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Chapter 418: I Can’t Bear to Hurt You

After work, Jiang Zhen drove the car to Hongzheng Law Firm to wait for Han Wangwang. After a while, Han Wangwang walked out with difficulty with a bundle of roses that were even bigger than her.

That flower blocked her vision. As she walked, her high heels carefully scouted the path ahead like a penguin, simple and adorable.

Jiang Zhen saw this and hurriedly turned off the engine. He quickly alighted and ran over to help Han Wangwang hug the roses.

Only then did Han Wangwang manage to shake off her hands. She rubbed her arms and complained. “What a big bundle of flowers. I almost couldn’t carry it.” With that, she looked up at Jiang Zhen and saw that half of his body was also blocked by the flowers. She chuckled. “Why did you go crazy today? You gave me such a big bundle of roses. Everyone in the law firm is talking about me now.”

Jiang Zhen carried the flowers and walked towards the car. As he walked, he said to Han Wangwang with his back facing her, “I just thought that I’ve never sent you flowers before. I thought that since other girls have them, you should have them too.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang felt very sweet. “Actually, I don’t really care about this.” Although she said she didn’t care, Han Wangwang still felt very happy when she really received the flowers.

Jiang Zhen stuffed the flower into the backseat. He looked up and saw that Han Wangwang was already sitting in the passenger seat. He opened the door of the driver’s seat and sat in. As he fastened Han Wangwang’s seatbelt, he asked her, “Are we going to your house or my house?”

Han Wangwang turned and glanced at the roses behind her. “Let’s go to my house. I want to put the roses in my house.”


The two of them carried the roses back to Han Wangwang’s bachelor pad. Han Wangwang took out all the vases in the locker immediately. She threw the vases into the bathtub, filled the bathtub with water, and washed the vases with a glass.

By the time she washed the vase and walked out, Jiang Zhen was already preparing to stir-fry the vegetables. Hearing the commotion, Jiang Zhen turned his head and asked her, “Do you eat cucumber scrambled eggs?”

“I am very easy to feed and eat everything.” Han Wangwang had been taught since she was young not to be picky about food. She would eat a few mouthfuls of even the most disgusting food.

As Jiang Zhen stir-fried the vegetables, she took a selfie around the rose. After taking the photo, she sat cross-legged beside the rose and prepared to post the draft of the proposal on her social media account to show off.

Jiang Zhen finished cooking and took out his cell phone to play. He saw that Han Wangwang had posted on her social media 10 minutes ago—

[Rose rose, so many roses, such a big rose, such a red rose. I love roses. Image attached, jpg.]

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

Even a 40-year-old auntie’s caption was more cultured than this.

He placed the dishes on the table and called Han Wangwang over for dinner.

Han Wangwang shuffled over to wash her hands and pack her food in her slippers. As they ate, Jiang Zhen asked her, “Am I the only one who can see that post on WeChat just now?”

Han Wangwang was about to reach out with her chopsticks to pick up a piece of bacon when she heard this. She stopped and looked up at Jiang Zhen before saying, “No, everyone can see it.”

Jiang Zhen gave her a meaningful look.

He took the initiative to put the most beautiful pieces of bacon into Han Wangwang’s bowl and asked, “Aren’t you afraid that your parents will see it?”

“The goal is to let them see.” Han Wangwang was warning her parents in advance to let them be mentally prepared.

Jiang Zhen pondered for a moment before saying, “Mrs. Han told me that your family already knows about your relationship with me. They… don’t really agree with us being together.” At this point, Jiang Zhen’s heart felt heavy. He was in a low mood and his voice sounded muffled. “She said that your family is preparing to choose a few outstanding juniors for you to go on blind dates at your grandfather’s birthday party.”

Han Wangwang had never heard of this before as the situation had not been leaked yet.

Han Wangwang was shocked to hear this from Jiang Zhen. She thought of how Jiang Zhen hugged her waist last night and asked her not to go on blind dates with other men. Only then did she understand everything.

“Are you afraid?” Han Wangwang asked Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen nodded honestly and said, “How can I not be afraid? Your parents treated you very well and wanted you to be happy, while my family is so terrible. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure and afraid that you would throw me away just to reassure your parents.”

Jiang Zhen uneasily poked at the rice in his bowl with his chopsticks. He stared at Han Wangwang’s beautiful, fair face, and his eyes darkened slightly. He actually said, “I was even thinking if I should just have you. It would be best if I got you pregnant and made your parents helpless against us…”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang was surprised, but she was not afraid of Jiang Zhen. She asked curiously, “Then why didn’t you do that?”

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and remained silent for a moment before saying, “I can’t bear to.”

Han Wangwang looked at him quietly. She didn’t speak, but her eyes were complicated.

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and said, “I like you and naturally want you to be well. I thought that if we really couldn’t be together and you could still marry another man in good health, he wouldn’t look down on you. I couldn’t bear to hurt you.”

This was Jiang Zhen. Whatever he hated, he had to destroy them. What he loved, he had to think twice before touching.

Han Wangwang heard that and suddenly smiled.

“With your words, even if they drag Zhou Aiguo to me, I won’t be moved.” Zhou Aiguo was the new president, Zhou Wu’s son, and currently the most attractive golden bachelor in the country.

Hearing this joke, Jiang Zhen was finally relieved.

After dinner, Han Wangwang threw all the bowls into the dishwasher, before pulling Jiang Zhen to stand beside the roses.

She pointed at those vases and told Jiang Zhen, “When they are about to wither, I will open them and put them in the vases. I heard that they can be stored for a few more days.”

Jiang Zhen stared at the bunch of roses and said sadly, “But there are so many roses and your vases can’t hold them all.”

“That’s true…” Han Wangwang thought for a moment, and her eyes lit up. She said,” Let’s make rose cream! We can’t waste it. “With that, Han Wangwang ran to the kitchen to get a basin.” Come, help me pick the petals. Let’s make rose cream! ”

Jiang Zhen sat on the ground with mixed feelings as he helped Han Wangwang pick the rose petals. As he plucked them, he complained. “Such a beautiful flower. If you don’t feel sorry for it, I will.”

Han Wangwang said, “It came, I hugged it, owned it, and even took photos. That’s all.”

These words were filled with philosophy and Jiang Zhen couldn’t retort.

After plucking about a hundred roses, Jiang Zhen’s cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone and saw that it was his master, Song Fei. He answered the call and turned on the speaker.


Han Wangwang stopped and looked down at the cell phone on the ground. She followed Jiang Zhen, “Master.”

Song Fei was shocked to hear Han Wangwang’s voice.

Realizing that the two of them were together, Song Fei pulled a long face and corrected Han Wangwang sternly. “Wangwang, you’re not allowed to call me master. You have to call me auntie along with Miaomiao and the rest.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang retorted shamelessly, “But I will marry Jiang Zhen in the future. If I marry a chicken, I will follow the chicken. If I marry a dog, I will follow it, so I must follow my husband.”

Song Fei was speechless.

Jiang Zhen was shocked by Han Wangwang’s “husband”. He instinctively tightened his grip on the rose branch, and then the flesh on his fingers was pierced by the rose thorn. He instantly gasped in pain.

Han Wangwang saw that Jiang Zhen’s fingers were bleeding and hurriedly got up to look for a band-aid.

After Han Wangwang left, Song Fei went straight to the point and told Jiang Zhen, “That Dong Bi is very suspicious. I suggest you investigate him carefully.”

Jiang Zhen had never doubted Dong Bi. When he heard Song Fei’s words, he was naturally surprised. He licked the blood on his fingers and asked curiously, “What’s so suspicious about Dong Bi?”

After licking the blood clean, Jiang Zhen continued to pick the petals.

Song Fei said, “Professor Su and my teacher are fellow disciples and close friends. This afternoon, I personally received a piece of information from my teacher. The Lung medicine developed by Dong Bi was developed by Professor Su 10 years ago. Jiang Zhen, I suspect that Dong Bi might have stolen the medicine from Professor Su.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen tightened his grip on the rose again.

Han Wangwang walked out of the room with the band-aid. Seeing that Jiang Zhen was still holding the rose, she hurriedly pulled his hand away and scolded him softly, “Are you stupid?”

Jiang Zhen couldn’t care less about the wound on his finger. He looked down at the cell phone on the ground and asked Song Fei, “Is this true?”

“Professor Su developed the antidote for lung cancer 10 years ago. This is absolutely true. But whether Professor Su’s medicine is the same medicine as Lung Lick still needs to be tested. Teacher told me that the reason why Professor Su was unwilling to sell the antidote formula he developed back then was that the side effects of that medicine were too big and still needed to be improved.”

“But before the improvement of the medicine was completed, Professor Su passed away.”

Jiang Zhen grasped the crux of Song Fei’s words and hurriedly asked, “What side effects does Professor Su’s medicine have?”

Song Fei took a sip of her homemade iced fruit tea and stared at the small pool outside the window. She said softly, “It’s very likely that the person who takes that medicine will have side effects such as stroke paralysis.”

The antidote for lung cancer developed by Professor Su was a life-saving medicine for lung cancer patients, but also a poison.

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen instantly had an idea. “I understand, Master. Thank you very much.”

“No need to thank me. It’s nothing.”

Song Fei had told Jiang Zhen everything she knew. What Jiang Zhen would do was not something Song Fei could control.

After hanging up, Jiang Zhen looked at the bundle of roses in a daze. He said, “Human nature, why is it so bad?”

an Wangwang smoothed the creases on the band-aid. She looked up at Jiang Zhen’s superior jawline and said, “Because he’s human. He has seven emotions and six desires. He’s greedy and crazy.”

Jiang Zhen retracted his hand and picked up his cell phone. “You can handle the rest yourself. I have work to do.”


Han Wangwang sent Jiang Zhen to the lift door and watched as he entered. Before the door closed completely, she reminded Jiang Zhen again, “You have to calm down and not act on impulse. Get the evidence first and speak with the evidence!”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Okay.”

Just as Jiang Zhen left, Han Wangwang’s cell phone rang.

Hearing the ringtone, Han Wangwang guessed the identity of the caller. She returned to the room and picked up the cell phone on the sofa. She saw her mother’s name and thought to herself, I’m so smart. I guessed correctly again.

Han Wangwang answered the call and said anxiously, “Mother.”

Hearing this, Lin Jiao’e suddenly found it difficult to speak. After a moment of silence, Han Wangwang heard her mother say, “I saw your social media.”

Han Wangwang hurriedly nodded and asked her mother, “Are the roses very beautiful?”

Lin Jiao’e had mixed feelings.

“Han Xi.”

Hearing her mother call her by her real name, Han Wangwang instantly felt uneasy.

She sat on the sofa uneasily, her fingers pinching the edge of the pillow on the sofa uneasily. She asked softly, “What’s the matter, Mother?”

Lin Jiao’e said bluntly, “Your father, your grandfather, and I don’t think very highly of the boyfriend you are dating now.”

Although she already knew her family’s attitude, Han Wangwang still felt very upset when she heard her mother say that. She felt like a huge rock was pressing on her chest.

Han Wangwang didn’t ask why.

The reason was obvious. Jiang Zhen’s family background was not good. Father Jiang was heartless and Jiang Zhen was also scheming. His family didn’t like children born from such families.

Han Wangwang asked Lin Jiao’e, “Mother, what kind of man do you want me to find?”

Lin Jiao’e instinctively said, “Of course it’s an elegant, upright family with a clean background and a reliable family with kind parents.” This should also be the in-laws that every mother hoped to have.

Han Wangwang heard that and asked, “It’s okay even if your daughter doesn’t love that family’s son, right?”

Lin Jiao’e instantly fell silent.

Han Wangwang could argue with her mother and defend herself, but if her parents were determined to cut off her marriage with Jiang Zhen, there was nothing she could do.

There were some things that everyone had a say in. It depended on who gave in first.

Han Wangwang told Lin Jiao’e, “Mother, I can understand your painstaking efforts and also understand your wish for me to marry a good family. I also understand how good it is for me to marry a normal good family and how good it will be for my future children. But Mother, I’ve known him since I was 19 years old and have been on good terms with him since I was 20 years old. I understand his pain and his difficulties. I watched as he endured and laid low, investigating the truth step by step to seek justice for his mother.”

“I admit that Jiang Weimin is heartless and unscrupulous. I also admit that Jiang Zhen is a scheming person. But Mother, if a child knows that his mother’s death is unjustified but ignores it, can he still be considered a son?”

“Mother, a child spent so much effort to seek justice for his unjustly deceased mother, but this difficult process was defined by everyone as’ scheming ‘,’ unpredictable ‘, and’ untrustworthy ‘. Is this really fair to him?”

After saying that, Han Wangwang quietly waited for Lin Jiao’e’s reply.

She didn’t argue with Lin Jiao’e or argue with her. She just wanted to use the love between mother and son to move Lin Jiao’e.

After hearing her words, Lin Jiao’e couldn’t retort for a long time.

She actually knew in her heart that Jiang Zhen’s actions were not wrong. Although he was scheming and scrupulous, he didn’t kill for money. He just wanted to seek justice for his wronged mother!

He chose to hand Jiang Weimin, Zhu Xiulan, and the rest to the police so that they could accept the punishment of the country’s law. This was already worthy of recognition and appreciation. If this happened to anyone else, Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan might have already died.

Lin Jiao’e was speechless.

“I heard that you guys are planning to choose a few good candidates for me to go on blind dates.” Han Wangwang chose to expose this matter in front of everyone and told Lin Jiao’e honestly. She said, “No matter how outstanding the people you chose for me are or how good their family background is, I won’t give up on Jiang Zhen.”

“Mother, I know I’m not a savior or a saint, but I can’t abandon him. If I abandon him, he will also abandon himself.” This was not Han Wangwang belittling herself. She was sure that she was Jiang Zhen’s principle of sticking to his bottom line.

Lin Jiao’e heaved a long sigh and said, “After you settle the matters on your side, bring that child back to meet us. He can’t just deceive our daughter without even us meeting her.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mother!”

After talking to her mother, Han Wangwang heaved a sigh of relief.

She sent Jiang Zhen a message and confessed to him. Then, she threw her cell phone aside and continued picking the rose petals.

Before Jiang Zhen’s car arrived home, he received a message from Han Wangwang. There were many cars on the road and Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to split his attention to look at his cell phone, so he didn’t look at the message.

After parking the car at the underground garage downstairs, Jiang Zhen picked up the cell phone on the passenger seat. He couldn’t help smiling when he saw the message from Han Wangwang.

This girl.

Jiang Zhen replied to Han Wangwang’s message before alighting from the car and taking the lift home. He didn’t return to the house Jiang Weimin had given him. That house had already been entrusted to the real estate agent and was planning to buy it.

Returning to his cold, solitary residence, Jiang Zhen turned on the lights and saw a woman sitting beside the industrial-styled bar counter.

Apart from Mai Yingge’s sexy black body, she was wearing a milk-like, smooth, pure white negligee.

Upon seeing Jiang Zhen push open the door and go home, Mai Yingge put down her cell phone, looked up, and said to him, “Sir, you interrupted my date.”

Jiang Zhen walked behind the bar, grabbed a bottle of whiskey, refilled Mai Yingge’s glass, and poured himself one. He sat on a high stool behind the bar and asked Mai Yingge, “Who are you dating?”

Mai Yingge touched the pink ruby necklace on her neck and smiled sweetly. “Lawyer Wei.”

Jiang Zhen blinked and looked deeply at Mai Yingge. He said to her, “Lawyer Wei is a good man. Don’t go and provoke him.”

Mai Yingge coughed lightly and said, “I’m serious. I’ve already thought of a day to marry him and what name to give our child.”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

“Which part of Lawyer Wei caught your eye?”

Mai Yingge picked up her black curly hair and twirled it around her fingers. She thought about it and said, “In many ways, be it her serious and responsible manner at work or her battle of tongues in court, she’s very charming.”

With that, Mai Yingge looked distressed. She asked Jiang Zhen, “Sir, will Lawyer Wei despise me for being black?”

“You are black, but you are very beautiful. I think all men won’t hate beauties.” Jiang Zhen knew Lawyer Wei better. He said, “Lawyer Wei has seen all sorts of demons and monsters. He has long skipped the level of judging people by their looks.”

Mai Yingge was happy.

She raised her head and took a sip of wine. She put down the glass hard before asking Jiang Zhen, “Sir, what do you want me to do?”

At the mention of serious matters, Jiang Zhen’s expression turned serious. “I asked you to investigate Dong Bi last time.”

Mai Yingge remembered Dong Bi. She nodded and asked, “What happened to Dong Bi?”

“This person is slightly suspicious. I want you to help me investigate something.”

“Go ahead.” Mai Yingge listened attentively.

Jiang Zhen leaned slightly closer to Mai Yingge and said to her in a low voice, “Go and investigate which hospitals in the country have bought the medicine called Lung Lick from Director Jiang’s Pharmaceutical Company. Investigate how many lung cancer patients have taken this medicine. Then investigate how many patients who have used this medicine have hemiplegia and stroke after recovering.”

This Chinese paragraph was rather long. Mai Yingge spent some time thinking it through before understanding what Jiang Zhen meant. “Sir, are you suspecting that a medicine like Lung Lick has side effects that cause paralysis?”

Jiang Zhen nodded.

Mai Yingge clenched her fists and punched her chest. “Leave it to me! I will investigate it as soon as possible and give you an explanation!”


Mai Yingge carried her bag and left.

Jiang Zhen stared at Mai Yingge’s swaying back view. After thinking for a moment, he picked up his cell phone and sent a message to Wei Xingxing, warning him not to acquiesce to Mai Yingge’s teasing if he had no feelings for her.

He had brought Mai Yingge out of that man-eating kennel. He couldn’t let her be bullied.

On this day, Song Ci went to the old man’s house to do volunteer work again. Han Zhan went on a work trip and left Long Yu at home to listen to Song Ci’s orders. In the morning, Song Ci accompanied the children for breakfast before carrying her violin to the old man’s house.


Han Jun pulled Song Ci’s dress.

Song Ci, who was carrying her violin and about to set off for the Old Folks Home, heard Han Jun’s voice. She silently stopped in her tracks, looked down at Han Jun, and asked her, “What’s the matter, Junjun?”

Han Jun said, “I want to go too.”

Song Ci was slightly surprised. She squatted down, grabbed Han Jun’s shoulder, and asked her, “Do you know what I am going to do? I am going to do volunteer work. I am going to massage the backs, legs, and feed the elderly. Junjun is still young, so don’t go, alright?”

Han Jun pouted and didn’t insist on following, but she was also not very happy.

Song Ci couldn’t bear it. Thinking that Han Jun rarely took the initiative to make requests, her heart softened and she agreed. “Alright then, go change your clothes and go with Mother.”


Han Jun went back to change clothes. When she returned, she was still with Han Miao.

Yan Qingxiu followed behind the two girls and asked Song Ci, “Madam allowed them to follow?”

“It’s no big deal to let them come along.” The old man’s house was also clean. It didn’t matter if the children went there occasionally. It was just nice to nurture their love and teach them to respect the old and love the young.

Yan Qingxiu said, “Then I’ll follow.”

Song Ci and Long Yu boarded the same car, while Han Jun and Han Miao sat in the baby seat of the other car. Yan Qingxiu personally drove them off. When they arrived at the old man’s house, Song Ci would perform a song for these old people as usual.

When she was playing the violin, Han Miao and Han Jun were standing beside her dancing blindly. Whether they danced well or not, the atmosphere was very lively.

The director told Song Ci, “It has been a long time since our old hospital was so lively. It’s great that Madam is willing to bring the children over.”

The elders seldom saw children. When they saw Han Miao and Han Jun, the twins, these kind and passionate elders all went back to share their precious sweets and good things with Han Miao and the rest.

Song Ci looked at the elders and suddenly thought of her grandfather, Han Aoyu. If only her grandfather was still around.

Song Ci noticed that the paralyzed Professor Pu was also sitting in a wheelchair and smiling at the two children. She put away her violin, walked over to the old man, and sat down.

The left side of Professor Pu’s body was paralyzed and the right side was still conscious. He raised his right hand and said to Song Ci, “Your two daughters are smart and good-looking! Like you!”

Song Ci couldn’t stop smiling. She said, “They look like me, but their personalities don’t match mine, they’re like their father.”

“Isn’t that good? She’s beautiful and stubborn. She won’t be bullied in the future.”

Song Ci hurriedly nodded.

As the two of them chatted, they saw three to four young men carrying fruits. Professor Pu told Song Ci, “Those are university students who are here for volunteer work.”

“I see.”

A male university student walked up to Professor Pu and shouted, “Professor Pu, how are you feeling today?”

Professor Pu patted his left leg and smiled. “Still a cripple!”

That student smiled, nodded at Song Ci, and greeted her. Only then did he sit down on a stool beside Song Ci. That student said to Professor Pu, “Professor Pu, I came here today for a mission. I recently accepted an investigation activity regarding hemiplegia after a patient with lung cancer recovers.”

Hearing this, Song Ci frowned. That Professor Pu was also a smart person. Hearing this, he narrowed his eyes and asked that university student thoughtfully, “Lin Yang, why did you do such an investigation?”

Lin Yang looked around and confirmed that no one was paying attention to him. Then, he leaned over to Professor Pu and said softly, “I heard that someone discovered that many lung cancer patients who used the ‘Lung Lick’ drug suffered a hemiplegic stroke after treatment. We are now using money to help with the investigation. After the investigation results are submitted, someone needs to do an analysis.”

Professor Pu’s eyes flashed. “Lung Lick?”

“Mmm.” The male university student called Lin Yang asked Professor Pu, “Professor, you used those medicines when you were treating lung cancer. Do you remember? Can you tell me? I will register all the medicine names.”

Of course Professor Pu remembered all of them. After all, they were his life-saving medicine.

Professor Pu said, “There’s a pill for clearing lungs and a Lung Lick…”

The university student logged in and helped deliver the fruit to the old man’s room. Song Ci’s heart also sank when she saw that Professor Pu stopped talking.

Lung Lick can cause a stroke?

Who was investigating this matter behind the scenes?

Song Ci had been busy at the hospital. Only when the elders had their lunch break did she bring the two sleeping children home.

Long Yu saw that Song Ci and Yan Qingxiu had placed the children on the baby seats and tied them up. Only then did he walk up to Song Ci and say sheepishly, “Madam, I want to make a trip to the city. Why don’t you go back with Miss Dong?”

Song Ci asked him in amusement, “Are you going to meet your girlfriend?”

Long Yu’s slightly tanned face actually blushed. He scratched his head and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen her for nearly a week. I really want to meet her.”

“Go ahead, just drive our car.”


Long Yu jumped into the car like a monkey and ran away. Song Ci went to Yan Qingxiu’s car, fastened her seatbelt, stared at the shadow of Long Yu’s car, and smiled. “One changes after dating.”

Yan Qingxiu smiled and said, “Love makes one full of vigor.”

Song Ci thought of something and asked Yan Qingxiu, “Has CEO Long been pestering you recently?”

Hearing this, Yan Qingxiu’s face instantly darkened. He pretended not to hear Song Ci’s question and said, “Madam, sit tight. We’re going back!” Yan Qingxiu focused on driving and pretended to be deaf.

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and popped a piece of toffee into her mouth. Only then did she resist the urge to continue teasing him.

Long Yu drove to Zhou Siwei’s dormitory. He went straight upstairs and stood in front of Zhou Siwei’s dormitory door to knock several times. After a long time, she didn’t open the door, so he called Zhou Siwei.

Zhou Siwei answered the call. Before she could speak, Long Yu heard music and speech in the background.

“Weiwei, are you outside?”

Zhou Siwei sat beside the small fish pond on the third floor of the mall. She stared in the direction of the toilet and answered Long Yu, “Are you in my dormitory? I’m at Bosch Square. Yang Chong wants to buy something. I have to accompany her.”

Zhou Siwei’s job during this period was to protect Yang Chong. She would follow Yang Chong wherever he went.

“Then I’ll come and look for you.”


Zhou Siwei hung up and looked at the time. Then, she stared at the toilet in a daze.

It has already been more than 10 minutes, why isn’t Yang Chong out yet?

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