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Chapter 374: Jiang Bi: Sorry, I Don’t Even have A Cup

“But I can’t forget the first man who picked up my clothes for me.”

Fei Wen had received too little warmth. In her dark youth, there was no one who treated her sincerely. Everyone bullied her, looked down on her, and laughed at her.

She had met many people who would take off her clothes, but he was the only one who would bend down to pick up dirty clothes and put them on her fat and ugly body.

It was precisely because she lacked love that she could not forget the feeling of being cared for after being cared for once.

Fei Wen had complicated feelings towards Cheng Yanmo.

She treated Cheng Yanmo as her target of gratitude, as her respected idol, respected superior, and a man she truly admired. However, Fei Wen knew herself very well. She knew very well that an outstanding man like Cheng Yanmo deserved a better woman.

She could like him silently, but she could not stop him from pursuing his true love, nor could she interfere in his relationship with the CEO’s wife.

Hence, compared to being Cheng Yanmo’s woman, Fei Wen would rather be Cheng Yanmo’s subordinate. She had used her talents to the fullest and worked for him to solve his problems and become his all-rounded secretary.

When Cheng Yanmo heard this, he was speechless.

“That’s really nothing…” Anyone would have done what he did.

Fei Wen did not explain. She tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled awkwardly at Cheng Yanmo, saying, “Boss, I’m sorry that you found out the truth.”

Many people said that Fei Wen was beautiful and was Cheng Yanmo’s beautiful assistant. Fei Wen felt apologetic when Cheng Yanmo found out that she used to be an ugly fat pig.

Cheng Yanmo looked at Fei Wen’s beauty, which was as if she had been reborn. It was really hard to picture her with the image of the fat lady from before.

He shook his head, finished the last of his drink, and stood up.

Cheng Yanmo buttoned up his suit jacket, stared at Fei Wen, and said seriously and seriously, “You should be proud. Why apologize?”

Fei Wen’s eyes lit up.

“Assistant Fei, you look really pretty now.” This was the first time Cheng Yanmo had praised Fei Wen’s beauty. In the past, he had only praised her for her professionalism and her ability to work.

Fei Wen was like a kindergarten child who had been praised. She smiled so widely that her pair of cold eyes suddenly shone brightly.

“Are we leaving now?” Fei Wen also stood up and subconsciously picked up the bottle of wine Cheng Yanmo had bought, planning to bring it home.

All the alcohol that Cheng Yanmo hadn’t finished outside was taken away by Fei Wen. But this time, Cheng Yanmo reached out and snatched the wine from Fei Wen’s hands. He said, “Don’t touch alcohol in the future.”

Fei Wen was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Okay.”

Fei Wen was half a step behind Cheng Yanmo and walked out of the pub with him. Both of them had drunk, so they could only take a taxi and leave.

The two of them stood at the entrance of the hotel and waited for a taxi. Cheng Yanmo said, “You’ll accompany me to the Han family’s wedding tomorrow.”

It was Fei Wen’s job to be Cheng Yanmo’s female companion for the banquet. Hearing this, her reaction was normal. “Okay.”

Cheng Yanmo stared at Fei Wen’s dark blue shirt and said, “Come to my house tomorrow morning. I’ll get someone to send the gown to my house.”

When Fei Wen accompanied Cheng Yanmo to the banquet, she would usually choose her own gown and Cheng Yanmo would pay for it. So when she heard this, Fei Wen subconsciously explained, “I have a new gown at home…”

“The Han family is different. The gown must be grand.” This was Cheng Yanmo’s explanation.

Fei Wen agreed and did not insist further.

Cheng Yanmo looked at the time and suddenly said, “Why don’t we do this? You can stay at my house tonight. We’ll go to the Han family’s wedding tomorrow morning.”

This time, Fei Wen’s mouth was wide open, and her surprise could not be concealed. “Will this be inconvenient?”

“What’s so inconvenient about it? I don’t have a mistress at home.” Cheng Yanmo didn’t think there was anything wrong with this arrangement.

It was precisely because there was no mistress in the Cheng family that it was even more strange for her to go. A beautiful assistant was staying at the boss’s house at night. If someone saw this scene, how could they not think more about it?

Fei Wen wanted to reject him, but she heard Cheng Yanmo say, “I have an international meeting at home tomorrow morning. There are a few documents that haven’t been sorted out yet. You can go to my house and work overtime with me.”

Fei Wen did not refuse and followed Cheng Yanmo to his house.

Cheng Yanmo took Fei Wen back to the Cheng residence and went to his private residence. It was a small villa. There was no butler in the villa, only a housekeeper who cooked and cleaned the house. She was a servant that Cheng Yanmo had brought from the old residence.

Fei Wen had been to his house a few times, and every time, she would bring him documents or send him home. Therefore, when the auntie at home saw Fei Wen following Sir into the house, she did not realize anything was wrong.

When Fei Wen entered the house, the auntie poured them each a cup of hot tea. Just as the auntie handed the cup of hot tea to Fei Wen, she heard Sir say, “Auntie Luo, clean up the guest room. Assistant Fei will be resting here tonight.”

Auntie Luo looked at Fei Wen in shock.

Fei Wen stood beside Cheng Yanmo with a cold expression on her face. Her open and honest demeanor made it impossible for one’s imagination to run wild. Auntie Luo didn’t dare to look at her anymore and obediently went upstairs to tidy up the guest room.

Auntie Luo tidied up the guest room and went downstairs. She saw Assistant Fei sitting on the sofa with a laptop.

I must have thought too much. No matter how I looked at it, Assistant Fei and Sir only had a pure superior-subordinate relationship.

Cheng Yanmo had to go to the study to settle some matters. Before going upstairs, he called Fei Wen. “Follow me.”

Fei Wen did not ask further. She carried her briefcase and followed him upstairs into the study.

Apart from the master bedroom and cloakroom, the entire third floor was Cheng Yanmo’s study.

This was Fei Wen’s first time entering Cheng Yanmo’s study, so she couldn’t help but size it up. The study was divided into an office area and a library. The two were separated by a glass wall. Fei Wen saw that the bookshelves in the library were filled with books, and she was somewhat shocked by Cheng Yanmo’s astonishing reading volume.

There was only a desk outside the office with Cheng Yanmo’s computer on it. Behind him was a desk with the Four Treasures of the Study, which was where Cheng Yanmo practiced calligraphy.

Fei Wen was wondering why he called her into the study when she heard Cheng Yanmo say, “Assistant Fei, use my desk.”

Fei Wen asked subconsciously, “What about you?”

“I practice writing.”

“… Oh.”

Fei Wen sat on his chair and felt that something was amiss. She sat upright and her body was tense. She was inexplicably nervous.

Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s movements behind her, Fei Wen’s heart beat faster for some reason. After more than ten minutes, she didn’t hear any more movements. She couldn’t help but turn back to peek.

When she turned around, she realized that Cheng Yanmo was looking at her intently.

Fei Wen felt her face burning.

She looked at the Xuan paper in front of Cheng Yanmo and thought that he was practicing calligraphy, but she realized that he was drawing. On the white Xuan paper, there was a drawing of a beauty.

The person in the painting was wearing a shirt and pants. Although there was only an outline of her face and no detailed facial features, judging from the height and charm of the person in the painting, it was Fei Wen.

Fei Wen’s heart skipped a beat.

At this moment, Cheng Yanmo realized that his mind was wandering. He put down his pen and stared at Fei Wen. “What are you thinking about?”

Fei Wen asked directly, “Boss, why did you draw me?”

Cheng Yanmo also said, “Yeah, why would I draw you?” He had originally planned on practicing calligraphy, but when he started writing, he subconsciously started drawing Fei Wen. When he realized that he had drawn Fei Wen, he felt a little complicated.

Fei Wen did not dare to ask further. She quickly turned around and continued to organize the documents needed for tomorrow’s morning meeting.

Cheng Yanmo continued to practice his calligraphy. When Fei Wen was done with her work and was about to go to the guest room to rest, Cheng Yanmo suddenly called out to her, “Assistant Fei.”

Fei Wen had just put her notebook into her briefcase. She turned around subconsciously. “Huh?”

Cheng Yanmo held the painting in his hand. The ink on the painting had already dried. He handed the painting to Fei Wen, who caught it with a confused look. She asked in bewilderment, “F-for me?”


Cheng Yanmo asked Fei Wen, “Do you know how to wash the brush?”

Fei Wen had never done such a thing before, but she was an all-round assistant and could learn what she did not know. “I know how to do it.” Fei Wen took away the brush and inkstone and hurriedly checked the technique of cleaning the brush, before quickly cleaning them.

She came back with some things and hung the brush on the pen holder. At this moment, Cheng Yanmo walked out of the library with a book that looked like a biography in his hand. Seeing Fei Wen hanging the brush, he suddenly said, “In ancient times, it was usually maids and wives who cleaned the brush for scholars.”

How should I reply to this?

Fei Wen thought: Should I say I want to be your maid for the rest of my life? Or should I say I want to be your wife?

No matter how I answered, it was wrong.

Seeing Fei Wen’s troubled expression, Cheng Yanmo realized that his words were considered sexual harassment.

Cheng Yanmo was about to apologize when he heard Fei Wen ask, “Boss, can a servant wash your pen? Or can a wife do it?” Fei Wen kicked the ball to Cheng Yanmo.

Cheng Yanmo finally understood the frustration of shooting himself in the foot.

“I’m sorry, I was rude.” Cheng Yanmo left the study in a panic.

Fei Wen picked up her briefcase, picked up the calligraphy piece, and returned to the guest room. After showering, she tossed and turned in bed for a long time before falling asleep.

Han Zhan and Li Li were already married and were not suitable to be the best man for Aaron. Almost all of the friends who were close to Ah Rang were married. In the end, he decided to let Han Junjun be the best man.

Han Junjun was very excited that he was going to be the best man. He pulled his sister along to drive to the Imperial Dragon Villa at four in the morning.

According to the customs here in Wangdong City, in order to show the man’s respect for the lady, the groom had to bring two unmarried ladies along to welcome the bride. These two ladies were mainly responsible for opening the door for the bride and groom, carrying flowers, carrying bags for the bride, and other miscellaneous matters.

The Han family had many men and few women, so this mission naturally landed on Han Wangwang. When Han Wangwang heard that they wanted two unmarried women, she invited Jiang Bi to go with her.

The day before yesterday, she went to buy a dress for today’s wedding.

When Jiang Bi heard that she had to wear a dress and follow Aaron to welcome the bride, she felt conflicted. However, she couldn’t resist Han Wangwang’s coquettish behavior. He loved to kiss, hug, and lift her up high. Jiang Bi’s heart softened and she agreed.

Before dawn, Jiang Bi woke up. He opened the wardrobe and found a short-sleeved t-shirt and loose jeans to change into. With his hair casually draped over his shoulders, he went downstairs.

It was still early in the morning and Jiang Guchuan was the only one in the Jiang family who had woken up. He was practicing in the gym on the first floor.

Hearing the commotion in the front room, Jiang Guchuan walked out of the gym and saw Jiang Bi standing in front of the kitchen refrigerator, doing something.

“Little sister, why are you up so early?” Jiang Guchuan stared at his sister’s tall figure and sized up his attire today. He couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going to attend the wedding? Do you want to wear this? It would be more suitable to change into a dress.”

Jiang Bi turned around with a cup of yogurt in her hand. He raised his head and drank the cup of yogurt. He stuck out his tongue and licked the milk at the corner of his mouth clean.

When Jiang Guchuan saw Jiang Bi’s actions, he instinctively looked away.

He was the child that followed Zhu Xiulan when she had married into the Jiang family and was Jiang Bi’s older brother in name. However, they were not related by blood. Jiang Guchuan still had to avoid arousing suspicion.

Jiang Bi said, “I’m here to welcome the girl today. The Han family prepared a dress for me.”

When he heard this, Jiang Guchuan was a little surprised. “The Han family appointed you to escort the bride?”

The Han family was more powerful and influential than the Jiang family. For the Han family’s wedding to send an outsider to receive the bride, it showed how close Jiang Bi was to them. Jiang Guchuan did not know that Jiang Bi’s relationship with the Han family was already so good.

“Well, Wangwang asked me to go,” Jiang Bi explained briefly.

Jiang Guchuan had always known that Jiang Bi and Han Zhan’s niece were very close. Since it was Han Wangwang who requested it, it was not strange.

“Speaking of Wangwang…” Jiang Guchuan picked up the towel around his neck and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He smiled and said,” I haven’t seen her in a long time. Why didn’t you bring her to our house to play recently? ”

When she heard this, Jiang Bi stared at Jiang Guchuan coldly.

Jiang Guchuan noticed Jiang Bi’s protective attitude towards Han Wangwang and found it funny. “Are you so guarded against me? You’re unhappy just because I mentioned Wangwang’s name?”

“Am I so unworthy of Wangwang in your heart?”

Jiang Bi held the glass in his hand tightly. To be honest, in my heart, no one else was worthy of Han Wangwang except me!

Jiang Bi snorted. “She doesn’t like someone like you.”

Jiang Bi took the cup to the sink and turned on the cold water to wash the cup.

Jiang Guchuan’s competitive spirit was aroused by Jiang Bi’s words. He walked behind Jiang Bi and asked indignantly, “Then what does she like? Can’t I change it?”

Jiang Bi shook off the water in the cup. He bent down and stuffed the cup into the sterilization cabinet before standing up. He looked straight at Jiang Guchuan, who was about his height, and said sarcastically, “Can you change your identity as Zhu Xiulan’s son?”

Zhu Xiulan was Jiang Weimin’s second wife. She replaced Jiang Bi’s mother and became the new Mrs. Jiang. As Zhu Xiulan’s son, Jiang Guchuan followed suit and rose from an ordinary boy to the CEO of Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals.

He and Jiang Bi were enemies to begin with.

Although the two of them spoke gently when they met, it could not hide the fact that they were enemies.

Because of this, Han Wangwang would never look up to Jiang Guchuan. She would never marry the enemy of her good friend!

When Jiang Bi saw that Jiang Guchuan’s expression had darkened, she moved closer to him and deliberately provoked him, saying, “Big Brother, tell me, if my brother and I were not kidnapped and separated back then, would you still have the right to be the CEO of Jiangdong Medical Enterprise?”

It had been more than four years since Jiang Bi was brought back to the Jiang family. She had a cold and distant attitude towards everyone. Even when she met her father, Jiang Weimin, she remained silent.

This was the first time she had extended her sharp claws to Jiang Guchuan.

Jiang Guchuan saw Jiang Bi’s true colors and laughed. “I thought you really didn’t hate me, but it was all an act. In the end, you still hate my mother and me.”

Jiang Bi took a step back and lifted her chin slightly. She looked at him high and mighty, her cold face filled with disgust. “Hate? I don’t need to hate you. I’m Jiang Weimin’s biological daughter. I don’t need to hate a foreign child.”

At this point, he paused and looked at Jiang Guchuan meaningfully before continuing, “I can just ignore you.” Only the weak would hate a person. The strong always looked down on everything.

Jiang Guchuan narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly. “So what if you’re my father’s daughter? The Jiang family still ended up in my hands, right? It ended up in the hands of a foreign child…”

“Both of you are up?” Jiang Weimin suddenly interrupted, breaking the stalemate between the siblings.

Jiang Weimin was dressed in a sportswear and carrying a Taiji sword in his hand. He was about to head to the courtyard to practice his swordsmanship when he saw the siblings chatting in the kitchen. He was rather pleased to see that they got along well.

“Bi’er, aren’t you going to the Han family to welcome the bride? It’s time to set off. Otherwise, it would be too late. It wouldn’t be good if you missed their proper business.”

“Let’s go.” Jiang Bi walked out of the kitchen, took down the car keys on the wall of the dining room, and strode away.

Seeing that Jiang Guchuan was still standing in the kitchen, Jiang Weimin asked, “What’s wrong, Guchuan?”

Jiang Guchuan came back to his senses, tidied up the angry expression on his face, and smiled at Jiang Weimin. “It’s nothing. I just wanted to persuade Bi’er to change her clothes. She thinks I’m naggy.”

Jiang Weimin laughed and said, “Don’t you know what kind of personality your sister has? How many times have you seen her wear a dress when she came home?”

“Alright, go back to your room to take a shower and change your clothes. It’s time to go to work after dinner.”


After leaving the Jiang family, Jiang Bi’s cool face immediately revealed a mocking smile.

Jiang Guchuan…

I would let him sit in that position for a while longer and let him learn to enjoy the taste of being in a high position.

When he got used to being respected and guided by others, I would pull Jiang Guchuan down from his position and step on him ruthlessly. He would let him have a taste of losing everything!

When Jiang Bi drove a Maserati to the Han family, they happened to be having breakfast.

Han Wangwang had already put on her makeup. Afraid that she would dirty her gown, she was still wearing her nightdress. Seeing Butler Cai bring Han Wangwang into the dining room, Jiang Bi’s mischievous eyes lit up.

“Jiang Bi!”

Han Wangwang hurriedly waved at Jiang Bi and said, “Jiang Bi, come over quickly. There’s your favorite red date cake this morning!”

Han Wangwang took a piece of red date cake from her own plate and brought it to Jiang Bi’s mouth. She was used to being fed by Han Wangwang, so Jiang Bi opened her mouth and took the red date cake.

Han Wangwang asked her, “Is it delicious? Let me tell you, the chef at my little uncle’s house cooks especially well. Come, sit down and eat with us.”

Jang Bi did not sit down but stood behind Han Wangwang and greeted the host, “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, long time no see.”

Jiang Bi and Song Ci had known each other for many years and had been neighbors for many years. They were already very familiar with each other. Song Ci pointed to the seat beside Han Wangwang and said to Jiang Bi, “Miss Jiang, sit down quickly. Butler Cai, ask the kitchen to add another set of cutlery.”


Sicilio, Su Huanyan, and the rest were jet-lagged last night and were still sleeping. At the dining table, there were only Song Ci’s family and Han Wangwang’s siblings.

Han Junjun carried his breakfast plate and sat down next to Jiang Bi. He said, “Sister Jiang, long time no see.”

Noticing the way the young man’s eyes lit up when he looked at her, Jiang Bi felt a little tired. He hummed softly and took the bowl and chopsticks from the servant. He picked up a sausage and placed it on the plate before picking up his knife and fork to eat his breakfast.

Seeing that Sister Jiang was still as cold to him as ever, Han Junjun was somewhat discouraged.

Sister Jiang had such a good relationship with my sister. Sister Jiang should love everything about my sister, including her family, and be more friendly to me. But why was she always so cold and distant?

Han Junjun ate his breakfast gloomily like an aggrieved quail.

Song Ci had long noticed that there was something wrong between Jiang Bi and Han Wangwang, so she saw Han Junjun’s hurt look and silently lit a candle for him.

“Aaron.” Song Ci called Aaron.

Aaron sat straight beside the dining room and ate breakfast. When he heard Song Ci calling him, he put down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth before looking at Song Ci.

“This is Jiang Bi, the daughter of Jiang Weimin, the chairman of Jiang Dong Medical Enterprise. She is good friends with Wangwang and is also the bridegroom today.” Song Ci introduced the two.

Aaron then turned his attention to Han Wangwang’s good friend.

He glanced at Jiang Bi and felt a strong sense of dissonance. He stared at Jiang Bi’s cold eyes for a while before saying to her with a smile, “Thank you for your hard work today, Little Jiang.”

Jiang Bi glanced at him and nodded lightly.

After dinner, Han Wangwang dragged Jiang Bi to change her clothes. Jiang Bi made up an excuse and said that she wanted a cup of coffee. “I want a cup of coffee. I don’t feel energetic when I wake up early. Go change your clothes first. You have to help me put on makeup later.”

Han Wangwang thought that it made sense and went back to the guest room to change.

Jiang Bi sat in the cafe. The servant brought him a cup of bitter coffee without sugar according to his taste. Jiang Bi tasted a mouthful of bitter coffee and sighed with emotion. It was indeed the Han family’s best coffee that was hard to find outside, but here, it was just coffee used to greet every guest.

Jiang Bi could not help but take a few more sips.

“You’re still the same. You only drink bitter coffee.” Aaron’s voice sounded abruptly from behind Jiang Bi.

Jiang Bi put down his cup helplessly. “How did you recognize me?”

Aaron sat down beside Jiang Bi. He stared at Jiang Bi’s irksome long hair and said, “Why did you take things too hard and even keep your long hair?” No wonder he wore a hat when I saw him that day. It turned out that he was hiding his hair.

Jiang Bi was about to reply when she realized that Aaronwas staring at his chest. Jiang Bi knew what was going on in this person’s mind. He said expressionlessly, “It’s fake. It’s supported by the bra.”

Only then did Aaron breathe a sigh of relief. “I thought you did plastic…” Jiang Bi’s eyes were so fierce that Aaron did not dare utter the last word.

“How did you recognize me?” Jiang Bi asked.

It was one thing for Aaron to recognize me when he passed by the AK club that day, but today, I was wearing a female outfit and had long hair. How could he still recognize me?

“We have fought side by side for a period of time. We can disguise ourselves, but our eyes will never change.”

“Alright.” It was not that he had failed to disguise himself, but that Aaron’s gaze was too vicious.

Jiang Bi stood up and said, “Happy wedding. I’ll be leaving first.”

“Hey!” Aaron grabbed his arm.

Jiang Bi stopped and looked down at Aaron. She heard Aaron say, “Why are you pretending to be a girl?”

Jiang Bi swept her gaze around and confirmed that no one would come over before saying softly, “Revenge.”

Aaron frowned and said, “Revenge? Isn’t it better to just kill him? Is there a need to go through so much trouble?”

Jiang Bi’s gaze suddenly turned vicious. He said, “Killing people is like a knife stabbing into a red knife. When people die, they are free. But I want them to live a life more painful than death!”

“You are indeed a pervert.” Aaron let go of Jiang Bi’s hand.

Han Wangwang heard a knock on the door and got up to open it.

Seeing Jiang Bi standing outside the door, Han Wangwang hurriedly pulled Jiang Bi in. She stood in front of Jiang Bi and spun around, saying, “How is it? Isn’t this dress nice?”

It was a simple waist-length dress with a skirt that covered her knees. It was paired with a pair of white pearl high heels, making her look like a lady.

Han Wangwang was usually dressed in street fashion. Seeing her dressed so demurely, Jiang Bi found it hard to get used to it. He held his forehead and asked, “Do I have to wear this too?”


Han Wangwang took out Jiang Bi’s gown from the cabinet and turned to him. “Take it off.”

Jiang Bi took the clothes from Han Wangwang’s hands and said, “I’m going to the changing room to change.”

“Even if you change your clothes, you still have to back face me. Do you have to be so reserved?” Han Wangwang looked at Jiang Bi’s back as she left. She thought that they had hugged and cuddled each other countless times. Was this really necessary?

In the changing room, Jiang Bi took off her T-shirt and pants. He stared at the skinny man in the mirror and hesitated for a long time before putting on the dress.

The waist of the dress was appropriate, but…

]Jiang Bi held her chest and walked out of the changing room. He said, “I can’t hold up this dress.”

Han Wangwang exclaimed, “This is A cup…”

Sorry, but Jiang Bi didn’t even have an A cup.

Han Wangwang walked over and pulled Jiang Bi’s chest away. She lowered her head and looked inside. Once again, she was frightened by Jiang Bi’s pitiful chest.

“Jiang Bi, do you only grow taller when you eat during your adolescence? Your chest is like a man’s.” She was quite tall and her legs were quite long. Only her breasts were pitifully small.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was only the size of two peanuts.

Hearing Han Wangwang’s complaint, Jiang Bi couldn’t help but defend herself. “It’s not just this place.” Other places had grown too, but I couldn’t show it to Han Wangwang.

Jiang Bi said, “Let me think of something for you.”

Jiang Bi took out a pair of chest pasties but Jiang Bi was too calm. The brooches could not be stuck at all. Han Wangwang gave up and said, “That’s it. No one will stare at your breasts anyway.”

“That’s the only way.”

Jiang Bi was pressed down by Han Wangwang at the end of the bed and put on her makeup. Jiang Bi understood the process of putting on makeup. Han Wangwang told him to lower his eyes and he would do so. He was very cooperative.

After putting on the makeup, Han Wangwang looked at his masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction. He said, “You’re also a beauty if you doll yourself up.”

“Oh right, there’s a masquerade ball tonight. Have you thought of the role you want to play?” Han Wangwang said as he packed his things and prepared to leave. “I want to play the mermaid. What about you?”

Jiang Bi said, “You’ll know tonight.”


The groom and the rest were about to leave. Han Wangwang pulled Jiang Bi and ran downstairs.

As he’d promised, Aaron rode his motorcycle to fetch the bride. And Nan Yanyan wasn’t wearing her wedding dress when she left the house. She wore a white motorcycle suit with dark brown curls and a white veil over her head. She sat on Aaron’s motorcycle, cool and valiant.

Aaron carried Nan Yanyan and walked in front while Han Wangwang and the rest sat in the car. She looked at the couple on the motorcycle and said enviously, “This wedding is so cool.”

When Jiang Bi, who was playing with her phone, heard Han Wangwang’s words, she suddenly turned off her phone and stared at her side profile. She asked seriously, “What kind of wedding do you want?”

Han Wangwang said, “Me? I don’t have any special requirements for a wedding. I just want to wear a wedding dress and play the disc during my own wedding.” With that said, she quietly approached Jiang Bi and poked her shoulder with her index finger. When the driver wasn’t paying attention, she whispered, “I also want to be with you.”

Jiang Bi’s eyes trembled.

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