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Chapter 390: The Girl Who Commited Suicide While Pregnant

The car door slammed shut and Jiang Zhen shivered in fear.

He looked outside and saw Han Wangwang leaving angrily. She would be angry if I didn’t tell her the truth. If I told her the truth, she would be angry too. How could a woman be difficult to deal with?

Jiang Zhen tilted his head and furrowed his brows. He was a little sad and aggrieved.

Before she revealed her identity, Han Wangwang treated her as his best friend and darling. She often kissed him, hugged him, and raised him up high. She rarely even showed him a black face.

Why was Han Wangwang so gentle to girls and so rough to men?

Jiang Zhen wanted to be a woman again.

He drove to the office dejectedly. Just as he parked his car outside the office building, he heard his phone ring.

Jiang Zhen took out his phone and saw that Han Wangwang had sent him a WeChat message.

Jiang Zhen quickly opened WeChat and sent Han Wangwang a message: [Boss, give me some pocket money.]

Ever since Han Wangwang started working, her parents had not given her any living expenses. She used to live extravagantly. Her salary after her internship was low, but her expenses were higher. Her monthly income was far less than her monthly expenses.

Han Wangwang was so poor that her WeChat balance and Alipay balance were less than 100 yuan.

Jiang Zhen had known Han Wangwang for a few years and knew better than anyone else that the Han family’s math genius was actually someone who didn’t know how to manage money. Every second half of the month, she would have no money to eat and would often ask him for food.

Who would believe that if he told everyone?

When Jiang Zhen saw this message, he knew that Han Wangwang was appeased. Jiang Zhen followed suit and did not forget to take advantage of the situation. He replied: [Call me Big Brother Zhen, there will be bread and milk.]

Han Wangwang: […Please roll around.]

She wanted him to get lost.

Jiang Zhen held back his laughter and said again: [Brother Zhen, three words, 30,000 yuan. Are you going to shout or not?]

Han Wangwang saw the money and quickly shouted: [Brother Zhen.]

Jiang Zhen was still not satisfied. He told Han Wangwang, [It has to be a voice message. The tone has to be soft and seductive.] He pressed his right hand against his lips, curious about what choice Han Wangwang would make.

Han Wangwang had already arrived at the office. Her internship had just ended and she had successfully obtained a lawyer’s license, becoming a lawyer. Now, she also had a small cubicle with an independent office. It was not big, but she had enough private space.

When Han Wangwang saw Jiang Zhen’s request, she quickly closed the door and took a sip of warm tea from the thermos flask. She cleared her throat and called out softly, “Brother Zhen.”

Han Wangwang blushed and quickly held her cheeks.

When Jiang Zhen heard this, he was satisfied. He immediately transferred 30,000 yuan to Han Wangwang’s Alipay. After transferring the money, he thought to himself that he had to work harder to earn money. His wife was not good at earning money, but she was good at spending money. If he did not have money, he might not be able to survive.

After Han Wangwang received Jiang Zhen’s transfer, she turned around and sent a screenshot of the money to her mother, Madam Lin Jiao’e.

Han Wangwang: [Ms. Lin, your daughter is starving. If it weren’t for my friend’s generous offer, you would have seen the tragic news of a young girl from a bachelor’s apartment dying miserably at home due to poverty and hunger.]

Han Wangwang placed her phone on the table and looked at her phone while arranging her documents. She wanted to see her mother’s reply as soon as possible.

Lin Jiao’e also had a job, but she didn’t work in a state-owned enterprise or government department. She was a western pastry chef who opened a pastry shop and became the manager.

Although Han Yueyun was a big and burly man, he loved to eat sweet things. The reason he had gotten together with Lin Jiao’e back then was because of Lin Jiaoe’s baking skills.

Early in the morning, Lin Jiao’e had already arrived at the shop. She had a birthday cake to make today and was very busy.

Lin Jiao’e and her two disciples cleaned up the bakery and washed their hands. Only then did they see the news about their daughter. When Lin Jiao’e saw that Jiang Bi had borrowed another 30,000 yuan for Wangwang, she was both relieved and angry.

She was relieved that her daughter had made a good friend who treated her like her own sister. She was angry that she was of the same age. Jiang Bi had money to lend to Wangwang, but Wangwang was so poor that she could not open the pot at home.


Han Wangwang’s Wechat vibrated.

It was her mother!

Han Wangwang quickly turned on the voice message and heard her mother say in an authentic Shunchen dialect, [You dustpan baby, you can’t hold water.]

The dustpan that Lin Jiaoe was referring to was a tool weaved from bamboo strips. In the old days, women would use this kind of thing to remove the rice husks. There were holes under the dustpan that couldn’t hold water.

She was scolding Han Wangwang for spending money like water.

Han Wangwang braced himself and said, [Aren’t you the one who gave birth to me?]

Lin Jiao’e was so angry that she laughed. She transferred 30,000 yuan to Han Wangwang’s Alipay and sent a voice message to Han Wangwang: [Return the money to Jiang Bi. No matter how close you are, you can’t always borrow money from others.]

[You, learn from her. Learn how to play games and cell phones less every day. Learn more about how to manage money and investments. As a woman, you can’t not know how to earn money. Nowadays, men can’t be relied on. If a man has money, he can find a mistress. If you don’t have money, in the future, when a man brings a mistress child to ridicule you, you have to kneel down and beg him not to chase you away.]

[Do you know?]

Han Wangwang listened to her mother’s words silently and thought, ‘Ms. Lin is living a happy life and is in love with my father. Why would she have such a dangerous thought?’

Han Wangwang touched her chin and took out her phone. She recorded what Ms. Lin said and sent it to her father, Han Yueyun.

Han Wangwang even asked Han Yueyun: [Dad, did you find a mistress outside and was discovered by my mom?]

Han Yueyun had been preparing for his promotion recently. He might have neglected his wife when he was busy with work. When he heard Ms. Lin’s words, he was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat.


Could Jiao’e be suspecting that I had been having an affair recently?

Han Yueyun asked Han Wangwang, [What happened? Why did your mother suddenly say that?]

Han Wangwang said, [Well, my living allowance is gone. You can give me some tips.]

Han Yueyun wanted to know everything about Ms. Lin. Without hesitation, he transferred 20,000 yuan to Han Wangwang. In one morning, Han Wangwang received 80,000 yuan, and was in a superb mood.

After she shared her conversation with Ms. Lin with Han Yueyun, she exited WeChat and returned Jiang Zhen’s money.

When Jiang Zhen received the notification, he froze for a moment before his expression darkened.

What did she mean by returning the money?

She refused to use my money?

Or was she still angry?

Jiang Zhen tried to figure out what Han Wangwang was thinking. However, a woman’s heart was like a needle in a haystack. He couldn’t figure it out. Jiang Zhen felt uneasy and called Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang picked up very quickly. “Did you receive the money?” Han Wangwang asked.

Jiang Zhen expressed assent and then asked in a low voice, “Why did you return the money?”

Han Wangwang then shared with Jiang Zhen how she had gotten money from her parents. Jiang Zhen realized that Han Wangwang had only used his money to cheat Lin Jiao’e of her sympathy and love. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Don’t you feel bad for lying to your parents?”

“Yeah,” Han Wangwang said expressionlessly. “But if I don’t do that, I’ll be hungry until my stomach hurts.”

“Poor child.” Jiang Zhen asked her again, “What’s your salary now?”

“Don’t ask about my salary. If you don’t ask, we’re still good friends. If you ask, we’ll break up.” Han Wangwang was talking nonsense with Jiang Zhen when he heard the front desk knock on the door.

Han Wangwang held his phone and turned to the person outside. “Please come in.”

The tall receptionist walked in and said, “Lawyer Han, your guest is here.”

Han Wangwang had only received one case recently. The employer was an old man. They had originally agreed to talk yesterday, but the old man was delayed by something yesterday and didn’t come.

“Lingling, please take the old lady to the reception room. I’ll be right there.”


Jiang Zhen overheard Han Wangwang’s conversation. After Lingling left, Jiang Zhen said, “I’ll hang up first. You can go ahead.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Han Wangwang tidied up her appearance and personally went to the guest room to visit the employer.

The employer was seventy-two years old this year. He had a head full of white hair and was wearing a green Chinese tunic suit and a pair of green cloth shoes.

Han Wangwang stood outside the door and sized up the old employer for a few seconds. Then, she deliberately increased the volume of her footsteps and strode in. “Hello, Mr. Liu. I’m your lawyer, Han Wangwang.”

Mr. Liu looked up and saw that the other party was a young girl. He finally understood why the law firm introduced Han Wangwang to him. Because Han Wangwang was young and inexperienced, the price was relatively cheaper. He didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford to hire a famous lawyer.

Old Mr. Liu forced a smile and said, “Hello, Lawyer Han.”

Han Wangwang could see the disappointment in the old man’s eyes. She felt a little upset but she quickly composed herself.

Everyone grew up young.

Her goal was to be responsible for her work and protect every client’s legal rights. Sooner or later, she would become the most expensive person in the law firm!

Han Wangwang made a big picture of herself in her heart. Then, she said to Mr. Liu, “Mister, please come to my office and tell me about your case in detail.”

“… Sure.”

Old Mr. Liu’s case was a criminal case. According to Han Wangwang’s qualifications, he shouldn’t have gotten this case. However, Old Mr. Liu had no money and no background. Furthermore, the person involved in the case was someone of high status. The people from the law firm didn’t want to take this case.

The boss had no choice but to hand the case to Han Wangwang.

This was also a form of workplace bullying.

However, Han Wangwang was not afraid of offending people. In terms of background, there were not many people in this law firm who had a better background than her. She would offend those that others did not dare to offend! If others did not dare to dig deeper, she would dig deeper!

The reason why she chose to be a lawyer was to find out those hooligans that ordinary people dared not offend!

Han Wangwang brought Old Mr Liu back to his office.

She closed the door and let all the curtains down. Seeing that the old man was a little uneasy, she smiled at him and said, “Please sit down, sir. I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Old Mr. Liu saw that the curtains were all lowered and there was no one else in the room, so he relaxed a little.

He sat on the soft sofa and took the disposable cup from Han Wangwang. He took a sip of the hot tea before saying, “My granddaughter is dead, but she died unjustly. I have to seek justice for her.”

Han Wangwang had a preliminary understanding of this case.

Old Mr. Liu was an old man who lived alone. When he was young, he was a firefighter and his wife died early.

He had a son with his wife. His name was Liu Quanneng and he was a truck driver. Liu Quanneng married a divorced single mother when he was 35 years old. Her name was Zhu Jingfang.

Although Zhu Jingfang was divorced and had this little girl by her side, but she was sincere, motivated and pretty. After she married Liu Quanneng, the family lived very happily.

However, the good times did not last long. When Zhu Jingfang was accompanying Liu Quanneng to deliver the goods, an accident happened on the highway. Both husband and wife died, leaving only their daughter and their son.

The granddaughter that Mr. Liu was talking about was not his biological granddaughter, but the little girl that his daughter-in-law brought over.

The deceased was Liu Qing, 21 years old. She was a third-year student in the broadcasting major of the Media College. The cause of her death was suicide by taking drugs.

This was supposed to be a simple suicide case, but when Mr. Liu and his grandson were sorting out his granddaughter’s belongings, they found an ultrasound scan in her bag. The ultrasound scan showed that Liu Qing was pregnant. The fetus was three months old.

However, the identity of the man who made her pregnant was unknown.

Old Mr. Liu told Han Wangwang, “After I buried my granddaughter, I went back to tidy up her things and found the ultrasound scan in her bag. I didn’t recognize it. My grandson saw it and snatched it over. That’s when he realized that my granddaughter was pregnant.”

“We have never heard of a granddaughter having a boyfriend. Then, who is the child in her stomach? My granddaughter, Qingqing, is a good girl. She is like her mother, honest, obedient, and ambitious. She is good-looking and has her heart set on being a news anchor. She is pure and honest.”

“My grandson and I both felt that there was something fishy about this matter. We suspected that our granddaughter’s death was suspicious, so we went to her granddaughter’s school to ask her dormitory mates. In the end, her dormitory mates said that she did not have a boyfriend and rarely went out to play. Even if she wanted to go out to shop, she would go with her dormitory mates.”

“I suspect that the child in her granddaughter’s stomach is not her boyfriend’s, but… but…” The old man’s lips trembled for a long time before he said with tears flowing down his face,” I suspect that our Qingqing was bullied before she died! ”

Han Wangwang held a recording pen and recorded the old man’s words.

Hearing this, she asked, “Then, how did you find out about Gu Qinchuan?” Gu Qinchuan was a rock singer, and his popularity was like the sun in the sky.

“I didn’t find out. It was my grandson. My grandson was only 17 years old, but he was very smart. He knew that there was something behind his sister’s death, so he had been secretly investigating it. One day, he suddenly rushed back and told me that he had found the person who had hurt his sister. He said that the person was a celebrity and his sister’s idol. He had seen his sister send a message to the person in her Weibo.”

“What kind of message?”

The old man took out an old black phone that had been used for many years from his pocket. “This is my granddaughter Qingqing’s phone. Her father bought it for her before he left. It’s an apple and I heard it cost a few thousand yuan. Qingqing really cherishes it.”

Han Wangwang took the old iPhone and asked for the password to unlock the old man’s phone before opening Weibo.

Liu Qing was a beauty. She was quite popular in school and had participated in many hosting events. She was quite popular on Weibo and had 40-50,000 fans.

Liu Qing had many private messages. Han Wangwang flipped through more than ten pages before he found Liu Qing and Gu Qinchuan’s chat records.

The chat history was very short, and they were all one-sided messages sent by Liu Qing.

Liu Qing: [That person is you, it’s you, right! Don’t think that I won’t be able to recognize you just because you’re wearing a mask. I remember very clearly that the masked man has a black mole above his throat. You have one too!]

Liu Qing: [I will sue you, you are rape!]

Liu Qing: [I didn’t take any contraceptive pills. I just want to give birth to that child. When the child is born, I’ll use the child’s blood for a paternity test. By then, can you still deny it?]

The last message was sent two days before Liu Qing passed away.

Han Wangwang could feel the anger and despair of this girl just by looking at these messages. How desperate must she be? How brave must she be to make the decision to risk her future and give birth to a child just to prove that Gu Chuan was guilty!

“Did you go to the police?”

The old man nodded. “I’ve been there, and the police also investigated Gu Qinchuan. In the end, they concluded that he had no contact with Qingqing. They won’t interfere in this matter anymore.”

One of them was a popular singer, while the other was a college student who had passed away. The message that Liu Qing sent to the other party would easily give people the impression that she was touching Gu Qinchuan.

After all, it was not uncommon for an ordinary person to scam a celebrity.

“I believed the police’s investigation, too, but my grandson secretly went to the man once, and when he couldn’t do anything about it, he got his bodyguard to beat my grandson up. When my grandson was almost knocked out, he heard the man say… say…”

The old man suddenly put down the disposable teacup, slid down from the sofa, and knelt down in front of Han Wangwang. His eyes were red as he looked at Han Wangwang. Tears streamed down his face as he cried, “He’s just like that stupid sister of his, overestimating himself!” The old man choked. “These are their original words.”

Han Wangwang quickly helped the old man up. “Sir, please get up. I’m so young. I can’t take your kneeling.”

The old man sat up.

Han Wangwang waited for the old man to calm down before saying slowly, “It seems that Gu Qinchuan knows Qingqing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such things.”

“Yes! Lawyer Han, you must seek justice for my granddaughter!”

After chatting with the old man for a long time, Han Wangwang sent him off personally.

She sent the old man downstairs. Just as she was about to turn around and go back, she looked up at the Blue Sea Law Firm.

Perhaps because of telepathy, she actually saw Jiang Zhen standing on the rooftop of the Blue Sea law firm.

Jiang Zhen had a pair of binoculars in his hand and was looking at Han Wangwang. Han Wangwang opened her mouth and said something to Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen recognized her and said, “Don’t be so flirty. Go back to work.”

Jiang Zhen smiled. After Han Wangwang entered, he took out his phone and called an unknown number.

“”Hello, sir. Is there anyone from Hongzheng willing to take your case?”

Old Mr. Liu sat on the bus and sighed. “I did, but it’s a young girl. Sigh…”

Jiang Zhen smiled and told the other party, “Don’t worry, I know that lawyer. Although she’s young, she’s a rarely seen passionate and bold lawyer. You can rest assured if you hand this case to her.”

“Sigh, thank you for the introduction.”

“You’re welcome.”

Jiang Zhen hung up the phone and raised his head. He raised his binoculars and stared at the office building in the distance that had the words’ Sharp Entertainment Media ‘written on it. The corners of his lips gradually flattened.

After jumping around for so many years, it was time for him to slowly catch fish.

Wangwang, don’t disappoint me.

Jiang Zhen put away his binoculars and turned around. He saw a young man in a sweater standing behind him. “Are you a cat? There’s no sound at all.”

Aaron laughed. “You are the one who is not wary of me.”

Jiang Zhen played with the binoculars in his hands and asked the other party a question, “If the pregnant woman had already died for half a month, can the DNA of her child still be detected?”

Aaron was taken aback by the appalling question. “What kind of terrible question is that?”

Jiang Zhen pursed his lips, his meaning unclear. “It’s because there’s a terrifying person who did something despicable that caused such a terrifying problem.”

“Let me call and ask someone.” In front of Jiang Zhen, Aaron gave Yan Jiang, who was far away in America, a call.

Yan Jiang had always been a light sleeper. He woke up the moment the phone rang.

Yan Jiang glanced at Song Fei, who was still sleeping soundly. He quickly picked up his phone and quietly got out of bed to answer the call.

Once he got off the bed, Song Fei opened his eyes. When he heard Yan Jiang call out Aaron’s name and confirmed that it wasn’t a call from a certain little demon, Song Fei closed his eyes and continued sleeping.

Yan Jiang stood on the balcony and asked Aaron, “Why did you call me?”

“I’m sorry to disturb your good sleep.” Even though he said he was sorry, Aaron did not feel guilty at all. “I want to know, if a woman died more than half a month ago while carrying a child, can we still test the DNA of the child in her stomach?”

Why would he ask such a question?

Yan Jiang asked Aaron, “Has she been buried?”

Hence, Aaron asked Jiang Zhen, “Did they bury or cremate her?”

“Buried in the ground.”

Aarong then told Yan Jiang, “She’s buried but not cremated.”

Yan Jiang pondered for a moment before saying, “Logically speaking, it should be possible. The corpse hasn’t completely rotted in half a month.”

“Got it.”

Aaron hung up the call with Yan Jiang and shrugged at Jiang Zhen. “Yeah.”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “Got it.”

Aaron rubbed the goosebumps on his arms and asked Jiang Zhen, “What kind of case did you encounter? It’s so scary.” Although he said it was scary, there wasn’t a hint of fear on his face.

“Are you really planning to be a lawyer for the rest of your life?” No matter what, Aaron could not stand Jiang Zhen’s irksome female outfit. He also could not stand the female voice he deliberately made.

Jiang Zhen chuckled. “This is called expanding my business scope.”

“Like I will believe you.”

Aaron stayed in Jiang Zhen’s office for a while before looking for Nan Yanyan to have dinner with his birth mother.

Han Wangwang sent Mr. Liu off and returned to the office alone. Ling Ling saw her and asked curiously, “Ms. Han, have you accepted this old man’s case?”

Han Wangwang nodded. “Yes.”


The receptionist was shocked. She wanted to say something, but she was afraid that she would dampen Han Wangwang’s enthusiasm.

Han Wangwang returned to his office and closed the door. Other lawyers went to the front desk to ask questions.

“Lingling, did Little Han really take on Old Mr. Liu’s case?”

“Mm.” Ling Ling didn’t want to say more, so she nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Is she stupid?! Old Master Liu is going to sue Gu Qinchuan! Gu Qinchuan isn’t just a rock singer, he’s also the second son of the Gu family. Now that this matter has already spread on Weibo, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Gu Qinchuan was tricked by that girl this time. Now that the netizens are all scolding that girl, how would Little Han dare to take on this case!”

“Could she have taken on this case on purpose to become famous?”

Everyone thought that Liu Qing was trying to scam a rock singer, Gu Qinchuan. Han Wangwang took on Old Mr. Liu’s case today, which was to attract attention.

The door of Han Wangwang’s office was closed, but it could not block out all sounds. She stood by the window and looked at the winding Imperial Dragon Abyss river in the distance. She felt sad.

Lawyers, judges, prosecutors, the purpose of their existence was to uphold the correct implementation of the law and maintain the fairness and justice of society. Gu Qinchuan had a powerful background, so no one dared to offend him. Was this really right?

Han Wangwang shook her head and returned to her desk to sit down. She opened the Weibo page on her computer and entered the main page of the rock singer Gu Qinchuan’s Weibo account. She found that there wasn’t much content on his Weibo, and the posts were all publicity for the spokesperson. Han Wangwang didn’t look at it again.

In order to follow in his sister’s footsteps, Han Junjun had also come to Wangdong City to study. In the past two years, he had gotten closer to the young masters of Wangdong City. Thinking that Han Junjun might have interacted with Gu Qinchuan, Han Wangwang called her younger brother.

Han Junjun was having lessons in school, but it didn’t stop him from playing with his phone. He hung up on Han Wangwang and sent her a WeChat message: [What are you doing? I’m in class.]

Han Wangwang asked him, [Do you know Gu Qinchuan?]

Han Junjun: [I’ve seen him a few times, but I’m not familiar with him. Why, are you his fan and want his signature?]

Han Wangwang: [Can’t I?]

Han Junjun: [Forget it. He’s just a sanctimonious hypocrite. If you treat him as an idol, you might as well treat me as an idol.]

Han Wangwang’s interest was piqued. She told Han Junjun, [Give me a call after class. I have something to ask you.]

Han Junjun: [Oh.]

Han Junjun didn’t have any classes in the afternoon. He called his sister after lunch. He took out his phone and realized that it was the 21st today, so he decided to have lunch with Han Wangwang.

In the second half of every month, Han Wangwang was a poor girl. She was so poor that she didn’t have much money in his pocket, so he had to send Han Wangwang warmth.

Han Junjun drove straight to a Japanese restaurant near Han Wangwang’s law firm. When he reached the restaurant, he called Han Wangwang. “Are you running out of money again? Come to the Japanese restaurant near your law firm. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Han Wangwang was touched. She took her bag and went to eat.

As soon as Han Wangwang sat down, Han Junjun said, “I just paid for the rest of the meal in the restaurant next door. You just have to wait for delivery every day.”

Han Junjun knew his sister’s personality, so he never gave Han Wangwang money and bought food for her directly. As long as his sister was not hungry, he was relieved.

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