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Chapter 389: Jiang Zhen Exposed His Identity, Han Wangwang: Goodbye, Big Boss!

The main reason Sheng Jing came today was to take a look at his junior sister’s child. As for Sheng Qingya and Jiang Guchuan, he didn’t really care about them. The relationship between the youngsters should be left to the youngsters to get along with. It was inconvenient for adults to get involved.

Sheng Jing had undergone a heart bypass surgery a few years ago. An accident happened during the surgery and he almost died. Hence, he cherished his life now.

After walking for a while, Sheng Jing saw that the scenery here was pleasant and he was a little tired, so he said to Jiang Zhen, “Little Bi’er, let’s sit on that chair.”


Sheng Jing sat down and crossed his legs.

Jiang Zhen had been helping Sheng Jing with the life-nourishing teacup he carried with him. After sitting down, Jiang Zhen quickly opened the cup and handed it to Sheng Jing. “Uncle Sheng, have some hot tea.”

“Okay.” Sheng Jing took a sip of tea and closed the lid.

He held the teacup in both hands and placed it on his lap. He looked at the skyscraper across the artificial lake and suddenly asked Jiang Zhen, “Have you visited your mother all these years?”

“Every year.” Every death anniversary and Spring Festival, Jiang Zhen and Jiang Weimin would go to the cemetery to pay respects to Lan Ruoyun.

Sheng Jing nodded in satisfaction, but then said, “The last time I saw your mother was a month before she passed away. That day, she suddenly called me and asked me if the gene search engine was reliable. I went to find out more about it before calling her and saying that it was.”

It turned out that there was such a secret behind his mother going to the gene library to record her DNA. Jiang Zhen asked, “After listening to you, Mother went?”

“Not only did your mother go, but she also donated all of her assets to that organization. Until the day she died, your mother still cared about you two.” Sheng Jing hammered his leg with the cup and sighed. “She blamed herself.”

Jiang Zhen could no longer remember when he and his sister were abducted. Jiang Weimin did not tell him in detail either. After seeing Sheng Jing today, Jiang Zhen suddenly thought of something and asked, “How did we disappear?”


Sheng Jing first let out a long sigh. Then, he recalled the past and said tirelessly, “That day was your fourth birthday and also your parents’ wedding anniversary. Your father’s company is on the rise and he often works overtime. On your birthday, he didn’t have time to come home. Only your mother stayed home to celebrate your birthday with you.”

“Your mother baked a small cake for the two of you. When the two of you were singing and making a wish, for some reason, you started fighting and making the cake all over the floor. Your mother was already in a bad mood because of Jiang Weimin’s negligence towards the family. Because of the mischievous behavior of the two of you, she broke down instantly.”

“I wonder if you can understand how she felt that day.”

The child was mischievous and worrisome. The husband neglected his family and neglected her. With all these reasons added together, the already mentally exhausted Lan Ruoyun would inevitably break down.

Jiang Zhen put himself in Lan Ruoyun’s shoes and thought about it. He could understand Lan Ruoyun’s helplessness and breakdown.

“Your mother flew into a rage at you and punished you to face the wall to reflect. After she cleaned up the house, she hid in her room and cried secretly. When she calmed down and went downstairs to call you to take a shower, she found that you were gone.”

“That night, the police, your parents, and the company’s employees searched the area with flashlights. They searched the pond, the ditch, and the woods, but they couldn’t find you and your sister. That’s how they concluded that you were missing.”

“When I heard about this, it had already been a week. When I rushed back to Wangdong City and saw your mother, she was sitting on the sofa with a haggard and unkempt appearance. She was hugging your photo frame. The moment she saw me, she cried her heart out and continuously confessed to me.”

“If only I didn’t lose my temper at them and run back to my room alone without leaving them behind. Then Zhenzhen and Bi’er wouldn’t have been stolen from me… Those words are what your mother always says.”

Jiang Zhen’s heart ached at the thought of his mother crying hysterically.

Sheng Jing continued, “At first, when everyone saw your mother, they couldn’t bear it and would even sit down to comfort her. But your mother couldn’t get over the grief of losing her children. She would catch people and tell them about her sorrow and how much she missed her children. Everyone got tired of listening to her. Gradually, when people mentioned your mother again, their attitudes were more cold and disdainful…”

“She couldn’t find her own child, but her husband had to be busy with company matters. Her friends around her gradually distanced themselves from her. Little Junior Sister slowly became depressed and went crazy.” She became the sister-in-law of Xianglin in real life.

“By the time I realized that something was wrong with Little Junior Sister’s condition, she was already suffering from severe depression. The doctor said that her symptoms could cause her to take things too hard at any time, but she persevered for eight years. Later on, she probably really couldn’t take it anymore, so she jumped down from a tall building and ended up with a lifetime of suffering.”

Tears welled up in Sheng Jing’s eyes again.

Lan Ruoyun fell down from the tall building and her body was split into two. Jiang Weimin spent a lot of money to hire a forensic doctor to repair her body. He also hired an undertaker to help her put on makeup. Only then did she barely maintain her human form.

When Sheng Jing received the news, she rushed to Wangdong City to attend the funeral. When she saw Lan Ruoyun, she had already put on her burial clothes and was lying quietly in the coffin. Her body was covered with a thick layer of white powder. She did not look like her little junior sister at all.

“When Master was still alive, he had always been worried about Little Junior Sister. I often thought that if Little Junior Sister did not marry your father back then but married a man with an ordinary status but cared for the family more, would the outcome be different?”

Sheng Jing didn’t mean to slander Jiang Weimin in front of the child. Sheng Jing just didn’t like Jiang Weimin and hated him. He hated him for neglecting his family. He hated him for not accompanying his little junior sister. He hated him for ruining his kind and gentle junior sister!

Jiang Zhen could feel Sheng Jing’s hatred for his father. He didn’t have any dislike for it.

It was only right that Uncle Sheng hated his father. Even he hated his father after hearing what happened.

As Uncle Sheng had said, if his father could spend more time with his mother when he found out that her mother was not in the right state of mind, his mother might not get depressed.

In this world, there were many mothers who had lost their children. Most mothers would recover after a period of depression. They would either start a long journey to find their children or start a new life.

Lan Ruoyun was not a fragile and weak person. It was her husband and friends who neglected her. In addition, the pain of losing her child forced her to become a mentally fragile patient.

Jiang Zhen felt indignant for that woman.

“Bi’er, your brother…” Sheng Jing kept thinking about the boy he had never found.

He tilted his head and looked at Jiang Bi, saying sadly, “I heard from your father that when he was very young, in order to protect you, he used himself as bait to deceive the bad people.”

“Do you think that child Zhenzhen is still alive?”

Jiang Zhen lowered his head and replied in a muffled voice, “I’m afraid… he’s not here anymore. Our foster father is very cruel. Back then, my brother and I secretly ran away once, but we were unfortunately captured. In a fit of anger, he broke one of my brother’s ribs and beat him until he was bedridden for a month. He even…”

Jiang Zhen stared at his skinny wrists and blinked his curly eyelashes. She murmured, “He also chained me up and locked me up for three or four months.”

Sheng Jing was furious. “Where does your foster father live?! You must punish him severely! Call the police! You must call the police!”

Jiang Zhen shook his head. “It’s no use calling the police. I don’t remember where that family lives anymore.”

Hearing this, Sheng Jing lowered his head in disappointment. “That’s true. You were too young back then.”

Sheng Jing’s phone rang. It was his lover calling to urge him to return to the hotel.

Sheng Jing hung up the phone and slowly stood up. He lowered his head and said to Jiang Zhen, “Let’s go, Bi’er. Uncle will be staying in Wangdong City for a while. When you have time, remember to come and chat with Uncle. Uncle likes you.”

She was Little Junior Sister’s only bloodline. How could he not like her?


When Jiang Bi and Sheng Jing returned to the Jiang family, they saw Jiang Weimin and his wife together with Jiang Guchuan. They were sending Mrs. Sheng and Sheng Qingya off.

As soon as they reached the courtyard, they saw Jiang Zhen and Sheng Jing who had returned.

Jiang Weimin walked to Sheng Jing’s side and said enthusiastically, “Brother Sheng, since you want to stay in Wangdong City, you must come to my house often.”

Sheng Jing responded coldly and patted Jiang Bi’s shoulder before getting into the car.

Sheng Qinya exchanged WeChat messages with Jiang Zhen before turning back to look at Jiang Guchuan. Seeing that Jiang Guchuan was also looking at her, Sheng Qinya blushed slightly before bending down to get into the car.

After watching the Sheng family leave, Jiang Weimin said, “Since everyone is gone, let’s go back.”

But Jiang Zhen said, “I still have things to do, so I have to leave first.”

“It’s already so late. Are you still leaving?” Jiang Weimin turned around and looked at Jiang Zhen. He asked, “Is there something you need from the company?”

“No. Something personal.”

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Weimin wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. Zhu Xiulan pulled Jiang Weimin’s arm and gave him a look, saying, “When a child grows up, she has her own things to do. Why are you asking about it?”

It was only then that Jiang Weimin realized that he had been overly concerned about Jiang Bi and had lost his sense of propriety. “Then go. Drive slower.”


After Jiang Zhen drove off, Jiang Weimin said, “The children have grown up. They spend lesser time at home.” He turned around and asked Jiang Guchuan, “What do you think of that girl from the Sheng family?”

“Not bad.” Jiang Guchuan’s answer was ambiguous.

When Jiang Weimin saw that Jiang Guchuan didn’t dislike that girl, he said, “Your Uncle Sheng is rich now. He has opened more than 2,000 chain stores in the country and is also a famous jeweler in the country. He doesn’t have a son…”

Jiang Guchuan smiled meaningfully at Jiang Guchuan and said, “Grab the chance.”

Jiang Guchuan’s expression did not change as he responded softly.

When Zhu Xiulan heard this, she said, “Choosing a partner, family background is indeed very important, but what’s more important than family background is character. As the saying goes, marrying the right wife will benefit three generations. A woman with a tenacious and pure character is worth millions of gold.”

Zhu Xiulan had always been an opinionated woman. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have become Jiang Weimin’s right-hand man in business. When Jiang Guchuan heard Zhu Xiulan’s words, he shook his head and smiled. He only said, “A woman’s opinion.”

Jiang Weimin walked into the house.

Zhu Xiulan tugged at Jiang Guchuan’s arm and reminded him, “If Miss Sheng is a good person, you can get along well with her. If she has bad morals, you can just be friends with a woman like her. Guchuan, I won’t harm you.”

Jiang Guchuan listened to Zhu Xiulan’s words. “I understand, Mom.”

“Good to know.”

Jiang Zhen thought about some things as he drove to Imperial Dragon Mountain.

Uncle Sheng said that his mother had called him a month before she passed away to ask about the gene bank.

A woman who was mentally deranged due to depression was actually concerned about these things and even knew to donate her private assets to the foundation. This didn’t seem like something a mental patient would do.

Jiang Zhen frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, he took out his phone and called Sheng Jing.

Sheng Jing was still on the way back to the hotel when he received Jiang Zhen’s call. He was a little surprised. “Bi’er? Why did you call? Did I leave something at your house?”

“Uncle Sheng, I want to ask you something.”

Sheng Jing smiled. “What is it? Just ask.”

“Uncle Sheng, you’re not on speaker, right?”

Hearing this, Sheng Jing was stunned at first. Then, he looked at his daughter and lover and silently turned down the volume of the phone.

When he was done, he said to Jiang Zhen, “Tell me, I’m listening.”

Jiang Zhen knew that Sheng Jing was a smart person, so he asked, “Uncle Sheng, you said that before my mother passed away, she called you to ask about the gene bank. I would like to ask you to recall her mental state when she contacted you.”

Afraid that Sheng Jing wouldn’t understand what he meant, Jiang Zhen continued, “I mean, is her logic clear when she speaks? Is she in a trance or is she normal?”

Sheng Jing’s mind raced as he tried to figure out why Jiang Zhen was asking this question. He replied cautiously, “It’s rare to see her so sober.”

That time when Little Junior Sister was on the phone, her logic was normal and every word she said was clearly expressed. She did not have that crazy and depressed feeling.

Sheng Jing had actually neglected this detail.

Jiang nodded and asked, “I want to know, when my mother donated to the gene bank, who helped her?”

Sheng Jing was surprised again.

He had never thought about this question before.

Jiang Zhen added, “My mother is a mental patient. I don’t think she has the ability to do that.”

“There’s a caregiver who takes care of your mother. Her name is…” Sheng Jing thought for a moment, but he couldn’t recall the person’s name. “All I know is that her name is Aihua, but I’ve forgotten her last name.”

“I understand.”

Jiang Zhen parked his car at the foot of Imperial Dragon Mountain and turned on his computer. It was easy to find out the identity of the nurse who had taken care of his mother.

Li Aihua was originally a nurse at The First People’s Hospital. Later on, she was hired by Jiang Weimin to take care of Lan Ruoyun at the Jiang family for a high price.

Li Aihua took care of Lan Ruoyun for seven years. It was no exaggeration to say that she was the person who understood Lan Ruoyun the most in this world.

Jiang Zhen took note of this and continued driving up the mountain.

When he arrived at the Imperial Dragon Villa, he coincidentally bumped into the family of Sicilio, who had just returned from outside. Sicilio was carrying a bag of food in his hand. It looked like a takeaway bag for some food.

Jiang Zhen and Cesilio nodded and greeted each other. Just as they were about to enter, they saw Aaron walk out. He walked slightly faster, so his limp was obvious.

Jiang Zhen stared at Aaron for a moment before standing aside silently.

Aaron ran over and snatched the takeaway bag from Sicilio’s hand. He opened it and took a look. Then, he reveled in the fragrance.

He told Sicilio, “You guys shouldn’t have gone out today. We had crayfish today. It was delicious.”

Sicilio wasn’t interested in crayfish. “Forty-eight dollars for the takeout,” he said. “Pay up.” One had to get even with someone like Aaron.

Aaron blinked at Sicilio and said shamelessly, “I’m your younger brother. You have to take care of me more. This meal is your treat. Bye!”

After saying that, Aaron carried the takeaway bag and turned to leave. When he passed by Jiang Zhen, he picked out a duck collarbone from his bag and threw it to him.

Jiang Zhen caught the duck collarbone and heard Aaron say, “Don’t you like this? This is for you!”

When Jiang Zhen was begging in Nanxing City, he had seen countless people buy delicacies. At that time, he dreamed of eating a mouthful of duck collarbone.

Later, when he had money, he never bought this thing.

Jiang Zhen was a rather strange person, and the thoughts in his mind were also strange. In his poverty, he treated duck clavicle as a peerless delicacy. When he grew up and became rich, he didn’t dare to buy this thing. He was afraid that the taste of this thing was just that, afraid that his childhood dream would be shattered.

Jiang Zhen hesitated for a moment before lowering his head to take a bite. The meat on the duck collarbone was numb and slightly spicy. The taste was indescribably strange.

As expected, this thing didn’t taste very good.

However, Jiang Zhen did not abandon it.

Butler Cai Jinyu already knew Jiang Zhen. When he saw Jiang Zhen looking for Han Wangwang, he smiled and asked, “Miss Jiang, are you looking for Wang Wang?”

Jiang Zhen nodded and asked Housekeeper Cai, “Housekeeper Cai, is Wang Wang in her room or where?”

“She was beaten up and is resting in her room.”

When Jiang Zhen heard that Han Wangwang was beaten up, it was as if there was a fire under his feet. He rushed to Han Wangwang’s room.

Cai Jinyu stared at Jiang Zhen’s departing figure and muttered, “She’s cold on the outside but hot on the inside. e’Shs worthy of being passionate and charming.”

Cai Jinyu’s mind was already filled with a short story of love.

Su Huanyan walked over with Sicilio and the children. When she heard Butler Cai’s murmur, she gave him a strange look.

Cai Jinyu quickly composed his facial expressions and smiled at them. “Mr. Clooney, Miss Su, welcome home.”

Su Huanyan dragged Cesilio away. When they got back to their room, she couldn’t help but send a WeChat message to complain to Song Ci. Su Huanyan said: [Songsong, this butler of yours is a strange person. He actually likes to binge.]

Song Ci had long discovered Cai Jinyu’s cute side. She received the message and replied to Su Huanyan with a laughing emoticon.

Jiang Zhen stood outside the door and knocked. Han Wangwang’s aggrieved voice came from inside. “I’m not hungry. I’m not eating supper.”

Jiang Zhen continued to knock on the door. Han Wangwang then said, “I’m sleepy. I’m going to sleep.” She didn’t know who was outside the door. She only thought that it was Butler Cai or one of the house helpers who came to deliver supper.

“It’s me, Wangwang.”

Upon hearing Jiang Zhen’s voice, Han Wangwang propped herself up with both hands on the bed and sat up abruptly. She had gotten up in a hurry and had forgotten that both her hands were injured. Her palms were burning with pain.

Han Wangwang’s eyes were filled with tears.

She went barefoot to open the door and pulled it open. When she saw Jiang Zhen outside, Han Wangwang’s tears flowed. As she cried, she said, “I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt. I didn’t get beaten up.”

Every word was a lie.

Jiang Zhenmo looked at her with his dark eyes and saw through Han Wangwang’s lie. “Don’t lie to me.”

Jiang Zhen walked into the house and closed the door. Then, he pressed Han Wangwang between his chest. “I’m sorry for making you suffer.”

Han Wangwang leaned her forehead against Jiang Zhen’s chest. She closed her eyes and wiped her tears away. She then asked worriedly, “Will it be okay if you tell my little uncle about you?”

“Then what should we do?” Jiang Zhen sighed and patted Han Wangwang’s head. He said, “I can’t let you get beaten and punished because of me.”

“If my little uncle reveals this matter, then all your efforts will be for naught.”

Jiang Zhen fell silent.

He decided to tell Han Zhan about his bad deeds. It was a rash and bold move. However, when Jiang Zhen thought that Han Zhan might beat Han Wangwang up, and Han Yueyun would not let Han Wangwang off, he became flustered.

He wanted revenge. He also wanted her.

“I just hope that your little uncle is a tight-lipped person.” Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and said, “I think your little uncle should be someone who can keep secrets.”

“Bullsh*t. He would tell my little auntie everything. If you don’t believe me, you should carefully observe her expression tomorrow morning. If she keeps stealing glances at you, then it’s definitely because little uncle told her about you.”

Jiang Zhen laughed and shook his head. “They’re husband and wife. Isn’t it only right for Mr. Han to tell Madam Han everything?”

“But your situation is even more dangerous.” Han Wangwang felt worried for Jiang Zhen when he thought that the fact that Jiang Zhen was a man might be exposed.

Jiang Zhen said, “I choose to believe in your family, just as I believe in you.” This was Jiang Zhen’s heartfelt confession, which meant more than saying ‘I love you’.

Han Wangwang didn’t say anything. “I understand.”

Han Wangwang stepped out of Jiang Zhen’s arms and looked back at the 1.8-meter bed. She lowered her head and her ears turned red. She said, “The bed is quite big. Sleep with me tonight.”

Jiang Zhen was about to nod when he heard Butler Cai knock on the door.

Butler Cai knocked on the door. Without waiting for the two young men inside to respond, he said, “Miss Jiang, the guest room has been tidied up. Please follow me to the guest room to rest.”

Sir had just informed him that he must bring Miss Jiang to the guest room to rest. Butler Cai would never ask why his master had given the order. He only needed to go and implement it.

When no one in the house replied, Butler Cai said, “Miss Jiang, I’ll bring you to the guest room myself.”

Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang looked at each other speechlessly. After a moment, Jiang Zhen laughed first. “Heh…” He bent down and placed his face in front of Han Wangwang, gently pinching her cheeks.

Their eyes met, and Jiang Zhen smiled. “Your little uncle is guarding against me like he’s guarding against a thief. That’s right, I’m not a rapist.”

Han Wangwang blushed.

Jiang Zhen let go of Han Wangwang’s face and turned around to leave. Before he left, he even said flirtatiously, “I’ll dream of you, Wangwang.”

Han Wangwang didn’t dare to ask him what he had dreamed about. She knew that she was definitely naked in the dream.

Upstairs, Han Zhan heard Butler Cai’s reply that he had already brought Miss Jiang to the guest room. He then felt relieved.

Song Ci leaned against Han Zhan’s arm. She had also heard Butler Cai’s report.

Sensing that Han Zhan was obviously relieved, Song Ci laughed at him. “Han Zhan, what’s the use of doing this? They didn’t stay together tonight, but what about tomorrow night? What about the night after tomorrow?”

“They can do anything in places you can’t see. You can’t do this.” Song Ci saw how Han Zhan disciplined Han Wangwang. She couldn’t imagine how strict he would be with his two daughters.

Han Zhan sneered and said, “How old are they?”

Song Ci said, “Jiang Bi is 24 years old and Wang Wang is 23 years old. They have reached the legal marriage age.”

Han Zhan added, “She’s still young.”

“Young?” Song Ci was so angry that she laughed. She said, “When you slept with me, I was only 22 years old, not even 23. I’m not even 25 years old and I’m already pregnant with a second child. What do you say?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Zhan was speechless.

Speaking of age, Song Ci was almost 25 years old. She said, “It’s my birthday this year. I want to go to Italy.” Song Ci’s birthday was in August. It wouldn’t be long now.

“I’m busy with work, so I can only take a week of free time.” Even if he was going to Italy with Song Ci to celebrate her birthday, he still had to work remotely. It was impossible for him to ignore everything.

Song Ci nodded and said, “A week is fine. Actually, I miss Coco. I’ve been dreaming about him recently.” Song Ci touched her slightly bulging belly and said, “I don’t know if he misses me too.”

Han Zhan really didn’t have a good impression of the great white shark that looked like Edward, but COCO had saved Song Ci before and they had deep feelings for each other. Han Zhan couldn’t stop Song Ci from seeing it.

“Then, we’ll go to Italy on your birthday.”


The next morning, Jiang Zhen and Han Wangwang woke up and went to the dining room for breakfast. Song Ci and Han Zhan woke up earlier than them. Han Zhan was doing his morning exercises while Song Ci was doing yoga.

The others were still sleeping, and only the four of them were eating in the dining room.

Breakfast was a mixture of Chinese and Western cuisine. Jiang Zhen didn’t feel like eating anything in the morning, so he scooped a bowl of vegetable porridge. Han Wangwang, on the other hand, seemed to have a good appetite. He ordered a bowl of porridge and a scallion pancake with egg and bacon.

Han Wangwang’s hand was still swollen, so it was not convenient for her to take the food. Jiang Zhen helped her scoop the food and put it in front of her. When Jiang Zhen sat down, he noticed that Song Ci was peeping at him.

Han Wangwang and Jiang Zhen exchanged glances.

Han Wangwang picked up his phone and secretly sent a message to Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and saw Han Wangwang saying, [Watch my little auntie’s eyes carefully.]

Jiang Zhen turned off her phone and looked at Song Ci. Song Ci was secretly sizing up Jiang Zhen. When she saw Jiang Zhen suddenly looking at her, she quickly turned her head away and lowered her head to eat her breakfast.

Miss Jiang was a man.

Due to the preconceived notion of being ‘Miss Jiang’, even though she had long discovered that Jiang Zhen’s chest was flat and he was tall and thin, Song Ci had never doubted his gender.

However, after knowing the truth that Jiang Zhen was a man, Song Ci looked at Jiang Zhen again and felt that she was really stupid.

Jiang Zhen had an Adam’s apple, and the lines on his face were somewhat sharp. His chest was too flat, and his feet were too big…

Why didn’t I suspect Jiang Zhen before?

Song Ci couldn’t help but admire Jiang Zhen’s disguise skills. His disguise was too successful. After so many years, no one had discovered that he was a man!

Even Han Wangwang did not notice!

Thinking of Han Wangwang, Song Ci looked down on her.

How did she fall in love? She had been in love for more than a year, yet she had not realized that Miss Jiang was a woman. Were they both in a platonic relationship?

Even if Jiang Zhen was a woman, wouldn’t the two of them usually touch each other and do some embarrassing things?

Han Wangwang realized that her auntie was looking at her. She straightened her back and gave her a questioning look.

Her little auntie shook her head at her in disappointment, then opened her mouth and mouthed two words.

Han Wangwang lowered her head and imitated Song Ci’s lip language. She found that Song Ci was saying—


After breakfast, Han Wangwang ran to Song Ci’s side. She held Song Ci’s arm and asked Song Ci, “Little Aunt, why did you say I was useless when we had breakfast just now?”

Song Ci took her hand out of Han Wangwang’s arm and stood next to the wall like a pen. After the meal, she could lean against the wall and stand upright. Not only could she lose weight, but she could also maintain her elegant posture.

Song Ci had always been strict with herself, whether it was her figure or her expression.

Song Ci leaned against the wall and glanced sideways at Han Wangwang. Seeing that there was no one around, she said, “I got your little uncle in less than two months. You’re good. You’ve been in a relationship for more than a year and you don’t even know that the other party is a man. Tell me, are you useless?”

Han Wangwang blushed. She was clearly angry, but she couldn’t refute Song Ci’s words.

Han Wangwang stomped her feet. “You’re so mean!” She flung her long hair and turned around to run towards Jiang Zhen’s car, following him down the mountain.

In the car, Jiang Zhen saw that Han Wangwang was quite angry and was curious about how Song Ci had angered her. “How did your little auntie bully you?”

Han Wangwang grabbed the seatbelt with both hands and pouted. “She said that I’m useless and that I’ve been in a relationship with you for more than a year, but I didn’t even know that you were a man.”

Han Wangwang also felt useless. “It’s all your fault! I tried to touch you several times, but you rejected me. You could always come up with all sorts of excuses, but I believed you!”

Han Wangwang felt like her brain had been eaten by a dog.

What genius girl from the Han family!

What math genius!

It was all fake.

I am clearly an idiot who had eaten shit!

Jiang Zhen also felt a little guilty. He knew that Han Wangwang was venting her anger on him. He didn’t dare to say anything and could only silently endure Han Wangwang’s anger.

When they arrived at Han Wangwang’s office, Jiang Zhen said, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault for hiding my gender from you.”

When he apologized sincerely, Han Wangwang didn’t want to be pretentious anymore.

Knowing how hard it was for Jiang to hide the truth, Han Wangwang couldn’t bear to condemn Jiang Zhen’s dishonesty. “You’re not allowed to lie to me anymore.”

“Never again.”

“Then what else are you hiding from me? It’s best if you tell me everything now. If I find out, we’ll definitely fight again.”

Han Wangwang generously gave Jiang Zhen a chance to confess everything.

Jiang Zhen frowned, his expression hesitant.

Han Wangwang raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

Jiang Zhen stammered, “I’m the owner of a paper-drunk club, AK design club, AK eSports club, and F International Smart Technology Company. Is this a secret?”

Han Wangwang was stunned. Then, she quickly unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Goodbye, boss.” Han Wangwang kicked the door open and slipped out of the car like a loach.

We were not from the same world.

He was so rich, and I am so poor that my salary this month was not enough to pay for next month’s expenses!

I am out of his league!

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