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Chapter 406: We Have to Get rid of the Root, But He’s a Tyrant Flower, the Kind that Eats people!

Han Wangwang read the message three to four times before realizing in disappointment that Jiang Zhen had already left Wangdong City.

Where did he go?

What is he going to do?

When is he coming back?

Han Wangwang knew nothing about this.

Worried about Jiang Zhen and afraid that he would meet with danger, Han Wangwang felt uneasy when washing up. She didn’t even realize that she had squeezed all the toothpaste into the washbasin when brushing her teeth.

By the time she realized it, the sink, pants, and slippers were all covered in white toothpaste.

Han Wangwang tidied herself up, ate a simple fruit salad, and drove to the law firm.

It was 2pm when she arrived at the law firm.

Han Wangwang parked the car. As soon as she alighted, she heard hurried footsteps. It was a woman running. Her high heels kept tapping on the concrete floor, making clicking sounds.

Han Wangwang looked up curiously at the exit of the building and saw Song Yun running out anxiously. As she ran fast, her chest was moving along with her long hair. It was rather pleasing to the eye.

Han Wangwang walked to the front of the car, crossed her arms, and looked at Song Yun calmly.

After Song Yun ran to her BMW and took out her car keys to unlock it, Han Wangwang purposely put on a provocative look and asked gloatingly, “Hey, Lawyer Song, where are you going? Be careful not to sprain your heels.”

Song Yun glared at her fiercely. “Do you think you can win me with this?”

Han Wangwang raised her brows, her heart filled with question marks.

What happened?

Hearing Song Yun’s words, it sounded like there was a major problem with one of the cases in her hands. But the only case between them was Gu Qinchuan.

Could something have happened to Gu Qinchuan?

“What happened? Could it be that the Procuratorate has finished their work and wants to transfer Gu Qinchuan to the court?”

Song Yun saw that Han Wangwang still didn’t know that something had happened to Gu Qinchuan, so she said, “The police have made a new discovery. They suspect that Gu Qinchuan is involved in another criminal case and want to investigate him again. Could it be that you still don’t know?”

Han Wangwang knew that Gu Qinchuan had another murder case, but she didn’t expect it to be exposed today.

Jiang Zhen had been secretly promoting the development of the entire incident. Could it be that Jiang Zhen had left today to expose the crimes of Gu Qinchuan and the rest?

Song Yun saw that Han Wangwang looked confused and was convinced that Han Wangwang didn’t know about this. “You must be secretly happy.” Song Yun got into the car angrily.

Han Wangwang saw Song Yun get into the car and start the car without even taking off her high heels. She shouted at Song Yun, “You’re so responsible for driving in such high heels!”

Song Yun was in a hurry to meet Gu Qinchuan to understand the situation. After boarding the car, she forgot to change into the flat sports shoes on the passenger seat and didn’t hear Han Wangwang’s voice.

There was an open-air parking lot below the law firm. Han Wangwang, Song Yun, and the rest’s cars were usually parked downstairs. All the cars were parked side by side in a rather spacious area.

Song Yun reversed the car out of the parking lot and parked it steadily behind a row of cars.

After parking the car, she put down the window glass again and leaned against the window. She said to Han Wangwang, who was standing in front of the red car behind, “Are you happy that you’re about to win the lawsuit?”

Song Yun’s expression was aggressive, making Han Wangwang very unhappy.

“Of course I will be happy.” Who wouldn’t be happy after winning a lawsuit?

Han Wangwang said, “I will do my best to win this lawsuit. It is my duty to let someone like Gu Qinchuan be punished by the law. Gu Qinchuan has done so many bad things. Shouldn’t he be in prison?”

Hearing this, Song Yun’s face was filled with mockery and disdain.

“Then have you thought about it? You are just a powerless little girl. If you send Gu Qinchuan to prison, you will offend the entire Gu Family. Do you think that if you win this lawsuit, you will be noticed and have a good future? Do you know what kind of family the Gu Family is? A little girl like you, the Gu Family can easily ruin you.”

“You thought you won, but you actually lost!”

Song Yun felt that Han Wangwang was too naive. She naively thought that winning the lawsuit meant winning her future. Little did she know that she would be digging her own grave.

Han Wangwang’s opinion of Song Yun became complicated.

Song Yun was actually reminding Han Wangwang to lower her head to society.

When it was time to lower his head, he should lower his head. When it was time to be smooth, he should be worldly. People without power and influence could only adapt to this society to walk further.

Han Wangwang put down her hands and looked at Song Yun solemnly. She said, “Lawyer Song, not everyone can be reincarnated into the Gu Family as a child. Gu Qinchuan has the Gu Family backing him up. I am the only one who can support Liu Qing. Of course I have to be responsible for my client.”

“The law in the lawyer’s hand should be the tip of the sword, invincible. It shouldn’t be looking down on the lower-class citizens for the sake of power and influence.”

“What a good ‘Wherever the sword points, everything is invincible ‘…” Song Yun laughed mockingly and disdainfully. She actually said,” You are just like that old man in my house, pedantic! ”

It was precisely because he was pedantic that her old man had offended many people, indirectly causing her mother’s death.

As a person, one should be tactful.

Song Yun saw that Han Wangwang was a stubborn, silly girl. She couldn’t reason with her, so she gave up trying to save her.

Song Yun closed the car door, placed her foot on the accelerator, and stepped down. However, the car didn’t drive ahead like she thought. Instead, it retreated rapidly and crashed into Han Wangwang!

Song Yun had mistaken the reverse car as a forward fender!

Song Yun panicked and instinctively wanted to step on the brakes, but the heel of her high heels was stuck at the edge of the cushion.

Han Wangwang’s eyes widened. She was one step ahead of her consciousness. She placed her hand on the hood of the car and leaped into the air, landing on the hood of a Volkswagen beside her!

Song Yun was so scared that her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. She reacted and hurriedly pulled her feet out of her high heels. It was too late to step on the brakes—


Song Yun’s BMW crashed into Han Wangwang’s second-hand Mazda car, causing the front of Han Wangwang’s car to deflate. The headlights shattered and flew everywhere.

Song Yun sat in the car seat in a panic. She was stunned for two to three seconds before realizing what had happened.

Song Yun looked up and saw that her colleagues and passersby were all pointing at her. She hurriedly turned off the engine and walked out of the driver’s seat with weak legs.

She alighted and saw Han Wangwang sitting on the hood of the Volkswagen with a pale face. Seeing that she was still alive, she knelt down in front of the Volkswagen.

Song Yun laid on the hood of the car and shouted at Han Wangwang heart-wrenchingly, “Oh my god! Oh my god!”

Han Wangwang was jolted back to her senses by Song Yun’s shout.

She stared at Song Yun in a daze as a few thoughts flashed across her mind.

From the corner of her eye, Han Wangwang saw many colleagues and passersby standing around. She turned her eyes slightly, pointed at Song Yun, broke down, and cried. “You’re trying to murder me!”

Song Yun was stunned for a moment when she heard Han Wangwang’s accusation. She then started to explain. “I didn’t, Lawyer Han. I didn’t do it on purpose. I forgot to hang up the ‘accelerate’ button. Lawyer Han, believe me, I didn’t murder you! I really didn’t, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Han Wangwang knew that there was a car recorder in Song Yun’s car and had already recorded their conversation. She couldn’t just accuse Song Yun of killing her to silence her.

Han Wangwang quickly thought of a perfect excuse. She said, “You were worried that you would lose the lawsuit because of Gu Qinchuan’s case. You flew into a rage and wanted to kill me! Lawyer Song, you can’t be like this!”

Song Yun was stunned when she heard this.

She guessed Han Wangwang’s intentions.

Han Wangwang wanted to temporarily send her to the detention center so that she wouldn’t be able to defend Gu Qinchuan. Meanwhile, Gu Qinchuan was guilty of the crime and had lost his capable assistant, Song Yun. He would definitely be severely punished!

She was really careless. She mistook the reversed car as a forward fender and accidentally crashed into Han Wangwang’s car. Meanwhile, Han Wangwang played the blame game and accused her of attempted murder!

What a vicious scheme!

Song Yun understood Han Wangwang’s motive and didn’t want to resign to fate.

She supported herself on the hood of the car and stood up. She glared at Han Wangwang angrily and mocked her. “You are so young. Why do you like to slander people so much? You even said that you wanted to uphold justice, but you are a bad egg who is trying to frame others!”

Han Wangwang burst into tears.

She looked at the onlookers around her aggrievedly and complained. “Lawyer Song, what did you say! You clearly wanted to kill me on purpose. If I didn’t dodge quickly, I would have been smashed into a pulp by your BMW!”

Han Wangwang pointed at the smashed Mazda car and said to the onlookers, “Look, just now, I was standing at the front of the car talking to Lawyer Song. Unexpectedly, Lawyer Song suddenly slammed the car towards me. If I didn’t run fast, I would have died!”

“”Look, the front of my car is stuffed!”

“Lawyer Song was the one who wanted to kill me, but now you’re slandering me. Lawyer Song, even if your father is the director, you can’t bully others like this!”

Song Yun had a powerful background. With her backing Gu Qinchuan and the rest, if Han Wangwang wanted to help Jiang Zhen seek justice, it would definitely be filled with dangers.

Han Wangwang originally didn’t intend to touch Song Yun, but Song Yun had foolishly knocked into her car today. If she didn’t seize the opportunity to drive Song Yun away, she would be stupid!

Song Yun was speechless because Han Wangwang was telling the truth.

]Han Wangwang added. “There are surveillance cameras everywhere around this law firm. I can’t accuse you for no reason. CEO Zhang, you are also here. You have to help me!”

Han Wangwang suddenly called out their CEO, Zhang Tao.

Zhang Tao was also shocked.

Zhang Tao had long heard of the deep conflict between Song Yun and Han Wangwang.

Just now, he heard a bang upstairs. He followed the employees to the window and looked downstairs. He saw that Song Yun’s car had already smashed Han Wangwang’s car.

Meanwhile, Han Wangwang leaned weakly against the Volkswagen bus. Her beautiful face was pale. She was scared out of her wits.

Zhang Tao glanced at Song Yun. Thinking that Song Yun’s father was the director and that the law firm needed the director to take care of it, he hesitated for a moment.

Zhang Tao wanted to gloss over this matter, so he said to Han Wangwang, “Lawyer Han, we are all colleagues. I don’t think Lawyer Song did it on purpose. She should really have mistaken the reversed car as a forward fender. This should be a mistake.”

“We are all colleagues and see each other frequently…”

Before Zhang Tao could finish his sentence, Wei Xingxing, who had been standing at the back of the crowd watching the show, suddenly squeezed in and said with a faint smile, “If that Lawyer Han didn’t dodge quickly just now, you guys can only go to the funeral parlor to meet Lawyer Han tonight.”

We see each other frequently but how could we meet in a funeral parlor?

Everyone was speechless.

Wei Xingxing looked at the 8cm tall shoes under Song Yun’s feet again and his expression turned serious. He sneered and said, “Moreover, as a lawyer, Lawyer Song should be familiar with traffic laws. It’s illegal to drive in high heels that are more than 4cm tall. You will be warned and punished.”

“Regardless of whether Lawyer Song did it on purpose or not, she nearly killed her colleague in front of everyone in high heels. This is a certainty! If Lawyer Han didn’t avoid it just now, Lawyer Song would have committed the crime of intentional murder! At the very least, it would be a traffic crime! If Lawyer Han successfully avoided it, she would also have committed attempted murder!”

“After all, in broad daylight, Lawyer Song didn’t drink and is very sober. It’s too unreasonable for CEO Zhang to try to cover up the truth with a mistake!”

Wei Xingxing gave Song Yun several charges with just a few words. Any one of them was enough for Song Yun to spend some time in prison.

But Han Wangwang would not really let Song Yun go to jail. She would only let Song Yun stay in the detention center now. When Gu Qinchuan and the rest were brought to justice, she would naturally choose to forgive Song Yun for her crimes.

It was not Han Wangwang’s fault for being ruthless. If anyone was to be blamed, it was Song Yun’s fault for being a busybody and blocking Jiang Zhen’s revenge!

When Zhang Tao and Song Yun heard Wei Xingxing’s words, their expressions were very ugly.

Zhang Tao also recognized that the lawyer who spoke up was Lawyer Wei from the Blue Sea law firm opposite him. Who was Lawyer Wei? He was a true first-class lawyer with a famous local mouth.

Wei Xingxing had personally witnessed this incident. If Zhang Tao really defined this as a misunderstanding, Hongzheng Corporation would become the joke of the entire industry!

But Zhang Tao couldn’t bear to really give up on Song Yun.

If Song Yun was sent away, how would he face Director Song?

Zhang Tao wanted to defend himself, but Han Wangwang slid down the car.

Han Wangwang placed her feet on the ground and looked at Zhang Tao calmly. She asked a soul torture question. “CEO Zhang, if you or Lawyer Song were the one who was hit, would this still be a mistake?”

Zhang Tao subconsciously said, “There are inevitably mistakes in life…”

Han Wangwang smiled again, a mocking smile. “I think CEO Zhang shouldn’t learn the law and should become a monk to cultivate. Only the eminent monks in that temple are as magnanimous as CEO Zhang.”

Zhang Tao was speechless.

Song Yun’s eyes were red with anger. She finally understood that Han Wangwang was determined to send her in today.

Song Yun hated Han Wangwang to the core*. If I was really sent in and couldn’t defend Gu Qinchuan or reduce his sentence to the minimum, would Gu Qinfeng still be willing to be with me?*

I would be broken up by Gu Qinfeng!

I had liked Gu Qinfeng for so many years!

Song Yun glared at Han Wangwang fiercely. After she completely fell out with her, she didn’t care anymore. She suddenly spat at Han Wangwang. “You little bitch!”

Everyone frowned deeply when they saw Song Yun scolding the victim.

“This is Director Song’s daughter. She even spat at the other party after attempted murder. It’s really an eye-opener!”

“How did a fair and honest person like Director Song raise such a daughter?”

“This is obviously humiliation from attempted murder!”

Song Yun listened to the discussions of the crowd and her face turned pale.

Han Wangwang frowned slightly. She didn’t cry or make a fuss. She just reached out her hand and asked politely, “CEO Zhang, do you have tissues?”

Zhang Tao was also embarrassed by Song Yun’s actions.

To think that he wanted to help Song Yun on account of Director Song.

I fed the dog out of kindness!

Zhang Tao took out a tissue and handed it to Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang calmly wiped the saliva off her face. She placed the tissue in Song Yun’s palm and leaned closer. She said, “Instead of spitting at me here, why don’t you think of how to explain this to your father?”

With that, Han Wangwang took out her cell phone and called the police.

Not long after, the nearest police station sent people to bring Song Yun away. Han Wangwang’s car and Song Yun’s car were also dragged away.

Han Wangwang took a photo of her terrible car and sent it to Father Han and Mother Lin. She didn’t forget to act pitiful. [Dad, Mom, I was almost wrecked with this car. I don’t have anything to drive now, you think…”

Father Han was on leave today and was playing golf with his wife. When they received their daughter’s message, their faces turned pale. They hurriedly called Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang hid in the bushes downstairs of the law firm to answer the call. She told her parents that she was safe before telling them that the car was gone.

Han Yueyun told her, “Don’t worry about the car. I will get someone to send one to you. Your driving skills are not bad. I will buy you a new one this time.”

“Thank you, Father. I don’t want to be extravagant. Just a Bugatti will do.”

Father Han was silent for two seconds on the phone before cursing. “I dug my ancestors out of the soil. Even selling their ashes won’t be enough to buy you a car! You bastard!” After scolding, Father Han hung up.

At 5pm in the afternoon, Han Wangwang received a call. The employees of the car park had personally sent her a car. Han Wangwang ran downstairs excitedly, only to see a white POLO.

Han Wangwang’s hopes were dashed.

She drove her POLO back to the apartment building and saw Han Junjun waiting downstairs.

Han Junjun waited for Han Wangwang to get out of the car, pulled her in front of him, and checked her. Only after confirming that Han Wangwang was completely fine did he feel at ease.

“What happened!” Han Junjun’s eyes were spitting fire. If someone gave him a gun now, he could shoot Song Yun into a sieve.

an Wangwang briefly told Han Junjun what happened that afternoon. Han Junjun was filled with indignation after hearing that. He cursed Song Yun’s eighteen generations of ancestors before stopping.

“Let’s go to my house for dinner. At least we got a new car. We have to celebrate.”


Han Junjun and Han Wangwang cooked a plate of tomato scrambled eggs, a plate of tomato stewed brisket, and a plate of sugar mixed tomatoes.

There was no choice. Han Wangwang didn’t have any ingredients at home except tomatoes and brisket. But because she made them herself, the siblings still ate very happily.

Han Wangwang finished her meal and said, “I’ll stay here with you tonight.” He was afraid that Han Wangwang would have a nightmare at night and would be flustered if she woke up and couldn’t find anyone.

Of course Han Wangwang was willing. “I’ll watch television. Help yourself.”


Han Junjun took out his cell phone and played a few games. He realized that the battery was starting to turn red. He didn’t take the charger. Thinking that Han Wangwang had a multi-purpose charger, he reached out and kicked Han Wangwang’s calf.

Han Wangwang rolled her eyes at him. “Please be gentle with beautiful women.”

Han Junjun said, “You don’t know anything about beauty or women.” Han Junjun had seen Han Wangwang rolling in the mud in the countryside. He had seen Han Wangwang fight fiercely with others.

Han Wangwang was not a beauty, but a fierce dog!

Han Wangwang pretended to hit him. Han Junjun hurriedly hugged his head and begged, “Don’t hit me, beautiful sister.”

Only then did Han Wangwang stop.

Han Junjun asked her again, “Sister, where’s your charger?”

“It’s on the bedside table in my room.”


Han Junjun got up and went to Han Wangwang’s bedroom.

The charger was placed on the bedside table and Han Junjun saw it at a glance. Han Junjun walked over to take the charger and saw that a data cable was caught in the drawer. He bent over and opened the drawer.

When Han Junjun took out the data cable, he saw something that Han Wangwang should never have in the cupboard!

“Han Wangwang!”

Han Junjun’s angry shout scared Han Wangwang so much that she hurriedly put down the dried fruit plate in her hand and ran to the bedroom without even putting on her slippers.

“Are you yelling a ghost?” Han Wangwang came to the bedroom. She wanted to educate Han Junjun, but when she saw what Han Junjun was holding, she was stunned.

Han Junjun was actually holding an unopened box of condoms!

Han Wangwang covered her mouth and stammered. “You… listen to me…”

Han Junjun threw the thing on the pink bedsheets and glared at Han Wangwang. He asked her, “You have a boyfriend? You even brought your boyfriend home? Have you spent the night? How long have you known each other? How old is he? What does he do?”

Han Wangwang was stunned by all the questions. Her legs went weak.

Han Wangwang licked her lips timidly and said softly, “You misunderstood. Really, you misunderstood.”

“This is all in the drawer. How can I f*cking misunderstand? Han Wangwang, tell me honestly! If you don’t tell me, I will tell Father and Mother about this!”

God knew how angry and scared Han Junjun was when he saw this in his sister’s drawer. He was worried that his sister had slept with someone, worried that that boy would not treat his sister well, worried that his sister would be deceived.

In short, there were all sorts of worries.

Han Wangwang’s toes were on the soft carpet of the bedroom. She didn’t even dare to raise her head.

Han Junjun walked up to her and roared, “Tell me! Why are you mute?”

Han Wangwang reached out and tugged at Han Junjun’s shirt. “Lower your voice. You scared me.”

“I am the one who is about to be scared to death by you!” The more Han Junjun thought about it, the more afraid he became. “Tell me, who is that dog! If you don’t tell me, if I find out, I will definitely break his third leg!”

Han Wangwang racked her brains but couldn’t find a perfect reason.

She kept her mouth shut and refused to speak.

Han Junjun was about to die of anger.

You’re not going to tell me, right?” Han Junjun took out his cell phone and was about to take a photo of that box of condoms. As he took the photo, he said, “I’ll tell my parents about you dating and bringing your boyfriend back to the condominium! Wait for them to deal with you!”

Hearing the sound of Han Junjun snapping photos, Han Wangwang was shocked. She grabbed Han Junjun’s arm and said, “I am with Jiang Bi!”

Han Junjun was speechless.

was stunned and shocked. For a moment, he suspected that he had heard wrongly. “Who did you say?”

Han Wangwang said, “Jiang Bi.”

Han Junjun’s hands started to tremble. “Han Wangwang, you, you…” Han Junjun asked in disbelief,” Are you serious? ”


“Han Wangwang, are you out of your mind? You and Jiang Bi! You! You all are…” Han Junjun grabbed his hair in frustration and kicked the bed again. His toes hurt and he gritted his teeth as he gasped.

Han Wangwang snatched Han Junjun’s cell phone away. She closed the door and blocked the doorknob to prevent Han Junjun from running out.

“Jiang Bi and I are indeed serious, but you must keep this a secret.”

“I’ll keep it a secret for you?” Han Junjun sneered. “Aren’t you too naive? Sister, I’d rather you found a boyfriend!”

“Jiang Bi is a woman!” Han Junjun didn’t know that Jiang Bi was a man. Thinking that his elder sister was with a woman, Han Junjun felt despair.

If our parents knew about this, my elder sister would definitely be skinned by our father.

Han Junjun’s heart ached for his elder sister as much as he looked angry.

Han Wangwang lied and said, “Your Sister Jiang Bi and I were together last year. But we are all grown up now and are facing the problem of getting married and starting a family. Your Sister Jiang Bi is a year older than me. Her father has started to prepare blind dates for her. A child from a family like ours must find a husband of equal social status.”

“We have been in a cold war recently and will probably break up soon. Otherwise, I would have been killed today. Your Sister Jiang Bi would have long come to ask about our well-being. It is precisely because we are in a cold war that she didn’t come.”

Han Wangwang sounded like she was telling the truth. She looked very sad too. Han Junjun didn’t even realize that she was lying.

Han Junjun said, “You were almost killed, but she didn’t come to visit you. It’s obvious that Jiang Bi isn’t a responsible woman. Break up! Break up quickly!”

Han Wangwang heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Han Junjun believed her last-minute lie.

Han Junjun was agitated and didn’t stay at his sister’s place at night. He was afraid that he would get up in the middle of the night and beat Han Wangwang up.

After Han Junjun left, Song Ci and Han Zhan also came over. Seeing that Han Wangwang was healthy and in good spirits, the two of them were relieved.

After they left, Han Wangwang laid on the bed and sent Jiang Zhen a message. However, Jiang Zhen might not have logged into WeChat and didn’t reply to her message.

Han Wangwang was very worried about Jiang Zhen.

Where did he go?

Han Wangwang suddenly thought that she and Jiang Zhen were using a couple space together. That couple space could show the other party’s address.

Han Wangwang hurriedly opened the couple space and realized that Jiang Zhen’s location was in Nanxing City.

Why did he go to Nanxing City again?

Jiang Guchuan and Sheng Qingya’s engagement party was three days later. On this day, Sheng Qingya came to visit. Jiang Weimin and his wife were at home eating with the two young men.

At the dining table, Sheng Qingya asked Jiang Guchuan, “Guchuan, why don’t I see your sister?”

Jiang Guchuan said, “She might be busy and I can’t get through on her phone.”

Jiang Weimin was annoyed when he heard Jiang Zhen’s name. He didn’t want to talk about his daughter at the dining table, so he changed the topic. “Have you heard? Lawyer Song, who is in charge of defending Gu Qinchuan, was locked up in the detention center because of attempted murder.”

“I heard.” Jiang Guchuan told Jiang Weimin, “The person Song Yun wanted to harm is Bi’er’s good friend, Han Wangwang.”

Jiang Weimin was shocked. “Song Yun actually dared to harm that girl!” Jiang Weimin was shocked.

Jiang Guchuan said thoughtfully, “Song Yun probably doesn’t know that girl’s true background. That girl is very low-profile and never tells anyone about her background. Song Yun has kicked an iron plate this time.”

Sheng Qingya was curious about the identity of the “girl” they were talking about, but she couldn’t ask around the dining table, so she decided to ask Jiang Guchuan privately after dinner.

Jiang Weimin thought of some things that he had heard and said, “I heard that Gu Qinchuan is carrying another life on his back. I’m afraid that Second Young Master Gu is really going to die this time.”

Jiang Guchuan didn’t know about this. He asked Jiang Weimin, “He even took someone’s life? What happened? I’ve never heard of it.”

“I don’t know the details. I only heard that the murder case more than eight years ago has only been exposed now…” As he spoke, Jiang Weimin’s cell phone suddenly received a call. He picked it up and took a look.

Seeing that it was Meng Xiaosheng, Jiang Weimin hung up first and smiled at Sheng Qingya. “Qingya, Auntie and Gu Chuan are having dinner with you. I am going to take a call. Excuse me.”

Sheng Qingya hurriedly said, “Uncle Jiang, just go ahead.”

When Jiang Guchuan heard the words “eight years ago”, his expression changed slightly. Sheng Qingya raised her glass and clinked it with his. Jiang Guchuan didn’t get distracted anymore. He picked up the glass and held it with hers.

Jiang Weimin took his cell phone and went to the study upstairs. He closed the door, walked to the window, and called Meng Xiaosheng.

“Mr. Meng.”

There was a singing voice on Meng Xiaosheng’s end that sounded like the sound of a car. Meng Xiaosheng told Jiang Weimin, “Mr. Jiang, I’ve already found that person.”

Jiang Weimin suddenly grabbed the curtains in the study and asked anxiously, “Where did you find him?”

“In Nanxing City.”

“Do you have a photo?”

“Yes, I’ve already sent it to your email. I’ve also sent you his detailed address.”

Jiang Weimin said, “Alright, let me take a look.”

Jiang Weimin opened his email box and indeed received an email from Meng Xiaosheng.

That email was filled with photos of Jiang Zhen. In every photo, Jiang Zhen was wearing a simple and low-profile shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap. He didn’t have any other accessories.

In the photo, Meng Xiaosheng took fewer photos of his face and mostly his side profile. But just his back profile was enough for Jiang Weimin to recognize this person.

The adult Jiang Zhen was too similar to Jiang Bi!

Jiang Weimin was sure that this child was his son.

Jiang Weimin transferred the money to Meng Xiaosheng. After receiving the money, Meng Xiaosheng said to the man sitting in the passenger seat, “Jiang Weimin gave me the money.”

“Just take it. This is what you deserve.” The man’s voice was like cold metal, cold and without ripples. Hearing his voice, he felt that there was a story hidden in his life.

Meng Xiaosheng frowned and asked worriedly, “Mr. Jiang, do you really think Jiang Weimin will jump into this fire pit?”

Jiang Zhen reached into the can and pressed the cigarette stick with his slender index finger. All the flames fell into the can.

Jiang Zhen stared at the distant market in a daze.

After a while, Meng Xiaosheng heard Jiang Zhen say, “If you want to cut the weeds, you have to cut the roots. It’s such a simple and easy logic. I understand, and so does Jiang Weimin.”

Regretfully, he was not a soft and righteous grass. He was a tyrant flower, the kind that ate people.

Meng Xiaosheng sighed and said, “I wish you all the best, Sir.”

“Thank you.”

Jiang Zhen alighted with a can and cigarette.

He stood by the side of the road and finished his cigarette. Only then did he throw the trash away. Then, he turned the brim of his baseball cap in a different direction, raised his hand, hailed a car, and went to the cemetery.

Jiang Zhen went to the cemetery to pay respects to Duan Wuyang. At night, he returned to the rented room and bought a bowl of stew at a small restaurant beside the market. As he ate the stew, he opened WeChat and learned about what had happened to Han Wangwang the past two days from Han Wangwang’s description.

After knowing that Han Wangwang was almost killed by Song Yun, Jiang Zhen’s pupils rippled, but he quickly suppressed it. He continued to look at the information and saw that Han Wangwang said that Han Junjun had discovered what was in the drawer.

Jiang Zhen smiled and looked forward to the trivial matters around him ending soon. He couldn’t wait to open the box of condoms with Han Wangwang.

After eating, Jiang Zhen got up and returned to his rented room.

He sat on the small bed in the rented room and recalled his experience living in the rented room with Duan Wuyang all those years ago. Duan Wuyang was born fiercely and looked like he could eat children, but he was the only person who treated Jiang Zhen well in his wandering life.

Meanwhile, his father, who he thought was kind and kind, was actually heartless.

Saying that he was heartless was an insult to those animals.

Jiang Zhen murmured, “Uncle Duan, you must protect me…”

At 10pm, Jiang Zhen took a shower and changed into a black t-shirt and black sweat pants. He placed a row of sharp nails in the living room before lying down to rest.

Late at night, the market downstairs also became quiet. There was no sound of wheels and no sound of anyone talking.

The person on the bed breathed gently and fell asleep.

Outside the door, two killers in nightwear easily pried open the door lock. They hacked into the rental house. Entering the living room, the leader was about to turn on the flashlight when something suddenly pierced his feet.


A scream alerted the people in Qian Mian.

The two of them only felt a gust of wind and heard the door of the rented house behind them being locked from the inside. “We’ve been ambushed!”

The killer reacted and exclaimed. He hurriedly turned on the flashlight. The moment the flashlight lit up, a short sword suddenly stabbed at him and pierced his throat!


That person stared at the handsome face close by. Before he could even breathe, he collapsed to the ground. A long sword was stabbed into his neck. His body twitched for a moment before he stopped breathing.

The killer who had his shoe pierced by a steel nail saw that his companion was so easily killed and instantly broke out in cold sweat.

This was a true killer!

And they were just two escaping prisoners!

Compared to a real killer, they could only be killed!

The muscles on that person’s face kept twitching. He bared his teeth and growled. He drew the homemade gun behind his waist and was about to shoot Jiang Zhen.

He was fast, but Jiang Zhen was even faster!

Like a ghost, Jiang Zhen flew up and kicked the numb spot on the killer’s right arm.

The killer’s right hand went limp and the pistol fell. Jiang Zhen caught it again.

Jiang Zhen circled behind him with his gun and kicked him towards the wall. The killer’s chest was leaning against the wall and Jiang Zhen was using his knees to support his back. He was pressed against the wall and couldn’t turn or break free.

Cold sweat broke out on the killer’s back. His body was stiff and he didn’t dare to move.

Jiang Zhen raised his gun with his right hand and aimed it at the killer’s temple. “Brother, I won’t kill you. I just want you to cooperate with me on one thing.”

Hearing this, the killer acted as if he had won five million yuan and said crazily, “As long as you don’t kill me, as long as you spare my life, I am willing to do anything!”

Jiang Zhen smiled. “Then please come with me to Wangdong City.”

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