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Chapter 41: I’m Scared

“You also read medical books?” Han Zhan stared at the ground, trying not to look at that indecent Song Ci.

Song Ci grunted in acknowledgment. Seeing that Han Zhan was unmoved by her teasing, she felt bored.

Returning to her serious self, Song Ci walked up to the bookshelf and ran her fingers over those medical books. She said in a low voice, “My father was a surgeon. After coming to China, he even learned Traditional Chinese Medicine massage techniques.”

“After we get married, I can give you a massage after you get home from a tiring day at work.” As for how she was going to do it, it depended on her massage techniques.

Han Zhan felt tingly all over when she said those words.

But Han Zhan didn’t dare to think too much.

For an old man in his thirties, some thoughts easily got out of hand.

“Your father is Chinese?” Upon hearing Song Ci’s description, Han Zhan thought her father was a Chinese man who grew up abroad.

Song Ci nodded and said, “Yup. My father is Chinese and my mother is a Chinese-American mixed-blood.”

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci’s face and suddenly said, “No wonder your features are deeper and sharper.” Her eyes, especially, were deeper than usual Chinese girls.

Song Ci took it as Han Zhan praising her good looks.

Han Zhan got up, walked up to Song Ci, and retrieved a medical surgery book from the bookshelf. He then walked back to the bed, sat down, and read quietly.

Suddenly, the room was very quiet.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan and realized that he had already gotten used to using his left hand to flip the pages while his right hand remained hidden in the glove. Song Ci felt like asking Han Zhan how he had injured his right hand but was afraid of triggering terrible memories, and thus gave up the thought.

After he had read around ten pages of the book, Aunt Zhang knocked on the door.

“Miss Song, Mr. Han, the meal is ready and Mr. Mu is also already back. You guys can come down for lunch already.” Aunt Zhang was very polite and didn’t open the door for the fear of seeing anything inappropriate.

Song Ci was using her phone then. Hearing this, she replied, “Coming.”

She locked the screen of her phone, reached out for the book in Han Zhan’s hands, and stuffed it back into the bookshelf.

Turning around, Song Ci leaned against the bookshelf, and then licked her red lips. With a smile, she asked Han Zhan, “Why are you reading a book instead of reading me?”

Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was flirting again. He intentionally wanted to flirt back with her and said, “Reading a book makes one calm and reading you…”

Han Zhan opened his mouth and mouthed a phrase. However, since Song Ci had been staring at his mouth, she naturally could make out what he had said.

“—makes one want to sleep.”

Too flirty!

Song Ci bent down and jabbed Han Zhan in the chest with her finger. Curious, she asked, “Mr. Han, you’re so good at flirting, why didn’t you have a girlfriend before?”

Han Zhan pinched her finger and said, “Wasn’t I waiting for you to come into my life?”

Song Ci’s heart got shot again, and she even lost control of her heartbeat. She stood up straight and leaned against the study table, keeping her distance from this demonic Han Zhan.

Song Ci grabbed a pen in her hand and kept tapping it on the table. Han Zhan could tell that she wanted to say something, so he waited patiently.

Eventually, it was still Song Ci who couldn’t hold it in and said, “Han Zhan, later when you leave, bring me along.”

“Today?” Han Zhan wanted to wait a few more days before bringing Song Ci back to cohabit with her to at least give her some mental preparation.

Nodding seriously, Song Ci said, “Take me away from here and back to your home.” Her black and bright eyes were glowing with fear and uneasiness. Song Ci whispered, “Being under the same roof as he won’t make me sleep in peace.”


Song Ci looked at Han Zhan with intent. There was a tinge of lovely fragility appearing on her pretty face as she said, “I’m scared.”

Song Ci was scared of Mu Mian, scared of dying, and scared of Song Fei dying.

She had all kinds of fears.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci for a while before standing up and placing his hand on her head.

Patting gently, Han Zhan said, “Okay.”

Hearing this, Song Ci subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

Going downstairs together, the two of them saw Mu Mian who had just rushed back home. Since he just knocked off from work, he wasn’t wearing the jacket of his suit—his tall and straight frame was only clad in a white blouse with blue stripes.

He looked slightly younger than his actual age.

Upon hearing footsteps, Mu Mian raised his head and glanced at both. He then darted down and saw their entwined hands for a second before barking out a greeting, “You’re back.”


Song Ci called him ‘Father’ and Han Zhan took on a humble stance and called out, “Uncle Mu.”

After Han Zhan had called him, it was only then that he realized the honorifics used. Mu Mian frowned.

“You’re indeed magnanimous to actually come.” Mu Mian had already met Han Zhan before and had also openly shown his dislike for him.

Thus, upon meeting again, Mu Mian didn’t even bother to act courteously.

Han Zhan was thick-skinned and took it as if he didn’t know that Mu Mian was wary of him. So, he remained silent.

When Du Tingting came out, she happened to hear Mu Mian’s words and shot him a ruthless glance. She then hurriedly asked Han Zhan to sit down with a warm tone laced in her voice.

Du Tingting brought Han Zhan’s gift to the table. “Look how thoughtful Han Zhan is. He even found you a 1949 Hero fountain pen.”

Looking at the pen case, Mu Mian couldn’t possibly keep pulling a long face. He relaxed his expression, and said to Han Zhan, “You’re really thoughtful to still be able to find this pen now.”

Han Zhan replied, “I happen to have a friend who collected it, so I brought it along.”

Mu Mian nodded without even giving Han Zhan another glance.

The meal was slightly awkward and had a dull atmosphere. Even Du Tingting felt embarrassed. However, Han Zhan was very composed during the meal and even ate three bowls of rice.

The more Du Tingting looked at Han Zhan, the more she liked him. He had a great appetite and was tall and handsome.

Just that his hand…

No mother would be willing for her daughter to be together with a handicap, and Du Tingting was no exception. She didn’t want to continue thinking deeper, as it would only make her discontented.

After the meal, Mu Qiu’s video call came.

“It’s Qiu-er,” Du Tingting said to Song Ci as she answered the call. She said to Mu Qiu, “Qiu-er, have you eaten?”

Mu Qiu said, “Yup. Mother, did Sister really bring her boyfriend?”

Du Tingting smiled. “Yup. Your sister’s boyfriend is so handsome, let me show you.” Du Tingting held the phone, walked up to Song Ci, and sat down beside her.

Song Ci took over the phone and heard Mu Qiu address her sweetly.

“Qiu-er, come, here’s your brother-in-law.” Song Ci turned the phone towards Han Zhan, who looked down and saw the girl in the video. Mu Qiu was wearing the hospital’s pajamas. She had black hair and glowing eyes, but her skin was slightly pale.

Like what he had heard, Mu Qiu was an innocent, pure, and elegant girl, much like a wild lily.

Han Zhan nodded at Mu Qiu and greeted her in a reserved manner. “Hi, Mu Qiu.”

Han Zhan was too tall—he was merely sitting on the Mu Family’s sofa and already seemed majestic. Han Zhan was very handsome with gorgeous brows and soul-stirring light blue eyes.

Han Zhan’s aura stunned Mu Qiu.

Thus, after she heard Han Zhan greet her, Mu Qiu was actually at a loss for words.

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