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Chapter 405: Jiang Guchuan is Jiang Weimin’s Biological Son!

“Mr. Han!”

Li Li excitedly rushed into Han Zhan’s office. Han Zhan had just arrived at the office and was unbuttoning his suit jacket to sit down. Hearing Li Li’s excited voice, he paused and stood up straight again.

“What’s the matter?”

Li Li rushed to his desk and smiled at Han Zhan. “Guess what good news I heard?”

Han Zhan pondered for a moment and asked in all seriousness, “Could it be that Bei Zhan and CEO Han fought last night?”

“Hey, what’s this?” Li Li rolled his eyes and sat down at his desk. He pointed out the window and said, “F International is moving to Wangdong City. The office building has been bought and the sign has been hung up. It’s being renovated urgently.” Li Li arrived this morning and heard this news from Aaron, so he rushed over to see Han Zhan.

Zeus Corporation had recently collaborated with F International to develop an intelligent drone. Hearing this, Han Zhan was rather surprised. “Hasn’t F International’s headquarters always been in Germany? Why did they suddenly decide to move to China?”

Li Li blinked at him. “Guess why?”

Han Zhan was a smart person. After thinking for a moment, he guessed the reason. He said, “Could it be that the founder of F International was not a foreigner but a Chinese?” As F International was registered in Germany and was very popular in the European and American markets, everyone subconsciously thought that F International was founded by a German.

Could it be that the boss of F International was actually a Chinese?

Li Li snapped his fingers. “That’s right! There’s news that the boss of F International is from Wangdong City. But that person is even more mysterious and low-profile than you. Until now, no one knows who the boss behind it is.”

“Is that so?”

When Zeus Airlines was founded, Li Li was a registered member of the company, but the real boss was Han Zhan. This F International situation was the same as Zeus Airlines back then.

Han Zhan asked Li Li, “Where is the location of their office building? Go and find out the date of their official relocation. We have to send a big gift over.”

“You will never guess which building they chose as their office building.”

This time, Han Zhan really couldn’t guess. He shook his head. “Don’t keep me in suspense. Just say it.”

Li Li blinked at him mysteriously and leaned closer to tell him, “F International bought that haunted old building in Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals!”

Han Zhan was also momentarily shocked. “They actually bought that building? Does this mean that the rumors from a few days ago are true?” A few days ago, there were rumors that a fool had bought the old office building of Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals and even spent money to invite the Kunlun Xu Family to exorcise the ghost.

At that time, everyone was guessing the identity of this spendthrift and curious about why he bought this haunted building.

Unexpectedly, it was actually F International who invited the head of the Kunlun Xu Family to exorcise the ghost. Such a big company didn’t lack money. Which building couldn’t they buy? Why did they have to buy that haunted building?

Li Li said, “Perhaps they don’t believe this? Only our countrymen do this.”

“If they really don’t believe this, they wouldn’t have invited the Xu family over to exorcise the ghost.” Han Zhan unbuttoned his suit jacket and sat down. He took off the fountain pen in his suit pocket and twirled it in his left hand.

After a moment, Han Zhan suddenly said, “Do you think the boss of F International has something to do with the Jiang family?”

“How can you say that?” Li Li couldn’t think of this.

Han Zhan’s brain structure was different from ordinary people. He could always think of some details and possibilities that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

Li Li asked in confusion, “F International just bought an old building that Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals didn’t want. How can you deduce that they have a feud with the Jiang Family? Perhaps their boss is a stingy person. He heard that that building is cheap and bought it?”

Han Zhan chuckled. “That’s not the case. Have you forgotten the identity of the ghost in the haunted building?”

Hearing this, Li Li was completely stunned. “What do you mean?”

Han Zhan said, “That ghost inside is Jiang Weimin’s ex-wife, Madam Lan. According to what I know, Madam Lan jumped down from the middle of that building. When she landed, her corpse was split into two. Think about it, a crazy woman wouldn’t jump off a building no matter where she went. Why did she just have to go to the top floor of the Chuan Dong Pharmaceutical Building? Someone speculated that this Lan Ruoyun harbored hatred towards Jiang Weimin and purposely jumped down from his company building with the goal of not letting Jiang Weimin have peace even if she wanted to die.”

“It’s a cursed building. It’s haunted inside. It’s not a rumor. It’s really haunted. There’s something you might not have heard of. I also heard it from my Song Ci. She said that Jiang Weimin didn’t intend to move the office building until Jiang Guchuan nearly collapsed inside.”

Li Li had never heard of this rumor. He lowered his head and asked curiously, “How did Jiang Guchuan nearly fall in?”

“I think they said it was late at night. Jiang Guchuan, who had just gone to the company for an internship, was trapped in the lift. Not only was the surveillance camera on the trapped lift malfunctioning, even the emergency call bell and exhaust no longer worked.”

Jiang Guchuan was locked in a dark and enclosed lift van. Due to fear and lack of oxygen, it was said that he had fainted when he was discovered and his breathing was weak. It was precisely because of this that Jiang Weimin quickly moved his office building. Otherwise, do you think Jiang Weimin would really move his office building for an illusory ghost?”

This was the first time Li Li heard this rumor. “Is this true?”

“It sounds fake, but it’s true. Because the person who told Song Ci this news was the secretary of the CEO’s office in Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals at that time.”

“Then it can’t be fake.”

Han Zhan acknowledged and said, “My intuition tells me that the boss of F International has some grudges with Jiang Weimin. He bought this building to disgust Jiang Weimin and challenge him. I am very curious about the identity of F International’s boss and really want to meet him…”

Li Li thought for a moment and said, “What’s the hurry? He spent so much effort to move the company back. There must be something big going on. This boss behind the scenes will stand up sooner or later. It depends on when.”

“That’s true.”

Han Zhan and Li Li were not the only ones who heard about this.

The news of F International Smart Technology Company moving to Wangdong City quickly spread domestically and abroad. The entire Wangdong City was excited!

When Jiang Guchuan found out that that abandoned building had actually become the headquarters of F International Smart Technology Company, he was momentarily stunned.

F International actually bought that ghost building as an office building!

Does he think that his life is tough so he’s not afraid of ghosts?

When Jiang Weimin heard this news, he couldn’t help feeling slightly regretful. He regretted not asking for a higher price back then.

It was already the next day when Han Wangwang received the news.

In the afternoon, she went to Jiang Zhen’s office and ate western food with him.

She loved beef very much, so Jiang Zhen got the chef to make her a plate of battle-axe steak. Han Wangwang could destroy such a big piece of meat alone.

The floor of the law firm was generally lower. The surroundings were quiet and filled with willow trees and ginkgo trees. Han Wangwang sat at the small dining table by the window, eating and admiring the picturesque scenery outside the building.

Jiang Zhen was squeezing orange juice for her.

“You’re moving F International to Wangdong City?” Han Wangwang saw those people chatting in the WeChat group and knew that F International was moving to Wangdong City.

Jiang Zhen was focused on squeezing the juice and acknowledged.

“Why did you suddenly decide to move back?”

Jiang Zhen poured the fruit juice into a gradually changing translucent glass. He shook the fruit juice before walking towards Han Wangwang with it.

Jiang Zhen placed the cup against Han Wangwang’s lips. “Come, try if the sourness and sweetness are suitable.”

Han Wangwang took a sip of juice. “A little sour.”

“If it’s sour, it’s a boy; spicy a girl. It seems like you want to give me a son.”

Han Wangwang nearly choked on her juice. She swallowed it and glared at Jiang Zhen coquettishly. “I’m asking you a question.”

Only then did Jiang Zhen sit down opposite Han Wangwang. He crossed his arms and placed them on his abdomen. He tilted his head and looked in the direction of the financial street in the distance. He smiled and said, “If I don’t come back, how am I going to fight those four families? Moreover…”

Jiang Zhen stared at Han Wangwang and his eyes turned gentle. He said lovingly, “My wife is here. The company and I naturally have to be here.”

Han Wangwang’s ears turned red.

She lowered her head and ate the meat, feeling too embarrassed to look up and meet Jiang Zhen’s eyes.

Jiang Zhen suddenly said, “Jiang Guchuan is getting engaged to my Uncle Sheng’s daughter, Sheng Qingya, next month. Come along.”

Han Wangwang was slightly surprised. “So soon? How long has Jiang Guchuan and Sheng Qingya known each other? Are they going to spend the rest of their lives together?”

“It’s just a marriage alliance. Moreover, the two of them have a good impression of each other and are already of age. They should get engaged and get married when it’s time.”

Han Wangwang frowned and said thoughtfully, “Jiang Guchuan marrying the daughter of the Sheng family is like adding wings to a tiger, but you are alone and helpless.”

Han Wangwang put down her knife and fork and reached out her hands to Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen hesitated for a moment before understanding what Han Wangwang meant. He took the initiative to place his hands in Han Wangwang’s palms.

Han Wangwang held his hand and squeezed it gently. She said, “I will be your backer. Don’t worry, I will do my best to protect you.”

Jiang Zhen was stunned for a moment. Then, he grabbed Han Wangwang’s hand and suddenly said in a low voice, “Looking at you like this makes me want to bully you fiercely.” Afraid that Han Wangwang didn’t understand what kind of situation “bullying” was, Jiang Zhen added, “The kind that locks you in your room for a night.”

Han Wangwang suddenly pulled her hand out and glared at Jiang Zhen with a red face and racing heart. “I’m talking about serious matters with you, but you’re joking with me.”

“I am also talking about serious matters. It is a major matter related to the succession of the family.”

“Get lost!”

Han Wangwang got up and went to the sofa.

Jiang Zhen chased after him and pulled Han Wangwang into his arms, letting her sit on his lap. Han Wangwang was about to struggle when she heard Jiang Zhen say, “Don’t move.”

He really wanted to move now.

Han Wangwang understood something and didn’t dare to move at all.

Jiang Zhen touched Han Wangwang’s earlobe and said, “The engagement party won’t be peaceful. Let me remind you in advance.”

Han Wangwang’s eyes darted around.

“What are you going to do?”

Jiang Zhen said, “Remember to go and take a look. Anyway, watching a show is free.”

Han Wangwang was full of doubts, but if Jiang Zhen didn’t want to spoil the story now, she wouldn’t be able to pry out half a word from Jiang Zhen’s clam mouth.

Han Wangwang was going to take an afternoon nap at Jiang Zhen’s place. The temperature in the office was rather low and Han Wangwang was slightly cold. Jiang Zhen went to the lounge to get a thin pure cotton blanket to cover her.

Han Wangwang laid on his sofa and played with his cell phone while Jiang Zhen sat behind his desk and worked. Occasionally, he would look up at Han Wangwang to see if she was asleep or if she had kicked the blanket.

Han Wangwang kept playing with her cell phone and didn’t feel sleepy at all. She saw that there was a WeChat friend list called Sheng Qingya and asked Jiang Zhen, “This Sheng Qingya is Jiang Guchuan’s girlfriend?”


“Can I take a look?”

Jiang Zhen didn’t even look up and said bluntly, “You can look at my cell phone as you wish.”

Han Wangwang glanced at Jiang Zhen before entering Sheng Qingya’s social media account to see this young mistress of the Sheng Family.

Sheng Qingya’s WeChat friend circle didn’t have any nonsensical articles. Sheng Qingya was a jewelry designer and she just posted explanations for most of her designs.

Han Wangwang flipped through a few pages before seeing a photo of Sheng Qingya and Jiang Guchuan. The handsome couple stood in a cafe by the Imperial Dragon River, leaned against the railing, and smiled gently at the camera.

Han Wangwang was actually not very familiar with Jiang Guchuan. They had only met a few times and Jiang Zhen had never brought Han Wangwang to the Jiang Family.

Going to the Jiang Family would dirty Han Wangwang’s eyes.

Han Wangwang zoomed in on the photo and said, “Your brother is quite good-looking.”

Jiang Zhen suddenly looked up and glared at Han Wangwang. He asked with a faint smile, “You like his type? Forget it. He’s not as good-looking as me.”

Han Wangwang chuckled. She stared at Jiang Zhen for a moment before saying, “You are good in every way, but you are too skinny. I prefer burly men.”

Jiang Zhen said, “I am a girl now. I need to be thin enough to appear slender.” Jiang Zhen was very careful with his diet. He was afraid that if he gained weight and became stronger, he would expose himself.

“I’m very curious about your normal size.” Han Wangwang couldn’t even imagine Jiang Zhen’s muscular figure after he regained his manhood.

Jiang Zhen told Han Wangwang, “I disguised myself as a woman when I was 19 years old. You can only see what I looked like before I was 19 years old. Come over and I’ll show you.”

iang Zhen opened his private space and found an old photo. It was taken in the tropical rainforest area of South America. The two of them were standing on a boat. Jiang Zhen was wearing a black singlet and camouflage pants, a pair of combat boots, and a gun in his hand.

Jiang Zhen’s hair was short and nimble, revealing a face with sharp and angular eyes. He had a muscular but not burly figure, and his tall posture was like a small white poplar.

Han Wangwang called him handsome in her heart.

Han Wangwang was already overjoyed, but her expression was very calm. “It looks okay.” She raised her cell phone and compared Jiang Guchuan’s and Jiang Zhen’s photos. “Jiang Guchuan is not as good as you.”

Only then did Jiang Zhen smile in satisfaction.

He turned off the photo and was about to continue working when he heard Han Wangwang say behind him, “Looking at it carefully, I realized that Jiang Guchuan looks quite similar to your father.”

Jiang Zhen frowned and snatched the cell phone to take a look. He pursed his lips and said, “How is he alike? Jiang Guchuan looks like Zhu Xiulan. Look at those heartless, single eyelids. They look just like his mother.”

But Han Wangwang said, “Why not? Jiang Guchuan has a thin single eyelid like his mother, so everyone will think that he looks like your stepmother at first glance because human eyes are the most attractive part. But look at it this way.”

Han Wangwang blocked Jiang Guchuan’s eyes with her hand, revealing her nose and lips. She said, “Look, doesn’t Jiang Guchuan look like your father?”

Jiang Zhen stared at Jiang Guchuan’s nose, mouth, and jaw line. An electric current suddenly flashed across his heart. “Wait!”

Jiang Guchuan found Jiang Weimin’s photo on the Internet. He blocked Jiang Weimin’s eyes and leaned Jiang Guchuan’s and Jiang Weimin’s faces together.

Exactly the same!

Han Wangwang patted Jiang Zhen’s shoulder and said, “Look, I’m right, right? They really look alike. Will they look more and more alike after being a family?”

Jiang Zhen said nothing.

Han Wangwang felt strange and asked him, “What’s the matter?”

iang Zhen suddenly turned around and looked up at Han Wangwang behind him with a stunned expression.

“Jiang Zhen.” Han Wangwang’s smile faded. She instinctively grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand and asked him carefully, “What’s the matter?”

iang Zhen grabbed Han Wangwang’s hand and said hoarsely, “Before Jiang Weimin married my mother, he had an ex-wife. But that ex-wife fell into the water and died.”

Han Wangwang nodded and asked, “So? What does that have to do with this?”

Jiang Zhen suddenly stood up and said, “I have something to investigate. You can go to the law firm later. I won’t send you off.” With that, Jiang Zhen hurried out of the office.

Han Wangwang was shocked. When she chased out of the office, she couldn’t even see Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Weimin woke up from his afternoon nap and was drinking tea in the courtyard when he heard the sound of wheels rolling outside the house.

He didn’t pay much attention to it. Only when the sound of wheels stopped outside the wall of the Jiang Family residence did Jiang Weimin frown and look outside the house. Who would come at this time?

Jiang Weimin got up and walked towards the courtyard door. He saw Jiang Zhen striding in.

He was wearing a pure white silk shirt, beige suit pants, and a pair of black flats. He looked cold and heartless as a heartless female lawyer.

Ever since the fight that night, Jiang Zhen had not returned to the Jiang Family for half a month.

Jiang Weimin was enraged when he saw Jiang Zhen. He said unhappily, “Why did you come back?”

Jiang Zhen stopped in his tracks and glanced at Jiang Weimin from afar. He stared at Jiang Weimin’s face and revealed a scrutinizing expression.

Jiang Weimin frowned and couldn’t help asking, “What are you looking at? You don’t know me after not coming back for half a month?”

Jiang Zhen walked closer and called out, “Dad.”

He called him father gently, but Jiang Weimin couldn’t flare up. Jiang Weimin snorted and said unhappily, “Since you hate me so much, why are you still calling me father?”

Jiang Zhen couldn’t be bothered to argue with Jiang Weimin and entered the Jiang Family residence.

“Where are you going?” Jiang Weimin asked.

Jiang Zhen said, “I’m going back to my room to get something.”

Jiang Weimin didn’t probe further.

Jiang Zhen quickly went upstairs and entered Jiang Weimin’s room. He searched his bed and bed before finding two to three strands of hair that had fallen off.

Following that, Jiang Zhen went to Jiang Guchuan’s room.

The bedsheets in Jiang Guchuan’s room were changed every three days. Usually, the nanny only needed to tidy them up and fold them neatly.

Jiang Zhen searched the pillow for a while but couldn’t find any hair. He went to the bathroom again. He was very lucky to find two short black hairs in Jiang Guchuan’s bathroom.

It must have fallen out of Jiang Guchuan’s shower.

Jiang Zhen found what he wanted and returned to his room. He went to the cloakroom to get an expensive watch.

Jiang Zhen walked out of the room with his watch and bumped into Zhu Xiulan. When Zhu Xiulan saw the watch in Jiang Zhen’s arms, the doubts in her eyes suddenly dissipated. She smiled and asked Jiang Zhen, “Bi’er, your father said that you came back to get something. You found it?”

Jiang Zhen said, “Mmm. Wangwang gave this to me.”

“So you came back to get your watch.” Zhu Xiulan grabbed his arm and said, “Your father hasn’t been well these few days and has been listless. Do you want to have a good chat with him?”

Jiang Zhen coldly removed the hand on his arm and rejected expressionlessly. “No need. He will be angry if he sees me now. If I go and chat with him again, I am afraid I will anger him to death.”

Zhu Xiulan’s expression froze and she was speechless.

“I’m leaving.”

Jiang Zhen came and went like the wind, leaving just like that.

Jiang Weimin stood in the courtyard and saw a white shadow flash before Jiang Zhen left.

Jiang Weimin was so angry that he coughed. Zhu Xiulan came down from upstairs and hurriedly held his arm to calm him down. “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. This child is still young and immature.”

“She already has a company. What do you mean she’s still young!” Jiang Weimin heard Jiang Zhen driving away and sighed sadly. “She just hates me and doesn’t like me.”

Zhu Xiulan also sighed.

Jiang Zhen drove the car to the police station and found Yan Jiang. He handed the two different sets of hair to him.

Yan Jiang frowned and stared at that hair. “Whose hair is this?”

Jiang Zhen said, “I won’t tell you first. I will tell you when your test results are out.”

“Alright, just wait two days.”


Jiang Zhen had been waiting for the results for the past few days and was in a bad mood. He didn’t smile. Han Wangwang saw that he was unhappy and specially went to gather many delicacies. Every day, she got the delivery man to send them to Jiang Zhen.

That afternoon, Jiang Zhen was eating the strawberry cake that Han Wangwang asked the delivery man to send over when he received a call from Yan Jiang.

Over the phone, Yan Jiang told him, “Although I don’t know whose hair it is, I have to tell you that I retrieved the DNA from the two people’s hairbags and did a paternity test. The data shows that the two of them are father and son.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen’s head buzzed. “Is this result accurate?”

Yan Jiang smiled. “Miss Jiang, I’ve tested twice and this is the result. Please don’t doubt my professional skills.” Yan Jiang didn’t know that Jiang Zhen was a man and had always treated him as Wang Wang’s best friend.

“I got it…” Jiang Zhen’s voice was unsteady. His heart was pounding like a hammer in his chest. Bang, bang, bang, very violently.

Yan Jiang was very curious about the owner of these two furs. “We can be considered to have a revolutionary friendship. Tell me, whose hair are these? I will never tell anyone.”

Yan Jiang was someone Jiang Zhen trusted. Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and told him, “It’s my father’s and my adopted son’s hair.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

“Isn’t your adopted son, Jiang Guchuan, married into the Jiang family by your stepmother? He…” Yan Jiang thought of something and his expression instantly turned stunned.” F*ck! ”

Yan Jiang couldn’t resist bursting out.

After Jiang Weimin’s wife passed away, he married Zhu Xiulan, who was an orphan and a widow. But this DNA message showed that Jiang Guchuan was Jiang Weimin’s biological son, and Jiang Guchuan was three years older than Jiang Weimin and his wife’s twins!

What did this mean?

What did this mean!

It meant that Jiang Weimin had a child before his wedding!

Jiang Weimin had a child with Jiang Zhen before he got married, but he hid the truth and married Jiang Zhen’s mother. He even had a child with Jiang Zhen’s mother. After that, the children went missing and his wife died. He then married Zhu Xiulan and her son back home. This move was really vicious!

Lan Ruoyun really invited a wolf into her house!

Jiang Zhen sneered on the other end of the phone. “I’m sorry, Mr. Yan. I’ve made a fool of myself.”

This was indeed a sarcastic joke, but Yan Jiang couldn’t smile.

He pondered for a moment before saying to Jiang Zhen, “Miss Jiang, Song Ci and I are family. We are also family with Wangwang. You are Wangwang’s best friend. If you need anything, you can look for me to help.”

Until this moment, Yan Jiang didn’t know that the female deceased called Su Run was actually Jiang Zhen’s sister, Jiang Bi. He also didn’t know that Jiang Zhen was the mysterious person who kidnapped the forensic doctor, Yang Chong’s sister.

Jiang Zhen thanked Yan Jiang and hung up.

After hanging up, he suddenly got up and left the law firm. He drove to the AK Shooting Club and ran into the forest to kill everyone. After fighting in the forest for an entire afternoon, Jiang Zhen regained his composure.

For the next week, Jiang Zhen was investigating Jiang Weimin’s ex-wife. Han Wangwang didn’t see Jiang Zhen that week.

The next time she saw Jiang Zhen was on a stormy night.

The raindrops hit the window and the thunder came one after another, but Han Wangwang was sleeping soundly. She was having a good dream when she heard the doorbell. Han Wangwang thought it was an illusion, but the doorbell kept ringing. In the end, Han Wangwang reluctantly opened her eyes.

Only when she woke up did she realize that someone was really pressing the doorbell.

Who could it be in the middle of the night?



Han Wangwang cautiously turned on her cell phone and looked at the surveillance camera outside the door. Seeing that the person standing outside the house was the drenched Jiang Zhen, Han Wangwang hurriedly climbed out of the room to open the door.

Jiang Zhen was drenched from the rain and the rain was dripping down his clothes.

“Jiang Zhen—”

Han Wangwang hurriedly pulled Jiang Zhen into the house.

Her apartment was carpeted. After Jiang Zhen entered the house, he was afraid of wetting the carpet, so he took off his shoes and clothes.

Han Wangwang saw that he had taken off his wet clothes and couldn’t be bothered to be shy. She turned around and was about to get a towel to warm him up.

She had just turned around when Jiang Zhen grabbed her arm. After a rush of dizziness, Han Wangwang was pulled into Jiang Zhen’s arms.

Jiang Zhen cupped Han Wangwang’s chin and kissed her forcefully. Jiang Zhen’s kiss was ruthless and fierce. Instead of saying that Jiang Zhen was kissing her, it was more like she was sucking the air from her body.

That sickly and persistent look was like a confession to Han Wangwang—

I don’t think I can live without you.

Han Wangwang was shocked by Jiang Zhen’s behavior. She let Jiang Zhen do whatever he wanted and didn’t dare to resist.

After a long, long time, Jiang Zhen only carried Han Wangwang back to her room when he realized that her face was slightly blue. Jiang Zhen went to the bathroom without saying a word. He filled the Japanese bathtub with water, took off Han Wangwang’s nightdress, and carried her into the bathroom.

Sitting in the deep bathtub, Jiang Zhen buried his head in Han Wangwang’s neck. For some reason, his entire body was trembling.

Han Wangwang had already caught her breath.

She touched the corner of her lips that Jiang Zhen had kissed. Her heart was in a knot. She was feeling sorry for Jiang Zhen. Sensing that the person behind her was trembling, Han Wangwang asked worriedly, “Jiang Zhen, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Zhen cried on her back.

Tears landed on Han Wangwang’s skin and burned her heart.

“It’s all a conspiracy…”

“It’s all a scheme!”

Jiang Zhen repeated these words intermittently.

Han Wangwang guessed that Jiang Zhen must have discovered some shocking truth. She asked again, “Did you discover something?”

Jiang Zhen nodded tearfully.

Han Wangwang guided him patiently. “Tell me, alright?”

Jiang Zhen took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and locked his tears. Only then did he say to Han Wangwang, “He lied to her her whole lifeand harmed her forever. Jiang Weimin, he is a beast!”

Han Wangwang still didn’t understand why Jiang Zhen was angry and afraid. “What happened?”

Jiang Zhen actually said, “Jiang Guchuan, he is Jiang Weimin’s biological son!”

Han Wangwang’s eyes widened!

That night, Jiang Zhen spoke to Han Wangwang for a long time. Later on, when the water was getting cold, they went to the big bed.

Lying on Han Wangwang’s pink and soft bed, Jiang Zhen cried in his dreams even when he fell asleep.

Han Wangwang guarded by his side. Every time Jiang Zhen’s body trembled, she would hurriedly hug him and gently pat Jiang Zhen’s back and head. She whispered into his ear, “Jiang Zhen, Wangwang is here.”

“Jiang Zhen, Wangwang will accompany you.”

“Jiang Zhen, Wangwang loves you very much.”

With her comforting words, Jiang Zhen finally survived the night.

In the morning, he woke up and saw that Han Wangwang was so tired that she leaned against the pillow and fell asleep. He gently adjusted Han Wangwang’s sleeping position, covered her with a blanket, and sent a message to the law firm asking for leave before leaving.

Once he left Han Wangwang’s apartment, Jiang Zhen called Meng Xiaosheng, who was far away in Nanxing City.

“Mr. Meng, you can throw out the bait.”

Meng Xiaosheng was silent for a moment before saying, “Alright, I understand.”

When Han Wangwang woke up, it was already 10.30am.

She hurriedly jumped off the bed and pulled open the curtains. The blinding sunlight shone in and filled every corner of the bedroom.

Han Wangwang hurriedly covered her eyes to block the sunlight. After adapting to the strong light, Han Wangwang slowly opened her eyes. But the first thing she saw was not the sunlight, nor the tall buildings and bustling cars outside the window. It was the platinum ring on her left middle finger.

Han Wangwang looked at the ring in a daze.

This is not mine!

She hurriedly found her cell phone and called Jiang Zhen. The call didn’t go through, but she saw a message in her WeChat chat with Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen had sent it to her at 8am this morning. It said—

[I’m very sorry for putting the proposal ring on you without permission, but I really love you too much. After this is over, I will give you a grand proposal ceremony. Wait for me to come back, I will marry you.]

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