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Chapter 375: Song Ci and Han Zhan Really Know How to Play

“I also want to be with you.”

There could be no wedding gown, no blessings, and even no wedding ceremony. However, Han Wangwang hoped that there would be Jiang Bi at the wedding, as well as their parents and uncle…

But this was the most impossible expectation.

Putting aside whether her parents and little uncle would break her legs if they found out about this, even if she and Jiang Bi wanted to defeat the secular barrier and get together, it would require a great amount of courage.

Jiang Bi had experienced too much. Few people could make his heart tremble with just one sentence, but Han Wangwang did it.

The bridal escort team walked very steadily. The car did not sway or shake. In the midst of the stability, Jiang Bi silently extended her left arm and grabbed Han Wangwang’s hand.

“Got it.”

His answer was ambiguous, but Han Wangwang felt satisfied when she heard it.

On the way, the bridal escort team met a stranger asking for wedding candies. Aaron good-naturedly asked the convoy to stop and wait three times before scattering wedding candies.

His patience was not good, but he had exhausted all his patience today.

It was already 10: 20 am when the wedding procession arrived at Imperial Dragon Manor.

Butler Cai had been paying attention to the surveillance cameras. When he saw the wedding convoy at the foot of the mountain, he brought his men and moved the firecrackers that he had bought earlier to the planned location. When Aaron’s car arrived, they lit all the fireworks.

In order to protect the environment, the government banned private illegal fireworks and firecrackers years ago. But there were policies to counter them and a company developed environmental fireworks to protect the environment.

Now the environmental fireworks are on the market.

When countless fireworks exploded at the same time, everyone couldn’t help but look up at the sky. When Nan Yanyan heard the deafening explosion of fireworks, she suddenly felt at ease.

I am really going to marry Aaron.

When the bride entered the manor, Butler Cai and the others brought her to a room that had been prepared beforehand to change her clothes. When Nan Yanyan entered the room, she saw Alan and his team.

When he heard Butler Cai and the bride talking, Alan turned around to welcome Nan Yanyan.

He sized up Nan Yanyan’s outfit from a distance and smiled. “You’re the first bride I’ve met who wore a motorcycle suit. You’re very cool. I wish Miss Nan and Mr. Han a happy marriage and a harmonious relationship.”

Nan Yanyan’s bridesmaid was one of her cousins. Nan Yanyan exchanged glances with her cousin, who took out a bunch of red packets and wedding candies and handed them to Alan and his team.

Everyone took the wedding candy happily and started to prepare for the wedding.

Alan sent someone to bring Nan Yanyan’s wedding gown over in advance. He waited for Nan Yanyan to change into the wedding gown before he helped her build her bride’s hair and makeup.

After some work, they were finally done.

After a few years of makeup, Nan Yanyan thought that her makeup skills were not bad. However, after Alan’s modification, her face had an indescribable charm to it. Her eyes had become sparkling and very moving.

As expected of Song Ci’s personal stylist, his business ability was really good.

Nan Yanyan happily gave Alan another big red packet.

Alan accepted the red packet and said, “I’ve prepared four other gowns for you. One for the toasts, one for the guests, one for the afternoon, and one for the masquerade ball. Take a look and see if there’s anything you don’t like. If not, you can still change.”

Nan Yanran naturally trusted Alan’s judgment. She couldn’t find any fault with it. “Let’s go with this.”

“Alright then.”

Alan told his men to pack up the tools and prepare to leave. As he was about to leave, Professor Nan entered the room with his wife and son.

The bride’s family was arranged to stay in the room downstairs. Nan Guanguan had asked her sister on WeChat and found out that her sister had already put on her makeup, before bringing her parents upstairs.

The moment they entered the house, Professor Nan and Madam Nan saw their daughter in her wedding dress. They immediately lowered their heads and their eyes reddened secretly.

Nan Guanguan could not stand this scene, and his eyes also turned red.

He silently backed out of the room and leaned against the wall. After standing there for a while, he saw a man in a white suit walking out of the bride’s room with an exquisite makeup bag.

Nan Guanguan’s attention was stolen by the pair of white ankles that were revealed under the man’s suit pants, as well as the colorful bean shoes.

He wondered what kind of a f*cking idiot would wear such a pair of flamboyant shoes. He looked up curiously and saw a sharp face and a pair of long, narrow, and offensive eyes.

Nan Guanguan was shocked.

“… Nan Chao ,” he called out a man’s name that had once made the whole of Eastwatch High School change color.

When Nan Guanguan was in Year One, Nan Chao was notorious.

At that time, Nan Guanguan was influenced by the scholarly Professor Nan and was dressed like an obedient student. He only knew how to read books every day and never dared to enter the Internet. He did not dare to mix in with society, did not dare to dye his hair, and did not dare to do anything that only bad teenagers would dare to do.

However, he was very rebellious in his heart. He wanted to become a young man as arrogant and domineering as Li Xun in a hot-blooded high school. Therefore, deep down, he admired people like Nan Chao .

At that time, Nan Guanguan spent most of his time on Baidu Tieba, and when he was free, he would browse through the gossip of Nan Chao .

Bad boys always attracted girls’ attention. In addition, the Nan Chao was handsome. Every day, a few posts about the Nan Chao would appear on Tieba.

There were always boys and girls who disliked Nan Chao who would leave comments to mock the Nan Chao . Every time this happened, Nan Guanguan would turn into a fanboy and start a fight with others, bringing up the matter to Nan Chao .

While the other boys were busy chasing their idols after Kobe, he collected pictures of Nan Chao like a pervert and silently bought the same ones that Nan Chao had worn. Later, his style of dressing was the same as Nan Chao .

Even now, in terms of clothing, he had not walked out of the influence of Nan Chao on him.

Suddenly hearing his real name, Alan stopped in surprise.

He was slightly taller than Nan Guanguan by two centimeters. When he raised his chin slightly to look at Nan Guanguan, his narrow and deep black eyes exuded a nervous scrutiny.

Seeing that Nan Guanguan had stopped talking, Allen raised his right hand and showed his orchid-like fingers. He reached out and flicked Nan Guanguan’s short brown hair. “Little Brother’s hairstyle is quite cool. Which salon did it come from? If you come to me in the future, I’ll give you your entire hair silver color. It suits you better.”

As a stylist, judging a person’s dressing style, hairstyle, and makeup had become a professional problem.

Nan Guanguan stared at Alan’s orchid fingers, his whole being mystified. My sister was telling the truth. Nan Chao had really become a sissy…

Nan Guanguan said in a daze, “Just, just a random one.”

Alan said earnestly, “Little brother, if you want to find a perfect Teacher Tony while doing your hair, it’s like finding a girlfriend. It depends on luck. Although I, Alan, am not a perfect girlfriend, I’m definitely your perfect Teacher Tony.”

As he spoke, Alan pulled out a business card from his pocket and playfully stuffed it into the pocket of Nan Guanguan’s shirt. He even patted it hypocritically and winked at him, saying, “Next time you come to find me, I’ll wait for your favor.”

Nan Guanguan: “!”

“How did you become—” Nan Guanguan told him what he was thinking.

Hearing his own voice, Nan Guanguan realized that he had spoken his thoughts aloud. He bit his lip in frustration and anger.

I am really stupid!

Alan’s eyes darkened. “You do know me.” Helpers were walking up and down the hallway. Alan moved a little closer to Nan Guanguan. They were almost touching.

Nan Guanguan could feel Alan’s breath on his forehead.

Nan Guanguan heard Alan asking, “I’m asking you a question. Do you know me?” Unknowingly, Alan’s voice had become much harsher, no longer as passionate and terrifying as before.

Nan Guanguan was so nervous that his scalp went numb. His fingers nervously pinched the corner of his shirt as he whispered, “I, I graduated from No.1 Middle School, one year below you.”

Alan understood when he heard the name of No.1 Middle School. “Junior.” Aaron patted Nan Guanguan’s shoulder. “People change,” he said. “What’s so strange about that?”

But it shouldn’t be like this!

Nan Chao shouldn’t have become like this!

Alan walked past him and was about to leave when Nan Guanguan silently followed him. Alan walked into the direct elevator and saw Nan Guanguan walk in like a stalker. He felt somewhat helpless.

After exiting the elevator, he walked out of the hall on the first floor and stood at the corridor outside, staring at the wedding stage set up on the lawn.

The wedding venue was quite romantic. Alan took out his phone and took two photos, planning to post a few pictures on Weibo after the wedding banquet to praise the wedding company.

After taking the photo, he put away his phone. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard the person behind him ask, “Is it because of Gong Cheng?”

After so many years, when he suddenly heard Gong Cheng’s name, Nan Chao’s gaze froze for a moment. He turned half his body and stood under the blazing sun, but the smile on his face did not have much warmth.

“Junior, we don’t know each other very well.” We don’t know each other very well, so please don’t act like you know me very well and deliberately try to uncover my scars.

When Nan Guanguan saw the pain and wariness in Nan Chao’s eyes, he knew that he had guessed correctly.

“I was rash. Sorry.”

Hearing Nan Guanguan’s apology, Alan laughed again. “Little kid is insensible. I understand.” Aaron carried his royal makeup case to the wedding venue.

There was a story behind why Nan Guanguan mentioned Gong Cheng.

Gong Cheng and Nan Chao were good brothers who grew up together. They were so close that they could even wear the same pants.

Unlike Nan Chao who liked to stir up trouble, Gong Cheng was an obedient student. He did not fight, did not cause trouble, and always liked to manage Nan Chao.

The accident happened on a summer night that year.

It was a hot summer day. The examination candidates of No.1 Middle School had finally welcomed the day of liberation after three years of hard work. They were all very excited.

On the night after the college entrance examination ended, the third-year students were holding their graduation party. The restaurant chosen by Nan Chao’s class happened to be near the residence of Nan Guanguan

Nan Chao was the school bully, but his grades were not bad, as he could easily reach the first tier.

On the day of the graduation party, he received a call from the school bullies from other schools. They wanted to write off their past grudges with Nan Chao on the last day of their high school career.

To put it bluntly, it was a challenge.

At the age of eighteen, Nan Chao was young and full of vigor. He readily agreed to the other party’s declaration of war and agreed to go to battle. However, Gong Cheng did not agree to him going to war.

Nan Chao might have drunk some wine and argued with Gong Cheng, but he still went. However, he did not expect that those people would bring knives in order to take revenge and avenge their previous humiliation.

During that fierce battle, Nan Chao had been injured, and they were heavily injured and almost died.

And because he was worried about his safety, Gong Cheng, who had secretly followed him to the scene of the final battle, had actually blocked that fatal blow for him.

That night, sirens and ambulances rang incessantly downstairs. Nan Guanguan went downstairs to buy watermelons. When he heard that a student had fought and killed someone in the park next door, he curiously followed to take a look.

He stood at the back of the crowd and tiptoed to look at the crime scene. He saw the bloodied and unconscious Nan Chao lying on the ground. He saw Gong Cheng, who had lost his life and had a knife stabbed into his back.

That was Nan Guanguan’s first time facing a murder case. That scene had also become a nightmare that he could not forget.

Later on, he heard that Nan Chao had been saved, but Gong Cheng had died. Those youths who had committed crimes, because they were already eighteen years old, were about to be charged with criminal responsibility.

But so what? Even if they were imprisoned for their entire lives, they would not be able to revive that outstanding young boy.

After that, Nan Chao disappeared.

Nan Chao used his experience to give a lesson to all the students in Wangdong City.

You have to pay, if you enter the underworld.

Retribution does not come to you, but to those closest to you.

Gong Cheng’s death had awakened that arrogant brat, giving him the biggest lesson in his life. However, the price of growth was too painful.

Gong Cheng’s death not only woke up Nan Chao, but also the youths like Nan Guanguan. Nan Guanguan completely realized how ridiculous and childish he was.

From then on, no one in the school mentioned Nan Chao anymore. It was as if Nan Chao had become a taboo in First Middle School.

Nan Guanguan had also thought about what Nan Chao would do after graduating from high school. Would he continue to study in university? Or would he be unable to recover from the setback?

From the looks of it now, although Nan Chao hadn’t completely collapsed, he wasn’t doing too well either. Nan Chao shouldn’t have been a man who would raise his orchid fingers and laugh with others all day long.

More and more guests arrived, and the wedding ceremony was about to begin. Nan Guanguan also followed them to the wedding venue.

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place at 12: 40 pm. At 10: 40 am, Aaron came downstairs alone and waited for his bride.

Everyone else had gone to the wedding venue, except for the cameraman who was with Aaron and the bride.

Aaron stood downstairs, facing his guests in the distance, his back to the building, waiting for Nanyan to come downstairs. He had not seen Nan Yanyan in her wedding dress yet, and he was looking forward to seeing the first look he was about to see.

After a while, Aaron heard footsteps. He held his breath nervously, his hands instinctively crossed, his fingers touching each other.

Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Knowing that it was Nan Yanyan, he turned around in anticipation and curiosity, only to see… Donald Duck!

Aaron started, then started laughing. “What’s this… look?” Am I marrying a Donald Duck today?

Nan Yanyan’s voice came from inside Donald Duck. She said, “Your second brother told me that you had a favorite Donald Duck doll when you were young, but your father threw it away. Today, I want to return the Donald Duck you lost.” So, she disguised herself as Donald Duck.

Edward didn’t allow children to be greedy about certain things, be it toys or women. Aaron’s memory of Donald Duck was very shallow, but when he heard Nan Yanyan mention it, he had some recollection.

“I want to marry you and make you happy, just like the doll you liked when you were young.” This was the real reason why Nan Yanyan wore the Donald Duck costume.

At this moment, Aaron suddenly experienced the taste of love.

He finally understood why Han Zhan and Sicilio were so loyal to a woman and even risked their lives for them.

If Nan Yanyan was in danger, I am willing to die for her.

She was my Donald Duck.

A simple-minded Donald Duck.

Aaron’s eyes burned for some reason. He raised his head and stared at the blue sky. Suddenly, tears fell. Aaron quickly wiped away his tears and said embarrassedly, “The sunlight is blinding.”

Nan Yanyan kindly didn’t expose him.

Aaron asked Nan Yanyan, “Can I take off your costume?”

“Of course.” Nan Yanyan allowed Ah Rang to take off her costume.

Aaron walked behind Nan Yanyan and carefully pulled down the zipper on Donald Duck’s back. At the same time, Nan Yanyan’s hair fell down from the doll’s gap.

The costume was removed. Standing in front of Aaron was Nan Yanyan, who was wearing a wedding gown with a sling.

The material of the satin wedding dress was very smooth, like silk against Nan Yanyan’s skin, revealing half of her sexy chest and collarbone, as well as her straight and beautiful shoulders.

It was a simple wedding gown, but it was the most suitable for Nan Yanyan. Aaron looked at his bride with an infatuated gaze. He said, “You look really good.”

Nan Yanyan took the veil from her cousin and passed it to Aaron. “Put it on for me.”


Aaron helped Nan Yanyan put on the veil before they walked to the wedding venue arm in arm.

The wedding venue was decorated into a sea of flowers. Cheng Yanmo and Fei Wen sat in the middle of the crowd. Seeing the couple in white wedding gowns and white suits, Cheng Yanmo said, “The bride is very beautiful.”

Fei Wen nodded. “Indeed.”

Cheng Yanmo looked sideways at his assistant and suddenly asked, “What style of wedding dress do you like, Assistant Fei?”

Fei Wen did not think much of it and answered subconsciously, “It’s mermaid-style.”

“Like this…”

Everyone quieted down, and Cheng Yanmo didn’t say anything else.

Aaron and Nan Yanyan’s wedding ceremony was very simple. There were no crying scenes. They happily completed the ceremony and dragged their families to take pictures.

Their wedding was a western-style wedding ceremony. The banquet was set on the lawn outside and was prepared with western food.

At the banquet, Aaron and Nan Yanyan were giving their wedding speech. Their wedding speech was written in a very funny and relaxed manner, so there was laughter everywhere. Even Professor Nan and his wife, who were marrying their daughter off, were laughing.

After the newly-wed’s speech, it was Han Zhan and Sicilio’s turn to give their blessings.

Orianna sat elegantly next to Song Ci and occasionally ate some snacks. She didn’t plan to give a speech. Song Ci asked Orianna, “Anna, aren’t you going to give a speech?”

Orianna shook her head. “No need. Compared to the speech, that guy wants more money.” She directly raised five fingers and told Song Ci, “I gave him five digits.”

Song Ci made a bold guess. “Five million?”

Orianna nodded. “Euro,” she added.

Song Ci immediately smiled. “Then he will definitely like you very much.”

Orianna glanced at Aaron and said emotionally, “It’s a blessing to see this guy get married. It’s worth it to buy my happiness for five million.”

Orianna was never short of money. Five million was really nothing to her.

Sicilio didn’t say much. After a few brief words, he left the stage. As the second brother of Aaron and the owner of Imperial Dragon Manor, Han Zhan’s speech attracted a lot of attention.

He stood up, held the microphone, and directly spoke. He said, “The moment I found out that my younger brother was in a relationship, a thought popped up in my mind. I wondered which family’s daughter had bad eyesight and actually took a fancy to my little rascal.”

When Han Zhan spoke, the guests all laughed.

Aaron puffed up his lips in anger, but he quickly smiled as well.

Han Zhan looked at Nan Yanyan and said seriously, “As everyone says, our bride is very beautiful, young, and elegant. Other than that, she’s kind and sincere, full of self-restraint and knowledge.”

“She and the eSports team she used to serve had once won the first championship trophy in the eSports world for our country. To be able to bring such an outstanding girl into our Han family, I feel very proud. Aaron, you really amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. You’re a person who keeps quiet and does great things.”

Everyone started laughing again.

Han Zhan’s words had given Nan Yanyan and Professor Nan enough face. It had to be said that he was a man of his words. With just a few words, he had dispelled some people’s contempt for Nan Yan.

When Nan Yanyan heard Han Zhan’s recognition of her, she was a little touched.

Han Zhan said a few more words and gave his blessings to Aaron and Nan Yan before ending his speech.

Han Wangwang clapped as he said to Jiang Bi beside him, “This kind of wedding is so comfortable. It’s so much more heartwarming for everyone to share the joy harmoniously, rather than people clamoring to give a toast.”

Jiang Bi rarely attended other people’s weddings, but he knew the ways of Chinese weddings. Hearing that, he nodded and secretly held Han Wangwang’s hand.

After the meal, the busy big shots had to leave first. Aaron and Nan Yanyan changed their clothes and followed Han Zhan. After sending off those big shots, they changed their clothes and happily went to the back mountain amusement park to take wedding photos.

At five in the afternoon, they had dinner on time.

At eight in the evening, there would be a masquerade party. The ball would be held in the main building of the manor, which was the centermost dance hall with a dome.

Song Ci’s pregnancy was very comfortable. Until now, there was no obvious morning sickness. She was in good spirits and looked forward to the masquerade ball tonight.

Song Ci specially ordered a set of clothes in advance for tonight’s masquerade ball. Han Zhan knew that Song Ci was going to the ball, so he also planned to play with her.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the remaining guests all came to the dance floor. At night, the starry sky above the dome lit up. The guests stood under the dome, feeling like they were in a dream.

Some people dressed as catlady, others as Little Dragon Girl, some as Zhu Bajie. The scene was just a bunch of creatures dancing.

A woman dressed as an elf warrior suddenly appeared in the crowd. She wore a butterfly mask that made it difficult to see her face.

The woman was dressed in a white fairy battle robe. In her hand was a simple but cold red longbow. On her shoulder was a quiver containing several long arrows.

Because this person was so successful in her disguise, everyone was sizing her up and trying to guess her identity.

At this moment, Han Zhan walked in. To everyone’s surprise, he was wearing a perfectly ironed military uniform with several medals on his shoulders.

He stood at the gate and adjusted his military cap. His hawk-like eyes searched the crowd and found the person he was thinking of. Then, he walked towards the Elven Queen.

Song Ci saw Han Zhan walking straight towards her and her breathing slowed down.

Han Zhan walked in front of Song Ci and gave her a standard military salute! Song Ci returned the salute that an elf warrior should have.

After greeting each other, they looked at each other and smiled.

Han Zhan reached out and took off the mask on Song Ci’s face. He looked at Song Ci’s charming and tender face and said with a smile, “When you hold the Chasing Sun, you always give me an illusion. I thought I saw Little General Nangong.”

Song Ci said, “I was going to wear armor, but the armor is too heavy.”

“This is good too.” Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and said, “Let’s dance.”


The two of them, who were dressed in different styles, hugged each other and danced a duet. It was actually very harmonious.

Han Wangwang was wearing a bright mermaid dress and shuttling through the crowd, looking for Jiang Bi’s shadow. Noticing the interaction between Han Zhan and Song Ci, she murmured enviously, “Little Uncle and Little Aunt really know how to play.”

She continued to look for Jiang Bi, but she still couldn’t find her. Han Wangwang took out his phone and sent Jiang Bi another message.

Han Wangwang: [Bi’er, where are you!]

Outside the door, Jiang Bi leaned against the wall. When he received this message, he smiled helplessly.

Jiang Bi: [Let me remind you, I’m holding a cane.]

After Jiang Bi sent the message, she followed the others into the banquet hall. After Han Wangwang saw the message, she focused on finding the woman with the cane in the crowd.

She looked around but still could not find him.

At this moment, Han Junjun, who was dressed as a groom, suddenly approached Han Wangwang. He grabbed Han Wangwang’s shoulder and said in surprise, “F*ck! Sister, there’s a vampire!”

“Huh? Where?” Han Wangwang didn’t see him.

Han Junjun held Han Wangwang’s face and turned to look at a corner. Han Wangwang looked and saw a vampire.

It was a vampire wearing a black tuxedo and a tall black hat. He had vampire makeup on and was standing there quietly. He looked weird.

However, Han Wangwang’s attention was not on that person’s cool makeup, but the crutch in his hand!

Of all the people present, only the vampire was holding a walking stick.

Han Wangwang stepped on something. She broke free from Han Junjun’s hands and walked towards the vampire in her high heels.

Han Wangwang stood in front of the vampire and looked up at him for a moment before shouting, “Bi’er!” Her tone was firm. She had recognized Jiang Bi.

Jiang Bi looked at the beautiful and eye-catching Han Wangwang with a complicated gaze and replied softly.

Han Wangwang reached out and poked Jiang Bi’s chest. She seemed to have discovered a new world and exclaimed, “F*ck, Bi’er, you look even better in men’s clothes than in women’s clothes!”

Han Wangwang was about to fall in love with Jiang Bi who was dressed as a man.

She deliberately leaned into Jiang Bi’s arms and wrapped her arms around Jiang Bi’s neck, saying, “Come, Your Highness, I am willing to give myself to you and become your most loyal servant. Your Highness, please mark me hard!”

With that said, Han Wangwang looked up pompously, revealing her fair and alluring neck.

“Yes, my little one.”

After Jiang Bi said that, he took the chance to bend down and kiss Han Wangwang’s neck before she could react!

Han Wangwang’s body stiffened as if she had been struck by lightning. She did not dare to move.

This was the first time they had ever been so presumptuous outside…

Han Wangwang was very nervous. Afraid that she would be discovered, she subconsciously wanted to push Jiang Bi away. However, Jiang Bi held the back of her head and said while panting heavily, “No one will recognize me. They all think that I’m a man.”

Even Han Wangwang didn’t recognize him at first, so others wouldn’t associate him with the daughter of the Jiang family.

Han Wangwang looked at him nervously. Before she could see the burning desire in Jiang Bi’s eyes, Jiang Bi kissed him.

It was a domineering kiss. It was so fierce that it seemed like it wanted to eat Han Wangwang clean.

Jiang Bi was not a real vampire, but Han Wangwang seemed to have been drained of all blood. She was soft and could not move.

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