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Chapter 401: In This World, There Must Be Justice!

Lin Jing scolded Little Shu for being useless, but he was also so excited that even his toes were twitching.

“Where is she? Quickly bring me to see her.” Lin Jing couldn’t wait to find out what was going on.

Little Zhu carried her cup and walked into the lounge. “I brought her into the lounge.” With that, Little Shu stopped and told Lin Jing, “Oh yes, I think that Officer Yang seems to have caught a cold and has a slight fever.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Jing pushed open a closed door on the right side of the corridor and entered. He saw a person lying on the sofa. That person was wearing a black checkered shirt and carrying a small backpack.

She was asleep but not awake.

Lin Jing walked closer and reached out to touch Yang Chong’s forehead. Feeling the hot temperature, he frowned and said, “It must be more than 38 degrees Celsius. Little Shu, go and get her some flu medicine.”


Xiao Shu ran away quickly before Yan Jiang pushed the door open and entered.

Yang Chong was not in a deep sleep, so when someone suddenly came into the house, spoke, opened the door, and closed the door, she naturally woke up.

Yang Chong opened his eyes and saw two men standing in front of him. She hurriedly grabbed her bag and sat up.

She looked at the two people in front of her and recognized Lin Jing. She smiled awkwardly at Lin Jing. “Captain Lin, it’s late at night and I shouldn’t disturb you. But I must come to see you and report Boss Li’s crime. Otherwise…”

She looked at the two people in front of her and recognized Lin Jing. She smiled awkwardly at Lin Jing. “Captain Lin, it’s late at night and I shouldn’t disturb you. But I must come to see you and report Boss Li’s crime. Otherwise…”

Yang Chong glanced at Yan Jiang.

She naturally recognized Yan Jiang. She knew that Yan Jiang used to be a celebrity. After he quit acting, he became her colleague and was also a rather famous forensic doctor.

Lin Jing could tell what Yang Chong was worried about. He gave him a comforting look and said, “He’s part of the team.”

Lin Jing’s words dispelled Yang Chong’s worries

Yang Chong acknowledged and grabbed the strap of his bag tightly. He told Lin Jing, “I have a sister with cerebral palsy, but she was taken away. I know the person who took her away. She’s the family of a deceased I met before.”

Hearing this, Lin Jing asked, “What feud do you have with the deceased’s family?”

Yang Chong was too embarrassed to say anything. She was too embarrassed to tell Yan Jiang, who was also a forensic doctor, what happened back then. But thinking of her sister whose whereabouts were unknown, Yang Chong could only bite the bullet and speak.

Yang Chong said, “Eight years ago, after I passed the internship assessment, I stayed in Nanxing City to work. The first victim I met in my career was a girl who committed suicide by lying on the tracks. I believe you guys have heard of that case, Captain Lin.”

Lin Jing had a very good memory. He thought for a moment and remembered all the details. “The one who died especially tragically? I heard that she was a young artist?”

When this happened, Lin Jing happened to be in Nanxing City handling a case of cross-country arresting serial killers. He had also heard of that case.

Seeing that Yan Jiang was confused, Lin Jing told him, “You were still a university student then and shouldn’t have paid attention to this case.”

Yan Jiang said, “Tell me then.”

Lin Jing said, “The deceased was originally an orphan and lived very bitterly. She was homeless until she was 10 years old before she was adopted by a kind-hearted couple. Her adoptive father was a respected professor at a provincial university, and her adoptive mother was a high-level teacher in Nanxing City. The family of three had a very good relationship. But this pair of adoptive parents drowned when they were traveling. That child lost her parents suddenly and suffered from depression. She couldn’t think straight and committed suicide.”

After explaining the entire situation, Lin Jing asked Yang Chong, “Is that so? I shouldn’t have remembered wrongly.” Although Lin Jing usually looked sloppy and slovenly, he remembered every detail of every case clearly.

He was born to be a detective.

Yang Chong hurriedly nodded. “Yes, the deceased is called Su Run. And the person who kidnapped my sister is Su Run’s biological brother.”

“It’s already been so many years since the old case. The deceased has also been determined to have committed suicide by lying on the tracks. Why is the other party’s brother still looking for trouble with you?” Yan Jiang stared thoughtfully at Yang Chong’s red eyes and couldn’t help guessing. “That case actually has something fishy going on, right?”

Lin Jing and Yan Jiang thought the same thing. The two of them stared at Yang Chong, waiting for him to give an answer.

“This… sigh!” Yang Chong bent over, sat down, placed his elbows on his thighs, covered his slightly hot face with both hands, and sighed. “In fact, the deceased Su Run didn’t commit suicide, but was killed by someone. Her brother kidnapped my sister now because he hates me for helping to cover up the truth of Su Run’s death back then. He’s here to take revenge on me!”

As expected!

Lin Jing questioned Yang Chong, “That Su Run didn’t commit suicide?”

Yang Chong shook his head. “…No.”

“Then what happened?”

Yang Chong was terrified and didn’t dare to speak. After all, this matter had been concealed for too many years and she had also been living a peaceful life.

If she told the truth today, she would lose her position and job in the future! Not only that, if she couldn’t defeat Boss Li in one fell swoop this time, she wouldn’t even know how she died when Boss Li took revenge on her!

Lin Jing’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, sharp, and accurate. He figured out what Yang Chong was thinking and couldn’t help but sneer. “Officer Yang, you said you wanted to report Boss Li the moment you arrived. If you don’t explain things clearly, who would dare to offend Boss Li?”

“If no one believes you and no one investigates this case, Boss Li will still be safe… Your sister might not be safe.”

Having experienced interrogating criminals, Lin Jing was very good at threatening them.

Realization dawned on Yang Chong. Without hesitation, she hurriedly said, “That year, that year, when I was conducting a full-body examination for the deceased, I discovered the composition of sleeping pills in the victim’s stomach. I also discovered the residue of many men in the victim’s body.”

Hearing this, Lin Jing’s eyes darkened.

He pulled over a metal chair and sat down. He stared at Yang Chong sternly and said sternly, “Officer Yang, do you know what you are talking about?”

Yang Chong nodded vigorously. “I know very well.”

Lin Jing was enraged and said sternly, “A girl who had been greatly wronged when she was alive, but after her death, you simply concluded it as an ordinary suicide. Do you know what kind of sins are hidden in this?!”

“As a police officer, you actually covered up for a murderer. Are you worthy of your uniform?! Are you worthy of the oath you swore when you entered the office?! No wonder they all said that Nanxing City is a cancer! It’s really a pot of rat shit!”

When Yang Chong saw that Lin Jing was angry, he was so angry that his neck felt like it was about to explode. Her shoulders quivered and her face turned pale. She said in a panic, “I know! I know everything! At that time, I deduced that the deceased had been violated by four men when she was alive. After that, she was drugged and placed on the train tracks, deliberately creating the illusion that she committed suicide!”

“At that time, I wanted to hand my medical report to the person in charge of the case, but Boss Li received the news and called me over alone. Then my sister’s life threatened me and I was not allowed to release the news!”

“I am standing here today to expose Boss Li’s abuse of power, covering up for criminals, and suppressing his crimes!”

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chong heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Jing and Yan Jiang were both livid.

They had always known that Nanxing City was a place with high mountains and distant emperors. The local emperors were respected, and it was very dark and corrupt. But he didn’t expect that someone as impartial as Li Mang would actually protect criminals!

Lin Jing kicked over the glass of water on the tea table and pretended to be angry. Yan Jiang hurriedly grabbed Lin Jing’s shoulder and comforted him. “Captain Lin, don’t be rash.”

Lin Jing took a few heavy breaths to calm down. His rationality immediately returned.

He pointed at Yang Chong and questioned sternly, “Why did Li Mang hide the truth? Who is he hiding the truth for? Or is he one of the real murderers?”

Yang Chong hurriedly waved his hand and shook his head. “Boss Li is not the murderer!”

Yang Chong still believed in Li Mang’s character. She said, “Boss Li has always been impartial and upright. Those who can make him make an exception is most likely his nephew! Because the day before the incident, his nephew Li Feng happened to go to Nanxing City and booked a cruise ship for a banquet. The next day, they hurriedly left Nanxing City.”

Yang Chong felt that her words were too arbitrary, so she added, “…Of course, this is just my guess.”

Knowing that it was difficult to convince the shrewd Lin Jing with just her own confession, if she didn’t convince him, Lin Jing wouldn’t investigate Li Mang, and Su Run’s elder brother wouldn’t let her sister off!

Yang Chong recognized the reality and hurriedly opened her bag, handing a folder containing Su Run’s case information to Lin Jing. “There’s information and documents in here, as well as a USB drive. That USB drive recorded all the data I discovered at that time. Boss Li took this to destroy it at that time, but he didn’t know that I had a backup.”

“Captain Lin, I know that you are the most impartial person in Wangdong City. You are not afraid of offending anyone. Su Run’s brother asked me to tell you the truth and evidence. If I don’t do this, my sister won’t be able to come back.”

Lin Jing grabbed that document, his heart as heavy as a rock.

He opened the folder and took out the document form inside.

These documents were all data that Yang Chong had checked back then and all had her signature. Yang Chong handed this document to Yan Jiang and asked him, “Are there really four different male residual data on this?”

He didn’t study forensic science and couldn’t understand these things. Yan Jiang read it carefully before saying, “It’s true.”

Only then did Lin Jing look down and take a deep look at Yang Chong. Seeing that Yang Chong was wiping his tears non-stop, he suddenly asked, “If the deceased’s brother doesn’t force you, you won’t reveal this matter in this life, right?”

Yang Chong was ashamed and didn’t dare to respond.

Lin Jing chuckled and left with Yan Jiang.

After exiting, Lin Jing saw Xiao Shu returning with the cold medicine. He said to her, “Find a place for her to stay. She is the most important witness. Nothing must go wrong.”

Little Shu nodded. “Got it.”

Lin Jing took two steps and called out to Xiao Shu. “Come back.”

Xiao Shu returned to Lin Jing’s side and asked in confusion, “What’s the matter, Captain Lin?”

“Did the traffic police send a female over at the beginning of the month? Her father is a martyr and also my former superior. She is a loyal child. Let her be in charge of protecting Yang Chong. Nothing can go wrong.”

Lin Jing and the rest were investigating the new boss, Li Mang.

Li Mang was from the Li Family and was a wealthy family that had taken root in Wangdong City. Now that Li Mang had returned to Wangdong City to take up his position, these fence-sitters in the building were all thinking about taking sides.

Now, he couldn’t put the people around him in an important position.

The young police officer mentioned by Lin Jing was called Zhou Siwei. She was a public security police officer and worked at the traffic police station.

Zhou Siwei’s father was once Lin Jing’s superior and the captain of the Criminal Police Force. In that spectacular anti-fans event seven years ago, Captain Zhou was tortured to death because he touched too many people’s cakes and was set up, betrayed by a mole, and captured by the evil forces.

Even if he died, this captain didn’t reveal their spy information.

After he died, he was thrown into the wilderness to feed the wolves. When Lin Jing found the remains of Head Captain Zhou and cremated them back to Wangdong City, that lady was crying so hard that her legs couldn’t stand straight.

Later on, he met that lady again. Zhou Siwei was on duty at the crossroad to direct the traffic. In the dark, she was wearing a reflective vest and looked heroic. She was not inferior to her father.

Two months ago, when Zhou Siwei was on duty, she had helped the police team arrest a dangerous murderer. As she had performed well in the arrest process, she was recommended by the captain of the second team and transferred to the police team.

After Zhou Siwei received Xiao Shu’s call, she got up from the dormitory bed overnight, changed her clothes, and went straight to the police station. She escorted Yang Chong to the dormitory building to rest in front of Lin Jing.

Yan Jiang stared at Zhou Siwei’s face and said, “This girl looks familiar.”

“Oh, she’s a pretty one. Do you find her familiar?” Lin Jing teased him. “Be careful, I’ll tell Song Fei.”

“I remember now.” Yan Jiang suddenly smiled and said, “Isn’t this Long Yu’s girlfriend?”

“Who is Long Yu?”

“My brother-in-law’s assistant has been in the military before. He knows how to drive and shoot. He’s very capable.” The reason Yan Jiang felt that Zhou Siwei and Uncle Yan was familiar was because that fool Long Yu had turned this lady’s photo into a cell phone cover and carried it with him.

Lin Jing was slightly surprised.

He asked Yan Jiang, “How is that Long Yu like?”

“Of course he’s decent.”

“Alright then.”

Yan Jiang was really sleepy and the sky was already bright. He called a taxi and boarded it back to the Imperial Dragon Villa.

Han Zhan was going on a work trip today. He was about to get into the car when he saw Yan Jiang return with a sleepy face. Han Zhan walked to the cab and asked Yan Jiang, “You didn’t come back last night again? Have you been very busy with work recently? Aren’t you still on leave?”

Yan Jiang rubbed his handsome face and sighed. “I’m afraid I can’t take this leave.”

“What happened?”

Yan Jiang glanced at the subordinates behind Han Zhan.

Han Zhan turned and said to Song Shiqing and the rest, “Drive the car outside and wait for me. I will come later.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After those subordinates left, Yan Jiang pulled Han Zhan and said, “Last night, something major happened!”

Han Zhan asked calmly, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Jiang saw that Han Zhan was not curious at all and instantly felt that it was boring. Only then did he tell him what happened last night. “Li Mang had just been transferred from Nanxing City to Wangdong City when an old subordinate followed over and reported him.”

Han Zhan also knew Li Mang. He didn’t know him well, but he knew that this person had a good reputation and was an impartial person. “What can Li Mang do?”

Over the years in Nanxing City, Li Mang had used his iron fist to govern the entire city very steadily. Under his management, the once chaotic Nanxing City had become one of the top ten safe cities.

Now, Nanxing City had become a first-tier city in the country by relying on the tourism industry. Li Mang’s contribution to Nanxing City could not be neglected.

Han Zhan really couldn’t imagine what this person could do.

“Li Mang is indeed upright and didn’t commit a big mistake, but he abused his power, ignored human lives, and suppressed a murder case!”

Even Han Zhan was shocked. “He will protect criminals?”


With Han Zhan’s smart brain, he thought for a moment and thought of the reason.

He said, “This Li Mang has always been careful not to make any mistakes. Covering up a murder case of criminals abusing their power will ruin his good future. Li Mang is a smart person. To be able to make him take the risk of ruining his future, it can only be a family matter…”

Han Zhan looked enlightened. He asked Yan Jiang, “Was it caused by that only son of the Li Family?”

In this generation of the Li Family, Li Feng was the only son. Although Li Feng was successful now, he was a devil in his early years and had fought many times.

When Yan Jiang heard Han Zhan’s analysis, he instantly saw him in a new light.

Yan Jiang sighed. “We both have the same pig brain and the same shape. Why is your brain so smart? I haven’t even finished speaking when you already guessed the reason. You deserve to be the richest man with your capabilities.”

Han Zhan took it that Yan Jiang was praising him.

“Li Feng has already turned over a new leaf. It looks like he caused trouble years ago. Alright, just do your job.”

“I understand. It’s better to protect myself first.” Although Yan Jiang said that he wanted to protect himself first, Han Zhan couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“I am going on a work trip for three days. If you have nothing to do, spend more time with Song Ci. She practices the violin alone everyday. I am afraid that she will be bored.”


Yan Jiang went back to his room and fell asleep. When he woke up, it was already afternoon.

Yan Jiang laid on the bed and chatted on the video call with Song Fei for more than 10 minutes before hanging up. As soon as he hung up, Butler Cai called and asked if he was awake.

Yan Jiang said, “I’m awake. Butler Cai, what’s the matter?”

Butler Cai said, “Madam made these personally and invited you over for dinner.”


Yan Jiang went to take a shower, changed into a cool home suit, and went to the dining room in slippers.

There was a pool at the foot of the Han Family’s hill. Song Ci felt that it was a waste to only raise fish in that pool, so she bought a few big geese to raise. In the future, when she gave birth to goose eggs, the children could also eat them.

Yan Jiang went downstairs and saw Han Miaomiao holding a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to the little goose’s ankle.

The little duck wiggled its butt as it followed behind Han Miao. It was rather comical.

Han Jun was holding a small metal hoe in her hand. No one knew what she was going to do. Yan Jiang stood under the storm corridor and called out to the sisters. “Miaomiao, Junjun, aren’t you going to eat?”

The two of them turned and said together, “We’ve already eaten.”

Yan Jiang stared at the little hoe in Han Jun’s hand and asked her, “Why are you holding a hoe?”

Han Jun said, “Digging earthworms.”

“Ah? Where?”

Han Jun raised her hoe and dug a hole in the Han Family’s front lawn. Han Jun squatted on the lawn and told Yan Jiang, “There are earthworms below.”

Yan Jiang clicked his tongue and decided to ignore these two little girls.

Arriving at the dining room, Yan Jiang complained to Song Ci. “Are your two girls planning to raise that goose like a pet? They even want to dig earthworms for her to eat. Your lawn will be dug out sooner or later.”

Song Ci’s appetite increased greatly and she was especially craving for this clod clod clod. She picked up a fat but not greasy pig trotter and placed it in the bowl. She said to Yan Jiang, “Han Zhan wants Junjun to raise a pet to cultivate her love.”

Yan Jiang also knew that Han Jun was a cold-hearted child. Hearing this, he said, “But you can’t dig the lawn.”

“It’s okay. Grass will grow if dug up.”

“Just dote on them.”

Song Ci made Yan Jiang a plate of his favorite scrambled eggs with onions. He finished half the plate alone. After eating his fill, Yan Jiang told Song Ci what happened last night while eating grapes.

As Song Ci listened, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

Yan Jiang peeled a grape skin and placed the grape meat on the plate in front of Song Ci. He looked up and saw that Song Ci’s expression was off.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared?” Yan Jiang thought that Song Ci was easily scared after getting pregnant and was shocked by what he said.

Song Ci suddenly shot Butler Cai a look.

Butler Cai understood her gaze and hurriedly dismissed all the helpers. He also retreated.

Yan Jiang was very suspicious when he saw Butler Cai and the rest push him away. He looked at Song Ci in confusion and asked, “You dispersed the helpers. What are you trying to tell me?”

“You just said that the forensic doctor called Yang Chong said that the dead child didn’t commit suicide by lying on the tracks. Instead, he was insulted, drugged, and thrown onto the tracks. He was crushed to death?”


Song Ci asked again, “The murderer is most likely Li Mang’s nephew, Li Feng, right?”

Yan Jiang nodded again. “It’s just a guess. But Li Mang loves himself so much that he won’t take this risk for others. I feel that this Li Feng is most likely the murderer.”

Song Ci took a sip of the sour plum juice and licked her soft lips uneasily.

“What exactly happened to you?” Yan Jiang was uneasy by Song Ci’s questions. “Song Song, do you know something?”

Song Ci licked her lips again.

She clutched the napkin on the table tightly, her breathing erratic.

Yan Jiang stared at her flustered and uneasy expression and became suspicious. “Song Song, if you know anything, you can tell me. You can trust me.”

“Of course I believe you. It’s just that my heart is in a mess right now. I’ve guessed some things, but I don’t dare to come to a conclusion.”

“Ah Jiang, let me ask you again.” Song Ci leaned closer to Yan Jiang and asked him, “When did Yang Chong say this happened?”

Yan Jiang said, “Eight years ago.”

Song Ci’s expression was even more grave.

“Eight years ago…” She took out her cell phone from her bag. She opened the browser search bar and asked Yan Jiang,” Has the news of that child’s suicide been published? ”

“Yes, you can find that piece of news by searching for the keywords Nanxing City’s train tracks.”

“Let me take a look then.”

Song Ci followed Yan Jiang’s instructions and entered the keyword. As expected, she found several old reports. Song Ci clicked on them and went to look at the time of the news report.

November 8, 2015.

Song Ci looked at the number on the date and fell into deep thought.

Yan Jiang didn’t disturb her. He ate grapes quietly alone. After about five to six grapes, he heard Song Ci say, “Eight years ago, I was 17 years old. That year, winter in the north came especially early. It was already very cold in November and I was already wearing a down jacket.”

Yan Jiang couldn’t remember what happened eight years ago.

He thought for a moment and said, “I don’t remember.”

“But I have a deep impression of him.” Song Ci grabbed the crumpled napkin again. Through the open door, she looked at her daughters playing happily. As she recalled, she said, “In November 2015, Li Feng invited many people to Nanxing City to celebrate his celebrity girlfriend’s birthday. In order to accommodate everyone’s time, he booked the celebration on the 7th.”

“I remember very clearly that November 7th was Saturday. As everyone had to return to Wangdong City on Sunday after attending Saturday night’s cigarette ash, I had just entered Year Three at that time and was in a tight learning period. If not for Saturday weekend, I wouldn’t have been able to go at all. As a result, I remember very clearly.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang recalled what Song Ci told him that day. Song Ci said that she saw Li Feng, Gu Qinchuan, and the rest bullying a girl at Li Feng’s birthday party for his celebrity girlfriend.

Yan Jiang finally understood something and his eyes widened. “You mean…”

Yan Jiang crushed the grape in his hand and asked in shock, “You suspect that the scene you saw on the cruise back then was this injustice?”

Song Ci and Yan Jiang looked at each other with tears in their eyes.

Yan Jiang shook his head to comfort Song Ci and himself. “Perhaps you remembered wrongly.”

Song Ci said, “The birthday party was held on November 7th. The cruise landed around 5am in the morning. That innocent girl was discovered at 7am on November 8th!”

“It will take more than an hour’s journey from the dock to the railway. Ah Jiang, Ah Jiang… because I am timid and afraid of trouble, I destroyed a life…”

Song Ci was filled with regret.

She suddenly covered her face with her hand and sobbed. “It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault for being timid and afraid. If I had been braver back then and stood out to stop them or ran out of the cabin to make things worse, perhaps that girl wouldn’t have died…”

“I am useless. I am cowardly!”

At that time, Song Ci was young, timid, and sheltered under someone else’s roof. She always wanted to compromise and protect herself. Thinking about it now, she was really too much of a jerk!

Song Ci laid on the table and cried bitterly. “I am also a woman. I also have a daughter. If I or my daughter were to encounter such a situation, someone would clearly see but not dare to come out to dissuade us or uphold justice for us. How hopeless would I be?”

“I self-proclaimed to be strong and brave, thinking that I am a sensible and kind person. Actually, I am a coward who is afraid of death and power!”

Song Ci had always remembered this incident on the cruise.

Occasionally, when she saw news about rape cases online, she couldn’t help thinking of the girl who was bullied back then.

She always deceived herself by comforting herself that that girl was still alive. But now that she heard the news of Su Run’s unjust death, she could no longer deceive herself!

It was precisely because of her cowardice and timidity that an innocent girl died in vain!

Yan Jiang’s heart was in a mess when he heard Song Ci’s cries. He hurriedly walked over and hugged Song Ci’s shoulder. “Don’t cry. You were still a child then.”

“It’s only right for you to feel regret now, but it’s also right for you to be afraid then. Just like what you said last time, if you really rushed in that day, they might not let you off in order to silence you. If you ran out of the cabin and made this matter big, the four of them would be punished by the law, but how could the Li Family, Gu Family, An Family, and Ying behind them let you off?”

“You will be treated as a thorn in their side and a thorn in their flesh! The Mu Family will also despise you for implicating them and chase you out of the house! You have no one to rely on and only have a sick elder sister lying in bed waiting for money to hang her life. Those four families can easily crush you to death with just their fingers!”

“Song Song, you didn’t do anything wrong. The wrong people are those four animals!”

After Yan Jiang’s counseling, Song Ci finally understood.

Yes, it was indeed my fault for not saving them. But the ones who were guilty were actually those four animals!

Song Ci clenched her fists and sighed. She said to Yan Jiang, “I know not to spread this news yet.”

“Ah Jiang, if the evidence is conclusive, I am willing to testify in court.”

Yan Jiang looked at her deeply and didn’t forget to remind her. “If you testify in court for that girl, you will become public enemies with the four families. At that time, they might take revenge on you, Han Zhan, and Han Zhan’s company…”

Song Ci slammed her fist on the table and said angrily, “If the thief comes, we’ll catch the thief! If the bandit comes, we’ll capture the bandit! Whoever wants my life, I’ll take his! In this world, there has to be fairness!”

Perhaps because she had awakened Nangong Xian’s memories, Song Ci’s bloodlust had been awakened. She was no longer a timid person.

She had grown up. She had to be strong-willed again for her cowardice in her youth!

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