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Chapter 407: Face Slapping First Move! Jiang Zhen: Let Me Make a Speech

The carnage in Nanxing City was not heard by Wangdong City.

Over the past two days, Wangdong City had been rather lively. Everyone was talking about the marriage between the Jiang Family and the Sheng Family in the capital. The Jiang Family was a wealthy family to begin with. Now that they had a marriage alliance with the Sheng Family, which was a jewelry corporation, their combined strength would not be underestimated in the future.

The invitation to the engagement party between the Jiang and Sheng families had already been sent to family and friends.

The Han Family and the Jiang Family didn’t have any close dealings or business dealings, but because their child, Han Wangwang, was on good terms with Jiang Bi’s child, Jiang Zhen, not long ago, the Jiang Family had also participated in Han Rang and Nan Yanyan’s marriage. The two families were also somewhat related.

When Zhu Xiulan sent the invitation to the engagement party, she boldly gave Song Ci one.

Song Ci still didn’t know about Jiang Weimin’s beastly actions towards Jiang Zhen and his sister. She thought of that Jiang Bi who had died tragically and wanted to help the Jiang family more. She got Butler Cai to reply to the Jiang family and said that she would attend the engagement banquet of the Jiang and Sheng families.

Zhu Xiulan received a call from Butler Cai. After confirming that Song Ci would be attending the banquet, she couldn’t help feeling slightly smug.

After hanging up, she said to Jiang Weimin, “Mrs. Han represents Mr. Han. She is giving us enough face by attending Gu Chuan’s engagement party.”

Han Zhan’s current reputation and status in Wangdong City were number one. Jiang Weimin was also very happy that his wife was coming to attend Jiang Guchuan’s engagement party.

Jiang Weimin said, “I heard that Mrs. Han especially hates coriander. Remember to tell the chef not to put coriander on her table.” Now that everyone in Wangdong City wanted to build a good relationship with Song Ci, Jiang Weimin also wanted to leave a good impression on her so that he could interact with Han Zhan in the future.

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll explain to the hotel manager now.”

The engagement party was not a wedding party and there was no need for expensive gifts. Song Ci chose a pair of swan ornaments as a present.

After Han Zhan returned home that night, Song Ci told her about the engagement party between the Jiang and Sheng families tomorrow. “I chose a pair of swan ornaments for them. It’s the pair that I got Huanyan to send me from Italy last time.”

Han Zhan stood by the bed and took off his clothes, preparing to take a shower. Hearing this, he nodded and said, “That thing is quite good for the two of them. It has a good meaning.”

“Mmm, then I will attend the engagement party alone tomorrow.” In order to make time to accompany Song Ci to Italy to play, Han Zhan had been working overtime recently. Song Ci’s heart ached for Han Zhan, so she naturally wouldn’t make Han Zhan accompany her.

Han Zhan thought for a moment and said, “I’ll get Aaron to accompany you. You’re a pregnant woman. I won’t be at ease if you go to such a crowded place.”

Song Ci wanted to reject him, but at the thought that Han Zhan was now in a high position, there would definitely be people jealous and jealous of him. Some people hiding in the ditch wanted to trick him all the time and couldn’t get close to Han Zhan, so they might have designs on her.

It was better to be cautious during special times. Song Ci thought for a moment and agreed. “Alright, since Aaron is going too, let’s get Yanyan. It’s not good for my sister-in-law to attend a banquet alone with an adult brother-in-law. We have to avoid arousing suspicion.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan glanced at her with a smile. “You’re so considerate.”

If you don’t be considerate, someone will have something on you.”

“I understand.”

Han Zhan yawned as he walked into the bathroom. He was slightly tired and fell onto the bed without even drying his hair after taking a shower.

Song Ci brought over an electric hairdryer and sat by the bed. She patted her fair thigh and said to Han Zhan, “Lie on my lap and let me dry your hair.”


Han Zhan laid on Song Ci’s lap and placed his broken right hand on her bulging abdomen. He thought that since it was already the month of the baby, the baby should also be able to move, so he asked Song Ci, “Has the baby started to move?”

“Yes, he’s still young for the time being and his movements are rather light. You can’t feel it yet.”

Han Zhan closed his eyes and said, “When you were pregnant with your first child, I was especially excited. Every night, I was like a pervert and had to touch your stomach to sleep peacefully. Now that I am pregnant with a second child, I am not as nervous and happy as the first one.”

“I can’t do this. It will make me look too cold.” In order to express his fondness for his second child, Han Zhan specially kissed Song Ci’s stomach. “Alright, puppy, Father still loves you.”

Song Ci was amused by him. “Is this how you scold a child? A child is a puppy. What are you and I?”

Han Zhan was naturally not foolish enough to admit that he was a dog.

Touching his hair and seeing that it was already dry, Han Zhan turned over and laid on the pillow. Song Ci got up to put away the hairdryer. Once she returned to the bed, Han Zhan pulled her into his arms.

Song Ci sensed Han Zhan’s restless thoughts and couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you very tired?” The four-month-old fetus was already very stable. The two of them had been abstinent for a long time, so it was inevitable that they would have some thoughts.

Han Zhan said, “If you agree, I can stay up all night.”

Song Ci had always been happy to cooperate with Han Zhan regarding sex. Hearing Han Zhan’s words, she became interested. She sat up and said, “I bought a few sexy outfits a few days ago. They look especially good. Shall I wear them for you to see?”

Han Zhan also woke up and sat up like he was on steroids. “Where are you? Baby Ci, why are you so bad as a pregnant woman?” Han Zhan complained about Song Ci’s nonsense as he urged her to quickly change into her clothes.

Song Ci got out of bed barefoot and went to the cloakroom.

She had a private cloakroom that contained exquisite lingerie and pyjamas that she had retrieved from various places. Every piece was a work of art. Han Zhan was not allowed to enter this cloakroom.

Song Ci changed and walked out of the cloakroom.

It was a pink rabbit costume. Even though she was pregnant, it didn’t affect Song Ci’s sexiness at all.

Song Ci stood at the door of the cloakroom with a coquettish look. She blinked at Han Zhan and said coquettishly, “Brother, the night is short, don’t waste it.”

Han Zhan stared at the pink rabbit ears on her head and then at the furry little tail behind her waist. His hands instantly felt itchy, and his heart ached everywhere.

Holding back his laughter, he ran over and carried Song Ci horizontally. He placed her on the bed and stroked her rabbit ears. Han Zhan asked curiously, “Where did you buy such a strange thing?”

Song Ci told him, “Huanyan has nothing to do and founded a global shopping mall. She specializes in selling sexy outfits that she designed. Her business is very good. Her monthly net profit is over 10 million yuan. Don’t you think she’s very capable?”

Su Huanyan studied fashion design. After reconciling with Sicilio, Su Huanyan picked up her profession and became a designer. However, she was not a fashion designer, but a sexy lingerie designer.

]he was especially famous in Europe and America now. Every set of clothes she designed was explosive and out of stock.

Han Zhan couldn’t help asking, “What’s the website called?” He had to keep it and buy more in the future.

Song Ci pretended to be embarrassed and grabbed Han Zhan’s chest. She then said in a soft and pretentious voice, “You’re so naughty. I’m not telling you.”

“What are you pretending for!” Han Zhan blocked Song Ci’s mouth and bent over to welcome her, carefully avoiding her stomach…

Before Jiang Zhen left, he had instructed Han Wangwang to attend the engagement party between the Jiang and Sheng families. He said that there was a good show to start and she couldn’t miss it. Therefore, Han Wangwang took leave yesterday and planned to attend the engagement party today.

As she didn’t know what Jiang Zhen was planning to do at the engagement party, Han Wangwang had been on tenterhooks after waking up. She couldn’t concentrate on her makeup and couldn’t draw her eyeliner properly.

In the end, she simply took off her makeup and carried it to the styling room outside. She got the professional makeup artist to put on makeup for her.

She dawdled to the hotel and saw that the other guests were all driving luxury cars like Porsche Bentley. She was too embarrassed to ask the bellboy to help park the car, so she drove the car into the underground garage.

Han Wangwang parked the car and sat in the car to send Jiang Zhen a message.

Han Wangwang: [Baby, where are you? Have you returned to Wangdong?] Seeing that the message couldn’t go out, Han Wangwang realized that there was no message from the underground garage. She stuffed her cell phone into her bag, carried her bag to the lift, and took the lift to the sixth floor.

The Jetta International Hotel was under Han Zhan’s name. Now, all the real wealthy people in Wangdong City were willing to hold all sorts of banquets here.

The Jiang family’s engagement party was on the fifth floor of the hotel. The lift stopped on the first floor. Han Wangwang quietly took a step back and watched as the other guests entered the lift.

Most of the guests attending the engagement party were family and friends of the Jiang and Sheng families. There were also some wealthy ladies and gentlemen from wealthy families who were on good terms with the upper-class society.

All the guests were dressed exquisitely and luxuriously. The lift was instantly filled with all sorts of different fragrances.

Han Wangwang tried her best to reduce her presence.

The lift stopped on the fifth floor. Han Wangwang waited for everyone to exit the lift before walking out.

She was wearing an orange-red pearl halter dress today. Her black curly hair was tied into a lazy bun, and there was a white pearl hair clip the same color as the halter dress on her head.

She was carrying a handmade pearl satchel and a pair of light-colored low-heeled sandals. Walking in the fragrant banquet hall, she looked elegant and moving.


Suddenly, Han Wangwang heard Song Ci’s voice.

She thought she had heard wrongly.

“Wangwang! Over here!” That voice sounded again.

Han Wangwang turned around in surprise and saw Song Ci and Nan Yanyan standing beside a big table. The sisters-in-law were enjoying a plate of delicious mocha cake.

“Little Aunt!”

Han Wangwang couldn’t conceal her surprise.

She carried her bag and jogged towards Song Ci and Nan Yanyan.

Today, Song Ci was wearing a pale yellow high-waisted tube dress with a high waistline. The design perfectly covered her pregnant abdomen. She had tied her curly hair into a low ponytail and didn’t have much jewelry on her. She only had a simple pearl necklace on her ear.

The 20-year-old Song Ci was a budding wild rose. The 25-year-old Song Ci was a blooming red rose.

Anywhere she stood would allow her to be in the spotlight.

Beside her, the equally tall Nan Yanyan was wearing a white round-necked t-shirt paired with a pumpkin-colored broad belt with silk knee-length skirt. She was wearing high heels and looked slightly taller than Song Ci in flat shoes.

Han Wangwang stood in front of the two beauties and shouted obediently, “Little Aunt, Auntie Yanyan.”

Nan Yanyan put down her fork and said to Han Wangwang, “Did you come alone? Where’s Jiang Bi?” At Nan Yanyan and Aaron’s wedding, Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang were escorting the bride. Nan Yanyan had a deep impression of Jiang Bi.

The two of them were so close that they seemed to be wearing the same pants. Therefore, Nan Yanyan felt strange that she didn’t see Jiang Zhen at the scene today.

Song Ci said, “The Jiang family is the host today. Jiang Bi might be busy.”

Han Wangwang looked at Song Ci hesitantly. She wanted to say something, but considering that there were many people here, she didn’t. Han Wangwang saw Han Rang strolling around the beverage area and asked Song Ci, “I saw Uncle Aaron, why didn’t I see Little Uncle?”

“Your little uncle is at work today.”

“Little Uncle is so pitiful.” Han Wangwang stared at the piece of Matcha in Song Ci’s hand and said, “Didn’t you not like to eat Matcha’s pastries in the past, Little Aunt?”

Nan Yanyan smiled. “Perhaps her taste for pregnancy has changed?”

Song Ci nodded and said, “My taste really changed. Are all boys like this? I used to feel like vomiting when I smelled coriander, but recently, I actually fell in love with that smell. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

“How would I know? I’m not pregnant. Logically speaking, pregnant girls are more fickle, right? Isn’t it said that women change their faces like flipping a book?”

Han Wangwang smiled and teased Nan Yanyan. “Auntie Yan, hurry up and give me a younger brother and sister.”

Nan Yanyan and Aaron had just gotten married and didn’t intend to have children. She was slightly embarrassed by Han Wangwang’s teasing.

She turned to look at Han Rang in the distance and pretended not to hear Han Wangwang.

Han Rang walked over with the wine. He handed Nan Yanyan a glass and asked Han Wangwang, “What did you say to Auntie Yanyan? I saw that her face was red.”

Han Wangwang said, “I told her to hurry up and have a baby with you.”

Hearing this, Han Rang also blushed.

Song Ci smiled at Han Rang and his wife. She winked at Han Wangwang. “Wangwang, don’t tease them. They are thin-skinned.”

How rare. Aaron actually had moments of shyness.

As the two of them were talking, Han Wangwang suddenly heard Ah Ran say, “Wangwang, your best friend is here.” “Best friend” was the way Han Rang teased Jiang Zhen.

Han Wangwang hurriedly turned to look at the entrance of the banquet hall. Indeed, she saw Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen’s attire was very strange. It was summer and he was actually wearing a light coffee-colored thin windbreaker and had shoulder-length hair. Jiang Zhen walked in from the door. Due to his overly thick attire, he attracted the attention of many guests.

Han Wangwang was no longer in the mood to chat with Song Ci and the rest. She ran anxiously to Jiang Zhen in her high heels. Han Wangwang ran to Jiang Zhen in one breath. As she didn’t stop in her tracks, she directly put her into Jiang Zhen’s arms.

Jiang Zhen hugged her.

In public, two women hugging each other. No matter how close they were, it would still attract attention.

Nan Yanyan looked at Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen’s hug and suddenly smiled. She said, “Sister-in-law, look at Jiang Bi and Wangwang. Don’t they look like a couple? If Jiang Bi wasn’t a girl, I would have thought they were in a relationship.”

Hearing this, Song Ci smiled awkwardly while Han Rang raised his brows playfully.

Some people around them had already started to point fingers at Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang’s actions. They all felt that Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang’s relationship was too ambiguous, far exceeding that of ordinary friends.

Jiang Zhen saw from the corner of his eye that those people were whispering. He pushed Han Wangwang away and asked her in a cold female voice, “What are you doing in a hurry?”

Han Wangwang’s eyes were filled with concern.

She squeezed Jiang Zhen’s arm tightly. She had a stomach full of questions, but the situation was not right and she couldn’t ask.

Jiang Zhen knew what she was thinking, what she was worried about, and what she was afraid of. He patted Han Wangwang’s back gently and said, “I’m fine.”

Han Wangwang remained tense.

Jiang Zhen added, “Wangwang, I’m really fine. Trust me.”

Only then did Han Wangwang convince herself to believe Jiang Zhen’s words. She slowly calmed down. Jiang Zhen held her hand and said as they walked, “Let’s go. Today, you will sit with me in my family seat.”

Han Wangwang nodded and obediently followed behind Jiang Zhen.

Only when Jiang Weimin heard the discussion did he notice Jiang Zhen.

He and Zhu Xiulan turned around and saw Jiang Zhen holding Han Wangwang’s hand and walking over. It was not strange for girls to hold hands. Jiang Weimin did not let his imagination run wild.

But when he saw Jiang Zhen pulling Han Wangwang to sit down at the family seats, he frowned in disapproval. But thinking that Han Wangwang was a girl from the Han Family, he felt that there was nothing wrong with Han Wangwang sitting there.

“What are you busy with? Why did you come so late?” Jiang Weimin had always thought that Jiang Zhen had been busy with his law firm these few days and didn’t know that Jiang Zhen had actually already gone to Nanxing City. He also didn’t know that ‘Jiang Zhen’s appearance in Nanxing City’ was a complete trap!

Jiang Zhen cast a net and all sorts of demons and monsters appeared in it.

Jiang Zhen calmly poured a glass of wine for Han Wangwang. He handed the wine to her and said, “There’s no cola. Just drink this if you feel aggrieved.”

The high society all felt that it was very embarrassing for coke to appear at the banquet table. The cheapest wine on the table was at least a four-digit price.

Han Wangwang was worried about what Jiang Zhen would do later and was not picky about drinks. She took a sip of wine and said, “Not bad.”

Jiang Zhen smiled.

Only then did he stand up, walk to Jiang Weimin’s side, and call him Dad. “I was delayed by something today and came a little late, but it’s not like I’m engaged. It doesn’t matter if I’m late.”

Jiang Zhen’s voice was not soft. The people around Jiang Weimin heard Jiang Zhen’s words. They realized that the relationship between the father and daughter was not as harmonious as the rumors said. Everyone exchanged glances and left tacitly.

Jiang Weimin suppressed his anger and reprimanded Jiang Zhen in a low voice. “Must you argue with me at such an occasion? Do you think such sarcastic words show that you are smart and extraordinary? You are gravely mistaken. This will only make others laugh at us father and daughter!”

Jiang Zhen’s gaze was still very cold. He told Jiang Weimin, “If you want me to be obedient, don’t provoke me.” With that, Jiang Zhen sat down beside Han Wangwang and remained silent.

Jiang Weimin had already seen through Jiang Zhen’s true colors. His daughter was not a weak and helpless flower. She was an overbearing flower, the kind that would devour people whole.

Jiang Weimin didn’t want to quarrel with his daughter at Jiang Guchuan’s engagement party, so he brought Zhu Xiulan away.

Han Wangwang overheard Jiang Zhen’s conversation with Jiang Weimin. After Jiang Weimin left, Han Wangwang grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand under the table and turned to Jiang Zhen. “Aren’t you afraid of offending him?”


The dishes were starting to be served.

Jiang Zhen picked up his chopsticks and picked up many dishes for Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang saw that her bowl was almost full and blushed slightly. “Don’t keep putting food in my bowl. I can’t eat much. Moreover, I know how to do it myself.”

“Listen to me. Eat your fill first. Otherwise, you won’t have the mood to eat later.”

What logic is this?

Han Wangwang picked up her chopsticks and ate obediently. She had just eaten something when she saw the parents of the Jiang and Sheng families appear on stage.

It was an engagement party today and both parents were dressed appropriately.

Jiang Weimin was wearing a black three-piece suit, while Zhu Xiulan was wearing a dark purple waist-length dress. The dress was embroidered with intricate patterns. It was luxurious and grand, without losing its aura.

Sheng Jing was wearing a white British-style suit, while Mrs. Sheng was wearing a white cheongsam and a diamond ruby moon brooch on her chest.

This brooch was her daughter, Sheng Qingya’s new work this summer. It was best-selling until it was out of stock.

Han Wangwang stared at the four parents on stage, then glanced at Jiang Guchuan and Sheng Qingya sitting side by side below the stage. She leaned against Jiang Zhen and said, “Your sister-in-law is quite beautiful.”

“Not as pretty as you.”

Han Wangwang touched her own face and said proudly, “Of course not.”

The parents on both sides expressed their blessings to the children before leaving the stage. It was the couple’s turn to go on stage. The couple exchanged engagement tokens on the stage, which were also engagement rings.

After the engagement token exchange ended, Sheng Qingya and Jiang Guchuan played a piano song, “To Alice.”

After the couple performance ended, the engagement party was completed. Next, the couple’s friends went on stage to give their blessings.

On Sheng Qingya’s side, her best friend was speaking on stage. Her best friend was a high school professor and her words were very tactful. With just a few words, Sheng Qingya was so touched that her eyes turned red as she sat below the stage and cried silently.

After the bride’s speech, it was the groom’s representative turn to go on stage.

Li Feng was going to go on stage as Jiang Guchuan’s best friend. The age difference between the two of them was not big and they graduated from the same university, so their relationship was naturally good.

Li Feng stood up and walked towards the host. He was about to reach for the microphone when a long arm appeared out of nowhere and rudely snatched it away.

Li Feng was stunned.

He looked up along that arm and saw a cold, beautiful face.

Li Feng smiled. “Miss Jiang, if you want to speak on stage, you should at least inform your brother in advance. In that case, he wouldn’t have invited me to speak on stage.”

Jiang Zhen glanced at him arrogantly and turned to go on stage without a word.

Why is this person so rude?

Li Feng couldn’t throw a tantrum at a girl and quickly went to look for Jiang Guchuan. Jiang Guchuan was having a toast with Sheng Qingya at the bride’s table and didn’t notice Jiang Zhen’s actions.

Li Feng grabbed his arm. Jiang Guchuan turned around in surprise and saw Li Feng’s grim expression. He instinctively said, “Li Feng, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be…”

“Your sister went up.”


Jiang Guchuan looked up at the stage. At the same time, Jiang Zhen had already opened the microphone and started his speech.

“Hello everyone.”

Some guests looked up curiously at the stage and saw that the Jiang family’s well-dressed daughter was watching intently.

Jiang Weimin saw that the person speaking on stage was Jiang Zhen and frowned. He instinctively asked Zhu Xiulan, “Why did Bi’er go up? Shouldn’t Li Feng go up and give his speech?”

Zhu Xiulan also looked confused. “Li Feng should indeed go up and give his speech. Guchuan even communicated with Li Feng about the order of his speech…”

The couple looked over at Jiang Guchuan and Li Feng. Indeed, Jiang Guchuan was also staring at the stage with a dark expression.

The couple sensed that something was amiss.

Although they realized that Jiang Zhen was going up to cause trouble, Jiang Zhen was already on stage. They couldn’t drag Jiang Zhen down in front of all the guests!

Han Wangwang looked at Jiang Zhen on stage and her eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

It’s here!

It’s coming! It’s coming!

“I believe many people still don’t know me. Then let me introduce myself formally.” Jiang Zhen’s lips curled into a moving smile. His smile was as charming as his words were hurtful. “I am the child of the husband, Mr. Jiang’s adoptive father and his wife, Ms. Lan Ruoyun!”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions turned strange.

As everyone knew, Jiang Guchuan was just Jiang Weimin’s adopted son. Jiang Weimin held an engagement party for his adopted son today and obviously approved of his status at home. Jiang Weimin handed the position of CEO of Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals to Jiang Guchuan as a form of recognition of his capabilities.

But Jiang Bi had openly mentioned his mother under such circumstances. Wasn’t this provoking Jiang Guchuan?

Sheng Jing stared at Jiang Zhen with an ugly expression.

Why is this girl so fierce?

Now that Jiang Guchuan had become his future son-in-law, Jiang Zhen was naturally insulting Jiang Guchuan by saying this. It would be strange if Sheng Jing didn’t get angry.

Sheng Qingya was slightly angry. She glanced at Jiang Guchuan and saw that his eyes were filled with darkness. She knew how angry he was. Sheng Qingya grabbed Jiang Guchuan’s arm. “Guchuan, steady yourself.”

Jiang Guchuan took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.

He wanted to see what Jiang Bi was trying to do!

Everyone was paying attention to Jiang Zhen. No one noticed that a group of men in suits had taken the opportunity to enter the banquet hall and blocked every exit.

Jiang Zhen noticed that the exit was blocked and continued, “I believe many uncles and aunties present still remember that 20 years ago, the Jiang Family lost a pair of twins. That’s right, I am one of them.”

A sorrowful expression appeared on Jiang Zhen’s face. He sighed and said, “Poor our mother. In order to find us, she went crazy and went crazy. In the end, she committed suicide by jumping off a building in a daze. Even until her death, she didn’t manage to see the child grow up…”

“But!” Jiang Zhen’s rhythmic narration made everyone’s hearts clench tightly.

Hearing his “but”, everyone instinctively sat up straight, wanting to hear his next words.

The sorrow on Jiang Zhen’s face was replaced by a smile. He said with a smile, “But our father was rather strong. After losing a pair of children and experiencing the pain of losing his wife in his middle age, he quickly regained his strength and married a beautiful and capable female subordinate as his wife! He also got a sensible and capable cheap son!”

“Father! Let me give you a Like!”

“Everyone, please applaud my strong and optimistic father!”

Who would dare to clap!

No one would dare to clap!

Everyone looked at the young man spouting nonsense on stage in astonishment. The flames of gossip in their hearts had already burned a thousand feet.

iang Weimin suddenly stood up from the banquet table and roared at Jiang Zhen on the stage, “Bastard! Get down!”

“Hey! Don’t be so angry!” Jiang Zhen simply got off the stage and went to fetch a chair. He placed the chair in the middle of the stage and sat on the chair with his legs crossed, looking completely unladylike.

“Everyone, I dare to swear that today’s engagement party will definitely be the most exciting party you have ever attended in your lives! The gifts and money that everyone sent today will definitely not be wasted!”

“Next, I want to tell everyone a touching love story.”

Jiang Weimin didn’t even dare to imagine what kind of ruthless words Jiang Zhen would say next. He wanted to rush onto the stage to pull him down. Just as he took a step, two people rushed up from behind the banquet hall and pressed Jiang Weimin onto the table.

“What are you doing!” Jiang Weimin roared. “Let go of me!”

This change caused an uproar.

Jiang Guchuan pretended to rush over to save Jiang Weimin, but two burly men in black rushed over and pressed Jiang Guchuan down.

“Jiang Bi! What are you doing!” Sheng Jing was so angry that his face was red. He pointed at Jiang Zhen on the stage and said angrily, “Jiang Bi, let go of your father!”

Jiang Zhen stood on his tall head and looked down at Sheng Jing, his eyes so sad and desolate.

Sheng Jing’s heart quivered at the child’s gaze.

Sheng Jing instinctively said, “Child, you…”

Jiang Zhen’s lips twitched into a half-smile. He said, “Uncle Sheng, aren’t you curious about how my mother died? Don’t you want to hear the truth behind our kidnapping?”

Hearing this, Sheng Jing’s expression changed drastically.

He stared at Jiang Zhen for a moment before realizing something. Then, he looked at Jiang Weimin in disbelief. “This…”

Jiang Zhen said, “Uncle Sheng, if you really treat my mother as family, if you really want to seek justice for my mother and us siblings, please sit down quietly and listen to me tell a story…”

Sheng Jing hesitated before pulling his wife down.

Sheng Qingya saw that her father really sat down and ignored Uncle Jiang and Jiang Guchuan. She couldn’t help but call out anxiously, “Father!”

Sheng Jing even pulled Sheng Qingya down. “Sit down! Don’t speak!”

heng Qingya was shocked. She could only sit obediently with her father and look at Jiang Guchuan anxiously.

Jiang Guchuan and Jiang Weimin were both held down by the burly man. They couldn’t move at all and were about to speak when their mouths were taped.

In the banquet hall, more than a hundred people watched Jiang Zhen do whatever he wanted. No one stood up to speak up for Jiang Weimin.

Back then, everyone had guessed many versions of the reason behind the disappearance of the Jiang family’s children. Some said that they were kidnapped and killed by their enemies before being buried. Some said that it was done by human traffickers.

Later on, after Lan Ruoyun committed suicide by jumping off a building, Jiang Weimin married Zhu Xiulan and even groomed Jiang Guchuan to be his successor. When people mentioned that pitiful pair of twins from the Jiang family, some people suspected that the disappearance of that pair of children was Jiang Weimin’s doing.

But this guess was too bold. No one believed it, and no one dared to believe it.

After all, Jiang Weimin had always been a well-received man and a philanthropist. He had even donated several places to Hope Primary School. As the saying goes, even a vicious tiger wouldn’t hurt its own children, so Jiang Weimin would never do such a thing.

Moreover, this Miss Jiang was a lawyer. If she didn’t really have something on Jiang Weimin, how would she dare to commit illegal kidnapping?

Jiang Zhen was obviously confident in his actions today. Compared to letting Jiang Weimin and Jiang Guchuan go, everyone wanted to hear what Jiang Zhen was going to say next.

From the moment Jiang Zhen went on stage and mentioned his deceased mother, Lan Ruoyun, Song Ci guessed the truth behind the disappearance of the Jiang Family’s twins.

She frowned at Jiang Weimin and felt nauseous. If her guess was true, Jiang Weimin deserved to die.

Jiang Zhen nodded in satisfaction when he saw that everyone had quietened down and that no one was clamoring for him to release them. Jiang Zhen said to the music teacher backstage, “Music teacher, please give me a tear-jerking pure music.”

The music teacher was stunned for a few seconds, then played “Kiss-The-Rain.” Accompanied by the gentle and sad piano music, Jiang Zhen started to tell his story.

“The main character of this story is a young man and woman. The boy is called Jiang Gou and the girl is called Lan Beauty.”


Song Ci really couldn’t resist laughing. Nan Yanyan hurriedly patted her arm. “Sister-in-law, hold it in.” Han Rang smiled at Song Ci and also grinned.

Song Ci hurriedly stuffed a piece of fruit into her mouth and chewed it before suppressing her laughter.

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