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Chapter 388: Father Jiang Was Married Before?

Han Wangwang’s heart was filled with guilt, fear, and terror. Her heart was in a mess, and every breath he took was a struggle.

Song Ci sighed and said, “After I got pregnant, it was easier for me to get sleepy. After the banquet ended, I went back to my room to rest. When I woke up, I realized that your little uncle was not in bed. I saw him smoking on the balcony outside the bedroom. You also know that ever since I got pregnant, your little uncle doesn’t smoke.”

“I was very worried about him. I thought that there was a problem in the business area, so I asked him what happened. In the end, he told me that he felt that you had made a mistake. After a series of questions, he finally told me that he saw you kissing Jiang Bi yesterday.”

Han Zhan treated Han Wangwang and Han Junjun as his own children. Last night at the banquet, he accidentally saw Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi kissing. At that time, his heart was in a mess.

Han Zhan had insomnia the entire night. When he thought about the possibility that his beloved niece was doing lace, he felt a headache coming on. He couldn’t fall asleep, and a huge rock was pressing on his heart.

Having quit smoking for a long time, he couldn’t control himself and started smoking again.

Han Wangwang naturally knew that Han Zhan had quit smoking long ago. When she heard that her little uncle broke the rules to smoke because of her, she knew that the situation was serious.

Since he had already been discovered, it would seem hypocritical if she continued to quibble. Han Wangwang could only force himself to admit it. “…Yes, Jiang Bi and I are indeed dating.”

When she heard Han Wangwang admit it, Song Ci still felt that it was unreal. “You… you…” Song Ci stomped her foot and said,” Silly! ”

Song Ci also knew some people with unique sexual orientation, but when this happened to her family, Song Ci found it hard to accept. She didn’t feel repulsed, but she felt shocked and incredulous.

Han Wangwang was Han Yueyun’s daughter. If this matter was exposed, it would not only affect Han Yueyun’s career, but it would also damage his reputation. In the future, wherever he went, people would point at Han Yueyun’s back and say, “Look, his daughter is a pervert.”

However, it was not easy to control one’s emotions. It was impossible to change one’s sexual orientation.

It was easy to bend anything, but hard to correct it.

Han Wangwang was so anxious that she was about to cry. Her eyes were filled with tears. “Little Aunt, what should I do? Will Little Uncle break my legs?”

Han Wangwang loved Han Zhan very much, but she was also very afraid of him.

When little uncle knew about this, he would definitely tell her parents. Jiang Zhen was still a ‘girl’ now. He had endured humiliation for so many years just to avenge Jiang Bi. Han Wangwang naturally could not let Jiang Zhen’s efforts go to waste.

Han Wangwang was anxious at the thought that her whole family would know about this. She hadn’t been beaten for many years, and her butt started to hurt.

“Little Aunt, Little Uncle loves you the most. You have to put in a good word for me. Don’t let Little Uncle beat me to death!”

Seeing that Han Wangwang was about to cry, Song Ci’s heart softened again.

She could not bear to see a beauty cry.

“Your little uncle won’t beat you to death…” She saw Han Wangwang sigh with relief and added, “At best, he’ll beat you half to death.”

Han Wangwang’s tears fell again.

Song Ci didn’t have the heart to scare Han Wangwang anymore. She pressed her hands on Han Wangwang’s shoulders and reminded him, “Your little uncle will definitely talk to you later. I’ll give you a heads up first. Listen carefully, don’t be stubborn with your little uncle. Don’t mess around, just be obedient. When your little uncle gets angry, he’s a little fierce.”

Song Ci didn’t know exactly how fierce he was. After all, Han Zhan had never been fierce to her before. However, the more good-tempered a person looked normally, the more terrifying their temper would be.

“… well, I’ll remember that.”

After receiving Song Ci’s reminder, Han Wangwang’s mind kept wandering while eating. She didn’t dare to tell Jiang Zhen about this, not wanting to cause trouble for him.

Let me endure this storm alone.

The crayfish tasted delicious, but Han Wangwang could not taste it. Han Junjun knew that his sister liked crayfish the most. He breathed in the spicy smell of the crayfish while looking at his sister.

Seeing that his sister didn’t eat the crayfish much, Han Junjun frowned. He felt that this wasn’t a simple matter. He called his sister and saw that her sister didn’t respond, so he picked up his plate and sat down beside Han Wangwang.

Han Junjun bumped Han Wangwang’s arm with his shoulder. Han Wangwang came back to her senses. She asked Han Junjun listlessly, “What are you doing?”

“Sis, why aren’t you eating the crayfish? It tastes really good. It’s not worse than our mom’s cooking. You used to be able to eat a pot by yourself. What happened today?”

Han Wangwang was frustrated. When she heard Han Junjun’s question, she shook her head absent-mindedly and said, “My stomach doesn’t feel well. I can’t eat much.”

She was too frustrated to eat.

“Poor kid.” Han Junjun believed Han Wangwang and went to Zhong Ling’er with the bowl.

At this moment, Han Zhan’s phone suddenly rang.

He took off his gloves and looked at his phone. When he saw that it was from an unknown number, he hesitated before answering the call.


Seeing that Han Zhan was on the phone, everyone lowered their voices.

When Han Zhan heard the other party announce his home, he got up and went to a quiet place to answer the call. Once Han Zhan left, everyone started talking loudly again.

Han Zhan took five to six minutes to answer the call. Han Wangwang didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she felt that Han Zhan looked at her specially before he sat down.

Aaron peeled a prawn for Nan Yanyan and asked Han Zhan in a low voice, “Who called?”

Han Zhan briefly explained, “It’s F International calling to discuss a collaboration.” Han Zhan had originally planned to contact F International, but he didn’t expect the other party to also have the intention to collaborate with them and even called in advance.

Han Wangwang was sitting opposite Han Zhan and the others, so he naturally heard Han Zhan’s reply.

Han Wangwang felt strange. She had just mentioned this to Jiang Zhen in the afternoon, and now F International had taken the initiative to contact their little uncle. It was fate.

Han Zhan didn’t eat the lobster himself, but patiently peeled the crayfish for Song Ci. However, Song Ci didn’t appreciate his thoughtfulness. Song Ci said, “When you eat crayfish, you have to absorb this smell. If you only eat meat, you won’t absorb the smell. That’s soulless.”

Han Zhan smiled and reminded her, “Eat less. You’re pregnant. If you eat too much spicy food, you might get a stomachache.”

“… Okay.”

Han Zhan wiped his mouth, stood up, and said to everyone, “Everyone, I have something to attend to. Please excuse me. Enjoy your meal.”

Then, he glanced at Han Wangwang, who was about to bury her head in the lobster basin, and said expressionlessly, “Wangwang, come to my study room after you’re done eating.”

Han Wangwang looked up suddenly and met Han Zhan’s eyes.

Han Wangwang was frightened by her uncle’s deep gaze. She quickly lowered her head. Because of her fear, Han Wangwang’s legs were trembling under the table.

After Han Zhan left, Song Ci handed a plate of crayfish to Han Wangwang and said in a low voice, “Go. Remember what I said. Don’t be stubborn.”

Han Wangwang slowly stood up and slowly walked towards the building where the study was.

Han Zhan’s study room occupied almost the entire floor. It was spacious and quiet.

This was the first time Han Wangwang entered Han Zhan’s study room. He stood in the room at the outermost layer of the study room. Seeing that there was no one behind the desk, he cautiously called out softly, “Little Uncle.”

Han Zhan’s voice came from the innermost room. “Come in.”

Han Wangwang then passed through the library in the middle and entered the reading room in the innermost area. The light in the reading room was very bright and there were two armchairs inside. Han Zhan was not reading and was wiping a cane in his hand.

Han Wangwang recognized the cane. There was one in the Grand Duke’s house. She had heard that when his little uncle made a mistake when he was young, the Grand Duke would use this cane to deal with him.

This was a cane passed down from their ancestors.

Han Wangwang stared at the cane as if she could see the scene of her being beaten until her skin split open. Han Wangwang’s eyelids were twitching and her legs were trembling.

“L-little Uncle, why did you call me here?” Han Wangwang pretended to be confused and didn’t dare to mention what happened at the banquet last night.

Han Zhan did not even raise his head and continued to use the white handkerchief in his hand to wipe the canes. He said, “The Han family only has one daughter.”

Han Wangwang nodded.

“You’re with Jiang Bi, right?” When Han Zhan asked this, he raised his head and stared at Han Wangwang with an exceptionally sharp gaze.

Han Wangwang’s scalp turned numb. She twisted her hands together uneasily and stammered, “We, we…” Han Wangwang stammered, unable to finish her sentence.


Han Zhan slapped the vine hard against the corner. Han Wangwang’s heart started to tremble. She knelt down with a thud and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry, Little Uncle!”

Han Zhan turned around and shifted his legs. His toes were facing Han Wangwang.

He lowered his head to look at the girl kneeling in front of him and sighed in exasperation. “You’re so silly! You’re 23 years old! You’re not a 15-year-old girl anymore! Do you know how serious this matter is?!”

“This is much more serious than the matter of you meeting the netizens when you were 15 years old!” Until now, Han Wangwang and her father had never explained the truth of her meeting the netizens when she was 15 years old. Han Zhan really thought that Han Wangwang had met the netizens that year.

Han Wangwang felt wronged, but she couldn’t tell Han Zhan the truth about Jiang Zhen’s gender. She held back her tears and said, “Little Uncle, I like. I like. Is that wrong?”

Han Zhan was stunned by Han Wangwang’s question.

He muttered to himself for a moment before saying, “It’s true that you like someone, but you shouldn’t like that person. You should know how big of an impact this matter will have on the Han family if it gets out. I don’t care about these rumors and slanders. My reputation isn’t good to begin with. But your father is currently at the critical period of his promotion. I have a friend who told me that your father will most likely be promoted to the capital next year.”

“After your Grand Duke passed away, the Han family lost their greatest protection. Although your grandfather still has his power, he’s not young anymore. He can only reach this height in this lifetime.”

“The current Han family still depends on your father and the two of you. You became a lawyer and your brother is still young. How far your father can go is the key.”

“If someone with ulterior motives makes a big deal out of this, your father will never be promoted again in this lifetime!” Han Yueyun had joined the army many years ago. After being injured and discharged from the army, he had gone to politics. To be able to reach his current state, he had to work very hard.

Han Yueyun’s abilities were outstanding. It was only a matter of time before he was transferred to the capital. However, Han Wangwang’s matter would definitely ruin Han Yueyun’s reputation.

Han Wangwang had considered these things as well. She knelt obediently, but she was actually feeling regretful. Before last night, she didn’t know that Jiang Bi was Jiang Zhen, a boy. But at that time, she was also determined to get together with Jiang Zhen.

It was a good thing that Jiang Zhen was a boy. What if Jiang Zhen was really a girl?

Han Wangwang realized that she was selfish and childish. She said, “I know that I did something wrong. I will handle this matter.”

“How are you going to handle it?” Han Zhan didn’t believe that Han Wangwang could handle this matter.

How to handle?

Break up?

Han Wangwang was reluctant.

A secret relationship?

Little Uncle would definitely not agree.

Han Wangwang was speechless. She lowered her head like a stray dog.

At this moment, the phone in Han Zhan’s pocket rang again. Han Zhan frowned and took out his phone. Seeing that it was another unknown number, he wanted to ignore it, but the call ended by itself.

Han Zhan placed his phone on the corner table and was about to continue reprimanding Han Wangwang when another message came on his phone. Stranger: [Hello, Mr. Han. I’m Jiang Bi. Can you take this call? I have something to say to you.]

Han Zhan raised his brows.

Jiang Bi?

Han Zhan looked at Han Wangwang and said, “Kneel down. I’ll take this call first.”

Han Wangwang heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Zhan took his phone to the office at the far end of the study room and called Jiang Zhen.

Not long after Jiang Zhen returned home, he received a WeChat message from Song Ci.

Song Ci informed him that Han Zhan had already discovered the matter between him and Han Wangwang and was questioning Han Wangwang. When Jiang Zhen received this news, he didn’t dare to stay in the Jiang family anymore. He found a random reason to hide.

At this moment, Jiang Zhen was standing by a man-made lake outside the Jiang family villa district.

It was dinner time and there weren’t many people in the park.

After sending the message, Jiang Zhen waited for a minute before receiving Han Zhan’s call.

Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to hesitate. He quickly answered the call and heard the sound of steady breathing. Knowing that Han Zhan was waiting for him to give an explanation, Jiang Zhen rubbed his forehead and called out in a low voice, “Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan heard an unfamiliar male voice.

He was stunned for a moment, then he brought the phone to his ear. Han Zhan stared at the call interface and saw that he had dialed the right number. He asked in surprise, “Who are you?”

“Mr. Han, hello, I’m Jiang Bi.”

Han Zhan was confused.

Han Zhan, who was used to all kinds of situations, was stunned for once.

Jiang Bi was a man?

Jiang Bi was actually a man

While Han Zhan was shocked, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Damn it!

Fortunately, this fellow was a man!

“What happened?” The more shocked Han Zhan was, the shorter his words became.

Jiang Zhen: “It’s a long story…”

Han Wangwang knelt in the study for half an hour. Half an hour later, her little uncle finally finished his call and walked in slowly.

Han Wangwang looked up and secretly observed Han Zhan’s expression. Seeing that her little uncle’s handsome face was still cold, she couldn’t tell what he was thinking, so she lowered her head obediently.

Han Zhan picked up the vine and said to Han Wangwang, “Give me your hand!”

Han Wangwang reached out her hand.

Han Zhan said, “You’re a big girl now. It’s not appropriate to spank you anymore. Stretch out your arms properly. If I don’t hit you twenty times today, you won’t know your mistake.”

Han Wangwang’s hands reached out and hovered in the air. He gritted his teeth and said, “Little Uncle, go ahead.”

If Han Zhan said he was going to hit, then he was really going to hit.

Han Zhan didn’t use his full strength, but he didn’t save his strength either. When the twenty boards landed, Han Wangwang’s hands were swollen and his palms were purple. However, she was strong-willed too. She didn’t scream and begged for mercy.

After he was done, Han Zhan threw the rattan away and said, “I hit you because I want you to realize your mistake. I want you to reflect on how selfish you are for doing such a shameful thing!”

Han Wangwang did not dare to argue.

She was indeed selfish.

“Your girl… your friend told me everything,” Han Zhan said suddenly.

Han Wangwang looked up suddenly, her red eyes showing shock. “What… did he say?”

Han Zhan: “He’s a man.”

Han Wangwang was shocked.

In order to protect me, Jiang Zhen had revealed his biggest secret to my little uncle?

When Han Zhan saw Han Wangwang’s touched gaze, he knew that this girl had been eaten by that brat from the Jiang family.

Damn it!

A good cabbage was eaten by that dog!

“At least he knows how to protect you, he can be considered responsible.” Han Zhan didn’t want Han Wangwang to date him because of the mess around Jiang Zhen. However, Jiang Zhen was devoted to Han Wangwang.

Nothing could compare to a sincere heart.

Han Zhan said, “Before Jiang Zhen’s matter is settled, both of you better restrain yourselves. Don’t make this matter bigger.”

If things got out of hand, it would be troublesome to handle.

Han Wangwang nodded, knowing that this matter was over. She didn’t forget to remind Han Zhan, “Little Uncle, only you and I know that Jiang Zhen is a man. If this matter is known by a third person, it must be you who spread it!”

“Little Uncle, you have to keep it a secret!”

Han Zhan raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Are you doubting that I won’t keep my promise?”

Han Wangwang quickly stood up and said, “I’m leaving! Calm down!” Han Wangwang turned around and ran out of the study. She looked down at her bruised and swollen palm and gasped in pain.

Once Song Ci went upstairs, she saw Han Wangwang standing in the corridor. She was leaning against the wall and secretly wiping her tears. She looked so wronged.

Song Ci pitied her a little.

“He hit you?”

Hearing Song Ci’s voice, Han Wangwang quickly wiped his tears and turned around. She pretended to be relaxed and shook her head at Song Ci. “No, no, I’m fine.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Wangwang’s hand.

Han Wangwang’s hands were hot and swollen. They couldn’t be clenched into fists. Song Ci raised her hands and saw her hands that were badly beaten. Song Ci felt her heart ache. “Come with me to apply medicine.”

Han Wangwang shook her head and refused. “Forget it. Let me learn from my mistakes.”

Song Ci said, “You still have to work tomorrow. You’re an adult. Don’t do things only children do.”

Han Wangwang didn’t refuse.

Song Ci took Han Wangwang to apply the medicine. While applying the medicine for Han Wangwang, she said, “This is not a hard hit. You should be satisfied.”

Han Wangwang also understood that Han Zhan didn’t go all out. If he really went all out, Han Wangwang would probably be lying down today.

Song Ci also didn’t know what happened in the study room. She had to ask Han Wangwang about everything. “Then this matter will be over?”

Han Wangwang nodded and said, “I guess so.”

Song Ci was surprised. “How did you talk to your little uncle?” She didn’t expect Han Zhan to let Han Wangwang off so easily.

Han Wangwang said, “I just… just promise to be more restrained. In the future, I can only interact with Jiang Bi secretly and not be discovered. If I’m discovered, I have to stop.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

Song Ci felt that Han Wangwang didn’t tell the truth, so she planned to ask Han Zhan later. Han Wangwang had been beaten up and cried tonight, so she didn’t have the face to see Jiang Zhen anymore. She stayed at the Imperial Dragon Villa tonight.

After Song Ci finished applying medicine for Han Wangwang, she went to the study to see Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was sitting behind his desk with his teacup in his hand. No one knew what he was thinking. He didn’t even notice Song Ci coming in.

Song Ci knocked on his table and pulled his soul back.

Han Zhan looked up at Song Ci and asked her, “Have you applied medicine for Wangwang?”

“Yeah, I did.” Song Ci walked directly to Han Zhan’s side, took away the teacup in his arms, and sat on his lap.

Han Zhan subconsciously hugged Song Ci.

Song Ci said, “Have you two talked? How did you talk about it? Wangwang said that you promised to let the two of them to keep in contact, but they must do it secretly. I thought about this and felt that she didn’t tell the truth.”

Song Ci was not so easy to fool. Especially after she awakened Nangong Xian’s memories, she was even more meticulous and would definitely not believe Han Wangwang’s words.

Han Zhan knew that he couldn’t hide it from Song Ci. He said, “I’ll tell you a shocking secret.”


Han Zhan whispered into Song Ci’s ear.

After Song Ci heard the content clearly, her eyes widened. “Are you serious?” Jiang Zhen was a man? No wonder Han Zhan let Han Wangwang off so easily.

Han Zhan nodded. “It’s true. Jiang Zhen called me today in a male voice.” He touched Song Ci’s lower abdomen with his finger and told Song Ci, “I promised Jiang Zhen and Wangwang Doggy that I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. I only told you, you cannot tell anyone.”

Song Ci was quite tight-lipped. Although she did not know why Jiang Bi was disguised as a woman, there must be a reason for him to do so. If she revealed this matter, it would definitely affect Jiang Zhen. At best, his identity would be exposed and at worst, he would lose his life!

After ending the call with Han Zhan, Jiang Zhen held his phone and walked towards the Jiang residence. As he walked, he sent Han Wangwang a WeChat message to ask about her situation.

Han Wangwang was probably still being scolded or busy. She didn’t reply to his message.

When Jiang Zhen returned to the Jiang family home and walked into the courtyard, he saw that the car sent by the Jiang family to fetch the Sheng family from the airport was already parked in the courtyard. It seemed that the Sheng family had arrived.

Jiang Zhen walked in and just as he reached the entrance, he heard Jiang Weimin and Sheng Jing’s laughter mixed with the laughter of two women.

When Jiang Zhen walked into the living room, his tall figure instantly stole the afterglow of the setting sun. Sheng Jing sensed the change in the light and turned his head to look in the direction of the shadow. He saw a woman in a neutral wind suit standing at the entrance.

The woman’s long hair was slightly curled and draped behind her head. She had her hands in her pockets and her presence was extremely strong.

Sheng Jing stared into the other party’s face as he slowly rose to his feet. “Are you… Bi’er?”

It must be Bi’er!

She looked so similar to my junior sister when she was young!

Jiang Zhen stood up straight and nodded at Sheng Jing. He greeted him obediently, “Uncle Sheng.”

Sheng Jing’s eyes turned red.

Sheng Jing had been feeling unwell for the past few years and had been taking leave to recuperate. When he returned last month, he found out that Jiang Bi had been found. Otherwise, he would have come to see Jiang Zhen long ago.

Sheng Jing walked towards Jiang Zhen with tears in his eyes. He grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand. In a moment of agitation, he raised his hand and touched Jiang Zhen’s face.

Feeling the real warmth, Sheng Jing cried on the spot. “You’re really Little Junior Sister’s child. I really didn’t expect you to be found. If Little Junior Sister is still alive, if Little Junior Sister is still alive…”

Sheng Jing’s heart ached when he thought about how his little martial sister had been diagnosed with depression because of the two children. She even jumped off a building and died. She didn’t even get to see the children until she died.

“Bi’er, your mother has suffered for you and your brother for half her life! She misses you and your brother even until her death. Bi’er, your mother’s life has been tough!”

Jiang Zhen was affected by Sheng Jing’s emotions. Thinking of that poor woman, her eyes reddened. Sheng Jing’s lover saw that the situation had gone out of control and rushed over to hold Sheng Jing up. She advised him, “Hubby, don’t cry. Your heart is not good. You can’t be agitated.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen quickly comforted Sheng Jing. “Uncle Sheng, don’t cry. Let’s go over and sit down. We can talk slowly.”


Jiang Zhen and Madam Sheng led Sheng Jing to the sofa and sat down. Only then did Jiang Weimin introduce Jiang Zhen and the Sheng couple’s daughter.

“Bi’er, this girl is Uncle Sheng’s daughter. She’s a month older than you, and her name is Sheng Qingya. Uncle Sheng and the others will be staying in Wang Dong City for a while. Qingya isn’t familiar with Wang Dong City either. If you have time, take your Sister Qingya around.”

Jiang Weimin wanted Jiang Zhen to be good friends with Sheng Qingya so that Sheng Qingya and Jiang Guchuan could have more opportunities to meet.

As soon as Jiang Zhen saw Sheng Qingya’s looks and temperament, he understood Jiang Weimin’s plan. Sheng Qingya wasn’t very beautiful, but her looks were pretty and elegant. She was wearing a long green dress as she sat on the sofa. She was rather eye-catching.

She was still not as pretty as Wang Wang.

Jiang Zhen called Sheng Qingya ‘sister’ and heard the sound of a car outside.

Zhu Xiulan stood up and said, “Maybe Gu Chuan is back.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen glanced at Sheng Qingya and noticed that after Sheng Qingya heard Jiang Guchuan’s name, she subconsciously straightened her back and opened her shoulders completely, making her look even more elegant.

It seemed like this woman had a good impression of Jiang Guchuan.

When Jiang Zhen heard Jiang Guchuan enter the house, he heard Zhu Xiulan’s voice. “Aiya, why are you back so late? Your Uncle and Auntie Sheng have already arrived.”

Jiang Guchuan said, “I was delayed for a while because of the company’s matters. There was a traffic jam on the way.” After he finished speaking, Jiang Guchuan walked in.

Jiang Guchuan stopped when he saw Sheng Jing and Madam Sheng. He smiled and nodded. “Uncle Sheng, Aunt Sheng, it’s been hard on you to come all this way. I apologize for not going out to meet you.”

“Young people should prioritize their work. We can understand that.” Sheng Jing naturally wouldn’t lower himself to Jiang Guchuan’s level.

After seeing the Sheng couple, Jiang Guchuan sat down beside Jiang Zhen.

Beside Jiang Zhen was Sheng Qingya. Sheng Jing pointed at Sheng Qingya and said to Jiang Guchuan, “This is our Qingya. She’s a few years younger than you and is the same age as your sister.”

Jiang Guchuan was already at the age of marriage, and it was time for him to get married. He was busy with work and had not met a girl he particularly liked, so Zhu Xiulan was busy looking for a good girl for him.

Jiang Guchuan was no longer an impulsive young man around the age of six or seven. When it came to choosing a spouse, he was no longer like when he was a teenager who only cared about appearance and personality. He cared more about how much benefits this marriage could bring him.

The Sheng family was a well-known jewelry designer in the country. Sheng Qingya was also a graduate from a famous school. Despite her young age, she was already a famous jewelry designer.

He was willing to marry Sheng Qingya.

After hearing Sheng Jing’s words, Jiang Guchuan started chatting with Sheng Qingya.

Jiang Zhen sat between them, feeling awkward.

Finally, it was time to eat. This time, Jiang Zhen cleverly sat on the far side and let Sheng Qingya sit next to Jiang Guchuan. Zhu Xiulan was relieved to see that Jiang Zhen was so sensible.

After dinner, Sheng Jing had something to say to Jiang Zhen, so the two of them left the Jiang Residence. They strolled and talked.

Sheng Jing told Jiang Zhen, “On the day the two of you were born, I was concerned about your mother and son’s situation and even took a plane back specially. The moment I arrived at the hospital, the two of you were born. You may not know this, but I’m not only your Uncle Sheng, I’m also your godfather.”

Sheng Jing had the closest relationship with his junior sister, Lan Ruoyun. Lan Ruoyun had hugged the children and acknowledged him as their godfather. Jiang Zhen naturally did not know what happened at that time. Hearing this, he said, “I think that Uncle and my mother have the best relationship.”

“Of course. I was the first to become a student under my teacher’s name. When I arrived at the Lan family, Junior Sister was only thirteen years old and was still a little girl. To be honest, I once pursued your mother, but your mother chose your father.”

At the mention of the past, Sheng Jing was deeply moved. “I was very unconvinced at that time. You know your father, other than his face being better looking than mine and his mouth being more eloquent than mine, how is he better than me?”

“At that time, I was so focused on your mother that I didn’t even hold the hands of other girls. I was very clean. As for your father, not only was he married, but his first wife was also dead. He had a cinnabar mole in his heart and had a white moonlight. Your mother even chose him. I was really indignant at that time!”

“But then I met Qinya’s mother, and I finally met true happiness…” Sheng Jing was still talking about the past, so he didn’t notice the change in Jiang Zhen’s expression.

After hearing Sheng Jing’s words, Jiang Zhen realized that Jiang Weimin was married before!

“My father was married before?” Jiang Zhen interrupted Sheng Jing’s muttering.

Sheng Jing stopped and turned his head to look at Jiang Zhen. He said, “This is true. It’s normal that you don’t know. At that time, your grandfather didn’t want your mother to marry your father, but he couldn’t resist Junior Sister’s liking. In the end, he agreed.”

“How did my father’s ex-wife die?”

“They died in a shipwreck. They were from the same company. At that time, the company organized a team-building and organized employees to take a ship to the Imperial Dragon Abyss River for a night view. In the end, the ship sank… In that accident, several people died, and a few bodies were washed away by the water. They couldn’t be found. Your father’s ex-wife couldn’t be found.”

When Jiang Zhen heard this, he took note and decided to go back and investigate.

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