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Chapter 40: Have Fun

Song Ci instinctively hid the bag behind her and secretly told herself that she should not be too extravagant or blindly chase after luxury goods in the future.

Song Ci felt slightly awkward and wanted to say something else to distract herself. She smiled mischievously at Han Zhan and asked, “Did your grandfather teach you many things? What else did he say to you before?”

Han Zhan said, “Every time my grandmother quarreled with my grandfather, she wouldn’t cook. It’d be my grandfather cooking without complaints, and he’d even fry a heart-shaped egg to cheer my grandmother up. At that time, I felt that my grandfather had no guts, so he told me that a wife was meant to be doted on.”

There was something else that Han Zhan didn’t tell Song Ci. His grandfather’s original statement was—

“A wife is meant to be doted on. Otherwise, you deserve to be hit.”

Song Ci thought Han Zhan’s grandfather was quite cool.

Song Ci smiled brightly at Han Zhan again and asked, “Then when can I be your wife?” Song Ci pretended to be shy and batted her eyelids at Han Zhan. “I want you to dote on me too.”

Han Zhan glanced at her before looking down at his wristwatch. Looking back up, Han Zhan suddenly said, “Today is Tuesday, and it’s 8:40 A.M. now. If we drive straight to the government office now, the time will be just right.”

Song Ci was speechless. “…”

“Can’t do it today,” Song Ci said with pity.

Han Zhan hummed, “Mmm?”

Song Ci pointed to her neck brace and said, “I don’t want to wear this for the photo.” Song Ci looked at her reflection in the lift’s mirror, touched her neck brace, and said, “Won’t it be a laughingstock for the number one beauty to wear a neck brace for her marriage certificate photo?”

Han Zhan smiled. “That’s such a pity.”

On the way to the Mu Family, Song Ci told Han Zhan, “Since you’re coming over as my boyfriend for the first time, you definitely can’t come empty-handed. Brother Han, did you prepare a gift? Otherwise, let’s stop by a supermarket and get something.”

Han Zhan said, “I bought something.”

Song Ci asked, “What did you buy?”

“A Chanel brooch and a Hero 1949 fountain pen.” Du Tingting was a long-time Chanel fan and Mu Mian was a fountain pen enthusiast. Although Han Zhan didn’t pick expensive gifts, they were very befitting.

There was nothing else more suitable than these gifts.

Song Ci patted Han Zhan’s shoulder and said, “Great work, Brother Han.”

Han Zhan answered glibly, “Any reward?”

After he said it, Han Zhan was stunned himself.

Since when was he so childish?

Song Ci also felt slightly odd. She turned sideways, glanced at Han Zhan, and said without refrain, “I’ve already given you my first kiss today, what else do you want?”

Hooligan Song pulled the collar of her blouse, exposed a sexy collarbone, and said, “If that’s still not enough, I can only offer my body.”

Hearing it stirred Han Zhan’s soul, but he still maintained a composed expression and said, “We’ll wait for that first, now is not the time.”

Song Ci said, “Waiting for the matrimonial night on the wedding day? Can’t tell that Brother Han is a conservative person.”

“Nope.” Han Zhan shook his head.

Song Ci was lost. “Then?”

Han Zhan’s gloved right hand knocked on Song Ci’s neck brace as he said with a smile, “Wait for it to be off, then we can have fun.”

The words ‘have fun’ were said in an intriguing manner.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan and scanned him from top to toe with a racing heart. Brother Han had a tall and strong frame with his abs barely showing through his thin blouse. What she was seeing already made her satisfied! What she couldn’t see—that was hiding under his stiff and smooth formal pants—would definitely be even more surprising.

Thinking along these lines, Song Ci became embarrassed and blushed.

Han Zhan saw from the side of his eyes that she suddenly blushed and thought it was funny.

Were the youngsters these days all so dirty-minded?

As they chatted, the car arrived in the area of the Amethyst Gated Community villa. Song Ci wound down the window of the passenger seat and said to the security guard, “Please let us through!”

“Oh, it’s Miss Song!” The security guard saw it was a stranger driving the car but didn’t ask further and let Song Ci through.

This was Han Zhan’s second time at the Amethyst Gated Community, and he was in a totally different mental state from sending Song Ci home the other time.

“We’re here.”

Song Ci wound down the window and waved to Du Tingting, who was standing at the entrance. Du Tingting hurriedly opened up the main entrance to the courtyard, allowing Han Zhan to drive inside.

Han Zhan drove the car into the courtyard. The Volvo seemed slightly out of place among the luxurious cars of the Mu Family. Han Zhan alighted from the car and retrieved the gifts from the boot.

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm, walked up to Du Tingting, and introduced him to her. “Mother, this is Han Zhan.”

“Han Zhan, this is my mother.”

Du Tingting looked up and sized Han Zhan up. Han Zhan looked down so she could see more clearly.

After scanning him, Du Tingting smiled and said, “Songsong, you found a tall guy for our family.” Du Tingting was only 1.6 meters and had to look up to look straight at Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, thank you for sending Songsong back. Also, thank you for getting her to the hospital in time the other day.”

Han Zhan looked down, glanced at Song Ci, and smiled with an extremely pampering look. “I should thank Aunty for raising such an outstanding girl for me.”

Song Ci’s heart raced.

Du Tingting also felt that Han Zhan’s words were rather smooth—which woman didn’t like smooth and handsome men?

“It’s too sunny outside—quick, come in.” Du Tingting’s smile became slightly warmer. She led the way while Song Ci and Han Zhan held hands and followed behind.

As they walked, Du Tingting said, “Your Uncle Mu is in office and will rush home for lunch.” After they entered the living room, she gestured for Han Zhan to sit down. “Quick, have a seat. Relax and treat it like your own house.”

“Thank you.” After he sat down, Han Zhan noticed that once they entered the living room, the smile on Song Ci’s face became unnaturally stiff. He guessed that Song Ci must have recalled something unhappy. So, he leaned sideways and asked Song Ci, “Do you mind bringing me to your room?”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. “Of course not.”

Du Tingting was still busy, so Song Ci brought Han Zhan back to her room.

Song Ci’s room was rather big, with a separate bathroom and a small cloakroom filled with all sorts of pretty clothes that looked obviously expensive.

Recalling that Han Zhan was a thrifty man, Song Ci was embarrassed to let him see her extensive fashion collection, afraid that he would form a spendthrift impression of herself. As such, once they entered the room, Song Ci closed the room to the cloakroom at the earliest opportunity.

Han Zhan noticed Song Ci’s actions. Although he was rather curious about what kind of skeleton she had in her closet, he didn’t question further.

He sat obediently on Song Ci’s bed and started sizing up her room.

The wallpaper on the wall behind this young lady’s bed was dark green-colored. Skincare products in exquisite, expensive bottles filled her dressing table. On the little study table was a laptop with comic characters that Han Zhan couldn’t recognize, and lots of books filled her bookshelf.

The books were broadly classified into three categories—professional flight books, music albums, and medical surgery books.

Medical surgery books?

Han Zhan glanced over at Song Ci with a puzzled look. Song Ci leaned against the door of the cloakroom in a seductive stance. Seeing that Han Zhan had looked over, Song Ci purposely shot him a flirtatious look.

Han Zhan was speechless.

A temptress!

With her seductive skills, he expected her to have ‘The Golden Lotus: Love and Desire’ book on her shelves more than medical books.

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