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Chapter 39: Brother Han is So Handsome That Song Ci Cannot Resist

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After sending off the youngsters, Han Zhan and Li Li boarded the same car to head back to the office.

Li Li shifted in his seat before turning around to ask Han Zhan something. In a small voice, he asked, “Mr. Han, when did you get attached?” As Han Zhan’s closest colleague and friend, how could Li Li not know that Han Zhan had a girlfriend now?

He was no longer Han Zhan’s confidante.

Han Zhan replied, “Over the past few days.”

Li Li mulled over this. There was only one possible candidate. Thinking of how Ms. Song cut her beautiful hair to gain Mr. Han’s fancy, Li Li felt Han Zhan finally met a real adversary. “Is it… Ms. Song?”

Song Ci was gorgeous and bold. Mr. Han might not resist if she was truly determined to woo him.

Han Zhan glanced at Li Li. His lips curled up in a faint smile. “Mmm.”

Li Li took a deep breath.

His voice was cool. “It’s only been a few days since Ms. Song started wooing you, and you agreed just like that?” Where did your backbone go?

Han Zhan replied, “I would have agreed, eventually. Why wait?”


The earlier he agreed, the earlier he could enjoy the benefits. Han Zhan couldn’t be bothered to explain this concept to Li Li.


Han Zhan’s honesty completely stunned Li Li.

That’s right. Since Ms. Song would have him eventually, why not just lay down now and enjoy?


Li Li was struck speechless. He was huddled in his seat as he brooded over some things when Han Zhan’s cell phone suddenly vibrated. It was a WeChat message. He then realized that Han Zhan’s cell phone had been vibrating more than often. Also, he would immediately take it out to look every time it vibrated.

[ Song Ci: Brother Han, my mother asked me to bring you back home for a meal tomorrow. ]

[ Song Ci: She said that she wanted to size you up and see if you are suitable for me. ]

‘Size me up?’


Han Zhan was not at all afraid at the thought of having to face his future mother-in-law’s scrutiny tomorrow.

As Han Zhan fiddled with his cell phone, he thought, ‘There’s nothing bad about me at all. I have a car and a house. My parents are both dead. I don’t have any ambiguous relationship with anybody else. There is no gossip about me. I am the perfect suitor!’


The next day, Han Zhan promptly arrived at the hospital at 7:40 a.m.

Song Ci had already changed clothes when he arrived at the ward. Since she was wearing a neck brace, it was not convenient for her to put on a dress. Hence, Song Ci wore a deep purple v-neck silk shirt paired with a white line skirt.

By the time Han Zhan arrived, Song Ci was sitting by the side of the bed holding up a mirror with her left hand and using an eyeliner with her right hand. Han Zhan stood at the door, looking on with interest at his girlfriend putting on makeup.

Was this the responsibility of being a famous influencer? She had to put makeup on even when she was being discharged from the hospital in a neck brace?

Song Ci heard Han Zhan’s footsteps. After finishing her eyeliner, she turned gracefully and waved at him. “Brother Han, look. What do you think of the line on my eyes?”

Han Zhan had no idea what lined eyes should look like, but he still walked over.

Standing in front of Song Ci, he lowered his head to stare at her.

She had foundation on and drew her eyebrows, but she hadn’t put on lipstick yet. Close-up, Song Ci’s skin was nearly flawless. She had put on a pale, purple smokey eyeshadow, which made her lined eyes appear even more alluring.

Han Zhan had no idea how Song Ci’s makeup should look but felt she was rather pretty.

Song Ci asked, “Does it look good?”

“Not bad.” Han Zhan nodded honestly. He had to acknowledge Song Ci’s beauty.

Han Zhan was about to straighten back up when Song Ci suddenly held onto Han Zhan’s tie with her right hand. She followed his momentum upward and planted a kiss on the corners of his unsuspecting lips.


It left Han Zhan shocked.

After stealing a kiss, Song Ci quickly sat back down. She lifted her head and gently arranged Han Zhan’s wrinkled tie with her long, dainty fingers. She also used this opportunity to conceal her reddened ears and cheeks, and even her racing heart.

Han Zhan allowed Song Ci to help him adjust his tie. Song Ci said, “Brother Han is too handsome. I couldn’t resist!”

Han Zhan felt like he and Song Ci had gotten their scripts mixed up. A male lead should do such bold actions.


Han Zhan straightened his body only after those delicate hands had left his tie. He gave Song Ci a meaningful glance before taking a step back. “I will go complete the discharge procedure. You go pack up your things first.”

Han Zhan turned and strode out of the ward. He looked very calm and steady.

Arriving at the service counter, Han Zhan asked for Song Ci’s hospital bill and carried it over to take the lift. There were many people inside the lift and Han Zhan’s 1.89 cm height was outstanding.


After settling the hospital bill, Han Zhan accepted the receipt before finally taking a seat on one of the metal chairs in the main hall. He looked like he was in a trance.

He touched the corners of his lips in a daze.

Too many years had already passed since his last relationship. Han Zhan had nearly forgotten what it felt like to be kissed.


It was so soft.


Song Ci had already packed her belongings by the time he returned to the ward. She didn’t have that many items, just a small makeup case, and a handbag. Han Zhan asked, “You don’t want the rest of your stuff?”

Song Ci said, “No. It’s pointless to bring back things that were used in a hospital.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s such a waste to throw them away.”

Song Ci felt rather surprised at Han Zhan’s words. After thinking for a moment, she said, “I will donate the scoop and washbasin to the elderly patient next door. He is from out of town and is quite poor. He was just transferred over to this hospital and didn’t bring any personal items along with him.”

Song Ci’s condition was not contagious. The scoop and washbasin which she used to wash her face were clean. Song Ci had already asked the elderly patient if he wanted her items. Since the man was a thrifty person, he naturally said yes.

Song Ci picked up the items and told Han Zhan, “Let’s go then.”

Song Ci gave the scoop and washbasin to the elderly patient next door before she went downstairs with Han Zhan. Inside the lift, Song Ci teased Han Zhan, “Never knew that the future richest man in town would be so thrifty.”

Han Zhan replied, “From a young age, my grandfather taught me not to waste things.”

Noticing Song Ci’s puzzled look, Han Zhan explained, “My great-grandmother died during the famine times. My grandfather was only three years old then.”


Han Zhan had taken on his mother’s surname. His grandfather Han Aoyu was born in the late 1930s and was raised in Hunan.


There was a major earthquake in the early 1940s, which triggered off a terrible famine. After his mother died, Han Aoyu’s father carried him off to Hunan. It was the only reason the father-son duo survived.

Since his mother had starved to death, his father always taught him to be thrifty. In the later years, Han Aoyu ended up becoming a great general. Even so, after his retirement, he returned to his little province and built a small, simple two-story house, and he hired a retired soldier to take care of him.

Old Master Han had been a thrifty person all his life. With the old man’s influence, Han Zhan became a very thrifty person, too. Although Han Zhan was rich, he was not an extravagant man. He had shoes that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and those which only cost less than $20.

Song Ci’s hand tightened around the strap of her purse as she listened to Han Zhan’s words.

Song Ci felt very ridiculous and self-entitled in front of Han Zhan now. The Mu Family was rich and provided very well for their two daughters. All of Song Ci’s bags cost at least a five-figure sum even. Her shoes and clothing were all luxury brands.

She really felt like a ridiculous fool standing beside Han Zhan.


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