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Chapter 417: The Ingrate Who Steals Research Results

On the way back to the office, Jiang Guchuan was feeling uneasy the entire time.

The car stopped below the company building. The driver saw that Jiang Guchuan was staring out the window in a daze and didn’t dare to make a sound to disturb him. Jiang Guchuan was actually very difficult to get along with. When he was focused on thinking, the driver didn’t dare to disturb him.

In the end, the ringtone interrupted Jiang Guchuan’s thoughts.

That cell phone ringtone sounded like it was coming from hell, scaring Jiang Guchuan so much that he shuddered. He snapped out of his trance and looked out the window. He noticed that the car had already stopped at the underground garage and couldn’t help feeling slightly shocked.

“We’re here?” he asked the driver.

The driver nodded and reminded Jiang Guchuan, “We’ve been here for a while, CEO Jiang.”

Jiang Guchuan took out his cell phone from his pocket.

Jiang Guchuan habitually pressed the side of the screen against his thigh. When his cell phone was taken out, his back was facing Jiang Guchuan. As he thought about the identity of the caller, he flipped the phone over.

Jiang Guchuan was somewhat shocked to see that the caller was Li Feng. At work, Li Feng usually wouldn’t call him. They usually spoke during break.

Why did Li Feng call me at this time?

Jiang Guchuan answered the call thoughtfully.

“Ah Feng.”

iang Guchuan had just called out to Ah Feng when he heard Li Feng’s enraged voice. “Are you pretending! Jiang Guchuan!”

At this moment, his good brother had become his enemy.

Hearing Li Feng’s furious tone, Jiang Guchuan’s heart tightened. “What are you talking about?” His voice was filled with nervousness as he asked, “Did something happen?”

Hearing Jiang Guchuan’s question, Li Feng wondered if Jiang Guchuan really didn’t know or was pretending not to know.

For a moment, Jiang Guchuan couldn’t hear Li Feng’s reply.

“Ah Feng?” Jiang Guchuan called out again.

Only then did Li Feng untie his tie and say in a low voice, “Did you send that letter to me?” There were only five people who knew about that incident. An Xu had long been killed by Young Master Mo, and Gu Qinchuan was still locked up in the police station. He couldn’t even protect himself.

Ying Ji was Li Feng’s cousin and they had always been close. Ying Ji didn’t pay attention to this sudden incident, so it wasn’t unreasonable for Li Feng to suspect Jiang Guchuan at the first moment.

Jiang Guchuan’s expression turned ugly when he heard Li Feng’s words.

He instinctively picked up the letter beside his thigh and crumpled it. Jiang Guchuan pretended not to know anything and asked curiously, “What letter? I didn’t write to you. It’s not like I don’t have your number.”

Hearing Jiang Guchuan’s calm reply, Li Feng instinctively frowned. Could it be that the letter was not written by Jiang Guchuan?

Who could it be?

“What letter is it? Could it be that at this time of year, there is still a pure young lady who has a crush on the overbearing CEO and secretly wrote a letter to confess to you?” After Jiang Guchuan finished speaking, he even chuckled softly. But he tightened his grip on the letter in his hand.

Hearing this, Li Feng finally confirmed that Jiang Guchuan was not the person who wrote the letter. He relaxed his posture slightly and asked Jiang Guchuan, “Is there anyone there?”

Jiang Guchuan suddenly looked up at the driver in front and said, “Old De, get off first.”

The driver quickly slipped away and tried to distance himself from this troublesome place.

Hearing that Jiang Guchuan had sent his driver away, Li Feng picked up the piece of paper on the table again and told Jiang Guchuan, “Gu Chuan, I received a threatening letter. It said: The tracks are cold and hard. The wheels of the train pressed against my body. It hurts. Do you still remember me, Li Feng?”

Li Feng put down the paper, pinched his temples with his fingers, and said in an unpredictable tone, “The signature is SR.”

It was also SR.

Jiang Guchuan stared at the signature on his letter.


Jiang Guchuan asked carefully, “Is it Su Run?”

“She’s already dead.” The image of that young girl flashed across Li Feng’s mind. His eyelids quivered slightly, but he closed his eyes and hid the horror in them.

When he opened his eyes again, Li Feng had already regained his composure.

“The dead won’t be resurrected. Someone is taking revenge for Su Run.” Li Feng must be playing tricks in the dark.

Li Feng already had a candidate in mind. He told Jiang Guchuan, “Does your brother Jiang Zhen know something?”

Jiang Guchuan and Li Feng thought the same thing.

He said honestly, “I don’t know anything about Jiang Zhen.” All these years, he didn’t even know that Jiang Zhen was a man, so how could he know anything else about Jiang Zhen?

Li Feng believed that Jiang Guchuan really didn’t understand that brother.

“Do you still remember five years ago when Jiang Zhen just returned? Your Jiang Family held a homecoming party for him. At that time, I saw Jiang Zhen at the party and felt that he looked a little like that Su Run.”

At this point, Li Feng’s expression became unfathomable. He asked Jiang Guchuan, “Guchuan, do you think that Su Run is…”

Jiang Guchuan’s throat tightened as he asked hoarsely, “What is it?”

Li Feng said, “Could she be the daughter of the Jiang family who led a wandering life? I mean the real Jiang Bi.” Once this thought surfaced, Li Feng couldn’t extinguish it.

Instinct told Li Feng that Su Run was most likely Jiang Bi!

As for Jiang Zhen, he most likely knew the truth behind Su Run’s death. He pretended to be mysterious and did this to avenge that girl!

They were very close.

Jiang Guchuan sneered. “It can’t be that coincidental…”

“Don’t you think so? Su Run is Professor Su’s adopted child. She happens to look similar to Jiang Zhen. She might really be Jiang Bi. Guchuan, Jiang Zhen is avenging his sister!”

“The fact that he sent the letter to me means that he has already investigated the truth behind Su Run’s death and even found out who hurt Su Run!” Thinking of this possibility, Li Feng felt a chill down his spine.

If Jiang Zhen really found out the truth and knew that the four of them had murdered Su Run together, knowing that his uncle had abused his power to protect him, the Li Family would be finished!

Who exactly exposed Su Run’s incident?

Realizing that Jiang Zhen was taking revenge on them, Li Feng didn’t forget to drag Jiang Guchuan down with him. “Jiang Guchuan, even though you didn’t invade that girl with us, you witnessed what happened. You even gave us a plan to kill Su Run. So, you and us are accomplices.”

Hearing this, Jiang Guchuan frowned and his expression turned cold and vicious. “Ah Feng, what are you trying to say?” Although his face was as black as the bottom of a pot, his tone did not sound displeased at all.

Li Feng warned him. “You must keep this a secret for us! If I am arrested, the first person I will confess about is you. You should understand what to do.”

A good brother should drink wine and eat meat together, and go to jail together.

Jiang Guchuan closed his eyes to hide the anger in them. He closed his eyes and comforted Li Feng. “Don’t worry, Ah Feng. I know what to do.”


After Li Feng hung up, Jiang Guchuan immediately threw his cell phone at the windshield of the car. He used all his strength to smash the windshield!

How dare he threaten me!

Everyone dared to threaten me!

Jiang Guchuan took a few deep breaths before bending over to pick up his cell phone. He kicked the car door open and alighted.

Returning to his office, he closed the door and immediately took out a lighter to burn the letter clean. After burning the letter, he poured himself a glass of champagne, laid down in his office chair, closed his eyes, calmed down, and sorted out all the possibilities behind this matter.

Could Li Feng’s suspicions be true?

Is that girl Su Run really Jiang Bi?

If Su Run was really Jiang Bi, then Jiang Zhen was definitely hiding behind the scenes.

Although Jiang Guchuan was surprised that Jiang Zhen could find out about the existence of Li Feng and the other three, he could accept it. After all, the four of them had committed a crime of violating Su Run. Even if Su Run was dead, there would still be some traces left on her body as evidence.

But he was a bystander the entire time. Even if he hinted that Li Feng and the rest had murdered Su Run, only Li Feng and the other three knew about this. How did Jiang Zhen know?

Could there really be a ghost?

You couldn’t think of ghosts. Just thinking of them made you shiver.

Jiang Guchuan originally didn’t believe that there were ghosts in this world, but a few years ago, he encountered a ghost wall in the lift and felt slightly fearful and respectful towards this thing.

Could it really be Su Run’s ghost?

Jiang Guchuan hurriedly took a sip of wine, hinting to himself that this was impossible.

Jiang Guchuan thought of something and suddenly stood up. He put down his glass, picked up his cell phone on the table, and called Li Feng again. The call didn’t go through because Li Feng was on the phone, probably talking to Ying Ji.

Jiang Guchuan waited patiently for a moment before making another call.

This time, the call went through.

Jiang Guchuan picked up the call and asked in surprise, “Guchuan? Why are you calling again?”

Jiang Guchuan said, “Ah Feng, I thought of a possibility.”

“Mmm?” Li Feng asked him, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Guchuan said, “If Jiang Zhen really came to avenge Su Run, then how did he know the truth behind Su Run’s unjust death? Only a few of us know about that. An Xu is dead and Qin Chuan is still in the detention center. You, Big Brother Ying, and I won’t be foolish enough to leak this news, and your uncle definitely won’t do such a self-destructive thing.”

“But we neglected someone.” Jiang Guchuan paused mysteriously.

With his guidance, Li Feng was instantly enlightened and thought of that person. “You’re saying that the forensic doctor who performed the autopsy for Su Run?” Yes, of all the people who participated in Su Run’s case, that forensic doctor was the most uncontrollable.

Jiang Guchuan said, “Only she is the most suspicious and uncontrollable, right?”

“Got it.” Li Feng hurriedly said and hung up.

After Jiang Zhen handed the letter to Mai Yingge, he heard Mai Kun talk about the new product design concept for more than an hour.

When it was 11pm, Jiang Zhen finally reached out and stopped Mai Kun’s narration. “Alright, I understand. This is a very good design. I think very highly of you.”

Receiving Jiang Zhen’s affirmation, Mai Kun seemed to be on steroids. “I knew you would appreciate my new design. You are my Bole. If not for you being a straight man, I would have wanted to marry you.”

Hearing this terrifying statement, Jiang Zhen hurriedly stood up and said, “Stop, stop. If you continue, we will have an affair.”

Mai Kun posed seductively and winked at Jiang Zhen. “Of course. The third leg.”

Jiang Zhen glared at him.

Mai Kun stopped smiling and asked him, “Is there something urgent? I saw that you were looking at your cell phone.”

Nodding, Jiang Zhen went behind his desk to get his car keys and cell phone. He lowered his head and said, “My master is coming back from America today. I am going to fetch her.”

“God, are you talking about God F?” Mai Kun leaned closer to Jiang Zhen, winked, and said softly, “Our vice-president?” Only Mai Kun knew what the ‘F’ in the name of F International Smart Technology Company meant.

Jiang Zhen nodded with a smile.

“Can you bring me along?” Mai Kun couldn’t wait to meet the vice-president, the legendary top three hacker, God F.

“No, Teacher just came back and she’s busy making love to her man. What are you going to see? Be a light bulb?” Jiang Zhen took the keys and ran to the underground garage.

By the time he drove to the airport, Yan Jiang and Song Ci had already arrived.

Yan Jiang was carrying a bouquet of flowers and wearing a mask that covered most of his face. Even so, he was still eye-catching as he stood there.

Jiang Zhen saw Yan Jiang at a glance. He hurried over to Song Ci and the rest. Seeing that his master had not alighted, he said, “I nearly thought I was going to be late.”

Song Ci told him, “The plane was delayed.”

Jiang Zhen stared at the bouquet of roses in Yan Jiang’s hand and suddenly realized that he had never sent flowers to Han Wangwang. Jiang Zhen hurriedly opened a flower delivery software in a certain city and chose a bouquet of 520 roses for Han Wangwang.

Song Ci watched Jiang Zhen’s actions and couldn’t help laughing.

The three of them chatted for a while before the plane finally arrived at the airport safely.

Song Fei walked out with a group of tourists.

Song Fei was dressed very valiantly. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt that revealed the sexy and healthy vest line on her abdomen. She was also wearing a pair of black wide-legged casual pants and a pair of white shoes, making her legs look long and handsome.

Song Ci almost didn’t recognize her when she walked out of the passage with a luggage bag. Song Fei had changed her princess haircut and her fringe covered her forehead. She looked very different.

Only when Song Fei pulled her luggage closer and stood two meters away did Song Ci recognize her.

Song Ci walked up and hugged Song Fei. Her abdomen was bulging and she was slightly hunched as she hugged Song Fei.

Song Fei released her luggage and hugged Song Ci.

“You’re finally back. If you didn’t come back, your little nephew would have been born.” Song Ci complained that Song Fei had been gone for four months.

Song Fei already knew that Song Ci’s second child was a boy. She touched Song Ci’s stomach and said, “Our child is also a boy.” Song Fei stared at Song Ci’s stomach, slightly envious.

Song Fei liked children and wanted to experience the process of giving birth, but her uterus was too thin to give birth.

Song Ci saw that Song Fei was staring at her stomach with a regretful expression and guessed what she was thinking. She didn’t know how to comfort her, so she released Song Fei and turned to Yan Jiang. “Brother Jiang, I’ll return Song Fei to you.”

Only then did Song Fei put away her lonely expression and look up at Yan Jiang. They had been separated for more than a month. Although they had video calls every day, video meetings were still different from real people.

Song Fei took the initiative to hug Yan Jiang and whispered into his ear, “I miss you so much.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang was overjoyed.

He took off his mask on the spot and kissed Song Fei wildly.

Song Ci and Jiang Zhen silently turned their heads away, not daring to look at this torturous scene.

Yan Jiang had taken off his mask and was kissing Song Fei openly at the airport. It was inevitable that people would recognize him. Some people recognized Yan Jiang and stopped to look at the couple curiously.

Seeing that more and more people were noticing them, Jiang Zhen reminded Yan Jiang, “Mr. Yan, Master, let’s go out first. Someone already recognized Mr. Yan.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang released Song Fei and held her hand as they walked out of the airport.

Song Ci and Yan Jiang arrived in the same car. Jiang Zhen’s car was parked beside them. The four of them stood beside the car. Song Fei said to Song Ci and the rest, “Get in the car first. I have something to say to Jiang Zhen.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Yan Jiang and Song Ci got into the car. He lowered the window and stared at the master-disciple duo standing behind Jiang Zhen’s car. He said in a puzzled manner, “What do they have to say?” Yan Jiang’s tone sounded sour.

Song Ci smiled and patted Yan Jiang’s shoulder. “Are you the God of Jealousy? They are just master and disciple. They don’t have any ambiguous relationship.”

Yan Jiang pouted and muttered. “He just got off the plane and didn’t talk to me nicely. Instead, he went to talk to another man. She even said that she only loves me and dotes on me. Heh…”

Song Ci was speechless.

Indeed, when men were jealous, they were all retarded.

Song Fei leaned against the back of Jiang Zhen’s Maserati car. She said, “The last time you called, you said that you wanted me to take on a responsibility at the company. I thought about it and decided not to. I’m used to hiding behind my computer and controlling everything. I’m not used to you asking me to work at the company. Moreover, the company was founded by you alone. It belongs to you.”

Jiang Zhen replied firmly, “But the company’s funds are all yours. Master, without you, there won’t be F International. I named the company F International because I want to constantly remind myself that I don’t forget the person who dug the well when I drink water. I want to remember how good Master treated me.”

Song Fei waved her hand and said, “There’s no need. You’re my only disciple. It’s only right that I treat you well.” Song Fei thought of something and said, “Oh yes, you mentioned Dong Bi to me yesterday.”

Jiang Zhen hurriedly nodded. “Yes, he is the leader of the R & D Department of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals. He is a very talented person. ‘Lung Lick’ was developed by Dong Bi. I thought that since you’re a virus specialist, you might have heard of Dong Bi, so I mentioned him to you.”

]”My teacher, Fu Hanshen, once said that Lung Lick is a very good medicine for lung cancer. Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals priced this medicine below 100 yuan. It’s a rare conscience enterprise.”

“But…” Song Fei thought of something and frowned slightly.

Seeing this, Jiang Zhen asked, “But what?”

“I’m not sure about this yet. Wait for me to call my teacher and ask him in detail. I’ll look for you again tonight. I’ll get going first. See you tonight.” Song Fei patted Jiang Zhen’s arm and got into the car.

Jiang Zhen stood rooted to the ground and pondered for a moment before driving back to the city.

In the car, Yan Jiang placed the roses in Song Fei’s arms. He said, “I personally went to the rose garden to pick them this morning. Smell them. Do they have the scent of my love?”

Song Fei sniffed and said, “I smell feces.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Yan Jiang corrected Song Fei with a dark expression. “Rose fertilizer.”

Song Fei also smiled and hugged the bouquet of roses tightly. When they arrived at the manor, Song Fei carried the bouquet out of the car. Han Miao and Han Jun had their eyes on the roses in her arms.

Han Miao asked sweetly, “Aunt, can I have roses?”

Song Fei was charmed by Han Miao’s soft voice and hurriedly gave Han Miao a beautiful rose. Han Miao tugged at Han Jun’s arm and said, “Quickly call me. If you do, there will be roses.”

Han Jun called out coolly, “Aunt.” There was no second word.

Song Fei was speechless.

Song Fei stared at the little girl who was even cooler than her. She still drew a rose and gave it to Han Jun. The girls deceived the rose and ran away with the duck.

Song Fei stared at the fat little duck and asked Song Ci in confusion, “Why did you raise a goose for them?” Don’t all rich people have dogs or cats? If they were from a more wealthy family, they might as well raise tigers and lions.

It was the first time she saw someone raising ducks.

Song Ci said, “If we do, we can have duck eggs.”

Song Fei’s lips twitched. “I’ve never seen someone manage their household like that.”

After lunch at Song Ci’s house, Song Fei and Yan Jiang returned to their own house in the afternoon. Yan Jiang had already gotten someone to clean the house in the morning, so when Song Fei returned home, the house was spotless.

She saw a big package in the living room and asked Yan Jiang, “What did you buy?”

When Yan Jiang saw the package, he turned and went to the cupboard to get the scissors. He returned with the scissors and said to Song Fei, “It’s the crib I bought for the child.”

“Is that so?”

The two of them opened the package together and realized that the crib needed to be manually installed. Yan Jiang said, “I’ll do this. You go and rest.” There was a wrench in the crib with an installation tutorial. Yan Jiang sat cross-legged on the ground, opened the installation manual, and studied it.

Song Fei was worried about something. She said, “You install it. I’ll call my teacher.”

“Teacher Fu?”


As Song Fei made the call, she heard Yan Jiang say, “Your mistress retired from battle?”

“She’s back.” Fu Hanshen’s wife, Shen Zhiyi, was a war correspondent. She was old and had finally retired to China. Song Fei said, “I saw her post on her social media. She seems to be learning belly dancing recently.”

“Not bad. She found something to do for herself.”

Every year, there were 365 days. Fu Hanshen had been working for 360 days and only answered the call after more than 10 seconds. Realizing that the call was connected, Song Fei called out to the phone, “Teacher,” before turning back to make a shushing gesture at Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang remained silent.

“Teacher, what are you busy with?” Song Fei walked to the sofa and sat down. She took a pillow and collapsed on the sofa like she had no bones.

Fu Hanshen said, “There are over a hundred cases of unknown viruses in I Nation. The samples have been sent to me and I am researching them.” It was really strange to receive a call from Song Fei at this time. Fu Hanshen asked her, “You’ve returned to the country?”


“When will you come over to help me?” Fu Hanshen knew that Song Fei had returned to the country and wanted to call her over to be a coolie.

Song Fei said, “I want to continue resting. I’ll go back to work when my child is one year old.”

Fu Hanshen scolded jokingly, “Lazy bones!”

Actually, Song Fei was not really resting. When she was in New York, she had been learning from Dr. Zhuang Long. It was another form of deeper study.

“Why are you calling?” Fu Hanshen was busy with work and just wanted to hang up.

Only then did Song Fei get down to business.

“Teacher, do you still remember? You told me last year that you had an old friend who spent his entire life researching lung cancer drugs.”

Hearing this, Fu Hanshen frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “Professor Su Yudi?”

“Yes, it’s Professor Su.” Song Fei took off her slippers and sat cross-legged on the sofa. She heard Fu Hanshen say, “Professor Su has been dead for eight to nine years. I rarely think of him now. Why did you suddenly mention Professor Su?”

“It’s like this. I remember you saying that Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company’s newly launched Lung Lick five years ago is very similar to the medicine that Professor Su developed. I want to know, which aspect does this acquaintance refer to?”

Fu Hanshen narrowed his eyes.

He took off his other glove and walked out of the research lab with his cell phone.

Standing in the corridor outside, Fu Hanshen stared out the window and said, “I’m only telling you the truth because you asked.”

“Teacher, tell me.”

Fu Hanshen sighed deeply and said, “To be honest, Su Yudi and I are from the same sect. He studied at the Capital University and is a student of the same profession as me. We have the same mentor. Back then, Professor Su had agreed with me that he would work at the National Research Institute in the future, but he changed his major for family reasons and went to the Economics Department.”

“Su Yudi successfully attained the doctorate in economics and went to Nanxing University to teach. After that, he picked up pharmaceutical studies again. He only used five years to get the doctorate in medicine. We have always been good friends and often have phone calls. He told me that his parents passed away because of lung cancer. But the medicine for lung cancer is too expensive. Not to mention that his family’s money was exhausted, he had yet to save them. He said that he must develop medicine that can treat lung cancer and benefit more people.”

“After that, Su Yudi taught and studied the antidote for lung cancer at the same time. He studied for nearly 10 years. About the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013, he came to my house to visit me and chatted with me all night long. He told me about his research insights.”

“He told me that he has already developed the antidote for lung cancer, but because of the side effects of that medicine, it still needs to be improved. The composition and effect of the antidote he told me about is very similar to the Lung Lick that Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company listed five years ago.”

“So I’ve always suspected…” Fu Hanshen pressed his forehead and said in a low voice,” I suspect that after Professor Su passed away, his research results were stolen. ”

Hearing this, Song Fei’s eyes instantly turned cold. She told Fu Hanshen, “Teacher, you might not know, but the person who developed this medicine, Dong Bi, the head of Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company’s research and development department. This Dong Bi, he… is Professor Su’s student.”

Hearing this, Fu Hanshen instantly became subtle. He said, “You think…”

Song Fei sneered. “Professor Su probably acknowledged an ingrate as his student!”

Fu Hanshen gasped.

“How shameless!”

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