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Chapter 376: The Girl Who Killed Herself

There were many young people who stayed to attend the masquerade ball tonight. There was even a group of cosplaying children.

Han Jun became a smurf today. When Yan Qingxiu found out that Han Jun wanted to disguise herself as a smurf, he specially went to watch a few episodes of smurfs.

When Han Jun, who was covered in harmless blue paint, wearing a white dress and a white hat, appeared at the masquerade ball, everyone was mesmerized by her.

Han Jun walked into the room coldly. Her round eyes scanned the dance floor and noticed two people doing inappropriate things in the corner. Han Jun walked towards them.

“Sister Wangwang.”

A soft voice suddenly sounded behind them, scaring Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi who were hiding in the corner and kissing secretly.

Han Wangwang suddenly pushed Jiang Bi away and quickly pushed her back. However, she forgot that she was wearing a fishtail dress. The edge of the dress was especially narrow. When she took big steps back, she lost her balance and fell backward on the spot.

Jiang Bi saw this and quickly reached out to hug Han Wangwang’s waist. She pulled Han Wangwang back into his arms. Han Wangwang’s head hit Jiang Bi’s shoulder hard.

Not only did Jiang Bi have no meat on his chest, but his shoulders also had no meat. They were so hard that Han Wangwang felt her nose turning sour.

When a person’s nose was injured, they would not be able to hold back their tears. Han Wangwang raised her head, and her clear black eyes were filled with tears. It was as if she had been abused too much. Her pitiful look made Jiang Bi want to bully her even more ruthlessly.

Jiang Bi looked away, not wanting to be a beast.

Han Wangwang moved out of Jiang Bi’s arms. She lowered her head and looked at the innocent Han Jun. Seeing the curiosity in the child’s eyes, Han Wangwang felt guilty.

Han Wangwang blushed. She waved at Han Jun and said, “Good evening, smurf.”

Han Jun stared at Han Wangwang and asked seriously, “Were you kissing just now?”

Han Wangwang quickly squatted down and covered Han Jun’s mouth. “Jun Jun, you’re mistaken. We weren’t kissing just now. We were… were…” Han Wangwang was speechless.

What were we doing instead of kissing?

Explore each other’s teeth? Study each other’s toothpaste flavors?

Han Wangwang was speechless. Jiang Bi helped her lie. “We were playing a game.”

Han Jun pouted and said with contempt, “Lying. You were kissing. That’s how Dad and Mom kiss.”

Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi had nothing to say.

“Junjun, look carefully. She’s not a boy. She’s a girl like us. I’m playing around with this sister of mine. Don’t tell anyone else, okay?” Han Wangwang was afraid that Han Jun would tell everyone about her relationship with Jiang Bi. That was why she felt guilty.

Han Jun looked at Han Wangwang like she was looking at a fool. “Sister is stupid.” Han Jun pointed at Jiang Bi and said seriously, “It’s brother, not sister.”

“It’s sister,” Han Wangwang told Han Jun. “You’ve seen her before. She’s the sister who was with me.”

Han Jun pouted. “Wang Wang, stupid!”

At this time, Han Miao, who was dressed as Snow White, also arrived. She stood in the distance and shouted at Han Jun, “Little sister! Come here!”

Han Jun turned around and left.

Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi looked at each other and felt a little guilty. They were afraid that they would continue to lose face if they stayed here. Han Wangwang said, “I want to go. What about you?”

Jiang Bi: “Yes, together.”

Han Wangwang sent a message to Song Ci, telling them that she and Jiang Bi were leaving. Before Song Ci could reply, Han Wangwang took Jiang Bi’s hand and left.

Han Wangwang came in Han Junjun’s car in the morning, so she could only ride on Jiang Bi’s car.

Han Wangwang was driving a white Maserati sports car. Han Wangwang was wearing a fishtail skirt and it was not convenient for her to get on the car.

When Jiang Bi saw this, she held back her laughter and went to the front passenger seat. She carried Han Wangwang up and placed him gently on the front passenger seat. He fastened the seatbelt for Han Wangwang and was about to leave when Han Wangwang suddenly grabbed his neck.

Jiang Bi stopped moving.

He looked down at Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang, who was 25 years old, was already a mature woman. Her makeup was thicker tonight, and she looked even more feminine. Han Wangwang just stared at him without doing anything. With just one word, Jiang Bi fell head over heels for her.

Jiang Bi sensed the change in his body and his breathing became heavier.

Jan Wangwang wanted to kiss Jiang Bi, but she was frightened by Jiang Bi’s dark gaze. Han Wangwang quickly let go of Jiang Bi and said, “I’ll sleep at your place tonight.”

She often slept at Jiang Bi’s house, which was already her second home.

Jiang Bi hesitated before nodding.

Jiang Bi did not drive fast, and the winding mountain road did not feel shaky. As Jiang Bi was turning, she suddenly heard Han Wangwang say, “What’s in your pocket? Something hard touched me before.”

When they kissed earlier, they were very close to each other. Han Wangwang felt that something had touched her.


Jiang Bi suddenly braked and stopped the car at the bend.

Han Wangwang’s head rushed towards the windshield, but Jiang Bi quickly covered her forehead and brought her back. It was a false alarm, but Han Wangwang was a little angry.

“Why did you suddenly step on the brakes!” Han Wangwang glared at Jiang Bi angrily. “Are you trying to murder me?”

Jiang Bi licked his lips and explained dryly, “There seemed to be a small animal running past just now.”

“Really?” Han Wangwang had been talking just now and didn’t notice if there were any small animals. Hearing Jiang Bi’s words, she believed him.

“Bi’er, go down and see if that little thing has died.” Han Wangwang was wearing a dress and couldn’t get out of the car, so she let Jiang Bi take a look.

Jiang Bi got out of the car, walked to the front of the car, and looked around before returning to the car. He said, “I didn’t see any blood or animals. It looks like I didn’t hit anything.”

“That’s good.”

Jiang Bi opened a bottle of mineral water and took a sip before saying, “It might be a cell phone.”

“What?” Han Wangwang didn’t understand what Jiang Bi was talking about.

Jiang Bi continued, “You said that something in your pocket bumped into you. It should be my phone.” As she spoke, Jiang Bi took out his phone from his pocket.

“Oh,” Han Wangwang replied and didn’t really care.

Seeing that Han Wangwang didn’t pursue this matter, Jiang Bi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Jiang Bi still lived in the neighborhood where Song Ci and Han Zhan lived. Song Ci’s house was already empty, and she only came to stay for one night occasionally.

Jiang Bi carried Han Wangwang out of the car and directly carried her into the elevator. There was no one else in the elevator in the underground garage, but there were surveillance cameras. Han Wangwang glanced at the surveillance cameras and blushed slightly. “Are you going to carry me all the way home like this?”


Han Wangwang mumbled, “We’re both women. Why are you so outstanding and strong?”

Jiang Bi raised her eyebrows and did not refute the words’ we are both women ‘.

Han Wangwang added, “Oh right, the two boxes of liquid sanitary pads that I bought online have arrived. I’ll send you a box later.”

Jiang Bi’s face was expressionless as she replied, “Okay.”

The elevator rose slowly and reached the ground floor in the blink of an eye. Someone was about to enter the elevator. Han Wangwang saw the elevator stop and hurriedly said to Jiang Bi, “Put me down, Bi’er.”

Jiang Bi was indifferent, as if she was deaf.

At this moment, the elevator door opened and a middle-aged couple walked in with their beloved dog. Seeing the two young women’s postures in the elevator, the couple was stunned for a moment before they smiled politely and awkwardly.

Jiang Bi rarely met her neighbors, so they didn’t really know each other. The couple only felt that Jiang Bi looked a little familiar, but they couldn’t remember which floor they were from.

“Good evening.” The couple took the initiative to greet Jiang Bi and the rest.

Han Wangwang hid in Jiang Bi’s arms and said, “Good evening.”

“What’s wrong? Are you injured?” The woman saw that Han Wangwang was being carried by Jiang Bi and naturally thought that Han Wangwang was injured.

Han Wangwang was about to reply when an unfamiliar male voice answered, “Yes, my lover sprained her ankle. She can’t walk.”

Han Wangwang was shocked when she saw Jiang Bi speaking in a male voice. She realized that Jiang Bi was pretending to be a man and didn’t expose Jiang Bi’s lie.

“Did you just come back from the banquet? You sprained your ankle, you need to quickly ice it…”

It could be seen that this woman was a warm-hearted and kind-hearted woman. She was obviously very experienced in spraining her ankle. When she talked about how to handle it, it seemed like she had sprained her ankle quite a bit.

Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi listened patiently. Finally, they reached their floor.

The two of them walked out of the elevator. When the elevator door closed behind them, Han Wangwang looked at Jiang Bi in surprise and admiration, as if she had discovered a new world. She sighed and said, “Bi’er, you actually know how to talk like a man! You’re amazing!”

“… I can change my voice.” Jiang Bi felt helpless. He looked at Han Wangwang with an unfathomable expression. He had been hesitating recently about whether or not to tell Han Wangwang the truth about his male body, but he did not know how to begin.

He was acting as a male vampire tonight and speaking in a male voice was all a signal to her that he was a male. However, this girl had already decided that he was a woman and would never think that he was a man.

What should I do to make her recognize me as a man?

Jiang Bi brought Han Wangwang home.

Han Wangwang often came to Jiang Bi’s place. Jiang Bi’s slippers and toothbrush were all correct. Once Han Wangwang entered the house, she took off her high heels and put on her bunny slippers.

Jiang Bi changed her shoes and stood up. She saw Han Wangwang standing in front of her. Han Wangwang held her slightly curled hair in front of her, revealing her slim back.

Jiang Bi: “Do what?”

Han Wangwang patted her buttocks and turned her head slightly, revealing a beautiful side profile. She said to him, “Quickly help me take off my dress. I seem to have gained some weight. This dress is so tiring that I can barely breathe.”

Jiang Bi looked at her deeply before raising her hand to grab the zipper of her dress.

Han Wangwang straightened her back and held her breath. “Take it off!”

Jiang Bi slid down the zipper. As the zipper was pulled open, Han Wangwang’s fair and alluring back was gradually revealed. In order to make the gown look more beautiful, she didn’t even wear a bra.

Jiang Bi stared at the white back and his breathing suddenly became hurried.

The zipper continued to slide down until it reached Han Wangwang’s hips. Standing behind her, Jiang Bi lowered his head and stared at the deep ditch below the girl’s waist. He imagined some hot scenes and his mouth instantly went dry.

“I’m done.” Jiang Bi’s voice was trembling.

He walked past Han Wangwang and rushed into the house. He went straight to the toilet. Han Wangwang stood in the entryway. He took off his dress and laughed at her. “Bi’er, you ran so fast. Did you eat something bad and have diarrhea?”

The bathroom was silent.

Han Wangwang entered the master bedroom and found a set of her pajamas to change into. Then, she turned on her phone and started playing. In the toilet, Jiang Bi was leaning against the cold tile wall. His eyes were closed and his heart was beating wildly.

He tried to slow his breathing, tried to disperse the heated scenes in his head, but they were becoming impudent, becoming less and less desirable.

In the end, he gave up.

The sound of the zipper sliding and the man’s soft panting were suppressed by the low sound of water.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Bi walked out of the toilet with a stiff face.

He glanced at Han Wangwang, who was wearing a nightdress, revealing her long legs as she played games. He said hurriedly, “I have some urgent matters to attend to at my office. Take a rest first. I might come back later.”

Han Wangwang sat cross-legged on his bed and looked up at her. He said, “Go ahead then. I’ll rest for a while. Give me a call before you get off work. I want to have supper.”


Jiang Bi removed her makeup and changed into a woman’s suit with a neutral style. He draped his long hair over his shoulders and an air of confidence and uninhibitedness assaulted her senses.

Han Wangwang was especially fascinated by his arrogant and uninhibited aura. She hugged Jiang Bi from behind, who was about to go out, and deliberately teased him, saying, “Go quickly and come back quickly. I’ll bathe and make myself fragrant, while I wait for you to get off work.”

Jiang Bi turned around to look at her, nodded and left.

When they arrived at the underground garage and got into the car, Jiang Bi threw her briefcase aside and lit a cigarette. After he finished smoking, he drove away from the neighborhood.

Jiang Bi did not go to the office. He went to a boxing club alone.

After changing into his boxing uniform and wearing a mask, he walked onto the stage. After a few matches, he won a few matches.

After the boxing match, Jiang Bi went to another residence of his. It was a high-end goods house about 300 square meters wide. The interior decoration style was more industrial, making it look cold.

Jiang Bi went to take a shower and wrapped herself in a bathrobe. He stood at the top and looked at the distant Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company.

According to the report, the woman jumped down from the top floor. It was said that when she landed, her head and body were split into two. Jiang Bi did not remember the woman’s appearance, but she vaguely remembered that when she was very young, there was always a gentle voice coaxing him.

“Zhenzhen, don’t be afraid. Mommy’s here.”

“Zhenzhen, you have to love your younger sister. You’re the older brother.”

“Zhenzhen, you can’t be picky, if you’re picky, you can’t grow tall…”

Jiang Bi slowly closed his eyes.

He took off his bathrobe and slowly put on his female clothes. He had just changed when he received a call from Han Wangwang.

On the phone, Han Wangwang pretended to be fierce and asked, “Jiang Bi, are you still at work? Is your office human? It’s so late and you’re not allowed to work overtime! Come back quickly. Your sweetheart is starving.”

A smile finally appeared on Jiang Bi’s cold face. “Change your clothes. I’ll be home in half an hour.”

Han Wangwang: “Okay!”

When they passed by a pharmacy, Jiang Bi saw that the sales assistant was cleaning up and preparing to close the shop. He tapped his finger on the steering wheel a few times before stopping the car by the roadside.

He got out of the car and walked into the pharmacy.

When the shop assistant saw him, she was confused by his ambiguous face. She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Miss, what would you like to buy?”

Jiang Bi walked towards the shelves and stopped for a few seconds in front of the shelves that sold Teng slices and birth control products. Finally, she reached out and took out a box of birth control products.

“I want this.” Jiang Bi threw her things on the cash register.

The salesperson scanned the code and said, “68.”


Jiang Bi paid the bill and returned to the car with the items. He sized up the items in his hands, his eyes dark.

he phone rang again.

Jiang Bi put on his Bluetooth earpiece and answered the call as he drove.

Han Wangwang’s voice rang in his ears. “Bi’er, I’ve been waiting at the entrance for more than ten minutes. Where are you?”


“Where are you already?”

“Look up.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang looked up and saw a white Maserati driving towards her. Jiang Bi turned the steering wheel with one hand and the sports car stopped right in front of Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang changed into a loose T-shirt and tucked it into her tight jeans. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and her simple outfit was full of energy.

iang Bi glanced at her and said, “Get in, beautiful.”

Han Wangwang sat in the car and buckled her seatbelt. She said to Jiang Bi, “There’s a seafood barbecue shop that’s testing the waters. I heard that the food is pretty good and the price is reasonable. Let’s go take a look.”


The barbecue restaurant was located in a small alley behind the pedestrian street. Although it was remote, business was good. There were a few expensive sports cars parked at the entrance.

Jiang Bi stopped the car and stared at the cars, deep in thought. He and Han Wangwang got out of the car and walked into the barbecue shop. They saw a group of beautiful people sitting in the northwest corner.

As there were many people, they directly put the two long tables together.

When Jiang Bi and Han Wangwang walked in, they attracted the attention of those people.

In the crowd, a man in a white casual shirt waved his hand at Jiang Bi. “Miss Jiang! Bring your friends for barbeque!”

Han Wangwang looked at that person and frowned when he saw him.

Han Wangwang asked, “Do you know him?”

Jiang Bi nodded and said to her, “It’s Jiang Guchuan’s friends.”


There were only two empty tables in the barbecue restaurant. One was near the toilet, and the other was behind the group of young people.

Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi walked behind the group of people and sat down quietly. The moment they sat down, the man in the white shirt took a beer and sat down at their table.

“Miss Jiang, do you want to share a table with us?” The man in white was called Li Yu. He was Jiang Guchuan’s high school classmate, and his family background was not bad. He was considered a rich young master in Wang Dongcheng.

He knew very well how important Jiang Bi’s status in the Jiang family was, so he had always been very attentive towards Jiang Bi.

Although Jiang Weimin was now a famous tycoon in Wang Dongcheng, this tycoon was born in an ordinary family.

When Jiang Weimin was 23 years old, he married the only daughter of the Lan family, that had a gold store chain. After Mr. Lan passed away, Lan Ruoyun received all of his father-in-law’s inheritance, and Jiang Weimin used that money to start Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Industry.

Although Jiang Guchuan was the CEO of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Jiang Weimin was still the true leader of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals. Jiang Bi was the daughter of Jiang Weimin and his first wife. Even though she was his daughter, she was still the most untouchable heir of the Jiang family.

As a girl, Jiang Bi was not good at business. Whoever married her would earn big money.

Although Li Yu and the rest loved to play with all kinds of beauties, when it came to marriage, they would only marry women who were helpful to their family career.

And Jiang Bi was the best candidate.

Jiang Bi knew this too. Han Wangwang knew it too. Han Wangwang glanced at Li Yu and rejected the offer on Jiang Bi’s behalf. “Thank you for your kindness, but it’s okay. We’ll leave after eating.”

Hearing Han Wangwang’s reply, Li Yu smiled and asked her, “Pretty girls are unfamiliar. Jiang Bi, is this your friend? Whose girl is this? I’ve never seen her before.”

Han Wangwang was from Shun. She had always kept a low profile in Wang Dong City. Hence, many people knew that the Han family had a little princess, but very few people knew that it was her.

Under the table, Han Wangwang kicked Jiang Bi warningly. She wanted him to get rid of this eyesore as soon as possible. Jiang Bi’s expression did not change as he replied coldly, “She’s just a friend of mine. It’s normal that you don’t know him.”

Hearing that, Li Yu thought that Han Wangwang was just Jiang Bi’s colleague or friend.

“We’re planning to go Life of Luxury later. Do you want to join us?” Life of Luxury was a clubhouse in the new city district on the north bank. The entire clubhouse was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty. The cost of this clubhouse was high, and only rich young masters like Li Yu and the rest liked to splurge.

Han Wangwang suddenly smiled when he heard the name of the club. “Life of Luxury?”

“Yeah, don’t tell me you haven’t been there before?” He heard that Jiang Bi was an obedient girl who didn’t like to go out and play. It seemed like it was true.

Jiang Bi put down the menu in her hand. He turned his head and looked at Li Yu. He suddenly asked, “Mr. Li, don’t you feel afraid every time you spend at Life of Luxury?”

Li Yu’s expression was slightly stiff. She heard Jiang Bi say, “Back then, the young master of the An family had a drug addiction and bit the face of his peer’s good friend in a drunken state. That night, he was arrested and sent to the police station. In the end, the next day, the young master of the An family was bailed out. He went to the hospital to visit his injured brother, but he was directly wiped on the neck by the other party.”

“The young master of the An family seems to be good friends with you. I heard that you were at the scene when Master An bit someone. Aren’t you afraid every time you think of your dead brother?”

When Li Yu heard Jiang Bi’s words, it was as if he had returned to that chaotic night. His expression was a little ugly. Li Yu smiled awkwardly and returned to their seats with the beer.

After finishing the barbecue, on the way home, Han Wangwang suddenly said, “The night of the bite, you were also there.”

Jiang Bi glanced at her. “I was.” He lowered the volume of the music and asked Han Wangwang, “What are you thinking about?”

“I was planning to study at the Medical University in the South, but you told me a story. That story eventually made me decide to stay and continue studying law. After I graduated, I chose to be a lawyer without hesitation.”

“Really?” Jiang Bi drove the car into the underground garage. Seeing that Han Wangwang had no intention of unbuckling her seatbelt, he turned off the engine and continued to sit in the car with Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang tilted her head and looked at Jiang Bi. She said, “Tell me, a long time ago, you met a lady. She was beautiful and innocent, but she was played by a group of demons. The lady who was humiliated committed suicide in despair. Because those people had power and influence, no one dared to uphold justice for her. She died without knowing why.”

“It’s precisely because of this that I realize that maybe it would be more appropriate for me to be a lawyer than a doctor.” Her family background was extraordinary, and she was willing to accept any case, no matter how big.

Her family background gave her the confidence to uphold justice for all the victims.

Jiang Bi laughed at herself and said, “You still remember this story.”

“Of course.” Han Wangwang dared not forget that story. She said to Jiang Bi, “I want to know, who is that girl?”

Jiang Bi’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared blankly at a car across the garage.

Seeing that he was unwilling to answer, Han Wangwang made a bold guess. “Is it a friend you knew before the Jiang family found you? Or…”

Han Wangwang thought of Jiang Bi’s sexual orientation and her heart skipped a beat. “Or your first love?”

Jiang Bi was shocked by Han Wangwang’s imagination and quickly explained, “My first love is you.”

When Han Wangwang heard that, she felt more at ease. “Who is she then? Is she your good friend?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“Come with me to a place. I’ll tell you everything.” Jiang Bi started the car again and drove Han Wangwang out of the underground garage. They sped on the streets of the city at night.

Han Wangwang stared at the silent Jiang Bi and felt uneasy.

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