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Chapter 402: Su Run is Jiang Bi, Jiang Zhen’s Sister!

To expose Li Mang’s cover-up of the criminals was not something that Yang Chong could achieve with just a few words. Firstly, Lin Jing had to find the identities of the four real culprits and confirm that Su Run had been bullied by those people when he was alive. He had to turn Su Run’s suicide into murder.

That way, the evidence of Li Mang protecting the criminal would be conclusive and he would receive the punishment he deserved.

When Lin Jing left the building in the morning, he was in high spirits. He even asked the breakfast shop owner for a bowl of old tofu and wanton. He sat by the street and ate heartily without caring about his image.

It was Lin Jing’s day shift today and it was Li Mang’s first week here. He couldn’t skip work for no reason. After breakfast, Lin Jing returned to the building. As he approached the building, he saw Li Mang sitting in a car.

Li Mang was walking out of the car. His black uniform made him look impartial. Seeing Lin Jing, Li Mang took the initiative to stop and nodded at him as a greeting.

He could nod and substitute for small talk, but Lin Jing couldn’t. Lin Jing walked towards Li Mang with a mischievous smile. Walking up to him, Lin Jing rubbed his hands and said with a smile, “Boss, you’re here so early?”

The person in front of him was wearing a wrinkled shirt. His chin was clean and he looked handsome, but he gave off the illusion that he was very slovenly.

Li Mang knew that no matter how slovenly Lin Jing looked, he was very meticulous. He had long heard that Lin Jing’s brain was a computer and he remembered all the details of any case clearly.

Li Mang reached out and tugged at Lin Jing’s shirt. He frowned and asked, “Did you not sleep last night? Or did you not shower or change clothes? You are a captain after all. You should take note of your image.”

“Sigh! Why do I need an image? I’m someone who comes out in the rain and deals with murderers and perverts every few days. Why do I need to look so good? No matter how good I look, I don’t have a girlfriend, right?”

When Lin Jing was still in school, he kept changing girlfriends one after another. His mother was worried that he would cause trouble with women. Now, he was already in his thirties and still couldn’t find a girlfriend. His mother was so anxious that on the 15th day of the new year, she would go to the temple to offer incense and pray to Buddha for a wife.

Hearing Lin Jing’s words, Li Mang’s expression became unfathomable. “Oh? Captain Lin is still single? I see that Captain Lin is talented and should be very popular with the girls.”

“Boss, you are wrong. I am a busy person. When I am busy with work, I can go home for two to three days without showering. It is a waste for a girl to follow me.”

“You can’t say anything.” Li Mang thought of Lin Jing’s legendary unfathomable background and couldn’t help having crooked thoughts. He said, “My family has a good-for-nothing daughter. She’s 25 years old this year. Although she doesn’t have any fairy-like beauty, she’s still a beautiful and good lady. Why don’t you come to my house for a meal some day? You youngsters can chat more?”

Lin Jing’s heart skipped a beat.

Damn it!

Old fox!

He wanted to take me in as his son-in-law? Dream on!

Lin Jing pretended not to understand what Li Mang meant. “Hahaha, Boss really knows how to joke. Your precious daughter is a golden daughter. She’s not worthy of a boor like me!”

Li Mang didn’t feel unhappy when he saw Lin Jing reject this marriage with a smile, but he was still slightly disappointed.

Lin Jing was a good candidate for a son-in-law.

“Alright, alright. Go in.”

“Alright, Boss, please.”

Lin Jing was one step behind Li Mang. As they walked, the two of them chatted about work.

Li Mang said, “Gu Qinchuan’s case is in an uproar. Many eyes are on us now. Captain Lin has never been merciful towards criminals. I am very assured to leave this matter to you.”

Lin Jing said half-jokingly, “This Gu Family has a big family and business. Only Gu Qinchuan and Gu Qinfeng are two children. This time, with Gu Qinchuan gone in, the Gu Family will suffer a huge blow. I’m just afraid that this Gu Family will continue to create trouble and use money to settle things.”

Lin Jing had been in the industry for so many years, so he naturally knew what was going on. Taking money to settle things was a rather obscure way of putting it.

Li Mang naturally understood what Lin Jing meant. He stopped and patted Lin Jing’s shoulder gently to comfort him. “It’s our responsibility as police officers to track down the real culprit and capture the culprit. You did very well this time. You completed your mission perfectly. You have a clear conscience. What are you afraid of?”

The meaning behind his words was that you, Lin Jing, are a police officer. As long as you catch Gu Qinchuan and find enough evidence of his crimes, transfer him to the prosecutor’s office and complete the mission. As for what happens to Gu Qinchuan in the future, it has nothing to do with Lin Jing.

If Lin Jing was a transparent person, he should learn to turn a blind eye.

Lin Jing glanced sideways at Li Mang and sneered in his heart, but he said, “Boss is very right!”

The two of them entered the building together and saw that the little comrade in charge of reporting the case had a grave expression.

Lin Jing saw that Little Zheng’s expression was serious and asked, “Little Zheng, why are you frowning? What case did you receive this time?”

Little Zheng hurriedly stood up and said to them, “Boss, Captain Lin, there was a murder at Jin Feng Estate in Zhou Lou County last night. The victim’s family of three died and one was injured. Only a twelve-year-old child was hidden by his mother to avoid disaster! The murderer is currently escaping!”

Li Mang didn’t expect to encounter a murder case as soon as he took office. He hurriedly organized the Major Crimes Division and ordered Lin Jing to be the captain, asking him to bring people to Zhou Lou County to investigate this case. Lin Jing accepted the order and returned to his room to get a glass of water. After everyone gathered, he drove to Zhou Lou County in Wangdong City.

Yan Jiang was feeling bored after dinner when he received a call from Lin Jing. Lin Jing wanted Yan Jiang to make a trip to Zhou Lou County to help deal with this murder case.

Yan Jiang was an owl and found it very difficult to fall asleep at night. After receiving the call, he greeted Song Ci and went to Zhou Lou County.

The crime scene was very well protected. Apart from Lin Jing and Yan Jiang, that junior forensic doctor, no one else had entered.

Yan Jiang put on his shoes, gloves, and walked into the crime scene. He took photos of all the details in the house and checked everywhere before getting someone to transport the deceased’s body to the autopsy room.

Little Junior Brother was afraid of ghosts and had been following behind Yan Jiang. Although he was very cowardly, no matter what professional question Yan Jiang asked, Little Junior Brother could always answer quickly.

Lin Jing smiled at Yan Jiang. “Like I said, although your little junior brother is afraid of ghosts, he is an all-rounder.”

Yan Jiang patted his little junior brother’s head. Seeing that it was already midnight, he said, “Let’s go for supper.”

Junior Brother stared at the room full of blood, but couldn’t get his appetite up. “You guys go ahead. I… I’m a little tired. I need to take a nap.”

“You’ve worked hard. Go.” Lin Jing let his junior brother go before saying to Yan Jiang, “This child just arrived not long ago. It’s his first time seeing such a tragic scene. It’s inevitable that he can’t accept it.”

“You’ll get used to it slowly.”

Yan Jiang and Lin Jing found a roadside stall. There were fewer people now, just the two of them.

Yan Jiang pulled Lin Jing to a simple table in the corner and sat down. The shop owner was barbecuing and couldn’t hear them. Once they sat down, Yan Jiang handed a bottle of lemonade to Lin Jing. “I have something to tell you.”

Lin Jing didn’t drink alcohol during his investigations. This lemon water was his favorite drink apart from beer. Lin Jing hugged the lemon water, drooped his eyes, and said wearily, “Tell me.”

He didn’t sleep last night and didn’t sleep in the day either. He was so sleepy that he could fall asleep sitting down.

Yan Jiang took a piece of paper and gently wiped the table in front of Lin Jing. As he wiped, he said, “I might know who the real culprit who violated Su Run is.”

Lin Jing immediately woke up.

His first reaction when he heard this news was not joy, but suspicion. He stared at Yan Jiang thoughtfully and asked suspiciously, “How did you know?”

How did you know? These words were used very well.

Yan Jiang knew what Lin Jing was worried about and reassured him. “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with me.”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s promise, Lin Jing nodded. “How did you know about this? Tell me honestly.”

Yan Jiang told Lin Jing about the scene Song Ci witnessed on the cruise eight years ago.

“This matter shouldn’t be made public. Only the two of us know about it. If others know that Song Ci had personally witnessed Li Feng and the rest’s crime scene, I’m afraid it will be dangerous.”

Protecting the witness’s safety was very important. Lin Jing naturally understood the severity of the matter. “I understand. Of course I won’t leak the news.”

Lin Jing unscrewed the cap of the beverage bottle and took a sip of sour lemon water. He smacked his lips, put down the glass, and said, “Firstly, we need to confirm that Su Run did board that boat and find the first scene of Su Run’s case before we can investigate the real culprit.”

“That’s true.” But this happened eight years ago. It was rather difficult to investigate who boarded the ship eight years ago.

Yan Jiang couldn’t help feeling slightly discouraged. He said, “Even if there were surveillance cameras on the cruise back then, they have long been deleted after eight years. Moreover, if Su Run was really murdered on that cruise, the murderer would have already destroyed the surveillance cameras. It will be very difficult for us to find evidence.”

The shopkeeper walked over with two plates. He carried the roasted eggplant eggs and squid to Lin Jing and Ming Shu. “The two of you eat first. I am still roasting over there. Do you need beer?”

Yan Jiang waved his hand. “I’m driving, so I can’t drink.”


After the barbeque shop owner left, Lin Jing suddenly asked, “Song Ci, do you still remember that person’s face? I’ll go and find Su Run’s photo when she was alive. Take it and show it to Song Ci. If Song Ci can recognize that girl, then this matter will be easy to settle.”

“As long as I can confirm that Su Run is the girl Song Ci saw, I will have my ways.” Don’t forget that Gu Qinchuan was in his hands.


Yan Jiang stayed in Zhou Lou County for a week and sorted out the autopsy results of the few victims with his junior brother. Only then did he plan to go home.

On the day he returned, Lin Jing called him to his temporary dormitory alone.

Lin Jing was cooking a hot meal online. The rice was not cooked yet and steam was pouring out of the hole in the lid. Lin Jing sat by the table counting the time and couldn’t wait to taste this hot meal.

Yan Jiang entered the house and saw the hot meal on the table. He said, “Eat less of this. It’s not clean.”

Lin Jing said, “My mother squatted during the live-stream and snatched it for me. She snatched 30 barrels. Do you want a few?”

Yan Jiang hurriedly waved his hand. “Forget it.”

Lin Jing got up and took out a paper bag from the drawer. He stuffed the bag into Yan Jiang’s arms and told him, “This contains Su Run’s photo. Let Song Ci look at it later. I hope she saw Su Run’s face clearly that night.”

“Can I look at it?” Yan Jiang asked, holding the bag.

“Why not?”

Only then did Yan Jiang lower his head to open the paper bag. He heard Lin Jing say, “Su Run is a teenage painter who has participated in several art competitions. The photos here include photos of her when she participated in the competition and her daily life. I found these photos from her WeChat.”

“Let me see.”

Yan Jiang took out the photos from the paper bag. There was a thin stack of about seven to eight photos that Lin Jing had printed using a printer.

Su Run had never studied when she was young. After the Su couple adopted her, they hired two tutors to tutor her at home. Only when her knowledge caught up to her peers did they send her to the third year of junior high school.

Su Run studied for half a year before taking the middle school examination and getting into the best high school in the area.

Su Run passed away in the first semester of Year 1. That year, the winter in the north was especially cold, but Nanxing City was like spring all year round. Even in winter, the temperature in Nanxing City was more than 10 degrees. It was also because of the warm weather that Li Feng brought people to Nanxing City to hold a cruise birthday party for his girlfriend.

The first photo was taken when Su Run participated in the Year One sports meet. In the photo, Su Run was wearing a white shirt and a beige sweater. His hair was tied into a high ponytail and he was volunteering to distribute mineral water to his classmates.

This was a photo taken half a month before Su Run passed away. At this time, her parents had already passed away for more than two months. The Su Run in the photo was smiling and didn’t look like she had depression.

Lin Jing saw Yan Jiang staring at Su Run’s photo with a thoughtful expression. He said, “Such a beautiful lady with a smile doesn’t look like she has depression, right?”

Yan Jiang remained silent.

Lin Jing thought that Yan Jiang had seen a beauty and was slightly mesmerized. Lin Jing frowned, got up, took the photo from Yan Jiang’s hand, and said to him sternly, “This is the deceased. Even if she is good-looking and is the type of girl you like, you shouldn’t stare at the deceased like this. This is very disrespectful.”

Yan Jiang snatched the photo back and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. I only love my wife.” He was in a daze for another reason. “I’ll go back first. I’ll show Song Ci the photo later and call you again.”


Someone from the county was going to Wangdong City to report on work, so Yan Jiang hitchhiked back to the city. After returning to the city, he went home and drove his own car straight to the Imperial Dragon Villa.

Han Zhan had already returned from his work trip and was on leave today.

When Yan Jiang arrived, Han Zhan was teaching Han Miao and Han Jun how to swim. The two little meatballs were wearing swimsuits, revealing their fair arms and legs as they kicked their legs in the water.

Han Jun had already learned butterfly swimming, but because Han Miao was rather fat and clumsy at swimming, she never knew how to swim. Han Zhan held Han Miao’s abdomen and taught her how to swim step by step.

Yan Jiang walked closer while smoking. When he saw the children, he instinctively extinguished the cigarette.

He squatted by the pool and asked Han Zhan, “Are you resting today?”


“Where’s Song Song?”

]”I’m bringing her for a prenatal checkup this afternoon. She’s practicing the piano now.”

Yan Jiang pricked up his ears and vaguely heard the sound of a violin. “She’s so hardworking.” Yan Jiang stood up and rubbed his hands on his pants. “You and your daughters can play first. I’ll go and see Song Song.”

Han Zhan suddenly called out to him. “Why did you look for her the moment you came back?”

Yan Jiang acknowledged. “I don’t want to tell you about this.”

Han Zhan sneered. “Get lost!”

Yan Jiang rolled into the house and went straight to the violin room upstairs to look for Song Ci. When he arrived at the violin room, Song Ci was playing a new tune. After she finished playing, Yan Jiang coughed and reminded Song Ci.

Hearing the cough, Song Ci turned to look at the entrance.

Seeing Yan Jiang standing outside the door, Song Ci smiled and asked him, “How long have you been here?”

“Five to six minutes.”

“Come in quickly.” Song Ci told him, “I’ve composed a new song recently and will be publishing it in my personal collection later. What do you think of the song?”

“Of course it’s awesome.”

Yan Jiang took off his shoes and entered Song Ci’s piano room in clean white socks.

Song Ci put down the violin and sat cross-legged by the French window with him. Yan Jiang was wearing a thin suit pants today. As he sat cross-legged on the ground, the contents of the pants’ pockets were revealed.

Song Ci pointed at his pants pocket and asked, “What’s in your pocket?”

“A photo.” Yan Jiang stood up first and took the photo out of his pocket. Then, he sat cross-legged again. He said, “Lin Jing found Su Run’s life photo when she was alive. He wants you to recognize her and see if she is the girl you saw on the cruise.”

Yan Jiang placed the paper bag on Song Ci’s thigh.

Song Ci stared at that thing with a rare nervous expression. She was hoping that Su Run was not the girl on the cruise.

After hesitating for a moment, Song Ci opened the paper bag and took out a stack of photos.

As soon as she took out the photo, Song Ci saw Su Run.

She stared at the girl’s exquisite and gentle features, her fingers suddenly trembling.

“It’s, it’s her…” Song Ci recognized this face.

That night, when Song Ci secretly stood outside the door to peep, she only saw a fair side profile at first. As Su Run was struggling and crying non-stop, she actually didn’t see that side profile clearly.

At that time, she was very hesitant. She wanted to break open the door to save her, but was also afraid of bringing trouble to herself. As she was hesitating, that girl suddenly turned to look out the door. That turn of her head allowed Song Ci to see her face clearly.

Her palm-sized face and slender eyes were filled with despair and fear! Song Ci couldn’t forget that face and that helpless gaze.

Song Ci opened the photos one by one. After looking at them, she sighed. “It’s her, it’s really her.” My coldness and timidity really caused the death of an innocent life!

Song Ci arranged the photos neatly and returned them to Yan Jiang. “I’m sure it’s her.”

“Alright, I will inform Lin Jing.” Yan Jiang placed the photo back into the paper bag. He stroked the paper bag and hesitated for a long while before suddenly asking, “Don’t you think Su Run looks very familiar?”

“Mmm?” Song Ci was stunned. “Familiar? Who are you referring to?”

Yan Jiang’s expression looked very strange. He said, “Song Song, your Wangwang is very close to that daughter of the Jiang family. You should be very familiar with that daughter of the Jiang family, right?”

Yan Jiang and Jiang Zhen were not familiar with each other in the past. It was only during this period that they added each other’s contact numbers and met a few times.

Song Ci was shocked that Yan Jiang suddenly mentioned Jiang Zhen. “We are on good terms. She often comes to our house to play.” After all, Jiang Zhen was Han Wangwang’s boyfriend.

Yan Jiang glanced at her obscurely. “Didn’t you notice?”

Song Ci asked in confusion, “Discovered what?” What should she have discovered?

Yan Jiang opened the photo again and took out a photo of Su Run wearing a white t-shirt with her hair tied up. In the photo, Su Run was not smiling and was focused on drawing.

“Look at this photo.” Yan Jiang handed the photo to Song Ci and said, “It’s rare for you not to notice that Su Run and that Jiang Bi from the Jiang Family look very similar. Look at these eyes, nose, and mouth. They really look alike.”

It was just that Su Run’s facial features were gentle, so she looked gentle. Meanwhile, that young lady from the Jiang Family had a sharper facial contour, so she looked even colder.

But they actually looked alike!

Hearing Yan Jiang’s analysis, Song Ci picked up Su Run’s photo and compared it carefully. The more she looked at it, the more shocked she was.

Song Ci suddenly said, “Leave the photo with me.”

“Why do you want this?”

“I’ll look at the photo and see if I can remember more details.”

“Alright then.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Yan Jiang went back to rest.

Song Ci went to change her clothes and went downstairs for lunch. After entrusting the two children to Yan Qingxiu, she went to the hospital with Han Zhan for a prenatal checkup.

As Long Yu drove, his cell phone kept vibrating. Song Ci glanced at his cell phone screen and saw that his girlfriend was texting him. Song Ci suddenly asked Long Yu, “Brother Long, did your girlfriend transfer to the Criminal Police Force?”

“Yes.” Long Yu sounded very proud. “She’s capable and promising. When she was a traffic police officer, she helped catch the murderer. As she performed well, she was promoted to the police force.”

“Impressive.” Song Ci pointed ahead and said, “There’s a red date roasted duck shop ahead. I heard it tastes good. I’ll buy two and you can send one to your girlfriend later. You can take a break in the afternoon. Brother Han will drive himself.”

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci. She obviously had something to say but held it in.

Long Yu had long wanted to apply for leave to meet his girlfriend. Hearing this, he was like a bird locked in a cage, suddenly realizing that the door to the cage was opened and couldn’t wait to fly. “Sure!”

Song Ci went to buy two roasted ducks and got the shop owner to prepare the duck meat slices and put them in a thermos container. She handed one of the roasted ducks to Long Yu. “Brother Long, go on a date.”

“Thank you, Madam.” Long Yu took a cab with the roasted duck.

Song Ci returned to the car, opened the hot roasted duck, and handed it to Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, come and taste it.”

Han Zhan chose a piece of meat with thick skin and placed it in his mouth. The roasted duck was fat but not greasy. It had the fragrance of red dates and it tasted rather good. “It’s alright, but not as good as the food made by our chef.”

Song Ci also tasted a piece and agreed with Han Zhan’s view. “It’s not as good as our family’s, but I’m hungry.” She had something on her mind and had only eaten half a bowl of rice in the afternoon. Now, she was hungry and felt that a duck was not even enough for her.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s happy eating manner. His hand reached behind Song Ci’s head and pinched the back of her head neither lightly nor heavily.

Song Ci acknowledged comfortably. “It’s very comfortable to pinch like this.”

Han Zhan pinched for a moment. After Song Ci was full, he said, “What do you want to tell me by sending Long Yu away?”

“Give me a wet tissue and I’ll wipe my hands.”

Han Zhan took out a wet tissue and handed it to Song Ci.

After Song Ci wiped her hands clean, she took out Su Run’s photo from her handbag.

Song Ci handed Su Run’s photo to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, look at this.”

Han Zhan took the photo and looked down at it before saying, “This is… Jiang Zhen?” He felt that something was off and said, “When Jiang Zhen was found back, he was already 19 years old. This photo looks even younger and looks like he’s only 15 or 16 years old. At that time, Jiang Zhen started dressing up as a woman?”

Hearing Han Zhan’s analysis, Song Ci’s expression was even more complicated. She said, “You also think this girl is like Jiang Zhen, right?”

Like Jiang Zhen…

“Isn’t this Jiang Zhen?” Han Zhan looked at the girl seriously again and couldn’t help sighing. “He looks quite similar to Jiang Zhen, like they’re from the same mother…”

Han Zhan thought of something and narrowed his eyes slightly. He murmured, “Jiang Zhen disguised himself as a woman to come back to investigate the truth behind their kidnapping back then. His sister is actually already dead.”

Han Zhan stared at the little girl in the photo and had a bold guess. “Could this girl be the real daughter of the Jiang family, Jiang Bi?”

Song Ci’s face was slightly pale.

“Han Zhan.” Song Ci’s body started to turn cold.

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s expression was off and hurriedly grabbed her hand. “Your hand is sweating profusely.” Han Zhan looked at her worriedly and asked worriedly, “What’s the matter?”

“Han Zhan, I want to tell you something.”

“Tell me.”

Song Ci mustered up the courage to tell Han Zhan about what she saw on the cruise that year. “…I saw everything then, but I’m timid. I was afraid of getting into trouble and didn’t dare to save that girl!”

“Han Zhan, if… if this Su Run is really Jiang Zhen’s sister, do you think Jiang Zhen will blame me if he knows that I watched his sister being bullied back then and didn’t do anything? Will he also hate Wangwang?”

This was what worried Song Ci the most.

In the morning, when she heard Yan Jiang say that Su Run looked a little like Jiang Zhen, Song Ci suspected that Su Run was Jiang Zhen’s lost sister. “Han Zhan, Jiang Zhen said that he disguised himself as a woman and returned to the Jiang Family to investigate the truth behind their separation back then. But I feel that he didn’t tell the truth. At least he didn’t tell the entire truth.”

Han Zhan asked her, “Then what do you think he wants to do?”

Song Ci sighed deeply and said, “I suspect that he knows the truth behind Jiang Bi’s death. He purposely disguised himself as Jiang Bi to return to the Jiang family because he wanted to avenge Jiang Bi! Han Zhan, Jiang Zhen wants to take revenge on the An, Li, Gu, and Ying families!”

Song Ci trusted her intuition. “You still don’t know that Jiang Zhen is actually my elder sister’s disciple. He is a super powerful hacker. My elder sister said that her disciple is a money management expert and earned a lot of money for her.”

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan and grabbed his hand instead. She asked him, “But do you know what businesses Jiang Zhen has under his name?”

It was rare for Han Zhan to be slightly stunned.

“Wangwang’s boyfriend is unfathomable and shrewd. He’s not someone we can see through. Tell me, if Jiang Zhen knew that I left his sister in the lurch back then, would he hate me?”

Han Zhan pondered for a moment and had an idea. “Instead of letting your imagination run wild here, why don’t you ask Jiang Zhen?”

Song Ci asked, “Will Jiang Zhen tell the truth?”

“That depends on whether he is sincere to Wangwang.” If he really loved Han Wangwang, he would naturally be honest to Han Wangwang’s family.


It was already 4pm by the time the two of them finished the prenatal checkup. Last night, Han Zhan called Jiang Zhen and told him bluntly, “Jiang Zhen, I know why you disguised yourself as a woman and returned to the Jiang Family. I also know the truth behind your sister’s death. Let’s meet.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t expect to receive Han Zhan’s call. He didn’t expect Han Zhan and his wife to discover his secret so quickly.

His secret was in someone else’s hands, so Jiang Zhen had to meet Han Zhan.

Han Zhan invited Jiang Zhen to meet him in the private room of the Jetta International Hotel. This was his own hotel with the best secret measures. Jiang Zhen arrived at the hotel and was respectfully led into the private room by the waiter.

He entered the private room and was surprised to see Song Ci there.

He walked in quietly and sat down opposite Han Zhan and his wife.

“Mr. Han, Mrs. Han.” Jiang Zhen noticed a stack of photos in front of Song Ci. He glanced at them curiously. When he saw the woman’s face in the photo, Jiang Zhen’s calm pupils suddenly quivered.


Jiang Zhen stared at the photo and clenched his fists.

He looked up at Han Zhan and his wife and asked with a fake smile, “What are you two trying to tell me?” At this moment, Jiang Zhen was like a hedgehog with spikes all over his body. He was on guard everywhere and even his eyes were filled with knives.

Han Zhan returned the stack of photos to Jiang Zhen and said bluntly, “This girl called Su Run is your sister, Jiang Bi, right?”

Jiang Zhen’s lips quivered slightly, but he remained silent.

Han Zhan could understand his feelings and didn’t mind his neglect. He exchanged glances with Song Ci, who nodded at him. Han Zhan sat back down and remained silent.

“Jiang Zhen.” Song Ci’s voice attracted Jiang Zhen’s attention.

Jiang Zhen looked up at Song Ci and remained silent.

Song Ci said, “Eight years ago, Li Feng held a cruise party in Nanxing City and held a birthday party for his beloved celebrity girlfriend. That party invited many people and I am also included.”

Since they had already spoken, Jiang Zhen didn’t hide it anymore. He said, “I’ve already investigated the guest list for that cruise. Mrs. Han is indeed on it.”

Song Ci nodded. “You are my elder sister’s disciple. I am not surprised that you can find out about this.”

Jiang Zhen thought of his master, Song Fei, and restrained his hostility towards Song Ci. Since Han Zhan and his wife had decided to be honest with him today, they obviously didn’t want to betray him and wouldn’t sell him to those four families.

After understanding this, Jiang Zhen also restrained his hostility.

He asked Song Ci, “Mrs. Han, did you see something on the cruise that night?” He had actually wanted to ask this a long time ago, but he knew that Song Ci was very smart and was worried that she would expose her secret in front of Song Ci, so he had been enduring it.

Song Ci nodded gently, not daring to meet Jiang Zhen’s eyes.

Jiang Zhen was very good at reading people. One look at Song Ci’s reaction and he knew that she was feeling guilty.

Under the table, Jiang Zhen secretly grabbed his hand and asked hoarsely, “What… did you see?”

Song Ci felt very uneasy and instinctively pursed her lips. She placed her hands on her abdomen, closed her eyes, and slowly said, “I… I once witnessed the scene of your sister being violated…”

With that, Song Ci didn’t dare to open her eyes for fear of Jiang Zhen’s overwhelming anger.

Jiang Zhen felt like he had been struck by lightning and fell into an icehouse. His expression froze.

]After a moment, Jiang Zhen suddenly smiled. “How nice.”

Han Zhan frowned at Jiang Zhen, worried that Jiang Zhen would blame Song Ci for not saving Su Run and hurting Song Ci. He instinctively sat up straight and stared warily at Jiang Zhen’s every move.

But Jiang Zhen’s eyes were red from laughter. He choked and said, “I thought I would never be able to find a witness. Great, great, I finally found a witness!”

“I finally have something to say about my sister’s grievances!”

Hearing this, Song Ci opened her eyes in shock.

She looked at the half-smiling Jiang Zhen and felt very upset. This pair of siblings had suffered too much.

She pushed back her chair and stood up. She took a step back and bowed deeply to Jiang Zhen. Song Ci lowered her head and apologized sincerely. “Jiang Zhen, I’m sorry. I was too timid and indirectly caused your sister’s death.”

Jiang Zhen remained silent. When he found out that Song Ci had witnessed his sister’s murder, he indeed hated Song Ci. He stared at Song Ci’s 90-degree bow and suddenly understood.

He sighed. “Why are you apologizing? That year, you were only 17 years old and a child. You were living under someone else’s roof and had no one to depend on. You even had to take care of your vegetable sister. Under such circumstances, what could you do? I have to thank you for standing up today and telling me this.”

What wrong did Song Ci do?

She was just a 17-year-old girl!

Could she stop Li Feng and the rest from committing crimes?

She can’t.

If she stood out, she would probably lose her life.

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, Song Ci felt even more sorrowful and guilty. Why did such a kind-hearted child have to suffer so many setbacks and farewells?

Han Zhan saw that Jiang Zhen didn’t blame Song Ci and heaved a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart.

“Mrs. Han, sit down. I can’t bear your bow.” She was pregnant and Han Wangwang’s aunt. He couldn’t bear Song Ci’s bow.

Only then did Song Ci straighten up and sit down with her hand on the table.

After Song Ci was done, Jiang Zhen asked her, “What exactly happened that night?”

Song Ci told the truth. “I don’t know why your sister was on that ship, nor why Li Feng and the rest took a fancy to your sister. That night, I lost my cell phone and accidentally barged into Li Feng’s resting area when I was looking for it. I happened to see your sister being…”

Song Ci couldn’t bear to tell him the details. She tried to think of other details.

She frowned bitterly. Han Zhan and Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to disturb her.

“Oh yes!” Song Ci suddenly raised her voice.

Jiang Zhen and Han Zhen asked at the same time, “What?”

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan, then looked at Jiang Zhen. She said, “I met…” Song Ci’s lashes fluttered as she said to Jiang Zhen,” Jiang Guchuan.

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