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Chapter 419: Murder and Dog Fight!

Sensing that something was off, Zhou Siwei didn’t hesitate anymore. She kept her cell phone in her pocket and instinctively got up to walk to the toilet.

The male and female toilet had a washroom. The male toilet was on the left and the female toilet on the right.

It was lunchtime and it was 2: 20pm. There was the sound of someone coughing in the male toilet, but there was no sound of water in the female toilet.

Zhou Siwei realized that there was no one else in the female toilet. She picked up the yellow maintenance sign in the corner and blocked it at the door of the female toilet to prevent others from entering and obstructing her work.

Before Yang Chong went to the toilet, Zhou Siwei had communicated with her to make it convenient for her to enter the second pit. If anything happened, she could accurately locate Yang Chong’s position.

Zhou Siwei stood at the door of the second pit. She stared at the gap under the toilet door and could see a pair of black sneakers. These weren’t Yang Chong’s legs. When Yang Chong went out today, he was wearing light purple sneakers.

In the toilet cubicle, Yang Chong was being held in the arms of a masked man. The man’s gloved hands were holding a nylon rope that was tightly wrapped around Yang Chong’s slender neck.

Yang Chong had even tried to use his legs to kick the toilet door to attract attention.

But there was no one else in the toilet at noon!

Yang Chong’s face was already bruised. The bone in her throat was tightly bound by the rope, tightening bit by bit. She couldn’t breathe and her eyes were about to roll back.

She realized that she would definitely die today and instantly felt despair.

At this moment, there was a bang and someone kicked the toilet door.

Hearing the commotion, Yang Chong’s eyes shone with the light of survival. Yang Chong used all her strength to raise her feet and knocked on the door again, making some noise.

But as she was about to die, the strength in her legs was very weak.

The masked man realized that Zhou Siwei had come to save her. He used one hand to hold the rope and the other to draw the dagger behind his waist.

Zhou Siwei heard the commotion behind the door and guessed that Yang Chong’s feet might be against the door. She couldn’t break through from the front. Zhou Siwei made a prompt decision. She took a step back and jumped up like a cheetah. Her hands successfully hooked onto the door frame at the top of the toilet cubicle.

Zhou Siwei leaned against the frame and kicked the door twice before jumping into the cramped toilet.

When she landed, that killer took out a dagger and raised it to stab into Yang Chong’s chest.

Zhou Siwei quickly reached out her left arm to block the knife.

The knife that should have stabbed into Yang Chong’s heart stabbed into Zhou Siwei’s arm!

Yang Chong was the key certification for Su Run’s case. Her existence was very important and nothing must happen to her!

Zhou Siwei endured the pain and suddenly lowered her head. She used her head to hit the masked man’s head. As she hit, she shouted at Yang Chong who was in her arms, “Run!”

Yang Chong hurriedly pulled the rope around her neck and crawled out from under Zhou Siwei’s waist. She coughed hard and scrambled towards the toilet door.

Seeing that Yang Chong had fled, the masked man reached out his arms and grabbed Zhou Siwei’s shoulders. He then kicked Zhou Siwei’s chest and sent her flying. The killer didn’t even look at Zhou Siwei before chasing after Yang Chong.

Zhou Siwei was slammed into the tile wall of the toilet. Her organs and brain were all vibrating.

She landed on the ground and quickly got up. She hugged the killer’s leg and quickly pulled out the knife behind her waist and stabbed it into the killer’s calf.

The masked killer bent down and picked Zhou Siwei up. He kicked Zhou Siwei away with his other foot and chased after her with a limp. He ran out of the toilet and didn’t see Yang Chong. Realizing that this mission would definitely fail, he wanted to escape!

Zhou Siwei supported herself against the wall and stood up. She took out the pistol and magazine from her holster and stuffed the magazine into her pistol with her injured left hand.

Zhou Siwei chased after the bloodstains on the ground. Seeing that the masked killer was running towards the fire stairs, she immediately raised her gun and shouted, “I am a police officer! Stop immediately or I will shoot!”


Seeing Zhou Siwei with a gun, the tourists in the corridor of the shopping mall were all stunned. They instantly squatted on the ground with their hands covering their heads in fear. Zhou Siwei ran past them quickly, her arm dripping with blood!

The man didn’t seem to hear her and entered the fire escape.

Zhou Siwei quickly chased after her. When she knocked open the metal door of the fire escape, she realized the danger. She looked up suddenly and saw the masked murderer standing on the corridor leading to the fourth floor, looking down at her.

He was also holding a pistol in his hand. It was not a toy gun, but a real one! The muzzle was dark and gave off a cold metallic glow.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment and moved at the same time.

At that moment, it was all about speed!


Two gunshots sounded at the same time!

Zhou Siwei closed her eyes and felt the wind brush past her ear. Then, she heard a bang. The metal door beside her head had been hit by a bullet and sparks were flying!

Then, the criminal grunted and released the gun in his hand in pain.

Zhou Siwei looked up and stared at the criminal. She saw that his black T-shirt was dyed even deeper with blood.

The man pressed his chest and turned to run.

Zhou Siwei ran forward and pulled out the handcuffs behind her waist as she ran. She kicked the masked man from behind. The masked man was already hit by the wall and his intestines were all broken. How long could he last?

The masked criminal was kicked down the stairs by Zhou Siwei. Zhou Siwei sat down on the man’s back and handcuffed his hands!

After doing all this, Zhou Siwei sat down at the man’s heels. She picked up the man’s gun, hugged the two guns, and panted heavily against the wall. She stared at the bloody hole on her left arm, licked her pale lips, and wiped the cold sweat off her face.

Zhou Siwei’s cell phone rang.

She picked it up, but because her head was bleeding and her vision was blurred, she couldn’t see the name on the phone clearly. Zhou Siwei’s vision blurred as she pressed the green answer button. She instinctively said, “Brother Long, the left fire escape on the third floor, come look for me…”

With that, Zhou Siwei leaned against the wall and fainted.

Two minutes later, Long Yu ran up the fire stairs to the third floor on foot. He saw Zhou Siwei leaning against the wall and fainting, but still hugging the two guns tightly.

The police could never throw away their guns.

Long Yu’s heart ached terribly. He hurriedly took out Zhou Siwei’s cell phone, wiped her bloodied thumb, unlocked her cell phone, and called Lin Jing and the rest to inform them to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

After hanging up, Long Yu called the ambulance.

Long Yu took the gun from Zhou Siwei’s arms and placed it behind his waist. His eyes darted between the seriously injured criminal and the slightly less injured Zhou Siwei. In the end, Long Yu carried the criminal up first.

This was a criminal that Wei Wei was trying her best to catch. He couldn’t let the criminal die.

Long Yu carried the criminal and found a shop assistant at a nearby mall. He asked them to get someone to send Zhou Siwei downstairs to wait for the ambulance. Only then did he personally bring the criminal downstairs.

They waited downstairs for a few minutes before seeing the ambulance.

On the way to the hospital, Long Yu sat in the ambulance where the criminal was, leaving Zhou Siwei and the nurse alone in an ambulance.

When Lin Jing arrived at the hospital, the doctor was trying his best to save the criminal and Zhou Siwei.

This was not the first time Lin Jing saw Long Yu. He knew that Long Yu was Zhou Siwei’s girlfriend. He patted Long Yu’s shoulder and asked, “How is she?”

Long Yu was much shorter than Lin Jing. He was actually only 1.68 meters tall, while Zhou Siwei was 1.6 meters tall. Zhou Siwei was still very beautiful and young. Long Yu had always felt that it was his good fortune to be able to find a good girl like Zhou Siwei with his looks.

He really doted on Zhou Siwei.

How could Long Yu not feel sorry for his baby being injured?

Long Yu looked at the blood on his hands and said with a trembling voice, “The criminal was shot in the abdomen and his life is unknown. Weiwei’s arm was pierced and she bled a lot on her head. I don’t know the details.”

Lin Jing patted Long Yu’s shoulder again and said, “Mr. Long, you did the right thing this time. Weiwei is injured and will recover if she recuperates well. But if the murderer dies because of delaying treatment, the clues will be broken.”

Long Yu was once an elite soldier in the team and had worked under Han Zhan for many years. Of course he could tell the situation and knew which was more important. But he still felt terrible. He couldn’t help glaring at Lin Jing and said, “You’re also heartless to give such a dangerous thing to a little girl.”

Lin Jing smiled ambiguously. He said, “That girl is a heroine. She might not be willing to do anything you want her to do.”

Long Yu knew that what Lin Jing said was true. But seeing Zhou Siwei covered in blood, he was shocked and blamed Lin Jing for being mean.

Thinking of something, Long Yu slipped the two guns out from behind his waist and handed them to Lin Jing. “I didn’t touch the guns. When Weiwei fainted, she was still hugging the guns tightly.”

Lin Jing held the gun and cushioned it. He said, “She did very well this time. When this case is over, she will be put in an important position. It’s not a delusion to get a promotion and a raise in the future.” He stared at another gun and realized that it was an imported gun.

Long Yu rolled his eyes at Lin Jing.

“I’m going for a smoke.”

After Long Yu finished smoking a cigarette, he returned and saw that the doctor who treated Zhou Siwei had come out.

The doctor was talking to Lin Jing. Long Yu stood behind Lin Jing and listened quietly. He was relieved to know that Zhou Siwei didn’t have any fatal injuries.

After three hours of resuscitation, that criminal was also saved. After he was pushed back to the ward, Lin Jing sent three to four people to guard him, not allowing him to commit suicide or murder anyone.

Zhou Siwei only woke up when it was almost dark. She saw Long Yu and asked, “Is the murderer still alive?”

Long Yu nodded.

Zhou Siwei thought for a moment and asked, “My gun…”

“I’ve handed it to Captain Lin for you.”

Zhou Siwei continued, “Then, Dr. Yang…”

“Not dead.” Long Yu’s tone turned completely cold.

Zhou Siwei saw that Long Yu’s tone was unfriendly and didn’t dare to ask anymore. She tilted her head and looked at the tightly bandaged wound on her arm. She sighed and smiled. “I’m so awesome. I’m already injured to this extent and even succeeded in taking down the criminal. Brother Long, are you proud of me?”

Long Yu’s expression was dark. He said unhappily, “We should be proud of you if you are alive. But if something happens to you, you are handicapped, you are gone. Look at me crying for you. What will you think?”

When Zhou Siwei heard this, her expression instantly turned aggrieved.

She carefully observed Long Yu. Seeing that Long Yu’s eyes were filled with worry and fear for her, she felt warm inside and decided not to force herself anymore. Zhou Siwei blinked at Long Yu and said pitifully, “Brother Long, it hurts so much.”

Long Yu’s heart ached. “I’ll accompany you. If you’re hungry, tell me. I’ll go get you something to eat. I’ve already applied for leave these few days. I don’t need to go to work. I’ll accompany you.”

Hearing this, Zhou Siwei was satisfied.

“I’ll eat tomorrow morning.”

Noticing that there was someone outside the door, Zhou Siwei opened her eyes and recognized Yan Jiang and Song Ci. She hurriedly said to Long Yu, “Brother Long, Mrs. Han and Dr. Yan are here.”

Long Yu hurriedly stood up, pulled two chairs over, and invited Song Ci and Yan Jiang to sit.

Song Ci carried a bunch of tonics into the ward. She stood by the bed and stared at Zhou Siwei for a moment before smiling. “Weiwei is so capable today. I heard that she caught a armed criminal.”

Zhou Siwei was about to boast when she noticed Long Yu’s sad and worried expression. She didn’t dare to pretend anymore.

She said, “Actually, this is the first time I fired at someone today. After I fired, I saw that person fall. If not for my skin blocking it, my heart would have jumped to the ground.”

Song Ci was amused by Zhou Siwei’s description.

Song Ci was relieved to see that Zhou Siwei was in good spirits.

She placed the tonic on the bedside table and said, “These are all good things. My husband collected them from all over the world. I can’t eat too many because I’m pregnant. Weiwei, eat more. Don’t take your injuries lightly just because you’re young and have good recovery abilities.”

Zhou Siwei had long heard from Long Yu that Mrs. Han was a good person. Seeing the expensive tonic on the bedside table, Zhou Siwei felt very embarrassed. “Thank you, Madam.”

After putting down the tonic, Song Ci sat down beside Yan Jiang. Once she sat down, Yan Jiang said, “That criminal tried to commit suicide when he woke up just now. Luckily, he was discovered in time and stopped.”

]Hearing this, Long Yu said, “Have you found out who sent him?”

Yan Jiang shook his head. “Not at the moment. But there’s no hurry. As long as he’s alive, there’s no need to worry about not being able to get any information. Our Captain Lin is good at arresting and interrogating people. People call him the King of Hell on Earth. No criminal can last more than a week in his hands.”

No matter how tough a bone was, it wouldn’t last long in Lin Jing’s hands.

Song Ci stayed in the ward for a while before getting up to bid farewell. She happened to bump into Lin Jing, who was visiting Zhou Siwei, in the corridor.

When Lin Jing saw Yan Jiang and Song Ci standing together, he stopped and said with a smile, “Mrs. Han, what a coincidence. You’re also here to visit Zhou Siwei?”

Song Ci had met Lin Jing a long time ago.

That year, Lin Jing was the one who investigated Mu Mian’s kidnapping of Song Fei. Lin Jing naturally had a deep impression of the adopted daughter of the Mu Family, Song Ci.

Song Ci nodded and asked, “Captain Lin, can I speak to you in private?”

Lin Jing’s eyes flashed as he turned to look at his loyal subordinate behind him. He said, “Stay guard and don’t let anyone get close.” After giving his instructions, Lin Jing followed Song Ci to the stairwell to speak.

Song Ci was about to close the door to the stairwell when she saw Lin Jing shake his head slightly at her.

Seeing this, Song Ci’s eyes moved slightly. She was very smart and guessed that Lin Jing was thinking of other plans. She also decided to cooperate with him.

Song Ci glanced behind her and said to Lin Jing, “I have something to tell you about Su Run’s case.”

Lin Jing glanced at the well-hidden figure outside the door and smiled slightly. “Mrs. Han, there are no outsiders here. Just say it. I guarantee that you won’t say a word today.”

Song Ci nodded.

She said, “I am an eyewitness to Su Run’s case. You also know this, Captain Lin, but what I want to tell you today is that in the case of Su Run’s murder, other than the four people who violated Su Run, there is also a hidden murderer.”

Hearing this, Lin Jing’s eyes narrowed. “You mean…”

Song Ci said, “Jiang Guchuan.”

Song Ci told Lin Jing everything she knew in detail. After hearing this, a thoughtful expression appeared on Lin Jing’s face. “So Mrs. Han means that the real culprit isn’t just those four people, but also Jiang Guchuan!”


The person who had been hiding outside the door silently left after hearing this.

Lin Jing noticed that after that person left, he said to Song Ci, “Mrs. Han, there is no such thing as a secret in this world. Mrs. Han is carrying a secret and will definitely become a thorn in some people’s side. Mrs. Han, please be careful when you travel recently.”

Song Ci narrowed her eyes and left without saying anything.

Once they left the hospital, Song Ci said to Yan Jiang, “Is your Captain Lin a fox?”

Yan Jiang could tell that Song Ci was mocking Lin Jing. He asked in confusion, “What’s the matter? Why is Captain Lin a fox? Did he offend you?”

There was no one around and Song Ci didn’t need to hide her words.

She said, “When I was talking to Lin Jing just now, the mole beside him was hiding outside and eavesdropping. He clearly knew that the mole would release the news that I was Su Run’s witness, but he purposely tacitly agreed with the mole’s actions. Tell me, if he isn’t a fox, what is he?”

“He wants to use me to lure the snake out of its hole? What a good plan! No wonder they all said that this Lin Jing is ruthless.”

As Yan Jiang listened, the smile on his face faded. “I will go to the villa to guard you these few days.”

“No need. The villa is very safe. I will also bring people along when I go out. You can rest assured about the person Han Zhan left for me. Send me back tonight.”


After Song Ci returned home, she went to Dong Yang’s room and muttered to him for more than half an hour before returning to her room to rest.


Li Feng was in a high-class private clubhouse under his name, discussing something with Jiang Guchuan and Ying Ji. Everyone outside the private room had been removed, and even a fly could not fly in.

Li Feng personally poured a glass of whiskey for Jiang Guchuan and Ying Ji. He said, “Try it.”

Ying Ji and Jiang Guchuan didn’t reach out to touch that glass of wine.

Jiang Guchuan turned around and stared at Ying Ji. He couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Ying, did you really fail?”

Ying Ji nodded. “Mmm, he was subdued by a little policewoman and is still lying in the hospital ward. There are many people and eyes everywhere. I can’t even find an opportunity to silence him.” Ying Ji tugged at his tie in frustration before picking up his glass and taking a sip of wine.

Li Feng stared at the worried duo and said, “If we fail this time, we won’t be able to find a second chance. Lin Jing is a meticulous person. Yang Chong will definitely be guarded even more tightly by Lin Jing after escaping death this time.”

“Then what should we do?” Ying Ji put down his glass and said, “This is the only stain in my life. That night, we were set up by someone. If we weren’t drugged, we wouldn’t have anything to do with that girl called Su Run!”


Ying Ji suddenly glanced at Jiang Guchuan and said thoughtfully, “If we didn’t kill her back then, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Jiang Guchuan lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak.

Li Feng glanced at Jiang Guchuan, then glanced at Ying Ji, who was complaining about Jiang Guchuan. He refilled Ying Ji’s glass and said, “Brother, if that girl doesn’t die, she will also make a big deal out of this. We better not think of getting out of this.”

Ying Ji frowned and remained silent.

In the quiet atmosphere, Jiang Guchuan’s voice suddenly sounded. He said, “That Yang guy did find traces of the four of you when he performed an autopsy on that girl back then, but she didn’t know the true identities of those four people. I guess that Lin Jing is only suspecting that Uncle Li abused his power and suppressed a murder case. He doesn’t necessarily know that the four of you are the murderers who murdered Su Run. If he knew, he would have already started to probe and investigate you openly and covertly.”

Hearing this, Ying Ji and Li Feng looked at Jiang Guchuan. “What are you trying to say?”

Jiang Guchuan licked his lips nervously and said, “The person who really knows the identities of the four of you should be Jiang Zhen. Although I don’t know how Jiang Zhen found out about you guys, but…”

Jiang Guchuan swirled the wine in his glass and said coldly, “As long as Jiang Zhen dies, won’t no one know the identity of the murderer?”

Hearing this, Ying Ji and Li Feng pursed their lips and looked thoughtful.

Li Feng glanced at Ying Ji subtly. Although his gaze was faint, there was a lot of content in it.

Jiang Guchuan was about to expect the two of them to say something harsh when he felt Ying Ji put his arm on his shoulder.

Ying Ji leaned over to Jiang Guchuan’s side and whispered into his ear, “Gu Chuan, you and I are considered accomplices. An accomplice is a grasshopper on a rope. We are bound together for good or ill.”

Jiang Guchuan sat in a daze under Ying Ji’s palm and didn’t dare to move for a moment.

He turned his head slightly and looked at Ying Ji from the corner of his eyes. He looked confused and said, “Brother Ying, I know that all of us are guilty of that incident. You don’t have to doubt me.”

Ying Ji smiled.

He pinched Jiang Guchuan’s broad shoulders from time to time and said gently, “Jiang Zhen is your younger brother. You must know him better than us. You must know very well how to deal with him and when to deal with him…”

Ying Ji pinched Jiang Guchuan’s hand that was holding the wine glass and brought it to his mouth.

Jiang Guchuan instinctively opened his mouth and took the cup. Ying Ji said, “Guchuan, this time, we will listen to you.”

Jiang Guchuan was speechless.

Even a fool could tell that Jiang Guchuan and Jiang Zhen would fight sooner or later. If Jiang Guchuan wanted to use them to get rid of a major problem, wasn’t he treating them like fools?

With the passage of time, Ying Ji and Li Feng were no longer the rash young men who were helpless and used as cannon fodder when faced with major events.

Everyone had a plan in their hearts. They wanted to see who could play it better.

Jiang Guchuan instantly experienced what it meant to shoot oneself in the foot.

He chuckled and pretended to be relaxed as he took off the hand on his shoulder and put down the wine glass in his hand. “I’m just playing around. It’s illegal to kill someone. Moreover, Jiang Zhen is my younger brother no matter what. We are brothers. How can I lay my hands on him?”

Look at how hypocritical these words were.

Li Feng seemed to believe Jiang Guchuan’s words and temporarily let Jiang Guchuan off. He crossed his long legs and put on an attitude of giving up. “The mission to assassinate Yang Chong failed. Jiang Zhen is not easy to deal with, and Lin Jing is even more untouchable. Then we will wait to go to jail.”

Ying Ji knew that Li Feng was angry and remained silent.

Jiang Guchuan pouted. “Why is there Lin Jing everywhere?” Lin Jing was the nemesis of this group of people. If this was ancient times, he, Lin Jing, would be the Emperor’s eaglehound, specially digging out the social cancer for the Emperor.

Li Feng was about to say something when his cell phone suddenly rang.

The person who sent the message was called Zero.

When Li Feng saw this name, his expression turned cold. Jiang Guchuan was staring at the glass of wine in front of him in a daze. He didn’t see Li Feng’s reaction, but Ying Ji noticed.

He saw that after Li Feng read that message, his eyes became treacherous and dangerous. A question flashed across Ying Ji’s mind: Who’s message? What did the message say?

Li Feng kept his cell phone and said to Ying Ji, “Sister has an appointment. I’ll get going first.”

With that, Li Feng stood up.

Ying Ji and Jiang Guchuan stood up and the three of them walked out of the clubhouse. The three of them parked their cars together. Li Feng walked in front and stood in front of Jiang Guchuan’s car. He suddenly stopped.

Jiang Guchuan was second and stopped Li Feng. He also stopped.

Ying Ji asked, “What’s the matter?”

Li Feng pursed his lips and shook his head.

He had one hand in his pocket and strode over to Jiang Guchuan. He stared at Jiang Guchuan and suddenly said, “Guchuan, who do you think drugged the few of us back then?”

Jiang Guchuan said, “Ah?” He frowned and said in confusion, “There were so many people on the boat that night. How can I guess?”

Li Feng looked at him deeply, then looked over Jiang Guchuan’s shoulder and met Ying Ji’s eyes. Ying Ji frowned and asked Li Feng, “What are you thinking about?”

Li Feng said, “Although there were many people that night, not many people approached you, Qinchuan, An Xu, and me at the same time. Brother, Guchuan, think carefully about who approached us that night.”

Under the dim light, Li Feng’s figure was elongated and he looked like a wild beast on the ground. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, his eyes flashing with blood as he said coldly, “If I find out who purposely framed us back then, I will definitely pull out his tendons and skin him alive! I will let him be killed by beggars and wild dogs!”

In the middle of the summer night, Li Feng’s voice was like a layer of ice that lowered the surrounding air by three feet.

Ying Ji’s gaze landed on Jiang Guchuan’s broad and tall back view, flickering slightly.

Jiang Guchuan chuckled and said, “We have to turn him to ashes. If not for that person, why would we live such a sullen life?”

“Exactly.” Li Feng smiled. “I’m leaving.” Li Feng flicked his car keys and boarded his silver-gray Porsche.

Ying Ji also boarded an Audi.

Jiang Guchuan watched them leave before getting into the car.

He drove towards home. After driving for more than 10 minutes, the car suddenly stopped by the side. Jiang Guchuan turned off the engine and reached out to take a piece of paper to wipe the sweat off his neck and forehead.

Jiang Guchuan wiped his sweat and realized that his hands were trembling.

Li Feng!

Did Li Feng guess what I did back then and was purposely trying to scare me?

Jiang Guchuan instinctively rejected it again, thinking that he was thinking too much. He had done that matter very secretly back then. Li Feng and the rest had not been able to find the truth back then. Now that so many years had passed, there were even fewer clues.

Moreover, I had already thrown Song Ci’s cell phone into the ocean.

I am just scaring myself.

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