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Chapter 403: Father, I Think I Found Brother!

Jiang Guchuan!

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen was in a daze.

Jiang Zhen had already tabulated the guest list for the birthday party in Nanxing City and naturally knew that Jiang Guchuan was also invited.

That year, in order to investigate the identities of the four real culprits, he had spent some effort to find the residence of the employees who worked on the cruise ship.

After Jiang Zhen disguised himself, he personally went to look for those staff members to ask them about what happened on the cruise that day.

Jiang Zhen searched for more than ten boatmen before he found some clues.

The person who provided him with the clues had the surname Tu and was a lifeguard on the ship.

Uncle Tu told Jiang Zhen that around 4am that night, he was woken up by Li Feng. Li Feng said that he had something urgent to attend to and needed to rush back with his brothers in advance. He wanted to take the speedboat to the shore, so he got Uncle Tu up to help sail the boat.

He also promised to give Uncle Tu an additional 1,000 yuan.

Thinking that he could earn extra money, Uncle Tu quickly got up from the bed, put on his jacket, and followed Li Feng to do something.

Every large cruise ship would have a lifeboat and a speedboat. Uncle Tu used a speedboat to send Li Feng and the rest to the shore. He told Jiang Zhen that when Li Feng and the rest boarded the speedboat, they also brought a large luggage bag.

Jiang Zhen guessed that Li Feng and the rest had secretly taken the unconscious Jiang Bi away with that luggage.

]After Jiang Zhen heard Uncle Tu’s words, he hurriedly took out a stack of photos for him to testify. In those photos were the photos of the eleven young masters invited to the birthday party.

Uncle Tu thought hard for a moment before choosing four photos. Those four were Li Feng, An Xu, Gu Qinchuan, and Ying Ji, but Jiang Guchuan was not among them.

As a result, Jiang Zhen had never doubted Jiang Guchuan.

But Song Ci said that she met Jiang Guchuan at the crime scene that night!

Jiang Guchuan’s mother, Zhu Xiulan, was a capable subordinate by his father’s side and had always had a good relationship with the Jiang family. Later on, Zhu Xiulan brought Jiang Guchuan to marry into the Jiang family. The Jiang family’s wall had always been hung with Jiang Weimin and his wife, Lan Ruoyun’s wedding photo.

As long as Jiang Guchuan was not blind, he would definitely know Lan Ruoyun.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhen and Jiang Bi looked similar to Lan Ruoyun. Jiang Guchuan was also Jiang Bi’s adoptive father’s teacher and student. He had met Jiang Bi several times.

Didn’t Jiang Guchuan suspect anything when he saw Jiang Bi who looked like Lan Ruoyun?

Jiang Guchuan happened to appear at the crime scene. Was it really just a coincidence?

Many guesses flashed across Jiang Zhen’s mind, but they were just guesses. There was no way to verify them.

Jiang Zhen suddenly pulled out the chair under him and stood up. “Mrs. Han.” Jiang Zhen took a deep look at Han Zhan and Song Ci and suddenly bowed to Song Ci.

It was a standard 90-degree bow.

Song Ci was shocked by Jiang Zhen’s actions. She stood up with Han Zhan, both looking stunned. “Jiang Zhen, what are you doing!”

“Mrs. Han.” Jiang Zhen didn’t get up and remained bowed. He said, “Mrs. Han, I have a presumptuous request.”

Song Ci guessed what he wanted to say and nodded. “Go ahead.”

“I hope that Mrs. Han can step forward and testify for my sister!” Letting Song Ci step forward to be a witness was to let Song Ci openly offend the Li, Gu, An, and Ying families.

Jiang Zhen knew that this was asking Song Ci to take the risk, but he only had one sister. Jiang Bi had died so unjustly and he wanted to seek justice for her!

“I know my request is very difficult for you, but Mrs. Han, my sister died very tragically. That year, she was just 16 years old! Mrs. Han, please help me give her justice in this world!”

Before Song Ci could speak, Han Zhan agreed. “You don’t need to beg for this. We will take the initiative to step forward and be the witness.”

Since Han Zhan spoke, Song Ci no longer hesitated.

Song Ci told Jiang Zhen, “Jiang Zhen, I will go to the police station to testify for your sister. I will report the crimes of Li Feng and the rest. Just treat it as atonement for my cowardice and incompetence back then.”

When Song Ci decided to confess this matter to Han Zhan and Jiang Zhen, she had the intention to expose the truth. Now that she had Han Zhan’s support, Song Ci had nothing to worry about.

Jiang Zhen heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Song Ci’s promise.

He knelt down and kowtowed hard to Song Ci, ignoring Han Zhan and his wife’s advice. “Mrs. Han! Jiang Zhen thanks you on behalf of his sister!”

Song Ci stared at the young man kowtowing in front of her. It was as if she saw herself, who had just been reborn three years ago and lived every day in isolation and fear.

Feeling a lump in her throat, Song Ci hurriedly turned around and silently cried.

After Han Zhan sent Jiang Zhen off, he returned to the house to see that Song Ci was still wiping her tears. He poured a glass of water for Song Ci and handed it to her. “Have a cup of hot tea and stop crying.”

Song Ci hurriedly wiped her tears with a handkerchief and drank half a glass of water before smiling reassuringly at Han Zhan. She asked Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, are you worried about offending those four families at the same time?”

It was nothing to offend either the Gu Family or the Li Family. But if he offended the four giants in Wangdong City at the same time, how would Han Zhan survive in the future?

Han Zhan took the glass from Song Ci’s hand and finished the rest of the water. He smiled and said, “It’s fine if you don’t know about this. Since you know, you don’t have to act dumb. If you don’t stand up, you will probably live in guilt for the rest of your life. If you stand up, you will at most be put in a difficult position by those four families for a while.”

“Isn’t it just to seek peace of mind?”

Hearing this, Song Ci tilted her head and leaned on Han Zhan’s shoulder. She pinched Han Zhan’s right hand, stroked that leather glove, and smiled. “You really are my backer.”

Han Zhan remained silent for a moment before sighing. “In my previous life, you guarded the borders for me. In this life, I should be your backer.”

What else could Song Ci say?

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and hammered it on his thigh. He sighed. “Some people say that husband and wife are birds of the same forest, and that once the gun is fired, we will run separately. But we are one, and we should share honor and disgrace together.”

This honor and disgrace made Song Ci tear up. “Han Zhan, how can you speak and make people cry so easily?”

Song Ci wiped her tears and smiled sheepishly.

“Because my words hit the nail on the head.” Han Zhan bent over, picked up Song Ci’s satchel, held her hand, and got up. “Alright, let’s go back first. After Jiang Zhen informs us, we’ll go to the police station to explain everything.”

Song Ci originally planned to go to the police station tomorrow to report Li Feng and the rest, but before Jiang Zhen left, he instructed Song Ci to wait a little longer and said that she would do it after hearing his notice.

She took the lift to the underground garage with Han Zhan.

Song Ci touched her abdomen and suddenly said, “I am going to buy a few sets of personal clothes. I can’t wear the previous ones anymore.” Her abdomen was getting bigger day by day and the undergarments were getting smaller. She had to change.

“Alright then.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci seldom shopped these days. Walking in the dazzling shopping mall, Song Ci felt that this thing was also good-looking and liked that thing.

“When my baby comes out, I want to buy all the beautiful clothes in the mall.”

Han Zhan said, “Then I’ll have to make another cloakroom for you.”

Passing by a jewelry shop, Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “You can buy more jewelry in the future. In the future, when you’re old, you can even pass it to your daughters and daughter-in-law.”

The doctor who performed the prenatal checkup for Song Ci today was an old acquaintance of hers. Han Miao and Han Jun were the doctors who performed the prenatal checkup all the way.

Now that the fetus was already in April, the gender of the fetus could be seen. After the ultrasound, Song Ci took a dry towel and lowered her head to wipe the coupling on her stomach. She heard the doctor say, “Congratulations, Mrs. Han. You have both son and daughters.”

Song Ci was momentarily stunned. She was overjoyed to know that the baby in her womb was a boy.

But Song Ci had never told Han Zhan about this. So when Han Zhan heard her words, he grasped what she wanted to reveal.

He stared at Song Ci’s slightly bulging abdomen and frowned slightly. “Daughter-in-law? Did the doctor tell you the gender of the child in your womb? Is it a male cub?”


A smile appeared in Han Zhan’s eyes. “In that case, the words that Grandpa gave him can finally be put to use.”

That year, before Han Aoyu passed away, he gave the child in Song Ci’s arms a sign.

At that time, Song Ci had just gotten pregnant and didn’t know that the children in her stomach were twins or the gender. Han Aoyu named the girl Jingyu and the boy Lingyu.

Song Ci thought of this past and sighed. “When the child is born, we will bring Miaomiao Junjun to pay respects to him and visit your mother.”

After Old Master Han’s death, his ashes were scattered in the mountains at the southwest border. However, Han Zhan also left an urn for Han Aoyu and erected a memorial tablet beside his grandmother’s tombstone.

“We do have to pay respects to Grandpa, Grandma, and Mother.” Han Zhan added. “Two elder sisters, one called Miao, and the other called Jun. What name should the younger brother choose? It’s better to have a single name.”

Han Zhan and Song Ci were individual names themselves. He also liked individual names for the three children. As a family, they had to be neat and tidy.

“I originally thought that if it was a boy, I would name him Han Zhen. But…” Song Ci stopped in her tracks and said to Han Zhan with a smile,” If our relationship is smooth, Jiang Zhen will marry Wangwang in the future. Then he will be the brother-in-law of the three children. ”

“If he’s called Han Zhen, doesn’t he have the same name as Jiang Zhen?” Song Ci spread her hands helplessly. “I really don’t know what to name the child.”

Han Zhan looked up at the gorgeous lights above him and pondered for a moment before saying, “How about Han Zheng?”

“Which Zheng?” Song Ci asked.

Han Zhan said, “Meaning to be brave to speak.”

Song Ci’s eyes darted around as she wrote this word in her mind. Her eyes lit up as she praised. “The word ‘Zheng’ represents boldness and honesty…”

She thought that Jiang Bi’s unjust death was caused by her being timid and afraid to speak up back then. She named the child Han Zheng because she hoped that the child would be bold and kind-hearted, daring to speak up and be an upright and frank person.

“That’s a good name. Let’s call it that.”

“Then this is it.”

As they spoke, the two of them had already arrived at a mother and child shop. Han Zhan took a trolley and accompanied Song Ci to choose a few sets of lingerie. He also bought maternity pyjamas and maternity yoga outfits before settling the bill and returning home.

After reaching home, Han Zhan carried his things to the laundry room and planned to send his newly bought clothes for washing. Song Ci was thirsty and drank a glass of water. Only then did she feel that the house was too quiet.

Why don’t I hear the children?

Butler Cai stood under the roof and looked at his cell phone. He was very engrossed and was most likely reading a novel. Song Ci called out to him. “Butler Cai.”

Butler Cai hurriedly turned off his cell phone and hurried over. He nodded. “Madam.”

“Where are Miaomiao and Junjun?”

Butler Cai said, “The ladies went upstairs to play with toys.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Song Ci got up and went to the activity room. When she reached the first floor, she saw Yan Qingxiu watering that Luohan Pine in the courtyard outside the house.

Song Ci turned and walked towards Yan Qingxiu. “Mr. Yan, are Miaomiao and the rest playing upstairs?”

Yan Qingxiu put down the watering can, looked up, pointed upstairs, and said, “Madam, listen, they are fooling around and having a good time.”

Song Ci had already heard the children’s laughter. She didn’t know what they were playing, but even Junjun was laughing.

“I’ll go up and take a look.” Song Ci walked up the stairs to the second floor. Once she reached the second floor, she heard Han Miao giggling.

She was curious about what the children were playing to be so happy, so she slowed down her footsteps and carefully walked over.

The door of the toy room was half closed and Song Ci couldn’t see what was inside. She stood at the door and listened for a while. She heard Han Miao shout, “Stone!”

Han Jun shouted, “Paper!”

Han Miao wailed. “I lost again!”

Han Jun said coldly, “Lower your head!”

“Come on!”

Then Song Ci heard the sound of an electrical appliance vibrating.

What was that sound?

Song Ci pushed open the door in confusion and saw a scene that made her collapse.

Han Miao and Han Jun were sitting opposite each other on their small sofa stools. Han Miao had her head slightly lowered. Han Jun was holding a pink electric razor and was shaving Han Miao’s hair!

The two children had never shaved their hair since they were born. The fetal hair had already grown to their shoulders.

But at this moment, Han Miao had shaved six to seven times on Han Miao’s smooth, shoulder-length hair, revealing several round scalps. Only a few strands of long hair were still stuck to her scalp!

Meanwhile, Han Jun’s head had also been shaved twice. It was like two winding rivers splitting a tall mountain in the middle, revealing her fair scalp!

Song Ci exclaimed, “Ah!”

Hearing Song Ci’s cry, Han Jun shivered in fear and turned to look at her mother under the door with Han Miao.

Han Jun held a razor in her hand and smiled at Song Ci. She said innocently, “Mother, shave my head.” She still sounded like she was asking for credit.

Han Miao’s hair was disheveled and she looked like a little ghost. She also smiled at Song Ci until her white teeth cracked. She said in a soft voice, “Mother, let’s play boxing. We know how to play boxing.”

In her complete childhood, she would definitely be beaten up. Song Ci was so angry that she wanted to find something to beat the two of them up, but she didn’t have any suitable tools to beat them up, so she walked over and beat their buttocks.

Downstairs, Yan Qingxiu was shocked to hear Song Ci’s scream. He ran upstairs in his high heels and met Han Zhan, who had rushed over.

As he climbed up the stairs, Han Zhan asked Yan Qingxiu, “What happened upstairs?” Song Ci’s voice was especially tragic. Han Zhan was worried that Song Ci had fallen and was so scared that his face turned pale.

Yan Qingxiu was also stunned. “I don’t know, Mr. Han!”

The two of them ran to the door of the toy room and stopped in their tracks when they saw Song Ci beating up the two girls.

Han Zhan asked, “What happened?”

Song Ci stopped beating them and carried the two children to her legs. “Look!”

Han Zhan looked curiously at the children’s heads. When he saw the hair on Han Miao and Han Jun’s heads, the expression on his face instantly turned into words: O _ O…

Yan Qingxiu stood behind the couple and suppressed his laughter.

Han Miao and Han Jun realized that they had done something wrong. Han Jun hurriedly threw the electric razor to the ground and lowered her head. “I was wrong.”

As Han Miao cried, she roared. “Mother hit me! Father, Mother hit me! You hit her!”

Han Jun felt that Han Miao was going to be beaten up.

Even if she was given a hundred guts, she wouldn’t dare to urge her father to hit her mother.

Han Zhan took a deep breath and decided to close the door. Before closing the door, he said to Song Ci, “Baby Ci, do whatever you want, but don’t anger your body.”

Han Miao and Han Jun saw that their father not only ignored them but also closed the door. They were completely in despair.

ut Song Ci was already appeased and couldn’t bear to do it anymore. She knelt on the soft carpet and reasoned with the two children, telling them when they could play and what game they couldn’t play.

The sisters wiped their tears as they listened. They didn’t dare to cry anymore.

After a while, Song Ci opened the door and said to Han Zhan, who was guarding outside the house, “Go to the bathtub and put hot water in. I want to shave their hair. They need to take a shower later.”

It was impossible for them to go out with their hair that looked like a dog had bitten them off. Song Ci could only shave all their hair and shave it bald before growing it again.

Han Zhan hurriedly went to prepare hot water. After Song Ci shaved the children’s hair, their heads became two braised eggs.

During the shower, Han Jun and Han Miao stared at the two braised egg heads in the mirror. They couldn’t help but raise their hands to hug their heads, too embarrassed to face anyone.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “I originally planned to bring them to the parent and child party. Great, I can’t bring them out now.”

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter and stroked Han Jun’s head. He said, “She’s not ugly. She’s quite cute like a little monk.”

Song Ci was angry and amused. She pointed at Han Miao, who was struggling in the bathtub, and asked Han Zhan, “Junjun looks like a little monk. Where’s Miaomiao? Look, Miaomiao is chubby and covered in meat. Her head is shaved bald and she doesn’t look good.”

Han Miao was soaking in the bathtub, playing with a small yellow duck in her hand. She had no idea how much her mother despised her. Han Zhan stared at Han Miao and tilted his head. “Doesn’t she look like a little Buddha?”

Song Ci laughed. “Who talks about children like that?” She reached out and pinched the meat on Han Miao’s stomach and thigh. “Is it fun?”

Han Miao held that little duck and smiled heartlessly. “Fun, Mother!”

Song Ci scolded. “You silly little sweetheart.”

After bathing the children and changing into pyjamas, Song Ci took out her cell phone and took several photos of the two sisters. She sent them directly to the WeChat group to let her family and friends admire their new hairstyle.

Han Wangwang saw Han Miao and Han Jun’s new hairstyle and called them adorable.

She forwarded the children’s photos to Jiang Zhen and asked him: [Bao, look at my younger brother and sister. Aren’t they very cute?]

After bidding farewell to Han Zhan and his wife, Jiang Zhen returned to the office to settle some work before driving back to the Jiang Family.

He parked the car by the roadside outside the Jiang Family Courtyard. He alighted and saw the photo sent by Han Wangwang.

Jiang Zhen stood by the road and chatted with Han Wangwang. He replied: [Cute.]

Han Wangwang: [She’s so cute. I’m going to choose two sets of monk clothes for them and take photos of them. I’ll laugh at them when they grow up.]

When Jiang Zhen saw this message, he thought that Han Wangwang really had a bad taste. He sent a voice message to Han Wangwang: [Do you like children very much?]

Han Wangwang: [Who doesn’t like beautiful and cute children?]

Jiang Zhen typed another reply: [We all look good. In the future, our children will definitely be very adorable.]

Han Wangwang didn’t reply.

Jiang Zhen smiled and saw two beams of light shooting over from afar and landing on him. He deleted the last sentence in the chat, turned off his cell phone, and looked up at the car.

It was Jiang Guchuan.

In order to act as a filial son, Jiang Guchuan wanted to be filial in front of Jiang Weimin and didn’t move out to stay after work.

Jiang Guchuan parked the car in front of Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen alighted from the car and turned to ask Jiang Zhen, “Why did you park the car outside? Stop it in the courtyard. Be careful not to get scratched by other cars.”

Jiang Zhen shook his head. “The road is so wide. Unless you’re purposely looking for trouble, you can’t touch it.”

Jiang Guchuan felt that Jiang Zhen was implying something, but he couldn’t figure out what he was trying to imply.

At this moment, Jiang Weimin returned from walking his dog. He held the dog’s hand and walked on the sidewalk by the roadside.

He saw that one of the siblings was sitting in the car and the other was standing by the side of the road talking. They blocked the entire road and asked them across the road, “What are you siblings talking about? Let’s talk inside the house!”

iang Zhen glanced at Jiang Weimin before turning to walk towards the main entrance of the Jiang Family residence. Jiang Guchuan drove the car into the courtyard first.

Jiang Weimin was dragged across the road by the dog. He caught up with Jiang Zhen and asked him breathlessly, “Bi’er, have you eaten?”

The dog was getting bigger and bigger. It was very strong when it ran happily. Jiang Weimin, a big man, was also panting heavily as he was pulled by the dog.

Jiang Zhen helped Jiang Weimin pull the leash. The dog thought that Jiang Weimin had pulled it back and stopped it from walking happily.

It turned around and saw that the person pulling the rope was Jiang Zhen. It instantly became obedient.

Jiang Weimin saw that this stupid dog became obedient the moment it met Jiang Zhen and couldn’t help but smile. “This dog is convinced by you.”

Jiang Zhen said with a faint smile, “Dogs bully the weak and fear the strong.”

Jiang Weimin was stunned for a moment. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he scolded Jiang Zhen. “Are you indirectly calling your father a coward?”

Jiang Zhen said, “I’m innocent!”

Jiang Guchuan parked the car and twirled the keys as he walked towards the main entrance of the Jiang family residence. He heard the father-daughter duo talking and laughing.

He stood at the main entrance and turned to look at the Jiang father-daughter duo walking into the courtyard with the dog. Jiang Guchuan felt slightly uncomfortable when he saw Jiang Weimin’s smiling face.

She was his biological daughter after all!

“Guchuan, drag this dog away and get someone to bathe it. It looks dirty.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Jiang Guchuan took the leash and dragged the stupid dog to the dog pool in the backyard to take a shower.

Zhu Xiulan heard voices and walked out of the kitchen. She was wearing a Doraemon dress outside her Chanel suit and holding a garlic in her hand. It was obvious that she was cooking personally.

“Bi’er!” Zhu Xiulan called out to Jiang Zhen enthusiastically and asked her, “Bi’er, have you eaten? Your brother just came back from working overtime and hasn’t eaten yet. If you haven’t eaten, quickly go and wash your hands. Let’s eat together.”

When Jiang Zhen saw Han Zhan and his wife tonight, he wasn’t in the mood to eat at all. Even now, he was still hungry.

He nodded and called Auntie Zhu. “Then add another pair of chopsticks.”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Zhu Xiulan quickly finished cooking the best dish. She and the nanny carried the dishes to the table. Seeing Jiang Zhen come over, she said, “Bi’er hasn’t eaten at this late hour. There are many things at the company, right?”

Jiang Zhen said, “Not bad.”

Jiang Guchuan was still bathing the dog in the backyard and couldn’t eat for a while.

Jiang Weimin placed a plate of grapes in front of Jiang Zhen and said, “Have some grapes first.”


iang Zhen chose a few grapes to peel. He couldn’t swallow grapes that weren’t thin. Jiang Weimin sat down beside him. He coughed lightly and said, “Bi’er.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t look up, still peeling the grape seriously. “Mmm, Father.”

Jiang Weimin didn’t know what to say when he saw Jiang Zhen’s cold reaction.

He shifted his butt on the leather dining chair and coughed again before saying, “Bi’er, you know about Gu Qinchuan’s case, right?”

Jiang Zhen didn’t wait for Jiang Weimin to tell him his motive and replied, “Of course I know. The Gu Family even personally went to my law firm to contact our Lawyer Wei. But Lawyer Wei rejected them.”

He handed a peeled grape to Jiang Weimin’s mouth. Jiang Weimin hesitated before opening his mouth.

Jiang Zhen stuffed the grape into Jiang Weimin’s mouth and said, “Brother called me a few days ago and wanted me to persuade Lawyer Wei to take Gu Qinchuan’s case. At that time, I rejected Brother’s request and even quarreled with him. But after I hung up, I went to ask Lawyer Wei why he refused to take this case.”

Hearing this, Jiang Weimin hurriedly asked, “What did Lawyer Wei tell you?”

“Sigh…” Jiang Zhen pretended to be sad and shook his head, arousing Jiang Weimin’s curiosity.” What? ”

“Lawyer Wei told me that he chose to learn law because of his elder sister. Lawyer Wei’s parents passed away early. It was his elder sister who was both a mother and a mother who brought them up. When his elder sister was 24 years old, on the way home from work in the factory, she encountered a rapist and was dumped in the pool after being raped.”

Jiang Zhen lowered his head, his face covered in deep sorrow. “So Lawyer Wei never defended a rapist.”

Jiang Weimin heard about this and could understand that Lawyer Wei was in a difficult position. But he still didn’t give up and said, “Your law firm still has a few good lawyers. They…”

“Father.” Jiang Zhen interrupted Jiang Weimin’s words. “The other few people are very close to Lawyer Wei. After hearing about Lawyer Wei’s plight, they refused to take this case.”

Jiang Weimin narrowed his eyes and wanted to flare up.

He suppressed his laughter and said angrily, “Don’t tell me that your big law firm doesn’t intend to defend rapists anymore?”

A faint smile appeared on Jiang Zhen’s face. He nodded at Jiang Weimin and said, “Yes, at the meeting today, they even suggested that our Blue Sea Law Firm will never defend rapists.”

Jiang Zhen ignored Jiang Weimin’s enraged expression. He smiled mockingly and said in disgust, “In this world, many criminals have grievances, but only this rapist deserves to die! Even murderers have a crime of murder, but what about rapists? Who can force them to take off their pants to hurt others?”

“That Gu Qinchuan should die and go to jail! Father, don’t try to persuade me about this. It’s useless.” Jiang Zhen’s stubborn attitude disrupted Jiang Weimin’s plans.

Seeing that Jiang Zhen was really angry, Jiang Weimin could only soften his attitude.

Since he couldn’t use force, he could only use soft tactics.

Jiang Weimin changed his strategy and said gently, “The Gu Family and our Jiang Family have a close relationship. You have met Gu Qinchuan before. He is very close to your elder brother. When you returned to the Jiang Family, he even gave you a watch as a present.”

“That child is indeed embarrassing, but we are outsiders. We don’t know if there’s anything else going on.”

“Bi’er, on account of our relationship, you…”

Jiang Zhen suddenly slammed his hands on the table with a loud thud!

iang Weimin immediately shut up. He looked up in shock and stared at his usually obedient daughter.

“You…” Jiang Weimin said angrily,” Why are you throwing a tantrum! ”

Jiang Zhen stood up and looked at Jiang Weimin in disappointment. Jiang Zhen frowned and said, “Father, you used to study medicine. Everyone says that doctors are benevolent. I thought you were also a benevolent person. From the looks of it, I misunderstood.”

Jiang Weimin’s expression turned even uglier.

Just as the two of them were about to fall out, Jiang Guchuan finished bathing the dog, changed into casual clothes, and walked downstairs.

He stood on the corner platform in the corridor and stared at the confrontational father and daughter in the dining room for a moment before making some noise and walking downstairs.

“Father, Bi’er, what are you two talking about?”

Jiang Weimin’s expression softened. “We’re talking about Gu Qinchuan.”

Jiang Guchuan sat down beside Jiang Weimin. He saw Jiang Zhen’s indignant expression and guessed what Jiang Weimin had just said to Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen started to persuade Jiang Weimin. “Father, Gu Qinchuan’s matter has already blown up and can’t be stopped. There are so many eyes in the entire country staring at him. Even if the Gu Family has extraordinary capabilities, they can’t wash away the sins on Gu Qinchuan.”

“If we persuade Bi’er to take over this case now, won’t we be harming her?”

Only after hearing Jiang Guchuan’s words did Jiang Weimin realize that his request was too selfish for Jiang Zhen.

He looked at Jiang Zhen apologetically and said gently, “Bi’er, I was foolish. Just treat it as if I said something nonsense.”

Jiang Weimin raised his left and right hands and grabbed Jiang Guchuan and Jiang Zhen’s hands respectively. He patted the backs of the two children’s hands and smiled. “Guchuan knows how to dote on this sister, but as a father, I pushed my daughter into the fire pit. I was foolish.”

“Bi’er, look, your brother treats you so well.”

Jiang Zhen glanced at his elder brother, who was’ treating him well ‘. He suddenly turned and went to the wine cabinet to get a glass of red wine.

Jiang Zhen poured everyone’s wine glasses. He raised his own glass and reached out to Jiang Guchuan. “Brother, let me give you a toast.”

iang Guchuan couldn’t figure out Jiang Zhen’s intentions, so he carefully held the glass and clinked glasses with Jiang Zhen.

The two glasses leaned against each other. Jiang Guchuan smiled and asked, “Why are you giving me a toast?”

A mesmerizing smile suddenly appeared on Jiang Zhen’s usually cold face.

Jiang Guchuan was puzzled by that smile.

Jiang Zhen said, “I just want to thank you, Brother. Thank you for understanding my difficulties. I feel very honored to have such a brother who protects me everywhere.”

Jiang Guchuan looked at Jiang Zhen’s charming smile and only had one thought in his mind—

Believe you my a*s!

Seeing that Jiang Guchuan didn’t respond, Jiang Weimin called out to him, “Guchuan?”

Jiang Guchuan snapped out of his trance and forced a smile at Jiang Zhen. “We are family. We should take care of each other.”

Jiang Weimin was relieved to see his siblings being so respectful. However, he didn’t know that the two of them had already fallen out in private and could say anything harsh.

Zhu Xiulan saw that Jiang Guchuan had finally arrived and brought out the rice cooker. “Since everyone is here, let’s start eating.”

Zhu Xiulan and the nanny scooped rice for this family.

After Zhu Xiulan sat down, Jiang Zhen held his chopsticks and picked up a piece of pork belly for Jiang Weimin. The pork belly first fried the grease, and then fried it into two pieces of charred tofu and wild eggs. It was soft but not greasy.

Jiang Weimin felt very warm as he ate the pork belly his daughter had picked up.

Zhu Xiulan shot Jiang Guchuan a look, and he picked up some vegetables and placed them in Jiang Weimin’s bowl. “Father, you have been feeling unwell recently. You need to eat more vegetables.”

The adopted son knew that Jiang Weimin’s stomach was not feeling well, so he picked up some vegetables for him. As his biological daughter, Jiang Zhen didn’t know that his biological father was not feeling well. Jiang Guchuan only used one move to slap Jiang Zhen’s face.

Jiang Weimin didn’t seem to notice the undercurrents between the siblings. He smiled at Jiang Guchuan and said, “Guchuan, eat more too. You often work overtime and stay up late. You have to eat on time and be nourished. Your health is the capital of revolution.”

Jiang Zhen looked at them coldly and said nothing.


Jiang Zhen’s cell phone suddenly rang. A new email had arrived.

Jiang Zhen put down his bowl and chopsticks, picked up his cell phone, opened his email, took a look, and suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, this is…”

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s movements, the other three people at the table looked at him at the same time.

Seeing that Jiang Zhen was covering his mouth with his hand and looking at his cell phone with tears in his eyes, the three of them were curious about the contents of his cell phone.

Zhu Xiulan asked in surprise and concern, “Bi’er, what happened to you? Who sent the message?”

Jiang Weimin also asked, “Yes, Bi’er, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Zhen slowly raised his head and looked at Jiang Weimin with teary eyes. He shouted in surprise, “Father, I… I think I found my brother!”

These words were undoubtedly like a sudden clap of thunder, exploding the hearts of the three people at the table.

Zhu Xiulan’s expression suddenly changed. Her rather beautiful face was filled with shock and astonishment. Jiang Guchuan’s pupils quivered slightly as he suddenly grabbed his chopsticks.

Jiang Weimin was stunned for a moment before he recovered. He asked in disbelief, “What did you say? Who did you see?”

Jiang Zhen handed the cell phone to Jiang Weimin. “Father, look. Doesn’t this look like my elder brother?”

Jiang Weimin hurriedly took the cell phone and leaned closer to look at it.

Someone had sent a photo to Jiang Zhen’s email. The guy in the photo was wearing a gray T-shirt and black jeans. He was sitting at a plastic table by the entrance of a small supermarket with a bucket of instant noodles in front of him.

The person in the photo was about 15 to 16 years old. He was very tall and his eyes were gloomy and melancholic.

Jiang Weimin looked at the photo and then looked at his daughter in front of him. His lips quivered for a moment before he said joyfully and sorrowfully, “This person looks too much like you. This… this should be Zhenzhen! It should be Zhenzhen!”

Jiang Weimin’s voice started to stutter. It was unknown if he was too agitated or if he had a guilty conscience.

Jiang Weimin handed the cell phone to Jiang Guchuan and Zhu Xiulan. “Guchuan, take a look. Does this child look like our Bi’er?”

Jiang Guchuan and his mother pretended to be pleasantly surprised. They took the cell phone and saw the young man’s face. Their hearts sank.

This was something that couldn’t be done with plastic surgery!

Jiang Zhen was still alive!

Jiang Zhen was still alive!

This thought lingered in the minds of everyone present. Some were happy, while others were sad. Jiang Zhen observed their reactions and his gaze lingered on Jiang Weimin for a moment.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but his father did not seem as excited and happy as he thought.

He seemed slightly uneasy.

Jiang Zhen picked up his glass and took a sip. No one saw how intriguing his smile was behind the glass.

Originally, he thought that there were only two birds in this house who wanted to take over the nest. Unexpectedly, there was also a hidden venomous snake.


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