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Chapter 377: Man Dressed as a Girl, Jiang Bi Is Brother Jiang Zhen!

There were relatively few cars on the late-night road, so Jiang Bi drove the car to 70 yards.

Han Wangwang watched as Jiang Bi drove the car into the underground garage of a small district. She was puzzled. “Whose house are you taking me to?” The district was inhabited. Who was Jiang Bi bringing me to meet?

That girl’s family?

“Don’t worry, I won’t sell you out.” Seeing that Jiang Bi was still in the mood to joke, Han Wangwang felt a little more at ease.

The car made a few turns in the underground garage before stopping at a private car seat. Han Wangwang’s eyes flickered when he saw Jiang Bi park the car in the private car seat. “You bought a house here?”


Jiang Bi unbuckled Han Wangwang’s seatbelt and flicked her forehead. “Let’s go, dummy.”

“You’re the dumb one!”

Han Wangwang quickly got out of the car and caught up with Jiang Bi. They walked towards the elevator. As they walked, Han Wangwang searched the rooms in this neighborhood online. When she saw the shockingly high price, she smiled and said, “Our Bi’er is really rich. She bought such an expensive house just like that. I don’t even know when you bought a house here.”

She and Jiang Bi became good friends when they were in their second year of university. They had been together for three years. The two of them had done many intimate things, but she did not know that Jiang Bi had a house.

If Jiang Bi was a man, Han Wangwang would suspect that he was keeping a mistress here.

“I bought for some time.” The elevator stopped on the 26th floor. Jiang Bi pulled Han Wangwang to the door of his house. He entered the password right in front of Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang looked at it with her eyes wide open and silently memorized the password.

The door opened. Han Wangwang looked up and was shocked by the cold industrial renovation style. “Who designed this house for you?” It was cold and oppressive.

Jiang Bi said, “I like this style.”

“This is too different from the style of the house you’re living in now.”

“That’s a boutique house. It’s renovated and there’s no way to change it. This house is completely renovated according to my requirements. It suits my personal taste better.”

As Jiang Bi took off her shoes, he said, “I’m sorry, no one has been here before. I don’t have any extra slippers.”

Han Wangwang smiled and shook her head. “It’s okay. I can do it barefoot.” She took off her sneakers and stepped barefoot on the dark gray tile floor. Only then did she realize that Jiang Bi was wearing a pair of men’s slippers.

Han Wangwang frowned and complained about his taste. “What kind of slippers did you buy? These are totally male slippers.” Jiang Bi was wearing a pair of black male slippers. They were very big.

Han Wangwang had long noticed that Jiang Bi’s feet were huge. They were at least forty-one yards long. He could not even buy the right high heels. He usually wore sneakers. “But your feet are big. It is indeed more comfortable to wear male slippers.”

At this moment, Han Wangwang still did not find anything strange about Jiang Bi. She tilted her head and asked Jiang Bi, “Can I take a look at your house?”

Jiang Bi nodded.

Like a little rabbit, Han Wangwang bounced around and looked at every corner of his house. He pushed open the first room and exclaimed, “Damn, so many knives!”

Han Wangwang stared blankly at the room in front of her. There were many knives and weapons hanging on the four walls of the room. She saw long knives, daggers, Emei thorns, and double-barreled sticks. All of them were controlled knives that would be confiscated by the police.

Jiang Bi’s expression did not change when she heard Han Wangwang’s exclamation. He walked into the kitchen, opened a bag of unopened coffee beans, and started to brew coffee calmly.

Han Wangwang turned around and looked at the kitchen silently. Seeing that Jiang Bi was quietly making coffee and didn’t give her any reaction, she felt a little scared.

Why did this wretched girl hide so many knives at home?

Han Wangwang stared at the cold blades and could not help but feel a chill down her spine. She did not dare to look anymore and quickly slipped out, even locking the door.

She pushed open the second room and realized that it was a computer room. There were five pure black computers placed side by side inside. It was obvious that they were all high-end computers.

Han Wangwang was confused. Did Jiang Bi need so many computers?

It was as if they had entered a hacker’s nest.

Han Wangwang turned around and walked out of the computer room. He pushed open the master bedroom. The master bedroom was very big. The door on the left side of the bedroom was open. It should be the study room. The door on the right was closed. It was hard to tell what it was for.

Han Wangwang pushed open the closed door and found a spacious cloakroom inside.

Han Wangwang walked into the cloakroom and looked at the clothes. The more she looked, the more serious her expression became. She stayed in the cloakroom for three minutes before walking out.

Jiang Bi stared at the coffee brewing in the coffee machine. When she heard the approaching footsteps, Jiang Bi’s lips curled up inexplicably.

He turned off the power and picked up the machine to pour coffee into two black ceramic coffee cups.

]Jiang Bi picked up one of the cups and turned around.

Han Wangwang stood quietly behind him, looking at him angrily.

Jiang Bi pretended not to see Han Wangwang’s eyes. He passed the coffee to Han Wangwang. “There’s no sugar. Do you want some?”

Han Wangwang did not take the coffee.

Jiang Bi knew that she was angry. He pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Are you angry? Wangwang?”

“I saw everything,” Han Wangwang said.

Jiang Bi nodded and pursed his lips before saying, “Just like what you saw, it’s all true.” Jiang Bi’s heart was not as calm as his expression. When he spoke, his voice was slightly hoarse and trembling.

Han Wangwang’s eyes instantly turned red.

Her body started to tremble as if she was having a seizure. Seeing this, Jiang Bi was very worried about her. Was she so unacceptable knowing that I am a man?

Jiang Bi was about to say something when Han Wangwang pointed his right index finger at the master bedroom and growled, “Jiang Bi! Who is that man!”

Jiang Bi: “?”

Jiang Bi was stunned.

Seeing that Jiang Bi did not say anything, Han Wangwang was even more furious. “Who is the man that you secretly raised! Jiang Bi, you have a boyfriend? Did you bring me here today to tell me everything?”

Tears streamed down Han Wangwang’s face. Her sorrowful face was covered in tears, making her look pitiful. She was no longer as lively and arrogant as before.

“No wonder, no wonder you refused to… have…” Han Wangwang was too embarrassed to say the rest.” So you like men! ”

“If you like men, why did you provoke me?! Why did you pretend to be nice to me and like me?!”

“If you love men, why did you kiss me?! Jiang Bi, can’t you f*cking harm those men? Why did you come and harm me?! Are you a b*tch?!”

When Jiang Bi heard Han Wangwang’s words, she finally understood what the misunderstanding was.

“Did you think that I secretly had a boyfriend behind your back?” Jiang Bi felt helpless. He had already revealed so much, but she still hadn’t guessed the truth!

“Isn’t that so?” Han Wangwang ran into the master bedroom. After a while, she rushed out with a pile of men’s clothes.

Han Wangwang threw all the clothes on Jiang Bi’s head. Jiang Bi was prepared and moved the coffee away in advance to avoid being scalded by the hot coffee.

“Your cloakroom is filled with men’s clothes. Are you still going to deny it?” Han Wangwang felt betrayed by Jiang Bi. She squatted down on the spot and hugged her knees as she cried.

Jiang Bi took off her clothes piece by piece and saw Han Wangwang squatting in front of him, wiping her tears and scolding, “You’re a bastard! You don’t like me and still came to provoke me. You’re too evil!”

Jiang Bi threw the clothes on the ground and kicked them away. He tried to pull Han Wangwang up, but Han Wangwang kept struggling and scolding him, refusing to get up.

Han Wangwang spat at Jiang Bi and glared at him fiercely. “Don’t touch me with your pair of hands that have touched men. Disgusting!”

Jiang Bi felt helpless.

“Do you want to hear me explain?” Jiang Bi wiped her saliva and said gently, “You should give me a chance to explain.”

“Explanation is concealment. Concealment is the truth!” Han Wangwang was furious. She couldn’t listen to a single word.

She stood up and scolded, “Go live with your stinky man for the rest of your life. I’ll curse that wild man to have only two minutes. I’ll curse you guys to never have children!”

Han Wangwang put down her most vicious words with the most aggrieved expression, then turned to leave. She walked to the door in a few quick steps and tried to open it, but found that there was no reaction no matter how hard she twisted the doorknob.

Han Wangwang: “?”

She turned around instinctively and saw Jiang Bi following her out of the kitchen. She was standing in the aisle between the dining room and the living room, blocking her way out.

Han Wangwang stared at Jiang Bi’s tense face and thought of the knives hanging in the room behind him. She panicked. “Jiang Bi, you want to kill me?”

Han Wangwang had a rich imagination. She could already imagine Jiang Bi killing her and then breaking her body into the toilet bowl.

The overthinking Han Wangwang’s face turned pale.

Jiang Bi’s heart hurt. “How could I bear to kill you?” Jiang Bi walked towards Han Wangwang step by step. Seeing this, Han Wangwang subconsciously clenched her hands into fists and crossed them in front of her chest, ready to attack.

]”Don’t come near me. If you take another step closer, I’ll beat you up!” As a member of the family, Han Wangwang had been practicing boxing with her grandfather since he was young. If they were to really fight, Han Wangwang would not lose to men.

Jiang Bi saw the vigilance in Han Wangwang’s eyes and stopped.

After stopping, he did something unexpected and started to unbutton his shirt.

Han Wangwang was dumbfounded.

She stared at Jiang Bi’s actions, not understanding what she was trying to do. “Speak properly, why are you taking off your clothes!”

Seduce me?

That wouldn’t do. I would never want such an indecent, cheating woman!

This was my pride as the daughter of the Han family!

Jiang Bi took off his shirt and threw it on the ground, revealing his thin but not weak upper body. Han Wangwang stared at the thin muscles on Jiang Bi’s body and was puzzled.

Why was it that even though we were both women, Jiang Bi had developed muscles!

Even her breasts were muscles!

This is unfair!

After taking off his shirt, Jiang Bi started to unbuckle his belt again. There was a woman’s belt wrapped around his waist, and he released it with a gentle tug.

Seeing that Jiang Bi was about to unzip his pants, Han Wangwang quickly shouted exaggeratedly, “Jiang Bi! What are you doing! I’m not interested in your body! Stop it!”


Jiang Bi’s pants fell to the ground.

Han Wangwang frowned and said, “What are you doing? Taking off your clothes to seduce me? Jiang Bi, let me tell you, I, Han Wangwang, am not such a shallow person. I…”

Han Wangwang saw something she shouldn’t have seen and instantly fell silent.

She stared blankly at Jiang Bi as her eyes gradually widened. In the end, because she was too shocked, her head was buzzing.

Han Wangwang had a headache and was about to faint.

Jiang Bi lifted her long legs and strode towards Han Wangwang. He picked up Han Wangwang’s arm and gently pressed her right hand on his body.

Han Wangwang’s heart was racing. She was so stunned that she could not stand properly. She pulled her hand back and slammed her body on the door behind her.

Han Wangwang leaned against the door, her hand on the knob. She was breathing hard, staring in disbelief at the slender figure of Jiang Bi in front of her. “No… impossible…” she murmured in a trembling voice.

Han Wangwang was so scared that his expression changed. “You’re a woman! Jiang Bi is a woman! We’re from the same dormitory. We’ve known each other for so long. You’re a woman!”

“You’re just like me. We both wear dresses…” Han Wangwang couldn’t believe what she was seeing and touching was real. She tried to dismiss it all, but Jiang Bi broke the illusion with her actions.

]Jiang Bi took off her clothes and stood in front of her. “Do you believe me now?”

Han Wangwang looked at the thing that suddenly jumped out and was speechless.


“Wang Wang, I’m a man.” Jiang Bi stood in front of her. He took two steps forward and stood in front of Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang did not dare to meet Jiang Bi’s domineering gaze. She lowered her head subconsciously and saw something even more impressive.

Han Wangwang closed his eyes.

“Don’t you understand? I’m a man. It’s been so many years. Why didn’t you suspect me?”

“In all the time we’ve known each other, I’ve never taken a shower with you. I’ve never worn ultramarine shorts or a nightdress. In fact, every time I make out with you, I don’t dare get too close to you for fear you’ll sense my reaction.”

As Jiang Bi spoke, his breath landed on Han Wangwang’s eyelashes. Feeling itchy, Han Wangwang had no choice but to open her eyes.

Her lips quivered a few times, but she still could not speak.

Jiang Bi suddenly added, “When we were leaving Imperial Dragon Manor tonight, you asked me what was hidden in my trouser pocket. You said it bumped into you.”

Jiang Bi bent down and placed her chin on Han Wangwang’s shoulder. She whispered into her ear, “It’s him.”

Han Wangwang pushed Jiang Bi away.

Jiang Bi took a few steps back and stared at her deeply. “I’ll give you one night to accept the truth, but you must sleep here tonight. You’re not allowed to go anywhere.”

Only by keeping her in his line of sight could Jiang Bi feel at ease.

He turned around and strode into the master bedroom, completely naked. Han Wangwang stared at the messy men’s clothes on the floor, then glanced at the men’s shoes in the shoe cabinet, and then thought of Jiang Bi’s big feet. She had to admit that Jiang Bi was a man!

The daughter of the Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company was actually a man!

Han Wangwang stumbled into the living room and sat down on the sofa. She took a black pillow and hugged it. She buried her face in the pillow and took a deep breath. Then, she raised her head and reached out her right hand.

Thinking about what she had touched previously, her face instantly flushed red.

My girlfriend was a man.

My girlfriend was actually a man!

Late at night, Jiang Bi leaned against the head of the bed and closed her eyes, seemingly asleep. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Without opening her eyes, Jiang Bi said, “The door isn’t locked.”

After two seconds of silence, Jiang Bi heard Han Wangwang say, “Are you dressed?”

Jiang Bi kept quiet.


Han Wangwang opened the door and walked in.

She closed the door, turned around, and stared at Jiang Bi’s appearance on the bed. Jiang Bi had changed into a gray T-shirt and loose sports pants, and was lying barefoot on the bed.

He was still the same person, but Jiang Bi’s temperament had changed. He just lay there quietly and stared at Han Wangwang with his dark and cold eyes. Han Wangwang felt a sense of urgency as if he was being stared at by a cheetah.

Han Wangwang walked to the bed and sized up Jiang Bi seriously. His face was still the same, but the person in front of him was clearly a man.

He had pretended to be a woman for so many years, but no one exposed him. He was really capable. Han Wangwang was a little angry. She complained to Jiang Bi, “You lied to me.”

Jiang Bi sat up and stared at her. “I’m sorry.”

He had lied to Han Wangwang. He had to admit that.

“You’re not Jiang Bi.” Han Wangwang walked to the side of the bed and sat on it. She stared at Jiang Bi’s beautiful face and asked curiously, “Who are you?”

“Jiang Zhen.”

“Jiang Zhen…” Jiang Bi’s twin brother was called Jiang Zhen.” You’re Jiang Zhen! What about the real Jiang Bi? ”

Jiang Zhen remained silent.

Han Wangwang’s eyes darted around as she thought of something. A look of pity appeared on her face. “The girl who committed suicide was Jiang Bi…”


Jiang Zhen didn’t admit it, but his eyes, which were always cold, were now filled with sorrow. He didn’t need to nod his head for Han Wangwang to know the answer.

“Did you disguise yourself as Jiang Bi and return to the Jiang family to avenge your sister?”

Jiang Zhen nodded. “… yes.”

“Then why did you pretend to be Jiang Bi? Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you to return home as the successor of the Jiang family?”

Jiang Zhen laughed self-deprecatingly and said, “The Jiang family already has Jiang Guchuan. Do you think they can tolerate another Jiang Zhen?”

Han Wangwang was speechless.

Even though Jiang Guchuan was not Jiang Weimin’s biological son, he was still raised by Jiang Guchuan. Jiang Guchuan himself was very outstanding, and he even had Zhu Xiulan, who often flirted with Jiang Weimin. If Jiang Zhen returned home as a man, he would indeed be an eyesore.

Jiang Zhen stood up from the bed and walked to the window. He stared at the tall building in the distance with the words “Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company” written on it and said, “I heard that twelve years ago, my mother jumped down from the roof of that building. When she fell to the ground, her body and head were split in two.”

Han Wangwang frowned.

She walked over to Jiang Zhen and looked out at the skyscraper in the distance. “They said your mother lost her mind because of her child that went missing and became a mental patient. She jumped off a building because she couldn’t handle the mental torture.”

“I don’t know,” Jiang Zhen said, pulling Han Wangwang into his arms. “I don’t remember what that woman looked like long ago, and I can’t imagine what she looked like when she went crazy, or what she looked like when she died…”

“Wang Wang.”

“Yes.” After knowing that Jiang Zhen was a boy, Han Wangwang still felt uncomfortable being hugged by Jiang Zhen like this. She was in Jiang Zhen’s arms when she heard Jiang Zhen say, “My sister was only sixteen when she committed suicide. The coroner called her autopsy told me that my sister was crushed by a train until she lost her human form…”

“The two most important women in my life don’t even have a complete corpse. I won’t be satisfied until I get justice for them.”

Sensing Jiang Zhen’s hatred, Han Wangwang felt sorry for him. “You must bring all the murderers who hurt your sister to justice!”

A sixteen-year-old girl had been violated. After committing suicide, no one helped her uphold justice. How pitiful was that!

“I’ll help you.” HanWangwang lifted her hand and patted the arm that Jiang Zhen had wrapped around her neck. “Bi-Jiang Zhen, I’ll help you. Don’t be afraid.”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhen finally smiled. “Wang Wang, tonight, I told you my biggest secret because I trusted you. You can’t betray me.”

Han Wangwang said, “Don’t worry, I won’t betray you.”

Jiang Zhen led Han Wangwang to the bed and lay down. This was not the first time the two of them had shared the same bed, but this time was different. Han Wangwang was very nervous.

Jiang Zhen knew that Han Wangwang was nervous. He patted the back of her hand and comforted her. “What are you nervous about?”

Han Wangwang blushed. After a while, she said, “Will you sleep with me?”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

He was lying on his back. Hearing this, he turned to face Han Wangwang. Seeing Han Wangwang’s shy and uneasy expression, Jiang Zhen’s heart softened.

He told her honestly, “My body desires you all the time. But I won’t touch you carelessly.” He leaned over and rubbed his nose against Han Wangwang’s cheek. “When the dust settles, I will go to Shunchen City and propose to your father.”

When Han Wangwang heard the word ‘marriage proposal’, her pretty face turned red. “I’ll stop talking. Let’s sleep!” She pulled the blanket over her face, revealing only a few strands of hair.

Jiang Zhen smiled and slipped under the covers, secretly holding her hand.

Han Wangwang struggled for a while and finally stopped moving.

Both of their hearts were beating fast. Han Wangwang knew that if this went on, she would lose her virginity tonight. She pinched her thigh and grimaced in pain. Only then did her thoughts become clearer.

Jiang Zhen heard Han Wangwang gasp and guessed that she was torturing herself. She quickly pressed Han Wangwang’s hand down. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

“I have to stay rational. I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist touching you, kissing you, and then…” Han Wangwang stammered.” Don’t touch me, don’t seduce me! ”

Han Wangwang used to like to touch Jiang Zhen. After knowing that Jiang Zhen was a man, Han Wangwang became a little restless. She didn’t really want to do anything. She just wanted to touch him.

However, a man could not withstand teasing. She could not touch him. If she did, she would lose her virginity.

Jiang Zhen smiled.

“Then let’s chat.”

Han Wangwang nodded. She tried hard to think of a topic to talk about. After thinking for a while, she still could not leave the matter of men and women. “Well, in the past, when I treated you as a girl, I often took off my clothes in front of you. I even told you all kinds of colored jokes and often rubbed against you when I was sleeping. Didn’t you have any reaction?”

Jiang Zhen hesitated, then lied. “I try to keep it under control.”

“Hmph! Are you a man? How can you control yourself?” Han Wangwang snorted and said, “Am I not charming enough? Not sexy enough? Not pretty enough?”

Jiang Zhen quickly corrected himself. “I wanted to, too, but I held myself back.” He explained quietly, “Just tonight. I helped you get out of your gown and run into the bathroom. Not to use the bathroom, either, but… um… ah.”

Han Wangwang knew what his stuttering meant.

She blushed and remained silent for a moment before scolding, “Hooligan!”

Jiang Zhen felt wronged. He should be a gentleman. Han Wangwang despised him for being too cold to her. When he was not a gentleman, she blamed him for being a hooligan.

Han Wangwang suddenly said, “You went to the toilet for more than ten minutes…”

Han Wangwang suddenly turned around and buried her head in the pillow. She said in a muffled voice, “It’s quite long.”

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

“Do you have to ask this kind of question? Can you change it to something that will distract me?” Jiang Zhen was already starting to get restless. If Han Wangwang continued to ask, Jiang Zhen would have to go to the toilet again

Han Wangwang lay on the pillow for a while before falling asleep. He touched Jiang Zhen’s cheek and asked curiously, “Does Jiang Bi look like you?”

Upon hearing this question, Jiang Zhen’s burning heart felt like it had been splashed with a bucket of cold water. It instantly turned cold. “I loo like her, right? I’ve seen photos of her when she was young. She looks quite similar to me, but she’s gentler than me. Her facial features are round, unlike me. My cheeks are more defined.”

This was the difference between a man and a woman.

Han Wangwang heard something else and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you and Jiang Bi not live together when you went missing?”

Jiang Zhen remained silent, not replying.

Han Wangwang saw that Jiang Zhen’s expression instantly turned sorrowful. She realized that in the ten years after she lost him, the two of them must have experienced unimaginable pain.

“Jiang Zhen.”

Han Wangwang hugged Jiang Bi silently. She placed her cheek on Jiang Zhen’s chest and heard the man’s strong heartbeat. She whispered, “Can you tell me about your past?”

“I want to understand you, the whole you.”

Han Wangwang waited for two minutes. Seeing that Jiang Zhen didn’t reply, she guessed that the past was too painful and Jiang Zhen didn’t want to expose his own scars.

Han Wangwang also felt that her request was too much. She said understandingly, “Forget it, it’s getting late. I want to sleep too. Go to sleep. I still have to work tomorrow morning!”

Just as Han Wangwang gave up asking, Jiang Zhen started to talk about the past. “We were only four years old when we got lost. I can’t remember the memory of getting lost. I only vaguely remember that it was our birthday, because I always remember Mom’s singing…”

“Happy birthday to you.”

“Happy birthday to you.”

“Happy birthday to my babies, happy, healthy, and happy!”

The beautiful woman stood at the other end of the table, clapping her hands together in a cheerful sign as she cleared out the birthday song. Jiang Zhen was dressed in a little prince suit, sitting on the pedals with Jiang Bi in a princess dress, both wearing birthday hats.

The siblings stared at the cake on the table and sang along with Lan Ruoyun under the light of the burning candles.

After singing, Lan Ruoyun pushed the cake in front of the siblings. She bent down and said to them, “Alright, brother, sister, let’s blow out the candles together!”

Jiang Zhen was naughty and overbearing. When he heard his mother’s words, he puffed up his cheeks and blew hard at the candles. He blew out all the candles on the birthday cake in one go.

Jiang Bi pouted and was about to blow air when she realized that her brother had blown out all the candles. She was stunned for a moment before she wailed, “Mommy! Brother blew out all the candles!”

As she spoke, Jiang Bi picked up the cake with both hands and covered Jiang Zhen’s face with it.

Jiang Zhen’s proud little face was instantly drowned by the cake. His body stiffened for a moment before he regained his senses. He grabbed the cake off his face and stood up to pull Jiang Bi off the chair.

The siblings started fighting at the table.

Lan Ruoyun cried out in alarm, “Quickly stop! Don’t fight! Big brother, don’t grab little sister’s hair! Little sister, you can’t grab big brother’s face!”

The two children wrestled together. Lan Ruoyun used all her strength to separate them.

When they separated, the siblings were covered in bruises. Lan Ruoyun was about to die from anger because of them. She stared at the cake strewn all over the floor, as well as the children’s dirty clothes and hair mixed with cream. When she thought about how the children’s father had yet to return, she immediately broke down.

“Stand at the corner of the wall as punishment! You are not allowed to bathe unless you stand for half an hour!” The children were still quite afraid of Lan Ruoyun. Seeing Lan Ruoyun angry, they did not dare to move.

Lan Ruoyun felt wronged. As she cried, she cleaned the ground.

Lan Ruoyun’s father was the boss of a chain of gold equipment brands. After Old Master Lan passed away, he handed the business over to Lan Ruoyun.

Because of their poor management, the business gradually declined. Lan Ruoyun stopped its losses in time and decided to sell all of it. The money earned from selling Jinxing went to Jiang Weimin to start a company.

The company had just been established and the funds were tight. In order to save money, Lan Ruoyun didn’t find a nanny and brought her two children along. She brought up the children, who never knew how to speak, alone. In the past four years, Jiang Weimin had hardly taken care of his children for a day.

Tonight was the children’s birthday and also their wedding anniversary. Lan Ruoyun stared at the mess on the ground and then looked at the two dirty children in the corner. She felt wronged.

After wiping the floor, Lan Ruoyun ran upstairs crying.

She broke down in her room and cried for more than ten minutes. After venting her anger, Lan Ruoyun went downstairs to get the children to take a shower.

As a mother, she could not ignore her child.

When Lan Ruoyun arrived at the first floor, she realized that the children had disappeared. In order to start a company, the husband and wife had sold their villa. The family moved into Old Master Lan’s old villa.

The old house was close to the suburbs. It was an old-style villa built on its own. The nearest neighbor was more than 200 meters away. There was no place suitable for children to play in this area. Furthermore, it was nighttime. The children should not have run out.

Lan Ruoyun frowned as she searched the house, but she couldn’t find the child. She turned on the door light and went to look around the garden. “Jiang Zhen! Jiang Bi! Where are you? Mommy isn’t angry anymore. Can you come out?”

Lan Ruoyun faintly felt uneasy. When she called for the children, her voice was trembling.

However, no matter how Lan Ruoyun shouted, the children did not appear.

Realizing that the children had gone missing, Lan Ruoyun was so scared that her legs turned to jelly. She stumbled home and picked up the landline to call Jiang Weimin’s company. The one who picked up the call was Jiang Weimin’s male secretary. When she heard that the children had gone missing, the secretary was also frightened.

When Jiang Weimin drove back home, he saw that the house was brightly lit and there was a police car parked outside. His expression changed. He ran home anxiously and saw Lan Ruoyun crying while answering the police.

“Ruoyun!” Jiang Weimin hurried over and hugged Lan Ruoyun.

Lan Ruoyun leaned into his embrace and cried as she said, “Hubby, it’s all my fault. I lost them! If I didn’t punish them to stand, if I didn’t run upstairs alone, they wouldn’t have gone missing…”

When the police saw the crying Lan Ruoyun, they felt troubled.

That night, the police, Jiang Weimin and his wife, as well as the employees who rushed over after hearing the news, had scoured the pond near the Jiang family, but they didn’t find the children.

The police searched for a week without finding the children. If the children had met with misfortune, there should have been bodies, but they were nowhere to be found. The police eventually concluded that the two children were missing.

That was 1999. Back then, there weren’t many surveillance cameras in the city, let alone in the suburbs. There were no surveillance cameras and no witnesses. This pair of missing children seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Lan Ruoyun began to wash her face with tears every day. She cried whenever she saw someone. Her crazy appearance made people sigh.

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