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Chapter 373: You Can Pick Up The Clothes You Take Off One by One, But You Pick Up Crushed Dignity

During the meal, the atmosphere was harmonious. Even Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo didn’t hate each other like they always did.

After living together with Su Huanyan, he had gradually regained his passion and warmth from many years ago. He had also regained his confidence. When he was with Cheng Yanmo, he naturally no longer had any resentment or hostility.

Moreover, Cheng Yanmo had a lady with him today. According to Yanyan, this lady named Fei Wen might have a relationship with Cheng Yanmo, so Sicilio would not target Cheng Yanmo.

Hence, the meal was very harmonious.

Han Zhan and Song Ci were surprised when they saw Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio turning hostility into friendship. Song Ci tilted her head slightly and whispered to Han Zhan, “Brother, you’re not fighting with Cheng Yanmo anymore. Are you not used to it?”

Han Zhan looked up and glanced at the two of them. His gaze landed on the unfamiliar lady beside Cheng Yanmo, and he revealed a knowing smile. “Why should we bicker when a beauty is beside him?”

Song Ci pursed her lips and smiled lightly. She sat back down and chatted with Su Huanyan and the rest.

After dinner, Cheng Yanmo and Fei Wen got up to leave.

Seeing that Cheng Yanmo was about to leave, Su Huanyan stood up and said, “Yanmo, I’ll send you off.”

Su Huanyan patted Sicilio lightly on the shoulder before accompanying Cheng Yanmo and the other two to the carpark.

Knowing that Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan must have something to say, Fei Wen turned around and said to Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan, “Miss Su, Boss, you guys chat first. I’ll wait for you in the car.”


Cheng Yanmo stared at Fei Wen’s tall back, his eyes darkening.

“Still looking? Do you like her that much?” Su Huanyan’s teasing voice sounded beside Cheng Yanmo.

Cheng Yanmo retracted his gaze. The moment he turned around, he saw Su Huanyan’s half-smile. Cheng Yanmo recalled the words that Su Huanyan had told him before she left and could not help but ask, “Huanyan, why do you think Fei Wen likes me?”

And I had no idea.

Su Huanyan said, “You used to get drunk at social events a few times. Every time Assistant Fei sent you back, the way she looked at you was especially…”

At that time, Su Huanyan was Cheng Yanmo’s wife in name. Every time Fei Wen sent Cheng Yanmo downstairs, Su Huanyan would welcome him.

She had caught Fei Wen staring at Cheng Yanmo several times.

It was obvious from her gaze that she had feelings for him.

But Fei Wen was a very sensible girl. Even if she had feelings for Cheng Yanmo, she would never overstep her boundaries and would never do anything that exceeded her level.

This made Su Huanyan even more fond of Fei Wen.

Cheng Yanmo was unaware of all these.

In the past, Cheng Yanmo had always treated Fei Wen as a capable subordinate. However, after hearing Su Huanyan’s reminder and observing her closely, he realized that Fei Wen’s attitude towards him was indeed worth pondering over.

“I thought you two were together,” Su Huanyan said. “The way you look at her is getting more and more different.” If a man was interested in a woman, the look in his eyes could not be concealed.

Cheng Yanmo took off his glasses with his left hand and gently pinched the middle of his brow bone with his right hand. As he did so, he lowered his head and said, “We’re not together.” After he finished speaking, he paused and smiled before saying, “But I have that plan.”

Su Huanyan laughed out loud. “Congratulations then.”

Su Huanyan knew that Cheng Yanmo had once loved a woman who was called Mu Qiu. However, Mu Qiu had already become a nun and cultivated. It was impossible for Cheng Yanmo and Mu Qiu to be together.

There was still a long way to go in the future. Su Huanyan liked that Cheng Yanmo could find a caring person to spend the rest of his life with.

She looked forward to the day she heard that Cheng Yanmo and Fei Wen were together.

“Alright, get in the car. Don’t let her wait too long.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yanmo flipped through the schedule in his mind before asking Su Huanyan, “When are you guys going back?”

Su Huanyan said, “Leo is busy with work and will be returning to Italy after the wedding. The children and I can stay for a few more days.”

“Okay, then. I’ll try to empty the weekend and take the kids to play.”


After sending Cheng Yanmo off, Su Huanyan turned around and walked into the manor.

Song Ci and the others were not in the restaurant. Butler Cai said they went to the tea restaurant.

Imperial Dragon Manor’s dining hall was designed to be high-end, so it looked very bright and luxurious. There was a glass coffeehouse on the other side of the wall, and outside the coffeehouse was a swimming pool.

Su Huanyan walked out of the cafe and bypassed a windy corridor before arriving at the reception building.

The reception building had two floors. The first floor was the reception hall, and the second floor was the screening room and Han Zhan’s gym. There was a large walk-in closet on the second floor that led directly to the basement. Han Zhan had specially used it to store Song Ci’s high-quality beautiful dresses and jewelry bags.

At this moment, Han Zhan and the rest were chatting in the guest room on the first floor. When Su Huanyan entered, she saw three subordinates carrying three passcode boxes in. They carefully placed the items in front of Sicilio.

Su Huanyan walked to stand behind Sicilio.

She had just eaten and did not want to sit down for the time being.

Sicilio sat in an armchair, his upper body leaning forward, his elbows resting on his thighs like a hunting panther.

His fierce blue eyes stared at the two brothers. “These are all father’s treasures. I’ve brought them all here. Let’s split them amongst the three of us.”

Sicilio could have kept the relics to himself, but he chose to take them out, and let the three brothers split them up.

When he heard that this was Edward’s relic, Aaron immediately glanced at the corner of his eye in disdain, but he would not reject such a cheap treasure.

With a gaze from Sicilio, the subordinate immediately bent down and opened the passcode.

Everyone looked inside the box and saw antique jewelry, antique guns, and a few exquisite daggers. Other than that, there were also some messy things like colorful marbles and old poker cards that had been out of print for decades.

Those little things were probably treasures from Edward’s childhood memories.

After everyone had taken a good look at the contents of the box, Sicilio said, “Aaron and I grew up by our father’s side and worked hard for the big family. Therefore, I think that Aaron and I should take 90% of our father’s inheritance and Hoff will take 10%.” After he finished speaking, he paused and looked at Han Zhan and Song Ci.

He asked Han Zhan and Song Ci, “Do you have any objections?”

Song Ci was about to say that she didn’t mind, but then she heard Sicilio say, “You can keep your opinions to yourself.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Big brother is big brother, arbitrary and domineering.

After distributing the precious relics, Sicilio threw the deck of poker cards to Han Miao and the others. “Take it!” The children immediately picked up the cards on the ground and ran to the indoor fountain square to play poker.

Sicilio grabbed the small marbles again. “There’s no point in keeping these,” he said. “I’ll take them back with me.” After Edward died and his corpse sank into the sea, Sicilio planned to throw them into the sea as a form of spiritual sustenance.

After splitting up the inheritance, the subordinate took the empty box away.

Butler Cai walked over with the helpers and removed the cold coffee and tea in front of everyone. He then replaced the cup with a hot one.

Sicilio took a sip of his coffee. Something occurred to him, and he set the cup down and looked over at Aaron.

Aaron was calculating the inheritance he had gotten. He was thinking about which items could be sold to earn money and which items were suitable for Nan Yanyan’s collection.


Hearing Sicilio call out to him, Aaron placed the items he had cleared into two camps before looking up at Sicilio. “You called me?”

Nodding, Sicilio said, “Aaron, I know. You’ve been jealous of me since I was a child. You’re jealous that I’ve received too much of my father’s love and attention.” Everyone looked embarrassed that Sicilio had brought up the subject.

The originally amiable atmosphere instantly became gloomy.

Su Huanyan secretly poked him in the back, reminding him not to bring up such a depressing topic on this day.

But Sicilio did not stop his speech. He said to Aaron, “There is a saying in China that is very true. In family education, a bowl of water is very difficult to balance. I admit that my father completely sided with me.”

Speaking up to this point, he also looked at Han Zhan. “Since young, I was his proudest heir. He leaned towards me for all the resources he could give. I regret the injustice you suffered when you were young, but I won’t be sorry for it.”

Hearing this, Aaron looked unhappy. “Do you think it’s right for him to be partial to you? That we deserve to be bullied by him?”

In the face of Aaron’s anger, Sicilio was calm. “I can’t say I should.”

He began to laugh. He lit a cigarette. As he smoked, he said, “I got his favor. I got the same shackles on him. Aaron, Hoff, you can leave Sicily, but I can’t. Even if I die, I have to be on that land in Sicily.”

“I paid the price for the favor I received.”

The amount of biasness Sicilio received was equivalent to the amount of blood he shed.

Therefore, he did not feel that he needed to apologize to anyone.

Having been born, Cesario was destined to accept Edward’s business. The ‘Son of God’ organization gave Sicilio supreme authority, but it also gave him heavy shackles.

He had to carry on with the Son of God. He couldn’t fall. If he did, countless families would follow in his destruction.

After hearing these words, the indignation on Aaron’s face disappeared. He looked at the tall and domineering figure of Sicilio and suddenly felt that he had lived quite a tiring life.

“So Aaron, my good brother.” Sesirio had finished his cigarette. He crushed the glowing red tip with his finger and dropped it into the crystal ashtray.

After he was done, he looked up at Aaron on the sofa and asked, “Can you not put your hatred for Father on me?”

A rare look of loneliness appeared on his cold and well-defined face. “After my father died, I only had the two of you.” Aaron had a grudge against him, and Han Zhan was distant from him. Every Christmas, when the family reunited, he would also feel lonely.

Sicilio’s words made Han Zhan and Aaron’s hearts ache.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “This Christmas, our whole family will go to Italy.”

Sicilio’s eyes lit up.

Aaron rubbed his hands together on his thighs. “Well,” he said awkwardly, “our Yanyan hasn’t been to Italy yet. For Christmas this year, and I’d like to take her there to see it.”

The three brothers finally reconciled.

Song Ci and Su Huanyan looked at each other and smiled.

Aaron handed over the items he planned to auction and said to Butler Cai, “Butler Cai, find a trustworthy auction house and help me bid for these items. I need money.”

He was serious about opening an orphanage.

Butler Cai carefully hugged the items and quickly went to find something to store them.

Before the inheritance had even warmed up, Aaron was already in a hurry to take them out for auction. Upon seeing this, Sicilio frowned deeply. He asked Aaron in bewilderment, “Are you that short of money?”

“Of course!”

Aaron blinked his eyes and said fiercely to Sicilio and Han Zhan, “I’m getting married tomorrow. Don’t forget to come with gifts. I only want money for gifts. Cash, WeChat, Alipay, and cards are fine too!”

Everyone rolled their eyes.

They laughed and played around until 10 o’clock, before everyone returned to their rooms and waited for the next day.

In the car.

Cheng Yanmo had some things he wanted to ask Fei Wen, but the chauffeur was in the car, so he had to avoid the topic.

Fei Wen sat in the car with nothing to do, so she opened the email on her phone and browsed through the documents. Suddenly, she heard Cheng Yanmo say, “Qian Sheng, find a clean bar and put us down.”

Qian Sheng was Cheng Yanmo’s chauffeur.

When the driver heard this request, he felt a little strange. “At this time?” Cheng Yanmo was used to being self-disciplined. Usually, on work days, Master Cheng would not go to places like bars to relax.

Cheng Yanmo nodded. “Mm.”


Fei Wen noticed that Cheng Yanmo was using the word ‘us’. She couldn’t read the document anymore and turned around to say something to Cheng Yanmo.

When she turned around, she saw Cheng Yanmo gently massaging his temples. He had a lot of work to do every day, so he must be tired.

Fei Wen swallowed her question back.

Qian Sheng knew that there were a few places with good environments. He drove around the city area a few times and finally parked his car beside a park exit by the Imperial Dragon Abyss.

Qian Sheng raised the hand brake and turned off the engine. He turned around and said to Cheng Yanmo, “Master Cheng, there’s a restaurant near the river. It just opened last year, and it’s quite quiet.” Qian Sheng had been working beside Cheng Yanmo for a few years, so he knew Cheng Yanmo’s needs very well. He would definitely pick the right place.

“Mm.” Cheng Yanmo put on his glasses and opened the car door, preparing to get out.

After sticking one leg out of the car, Cheng Yanmo suddenly said to Fei Wen, who was sitting motionlessly in the passenger seat, “Assistant Fei, if you’re not busy, accompany me for a drink.”

Fei Wen couldn’t reject Cheng Yanmo’s request.

She got out of the car and followed Cheng Yanmo to the washroom. Qian Cheng watched as President Cheng and Assistant Fei left. For some reason, he felt that the two of them were compatible.

Why didn’t I realize it before?

Cheng Yanmo led Fei Wen into the store.

When he was outside, he would never drink alcohol that had already been opened to prevent anyone from drugging him. Cheng Yanmo asked for a bottle of cheese 25. He liked the rich and complex taste.

There was no better wine sold in this bar.

The outdoor balcony of the bar was built on the Imperial Dragon River. Sitting here, one could see the Imperial Dragon Building in the upper reaches of the river. The Imperial Dragon Building had become the new landmark in Wangdong City.

Looking at the building, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t help but sigh. “Who would have thought that the Imperial Dragon Building would replace the Glorious Sunlight Tower and become the symbol of this city in just three years?”

The Glorious Sunlight Tower was the headquarters of the Chuan Dong Group. A few decades ago, the Glorious Sunlight Tower had always been the landmark of the East City.

Fei Wen was Cheng Yanmo’s assistant, so she was used to analyzing Cheng Yanmo’s every word and action. When she heard Cheng Yanmo’s words, Fei Wen couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so she said, “I believe that under Boss’s leadership, the Glorious Sunlight Tower will once again become the symbol of this city.”

Cheng Yanmo stared at Fei Wen’s eloquent lips and said with a frown, “I don’t want to hear hypocritical words today. I want to hear the truth from you.”

That’s what you asked for.

Fei Wen said, “Han Zhan is a rare business genius. Boss, it’s very difficult for you to catch up to him.”

Although it sounded heartbreaking, Cheng Yanmo liked it even more.

Cheng Yanmo watched as the waiter opened the wine glass. He waved the waiter away and personally poured a glass of wine for Fei Wen. “Let’s play a game.”

Fei Wen was holding a glass with both hands. When she heard Cheng Yanmo’s words, she asked, “What are we playing?”

“A game where I ask and you answer,” Cheng Yanmo said.

Fei Wen almost laughed in spite of herself. “Boss asks, I answer? It’s not fair.”

There was a hint of a smile in Cheng Yanmo’s eyes. “I’m the boss. Are you trying to talk to me about fairness?”

Fei Wen could only agree in grievance. “Sure.”

Cheng Yanmo poured himself another glass of wine. He took out a cigarette and was about to smoke when he asked Fei Wen, “Do you mind if I smoke?” After a pause, Cheng Yanmo emphasized again, “The truth.”

“I do mind,” said Fei Wen. “Smoking secondhand is short-lived.”

Cheng Yanmo choked for a moment before silently putting the cigarette box back into his pocket. He said with a straight face, “Assistant Fei, your honest look is really cute.”

Fei Wen suspected that Cheng Yanmo was teasing her, but she had no evidence.

After the two clinked glasses, Cheng Yanmo didn’t drink. He swirled the glass in his hand and stared at the amber whiskey. Finally, he asked the first serious question. “Assistant Fei, you previously said that you studied at Shangying International School.”

Fei Wen’s breathing suddenly slowed down.

Fei Wen subconsciously wanted to avoid this question, but Cheng Yanmo stared at her with a burning gaze. It was so hot that she almost melted, and there was nowhere to hide.

Fei Wen unconsciously licked her pale pink lips and nodded. “Yes,” she said.

“Li Wen,” Cheng Yanmo called her.

Fei Wen subconsciously looked up at Cheng Yanmo, only to realize that he wasn’t calling her. He was simply calling her by her name.

Fei Wen squeezed the cup in her right hand and hid her left hand under the table. She nervously pinched the material of her wide-legged pants.

“We used to know each other, right?” Cheng Yanmo’s tone was firm.

He remembered that a long time ago, there was indeed a girl called Li Wen who appeared briefly in his life.

She was like a fleeting firework.

Fei Wen replied softly, “Yes, we do.”

Cheng Yanmo put down the wine glass in his hand and crossed his arms. He stared at Fei Wen, who was looking down slightly uneasily, and suddenly laughed. “So it’s you…” Cheng Yanmo said, baffled.

Fei Wen: “Mm?” Fei Wen looked up bravely at Cheng Yanmo. She mustered up the courage to ask him, “Boss, do you remember me?”

Cheng Yanmo nodded.

“You’ve become…” He opened his palm and turned it in front of him. He seemed to be in a dilemma and did not know how to express his feelings. In the end, he only sighed softly and said,” You’ve changed too much compared to when you were young. I really didn’t expect you to be…”

“It’s actually—”

Fei Wen laughed bitterly, making up for what Cheng Yanmo couldn’t bear to say. “You didn’t expect that I would be that fat pig.”

Fat pig, Chinese fat pig. That was the nickname those people gave Fei Wen.

Cheng Yanmo frowned. “Don’t talk about yourself like that.”

Fei Wen was powerful enough now. Looking back at the humiliation she suffered in her youth, she was no longer as indignant as before.

She said, “I was really fat at the time. I was tall, fat, and I had pimples in my adolescence…” At that time, the school had selected four ugly girls, and Fei Wen was the leading ugly girl.

Shangying International School students had to wear a uniform. Fei Wen’s uniform was the largest of the women’s school uniforms. She didn’t even dare wear a dress because her legs were too fat, and they were all horizontal…

She was always bullied by her schoolmates, locked up in the toilet, stripped of her pants to see her gender, maliciously scratched by the girls, bullied, humiliated, and even beaten up by the boys at the corner of the stairs.

No one would believe that the domineering and decisive Fei Wen had been bullied for three and a half years.

She was not bullied by a single person or a group of people. She was bullied by the entire class or even the entire school.

“When I realized that you might be Wen, to be honest, I was shocked myself.” When Cheng Yanmo saw Han Miao at Imperial Dragon Manor today, the image of a fat high school classmate suddenly flashed in his mind.

He vaguely remembered that the fat student’s name seemed to be Wen, but back then, all the students in the class called her Fat Pig. Only the teacher would occasionally call her by her name.

When Cheng Yanmo was having dinner, he kept thinking about this matter, so he didn’t talk much at the dinner table.

Now that his guess had been confirmed, Cheng Yanmo found it unbelievable. In his memory, when Wien was fifteen or sixteen, she was already more than 1.6 meters tall, but her weight was close to 200.

Wen was really fat at that time.

Cheng Yanmo gave Fei Wen with an incredulous look. “How did you slim down?” Cheng Yanmo couldn’t imagine how much Fei Wen had suffered just to slim down.

“Diet. I spent three years and I’ve successfully slimmed down.” Fei Wen’s tone was light and her face was full of smiles, but Cheng Yanmo knew that she was lying.

Cheng Yanmo’s expression darkened. “Tell me the truth.”

Fei Wen’s beautiful hazel eyes turned slowly before she looked down.

Her hands were hidden under the table.

Grabbing onto her pants, Fei Wen lowered her head and whispered, “My father passed away when I was very young. Later, my mother took me and married an American man. I was only six years old when they got married. I was just a slightly chubby girl then.”

My stepfather has always wanted to raise me to be a lady, to transform me into a socialite, hoping that in the future I would marry a companion who would help his career. But then, as I get older, my figure got fatter…”

“Ten years later, my mother was old and weak. My stepfather found a new lover, and he had a beautiful daughter. Naturally, my mother was chased out of the house.”

“Mother took me back to her family’s home, Shanghai. She was raised by her stepfather to be a good-for-nothing. She only knew how to eat, drink, and buy things, but she didn’t have the ability to make money. Not long after we returned to Shanghai, we became poor. Mother couldn’t bear to work, so she started looking for different men to be their mistress and mistress…”

“But she wasn’t young anymore. She wasn’t as beautiful as she used to be, and she was always abandoned by others. Later on, my mother became mentally unstable, and she would always hit me, scold me, and question me why I was as fat as a pig. She even said that pigs could at least kill and sell meat to repay money, so what could I exchange for?”

Speaking of her life in Shanghai, Fei Wen was humble. She lowered her head, not letting anyone see her vulnerability and fear.

He didn’t know what terrible past she was thinking about, but her shoulders suddenly shrunk in fear.

When she opened her mouth to speak again, her voice was even softer. “One time when I came home from school, my mother called a horrible old man to the house. She told me she sold me to the old man for fifty thousand dollars.”

Fei Wen’s fingers dug into the sharp pain in her thigh. She wouldn’t allow herself to cry. She said, “That old man forced me to take my clothes off in front of my mother, but he stopped at the last minute. He spat hard into my face and scolded me for being too ugly, too fat, and ruined his appetite…”

“Stop talking.” Cheng Yanmo didn’t want to listen anymore. Just thinking about that scene made his heart ache.

Fei Wen stopped talking.

After a while, Fei Wen looked up and gave Cheng Yanmo a forced smile.

Cheng Yanmo saw Fei Wen’s slightly red eyes and instinctively wanted to reach out to touch them. He only realized that he had crossed the line halfway.

He withdrew his hand.

Fei Wen picked up the glass and took a sip. She did not know if it was because the alcohol content was too high or because she felt too uncomfortable. In any case, her mind was in a mess.

Fei Wen put down her wine glass and blinked at Cheng Yanmo. She said mysteriously, “Boss, let me show you something.”

Cheng Yanmo frowned. “What?”

Fei Wen suddenly pulled open her shirt.

The shirt was originally a light V neckline. She pulled it down forcefully, revealing the bra and skin underneath.

It was only eight o’clock. There was no one else on the balcony except for the two of them. Hence, no one else noticed this scene.

Seeing Fei Wen’s actions, Cheng Yanmo started to feel a little angry. However, when he saw the surgical scar on Fei Wen’s chest, his gaze froze. “This is…”

Fei Wen told Cheng Yanmo, “In order to lose weight, I cut off half of my stomach.”

Cheng Yanmo subconsciously tightened his grip on the wine glass.

“I worked out like crazy, working out as hard as I could. When I was twenty, I finally lost weight. When my mom was dying, she stared at me as I was reborn, grabbed my hand hard, and asked me why I didn’t cut my stomach earlier. She thought that if I had lost weight earlier, my stepfather wouldn’t have divorced her after seeing that I still had some value…”

Fei Wen laughed coldly. “That day, I suddenly hated her to the core. I decided to pull out her oxygen tube and only heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that she had stopped breathing.”

She recalled that scene and couldn’t help but cry.

She didn’t know if she was missing her mother or feeling sorry for her mother who had never loved her.

In order to hide his heartache, Cheng Yanmo picked up his glass and pretended to drink. The spicy alcohol spread in Cheng Yanmo’s mouth. He immediately thought that drinking alcohol was bad for his stomach and quickly snatched the glass in front of Fei Wen.

“Don’t drink when you socialize in the future,” he said. After that, he felt that it wasn’t enough and added, “Don’t go out with me to socialize in the future.”

Then Fei Wen laughed.

Seeing that she could still laugh, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t help but get angry. “You’re not allowed to laugh.” She didn’t even know how uncomfortable she looked when she smiled now.

“You’re the only one who’s ever cared about me,” Fei Wen said without preamble.

Cheng Yanmo was stunned.

I cared about her?

He thought carefully and could not recall if he had ever cared about Fei Wen before.

Fei Wen had transferred to Shangying International School when she was in high school. Strictly speaking, she and Cheng Yanmo had only been classmates for half a year before she returned to Shanghai after her parents divorced.

Fei Wen had always been bullied, so when someone suddenly gave her a little kindness, Fei Wen would remember it for the rest of her life. But Cheng Yanmo’s life was smooth-sailing, and Fei Wen was just a passing visitor in his youth when he was studying.

Fei Wen looked at Cheng Yanmo with tears in her eyes. She said, “You must not know that you’re the first person to pick up the dirty school uniform they stepped on and silently put it on me. I’ll always remember what you said to me.”

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t remember anymore. He asked, “What did I say?”

“Say, it doesn’t matter if your clothes are taken off. You can just put them back on one by one. But if your dignity is trampled on, you won’t be able to pick them up.” Fei Wen had already successfully picked up every piece of clothing she had taken off and became the number one female general of Chuan Dong Group.”

No one dared to take off her clothes anymore!

Cheng Yanmo laughed. “Don’t think so highly of me.”

Cheng Yanmo felt that Fei Wen had embellished him. He told Fei Wen frankly, “I’ve long heard that there’s a fat Chinese girl in school who’s always bullied. When I saw you being bullied, I never thought of protecting you or getting justice for you. I hate it when you’re bullied, but you look like you’ve accepted your fate.”

“I only said those words because I hope you can live like a human and not like a bullied turtle. If I’m really a good person, I should protect you and not let you be bullied.”

“So.” Cheng Yanmo slowly swallowed the wine that had lost its taste. He told Fei Wen, “Please don’t think too highly of me.”

After Fei Wen listened to Cheng Yanmo’s words seriously, she nodded in understanding. “I know, I know you’re not a good person, and I didn’t treat you as a good person to love or respect.”

Fei Wen looked at him, but her eyes were blurred with tears again. She smiled and said, “I just can’t forget the first man who picked up my clothes for me.”

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