearing this, Li Feng also smiled, but his smile was vicious and dark. “Let’s smoke and enjoy ourselves in time. Who knows when we will be locked up?”

Hearing this, Ying Ji was first stunned before he smiled. “That’s true.” He reached out, grabbed the cigarette, lit it with Li Feng’s lighter, and took a big drag.

Li Feng was also smoking quietly.

Ying Ji smoked half of his cigarette before holding it and staring at a watch billboard in the distance. He said, “It’s Jiang Guchuan, right?”

Li Feng almost bit his tongue.

He hurriedly spat out the cigarette butt, sucked a mouthful of blood from the tip of his bleeding tongue, and spat it out. Only then did he turn to look at Ying Ji in shock. He asked in bewilderment, “How can you tell?”

Ying Ji smiled knowingly and said, “Ah Feng, you are like a sharp sword. Although sharp, you can’t hide your glow. When you suspect someone, the word ‘suspicion’ is written all over your face.”

Ying Ji was the bank manager. He was several years older than Li Feng and was more patient. Ying Ji had guessed the truth when Li Feng said those words.

He added. “What you said in the parking lot just now was obviously testing Jiang Guchuan. But Jiang Guchuan is a person with deep secrets and is very cautious. Compared to his father, he is even more outstanding.”

Patting Li Feng’s shoulder, Ying Ji sighed. “Li Feng, you’ve already alerted the enemy tonight.”

Hearing Ying Ji’s words, Li Feng secretly recalled what he had said in front of Jiang Guchuan. He also knew that he had been impulsive. Perhaps Jiang Guchuan had already sensed something amiss.

Li Feng said coldly, “At the thought that it was that kid who drugged us, but pretended to be the innocent Lin Daiyu who was dragged into the water by us, I really want to step on him and rub him under my feet.”

“Motherf*cker! I can’t even vent your anger by killing a dismembered corpse!”

Ying Ji heard Li Feng curse in a low voice. After Li Feng finished scolding, he asked Li Feng, “How did you know that Jiang Guchuan drugged us?”

Before the party tonight, Li Feng’s performance was considered normal. From the moment he received that message, Li Feng had become abnormal. Ying Ji asked himself, “Could it be that message?”

“Mmm.” Li Feng told him. “Zero told me.”

Zero was their man and had always been by Lin Jing’s side. The information he revealed couldn’t be wrong.

Knowing that this news came from Zero, Ying Ji no longer doubted its authenticity.

He narrowed his eyes and muttered thoughtfully, “After so many years, how did Zero find out about this?” Jiang Guchuan was the one who drugged us. If the four of us didn’t realize this, how did Zero know?

“Lin Jing knows?” Ying Ji felt that it was impossible. “If Lin Jing knows, then you and I won’t be able to stand by the roadside and smoke unscathed.”

Li Feng said vaguely, “Anyway, the news from Zero can’t be wrong.”

“Mmm.” Ying Ji took another drag of his cigarette and said, “Let’s go back first and sort this out carefully before catching this venomous snake. If we really reach a dead end, we must drag someone down with us.”

Li Feng nodded, extinguished his cigarette, and got into his car.

He watched as Ying Ji drove away. Only then did he turn on his cell phone and stare at that message again.

Zero: [New news: The culprit behind the drinks is Jiang Guchuan. Song Ci is an eyewitness to that incident. She has already confessed everything to Lin Jing.]

Song Ci…

Li Feng didn’t dare to tell Ying Ji that Song Ci was a witness in Su Run’s murder case. He was afraid that if he told him, Song Ci would be assassinated like Yang Chong. His cousin looked as gentle as the spring breeze and spoke politely, but he was truly ruthless.

Ying Ji returned home. Just as he entered the villa’s main hall, he saw a pair of children happily rushing down from upstairs. Ying Ji hurriedly stopped and smiled at his adorable children. He instructed, “Run slower.”

His five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter threw themselves into Ying Ji’s arms.

Ying Ji bent down and hugged the two little guys. “Are you that happy?”

“The moment they heard the sound of a car, they guessed that you were back. They didn’t even listen to the storybook and ran out of bed to look for you.” The person who spoke was Ying Ji’s wife, Qin Shuya.

Qin Shuya and Ying Ji were childhood sweethearts and had known each other since they were young. The two of them confirmed their relationship at the age of 17. Qin Shuya was a famous ballet dancer in the country. Later on, she retired due to her leg injury and gave birth to a pair of children for Ying Ji.

Ying Ji saw his beautiful and gentle wife, as well as the lively and adorable child in his arms. Thinking of the many years of debt he had to bear, he instantly hated that dog Jiang Guchuan to death.

He smiled, stood up, took out three chocolates from his pocket, and said, “One each.” The two children each took a chocolate from him, and the remaining piece of black chocolate was handed to Qin Shuya by Ying Ji.

Qin Shuya smiled as she peeled the chocolate wrapper. She ate the chocolate and watched Ying Ji bring a child upstairs. Half an hour later, Ying Ji successfully coaxed the children to sleep before returning to the master bedroom.

Qin Shuya had already taken a shower and was removing the hair on her legs.

Back then, she had gotten injured in a car accident and had a scar on her leg. It was a little scary. Ying Ji walked over to help her remove the hair on her leg. As he fiddled with it, Ying Ji pressed Qin Shuya onto the dressing table.

After a moment of passion, Qin Shuya’s head was covered in sweat. She reached out to touch the sweat on Ying Ji’s forehead and asked with a smile, “What are you thinking? Why are you still frowning while hugging me?”

“You don’t love me anymore?” Qin Shuya knew how much Ying Ji loved her, so she said the words “don’t love me anymore”.

She was fearless.

Ying Ji grabbed Qin Shuya’s finger, placed it by his lips, and kissed it. He sighed. “I’m afraid we can’t hide that matter from back then.”

Hearing this, Qin Shuya was stunned. She instinctively asked, “What is it…?”

Ying Ji reminded her with an ugly expression. “About Nanxing City.”

Qin Shuya’s face turned pale.

She pushed Ying Ji’s arms away and sat up.

Ying Ji had been smart and resourceful since he was young, but he had never committed murder. Su Run’s incident was Ying Ji’s sore spot. Every time he drank alcohol, he would have nightmares. One time, when Qin Shuya was taking care of the drunk Ying Ji, she accidentally heard Ying Ji’s words in her dream.

Under Qin Shuya’s interrogation, Ying Ji decided to tell her the truth.

When Qin Shuya found out that Ying Ji had colluded with Li Feng and the rest to murder an innocent girl, she broke up with Ying Ji in a fit of anger and went to further her studies for a year.

After that, Qin Shuya got into an accident and laid in bed unable to move. It was Ying Ji who took good care of her. Under Ying Ji’s meticulous care for half a year, Qin Shuya accepted Ying Ji again.

Nanxing City became a taboo name between the two of them. No one dared to mention it.

Qin Shuya leaned against the head of the bed, her face slightly pale. She asked, “What happened? Isn’t that murder case already suppressed? It has already been so many years, why would it be overturned again?”

Ying Ji also sat up. He leaned against the head of the bed and bent one leg. “That little girl’s biological brother has returned to avenge her. I’m afraid we can’t hide this anymore.”

“Shuya.” Ying Ji suddenly grabbed Qin Shuya’s hand and said, “In the next few days, bring the children to settle down with your parents-in-law. When I come out, I will look for you.”

Qin Shuya’s eyes reddened. “You even prepared a backup plan for us?”

Ying Ji said, “If I go to prison, the children will be the children of rapists and murderers. Shuya, I can’t let them grow up in an environment where they are being despised.”

“Haicheng has our house and your parents. The children are also close to your grandparents. It’s better for you to go to your parents-in-law than to stay in Wangdong City.”

Qin Shuya covered her face and cried. She complained. “That person who drugged you should really be struck by lightning! What a ruthless heart!”

Ying Ji’s eyes darkened as he listened to his wife’s scolding.

That night, Ying Ji and his wife stayed up all night. As for Li Feng and Jiang Guchuan, who could really close their eyes and have a good sleep?

The next morning.

When Jiang Guchuan’s car arrived at the Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Building, he was surrounded by a group of reporters carrying cameras.

Jiang Guchuan still didn’t know what happened until he heard those sharp and soul-stirring questions.

“CEO Jiang, recently, dozens of articles denouncing Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals’ Lung Lick have appeared on the cancer-resistant website. These articles have all raised doubts about the effects of Lung Lick. They believe that Lung Lick has dangerous side effects such as stroke paralysis in patients!”

“CEO Jiang, is there really a danger of causing the patient to suffer a stroke and damage the patient’s cerebral nerves? If there is, can the medicine produced by your company be considered a poison?”

“If not, why does a survey of patients with stroke paralysis who have recovered lung cancer show that six out of every 100 patients with lung cancer who have taken the medicine, LCD, have different degrees of hemiplegia and stroke symptoms?”

When Jiang Guchuan heard the reporter’s words, his expression darkened.

His mind was already in a mess, but his words were still logical and clear. “Comrade, as a media person, you should speak the truth. You are holding a statistic that was compiled by an unofficial authority and want to accuse my company’s product of having a serious quality problem. Is this acceptable?”

“Moreover, among the elderly nowadays, there is a huge proportion of patients with stroke paralysis. Perhaps these patients with fully recovered lung cancer just happened to have a stroke?”

That reporter took a deep look at Jiang Guchuan and asked with the attitude of seeking confirmation, “Then CEO Jiang, do you dare to pat your chest and guarantee that your company’s’ Lung Lick ‘will definitely not cause any side effects of having a stroke, paralysis, and damaging nerves?”

Jiang Guchuan was unafraid of all the reporters’ criticizing gazes. He nodded with a smile and said firmly, “I swear on my character that our company’s product, Lung Lick, definitely doesn’t have those side effects from the internet.”

“Every product of our company has the blood and sweat of countless researchers. They have been researching new drugs day and night to save everyone who is tormented by illness. If we knew that a particular drug would harm people, how could we, how could we dare, how could we put it into the market?”

“Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is a good company. I, Jiang Guchuan, can vouch for this!”

After Jiang Guchuan finished his beautiful oath, a large group of security guards walked out of the company and escorted Jiang Guchuan into the building.

Jiang Guchuan entered the lift and his upright face instantly turned sinister and cold. When the people in the secretary’s office saw Jiang Guchuan’s sinister and ugly expression, no one looked into the office to touch Jiang Guchuan’s reverse scale.

A moment later, the chief secretary’s phone rang. It was Jiang Guchuan calling her in to answer.

The secretary entered the CEO’s office uneasily. Seeing that Jiang Guchuan was staring at his computer in a daze, she asked softly, “CEO Jiang, what can I do for you?”

Jiang Guchuan looked up and stared at the secretary coldly before asking, “In the past few days, there have been hundreds of posts on the AntiCancer Network that slandered the quality of our company’s medicine. Has the public relations department not noticed?”

“The reporters are all here. Does their public relations eat shit?”

The secretary stood nervously in front of the desk. She waited for Jiang Guchuan to finish venting his anger before saying, “CEO Jiang, this happened suddenly. No one paid attention to these posts before. This morning, that group of reporters suddenly appeared downstairs, as if they were instructed by someone.”

Ordered by someone.

A candidate flashed across Jiang Guchuan’s mind.

He took a deep breath and said, “Go out first.”

“Alright, CEO Jiang.”

At 9am in the morning, Jiang Zhen was online reading about Jiang Guchuan being interviewed by the reporters. Hearing Jiang Guchuan’s hypocritical oath, Jiang Zhen was so disgusted that he nearly vomited.

He was about to log out of Weibo when he received a call from Jiang Guchuan.

This was the first time Jiang Guchuan called Jiang Zhen since Jiang Weimin was arrested. Jiang Zhen stared at the caller name and pondered for a moment before answering the call in the last two seconds.

“Brother.” The way Jiang Zhen addressed him made Jiang Guchuan’s scalp tingle.

Jiang Guchuan’s heart felt like it was crawling with ants. He rubbed his temples and suppressed his disgust for Jiang Zhen. He asked softly, “Are you free this afternoon? I have something to discuss with you.”

Jiang Zhen had been waiting for him to say this.


Hearing that Jiang Zhen agreed to his invitation so easily, Jiang Guchuan couldn’t help being vigilant.

Why did he agree to my invitation so easily?

What is he planning?

The brothers arranged to meet at a Chinese restaurant. Jiang Guchuan arrived more than 10 minutes early. He went to the toilet and returned to see Jiang Zhen already sitting in the private room.

Jiang Guchuan stared at that person’s upright sitting posture for a while until Jiang Zhen turned and asked, “Brother, aren’t you coming in?” Only then did he end his contemplation.

Jiang Guchuan frowned and walked in. He pulled out the stool opposite Jiang Zhen and sat down.

After sitting down, Jiang Guchuan stared at Jiang Zhen’s short hair and smiled mockingly. “I’m still not used to your manly accent.”

How could Jiang Zhen not tell that Jiang Guchuan was mocking him?

Jiang Zhen picked up the teapot on the table, poured the boiling water into the bowl, put the spoon and chopsticks in, and heated the bowl again without finding it troublesome.

Jiang Guchuan frowned as he watched him do this. He wondered why this person was so unreasonable!

Jiang Zhen poured the hot water in the bowl into a basin before looking up at Jiang Guchuan. “I am also not used to the fact that you are my biological brother.”

Jiang Guchuan’s face darkened.

The waiter started serving the dishes.

Jiang Zhen pushed the stack of dark green kelp threads in front of Jiang Guchuan and said, “Look at the color of this plate of kelp threads. Do they look like the color on your mother’s head or my mother’s head?”

How was Jiang Guchuan going to answer this?

Jiang Guchuan finally understood Jiang Zhen’s ability to mock people. He didn’t want to hear Jiang Zhen’s sarcastic words. He came today because he had serious matters to ask. Jiang Guchuan stared straight at Jiang Zhen and asked bluntly, “Did you do those things on the Internet?”

Jiang Zhen looked confused. “What do you mean?”

Jiang Guchuan’s eyes were filled with frustration. He raised his brows impatiently and suppressed his anger as he said in a low voice, “Weren’t you the one who purposely did those posts on the cancer prevention website? And that statistics sheet!”

“Jiang Zhen, no matter what, Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is my father’s hard work. I can understand why you hate my father. But Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals is not just my hard work, it’s also your mother’s hard work. Can you really bear to see Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals being attacked and slandered?”

Jiang Zhen really didn’t expect Jiang Guchuan to use this excuse to convince him. Jiang Zhen felt like laughing. He said nonchalantly, “My mother has been buried for many years. The grass on her grave is already 30 feet tall. Whether Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals is destroyed or glorious, what does it have to do with her?”

“The living mind the living, the dead mind the dead. Brother, it’s useless to tell me this.” When Jiang Zhen said this, he indirectly admitted that he was behind all those things on the Internet.

Jiang Guchuan was about to flare up when he heard Jiang Zhen say again, “What are you afraid of? If there’s nothing wrong with your Lung Lick, you can be upright. Do you need to be afraid? I saw that Brother can’t wait to see me today. Could it be that you feel guilty? Are you panicking?”

Jiang Guchuan stared at Jiang Zhen silently for a moment before sneering. “I really underestimated you in the past. Look at your mouth. You really know how to talk.” You can shut someone up with just a few words.

Jiang Zhen shook his head with a faint smile. He ate two chopsticks and thought of something. He put down his chopsticks and said, “I forgot. I have a present for you.”

Jiang Guchuan frowned.

Jiang Zhen took out an exquisite gift box from the briefcase he carried with him. Jiang Zhen handed the gift box to Jiang Guchuan and said, “Brother, I’ve already prepared this gift long ago. I haven’t found a suitable opportunity to give it away.”

“Brother, take a look. Do you like it?”

Jiang Zhen had already retracted his hand and picked up his chopsticks again. As he ate, he looked at Jiang Guchuan expectantly.

Jiang Guchuan stared at the gift box and noticed a camera in the corner of the room. Thinking that Jiang Zhen wouldn’t dare to poison him in front of the camera, he reached out and grabbed the box.

He asked, “What is it?” as he opened the gift box.

The velvet box was opened and a mangled photo laid quietly inside. In the photo was a girl who had been crushed beyond recognition. Her hair was mixed with her flesh and her posture was twisted, making one feel nauseous.

When Jiang Guchuan saw that photo, he instantly turned around in disgust and retched, spitting out the food and water he had just eaten.

Jiang Guchuan vomited until tears streamed down his face.

He pulled a piece of paper and wiped away the tears and dirt from the corners of his mouth. Only then did he sit up straight and stare at Jiang Zhen with his handsome face slightly pale.

Jiang Guchuan had already guessed who was in the photo.

Jiang Zhen dared to take this out today because he planned to completely fall out with him.

Jiang Guchuan didn’t say a word. With the surveillance cameras, every word he said would become his confession in the future.

Jiang Guchuan didn’t speak, but Jiang Zhen dared to be unrestrained.

Jiang Zhen stood up, stretched out his long arm, and took the photo from the gift box. He faced Jiang Guchuan and stared at his pale face. He said softly, “Do you know why this girl’s corpse in the photo looks like this?”

Jiang Guchuan stared at Jiang Zhen with trembling eyes, unable to say a word.

Jiang Zhen told him, “When the wheels of a train roll over a young girl’s body, this position will appear.”

Jiang Zhen held the photo and placed his hands in front of Jiang Guchuan. He lowered his head and his clear eyes were filled with cunning and hatred. He said, “Jiang Guchuan, guess. When Li Feng and the rest know that you are the real murderer behind the scenes, will you end up worse than my sister?”

Jiang Guchuan’s pupils quivered.

He instantly thought of what Li Feng had asked last night. A terrifying thought surfaced in Jiang Guchuan’s mind!

Jiang Zhen told Li Feng and the rest what I had done? Was that why Li Feng said those words last night to test me?

At the thought of this, Jiang Guchuan’s back started to turn cold.

Jiang Zhen saw that Jiang Guchuan’s forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat. He had achieved his goal. “Jiang Guchuan, I hope that the next time I see you, it will be your corpse.” With that, Jiang Zhen turned and left.

After walking out of the private room, Jiang Zhen called Lin Jing.

“Captain Lin, you can do as I say.”

Lin Jing smiled mysteriously and walked out of the toilet. Once he returned to his office, he held a meeting and told his colleagues everything he knew.

That night, Li Feng alighted from the car after work and realized that there was a man in a black t-shirt and a black baseball cap standing at the blind spot of the surveillance cameras in the underground garage.

Li Feng recognized that the person was one of his own who had bribed Lin Jing.

He walked straight towards that corner.

“Brother Chen.” Li Feng addressed him respectfully.

The man called Brother Chen was Lin Jing’s subordinate, Chen Shengyu. Seeing that there was no one around, he lowered his voice and told Li Feng, “Mr. Li, I finally found out about the matter you asked me to do.”

A dark glint flashed across Li Feng’s eyes. He asked, “What exactly happened? Is that person really Jiang Guchuan?”

Chen Shengyu nodded. “Captain Lin said it himself. At the meeting today, Captain Lin shared the information he found with us.”

Chen Shengyu leaned closer to Li Feng and said softly, “Jiang Guchuan is indeed the person who drugged you on the ship back then. As for why he drugged you, this will have to start from another person.”

Li Feng narrowed his eyes at Chen Shengyu and asked curiously, “Who?”

Chen Shengyu said, “Su Run’s adoptive father, Su Yudi!”

Li Feng was stunned. “Professor Su?” Li Feng never expected that Professor Su would be involved in this matter.

Li Feng asked in confusion, “What has Su Yudi got to do with this?”

“It’s said that Su Yudi spent many years to develop a life-saving medicine specially for lung cancer.” Speaking of this, Chen Shengyu’s eyes lit up with curiosity. He told Li Feng, “It’s the ‘Lung Lick’ produced by Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals!”

Li Feng was such a smart person. Chen Shengyu’s words woke Li Feng up!

As he pondered over the cause and effect of this matter, he slowly said, “After Professor Su accidentally drowned that year, Jiang Guchuan stole Professor Su’s research results and handed them to Dong Bi. As a result, Dong Bi was made a pharmaceutical genius by Jiang Guchuan!”

“Dong Bi followed Jiang Guchuan and successfully entered Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals, becoming the team leader of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Department. And because of Dong Bi’s contributions, Jiang Guchuan successfully entered Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals’ upper management and received Jiang Weimin’s recognition, stabilizing his position!”

The more he spoke, the crazier Li Feng’s eyes became.

He said even more urgently, “And that girl is Professor Su’s adopted daughter. She is deeply loved by Professor Su and definitely knows about her adoptive father’s research project. Jiang Guchuan was afraid that after the Lung Lick successfully went public in the future, that girl would expose it, so he…”

“Used someone else to kill!”

Chen Shengyu saw that Li Feng had only analyzed and guessed the truth. He was shocked but didn’t show it on his face.

“That’s about it, but there’s another one,” Chen Shengyu said.

Li Feng forcefully suppressed the agitation and madness in his eyes. He asked humbly, “What else did I miss?”

Chen Shengyu said, “Professor Su’s adopted daughter looks very similar to Jiang Weimin’s deceased wife, Lan Ruoyun. Jiang Guchuan must have seen Lan Ruoyun…”

Li Feng narrowed his eyes.

According to Jiang Guchuan’s vicious character, after seeing a teenage girl who looked similar to Jiang Weimin’s deceased wife, Lan Ruoyun, how could he not suspect Su Run’s relationship with the Jiang Family?

Su Run might be Jiang Weimin’s scattered twins and Professor Su’s adopted daughter. With these two identities, she had to die!

Li Feng sneered again.

“Good, very good!”

That night, Jiang Guchuan had a dream. He dreamed of countless train wheels rolling over his body.

He woke up and instinctively reached out to touch his back. Only when he touched his perfectly healthy body did Jiang Guchuan wipe the sweat off his forehead in shock.

Jiang Guchuan got up, turned on the lights in the house, and went to the first floor to get a glass of water.

After drinking the water, Jiang Guchuan received a call from Dong Bi.

Jiang Guchuan was puzzled as to why Dong Bi would call so late at night. He picked up the phone and heard Dong Bi shouting in a panic, “Jiang Guchuan! Jiang Guchuan, the news of us stealing Professor Su’s research results has been exposed!”

Jiang Guchuan was stunned for a few seconds before he heard a buzzing sound.

Jiang Guchuan was slightly unsteady. He had forgotten what he had said to Dong Bi. In short, just as he hung up, the second call came. This time, it was from the company’s post-sales department.

The manager said anxiously over the phone, “CEO Jiang, we suddenly received hundreds of complaints from patients tonight. They are all questioning the side effects of ‘Lung Lick’ to cause the patient to suffer from stroke paralysis. We also know that more than 10 prestigious patients have established a rights team overnight to sue our company!”

Jiang Guchuan:…

That night, Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals was in chaos. Jiang Guchuan drove to the company in the middle of the night and was blocked by the family members gathered downstairs before he could get out of the car.

Hundreds of patients’ families who had suffered from stroke paralysis due to taking “Lung Lick” raised their blood-red vouchers and stood under the Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Building late at night, surrounding the entire building!

That night, Wangdong City was unprecedentedly lively and bustling!

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